8 myths and facts about autoimmune diseases


One of the most important concepts for us, without the awareness of which the path to health has been ordered to us, is an understanding of the principles of operation of the body’s main security system - the immune system.

All molecules that enter our internal environment from the outside pass through its tight control.

At present, when the external environment is becoming increasingly aggressive, the question of the state of immunity is of particular relevance.

How the body's safety system works

The most basic and main principle of its work is to distinguish "its" cells from "alien". And while it is not clear to her, she will not be able to perform any actions.

It differentiates its cells into “normal” and “bad”. “Bad” are tumor cells, that is, onco-cells or neo-cells.

They are always obtained as a result of violations of the mechanism of cell division under conditions of negative factors: toxicosis, hypoxia, viral or radioactive contamination.

This is “its own” cell, but defective, and necessary.

September 11, 2015

In the modern world there are many types of autoimmune diseases. The whole point is that immune cells counteract the formation of their own cells and tissues of the human body. The main causes of autoimmune diseases are disturbances in the normal functioning of the body and, as a result, the formation of antigens.

As a result, the human body begins to produce more white blood cells, which, in turn, suppress foreign bodies.

Nature of disease

There are 2 series of diseases: organ-specific (affect only organs) and systemic (occur anywhere in the human body). There is another, more detailed classification. In it the list of autoimmune diseases is divided into several groups:

First: it includes disorders that appeared in violation of histohematic protection. For example, if sperm.

The human immune system is an extremely complex system, the main task of which is to protect the body’s own organism from alien aggressors and its own regenerated cells. Such protection is possible due to the fact that the immune system is able to recognize and distinguish its own cells from alien ones. But, sometimes due to some reasons about which scientists still doubt and argue the immune system stops recognizing its own cells and starts attacking them. This failure leads to the emergence of autoimmune diseases, of which there are today more than 80 different types. These diseases have been widely known since the 1950s. Autoimmune diseases in the modern world are growing in an arithmetic progression, and it is not surprising that the list of diseases that have an autoimmune nature has increased significantly since then and continues to grow. Among the reasons that provoke autoimmune diseases, which were discussed above, - unfavorable ecology, dirty.

Hello, my dear readers! The immune system of the human body protects cells, organs from the harmful effects of infections, viruses and bacteria. Due to the influence of external, internal factors, immunity fails, therefore, his system reacts to his cells and tissues as if they were foreign. It is important to understand what is autoimmune disorders, to learn about their signs and causes, methods of treatment.

What is autoimmune diseases

Immunity is obliged to constantly protect people from various invasions, to ensure the activity of the circulatory system, and so on. Elements that enter the body are perceived as pathogenic agents - antigens. As a result, a protective or immune response occurs. The antigens include:

fungus, pollen, bacteria, viruses, chemical components, organs, tissues - transplanted.

Immunity includes a list of relevant cells, organs that are located throughout the body. Given the fact that.

Before proceeding to the story of the origin of autoimmune diseases, let's understand what is immunity. Probably everyone knows that the word doctors call our ability to defend against disease. But how does this protection work?

In the human bone marrow special cells are produced - lymphocytes. Immediately after entering the blood they are considered immature. And the maturation of lymphocytes occurs in two places - the thymus and lymph nodes. The thymus (thymus gland) is located in the upper part of the chest, just behind the sternum (upper mediastinum), and the lymph nodes are located in several parts of our body: in the neck, in the armpits, in the groin.

Those lymphocytes that have passed maturation in the thymus receive the corresponding name - T-lymphocytes. And those that have matured in the lymph nodes are called B-lymphocytes, from the Latin word "bursa" (bag). Both types of cells are needed to create antibodies.

What is autoimmune disease? Their list is very wide and includes about 80 diseases that are heterogeneous in clinical and clinical signs, which, however, are united by a single mechanism of development: for reasons unknown to medicine so far, the immune system takes the cells of its own organism as “enemies” and begins to destroy them.

One organ can get into the attack zone - then we are talking about an organ-specific form. If two or more organs are affected, then we are dealing with a systemic disease. Some of them can occur with or without systemic manifestations, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Some diseases are characterized by the simultaneous damage of various organs, while others systemicity appears only in the case of progression.

These are the most unpredictable diseases: they can suddenly appear and pass spontaneously, appear once in a lifetime and never bother a person, progress quickly and end in death. But more often.

An autoimmune group is a group of diseases with various clinical manifestations, but with a similar mechanism of action, in which the human immune system begins to perceive its own cells and tissues as foreign and attack them. The full list includes about 80 diseases, but there is still no complete treatment for them. Currently, about 5% of people worldwide are subject to autoimmune pathologies, and their number is constantly growing.

Mechanism of occurrence

To develop immunity against foreign antigens (viruses, bacteria, pathogenic cells) the body needs white blood cells - lymphocytes. They are produced by the bone marrow and are divided into 2 types:

T-lymphocytes that mature in the thymus (thymus gland), B-lymphocytes that mature in the liver and bone marrow.

Each of the thousands of types of T-lymphocytes has a specific activity against a strictly defined.

Autoimmune diseases are diseases associated with damage to the functions of the immune system of the human body, which, considering its tissues alien, damages them. These diseases are called systemic, because the entire system is affected, in some cases, the whole organism. Therapists, rheumatologists and immunologists are involved in the treatment and detection of the disease.

Impaired immunity functionality provoke various injuries, hypothermia, infections, viruses, stress, etc.

The most common autoimmune lesions of the thyroid gland are Hashimoto thyroiditis and Basedow's disease. Autoimmune disease also includes multiple sclerosis, type I diabetes and lupus.

When should I see a doctor?

Signs of diseases of the autoimmune system are different, it all depends on the type of disease. The first complaints of systemic lupus erythematosus are high fever, muscle aches, sweaty scales on the skin.

Disorders caused by excessive production of aggressive antibodies lead to the development of inflammation in the body and damage to tissues. Such pathologies are autoimmune diseases - the list of these diseases is quite large and is classified according to the system in which irreversible changes occur.

Markers of autoimmune diseases

A blood test for the presence of particular cells is assigned to determine the disease and make an accurate diagnosis. According to generally accepted laboratory standards, the markers of the pathologies of immunity under consideration are antibodies:

to gliadin, insulin, a kind of yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, to phospholipids, cardiolipin, to prothrombin, a double-stranded native DNA to neutrophil cytoplasmic antigens to the glomerular basement membrane, to extractable nuclear antigens, to the Fc-fragment of immunoglobulin G.

As a rule, a total is performed during the research.

The list of autoimmune diseases is quite large. There are about a hundred different diseases in it, but they have one common feature. The immune system of such people takes their own tissues for alien invaders, attacks them and destroys them.
Here is a short list of these diseases.

1. Lupus erythematosus.
2. Rheumatoid arthritis.
3. Scleroderma.
4. Multiple sclerosis.
5. Hashimoto thyroiditis.
6. Ulcerative colitis.
7. Psoriasis.
8. Diabetes mellitus type 1.
9. Autoimmune hepatitis.
And many others.

1 Myth. Autoimmune diseases cannot be cured.

Our doctors claim that autoimmune diseases cannot be cured. There are no drugs that can stop this process in the body.

Foreign scientists - doctors have found that the appearance of an autoimmune disease requires the presence of 3 conditions in the body:

1) The presence of a leaky intestine

An autoimmune disease that affects the human body with its own immune cells, is a huge problem in the science of immunology, called Ehrlich horror autotoxicus, which means a horror of self-poisoning.

A normally functioning immune system should not work against the tissues of its own organism, causing irreversible damage. However, the phenomenon called immune tolerance creates such conditions under which autoantibodies begin to destroy healthy cells.

Currently identified and described many autoimmune diseases. All of them are divided into two types: organ-specific and systemic.

List of autoimmune diseases:

psoriasis, pemphigus ordinary scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis, connective tissue diseases, dry Sjogren's syndrome, ankylosing spondylitis, systemic lupus erythematosus, Reiter's syndrome, dermatopolimitozit, vitiligo, regional enteritis, multiple.

Everyone knows that immunity is our main advocate and helper in the fight against pathogenic microorganisms. But in the human body, not everything is always perfect. Sometimes our “program” fails and triggers the mechanism of self-destruction — then autoimmune diseases develop. A list of such diseases and their symptoms can be found below.

Who is threatened by immune aggression?

Most diseases occur due to external exposure. But there are diseases that the body provokes itself, and they are called "autoimmune diseases." What is it and why does it happen? Their reason is that the immune system suddenly becomes too sensitive and begins to perceive its cells as alien and dangerous. Special cells - T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes, which are a weapon against infections, begin to fight with their systems and organs. If you just say this - the body destroys itself.

Such diseases are quite common in people of all ages. By them.

Such a powerful weapon, as a person’s immunity, can become an enemy for one’s own organism. When the immune system begins to attack its own unchanged cells and tissues, they talk about such an immune pathology as autoimmune diseases. Today, serious illnesses that took millions of lives — cholera, smallpox, and plague — are in the past, but they have been replaced by diseases that our ancestors probably did not realize, such as chronic fatigue syndrome. Autoimmune diseases are at the top of the list of severe diseases of the twenty-first century. Such diseases are quite common in the modern world. They are sick about 5-7% of the inhabitants of our Earth. Autoimmune diseases are more common in women than in men. Based on the capabilities of modern conventional medicine, all autoimmune diseases are incurable.

Treatment of autoimmune diseases

In autoimmune diseases, this is a deep systemic damage to the program.

