The best cystitis pills - cheap and effective


Cystitis is a diseasewhen the bladder becomes inflamed and its mucous membrane is affected. The development of inflammation is caused by various microorganisms: viruses, parasites or bacteria. This disease most often affects women. They are not in a hurry to seek help from a doctor, but are engaged in self-treatment according to popular methods. If treatment is inappropriate, cystitis can become chronic, which is more difficult to treat.

Cystitis: symptoms and treatment in women, drugs

The occurrence of cystitis can occur for several reasons:

  1. Inflammation of the intestine, bladder associated with it.
  2. Infectious diseases: antritis, tonsillitis, influenza, furunculosis., Bacteria along with the blood enter the bladder.
  3. E. coli: Staphylococcus, Trichomonas and other fungi.
  4. Diseases of the genitourinary system.

Symptoms and types of cystitis

In women, cystitis is more common than in men, because in women the urethra is shorter and wider, the infection more easily penetrates the bladder. It is manifested by symptoms.: like a cutting pain in the bladder, when urinating, a feeling of constant want to urinate. Blood in the urine can be released, the body temperature rises, there is a nagging pain in the lower abdomen and an unpleasant smell becomes in the urine.

  • cutting pains in the lower abdomen,
  • urging to the toilet after 15 minutes,
  • pain and burning during urination
  • urine comes out with a muddy sediment, sometimes blood streaks can appear in it,
  • body temperature rises, but in rare cases,
  • general weakness appears and appetite disappears,
  • nausea and vomiting may occur.

It is bad, if the cystitis has passed into the chronic form, it can be simply treated: to relieve symptoms and relieve pain, but to cure it completely will not work. It will be necessary to constantly undergo an examination, prevention and protect yourself from the cold.

How to treat cystitis in women

This disease will not go away on its own, so consult a specialist. You it will be necessary to pass blood tests, urine and a vaginal smear, only then the urologist will prescribe you the correct treatment, it may include antibiotics for cystitis. This disease can be quickly cured at home. Cystitis pills for women, quick treatment:

  1. Uroantiseptics, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobials and antibiotics are prescribed by a doctor.
  2. During treatment, you need to follow a diet and drink plenty of fluids.
  3. Take medication in conjunction with folk methods.

Proper nutrition enhances the effect of medicines. If you follow the diet, prevent the growth of bacteria, reduce intoxication, and avoid excessive damage to the bladder mucosa. Doctors recommend maintaining a diet during the illness.

Treatment of cystitis in women, drugs

Acute cystitis appears suddenly and often carries with it infectious genesis. Treatment is prescribed to eliminate bacteria and viruses, restore natural defenses. Treating cystitis at home should be subject to certain rules:

  • apply antispasmodics, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory drugs,
  • follow the rules of personal hygiene,
  • undergo immunotherapy treatment
  • follow a diet and stick to a gentle regimen.

In chronic cystitis, inflammation lasts for a long time, and therefore the walls of the bladder change. The disease is latent or alternating periods of exacerbation and remission. To treat the disease must be comprehensively:

  • antibiotics are prescribed to kill pathogens,
  • anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal drugs are used,
  • follow a sparing diet
  • for this period it is necessary to refuse intimacy,
  • take antihistamines and drugs for immunity.

Antibiotics for cystitis

The pathologies of the disease are different and effective antibiotics are necessary for its treatment. An experienced specialist will help you choose such a treatment. Pathology begins to develop from progressive infection and Doctors do not advise self-medication for some reasons:

  1. The patient cannot identify the type of the pathogenic bacteria, therefore he will not know which antibiotic will act in relation to the site of the disease. Broad-spectrum drugs are not effective enough for complete recovery.
  2. Cystitis may appear as a developing pathology. It can also indicate other pathological processes. Then a course of therapy is made to eliminate the main cause of the disease, and then cystitis.

Cystitis may be associated with the following diseases: female genital pathologies, urolithiasis and kidney diseases. Take antibiotics should be under the constant supervision of a that cystitis does not turn into a chronic form. Cystitis that is not treated in a timely manner gives complications - cysts, neoplasms and malignant tumors can appear.

In pharmacies, antibiotics are sold in a large assortment. For the selection of the drug you need to use the main criteria:

  • security,
  • affordable price,
  • comfort at the reception
  • the effectiveness of the drug.

In order to choose the right antibiotic, it is necessary to undergo examination and get expert advice. In addition to antibiotics are prescribed: painkillers, diuretics and antispasmodic drugs. To get rid of pain before visiting a doctor, you can take "No-shpu" or drink a decoction of leaves and berries of lingonberry.

