Features of the choice of children's outerwear


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tells about the features of children's winter clothes for down for the little ones.

Children's winter clothing is a very special type of product, which is subject to increased requirements - to the quality of production, environmental friendliness and elasticity of materials. Children's clothes should be comfortable and comfortable for the little man - after all, everyone knows how mobile and active children are. In this regard, it is necessary to take a serious approach to choosing a reliable manufacturer and seller of children's winter clothes, since not all the assortment presented on the Russian market meets the necessary requirements. Children's clothes of the St. Petersburg manufacturer "TIMES OF THE YEAR", offered by the online children's clothing store "RITTA SHOP", meets the most demanding requirements of customers: clothing is hypoallergenic, does not cause irritation even on the most delicate skin, does not constrain the movements of the child and is made of modern "breathing "Materials, which creates a constant ventilation between the tissue and the body of the child, allowing the skin to actively receive oxygen.
ATChildren's clothing online store "RITTA SHOP"You can buy the necessary for the winter season and off-season children's clothing - children's overalls, sets, coats, vests and jackets for down for girls and boys, as well as waterproof children's clothing. We understand that the choice of warm winter clothes for children is a very important matter, on which the child’s well-being and health depend and we offer you clothes from the Russian manufacturer “TIME OF THE YEAR”, which we are absolutely sure of. Comfortable, windproof and waterproof clothes are presented to your attention - fashionable and beautiful, bright and stylish, with original and interesting finishes - each of the presented models has its own characteristics, but the consistently high quality of materials and attention to detail are common to them. In addition, everyday winter children's clothing of the “TIMES OF THE YEAR” brand is notable for its practicality (resistance to frequent washing, socks, stretching) and interesting style solutions that meet modern fashion trends (original color design, the presence of prints, patterns and jewelry) and the most demanding needs of children and their parents. The factory of children's clothing "TIMES OF THE YEAR" creates models, focusing on the needs of the Russian market, taking into account seasonal and weather realities, as well as adapting them to our reality and taking into account the diversity of climatic zones in our country, where the cold period can last for quite a long time (7 -8 months a year).
The walk brings true joy to boys and girls, if the clothes correspond to the season of the year, do not hold back movements and allow to show as much activity as children want. It is especially important to choose the right children's outerwear in the winter and autumn, as the child should not freeze or sweat - both are equally bad.
How to wear a baby in winter so that he is warm? For the cold season for newborns, this type of clothing is invented, such as an envelope for down. On the shelves of children's stores there is a large selection of this type of children's upper winter clothing. What are the advantages of envelopes?

First, children's outerwear, such as envelopes and transforming overalls, is made of waterproof, windproof, environmentally friendly materials. The envelope is insulated by wool, sheepskin, sintepon, or down. The online store of children's clothing "RITTA SHOP" offers as a filler one of the most modern and hypoallergenic materials - artificial swan's down *. The price of the product also depends on the type of insulation. You should not save on the purchase of such a useful thing for your baby. Envelope models in which the baby will feel comfortable and convenient, there is a huge amount - we recommend that before buying carefully read the proposed range and choose the best option that is right for your baby.

The envelope has a number of advantages: you can unfasten it both completely and separate parts, which will facilitate the process of dressing the baby. The baby can be put in the envelope as already dressed in overalls, and wrapped in a blanket.

For kids a little older, they invented special envelopes with a hood and sleeves. In such a dress, the baby will be warm and comfortable - nothing will hamper his movements.

There are also models of transformers, unbuttoned completely in one diagonal or two vertical zippers, which also greatly facilitates the dressing of your baby. It is important to choose a jumpsuit with a comfortable and well-fastened zipper - silent, soft and with a protective pocket, so as not to pinch the skin of the baby.
The wrists and ankles of the baby should fit tightly with cuffs so as not to let the snow and cold in, but it is also important to ensure that they do not squeeze the baby’s tender body. Most models of transforming overalls have booties and gloves on buttons, or booties and gloves, which can, if necessary, turn away.

For children under one year old, one more feature of children's outer winter clothing should be taken into account - the material from which it is sewn should not be rustling, so that, stripping the baby, do not wake him. Lining on products for kids (up to 86 cm) should be natural.