Autoimmune diseases are human diseases that manifest themselves as a consequence of too high activity of the body’s immune system relative to its own cells. The immune system perceives its tissues as foreign elements and begins to damage them. Such diseases are also commonly referred to as systemic, since a certain system of the organism as a whole is damaged, and sometimes the whole organism is affected.

For modern physicians, the causes and mechanism of manifestation of such processes remain unexplained. So, it is believed that stress, injuries, infections of various kinds, and hypothermia can provoke autoimmune diseases.

Among the diseases that belong to this group of diseases, it should be noted rheumatoid arthritis, a number of autoimmune diseases of the thyroid gland. Also, the autoimmune mechanism is the development of type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and systemic lupus erythematosus. There are also some syndromes that have.

The production of abnormal antibodies or abnormal killer cells may be associated with the infection of the body with such an infectious agent, the antigenic determinants (epitopes) of the most important proteins of which resemble the antigenic determinants of the normal tissues of the host organism. It is by this mechanism that autoimmune glomerulonephritis develops after suffering a streptococcal infection, or autoimmune reactive arthritis after suffering gonorrhea.

An autoimmune reaction may also be associated with the destruction or necrosis of tissues caused by an infectious agent, or a change in their antigenic.

Autoimmune diseases

Autoimmune diseases - a group of diseases in which there is a destruction of the organs and tissues of the body under the action of its own immune system. The most common autoimmune diseases include scleroderma, systemic lupus erythematosus, Hashimoto autoimmune thyroiditis, diffuse toxic goiter, etc. In addition, the development of many diseases (myocardial infarction, viral hepatitis, streptococcal, herpes, cytomegalovirus infections, complications, complications, viral hepatitis, streptococcal, herpes, cytomegalovirus infections, complications, viral hepatitis, streptococcal, herpes, cytomegalovirus infections, complications, viral hepatitis, streptococcal, herpes, cytomegalovirus infections, complications, viral hepatitis, streptococcal, herpes, cytomegalovirus infections, complications, viral hepatitis, streptococcal, herpes, cytomegalovirus infections, complications, and

The immune system

The immune system is a system that protects the body from external invasions, as well as ensures the functioning of the circulatory system and much more. The invading elements are recognized as alien, and this causes a protective (immune) reaction. The invading elements are called antigens. Viruses, bacteria, fungi, transplanted tissues and organs, pollen.

The immune system of our body is a complex network of special organs and cells that protect our body from foreign agents. The core of the immune system is the ability to distinguish "his" from "alien". Sometimes the body fails, making it impossible to recognize the markers of “its own” cells, and antibodies begin to be produced, which mistakenly attack certain cells of their own organism.

At the same time, regulatory T-cells do not cope with their work of maintaining the functions of the immune system, and the attack of their own cells begins. This leads to damage that is known as autoimmune diseases. The type of damage depends on which organ or part of the body is affected. More than eighty types of such diseases are known.

Vitamin D (D) and the body's immune defense

Vitamin D (D) is a fat-soluble vitamin that every person needs.
It enters the body with food, and can also be formed under
exposure to precursor enzymes in various organs (liver,
kidneys, lungs, skin, prostate gland, brain, etc.)

Blood test for vitamin D (D)
appointed with a variety of symptoms, because this vitamin plays an important
role in stimulating the immune system. It activates T-cells.
the immune system (T lymphocytes) in the body, which are responsible for searching and
destruction of foreign agents (bacteria and viruses). As a result
activated by vitamin D inactive T cells are transformed into
T-killers (killer cells) whose purpose is to detect and
the destruction of bacteria and viruses that cause infection in the body

In the case of deficiency (deficiency) of vitamin D activation of T-cells
decreases, decreases the number of killer T-killer tissue, which
leads to a weakening of the protective "barrier" of the body. Consequently,
maintaining normal vitamin D levels is necessary for adequate
defensive response to the invasion of foreign agents promoting development
infectious diseases in the body.

Vitamin D and autoimmune aggression

Autoimmune diseases are associated with pathology of the immune system when
some of the body’s own cells are perceived as alien, and
к ним развивается иммунный ответ с развитием воспаления. Роль витамина Д
в развитии подобной патологической иммунной реакции отличается от роли
витамина Д при нормальном функционировании иммунной системы.

An autoimmune disease increases T-lymphocyte production.
(T cells of the immune system) that recognize one of the cell types
organism as alien, starting with them "struggle". However excess
activation of T lymphocytes, regulated by vitamin D, does not occur. So
Thus, due to vitamin D regulation, the amount of activated
T-killers (killer cells) does not increase significantly, despite the large
the number of circulating inactive T cells of the immune system.

In addition, with the development of autoimmune disease significantly
the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, proteins responsible for
development of an inflammatory response. Scientific studies have shown that
vitamin D reduces the formation of "inflammatory proteins" (pro-inflammatory
cytokines). These include interleukin-1, interleukin-6,
interleukin-8, tumor necrosis factor alpha, to a lesser extent vitamin D
affects gamma interferon, interleukin-17 and interleukin-21.

Thus, the important role of vitamins D in the regulation of the immune
body functions in the treatment of autoimmune diseases such as
rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, systemic
lupus erythematosus, and many other autoimmune conditions.

A similar positive effect of vitamin D on the inhibition of development
excessive immune response is also shown in case of transplant donor
organs. Immune rejection of a transplanted tissue or organ develops.
by a mechanism similar to an autoimmune reaction. In this connection, sufficient
the content of vitamin D in the blood has a positive regulatory
effect on the immune response of the body during transplantation of donor organs.

Consultation endocrinologist

Specialists of the North-West Endocrinology Center diagnose and treat diseases of the organs of the endocrine system. Endocrinologists of the center in their work are based on the recommendations of the European Association of Endocrinologists and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. Modern diagnostic and therapeutic technologies provide the optimal result of treatment.


Densitometry is a method for determining the density of human bone tissue. The term "densitometry" (from the Latin densitas - density, metria - measurement) is applied to the methods of quantitative determination of bone tissue density or its mineral mass. Bone density can be determined using x-ray or ultrasound densitometry. The data obtained in the course of densitometry are processed using a computer program that compares the results with the indicators adopted as the norm for people of a corresponding sex and age. Bone density is the main indicator that determines bone strength, its resistance to mechanical stress.

Gynecologist-endocrinologistDiagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases, counseling couples on the treatment of infertility

Endocrinology Diagnosis and treatment of diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis

EndocrinologistDiagnosis and treatment of diseases of the thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, adrenal glands

Nutritionist-endocrinologist Treatment of obesity, diagnosis of endocrine causes of obesity, comprehensive weight loss programs

Andrologist Help in solving male problems: infertility, potency disorders, inflammatory diseases

Children's endocrinologistDiagnosis and treatment of endocrine diseases in children under 18 years old

MammologistDiagnosis and treatment of diseases of the mammary glands

Effective nutritional treatment method

This is the only way to treat autoimmune processes in the body non-medicinal method. At the same time, this method is quite effective, since it eliminates the cause of the disease!

This method allows you to cure diseases that occur due to impaired membrane permeability in cells, which include:

Hashimoto disease (autoimmune thyroiditis)

type 1 diabetes mellitus (insulin-dependent) at an early stage (when the pancreas is not completely destroyed)

male infertility (sterile sperm syndrome)

And other diseases that occur due to impaired permeability of cell membranes (the cause of which is most often radiation).

The essence of the method

The essence of the method is to restore the "damaged" cell membranes. The membranes are damaged as a result of radiation (it is not known when, but you most likely once came under its influence), and our immunity unfortunately recognizes these cells as pathogenic, despite the fact that they are completely healthy. Therefore, by restoring the membranes, the autoimmune process will automatically stop as it began.

To restore the membrane, it took 2 things:

Ginkgo Biloba (BAA)

Ginkgo Biloba is taken on an empty stomach, and immediately after eating - fats (fish oil, lecithin, omega-3, fish caviar and any oils rich in phospholipids (linseed oil, hemp, grape seed oil, cedar, olive).

Ginkgo Biloba accelerates the recovery of membranes more than 10 times!

And fats useful for the body are the building blocks for this purpose. Therefore, for the period of treatment do not limit yourself in healthy fats, eat them in sufficient quantities.

Useful article: Omega-3 rich foods

The role of nutrition and lifestyle in autoimmune thyroiditis

The deceit of autoimmune disorders is that they occur spontaneously, proceeding for a long time without any symptoms. In some people, the trigger is stress, in others - an improperly formulated diet with an excess of foods containing allergens, such as gluten (gluten), casein and lactose.

Casein contained in foods refers to proteins, lactose to monosaccharides. For the treatment of lactose, the body needs the enzyme lactase. There is no need for this enzyme to process casein. However, both substances contained in food can weaken and stress the immune system.

Therefore, with autoimmune thyroiditis, diet and lifestyle implies abstinence from dairy products. If once in the body there was a reaction to any product, then in the future the immune system will tend to react to it constantly. This makes it difficult to formulate diets for autoimmune thyroiditis.

Often in the list of allergens in autoimmune thyroiditis, soybean appears, containing strumogens, which purposefully “catch” the thyroid hormones.

Excessive physical activity or lack of sleep, chemicals in the food and cosmetic industry, inability to stop and rest. This way of life, along with the wrong choice and composition of food, often not only aggravates the condition in autoimmune thyroiditis, but also becomes its cause.

Basics of nutrition in autoimmune thyroiditis

An autoimmune disorder, directly inflammation itself, can be reduced or completely suppressed by including some foods in the diet. In addition, metabolism also affects the activity of the thyroid gland. Having relieved the state of the thyroid gland, it is possible to restore damaged tissues. This process, however, needs to be started at the very beginning.