Any drug has side effects and this must be considered when choosing an antibiotic to prevent dizziness or nausea. Antibiotics are divided into two categories:

  1. The old generation - "Furagin", "Furadonin", "Levometitsin", they cost from 30 to 150 rubles. But during the evolution of the microbes to the active substances have adapted and it is now preferable to take newer drugs.
  2. New generation - “Ceforal”, “Monural”, the price is from 300 to 500 rubles.

Effective antibiotics for cystitis

We present a list of modern and effective antibiotics that are recommended for use in cystitis:

  1. "Furagin" - the drug does not give the disease development and prevents the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria. Has contraindications: late pregnancy, lactation, allergic reactions, renal failure, cannot be used in pediatrics.
  2. “Palin” - the basis is pepimidic acid, which inhibits and destroys pathogenic microflora, from which cystitis develops. Used in the treatment of urological and gynecological diseases, eliminates the symptoms of the disease and is taken for prevention. The disadvantage of the drug is that has many contraindications. Average price from 250 to 280 rubles.
  3. "Nolitsin" - an effective drug that prevents the reproduction of pathogens. Do not apply to people with allergies, arrhythmias, bradycardia, atherosclerosis and children. Its cost is approximately from 150 to 300 rubles.
  4. "Nitroksolin" - suppresses pathogenic gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, capable of destroying some types of fungi. Side effects are practically not observed, sometimes nausea or allergies can occur. Do not take women suffering from allergies. It costs only 60 or 70 rubles.
  5. "Monural" - effectively fights against pathogenic microorganisms that provoke cystitis. Contraindications: children under five years of age, kidney disease, allergic reactions. The drug is taken once a day on an empty stomach after emptying the bladder, it costs about 300 rubles.

Cystitis Tablets are inexpensive and effective.

Treatment of cystitis should include uroantiseptics or antibacterial agents and anti-inflammatory drugs. Depending on the pathogen, antibacterial agents are prescribed; to determine the sensitivity of the microorganism to the effects of drugs, an analysis of bacteriological seeding is carried out. To eliminate pain and spasm, it is recommended to take Baralgin, No-shpa and Papaverine, the price of these drugs varies from 50 to 100 rubles. Antispasmodics can be taken in pills, soluble powder or suppositories. Efficiency of use does not depend on the form of the tool.

If the disease is accompanied by severe pain, the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs is prescribed: Ibuklin, Ibuprofen, Mig, Nurofen, Faspik. The price of these drugs ranges from 30 to 100 rubles. These are cheap cystitis pills.

Cystitis tablet once

Any sick person dreams of being able to take just one pill and recover immediately. For the treatment of cystitis, such a drug was found - this is "Monural". It is used during acute illness, it is applied once overnight after emptying the bladder. After three hours, the patient will be able to feel the therapeutic effect, all symptoms of inflammation will disappear. The drug is safe, most of it is excreted by the kidneys, does not affect the work of other organs and systems. Can be applied to children from five years.

Contraindicated in individual intolerance and renal failure. Its cost is about 500 rubles, but you can use its analogues: "Phosphoral Rompharm", "Cystoral", "Ecofomural".

But shpa with cystitis in women

No-shpu (drotaverin) is used to relieve pain, which is caused by spasms of smooth muscles of the bladder. The drug has vasodilating and antihypertensive properties. The pain in the application of "No-shpy" decreases or completely disappears. The tablet begins its action after taking it in 30 minutes, the maximum effect is achieved three hours after applying the drug. In case of illness, two tablets should be taken at once, two tablets are also drunk at night, and no more than six tablets can be taken per day.

To avoid complications, it is necessary to undergo an examination and a full course of treatment.

In order for the body to be healthy, carry out regular prevention and the disease will not develop. And if the disease still overtake you, ask for help from a specialistwho can prescribe an effective course of treatment.

Cheap cystitis pills

Since in a crisis, for many visitors to pharmacies, the determining factor in choosing a drug is its price. Below is a list of the most inexpensive drugs for cystitis.

  • Furadonin - a preparation from many types of pathogenic microorganisms, which violates the synthesis of their cellular protein with their components. The dose of the drug should not exceed 100 mg, and the treatment lasts from 7 to 10 days. Price - 100 rubles.
  • Nolitsin - its components are aimed at destabilizing the DNA of molecules of pathogenic microorganisms, which then simply die. The drug has a broad antibacterial effect on many strains of bacteria and microbes. The concentration of components occurs only in the urine, without affecting the blood and tissues of the body. Within 3 days you should take a pill three times a day, the chronic form requires a weekly course of therapy. Price - 170 rubles.
  • Norfloxacin - a drug for the destruction of microbes of the fluoroquinolone type, whose analogues are Ofloxacin and Ciprofloxacin. Cost - 190 rubles.
  • Nitroxoline - the drug has the second name 5 NOK, an antibiotic against many species and strains of microbes. Demonstrates the highest efficacy in the treatment of inflammation of the genitourinary system. Per day we admit 600-800 mg, but the dose is divided into 3-4 times a day. Cost - 70 rubles.
  • Furagin - Immunostimulant, its components inhibit the growth and development of bacteria. To obtain the result and its fixation, treatment is required within a week. The cost is 180 rubles.