Children who already walk well, it is better to choose overalls with not very wide leg, so that they do not interfere with the child when walking. The cuffs on the sleeves should be knitted so that they tightly and, at the same time, gently fit the wrist of the baby and not let the cold through. The hood should be tightened on the rocker and, in the case of the detachable design of the product, fastened to the jumpsuit on the buttons.

The overalls must have a stand-up collar that will protect the child's neck from the cold. Also, there are overalls with reinforced elbows and knees, and sometimes even with a seal in the area of ​​the priests for greater safety of the child.

At 2-3 years old baby can move from winter overalls to a winter set consisting of a jacket and trouser semi-overalls. Indoors, the jacket is easy to take off, and the bib overall makes it easier for the child to go to the toilet. The kit should be chosen with an elongated jacket, so that when she squats the baby, she does not bully, or with the wings on the bottom of the jacket, so that she can pull her over the baby's figure, thereby providing additional heat retention.

Pants in winter sets for down are of several types - regular with elastic and semi-overalls with a breast on the length of the straps. More comfortable semi-overalls, which, thanks to the straps allows you to accurately adjust the length of the semi-overalls to the growth of your baby, and also protects the pants from slipping. Such winter semi-overalls are comfortable for children under 5 years old, older children are recommended pants with an elastic band.

In order for the child to be warm and comfortable in winter clothes for down, so that it does not interfere with the freedom of his movements, it is important to choose the right size of clothes. There is an opinion that children's winter clothes cannot be bought for growth, and it is partly true, but not in relation to modern children's winter clothes from the Russian manufacturer "TIME OF THE YEAR". Jackets with cuffs on the sleeves, semi-overalls with cuffs on the legs and with adjustable length of straps, children's overalls with fasteners, zippers, straps and wings, which help to regulate their size - this is what helps to extend the period of socks for children's winter clothes. Now, buying a winter overalls a little more than the size necessary for your baby at the moment, you can safely expect that your child will be able to bring it in 2 seasons. At the same time, the color of the jumpsuit will remain as bright, all the buttons and zippers will work flawlessly, and the transferred washings will not affect its ability to retain heat. Therefore, younger children can wear such children's winter clothes.

The color decision in children's winter clothes determines the mood of children, charges them with energy and positive, therefore, preference should be given to light or bright colors, as well as positive prints. The choice of color of children's winter clothes depends on the age of the child. In clothes for children up to 3 years old it is recommended to use light, pastel colors, since bright colors may somewhat “overshadow” the appearance of the child. Bright colors for very small ones are best used in combination with the white color of accessories (hats and scarves), which will make the image harmonious. In the line of children's winter clothes of the Factory "TIMES OF THE YEAR" you will find clothes of the most different colors and shades, as well as children's winter clothes with the most cheerful and positive prints.

Whatever you choose children's winter outerwear for down, your attention should be drawn to a number of important points:

  • The quality of the product - the seams, the convenience of cutting a particular product for your child
  • On the material from which the product is made, and which must be certified (and - as a result - safe), and also correspond to the activity of the child and his age.
  • On the fact of the presence of reflective parts on the product, which will not be superfluous, so they will make clothes safer for your baby.
  • The quality used in the manufacture of hardware accessories - zippers, buttons, buttons, stoppers, etc.
  • The fact of the presence on the product of practical and convenient parts - patch pockets, wings, storm cuffs on the sleeves and trouser-legs, detachable hoods and detachable fur on the hoods, which will erase the products without compromising their further quality.

The combination of comfort, warmth and beauty - this is what winter clothing for children from the Russian Factory for Children's Clothing "TIMES OF THE YEAR" guarantees joy for children, as well as peace of mind and good mood for their parents.


Recommendations for choosing a stylish children's outerwear

  1. Such clothes should be with good thermal insulation, due to which your children will feel well in it.
  2. It is worth listening to the opinions of their children. Find out your child how comfortable he is and whether he likes these clothes.
  3. If you intend to buy a thing for a couple of seasons, then be sure to consider stocking a sleeve.
  4. When choosing make sure that the composition of the clothes are not allergens, so as not to cause irritation in your child.

Choosing the right outerwear for your child is a challenge that each mother of the parent faces. Naturally, for an adult, the most important criterion is the warmth that the thing should keep, and for teenagers a beautiful appearance is of great importance. It is worth remembering that you get a thing that will be worn every day in difficult weather conditions. Much depends on how comfortable and high-quality it is: whether it will be comfortable for the child to walk in the snow, whether it will be easy to fasten in the school locker room, and the most important thing is whether it will be reliably protected from extreme cold.