What foods can and should be consumed in Hashimoto disease? What should a diet with autoimmune thyroiditis of the thyroid gland consist of, aimed at reducing or suppressing the autoimmune inflammation that begins?

First of all, for preventive purposes and with developed autoimmune thyroiditis, it is advisable to exclude casein, lactose and gluten.

If the patient is confident that the problem of autoimmune thyroiditis is only lactose, you can exclude fresh milk and leave high-quality dairy products. In them, lactose is largely converted into lactic acid.

As for gluten, in this case, there is no need for strict consumption of artificially made gluten-free products, such as corn or rice bread. Such products have nothing to do with healthy nutrition in autoimmune thyroiditis.

When composing and adjusting nutrition in thyroiditis, CRP in the blood should be constantly monitored - reactive protein, an indicator of inflammation. If its value drops significantly, the patient is on the right track. After the regeneration of the body and the relief of autoimmune thyroiditis, you can gradually add to the diet other high-quality products, such as barley, spelled, rye. However, the minimum period of adherence to diets with autoimmune thyroiditis is 1 year.

Exclusion of gluten in autoimmune thyroiditis

It should be remembered that the cleaner the products make up the diet, the less metabolism will be overloaded. Wheat, rye and barley are well replaced with the following foods:

  • millet,
  • buckwheat,
  • cereals,
  • amaranth,
  • quinoa,
  • rice (natural - jasmine or basmati).

Wheat foods such as pasta with autoimmune thyroiditis can be replaced by buckwheat. In addition, it is necessary to use gluten-free legumes, of which products such as are most easily digested:

Despite the first impression, a gluten-free lifestyle, as with autoimmune thyroiditis, and in general, is not a problem. Morning pastries can be successfully replaced with porridge, in the afternoon it is recommended to consume fruits and nuts.

For lunch, in addition to the above mentioned foods, you can also cook yams or potatoes. In the 2nd half of the day you can eat healthy food - buckwheat bread. For dinner, mono come up with and combine a dish made from natural products without gluten:

  • risotto
  • buckwheat cake
  • Quinoa salad, which can also be used as a side dish, for example, to baked fish.

It is necessary to be careful with modified gluten food products, which, as a rule, have a higher glycemic index, and composition of questionable ingredients.

Casein and lactose in autoimmune thyroiditis

With dairy foods, things can be more complicated, but even here, with the right approach, there shouldn't be a problem. Pasteurized cow's milk can be replaced by coconut, almond, hemp and poppy. It is very easy to prepare them:

  • Soak 100 g of nuts or seeds for 24 hours in 500 ml of water, then mash and strain. The resulting milk can be used to prepare various foods: cereals, desserts and fruit cocktails.

Instead of cheese, you can cook a variety of jams and pates, whether from avocado, buckwheat or legumes. Cashew, from which you can make healthy mayonnaise, is also a great helper. If life without dairy products is not acceptable for the patient, then sometimes you can be pampered with goat milk food products such as cheese, kefir or cottage cheese.

It must be remembered that the more fat in food - the less lactose!

Nutrition should be enriched with good sources of calcium, which are:

Healthy Cashew Mayonnaise

To make this sauce you will need:

  • 100 g cashews
  • 2 cloves of garlic,
  • 1 tbsp. lemon juice
  • Himalayan salt.

Soak cashews in water for 24 hours, then rub in garlic, lemon juice and salt. Cashew mayonnaise can be used in the usual way, for example, for the preparation (filling) of salads.

Omega-3 and 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids with autoimmune thyroiditis

Another great anti-inflammatory base, suitable for nutrition in autoimmune thyroiditis. A good source of these essential fatty acids is fish. It is recommended, however, to choose the highest quality fish, for example, clear water salmon. Do not include artificially grown fish in the diet.

In addition, you should get used to flaxseed or hemp oil, seeds, nuts, meat of livestock free grazing. These foods contain a fairly high amount of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids.

Vitamin D with autoimmune thyroiditis

It is not for nothing that the population of solar countries is less susceptible to autoimmune disorders. Already 30 minutes in the sun is enough to penetrate and absorb the recommended daily dose of this valuable vitamin through the open skin.

Vitamin D is blocked by any sunscreen!

It can also provide suitable food. Excellent sources are fatty fish - salmon is well suited. In addition, this vitamin, which includes natural immunomodulators, is found in foods such as eggs and mushrooms, for the cultivation of which natural light was used.

Vitamin D helps:

  • the absorption of calcium derived from food,
  • prevents cancer processes
  • protects the cardiovascular system
  • lowers blood sugar levels (while respecting diet and proper lifestyle).

During the winter, when there is less sunlight, biologically active supplements are recommended.

Enzymes and their life-giving power in autoimmune thyroiditis

In the early stages of the disease, it is recommended to give preference to enzymatically active food, which in practice means that the more fresh the food, the better. Compliance with this rule is simple at the end of spring and during the hot summer, when there is an opportunity to draw the healing power of the sun-warmed gifts of nature.

Care should be taken with fresh foods during the winter, as they have cooling properties and can weaken one of the centers of the immune system, the spleen. Ideal for winter time is the daily half a liter of fresh carrot juice with ginger and cinnamon.

Cherry with autoimmune thyroiditis

Inside these red berries, a large number of compounds are hidden, which are characterized by strong anti-inflammatory and antitumor effects. Cherry contains, for example, flavonoid quercetin, which has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Other healing substances are presented, in particular, ellaginic acid, which in the body causes apoptosis - the death of cancer cells while maintaining healthy. It is worth noting that 200 g of cherry per day significantly reduces the level of uric acid in the blood.

When choosing cherries for your nutrition in autoimmune thyroiditis, you should give preference to berries, in the cultivation of which pesticides were not used. In the list of products that have suffered the most from chemicals, cherries rank 12th!

Do not eat processed foods

Processed foods often contain chemicals hazardous to the body that alter the intestinal microflora and promote the development of harmful bacteria and yeast fungi. Such foods will cause a vicious cycle of inflammation that will damage your intestines and contribute to autoimmune activity.

Drink filtered water

You should drink only water that has been filtered - ideally through a high-quality carbon filter, or better yet, using a reverse osmosis system. Such filtration eliminates chlorine, fluoride and disinfect.

One of the problems with any filtration is the reduction of water content of key minerals. Therefore, it is worth adding ¼ of a teaspoon of pink salt to 2 liters of liquid in water to replenish minerals. A few drops of good essential oil of mint or lemon can add antioxidant ingredients.

Chew well

The more you chew your food, the less stress your digestive system gets when it comes to badly chewed pieces, and the more nutrients you get from your diet. The goal is to chew each piece 30-40 times. So it will be difficult at first, but the experience comes with practice, and after a while you will feel how easy and simple it is to do.

Eat short chain and medium chain fatty acids.

Short chain fatty acids (SCFAs), such as butyric acid and medium chain fatty acids, such as capric, caprylic and lauric acids, are powerful support for the development of beneficial microflora. Be sure to find products with these acids, or contribute to the development of these acids in the intestine.

Take antimicrobial herbs and spices.

Some herbs, such as oregano, thyme, garlic, mint and basil help to kill harmful microbes and contribute to the development of beneficial microflora. Eat them daily, fresh, dried or as essential oils. You can also use additional medications such as berberine, allspice and grapefruit seed extract.

Practice periodic fasting

Let it be at least 12 hours between your dinner and breakfast, and it's better if it will be 14 hours. Try practicing fasting 1-2 days a week, for example at weekends. Be sure to drink as much pure water and herbal tea as possible to prevent hunger. Not bad, if from the moment of waking up to the first meal you can drink teas.

Bring your vitamin D level to healthy levels.

Старайтесь увеличить свой уровень витамина D с помощью регулярного пребывания на солнце, либо с помощью добавок с высоким качеством витамина D3. Витамин D является одним из самых важных иммуномодуляторов. This means that he helps coordinate the immune system, which helps her choose the right targets for an attack, not her own organs. This is a huge factor in the prevention of autoimmune diseases and recent studies have shown that people with impaired immunity, as a rule, have a deficiency of vitamin D.

Increase acidity in your stomach

Gastric acid is crucial for disinfecting and destroying harmful microbes, as well as for optimizing protein digestion in the body. When the body is unable to produce a sufficient amount of gastric acid, digestive insufficiency occurs and the development of harmful microorganisms in the intestine occurs.

Improve your sleep

Daily quality sleep lasting 8-9 hours is the key to stabilizing the immune system and a great help in self-healing the body. Such a juice is vital for the prevention of autoimmune lesions. It is necessary to develop a plan for your day so that at 22.00 you are already in bed, close all the curtains and perhaps put a special mask on your eyes in order to improve the secretion of the hormone melatonin. It is very useful to sleep in a cool room at a temperature not higher than 18 degrees Celsius.

Increase magnesium intake

Magnesium is very important for the sensitivity of the body's cells to sugar, for normal methylation and for protecting the blood-brain barrier. The best foods for magnesium content are dark green leafy vegetables, pumpkin seeds, grass fed milk and raw cocoa. If you do not have allergic reactions to these products, it would be useful to make the bulk of your diet based on these products. You can also use various bath salts to increase magnesium intake through the skin.

The influence of genes, immunity and microorganisms on the development of autoimmune diseases.

Eat foods with pre- and probiotics.

Using fermented products with fermented milk bacteria, such as sauerkraut, kimchi, beet kvass, coconut yogurt, you add to your intestines live enzymes, acids and metabolites of microbes that improve digestion. If you are new to fermented foods, then start taking them with 2 teaspoons and gradually bring up to 6-8 teaspoons per day. Change the sources of fermented foods to determine the best for you. Over time, you will be able to absorb large amounts of such food.