Most drugs are heavily tolerated by the human body, there are risks of side effects and disorders of the intestinal microflora. Therefore, before choosing a drug you need to consult a doctor.

Other drugs

Recently, herbal preparations that are considered drugs of a new generation have become very popular.

The pharmaceutical industry can offer several options for the treatment of cystitis:

  • Cyston - the composition of such a product implies the presence of 10 medicinal plants, the tablets of which need to be taken twice a day, 2 pieces, 30 minutes before the meal,
  • Canephron - a drug preventing relapse after primary therapy, providing a diuretic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effect,
  • Monurel - means for the prevention of cystitis, cranberry extract in its composition suppresses the vital activity of pathogenic microbes,
  • Level - prevents recurrence of cystitis, protects the urinary organs, and also has an immunomodulatory effect.

In the event that a woman does not dare to consult a doctor, and also on the condition of the initial stage of cystitis, you can resort to using such safe and benign medications. If the disease has acquired a pronounced character, being at the acute stage of the course, it is worth visiting a doctor and a laboratory for examination.

Cystitis pills: cheap and effective drugs

According to medical statistics, women suffer from such a dangerous urological disease as cystitis in 90% of cases. However, situations in which it develops in men are also not uncommon.

Wrong lifestyle, casual sex, neglect of the rules of intimate hygiene, hypothermia and many other factors that cause the appearance of the first signs of pathology, can ruin a person's life for a long period of time, making changes in its rhythm.

To avoid such adverse developments, the first signs of cystitis can not be closed. This disease requires timely treatment, and for this purpose quite often resort to the use of tableted drugs. In order for the pills to get rid of cystitis to give the expected result, it is necessary, first of all, to know how to take them correctly.

Rules for oral medication for cystitis

A drug prescribed by a doctor to quickly get rid of the pathology should be taken in accordance with certain rules. They are very light, so their compliance will not be difficult.

  • An antibacterial drug for cystitis should be drunk at regular intervals. If you do not manage to remember the exact time of admission, you need to keep special records. For example, the morning use of tablets is scheduled for 7.00, which means that the next method falls at 19.00. Try to do the procedure every day at this particular time - for the treatment of cystitis with antibiotics it plays a huge role.
  • Whichever group the prescribed pills for cystitis belong to, they should only be drunk according to a regimen developed by the doctor, or by carefully following the recommendations given in the instructions. This will help to avoid overdose of the drug, as well as significantly reduce the risk of side effects. It is especially important to follow this rule if the patient is a small child.
  • You should never drink pills with milk, hot tea, coffee or dairy products! Antibiotics, like many other means, do not tolerate such a combination, since milk proteins are able to bind the active substance of the preparation used, which significantly reduces its effectiveness.
  • Under no circumstances should you take medicine and drink alcoholic beverages with it! Such a combination of two incompatible substances can lead to the development of severe side effects, up to angioedema, or even anaphylactic shock.
  • If tablets are not coated with a smooth coating, they should be chewed thoroughly. Even if they are bitter or sour, you need to overcome yourself and perform this unpleasant procedure. Thus, it is possible to help your stomach quickly release the active substances that make up the tablet preparation, so that the effect of its reception will come much faster.

In order not to provoke the development of allergy, it is better to drink pills with clean water without gas.

In this case, be sure to take into account the fact that some types of drugs are recommended to be taken before, during or after a meal. If you do not neglect this fact and do everything correctly, then you can significantly speed up the process.

Cystitis tablets - quick treatment with inexpensive and effective drugs

Cystitis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bladder wall, accompanied by a number of unpleasant symptoms, such as pain, burning, stinging, and itching in the urethra (especially at the end of urination). Against the background of these terrible conditions, urinary incontinence and frequent urge to go to the toilet are possible. At the same time, the biological fluid secreted by the kidneys often contains mucus and sediment.

It is important to treat cystitis at the initial stage of its development. Otherwise, the process may worsen and become chronic.

The patient should not engage in self-treatment, with the development of the first symptoms of the disease, you should contact a highly specialized doctor - urologist (sometimes - a nephrologist).

Сдав общий анализ крови и мочи (также по Нечипоренко) и пройдя ультразвуковое исследование, доктор назначит необходимое лечение.

What pills to drink with cystitis?