The best firms of children's winter overalls

One of the best options for winter children's clothing is jumpsuit. In it, the child is fully protected from wind, snow and frost. Before buying, you need to pay attention to the fabric and from which material the insulation is made. Most companies use synthetics, as it is more wear-resistant and has dirt-repellent properties. Insulation should be warm and light, it is used not only synthetic materials (holofiber, sintepon, izosoft), but also natural, such as down or wool. It is important that the child likes the design of the jumpsuit, because his mood depends on it during the walk.

The Russian company offers a wide selection of children's winter overalls. Oldos makes models with a membrane, from a water-repellent material and transforming overalls for the smallest. Synthetic filler from hollofana does not stray during the wearing and washing, and also perfectly retains heat. In addition to overalls with insulation in 200 g and 300 g, the company sells models with an additional wool liner.

The design of the products is carefully thought out, therefore it does not hinder movement and does not create discomfort during active winter games. For additional protection from strong winds, the zipper is covered with a special Velcro-plated strip, and the bottom of the sleeves and trousers is equipped with elastic bands. In the reviews, buyers note an affordable price and excellent quality products.

  • reflective elements of clothing decor,
  • stitched elastic at the waist,
  • shoe strips.

  • not all models have a hood or lining detachable.

The company specializes in sewing children's outerwear. Overalls are adapted to winter frosts, so the child will not freeze even at temperatures of -35 ° C. All models are made of waterproof but breathable materials. Lightweight, almost weightless, polyester fiber filler is evenly distributed on clothes, and does not lump in even after washing in an automatic machine.

The Gusti lineup is divided into 6 age groups, ranging from newborn babies to 14 year olds. Line Boutique includes a scarf, hat and mittens, made in the same style with overalls. The X-Trem collection is designed for outdoor games and active sports in the winter cold.

  • Coolquick water repellent,
  • inside pockets
  • hypoallergenic materials.

  • wide neck, you must hook a scarf,
  • volume top.

Popular company creates clothes for children from birth to 12 years. It is at this age that they are as mobile as possible, therefore, in all Reima overalls, it is convenient for the child to run and play actively. All models are of high quality and suitable for walking even in the most severe frosts.

Employees of the company have developed a unique protective material ReimaTec, which is perfectly breathable, warms children and does not form the greenhouse effect. For harsh winter weather, the manufacturer sells clothes with a membrane. And thanks to the water-repellent and windproof properties, overalls are incredibly popular with customers.

  • reflective elements of clothing,
  • lack of internal seams,
  • X-Static anti-bacterial mittens and gloves.

  • sizes greater than the declared 5-8 cm.

The best firms of demi-season children's overalls

In autumn and spring the weather can change dramatically. The bright warm sun hides behind dark clouds, and it starts to rain. It is for this period that firms produce practical and comfortable overalls for children. For their tailoring, water-repellent materials are used, from which it is easy to remove dirt. Light and thin insulation helps to maintain the child's normal body temperature in any weather.

3 Didriksons

For teenagers and children, the company produces two lines of outerwear Kidʹs collection and Junior. The main goal of the brand is comfort, safety and functionality. Overalls are made in modern style and have special attachments for various gadgets. Demi-season models are completely waterproof, resistant to strong wind, but sewn from the "breathing" material.

In the Kid линейs collection children's line, you can increase the size of the clothes by loosening the fold of the lining, so it will last for several seasons. It is possible to adjust the jumpsuit to any weather conditions due to removable parts. Clothes do not hinder movement, it is easy to actively spend time in nature.

  • foot loops
  • elastic cuffs,
  • stylish design.

  • overalls can be more than the declared size by 8 cm.

Lassie is a subsidiary of the Reima Grop brand. In overalls, a multi-layered system is used, allowing the model to be worn not only in the autumn-spring period, but also in the winter. Outerwear is decorated with beautiful bright prints, so children really like it. High collar and loose cut do not hinder movement, so they are comfortable to play in the fresh air.

Demi-season overalls are made of 3 types of fabric. The dirt-repellent and waterproof Lassie Tec membrane is characterized by increased wear resistance. Supratech compacted fabric has a thin mesh covering and is used in places requiring increased strength. A heavy-duty Supertwill fabric with satin structure protects against wind and moisture.