Regularly empty your intestines.

Best of all, if you have 2-3 chairs daily, which will allow you to throw out from the intestines all the foods that you consumed during the day. It is desirable to get rid of food eaten in the period between the 12-24 hour period after a meal, in order to prevent the development of pathogenic microflora in the intestine and reduce the immune response to these microbes. Start increasing your fluid intake if you have constipation. It is necessary to drink water between meals to stimulate the intestines and lead to bowel movements.

When taking high doses of magnesium and vitamin C, the intestines also work perfectly. Try taking 500 mg - 1 g of magnesium citrate or its oxide. You can also take vitamin C in fairly large doses, for example, 5 grams, which can lead to diarrhea, but it will clear the intestines.

Take carminative herbs

Such herbs are plants that stimulate the digestive system to work better. These herbs contain high amounts of essential oils that help to expel gases and alleviate pain in the stomach and intestines. These herbs also tone up the mucous surfaces and increase the peristaltic effect within the esophagus or stomach. Such peristalsis helps to move food and the exit of gases to the outside.

The main carminative herbs include - coriander, cinnamon, ginger, juniper, anise, fennel, cloves, cumin, dill, mint, thyme and licorice. These herbs are often used with aloe to relieve constipation in people with chronic emptying problems.

Reduce Electromagnetic Radiation

We are surrounded by electromagnetic emissions from cell phones, radios, and computers. Prolonged exposure to such radiation or an increase in its intensity contributes to the occurrence of tension in our body, which stimulates inflammatory activity. Go out every day and walk barefoot on grass, dirt or sand to get rid of the accumulated electrical voltage and get natural radiation from the earth, balancing your electric rhythms.

Use deep breathing

Practice deep breathing exercises that will help reduce your reaction to stress, and in turn, using the parasympathetic nervous system, improve the digestive process and self-healing of the body. It is necessary to take three deep breaths immediately after waking up, before each meal and before bedtime.

Different and common genes affecting the development of autoimmune diseases.

Take healing oils

The oil reduces the bacterial load in the mouth and intestines, by binding bacteria and their waste through adhesion. A reduction in the number of active harmful microorganisms helps reduce the level of inflammation in the body. Similar intake of beneficial oils 2 times a day is quite an optimal result.

Improve the health of your liver and gallbladder

Bile is an important digestive fluid that is produced by the liver and stored in a concentrated form in the gallbladder. The main digestive responsibility of bile is the emulsification of fats and the creation of fatty acids that could be easily absorbed by the body. When the body has problems with metabolism, which leads to a decrease in the production of bile and its accelerated utilization, this can lead to serious health problems.

The mechanism of development of autoimmune diseases

Most clearly, the essence of the mechanism for the development of autoimmune diseases was expressed by Paul Ehrlich, a German physician and immunologist, describing everything that happens in the affected organism as the horror of self-poisoning.

What does this bright metaphor mean? It means that at first we depress our immunity, and then it begins to depress us, gradually destroying absolutely healthy and viable tissues and organs.

How does immunity work normally?

The immunity given to us for protection against diseases is laid in the prenatal stage, and then improved during life by repelling the attacks of various infections. Thus, each person has innate and acquired immunity.

At the same time, immunity is by no means a fashionable abstraction that exists in the understanding of people: this is the answer given by the organs and tissues of the immune system to the attack of alien flora.

The immune system includes bone marrow, thymus (thymus gland), spleen and lymph nodes, as well as nasopharyngeal tonsils, lymphoid intestinal plaques, lymphoid nodules contained in the tissues of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, and organs of the urinary system.

A typical response of the immune system to the attack of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms is inflammation in those places where the infection acts most aggressively. Here, lymphocytes, phagocytes and granulocytes “fight” —specific immune cells of several varieties, which form the immune response, leading eventually to the complete recovery of a person, as well as creating lifelong protection against repeated “expansions” of certain infections.

But - this is how it should be ideally. Our way of life and attitude to our own health, together with the events happening around us, make their own adjustments to the system of protection of the human body that has evolved over thousands of years of evolution.

Feeding on chemicalized and monotonous food, we destroy the tissues of our own stomach and intestines, harm the liver and kidneys. Inhaling factory, automobile and tobacco stench, we do not leave a chance to our bronchi and lungs. Recall once again - it is in these organs that lymphoid tissues are concentrated, which produce the main protective cells. Chronic inflammatory processes actually destroy tissues in the past of healthy organs, and with them - the ability to fully protect the body.

Chronic stress triggers a complex chain of nervous, metabolic and endocrine disorders: the sympathetic nervous system begins to prevail over the parasympathetic, the movement of blood in the body changes pathologically, there are gross changes in metabolism and the production of certain types of hormones. All this ultimately leads to inhibition of immunity and the formation of immunodeficiency states.

In some people, even a seriously weakened immune system is fully restored after correction of lifestyle and nutrition, complete rehabilitation of foci of chronic infections, good rest. For others, the immune system is “blind” to the point that it stops distinguishing between its own and those of others, starting to attack the cells of its own organism, which it is designed to protect.

The result is the development of autoimmune inflammatory diseases. They are no longer infectious, but allergic in nature, therefore they are not treated with either antiviral or antibacterial drugs: their therapy implies the inhibition of excessive activity of the immune system and its correction.

1. Each part of the immune system has a unique function.

"The immune system is like an army," says MD Dat Tran, immunologist and assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. "Each component of the immune system has a unique function to protect the body."

According to Dr. Tran, leukocytes are the first line of defense. They are the first to recognize the pathogen and fight it. The specific type of white blood cells - lymphocytes - allows the body to memorize the invading microbe, so that next time it can cope with it faster.

Also part of the immune system are the bone marrow that produces blood cells, lymph nodes that produce and store cells that fight infection, the spleen, which controls the amount of blood in the body and cleans it from old and damaged cells.

2. Vaccines are important for training the immune system.

Vaccines cause the immune system to produce antibodies against pathogens without direct contact with them. As a result, immunity will be able to effectively combat it when it encounters a real pathogen.

"The vaccine teaches the immune system with a unique component that belongs to a specific agent. If you come in contact with a real agent, the manifestations of the disease will be minimal in the future," Tran notes.

3. Every day we encounter billions of microbes, but not all of them are pathogens.

It may be unpleasant to think about it, but countless microorganisms live outside and inside our bodies. They support the well-being of the body.

"The beneficial bacteria in our bodies provide us with essential nutrients and protect against pathogens," Tran says. Microbiological balance should always be maintained: as soon as the number of beneficial microorganisms decreases, pathogenic microbes begin to manifest themselves, causing certain diseases.

5. Positive emotions and a healthy lifestyle strengthen the immune system.

Some studies suggest that optimism can actually make the immune system work better. “I don’t know if there is a direct connection, but happier and more positive people often eat the right foods and are less susceptible to stress. All this supports the normal functioning of the immune system,” says Tran.

10. Excessive cleanliness slows down immunity.

Cleaning and disinfection would seem to be the best ways to prevent infections, but there are a few things.

"When you make your environment clean, you minimize the number of pathogens that come in contact with you, which slows down the development of the immune system." - notes Tran. This is especially true of young children. If they do not contact with the microbe, they will not receive antibodies against it, which means they will not be able to overcome the pathogen in the future.

Tren recommends that patients comply with the rules of hygiene, but do not overdo it. "Live a normal life," he advises. - "If someone has a cold, be sure to wash your hands and avoid direct contact with him. Clean, but do not dwell on cleanliness. In an effort to get rid of pathogenic microorganisms, you will remove at the same time beneficial microbes in your environment."

Prospects for the medical treatment of autoimmune diseases

When immunity turns against its owner, doctors have no choice but to suppress the aggression of lymphocytes. On this principle, the treatment of almost all autoimmune diseases. But if a person is actually deprived of immunity, how will he resist the daily threats: bacteria, viruses, fungi?

First, not all autoimmune diseases require artificial suppression of immunity. For example, thyroiditis is treated differently - by compensating for hormones. Secondly, the drugs of the new generation act pointwise on specific lymphocytes that are the cause of the disease, and not on all immune cells indiscriminately. Well, and thirdly, there are immunomodulators: for example, intravenous injections of immunoglobulin can increase the body's defenses in some patients. Although the majority of patients with autoimmune diseases immunomodulators are contraindicated.

The treatment of autoimmune diseases is carried out using the following medications:

Scientists are actively searching for new drugs for autoimmune diseases. Research takes place in three main areas:

Complete replacement of immune cells is a bold and dangerous method, which, nevertheless, has passed the stage of clinical trials and has shown its high efficiency. Doctors only decide on the destruction of immunity and blood transfusion with new lymphocytes only in cases when the patient’s life depends on it,

Replacing a defective gene is an interesting idea by hematologists, which has not yet been implemented. But if the doctors succeed, it will mean a revolution. Any person can be protected from the risk of acquiring an autoimmune disease, as well as to make the former carrier of the dangerous gene no longer pass it on to descendants,

Synthesis of artificial killer antibodies is a direction, if successful, will allow to completely cure autoimmune diseases even in advanced form. If it were possible to create antibodies that purposefully destroy lymphocytes that are diseased and out of control, it would be possible to save the patient from illness, without destroying his immunity completely.

One-day fasting: what is its benefit?

On the one hand, one-day fasting gives a weaker effect than a long one. But, as experts say, with regular one-day fasting, you strengthen the body and still lose weight, though not so quickly and noticeably. Learning methods of fasting, scientists recommend to hold a one-day fasting once a week regularly and a prerequisite is a smooth entrance and a smooth exit from it. They claim that with the fatigue of the internal organs, one-day fasting completely restores all the functions of the body and has a healing effect.