So, what pills to drink for cystitis? If bacteria have provoked the disease (it can be intestinal or conditionally pathogenic microflora, as well as those microorganisms that have been brought into the bloodstream from a chronic nidus, for example, from the nasopharynx with adenoids), antibacterial drugs are included in the therapeutic scheme. As a rule, such medicines are recommended in 80-90% of cases.

Rapid treatment of cystitis with antibiotic pills, a list of drugs:

1. Cefix. The main active ingredient is a semi-synthetic third generation cephalosporin, which is characterized by bactericidal activity against a wide range of pathogenic microbes (gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria). Teenagers and adults are prescribed four hundred mg once a day or two hundred mg twice a day.

The duration of treatment depends entirely on the severity of the disease: with mild cystitis, it will be enough for five days, if the pathology is moderate, then 7 days, then a control urine sample is taken.

At a normal level of leukocytes and other indicators, therapy is canceled, otherwise, the pill lasts up to 10 days or more. Babies drug is given in suspension (calculated 8 mg per kg of body weight of the child).

2. Amoxicillin. A broad-spectrum antibiotic that is included in the group of semi-synthetic penicillins. The dosage is set individually, taking into account the severity of the disease and the sensitivity of the pathogen.

Cystitis pills for men and women, as well as adolescents whose body weight exceeds 45 kilograms, is prescribed 0.5 grams three times a day, but if the inflammation is severe, the dosage is doubled. Children from five to ten years old are recommended at 0, 25 grams, and for children from 2-5 years old - two times less.

Also, the drug is available in suspension for oral administration - the choice of the form of the drug is decided with the doctor and parent.

Many patients believe that antimicrobial and antibacterial drugs are one and the same. In fact, the difference is as follows:

  1. Antimicrobial agents are created on a synthetic basis, have a bactericidal effect on the pathogenic microflora (microorganism cell damage) and a bacteriostatic (prevents the growth of bacteria). Also, these drugs are not considered such "poisonous" and they do not adversely affect the "useful" sticks.
  2. Antibacterial drugs contain microorganisms that have the ability to destroy and inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Unlike antimicrobial agents, antibiotics act selectively on certain microorganisms.

Often, in the treatment of cystitis, these two groups of drugs combine.

Cystitis pills, inexpensive and effective antimicrobial agents (we reviewed antibiotics above), the list:

1) Furamag. A complex drug whose mechanism of action is aimed at inhibiting the synthesis of nucleic acids.

Furamag inhibits respiratory activity in microbial cells, thereby inhibiting other vital biochemical processes, which leads to destruction of the membrane and membrane.

Adults are prescribed 50-100 mg three times a day (should be taken after meals with large quantities of water).

The duration of therapy is a week or a week and a half. If the cystitis is severe, then after 10 days a similar therapy is performed. Children from 12 months to ten years are prescribed 5 mg per kilogram of body weight (the daily dosage is divided into two doses). If a child weighs more than 30 kg, then he is recommended to take 50 mg three times a day.

2) Monural. The main active ingredient is fosfomycin (obtained from phosphonic acid). The drug is rapidly absorbed from the digestive tract and accumulates in the urine. The maximum concentration destroying pathogens is achieved after a couple of hours.

The drug has a detrimental effect against most pathogenic sticks, including those that are resistant to antibacterial drugs.

To achieve maximum absorption of the drug, it is necessary to drink it a few hours before or after meals. The recommended dosage for adults is 3 grams at a time (once a day), and for children (usually monural pediatric) - 2 grams. Children under five years of age are not prescribed the drug.

3) Furadonin. An antimicrobial agent of the nitofuran group, often recommended for infectious and inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract (in addition to cystitis, the drug is prescribed if urethritis, pyelonephritis and pyelitis have been diagnosed).

Adult dosage is 0.1-0.15 grams three times a day, the duration of therapy ranges from seven to ten days. Children are prescribed at the rate of 8 mg per kg of body weight, the frequency of administration is four times a day.

Antimicrobial drugs are prescribed with caution: they often cause side effects such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, loss of appetite, epigastric pain. With the development of negative symptoms, it is recommended to discontinue the therapeutic course and consult a doctor in order to change the drugs indicated in the treatment regimen.

Tablets of plant cystitis

Medicines on a natural basis are widely used in urological practice. Herbal preparations have a lot of advantages: they are effective, almost never cause adverse reactions, in many cases allowed for children and pregnant women.

What "vegetable" pills can you drink for cystitis in women and men:

1) Canephron. The drug reduces capillary permeability, has a diuretic effect, also improves renal function. Herbal ingredients that are part of Canephron, have an antiseptic effect, also relieve inflammation and spasm.

The effect of the drug is enhanced if it is used together with antibiotics. Adults and adolescents are given two tablets three times a day, for children from five to twelve years old - one tablet each at the same rate. Until the age of five years, the drug is discharged in drops (10-15 drops. 3 times a day).

