Bebinos Reviews


Bebinos is a combination drug, which contains herbal active ingredients. In addition to pronounced antispasmodicand carminative drug action has some anti-inflammatoryeffects, and also improves the process of digestion.

Fully explain the mechanism of action Bebinosa still failed. However, it is known that chamomile exhibits anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, carminativespasmolytic pain killerand antiallergicaction, and also has a mild choleretic effect and the ability to improve the secretory activity of the gastrointestinal glands.

Fennel also has antispasmodicand carminativeaction, beneficial effect on digestion, normalizing secretory function peristalsisintestine and digestive glands.

Coriander exhibits more cholereticand anti-inflammatoryaction, has mild carminative activity, and also improves the process of assimilation of food.

The pharmacokinetics of Bebinos drops has not been studied.

Bebinosa instructions

Bebinos - herbal medicine for eliminating flatulence, used in pediatric practice. Eliminates spasms, prevents the development of inflammation, has a weak antibacterial effect. Normalizes the function of the gastrointestinal tract. Developed by the German pharmaceutical company Dentinox. The formulation of the medicinal product is represented by the complementary effects of each other, liquid extracts of fennel ordinary and chamomile medicinal, as well as seed coriander extract, containing a whole “bunch” of essential oils and obtained from the fruits of this plant. Chamomile extract exhibits antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects. It eliminates pain, relieves spasms, provides evacuation of gases from the intestine. Chamomile has proven efficacy in allergic diseases. The liquid extract of this plant normalizes bile formation, activates the secretory function of the digestive organs. Fennel extract, in turn, normalizes contractions of the intestinal walls, due to which the movement of its contents occurs, stimulates digestive processes, facilitates the evacuation of gases from the intestines, eliminates spastic contractions of smooth muscles. Returning to coriander, it is necessary to note its choleretic properties, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and carminative effect. Pharmacotherapeutic course of the drug helps to restore the performance of the digestive system, eliminate increased gas formation, pain and cramps in intestinal colic. Bebinos is available in oral drops, which provides convenience when dosing. The drug is in demand in the treatment of functional digestive disorders in children, starting from a very early age.

In our country, this drug has not yet received as widespread as abroad. Bebinos is prescribed for any non-infectious dyspeptic disorders, as well as for complete (or 2/3) replacement in the nutrition of the baby's breast milk with artificial milk formula. Contraindications to the use of Bebinosa is an increased sensitivity to one or more components of the drug. How to use: mix a measured dose of drops with a few milliliters of water or tea. Frequency of use for children of all ages - 3 times a day. Children up to a year take 3-6 drops, from year to 6 years old - 6-10, over 6 years old - 10-15 drops. Before measuring the required dose of drops, it is recommended to shake the vial vigorously. A small amount of sediment at the bottom of the vial before shaking does not indicate the poor quality of the drug. The efficacy and safety of Bebinosa has been confirmed in clinical studies, which showed that the drug was well tolerated even by the smallest patients of the first months of life and effectively eliminates functional disorders of the digestive tract. The use of this drug eliminated the symptoms of digestive disorders (intestinal colic, constipation, regurgitation, flatulence) or led to a decrease in the frequency of manifestations of their episodes. In children with constipation, the frequency of bowel movements increased, the stool became softer in consistency. Cases of drug overdose were not recorded. In pharmacological interactions with other drugs, the active ingredients of the drug do not enter. Bebinos does not contain sugars and food preservatives.

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Patient reviews about bebinos

Bebinos was one of the medicines that the pediatrician prescribed for us in colic. The child was about 3 months old when we started taking it and drank for about a year. I will tell you that the medicine is excellent. After applying the son immediately fell silent and had enough effect for a long time. The drug itself is based on herbs, so it does not harm the child, of course, there is alcohol in the composition in order to insist on the same herbs. I bred him with some water so that it would not be so bitter. During all this time, we used only one bottle, but we should not use it every day, but only when the stomach is swollen. It helps very effectively !!

Also learned about "Bebinosa" through friends. But they also consulted with the doctor. The medicine came to the child and helped trouble free colic. If you give regularly according to the instructions, the child will almost forget about anxiety in the tummy. We gave 3 times a day for 5 drops, previously diluted in water or milk. A good price and one package lasts for 1.5 months minimum.