One-day fasting helps to restore normal metabolism, cell renewal and rejuvenates the body as a whole. When you give up food for the day, the body begins to use the energy that our bodies spent on digesting food. Some even claim that diseases such as commonplace runny nose and respiratory viral infections pass in a shorter period than with a daily diet. Moreover, medications for one-day fasting during the period of illness are prohibited.

In the study, it was proved that with regular one-day fasting, the number of attacks in asthmatics is reduced, the risk of problems with the heart and blood vessels is reduced. The light stress experienced by the body during one-day fasting “invigorates” the immune system and reduces the risk of cancer.

You can not even starve all day, just skip lunch or dinner, but on one condition, which must be observed for any type of fasting - drink water regularly and take small sips.

Immediately tell you how to treat

Health recipe: 9 STOPPrasit + Yuglon + kefir of Indian yogis. Also, the treatment can be supplemented with MIRTabiotikom and cold-pressed linseed oil.

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Autoimmune diseases - it numerous diseases incl multiple sclerosis, thyroiditis, lupus erythematosus, arteritis, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, vasculitis, autoimmune arthritis, urticaria, scleroderma, colitis, allergies, psoriasis, Sjogren's disease and such threatening diseases.. modernity as juvenile type 1 diabetes, atherosclerosis with all its consequences. To list this list can be very long. Это одна из групп разновидностей «болезней цивилизации».

Дегенеративные заболевания. Это различные неинфекционной природы перерождения тканей, в основе которых лежат провоспалительные и метаболические проблемы. This group includes: hepatosis, cirrhosis, degenerative retinal degeneration, type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis and sclerosis, obesity, premature aging, salt deposition, kidney stones, weakened immunity, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, and a huge range of others.

Modern concepts of the mechanisms of manifestation of A and Z. Recently, much attention is paid to heat shock proteins (HSPs) as causes that can cause the development of an autoimmune disease during the development of chronic infectious diseases. HSPs belong to the so-called stress proteins and appear on the cell surface with various abrupt changes in the conditions of their existence: temperature increase, pH change, osmolarity, when exposed to active oxygen radicals, etc. It is important to remember that HSPs are expressed on both infectious pathogens and on host cells, while performing the same protective functions. The important point is that HSPs of different origin (target cells and pathogen) are very similar to each other, i.e. have a very high degree of homology of amino acid residues. This is exactly what creates the conditions for the development of the autoimmune process through cross-reaction.

It is often difficult to distinguish the direct toxic effect of a bacterial infection from damage caused by immune reactions to bacterial antigens. This problem is well illustrated by rheumatic fever as a complication caused by streptococcal infection.

Rheumatic fever is a systemic disease that can occur 1–5 weeks after the | 3-hemolytic group A of a streptococcal infection of the upper respiratory tract (about 1% of untreated infections lead to rheumatic fever).

Tumor diseases. This group of benign and malignant diseases experienced a particular outbreak in the early 20th century and became the second most important cause of death from disease. 40% of deaths with age are associated with oncology. More than 50% of the adult population has benign tumors. In men over 60-70 years, the incidence of prostate adenoma reaches 80%. But even with great age, not everyone gets sick! Therefore, it cannot be said that this disease is age-related and mandatory, but only confirms that this is a disease of civilization.

True Universal Root Causes of Diseases of Civilization

The transition to the use of dead food. There is no dead food in nature, but there is only live food: fruits, berries, greens, leaves, eggs, etc. Only in the winter period the meat was partially connected. 90% of its food was vegetable and alive. All of them only in the living form have the electric potential of life. Even the water taken from the spring, the river differs in its charges from the water that we take from a bottle or kettle - the latter are always dead. Spring water is always saturated with charge due to triboeffect, i.e., rubbing it against stones while moving from the depths of the earth. After one hour, standing water loses all its charges.

The absence of grounding is the reason for the breakdown of the connection of the organism with nature. The second important point in the loss of vital energy by a person is the lack of communication between the skin and the ground, that is, the absence of grounding. Wearing shoes we lost vital contact. Grounding regulates in the body all vital dynamic electric currents in the body. All electric currents in the body self-regulate relative to the negative electric potential of the earth. The absence of grounding leads to the effect of an "open circuit" with the subsequent numerous consequences of the deterioration of the self-regulation processes in the electromagnetic frame. An organism is a meridian system along which certain closed energy flows circulate. These meridians and high-grade flows determine the presence of the electromagnetic frame of the body, which modern aurodiagnostic devices record. Unfortunately, the picture of the aura of a modern person, which we see through a computer, shows in most cases a depleted appearance of a deplorable external aura. In most cases, it is skewed or knocked down, or extremely thin. This electromagnetic frame is protective for us and all internal dynamic electric currents are regulated relative to it. Regarding these flows, the electrical life and the full functional activity of all cellular layers are adjusted. In the region of the body where electrodynamic flows are weakened or so-called “plugs” are created, the true root causes of many future chronic problems at the cellular level begin to arise. This is the so-called non-specific basis for subsequent pro-inflammatory or degenerative processes. Prospalenie in its basis has no infectious principles. This is another inflammation, whose mechanisms are partially similar. This is the so-called electrophysical level of many future chronic diseases. This is the base, the foundation for them. Subsequently, they may overlap problems at the chemical and other levels, which are provoking manifestations of the disease. Most often, orthodox doctors speak of these secondary provocative factors, not seeing the underlying motive.

The refusal by a modern person of taking greens in large quantities containing chlorophyll, led to the fact that the body was knocked down lipid metabolism in the direction of reducing the production of essential polyunsaturated omega-3 acid lipid Omega-3 acid in the direction of the prevalence of monosaturated acids. Only chlorophyll is a vector key, switchman directing the production of certain lipid acids. There is practically no chlorophyll in the body of a modern person! The absence of polyunsaturated lipid acids leads to a change in the structure of cell membranes. It becomes insensitive, can not normally build on its surface zilia, that is, the operator organelles of the cell, a kind of cell antenna, working on the principle of biosensor display mechanisms. One of the important properties of these cilium is encrustation of proteins into its surface. Which are beacons for immunity, that is their cells. In some cases, the immune system responds to the membrane of certain tissues and organs, as if alien. This is the basis for autoimmune reactions of immunity, that is, aggression on some of its tissues.

The peculiarity of diseases of the autoimmune group. The essence of these diseases can be considered an open question: whether it is an autoimmune process and it is associated with increased immunity immunity, toli are autoallergic diseases, when the primary nature of the process is on the tissues and membranes of the cells themselves burdened with something. If it is an auto-allergic disease, then it consists in the high immunogenicity of this tissue. Immunogenicity - this property is clearly recognized by the immune system as a foreign object and, under certain circumstances, to cause pronounced aggression of the immune system in relation to itself. In such a situation, the cells of the immune system surround a certain tissue with a dense ring, and some penetrate inside. Specific substances begin to be produced - interleukins, interferons, leukotrienes, active compounds of oxygen. Complement cascades are activated.

It determines the immunogenicity of the tissue itself, and this is not the result of perverse hyperactive immunity, as some authors try to interpret. However, they argue that in autoimmune diseases, immunity cannot be stimulated, as this will increase its aggressiveness. In fact, this is fundamentally wrong. Autoimmune flaws are on these cells themselves. Normally, every healthy cell has on its membranes a system of benchmarks, recognizing their immunity. In the case of the burning of these reference protein operators on cilium or the adhesion of foreign proteins to them, they lose their affinity for immunity. Normally, these reference proteins should be repaired when burnt, restored, but this process of reparation does not take place during protracted processes. The lack of reparative processes can be associated with prolonged depolarization processes on membranes, when insufficient charges cannot start the repair programs.

The hypothesis of antibodies in autoimmune diseases. Another additional mechanism of "autoimmunity" is associated with the production in the body of a wide range of antibodies that destroy its own tissues. Perhaps antibodies are formed on some allergens. Some antibodies allegedly “pounce” on the cell nucleus, others on the cell membranes or on the “inside” of the cells, others destroy blood proteins and so on. The most vulnerable are blood vessel tissues in the kidneys, lungs, brain, skin and joints.

I consider this theory incomplete. She does not explain where autoallergens come from. Most likely this theory is more suited to ordinary allergic diseases, but not autoimmune.

Hypothesis of hyperactivity of immunity. It is believed that an essential role in the pathogenesis belongs to disorders in the immune system. Observed polyclonal hyperactivity of B-lymphocytes and plasma cells infiltrating the tissue of exocrine glands. They produce a huge amount of rheumatoid factor immunoglobulins, antinuclear factor and other antibodies. But still, I dare to say that even if this process is present, it is a secondary reaction of the organism.

SYNDROME "DISEASES OF CIVILIZATION". By acquiring super-health and super-immunity, you will be able to defeat this Disease of Civilization.

Considering that the most diverse subtypes of DISEASES OF CIVILIZATION are basically treated with approximately similar treatment protocols, or rather healing, then this suggests that this entire large group of diseases of civilization is essentially different symptoms of a single common syndrome: the autoimmune subgroup of Diseases of the Civilization. This statement was put forward by me (Garbuzov, A. A.) for the first time and this is consistent with practice. This means that the primary beginnings of all these multiple and diverse diseases have common roots, a basis, a nonspecific platform on which specific secondary factors can be superimposed, which cause external symptoms and the manifestation of a particular “disease”. This confirms that all orthodox medicine with its Avitsenovian principle of treating the search for every disease of its specific medicinal substance comes to a standstill. The world can not be found in the principle of such substances and this principle is not true and closer to the search for the selection of crutches, and not to eliminate the causes of the disease.