  • taped seams,
  • fixing the legs to the shoes,
  • models for newborns.

Design for Estonian overalls Huppa develop Finnish experts. Two lines of clothing are produced annually for the spring-summer and autumn-winter seasons. Models vary in size and appearance. For each age category, designers come up with their own style.

Overalls are highly waterproof and windproof. An additional measure of leakage are special tapes that strengthen the seams. The ends of all fasteners are carefully closed to protect children from accidental cuts.

  • reflectors in the form of applications,
  • detachable clothing items (hood, lining, etc.),
  • breathable hypoallergenic material.

  • In the reviews, customers complain about the wide neck.

Лучшие фирмы комбинезонов для малышей

Для новорожденных малышей лучше приобретать слитные комбинезоны, они теплые и их удобно одевать на ребенка. Верх выполнен в виде курточки с двумя молниями, а низ сшит в форме мешка. Дети быстро вырастают из слитных моделей, поэтому экономичнее выбирать комбинезон-трансформер. В этих моделях мешковидный низ с помощью молний и заклепок переделывается в две штанины. Часто в комплекте к комбинезону идут теплые пинетки и варежки, выполненные в одном стиле.

The company specializes in sewing outerwear for children. In the Russian market, Premont overalls appeared in 2014, and constantly receive only positive feedback from parents. All products are very warm and well-made, they easily protect from wind and moisture.

Overalls for newborns are equipped with two elongated zippers so that the child does not experience discomfort during the fees for a walk. For babies up to a year, detachable mittens and booties are included. For children from one and a half to three years, overalls are equipped with removable silicone strips.

  • bright prints
  • breathability.

  • Some models are not as light as those of competitors.

The company annually produces about 250 models of winter and demi-season clothing and footwear. For overalls, special materials are used that withstand temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius. All products guarantee protection from moisture and wind, as well as breathable and dirt-repellent properties. Isosoft is used as a heater, consisting of the finest fibers. It is known for its heat-shielding properties and wear resistance.

The special AquaControl material protects children from moisture, wind and cold temperatures. This is a membrane fabric between the outer layer and the lining. Many models for newborns do not have stitches, which guarantees the baby additional comfort during a walk.

  • minor soiling can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth
  • bright various design,
  • light and warm.

In the Russian market, this company is known as a manufacturer of prams, high chairs and various attributes that facilitate the lives of young parents. But Chicco also sews and sells clothes for babies from birth to one year. All collections are released in limited quantities, so it is difficult to find two absolutely identical models in one city.

Overalls are very high quality stitched from modern materials. In such clothes the baby will be comfortable and convenient, even if only learn to take the first steps. Among the huge selection of fabrics and colors parents can choose the perfect outfit for their baby.

  • light and warm
  • in a set of bootees and mittens,
  • overalls for girls decorated with ruches.

  • In the reviews, users complain that some models are bigger.

How to find out how tall a child will be in winter?

Of course, it is quite difficult to determine exactly how tall a child will be in a few months, given the growth jumps. But, in any case, it can be assumed with a rather high probability, due to the statistics of the growth of children. Below is a table in which all children are divided into 7 groups according to their particular growth.

How to choose children's winter clothes

In this article we will take a closer look at some models of the top winter clothes for kids, as well as help you figure out

When writing the article, outerwear was tested by the following manufacturers: Didriksons, Lassie, Deux par Deux, Huppa, Poivre Blanc, Dakottakids and Junior Republic.

Of these, overalls: Deux par Deux, Huppa, Dakottakids, Junior Republic - were for height 80 cm (for a child aged 1 year), jackets and pants were for height 80 (for a child age 1 year) and 122 cm (for child age 7 years old).

Before buying outerwear, be sure to check the size table.


Didriksons1913 company produces practical and comfortable clothing for the whole family, made in a sporty style. Membrane tissue provides good ventilation and retains heat, which allows active kids not to limit themselves in outdoor games, and parents do not worry that their children will overheat, sweat and fall ill. All models of clothes are very thin and light, but at the same time warm enough. It is perfect for active children who love sports and active winter games.