2) Tsiston. These are effective cystitis pills that have anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects. Increased blood supply to the kidneys and urinary tract contributes to enhanced urination. The components of the preparation cause a decrease in urine of calcium and ethanedioic acid, which prevents the development of stone formation.

For the treatment of infectious inflammation of the urinary tract, adults and adolescents are prescribed two tablets three times a day, for children from 6 years old - one each, from 2-6 years old - 0.5 tablets each. The therapeutic course is one and a half to three months.

3) Tsistivit. Tablets are prescribed for the treatment and prevention of urinary tract.

The basis of the drug is dry standardized cranberry extract, contributing to the rapid leaching of pathogenic flora, thereby preventing the inflammatory process.

Vitamin C, present in this plant, regulates redox reactions, carbohydrate metabolism, also reduces vascular permeability.

1 tablet of cystitis is prescribed for the night, the duration of treatment is one month, with severe inflammation, the treatment is extended to three months. Children are not given this drug.

If cystitis appears during gestation, it is important to consult a doctor as soon as possible, since the disease can adversely affect the course of pregnancy. Bladder inflammation (cystitis) is a serious pathology that must be treated properly and in a timely manner.

List of tablets for the treatment of cystitis and other diseases of the bladder

Experienced urologists are increasingly focusing on the increased dependence of cystitis therapy on drugs with antibacterial action. A few decades ago, adequate treatment was to follow a strict diet and use herbal decoctions.

The most important point in modern diagnostics is conducting laboratory tests to determine the sensitivity of pathogenic microorganisms to antibiotics.

The main reason for the decrease in the therapeutic effect was the development of resistance of the causative agents of inflammation of the bladder to most drugs. This happened as a result of their free over-the-counter sales and uncontrolled reception, which is often impractical.

Medical tactics

It takes several days to detect pathogenic microflora in urine samples. But patients are already complaining about pains and pain during urination. Given that most of them turned to the urologist with a highly neglected form of the disease, which threatens to turn into chronic cystitis, the doctor does not wait for the test results.

In these cases, antibacterial tablets are prescribed for a wide-spectrum bladder inflammation, to which most infectious agents are sensitive. What is more difficult to start therapy:

  • Bacteriological laboratories, which experts can determine the resistance of pathogens of cystitis, are absent in many clinics,
  • Routine diagnostics do not detect viruses that cause bladder inflammation, which can significantly complicate treatment.

If the therapy is ineffective, then the urologist replaces cystitis tablets for men and women, based on the obtained values ​​of laboratory tests of urine. To speed recovery, women and girls are recommended to take vaginal suppositories or pills simultaneously with antibacterial agents.

Antibacterial drugs

In addition to antibiotics, the following drugs are capable of killing cystitis pathogens:

Sulfonamides - Sulfodimetoksin, Urosulfan.

The active ingredients of drugs block the production of vitamin B 9, which leads to disruption of the enzyme systems necessary for vital activity. The daily dose of the drug - 1 tablet, since the maximum therapeutic dose is found in the bloodstream for 24 hours.

Nitrofurans - Furazolidone, Furadonin, Furamag.

The intake of these drugs leads to a violation of the metabolism of proteins in the microbial cell, and this prevents their active reproduction. In the course of the research, a gradual decrease in the bacteriostatic action of these cheap pills, an increase in the resistance of cystitis pathogens to them, was found.

Nalidixic acid - Nevigramon.

The antibacterial drug is inactive to streptococci and staphylococcus, besides it has serious contraindications to use.

Pain relievers

Pain in cystitis can be so unbearable that urologists have to use solutions for parenteral administration. But in most cases, doctors prescribe drugs in the form of tablets or capsules to patients.

When cystitis is under a categorical prohibition are drugs, the active ingredient of which is aspirin due to the high probability of opening bleeding. Most often, urologists recommend patients to take such inexpensive and effective medications:

Antispasmodics isoquinoline series.

Drotaverinum and its import counterpart No-shpa. Yellow pills reduce spastic contractions of smooth muscle fibers, effectively eliminate painful cramps, reduce the frequency of the urge to empty the bladder.

Nimesulide, Ibuprofen and their analogues. Anti-inflammatory nonsteroidal drugs have analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects. When using them, it is quite possible to do without antispasmodics.


Relatively inexpensive tablets for cystitis with herbal composition are used simultaneously with antibacterial and antimicrobial agents. They are convenient to use, unlike the infusions and decoctions of medicinal herbs. These phytopreparations include:

The drug contains about two dozen extracts of medicinal plants with antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic actions. Cystone diuretic properties are used to remove sand and small stones from urinary organs.

The drug reduces the severity of inflammation in the bladder, eliminates pain, cramps and burning. Manufacturers produce Canephron in the form of a solution and pills for oral use.