This also confirms the loyalty of the fact that for many seemingly different diseases a positive result will have in many respects similar and uniform schemes (protocols) of recovery. As we see, I do not say about the treatment, namely about the recovery. This is precisely what two different medicines are: symptomatic and holistic.

So, the foundation of this group of diseases is common, and the specificity of their manifestation is associated with or caused by tropism, some tissues to certain substances or factors due to specific proteins on their membranes. Each individual tissue has on its membranes certain zilia (outgrowths) on which are antennas from sensitive operator proteins. These biosensor devices control the internal cell programs. There are two types of sensory operator systems: specific, responsible for the specialization and functional, differential activity of cells and non-specific - responsible for the highest type of aerobic, that is, oxygen-providing cell energy (Garuzov G.A. concept). It is with the damage of the latter that the connection with the transition of cells to anoxic energy, as a way of existence, is caused. This is the way to oncologization of such cells. In case of burning out of specific sensory antennas on the membranes, the gate opens to the manifestation of loss or weakening of the functional specificity of this group of cells forming a kind of tissue. This is the so-called path of atrophy and degeneration of this tissue, manifested in the form of some specific, that is, specific symptoms. But fundamentally, this is a manifestation of the essence of a single common process - the weakening of the specificity of a certain group of cells.

Any processes associated with the functional weakening of tissues or their degeneration are necessarily associated with previous pro-inflammatory processes (non-infectious nature) or truly inflammatory - associated with infectious principles. Orthodox medicine is relatively well understood and copes with diseases that have true inflammatory roots (infection, etc.), but are extremely weak in the field of pro-inflammatory processes.

Where do the roots of these pro-inflammatory processes begin? There are practically no explanations for solving the problem. The theoretical platform is mosaic6 and is simpler to be absent.

Any recovery methods that allow to increase the functional performance of the tissue allow you to start the mechanisms of regeneration in it or repair of damaged membrane structures in them. The list of these methods for the restoration of a wide variety of damaged or weakened tissues in principle has a single base, with sometimes accompanying maintenance and a number of specific treatment technologies.

Such a view of the presented concept shows that all orthodox medicine comes to a standstill in the proposed methods of treatment and prevention of the so-called Group of Diseases of Civilization or the majority of our chronic intractable diseases.


In recent years, a number of specialists have put forward ideas where a common platform for many chronic diseases can be seen. Consider them closer.

The acidity of the body - as an obligatory preceding soil, the foundation against which possible the manifestation of numerous chronic diseases. All of them have one or another specific orientation, but a single root cause. “Acidification”, based on their concepts, should be understood as a non-specific root cause, a component of the disease, which in itself is not yet a self-sufficient cause of the manifestation of the disease.

The concept of slags. To create the “acidification” hypothesis, the need for a slag concept arose. For example, slags that cause arthritic disease are a consequence of the deposition of excess acid salts in them.

Theory of radicals. In addition, there is a well-developed and well-founded theory of the harmful effects of radicals.

Concept of Redox Potential (AFP). However, these views alone cannot explain the mechanisms of complex chronic diseases. I have carried out a long-term analysis of all these teachings and have shown that they are not self-sufficient, and the true roots of the mechanisms of the origin of pathology are not even at the chemical level, but at the level of electrophysical balances in the cells. All other processes are secondary. The functional weakening of the cells begins with the burning of a specific part on the cilia, the work of the operators weakens, the cells become sluggish, inefficient or inefficient. Therefore, I have put forward a new concept of the value of electropotentials on the cells as the reason for their functional weakness, and also justified its own therapeutic and health-improving method of overcoming DISEASES OF CIVILIZATION.

Only within the framework of the above concept are well placed and become logical, complete, and not opposing each other scientific positions of acidification, slags and radicals.

Diversity of civilization diseases as a manifestation of various symptoms of a single syndrome “civilization disease”

It should be understood that the organism is a whole hierarchical pyramid: at the base of which is the cellular level, and then organs and systems. This causes the whole variety of manifestations of the pathology of this single pyramid. But everywhere there are common, uniform mechanisms of pathology: inflammatory processes turning into dystrophic, problems at the level of immunity, at the level of cells, including their regeneration in the form of oncological problems in different tissues. Doctors for each disease, nosology offer their specific medicine.

It should be understood that in each disease there are specific and non-specific onset. All symptomatic medicine is essentially predominantly specific. Basic medicine in its essence bears non-specific methods of treatment, but rather uniform common methods of healing with the most varied symptoms.


It has the following strict recommendations:

  1. A highly nutritious vegetarian diet rich in green vegetables. Mostly 60% -80% of the food should consist of live foods, while excluding the most boiled drinks, while increasing live juices.
  2. Mixed salads and / or vegetable juices (using leafy greens) to increase the absorption of beneficial phytocomponents.
  3. Добавки, содержащие Омега-3 (льняное масло ) кислоту и Дегидрокверцитин и другие антиоксиданты (ФОРПОСТ наш мощный препарат полиантиоксидант ).
  4. Добавки для восстановления микрофлоры кишечника (Курунга закваска).
  5. Природные противовоспалительные травы и содержащиеся в них вещества, такие как куркума, кверцитин, имбирь и биофлавоноиды.
  6. Применение антипаразитарных препаратов ЮГЛОН.
  7. Исключение из питания пшеницы, масел и концентрированных сладостей.
  8. The use of electrically charged liquids and beverages to increase the electric potential in them through the use of devices: Electroactivator of water or apparatus "Living and Dead Water."

PERVOCHEREDNYE OBJECTIVES: Cleansing the body from allergens, viruses, worm infestation, Removing intestinal dysbiosis, liver restoration and electric potentials on the membrane of cells and organisms.

For the treatment of this disease, I suggest ordering the following:


1. Indian yogis kefir or kefir (Biovit) - 3 b. - ferment the powder on milk or croutons with jam or take after a meal in the form of fermented kefir 1-2 cups a day, a course of at least 3-5 months, a break as much and can be repeated. - For the treatment of intestines from dysbiosis, which is a prologue for allergies and weakened immunity. Usually when they take a black nut, they skip taking Kurungi.

Garbuzov GA Book: "Dysbacteriosis - prevention and treatment without drugs" - NO.


2. 9-STOPrazit - 330 ml. - modern universal, the most powerful and effective antiparasitic and absolutely harmless means: Giardia, trichomoniasis, echinococcus, cysticercosis, toxoplasmosis and about 100 other invasions.

and after two months drink away:

3. YUGLON (black walnut infusion) - 330 ml - 2 bottles - worms, gastritis of the stomach, tuberculosis, diabetes, all oncological diseases. The most important drug BASIC medicine is needed not only specifically for certain diseases, but also as a warning and tonic. Every healthy person is recommended 1-2 times a year to conduct a course with black nuts in order to eliminate the factors predisposing to diseases. Its main action is to cleanse the body of all parasites - they are a predisposing factor, the soil for many chronic diseases. Parasites intoxicate us, take away the reserve of our protective forces and weaken our immunity including antitumor. When reserves are at the limit, the body does not have enough strength to fight on other fronts. Thus, in most cases, we eliminate the soil on which this disease can occur. YUGLON drug is not only preventing chronicles, but also eliminating the hidden background of many diseases. This is the main drug of holistic medicine, strengthening the basis of health (here the etiology of diseases, that is, the root causes is put in the first place instead of symptoms). It has vascular vasodilator, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor properties. In addition, it has a huge range of other indications for cleaning the whole organism, its intestines, liquid media, etc. from all numerous invasions. In American health centers is included as a mandatory component for all patients. It is believed that it is impossible to heal or treat the body for any chronic diseases, restore the normal function of weakened organs without a prior course of cleaning the body of the entire invasion with the help of a black walnut.

To eat before meals for 1 tea. spoon 2-3 times a day, 1 month course, after 2 months, repeat, i.e. Need to order 2 bottles. This is due to the fact that black walnut cleanses the body of adult worms, but there are eggs that wake up after a 2-month dormant period and the body is re-infected with them again.

In parallel with the general treatment, it is necessary to cleanse the body of all possible parasites, which may be one of the causes of allergy and autoimmune reactions. For these purposes, the use of black walnut is also proposed in complex treatment.


There are many reports in the medical literature regarding nutritional efficiency based on herbal products or vegan diets in the treatment of autoimmune diseases.

The essence of this disease can be considered an open question: whether it is an autoimmune process and it is associated with increased immunity immunity, toli is an autoallergic disease, when the primary nature of the process is on the tissues and membranes of the cells themselves burdened with. If it is an autoallergic disease, then it consists in high immunogenicity of this tissue.

This means that fears that it is dangerous to stimulate the immune system in such diseases, since it is supposedly so aggressive is not true. And practice confirms this: all measures to strengthen the immune system and the desire for so-called super immunity only increases the effectiveness of therapeutic and recreational activities. Thus, improving the diet of foods rich in nutrients that support immunity, especially green vegetables, of the cruciferous family, such as broccoli or Brussels sprouts, adds potential for further recovery. A diet rich in micronutrients and antioxidants is key to restoring the immune system.

The scientific rationale for nutritional treatment of autoallergic diseases consists in the elimination of toxins and excess food, and at the same time providing nutritional factors of a high level, which makes it possible to normalize disruptions (redundancy) of immunity. Already, some experience has been gained in the complete recovery of autoimmune chronicles through skillfully formulated diets and, at the same time, without the use of medications. In many cases, a vegetarian diet alone helps significantly.

It is important to understand that food chosen specifically can modulate our immune system in positive and negative directions.