I had to deal with this medicine, like many mothers, when my child began to have colic. From my girlfriends with children I didn’t hear about Bebinos. The husband went to the pharmacy, and there he was advised of this drug, they said that it was as natural as possible. Of course, the smell of alcohol confused, but the effect was pleased. Really helped. Colic lasted only six weeks. Perhaps by themselves, and maybe from medication. I liked that it was necessary to take only three times a day. You can mix it with milk or a mixture to reduce the unpleasant taste, but we even gave it in its pure form. After a month of use, sometimes they missed the techniques, but there was no colic, then they stopped giving altogether. I now advise everyone on him, from whom they are born, because they themselves were satisfied. And now the word "colic" does not cause unpleasant memories. I recommend to try, maybe you are lucky as we!

I would say that the tool is effective and very affordable. After applying it, the child quickly stopped crying. Consumption is quite small - just a couple of droplets. So a little bubble lasts a very long time. But I was embarrassed by the alcohol in the composition. And they really smell, and quite strongly. If it were not for him, he would have put 10 points out of 10, because the composition consists of only natural ingredients, with the exception of one - alcohol. Many of my mom's acquaintances saved them only, and despite its effectiveness, I bought something else.

She bought the medicine on the advice of her friend, a nurse. I began to use it because of the natural components that make up the drug. She gave her son from the first month, as soon as the colic began. Diluted drops in boiled water or breast milk, the baby calmed down 15-20 minutes after taking the medicine. I did not try other means, as I consider “Bebinos” an effective and affordable medicine for intestinal colic.

It is tested on my three children - the best preparation of this group, quickly and effectively copes with colic.

Bebinos used for infants, who began colic in 1 month. For the price, he was quite satisfied, his friends advertised as a means that helped them, but, unfortunately, it did not help us. Used several times, the child suffered, but the effect of the drug was not shown. I had to buy another, more expensive drug. In addition, the alcohol base is embarrassing, I think it’s better not to give this to children.

Rare children do not suffer from colic, we, like most, suffered! The drug was taken from three months. It is a pity that the effect of the drug is temporary. I was a little worried that there was alcohol in the composition. He is in a small dose, but still. This remedy was not taken as a treatment, rather as an ambulance.

Problems with the tummy of my baby appeared already in the third week of age. The doctor recommended to buy Bebinos. The medicine is made from extracts of medicinal plants. It is convenient to use: there is a drop dispenser and you only need a couple of drops. We diluted in a little water and poured into her mouth with a spoon. The attacks of colic stopped after 25-30 minutes after taking the medication. One bottle of "Bebinos" enough for 3 months. Intestinal problems periodically occurred for up to six months. I consider “Bebinos” a high-quality and effective medicine for meteorism and colic in children.

Bought Bebinos on the advice of a friend before the birth of a daughter. When my daughter had colic, she tried to give it, and the effect was zero. My daughter still cried, pulled her legs and did not sleep. Not only do droplets smell very strongly of alcohol, they still don’t help at all. Nasty taste, even when added to the milk smell and taste do not disappear. I do not know how safe it is to give medicines to alcohol for newborns, but I did not take any more risks. Moreover, the medicine does not help instantly, but only after the course, but it does not suit me. Until now, almost a whole bottle of dust in the closet. I do not advise giving to children.

After the birth of the second daughter of the month 1.5, we lived peacefully, ate and slept. And then something strange started. The child screams, presses the legs, it is impossible to entice with anything. I tried to give some dill water, but no result, then bought Plantex - the same. Espumizan did not try, as it is for children from a year on. In the pharmacy, the pharmacist advised Bebinos. The effect we felt immediately. My daughter calmed down and fell asleep for 3 hours, which is surprising for us. Great drug. It consists of herbs: chamomile, fennel, coriander. And his consumption is small, since the dosage is only 3 drops 3 times a day, and even less. The bottle suffices for a long time.

Instructions for use to Bebinos

Registration number : P N013618 / 01-020810

Tradename : Bebinos

International Nonproprietary Name (INN) :

Dosage Form : drops for oral administration.

Composition : 1 g of the drug (= 24 drops) contains:
Active substances:
Fennel ordinary fruit extract - 320.0 mg,
Chamomile pharmaceutical flowers extract - 200.0 mg,
Coriander fruit extract - 200.0 mg.
Excipients: sorbitol, propylene glycol, sodium saccharinate.

Description : Slightly opalescent liquid from brown to dark brown in color with a characteristic smell of fennel.

Pharmacotherapeutic group : Carminative plant origin.
ATX code A03AH

pharmachologic effect
The drug has a carminative, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and weak antimicrobial action. Normalizes the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.

Indications for use
The drug is used in children as a remedy for flatulence and to eliminate spastic bowel pain in cases of digestive disorders, dyspepsia (non-infectious). It is also recommended when switching to artificial feeding and other types of food.