Children's clothing size table:

Overalls Didrikson for children comes with a reserve. Jackets and pants go size to size. In many models there is a function "Increase in size" - the clothes grow with the child, as necessary, the length of the sleeves / pants can be increased by 2.5-3 cm.
Clothing for teens (size 140) is the size of the size.

Features outerwear Didriksons:

All models of Didriksons clothes have a lot of functional details: Utyazhki on the cuffs of sleeves, legs and waist, an adjustable hood, snow protection skirts on jackets, stripes for shoes, comfortable pockets on the locks and Velcro.

Some models can be customized individually for the growth of the child and increase in length with the help of special stitches as the child grows.

On the sleeves of jackets and overalls are special cuffs with holes for the thumb, preventing the ingress of snow into the sleeves.

The outer layer of outerwear does not harden at low temperatures and remains as soft.

Each model has its own bright and unique design, which the child and his mother will surely like.

Jacket and semi-overalls NALLO


1. On the sleeves of the jacket and in the lower part of the trousers there is a sticking seam, by dissolving which, you can increase the length of the sleeves and trousers by approximately 2.5 cm.

2. The kit can easily turn into a jumpsuit. On a special skirt, located inside the jacket at waist level and protecting the baby from wind and snow, there is a zipper, which allows you to fasten semi-overalls to the jacket.

3. On the sleeves of the jacket there are special cuffs with holes for the thumb, preventing the ingress of snow into the sleeves.

4. A large number of various utyazhki allows you to individually adjust the kit under the child.

5. Pants on the pants allow them not to bully during a walk.

Jumpsuits MIGISI and THERON


  1. On the sleeves of the overalls and in the lower part of the trousers there is a seized stitch, by disbanding which, you can increase the length of the sleeves and trousers by approximately 2.5 cm.
  2. Adjustable drawstring at the waist, cuffs of the sleeves and legs allow you to adjust the jumpsuit to the height of the child.
  3. The pants on the pants allow them not to bully during a walk.
  4. Overalls are very light, quite wide, like most Didrikson models, suitable for large children.

Low cost and high-quality clothing from the manufacturer from Finland, where winters are colder than in Russia. Lassie's kits and overalls are light and thin, more suitable for active children, but if you use fleece or wool pods, then even sedentary babies will be warm. Lassie's clothes can be worn, starting from late autumn, on long sleeves and tights, and all winter, wearing warm poddev in the cold.

Outerwear Lassie corresponds to the size chart.

Size (height, cm)









Chest circumference, cm

Waist circumference, cm

Hip circumference, cm

The length of the inner seam of trousers, cm

Size (height, cm)








Chest circumference, cm

Waist circumference, cm

Hip circumference, cm

The length of the inner seam of trousers, cm

Lassie outwear features

1. In jackets and overalls on the inside of the cuffs and neck, soft fleece lining that does not irritate the skin of the baby. There are models with knitted cuffs and adjustable velcro.

2. On the trouser legs of the pants there is a gum that protects against the ingress of snow, in models with a straight cut, an inner cuff with an elastic band. Includes silicone stripes for shoes.


On the sleeves of the jacket cuff with holes for the thumb, preventing snow from entering the sleeves.

Membrane waterproof suit for the girl. The fabric is not blown. Trousers of this model are made of dense and high-strength fabric, which increases the service life of the product.


  1. In the lower part of the jacket and in the hood there are sewn gum, which prevents the blowing of cold air.
  2. The inner side of the cuffs and collar is made of soft fleece to preserve warmth and maximum comfort.
  3. Inside the legs there is an additional cuff with a snow skirt to protect against the ingress of snow. Straps from the trousers can be completely unfastened. Rear seam taped.

Simple concise model, made in a bright attractive colors.


The inner part of the cuffs and collar is made of warm fleece.

Cuffs of sleeves and legs on elastic bands.

The fabric on the knees and in the back of the pants has several layers and is reinforced from abrasion. Rear seam taped.

In a set of stripes for shoes.

Despite the simple appearance of the jacket looks very stylish and fashionable. In cold weather, the child will be warm in this jacket along with fleece underwear.


Membrane fabric that protects from wind and moisture.

Cuffs with elastic band.

The high gate closes the neck of the child well.

The hood detachable, the fur on the hood is also removable.