Animal proteins can be absorbed into the circulation, playing a significant role in the development of an excessive humoral response, contributing to the development of autoimmune diseases. It was found that a large percentage of patients achieve positive results if they use a highly nutritious program rich in greens. And especially from the cruciferous family, such as cabbage, broccoli, and kale combined with some healthy nutritional supplements.

The ability to achieve significant improvement and even complete healing, even with just one of our diets from these “incurable” diseases, is simply amazing.

However, most doctors have no idea about this holistic medicine, and moreover, they also say the opposite, confusing patients. Usually they preach "good nutrition" which is understood as the mandatory intake of meat and dairy products. That is, they offer completely opposite recommendations.

Common features of autoimmune diseases

What about other autoimmune diseases? There are dozens of them, and I considered only the most indicative. Can we say anything about autoimmune diseases in general?

To answer this question, it is necessary to determine how much they have in common. The more common, the higher the likelihood that they have one reason (or causes) of occurrence. It is just as if you met two unfamiliar people with similar physique, hair and eye color, facial features, manner of moving and talking, and age, and concluded that they had the same parents. Just as we assumed that diseases of the rich, such as oncological and cardiovascular diseases, have common causes, as they are characterized by similar geographical distribution and have similar biochemical markers. It can be assumed that multiple sclerosis, diabetes mellitus of the first type, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and other autoimmune diseases may have a common cause, since they have similar characteristics.

First, by definition, each of these diseases is associated with impaired functioning of the immune system, which begins to attack its own proteins, resembling foreign ones.

Secondly, it was found that all studied autoimmune diseases are more common in high geographic latitudes, where there is less sunlight.

Thirdly, some of these diseases are found in the same people. In particular, studies have shown that this is true for multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes. Parkinson's disease, which is not autoimmune, but has autoimmune characteristics, is often found in combination with multiple sclerosis in the same geographical regions and in the same people. Multiple sclerosis also correlates — either geographically or occurring in the same people — with other autoimmune diseases, such as lupus, severe myasthenia gravis, bashed disease, and eosinophilic vasculitis. It was proved that another autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis among young people, is very often found in combination with Hashimoto's thyroiditis.

Fourthly, when studying the relationship of some of these diseases with nutrition, it was found that the consumption of animal food, especially cow's milk, increases the risk of developing the disease.

Fifth, there is evidence that some of these diseases can be triggered by a virus (or viruses).

The sixth and most important characteristic that unites these diseases is evidence that the mechanism of action of these ailments is about the same and their development occurs in a similar way.

Consideration of similar mechanisms of action, we can start with a stay in the sun, since this seems to be associated with the development of autoimmune diseases. Exposure of sunlight to an organism, which decreases with increasing latitude, can be of great importance. But, obviously, there are other factors. The consumption of animal food, especially cow's milk, also increases with distance from the equator. One of the most large-scale studies has shown that cow milk consumption is as much a risk factor for multiple sclerosis, as is the geographical latitude (amount of sunlight). During studies conducted by Swank in Norway, it turned out that multiple sclerosis was less common in the coastal areas of the country, where fish were more commonly consumed. This formed the basis for the idea that omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are usually found in fish, can provide a preventive effect. However, almost never mentioned that the consumption of dairy products (and saturated fat) in areas with high consumption of fish was much lower. Is it possible that cow's milk and lack of sunlight equally affect the development of multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases, since they have a similar mechanism of action? If so, this is very interesting.

It turns out that the idea mentioned above is not so incredible. This mechanism is also based on vitamin D. Models of lupus, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel diseases (for example, Crohn disease, ulcerative colitis) were created using experimental animals (for example, Crohn disease, ulcerative colitis) - all of them are autoimmune. Vitamin D, which always acts through the same mechanism, during the experiments prevented the development of the aforementioned diseases. This becomes even more interesting if we consider the effect of nutrition on vitamin D.

The first stage of the formation of vitamin D in the body occurs when you go for a walk on a sunny day. The sun's rays fall on your skin, and it produces vitamin D. Then it must be activated in the kidneys, and that form of it is produced, which helps suppress the development of autoimmune diseases. This important stage of activation can be slowed down because of food rich in calcium and acid-forming animal proteins like those found in cow's milk (some cereals also form an excess amount of acid). Under experimental conditions, after activation, vitamin D acts in two ways: it prevents the development of certain T cells and the development of active substances (called cytokines) that initiate autoimmune reactions, and (or) stimulates the production of other T cells that interfere with such effects. This mechanism of action combines all the autoimmune diseases studied so far.

Knowing all the persuasiveness of objections against the consumption of animal food, especially cow's milk, and the fact that it can cause both multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes, as well as remembering how much in common between all autoimmune diseases, it is reasonable to assume that nutrition affects the development of a much larger number of autoimmune diseases. Of course, this must be approached carefully: in order to draw categorical conclusions about the presence of this kind of similarity between autoimmune diseases, more research is needed. However, the evidence is also pretty convincing.

Today, society is almost unaware of the relationship between nutrition and these diseases. For example, as can be read on the website of the International Federation for Multiple Sclerosis, “there is no credible evidence that multiple sclerosis is caused by malnutrition or nutritional deficiencies”, the Federation warns that dieting can be costly ”and“ disrupt the normal balance of nutrients substances ". If nutritional change is considered costly, then how much is disability cost? As for the “imbalance of the normal balance of nutrients”, the question arises: what is considered normal? Is modern food normal, while it is the main cause of diseases that kill people and make them disabled, and makes millions of people miserable every year? Can we assume a high incidence of cardiovascular, oncological, autoimmune diseases, obesity and diabetes mellitus normal? If so, then I suggest seriously thinking about how to move to the "abnormal" state.

Example. Patient 32 years. Sick lupus erythematosus since 1992. She has severe joint pain, fatigue and a red rash on her face. Blood tests are typical for lupus. Doctors reported that it was incurable and she would have to live with it and take medicine for the rest of her life. The rheumatologist even said that she could die from the disease. Even with medication, there was always subfebrile temperature, lack of energy, red face, stiffness and pain in the joints. Turned to alternative medicine. She was asked to go on a diet with products that have undergone minimal processing and fasting. Soon, she again felt like a teenager, for the first time in many years, her face was cool and white, her joints felt great, and she was full of energy. She lost weight and looked great. A rheumatologist wrote a “spontaneous recovery” on her card. After 9 years, she has no symptoms of lupus.

The value of the electric potential for healthy cells and its features in degenerative processes and in patients with autoimmune reactions

The main processes that ensure the vital activity of any living organism are redox reactions, i.e. reactions associated with the transfer or attachment of electrons. The energy released in the course of these reactions is spent on maintaining homeostasis (vital activity of the organism) and regeneration of the cells of the organism, i.e. to ensure the processes of the body. One of the most significant factors regulating the parameters of redox reactions occurring in any liquid medium is the activity of electrons or, otherwise, the redox potential (ORP) of this medium. At birth, the child is 90% water, and its ORP minus-200 mv. In the process of life, we dry up, and our ORP is deteriorating, tending to zero. For example, ordinary water has an ORP of +200 mv.

A charge of −200 mv determines the absolute ideal of health, which is wasted with age. Our task is not only to achieve the norm of the potential of the blood charge of an adult, but to raise it and maintain it for a long time much higher, up to the absolute ideal. It is at this potential that the organism possesses the maximum protective forces - Vital Force or WITHOUT.

The redox potential needs to be maintained in negative values ​​closer to −150 mv or −200 mv, like in an infant. The value of the AFP of amniotic fluid, for example, in which a child is formed, is −200 mV. In case of severe chronicle and the need for regeneration of affected organs of AFP, it should be raised even higher than this optimal level - minus 250-300 mV. That is, the internal environment of the human body are in a restored state. Increasing and exceeding the level of recovery does not harm the body. In this case, the body can easily cope with any problems itself. As soon as the AFP is nearing zero, the body becomes defenseless against disease. In inflammatory diseases, the AFP of diseased cells is reduced to −50 mv.

When water is saturated with ionic hydrogen, water receives ORP −200 mv. Water is activated and becomes truly "living water." Через 2 недели приема водородонасыщенной воды (активированной или электрозаряженной) проявляется улучшение деятельности желудочно-кишечного тракта, рубцевание язв происходит в течении 2-3 месяцев, гепатит, диабет и раковая опухоль отступают в течении года.

Организм сам направляет водород в проблемные клетки и органы, благодаря чему развитие серьезных заболеваний останавливается.

Constantly consuming hydrogen-saturated water can significantly reduce the risk of diseases, even those diseases to which the body is genetically predisposed.

The device "Living and Dead Water". - You will need to order this device and take every day living water in the maximum acceptable amounts to raise the redox potential of the blood ORP.


Excessive load on the redox potential (AFP) is the cause of many chronic "diseases of civilization."

For thousands of years, mankind has lived and developed using natural water. It perfectly managed without the so-called hardware "living" water and all these devices.

The body's internal waters have a negative charge and a weak alkaline environment. In nature and in living organisms, there are natural regulators responsible for maintaining these properties. But this is fully possible, provided that our body is in natural conditions originally adapted for them.

This implies if we breathe forest, mountain or sea air instead of city air, we use more simple spring or well water instead of carbonated drinks and lively, mostly vegetable food. Only they supply the electric potential that we need all the time.

Clean forest air, containing negative ions in sufficient quantity, also helped the body maintain the necessary, redox-reducing potential of the blood. And fresh and, mainly, plant food and spring or well water help to maintain a given minus AFP, that is, the charge of life.