Individual intolerance to any of the components of the drug.

Dosage and administration
The drug is used internally with a small amount of water or tea. It is recommended to take: children under 1 3-6 drops 3 times a day, children older than 1 year 6-10 drops 3 times a day, children of school age 10-15 drops 3 times a day. Before use, the contents of the bottle must be shaken. When sticking medication, keep the vial in an upright position.

Side effect
If you are hypersensitive to the individual components of the drug, an allergic reaction is possible.

As active ingredients of plant origin, overdose symptoms were not observed. There were no cases of intoxication.

Interactions with other drugs :
Not known

special instructions
Does not contain sugar and preservatives. Ethanol content is 36% by volume.

Release form
Drops for oral administration.
On 30 ml in the bottle of brown glass corked by a stopper dropper and the screw-on cover. Each bottle together with the application instruction is placed in a cardboard pack.

Shelf life
3.5 years. 1 year after opening the bottle.
Do not apply after the expiration date.

Storage conditions
In the dark place at a temperature of no higher than 25 ° C.
The cap-cap of the bottle should be tightly screwed.
Keep out of the reach of children.

Pharmacy sales terms
Sold without a prescription.

"Dentinox Geselynaft fyur pharmaceuticals Preparate Lenk und Schuppan KG"
12277 Berlin, Nunsdorfer Ring 19, Germany

Address for sending claims to consumers
LLC "PharmaGarant International"
123007, Moscow, 2nd Khoroshevsky passage, 5

Description and composition

Karminativum Bebinos is oral drops (through the mouth). The drug is manufactured by the German pharmaceutical company "Dentinox Gesselschaft Pharmaceutical". Bebinos drops have a natural composition and are safe for the health of the newborn. Active active ingredients are herbal extracts: chamomile, fennel, coriander.

1 gram of drug solution, which corresponds to 24 drops of the drug, contains bitter fennel extract (320 mg), coriander extract (200 mg), chamomile flower extract (200 mg). Auxiliary substances in the composition of the drops: 70% solution of sorbitol, sodium saccharin, propylene glycol, diluted ethyl alcohol at a concentration of 36 revolutions%. Additional substances are needed to create an easy-to-use dosage form, lengthen the shelf life of the drug, increase the effectiveness of the active substance.

Pharmacological group

Carminativum Bebinos belongs to the group of drugs with a carminative effect. Drops relax the smooth muscles of the intestines and other internal organs, relieve colic, cramps, pain in the abdomen. The drug improves the peristalsis of the large and small intestines, removes the signs of increased gas formation (flatulence), indirectly normalizes the processes of splitting and digestion of food.

Each active ingredient in the composition of Bebinos drops has a pronounced effect on the functions of the intestines, in the aggregate, the components of the drug have a complex effect and quickly eliminate unwanted symptoms.

Chamomile extract has a carminative, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, regenerating (restoration of the intestinal mucosa) action. Chamomile has antispasmodic (eliminates colic) and antiallergic effect, relieves pain and discomfort in the abdomen.

Fennel extract has a pronounced antispasmodic and carminative action. Fennel improves peristalsis of the colon and small intestine. Components of the plant stimulate the digestive glands of the intestine, which helps to improve the processes of digestion.

Coriander extract has a weak carminative effect. Coriander has a pronounced effect on the work of the secretory glands of the intestine, improves the splitting and absorption of food. Желчегонное действие лекарственного растения нормализует усвоение пищи, как грудного молока, так и искусственных молочных смесей.The anti-inflammatory effect of the extract prevents the development of intestinal infections and the multiplication of conditionally pathogenic intestinal flora.

The composition of Karminativum Bebinos includes sorbitol, which is a sweetener and does not cause tooth decay.

Indications for use

Bebinos drops are sold over the counter without a prescription (a non-prescription group of drugs). Appointment of drops to a newborn should take place under the supervision of a physician after examining the patient and conducting additional diagnostic methods. Self-medication, even when reading the package insert, can cause the development of complications and lead to the progression of the disease, especially in the neonatal period.

Indications for appointment Karminativum Bebinos:

  • increased gas formation in the intestines (flatulence),
  • violation of digestion processes in the complex therapy of the disease,
  • colic, spasmodic pain, abdominal discomfort,
  • the transition from breastfeeding to artificial feeding, the introduction of complementary foods,
  • antibiotics.

Bebinos drops are recommended to be used as a preventive measure in case of violation in the diet, after suffering intestinal infections and viral respiratory diseases. The drug is prescribed to premature babies from the first day after birth under the supervision of a physician.