Deux par deux

A rich selection of models of clothes with different designs allows the child to create a unique look, which can always be supplemented with various accessories. Very often, the kit includes a shirt and a scarf. Jumpsuits for babies have an extra layer of fleece fabric, located on the back and in the back of the pants. Outerwear Deux par Deux will certainly suit children who do not tolerate cold and constantly freeze.

Overalls: correspond to the dimensional table.
Jackets and semi-overalls: correspond to the dimensional table.

Features outerwear Deux par Deux

Stitched from waterproof fabric with a Teflon coating that provides excellent water-repellent properties - the water just rolls off the fabric.

Some models have an additional elastic band or a belt at the waist, allowing the product to be adjusted individually for the child, and also protects against the wind that blows under the clothes.

The inner side of the jacket is further warmed with fleece fabric.

The hood is additionally insulated with a fleece, has an internal strip on the elastic band to protect against the wind.

All models of average density, noticeably heavier overalls Didriksons and Lessi, but much warmer.


The back, shelf and back of the jumpsuit are insulated with an extra layer of fleece.

The waist is regulated by an elastic band.

Booties and mittens are easily attached to the jumpsuit and can be removed with the help of special buttons located on the sleeves of the jacket (on gloves or mittens should also be such a mount).

Despite the booties in the kit, inside the leg is an extra cuff with an anti-snow skirt.


Warm and functional suits reliably protect the child from cold, wind and moisture. The diverse design will certainly please the child, and the wide functionality will not leave indifferent caring parents.


Stitched from a breathable membrane fabric with Teflon coating.

Inside the jacket and hood lining of warm soft fleece.

On the belt of jackets additional adjustment to the waist.

On velcro cuffs.

Lightning on the semi-overalls unzips as deeply as possible, which greatly facilitates the process of dressing the child, especially toddlers.

On the knees and buttocks inserts from durable Cordura fabric. Cordura is a thick nylon fabric with a special thread structure. On the fabric polyurethane coating and water-repellent impregnation.

The jacket and cuffs of the trousers have protective snow skirts.

Warm and comfortable outerwear from the Estonian manufacturer Huppa has a membrane and perfectly protects against wind and moisture. A different number of heaters (up to 300 grams) makes it possible to choose a model for both active children and calm babies and toddlers who still do not know how to walk. It should be noted products with insulation from fluff, well warming in cold weather. They are warm, but light, not holding down the movements of the child.

Overalls: the length of the models has a stock of 2 cm, wide models.
Jackets and overalls: wide models.

Features outerwear Huppa:

Membrane breathable fabric that does not get wet.

Taped seams for protection against leaks.

Dense outer fabric provides products with additional strength and prevents them from wiping.

Utyazhki and adjustment provide a good fit and protection from the wind.

On pants in semi-overalls and overalls snow protection gum. In a set of stripes for shoes.

Very warm jumpsuit for sedentary children. The stylish design will certainly please the child, and the membrane fabric and good insulation will protect it from wind and cold.


With the help of two parallel zippers you can unbutton the entire front surface of the jumpsuit, from the neck to the waist, which greatly facilitates the dressing of babies.

Cuffs of sleeves and trousers with elastic.

Hood with removable fur, but it does not come unfastened.

The lining of the jumpsuit is made of soft warm flannel.

Reflective elements make the child clearly visible in the dark.

Includes shoe straps

Very warm winter jacket made of membrane fabric. Does not get wet, is not blown by wind and provides excellent air exchange.


A large amount of insulation warms the child in frosty weather.

The strong fabric created on special technology of a texture of fibers.

Cuffs with elastic band.

On the bottom of the jacket utyazhka with elastic cord and lock.

Poivre blanc

The main difference of Poivre Blanc products from models of other manufacturers is a special anatomical cut that contributes to the best fit. Special membrane fabrics and various heaters provide an opportunity to choose a model that is best suited for weather conditions.

Jackets and semi-overalls: height corresponds to the size table, models are more suitable for slender children.

Features outerwear Poivre Blanc:

1. Soft but durable exterior material protects the baby from wind and moisture.

2. Some models of jackets and overalls have a fleece lining on the collar and on the back, it does not rub the skin of the child and helps keep it warm.

3. Adjustable belt on the belt in overalls helps to avoid blowing cold wind under clothes.


1. On the sleeves there are buttons with which you can attach gloves with the same fastening.

2. An additional inner skirt located at the waist protects the child from the wind.

3. The outer layer of outerwear is made of a windproof and waterproof material that is reinforced in the places of greatest rubbing.