Dietary supplement with cranberry extract exhibits diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial effects. Urologists prescribe Monurel for acute and chronic form of cystitis. The only drawback of dietary supplements - long term use.

The composition of biologically active additives include bear ears, horsetail, dry cranberry extract. Course taking the drug contributes to the leaching of pathogens from the bladder.

Antifungal drugs

Cystitis, triggered by the yeast pathogenic fungi penetration into the bladder cavity, requires a special approach to treatment. For the treatment of this type of disease, urologists prescribe:

Antifungal agent has activity against members of the Candida species. The drug has high bioavailability, despite absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. The dosage is determined by the doctor based on the results of laboratory tests.

The drug has activity against most fungi that cause bladder inflammation. Fluconazole for cystitis can be used orally and parenterally to suppress the synthesis of fungal sterols. The drug for quite a long time, retains its therapeutic concentration in the blood plasma.

In some cases, bacteriophages are used in the treatment of cystitis. Most often, urologists prescribe staphylococcal bacteriophages. Immunostimulating agent lyses staphylococci, which often become the cause of cystitis.

Cheap and effective drugs for the treatment of cystitis

Many women who suffer from cystitis are worried about the question: what inexpensive and effective drugs can get rid of this ailment? Cystitis is a common disease of the genitourinary system. Mostly malaise affects the weaker sex of humanity. If a woman at the initial stage does not take any measures, then there is a risk that the cystitis will develop into a chronic form.

Previously, to cure cystitis, antibacterial tablets were taken only in severe cases, but now it has become mandatory because the number of women with a chronic form of the disease has increased. The patient is prescribed antibacterial drugs after conducting a urinalysis and determining the pathogen and its sensitivity to various antibiotics.

Abuse of this class of drugs leads to mutation of bacteria, makes the infection resistant and more insidious.

Top 5 popular and effective drugs for cystitis

According to rough estimates, the full course of treatment for cystitis costs no more than 1,500 rubles. But if the disease is already at an advanced stage, then all examinations, medications and consultations of doctors can ruin the budget of the average family. What medications will help to immediately deal with the problem and protect yourself from complications?

Affordable Monural

Monural - is an inexpensive drug that destroys microorganisms that are in the bladder. The composition contains:

  • fosfomycin trometamol,
  • citrus flavors,
  • saccharin,
  • sucrose.

The granules have a white color with a tangerine smell, which dissolve very quickly, once in the gastrointestinal tract. Monural is enough to take only once after emptying the bladder. It becomes much easier for patients to urinate after 3-5 hours after their ingestion. Monural is prescribed for the treatment of:

  • acute bacterial cystitis and its recurrence,
  • urethritis of bacterial origin
  • bacteriuria in pregnant women, asymptomatic,
  • urinary tract infections after surgery.

It is contraindicated to take it:

  • people who have an increased sensitivity to the main component,
  • in renal failure,
  • children up to 5 years.

Pregnant women should be treated with this drug strictly under the supervision of a doctor.

Powerful Nolitsin

Nolitsin - the antimicrobic drug having an extensive spectrum of action. If you need a good combination of price and efficiency, you should pay attention to this tool.

Its main component is the second-generation antibiotic fluoroquinolones. This medicine is used for infectious cystitis and prostatitis. Of course, Nolitsin, like most microbial drugs, has many contraindications. It is strictly forbidden to take:

  • teenagers and children under the age of 18,
  • women while carrying a child
  • during lactation,
  • people with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency.

In the following cases, you must consult a doctor:

  • cerebral arteriosclerosis,
  • propensity for allergies,
  • chronic disorders in the work of the heart and blood vessels,
  • liver or kidney failure
  • epilepsy.

The drug is recognized as inexpensive, the average cost per pack is 300 rubles.

Effective Nitroxoline

Нитроксолин – недорогое и эффективное лекарство от цистита у женщин. Этот препарат предназначен для уничтожения бактерий и грибков, поражающих мочеполовую систему. Для повышения эффективности его разрешается принимать совместно с Леворином.

This antibiotic is prescribed for such infectious diseases as:

It is important to emphasize that cystitis is only the beginning of a large-scale pathological process in the urogenital system, and then the disease turns into any of these complications.

Sometimes Nitroxoline is used by women for the prevention of catheterization and cystoscopy, after surgery on the kidneys or genitals.

The drug is contraindicated:

  • with liver pathologies,
  • with poor kidney function,
  • with cataracts
  • with neuritis,
  • during pregnancy and lactation.

For money, the drug is very affordable, the average price is only 85 rubles.

Cystitis Liquidator - Furadonin

Furadonin is prescribed most often during the initial infection. The drug contains:

  • nitrofurantoin,
  • potato starch,
  • aerosil
  • calcium stearate.