Bebinos drops have a natural plant composition, which determines the soft effect on the body. The drug has practically no contraindications and can be given to children from the first day of life.

Contraindications to the use of Karminativum Bebinos:

  • individual intolerance (idiosyncrasy) of the components in the preparation,
  • hereditary disease that manifests fructose intolerance,
  • Hypersensitivity to plants of the genus of folding and seletovyh.

Indications and contraindications to the drug are taken into account by the physician when prescribing the complex therapy of diseases of the digestive system in newborns.

special instructions

Karminativum Bebinos is available without a prescription. Despite the herbal composition of the drug, before applying the drops, you should consult a doctor. The specialist will take into account the child's age, the presence of contraindications and the severity of the patient's condition, which is necessary to obtain a positive result of therapy. Otherwise, the likelihood of side effects and complications of the disease.

If allergic reactions are formed on the part of the skin or respiratory tract (dry cough, difficulty in breathing), the drug should be canceled and a doctor should be consulted. Self-medication is unacceptable.

Storage conditions

Bebinos drops should be stored upright with the lid up. Storage should be protected from direct sunlight. The ambient temperature is not higher than 25 degrees. The drug should be kept out of the reach of children. The shelf life of drops - 3.5 years, after opening a sealed bottle - no more than 12 months.

Side effects

As a rule, the effect of the drug did not cause any adverse reactions. In rare cases, the development of reactions was noted. allergicof character (edemaand itchskin, hyperemia, rash) if it is found that it is better to stop taking the drug and consult a pediatrician.

Instructions for use Bebinos

Drops are used orally (by mouth), previously dissolved in water or not hot tea.

The instruction on Bebinos for newborns (from 6 months to 1 year) recommends using 15-30 ml of tea or water for breeding. The usual dose varies from 3 to 6 drops, respectively. You can take the drug up to three times over 24 hours.

Children after reaching 12 months and up to 6 years, the drug is diluted in 30-50 ml of tea or water. A single dosage, respectively - 6-10 drops. During the day you can make up to three receptions.

After 6 years in most cases, 10-15 drops in 10-15 ml of tea or water are prescribed. The multiplicity of techniques per day is three.

Before use, the bottle with the drug should be shaken up and kept upright (drip down), for accurate dosing of the number of drops.

During pregnancy (and lactation)

Possible appointment in the period of pregnancywhen the benefits of taking prevail over the risk of negative consequences for the fetus.

Contraindications for use in the period lactationdoes not exist. However, do not exceed the recommended doses.

Bebinosa Reviews

Reviews of doctors about Bebinos drops, provided that this drug is fully suitable for a particular child, mostly positive. The high effectiveness of this tool and the low incidence of negative manifestations in the form of allergicreactions.

In the user forums of parents devoted to intestinal upset problems for newborns, reviews of Bebinos are very diverse. Some are more than satisfied with this drug, others have not experienced any changes in the health of their child. In fairness it is worth noting the practical lack of feedback associated with side effects, which indicates the safety of the use of drops.

Recall that there is a sufficient number of analogues of the drug Bebinos, and even if you do not come up with this tool, an experienced pediatrician will help you choose an analogue.

The composition and effect of the drug Bebinos

Bebinos drops - carminative and mild antispasmodic in the form of a dark brown liquid with a spicy scent. Available in 30 ml vials. Contains only natural ingredients in the form of liquid extracts (the content in 1 g of the preparation is indicated, which equates to 24 drops):

  • fennel seeds (320 mg),
  • coriander seeds (200 mg),
  • chamomile flowers (200 mg).

As auxiliary substances in the composition of the drug include: sorbitol, propylene glycol, sodium saccharin. Together with them, herbal extracts are diluted with ethanol. But there is no reason to worry: in one dose, the alcohol content does not exceed 150-200 mg. This amount is safe even for newborns.

Gases in the intestines should go out. But in newborns, smooth muscle spasm impedes their progress. As a result, the baby has a stomachache. What happens after taking Bebinos? The drug quickly penetrates the intestines. Fennel extract helps to reduce intestinal muscles - peristalsis. It causes the accumulated gases to move to the anus. Chamomile acts as an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic, relieves muscle spasm. Coriander improves appetite.

Fennel has an antispasmodic, choleretic, sedative and antibacterial effect.

When are children given Bebinos?

The instructions for use indicate only two cases where Bebinos is indicated. This is meteorism and spasms of the gastrointestinal tract in children. And the drug suitable for both newborns and school-age children.