4. At low temperatures, the upper layer does not harden and retains its softness.

Thanks to the adjustable belt, you can choose the optimal size individually for a child. Heater jacket is able to retain heat at temperatures up to -25 degrees.


1. At the bottom of the leg are zippers, which greatly simplify the dressing of the baby.

2. An additional inner skirt located at the waist protects the child from the wind.

3. On the knees (inside and outside) there are special seals that prevent wiping the fabric.

The overalls possess various utyazhka which help to adjust it individually under the child. Heater jacket is able to retain heat at temperatures up to -25 degrees. The length of the leg is adjusted to the height of the child.


The Dakottakids children's clothing brand is owned by the American company A.W.S.S.Group Ltd. USA, which closely monitors the quality of its products. In the Russian market, Dakottakids clothing has been sold since 2013 and has already managed to receive a lot of positive feedback from customers. Among the rich choice of outerwear, you can choose the optimal model for certain weather conditions and supplement it with a variety of accessories.

Jackets and semi-overalls: correspond to the dimensional table. Overalls: correspond to the dimensional table.

Features outerwear Dakottakids

1. In some models in semi-overalls and jackets there is an additional fleece insulation, thanks to which you can not wear poddevy.

2. In some models of semi-overalls, there are corduroy inserts in the places most prone to wiping.

The outer surface of the jumpsuit is made of special fabric Tactel Protera Nylon, which does not constrain the movements of the child, does not wrinkle and is easy to wash.


1. Two parallel zippers make it possible to unbutton the entire front of the jumpsuit, from the neck to the waist, which greatly facilitates the dressing of babies.

2. The inner surface of the jumpsuit is lined with soft cotton.

3. Baby can be shod in winter boots by removing the booties.

For the safety of heat is responsible special filler Polyfill, which is characterized by high heat transfer, durability and good ventilation. Soft knit collar and cuffs do not irritate the baby’s skin.

Junior republic

Among the Junior Republic winter clothes are models with downy heat insulation, which are distinguished by low weight and small thickness. Young fashionable women will like various decorative elements in the form of rhinestones and embroidery that adorn clothes for girls.

Overalls: the length of the models has a stock of 2 cm, the models are more suitable for slender children.

Jackets and overalls: height corresponds to the size table, models are more suitable for slender children.

Features outerwear Junior Republic

Design, copying adult models. Junior Republic is a style and quality for young fashionistas.

Clothing sewn on modern Italian technology. Models carefully thought out patterns that contribute to a comfortable fit on the figure.

The clothes are very warm, the synthetic analogue of natural down, not causing allergies, is used as a heater.

A variety of jewelry in the form of rhinestones and embroidery adorn models for girls.

All models of outerwear for children have a beautiful lining with a bright print.

The top layer of most products is made of a special material that does not let in moisture, blocks the wind, but at the same time freely lets in air, preventing the child from sweating.

Опушка, украшающая капюшоны, из натурального меха.

Теплый и комфортный комбинезон для девочки ярко-красного цвета. Hypoallergenic synthetic down is used as insulant. Inner skirt prevents blowing cold wind under the jacket.


Pearl down is used as insulation. This is a synthetic analogue of natural fluff, not inferior to him in thermal properties. Synthetic fluff is less capricious - it is not crushed, easily erased at home and does not cause allergies, unlike natural fluff.

The jumpsuit is stitched from a waterproof, but breathable fabric.

The small weight of the jumpsuit and a small thickness do not hinder the movements of the child.

The hood comes off, the fur is removable. Natural rabbit fur is used as an edge.

Internal cuffs of sleeves from soft knitwear.

Inside the leg extra snow cuffs.

Comes with an elastic waistband and shoe strips.

Stylish jacket for a boy in black. Very warm and comfortable. Hypoallergenic down is used as insulation.


The jacket is made of waterproof, but breathable outer material.

As a heater used a synthetic analogue of natural fluff, does not cause allergies and is easier to clean. It is easy to wash a jacket in house conditions - the down does not crumple and is not rumpled.

On the back and the shelf lining of 100% cotton.

Inside the sleeves elastic knitted cuffs tight-fitting arm and preventing the ingress of wind and snow.

At the bottom of the jacket passes elastic wets.