The drug is effective in the treatment of cystitis, as the bacteria have not had time to gain sufficient resistance to nitrofuranam. This remedy should not be taken by people suffering from:

  • individual intolerance,
  • chronic hepatitis,
  • cirrhosis of the liver,
  • acute porphyria.

Women who are carrying a baby or are breastfeeding should also choose a different treatment.

It is indicated for women with the following diseases:

Also, the drug is often prescribed in the postoperative period for the speedy rehabilitation of the urogenital system.

Bacteria Inhibitor - Furagin

This cheap antimicrobial agent showed the same performance in chronic and acute cystitis. When exposed to the main component of the bacteria emit fewer toxic substances.

Due to this, the patient feels significant improvements even before the pronounced suppression of the growth of microflora.

Furagin differs from similar preparations in that it does not inhibit human immunity, but, on the contrary, provokes the activity of leukocytes.

He is able to cure:

  • wounds on the mucous membranes that have festered,
  • cystitis and urethritis
  • kidney disease
  • infections affecting the female genitals.

The drug is never prescribed for hyperreactions to the components, for acute or chronic lesions of the kidneys and liver. Furagin should also not be taken by children under the age of 1 year, and women in the position and in the period of lactation. The price of this drug is approximately 180 rubles.

Phytopreparations in the treatment of cystitis

In addition to antibiotics, women are advised to take herbal remedies to maintain the immune system. One of the most effective and inexpensive is Canephron. Doctors prescribe it to people suffering from diseases of the genital organs. By its action, the drug belongs to the diuretic.

Due to the fact that Canephron consists of natural components, there are practically no contraindications to its use. It can be used even by women preparing to become moms.

What do patients say?

According to the victims of cystitis, it is most effective to first pass the tests, and only then engage in drug therapy.

Anastasia from Saratov.

I have been suffering from chronic cystitis for quite a long time, just where I am frozen, and it is getting worse. I am always saved by Furagin, sometimes I undergo a cananephron treatment to support the body.

Lyudmila from Volgograd.

Cystitis is my biggest problem. Previously, she suffered for a very long time, taking expensive drugs that didn’t really help. After the advice of a friend, I accept Nolitsin, it is inexpensive, but very effective.

Cystitis in women

The cause of cystitis is considered to be a bacterium that has penetrated into the bladder. In frequent cases, it passes through the urethra. To solve this problem, the best pills for cystitis, characterized by good pharmacological action, are prescribed.

It must be remembered that a similar inflammatory process can also occur in the kidneys, intestines or genitals. Proceeding from such a feature, complex treatment using cystitis pills for women .

In addition, the urethra may be inflamed after intercourse. Symptoms of this phenomenon can be observed for 12 hours.

For quick treatment of cystitis

prescribed cystitis pills for women. In order for the ailment not to become chronic, they must be started on time.

Important! If cystitis is detected, the doctor selects the treatment tablets, which takes into account the sensitivity of the microflora.

Cystitis in men

Men can also suffer from the disease, but this happens less frequently. The symptoms of this disease include frequent urination, accompanied by painful sensations. Typically, cystitis pills for men can be prescribed based on test results.

Attention! In the urine can detect blood and mucus due to the inflammatory process. Due to infection of the mucous membrane of the bladder its functions are disturbed.

The best pills for cystitis

Before taking inexpensive and effective cystitis tablets It is important to consult with your doctor and do all the required tests. There are many different drugs that differ not only in cost, but also in pharmacological actions. Consider some of them.

An effective and relatively inexpensive drug is Monural. If you follow the instructions, the relief of symptoms occurs a couple of hours after taking it. This medicine is not recommended for children under 5 years old. Monural may be in powder, granules or suspensions.

Palin's antibiotic is prescribed to patients with inflammation in the kidneys and cystitis.

Cystitis pills: effective and inexpensive for women

Cystitis is one of the most common diseases of the genitourinary system, which most often affects women.

The disease takes on a chronic form in the event that rapid treatment and preventive measures are not carried out. A woman does not always go to a doctor, trying to be treated independently by folk remedies or on the advice of her acquaintances.

Self-medication often leads to chronic cystitis, which is difficult to treat quickly. Experiencing pain when urinating, burning, discomfort, patients accurately diagnose themselves. However, choosing the right treatment strategy alone does not always work.

We will consider which pills for cystitis to take to women, so that the treatment is fast, but at the same time effective. Reviews of popular drugs can be found in the comments.

Cystitis tablets - for quick treatment in women

Before taking any pills, you should consult with your doctor, as self-treatment at home can be dangerous to health, besides the drugs have a number of contraindications.