The grown-up child will tell about problems with a stomach itself. And for the chest need to watch. The following symptoms indicate intestinal colic:

  • the baby is constantly crying, although the diaper is dry, it is not cold and not hot, he is fed,
  • during screams, the child presses the legs to the tummy and groans,
  • the stomach is hard to touch, dense (because the intestines are bursting with gas),
  • after the release of gases, the child stops crying.

In practice, Babynos also used for constipation. Running peristalsis moves not only gases, but also fecal masses. Christine noticed and described this effect in the recall:

“My daughter had colic on day 12 after birth. Cope with massage, hot diaper and tubule. But a month later added constipation. After the doctor prescribed us Bebinos, colic disappeared on the same day. And then the constipation disappeared. ”

The fact is that when changing the diet, the baby tummy may react unexpectedly. In order not to cause intestinal colic, prescribe carminatives in order to prevent.

Pediatricians are advised to give drops in the period of weaning baby from the breast.

Release form

The medicine is available only in the form of drops. They are convenient to take at any age.

On the packaging in the title may be "Bebinos" or "Karminativum Bebinos". Don't let that bother you. The composition of the drops is identical. Translated from the German "carminativum" means "carminative".

Dosing and Administration

The medicine is given to children before or during meals. Can be in its pure form, but can be diluted in water, add to a small amount of food.

Attention! Before use, the drug must be shaken to medicinal components evenly distributed by volume. When counting the number of drops the bottle should be kept strictly vertically.

The dosage of the drug depends on the age, but regardless of it, the medicine must be taken three times a day with an interval of 8 hours:

  • babies 0-12 months - from 3 to 6 drops at a time,
  • 1-6 years - from 6 to 10 drops,
  • children of school age - from 10 to 15 drops.

The drug can be diluted with water.

Action Bebinosa lasts for 8 hours. Observing this interval, you will not give opportunities for the development of spasm of the child's intestines and bloating. The course of treatment is determined by the doctor. But usually the drug is taken until the complete disappearance of flatulence and spasms.

Oksana writes in her review:

“From the second week the son began to groan, cry, pull up his legs. Immediately realized that this is colic. Pediatrician appointed Bebinos. It became easier with him. It is only important not to miss the reception, otherwise the pain in the abdomen will begin again. But when my son was 3 months old (usually at this time colic disappears), I stopped giving the medicine. The next day, screams again. Therefore, the course continued. They abandoned Bebinos only in the fifth month. ”

Is there any harm?

Moms are sometimes worried about alcohol, which is part of the medication. Its content is so low that it has no toxic effect on the body and does not cause addiction.

However, any carminative drugs, although rare, can cause allergies: skin redness, rash, and itching. Therefore, in case of hypersensitivity to the constituent drops, they should be excluded from the first-aid kit. A pediatrician will prescribe a new remedy.

Do not be afraid of alcohol in the composition of the drug.
Its amount is small and does not harm the baby.

“On the body of the baby, sometimes there was a slight redness and roughness of the skin. I thought I ate something wrong. Began to follow a diet. But the redness did not pass. I thought that the skin just dries, and bought baby oil. But it did not help. The pediatrician suggested that it was from Bebinos. And once we gave it up, the skin returned to normal. I had to go to Bobotik.

Side effects other than allergies were not identified.

What to replace?

It’s not so easy to pick up a complete analogue of Babynos drops - there are no more medicines with the same set of active ingredients. However, there are drugs with a similar composition. Therefore, if there is no medication at the pharmacy, contact your pediatrician to advise another.

As alternatives to Bebinos, you can use drugs with a similar effect, but with a different set of active ingredients:

Attention! According to the experience of moms, it is noted that not all means help the tummy of babies. Espumizan is suitable for one child, and Bobotic or another means for another. If you change the drug to a new one, the colic may return. Therefore, if you find a medicine that helps your baby, try not to change it for anything. ”

If you are looking for something with a similar action, one of the options is Bobotick drops.

“The first drug we tried was Baby Baby. Thought that helps, there were less screams. But once in a pharmacy it was not, then bought Espumizan. And here it began! I didn’t sleep all night, I was massaging my tummy and pressing my legs. Towards morning, Dad went to the pharmacy and brought us Bebinos. And then I realized how bad it was that before we did not have it. From this time on, we used only this remedy, and we no longer remembered colic. ”


Intestinal colic is the most difficult period for parents. Looking for nerves of steel and a great desire to help the kid. Why not alleviate the suffering of the baby, if it can be done? Many mothers have already appreciated the help of carminative children's drugs. Manufacturers claim that all the components of the medicine come out unchanged during bowel movements (they are not absorbed and do not remain in the body).