This is exactly how a person in the recent past ate and his average redox potential of food was minus 78 mv, and now - plus 48 mv. That is, the difference is 126 mv. This is the magnitude of health that modern man donates. This is the magnitude of the burden on the maintenance of AFP or the magnitude of health that modern man donates. The body is forced to deplete its reserves to overcome this load. Therefore, it has less disease resistance, lower safety margin before the onslaught of various factors that destroy it. Moreover, the weakening comes from the lowest level of the pyramid of health of the body - the cell. This is our foundation, a springboard of health. The stronger the foundation, the stronger the building. Weakened cells do not fully fulfill their functions, and this in turn causes a decrease in the potency of organs and systems, that is, it affects the higher floors of the pyramid. Protective systems and organs are less resistant to the onslaught. Where this pressure is more significant, a breakthrough in the defense in the form of a specific disease becomes possible. So manifests all the variety of diseases. Modern medical science is looking for the mechanisms of diseases completely at the primary levels, and is far from them, as it tries to influence the secondary levels of the problem.

Now most of the population lives in the conditions of large industrial cities and the situation has changed dramatically.

The recovery potential of the "internal water" of the body

The reduction potential is characterized by an excess of negatively charged particles, which gives it negative values ​​of redox potential (redox potential).

All these sources of suppliers of charges from the outside are extremely weakened.

A modern person is forced to drink tap water, various, canned, carbonated and pasteurized beverages with AFP, even more distant from the potential of blood.

All modern drinks increase the acid load on the body. But, nevertheless, artificially increasing the alkalinity does not mean that we simultaneously increase the negative charge of food and water. The ratios here are not straight.

Modern people have increased their acid load or as they mistakenly say "acidified." The body can not be acidified, and the pH value indicating acidity is constant and = 7.38, it is a constant homeostasis. But the magnitude of AFP, measured in mv, while with many diseases has significant fluctuations. So, the substantiation of the theory of acid loading and “acidification” is built on a chemical level, and the roots, the root causes of the problem are deeper - on the electrophysical one. Therefore, modern methods to “acidify” or “alkalize” an organism have an indirect meaning, and therefore cannot give significant results. They touch only slightly the surface part of the iceberg, but do not affect its deep and basic mechanisms.

What is basic medicine. The increased load on the maintenance of AFP or the amount of health that modern man sacrifices is at the same time the value of exposing our degree of protection. This opens the first echelon of protection at the cellular level, that is, the gate for rampant free radicals, peroxides, viruses. Radicals and peroxides lead to the constant ignition of sensory display devices on the membranes of cell membranes. It is they who are responsible for the operator function of the cell. Under these conditions, cells become less sensitive to all adjustment signals. This is the cell's “operator room” taken out of the cell, which collects all the information and transmits it through non-specific (responsible for the general energy) and specific (responsible for the specific activity of the given cell) channels. It is this whole hypersensitive system that is destroyed in the first place. Cells are forced to strengthen their protection from the inside, by forcing their activities. This is the so-called road to modern chronic "diseases of civilization" and premature aging. Cells lose their functional activity and degree of protection. They quickly age wear out and degenerate or degenerate into oncological ones. This is the soil for diseases at the lowest level - cellular. They are the basis, the springboard of the whole multilevel systemic pyramid of the body's health, when the body is in optimal condition for its vital activity, and all systems are in perfect harmony. This is Health, full self-expression and realization of the capabilities of the organism. Therefore, any therapeutic methods of influence on the body at higher levels of the body systems are only indirect treatment, which does not lead to the solution of the true problems of the chronicle. Therefore, to date, orthodox medicine is not in a position to almost truly treat any of these chronic diseases of civilization, but merely holds back their progression or masks their manifestation. What we offer is BASIC medicine, the basis of a health springboard. The functional strength of many other body systems, including those responsible for our protection and performance, depends on this base. Modern medicine works only on these lower floors of the body systems. It is on these different floors that numerous factors provoking the disease arise. But in most cases, these disease-provoking factors could be overcome by the body’s forces if, on the first floor of the cellular level, the springboard of functional protection would be strong enough. These are the so-called disease predisposing factors. The combination of these predisposing and provoking factors and causes all the numerous variety of modern diseases. Official medicine mainly works at the level of provoking factors, that is, it is mainly symptomatic medicine. For the first time, I proclaimed the importance of BASIC medicine. The combination of these two principles in medicine would help to unlock much faster, unleash the entire knot of problems in the treatment of a particular chronic disease.

Electropotential Charging Diet

Living food is a donor of healing charges. Additionally, what can transfer electropotential to cells is a diet based exclusively on LIVE FOOD. Let me remind you that the potential of a healthy human cell is minus-70 mv, weakened by −60, and the diseased inflamed tissue is minus-50 mv. It is reasonable to raise the issue of charging them to the required minus-70 mv. I have put forward the position that it can even be and should be even more useful to raise even higher than these normative minus-70 mv, down to minus-100 ÷ 250 mv, like a child who has a powerful reserve, protection potential, defense. This is our task. But in many cases, the membranes of diseased or functionally weakened cells lack the specific proteins that hold the necessary charge. They are a whole system of repeating rows of the same proteins that pull themselves like electromagnets and hold this charge and then drain it as a starter. But this charge can be maintained in the surrounding liquid medium. In order to overcome this broken insensitive electromechanism in weakened cells, it is necessary to sharply increase the blood potential to rates higher than minus 70 mv. To do this, it is necessary to completely eliminate dead food products, that is, having a positive charge, from food. For example, tap water on average in cities has from +200 to 450 mv.

All boiled and boiled beverages like tea, coffee, etc. - have a dead charge and must be removed from food.

In turn, the redox potential of even often fresh juice (from the bed) is +30 ÷ +70 mv, and the redox potential of the squeezed juice after just one day of fruit storage is already +50 - +100 mv. As you can see, even this is often not enough to provide us with charges.

Green shoots - the most saturated with healing charges

The green charge of actively growing seedlings can already reach minus-30 mv, and this is already much closer to the parameters required for our purposes. Therefore, it is necessary to strive not just for LIVE food, namely, that is in a state of INTENSIVE GROWTH, as well as IMMEDIZED BEGINS. And this is confirmed by experiments and practice.

Thus, the positive results of the treatment of inflammatory and even autoimmune chronicles with the help of greens or green juices are described. I specify that for treatment, not just living greens are needed, but it is in a state of ACTIVE GROWTH. Spread wheat organic juice ORP = minus 188 mv - a record negative charge. In the US, Dr. A. Robinson, Director of the Institute for Medical Research, tested the effectiveness of the “live food” treatment with seedlings. “The results were impressive. Raw vegetables and fruits, including wheat germ, reduced lesions by about 75%. The proposed diet was thus the most effective. ” No other method of medicine can achieve this result.

Ann Wigmore summarized the experience of treating a number of "incurable" diseases, including cancer with green juices. In her book, she suggests that juices from wheat germ and other grains (corn, millet, oats ...), legumes (peas, beans ...) and other "living" plant foods can help to cope with this problem. We will never find a “cure” against an autoimmune problem, because it does not exist. A sick body must heal itself.

She cites examples of people who got rid of them, and states cases of obtaining a certain effect in the treatment of leukemia, while taking juice from seedlings, i.e. sprouts

It is advisable to use the entire pulp of sprouts, obtained using a juicer or blender. It is more correct to use the crushed mass as a whole, without squeezing the juice from it. This is more in line with our principle that food must be LIVE and COAST. Only in this way can the intestine be maintained in a healthy state, preventing the formation of putrefactive obstructions in it, the development of harmful anaerobic microflora and other complications in the intestine. But in the case of a weakened gastrointestinal tract, you can start with sprout juice.

Kohlrabi cabbage juice treatment. In my personal measurements of different greens for the amount of redox potential, it was found that the maximum charge was given fresh juice from kohlrabi cabbage of green color −167 mv. This was a very important point in the newest cancer healing technology that I proposed. The fact is that living biomass of broccoli cabbage in large quantities is much easier to obtain compared to wheat germ. The output of live juice from it turns out much more. This live juice easily lends itself to an additional increase in the electropotential times in it by using, for example, an electroactivator or near an air ionator. Juice production here is much easier and faster. But the main advantage of kohlrabi juice is the presence in them, in addition to chlorophyll, of the content of special sulfur-containing substances of the sulforaphane group with a confirmed potent stimulating effect on the immune system and anti-cancer activity. In the body, they are converted to isothiocyanates (ITC). A total of 120 ITCs were identified. Different ITCs have different impact mechanisms. In combination, they have an additive effect, working synergistically for the removal of carcinogens and the destruction of cancer cells. Also, some ITCs have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immunological properties. ITC can inhibit angiogenesis, the process of stimulating the growth of blood vessels in a tumor.

Of particular importance is the complex of these substances in hormone-dependent tumors.

The same medicinal properties have sprouts from other plants of the cruciferous family, for example Brussels sprouts, broccoli, etc.

I suggested for cancer patients to use this juice in the largest possible quantities, up to 3 times a day, washing them down, for example, after taking buckwheat porridge and together with beet juice or onion soup. As soon as tumor growth stops and this becomes obvious, the Brussels regimen cabbage can be limited to 3 times a week. It is recommended to select the dose of administration individually, but trying to maintain it in the greatest possible large quantities, preferably at least 1-2 glasses per day.

This juice can be harvested for a week or more, then after production it should be immediately frozen in single cups or 100 grams. p / e zipper bag with a lock or plastic bottles.

Brussels sprouts or similar can be freely purchased in vegetable stores with a reserve for a long period, and in summer it is easy to grow it yourself in a subsidiary farm and even stock up juice from it for the winter, freezing it in large quantities for the winter. For this you need a big fridge. Of course, ideally, use only freshly made cabbage juice. At the same time, any of these juices are recommended to be recharged additionally.