Below is a list of the most common tablets for the treatment of cystitis in women:

An effective and inexpensive remedy against virtually all microorganisms that inhabit the bladder. Convenience of reception consists in a single dose for the night, it is desirable after bladder release. The maximum concentration is reached after 2.5 hours after administration, enough dose of 3 grams for effective treatment.

Relief occurs rather quickly, already 3-4 hours after taking the medicine. The contraindication is to limit age (it is not recommended to take medicine for children under 5 years old). Pregnant and lactating women under the supervision of a doctor can take an antibiotic. The release form - in granules, powder, suspension. Price: from 350,00 rub.

Derivative of the substance - 2nd generation fluoroquinolone, destabilizes the DNA of microbial molecules, which leads to their death. Gives a good result in the treatment of cystitis from many strains of bacteria, has a broad antibacterial effect. The advantage of the drug is that it is concentrated in the urine, while in the tissues and blood does not accumulate.

The main contraindication is associated with age restriction - it is not recommended for adolescents younger than 18 years old, since at this age the formation of the skeletal system occurs. Also, caution should be taken in pregnant women and patients with epilepsy, atherosclerosis and circulatory disorders in brain tissue.

It is undesirable to use the drug for kidney failure and liver disease. Take the drug 3 times a day, 1 tablet of all 3 days with the simple form of cystitis. The chronic form requires a longer treatment (up to 7 days). Analogues of this tool are norbactin and normax. Price: from 170,00 rub.

An antibiotic of a quinolone series. It is prescribed for inflammatory diseases of the kidneys, cystitis. More effective if you test for sensitivity to pipemidovoy active acid. Price: from 250,00 rub.


The antibiotic belongs to a number of drugs of fluoroquinolone type. Such drugs are ciprofloxacin and ofloxacin. Price: from 190,00 rub.

Its principle of action is in violation of the synthesis of the cellular protein of the molecule of the damaging microorganism. The course of treatment is 7-10 days, only 100 mg of the drug is taken. Assign means 3 or 4 times a day, regardless of the use of food, drinking plenty of water.

The condition improves on day 2 after the start of treatment. The disadvantages of furadonin are side effects that manifest themselves in the form of dizziness, nausea and vomiting, in rare cases of allergies. Contraindications are pregnancy, age up to 6-8 years, disruption of the kidneys. Price: from 100,00 rub.

The drug activates the immune system, inhibits the reproduction and growth of bacteria. Such microorganisms as staphylococcus, Klebsiell, E. coli are sensitive to it. Reception duration - not less than 1 week for fixing the result. It is known that microorganisms acquire resistance to many drugs.

Furadonin and furagin are appointed, despite the possibility of acquiring resistance to them due to low cost and good portability. Price: from 180,00 rub.


Nalidixic acid, which is part of the drug, has an antimicrobial effect, is well tolerated by patients. Enough effective drug. Price: from 2500,00 rub.

Semisynthetic antibiotic, is prescribed for any infections, because so many microorganisms are sensitive to it. It treats not only cystitis, but also many urogenital diseases. Price: from 1000,00 rub.

The main part of the drugs has a slight effect on the bacterial state of the bladder, these include Biseptol, ampicillin. Cefalexin and cefradine are considered to be ineffective against cystitis.

After taking antibiotics, it is recommended that probiotics be treated in order to restore the intestinal flora. These include Lactobacterin, Linex, Acipol.

Other medicines for the treatment of cystitis

In addition to tablets for cystitis with antibiotics, women are recommended to use herbal remedies. The most effective is ciston, which includes more than 10 vegetable components. A convenient tool, as it eliminates the need to brew medicinal herbs. Take phytopreparation twice a day, 2 tablets for half an hour before meals.

It serves as an aid in antibacterial therapy, and is also used to prevent relapse. The drug has an antispasmodic effect, has a diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect. Canephron is also considered a popular herbal medicine. It stimulates the improvement of the patient's condition, having antibacterial and diuretic effects.

The new generation of cystitis pills is offered by Monurel, a prophylactic agent.

It is based on cranberry extract, which is able to inhibit the action of microbes.

Due to the substance (tannin) contained in the extract, the agent actively prevents the microorganisms from attaching to the bladder wall. It is necessary to use the drug for a long time for many months.

To resist the disease and avoid repetition, it is required to increase the protective functions of the urinary tract and the organism as a whole. For this purpose, such immunomodulators are used as “Level”, which consists of minimal particles of the most common pathogens.

The resulting vaccine helps the body to adapt and develop a strong immunity. Take 1 capsule daily on an empty stomach in the morning, the course of treatment is 10 days. It is advisable to repeat the 10 - day course two more times. Then 3 months of treatment with an immunomodulator will allow you to maintain health and resist microbes at any time of the year.

Be healthy and remember: it is better to consult with your doctor so that the treatment is as effective as possible!

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