The hood comes off, the fur is removable. Edge made of natural raccoon fur.

Main types

Depending on the age of the child, there are several main types of outerwear:

  1. The warmed envelope - it serves as outerwear for kids. Usually offered with slots for automotive safety belts.
  2. Overalls are a universal model for children of different ages. They are available in several variations: a standard model or a transformer, which allows you to turn a “bag” for legs out of an envelope with the help of a zipper into pants,
  3. The sets consisting of semi-overalls (trousers) and a jacket. Such options for outerwear have several advantages:
  • It is convenient to take off the top of the suit,
  • Convenience of washing at partial pollution (semi-overalls or jacket),
  • The length of the pants in these sets is usually adjustable,
  • Convenient when visiting the toilet,
  1. Jackets - the best option for children's outerwear for autumn and winter. They differ in a style, a coloring and thickness of a heater,
  2. Trousers with insulation is a simplified version of semi-overalls. Usually performed with a wide belt in the lumbar region,
  3. Vests - they can be with insulation or made of warm fabric. They are worn during the change of cool weather and warm period. Put on a sweater or trowel. This is the best spring clothing or clothing for riding,
  4. Coat - usually available for school-age children. It is appropriate for walking, as well as for visiting educational institutions,
  5. Raincoats - most often such models are chosen as children's outerwear for girls. They are available in bright colors and can be complex styles,
  6. Windbreakers - such products - spring clothes, suitable for walking in warm weather,
  7. Raincoats are indispensable for wet weather. Under them usually put on jackets or coats. The use of products gives the child freedom of movement due to the absence of the need to carry an umbrella, but it also reliably protects the child from precipitation. Such products are considered necessary children's outerwear for boys and girls.

Each option is necessary for the standard wardrobe of the child, but should be used in accordance with age. Cloak Trousers The envelope Overalls Kit Jacket Vest Coat Windbreaker Raincoat

Properties of fabrics and insulation

The practicality of clothing depends on the materials used for its production. In attention is taken both the top coating and insulation. The following fabrics are used as the top coat:

  1. Cordura - waterproof material. Suitable for careful operation, but has an attractive appearance,
  2. Nylon Polyester is lightweight and soft. To protect against weather precipitation, most often the fabric is treated with special impregnating compounds.

When choosing products you need to pay attention to the seams. The best option is glued seams.

Winter and autumn are a harsh temperature period requiring the use of heat insulators for outerwear for children. In the manufacture of children's clothing used natural and artificial insulation. Artificial have several advantages:

  • They are lighter,
  • Hypoallergenic,
  • Well kept warm.

The main types of artificial insulation children's outerwear:

  1. The synthetic winterizer is a fairly cheap synthetic insulation, characterized by high thermal insulation. It is thin, light and also affordable. However, there are disadvantages: it quickly loses its shape, which leads to a decrease in thermal insulation characteristics,
  2. Fleece also belongs to the synthetic group of insulation. Fleece does not absorb moisture well, but it does well. Bad breaths. It can be used as a heater, lining or the main fabric of the product. At high-quality processing keeps the form. Better for the autumn period and for spring,
  3. Tinsuleyt - the synthetic heater differs in the increased frost resistance, and also wear resistance. At the same time it is light and has high thermal insulation. It has a hollow structure, due to which an air cushion is created and the heat is retained even when the product is wet,
  4. Hollofiber - eco-friendly insulation, produced by modern technologies without the use of harmful substances. Perfectly restores shape due to the unique structure of hollow fibers. It has good heat resistance and wear resistance. Unlike cheap padding polyester, holofiber passes air and withstands low temperatures. Allowed for making things for babies. This material is widely used Finnish clothing brand.

Natural does not lose relevance due to better moisture absorption and the absence of chemical additives. Natural insulation:

  1. Pooh - the most famous insulation with high insulation performance. It differs in durability, softness, high degree of wear resistance. The most expensive is goose down. The main drawback of the material is the ability to cause allergic reactions in children prone to diseases of the respiratory organs,
  2. Wool is considered durable and durable material. It is hypoallergenic and has high thermal insulation characteristics. Good warming indicators make the material suitable for the production of children's outerwear. Most often, Finnish outerwear for children is made of wool. The main drawback of the material is a large weight, which makes the product with the use of wool more bulky, inconvenient for walking.

It is important to know the features of the care of materials: