Meaning of the name Nelly


According to the first version, the female name Nelly comes from the Greek word “neos” and means “young”, “new”, “young”, “fresh”. According to the second, it is an abbreviation of the English name Nelly - a short form from Eleanor (Elinor), Ellen (Ellen) and Helen (Helen). According to the third, this is a diminutive version of the rarely used outdated names of Cornelius, Neonilla, Ninel, Petronella, etc. According to Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima, it is the western short form from Elena.


The secret of the name is that the owner of the name Nelly amazes others with spontaneity and unpredictability. Since childhood, she is very picky in food and clothing, sometimes capricious. Among strangers, the little hooligan is timid and shy at first, but quickly accustomed to it, it is easy to make contact.

Parents of the girl have to devote a lot of time to bringing up her beloved princess in order to correct her wayward and explosive nature. In the case of the dissatisfaction of little Nelly, it would be wrong to use “force” methods of punishment, as well as ignore him. The personal example of the parents is of great importance for the child.

With age, the sophisticated girl increasingly appreciates the spiritual, rather than material benefits. It becomes a little selfish and prudent in dealing with other people. Nellie always finds a way to avoid housework by shifting them to relatives. Differs in impulsiveness and painfully reacts to criticism. Able to provoke conflicts, which is often used to achieve their goals. Incredible natural charm has to communicate and fully compensates for the explosive temper of the young woman.

Inquisitive Nellie has an analytical mind and logical thinking. Sometimes it seems strange and arrogant to others, because it does not like to act in a familiar and standard way, choosing its own individual path.

Profession and business

With all her dislike for everyday “earthly” needs, Nellie is a very hardworking and purposeful woman. In a life situation unfavorably developing in a material sense, she is able to make an excellent career in any field of science or business. In other cases, selects a creative or related profession: an employee of a museum, theater, media publications, a journalist, an artist, a fashion designer. She can achieve excellent results in science and medicine.

In general, Nellie’s health is relatively good, and this is largely a hereditary trait. Special attention deserve upper respiratory tract. In childhood, the girl is prone to minor colds, but parents should carefully follow the recommendations of pediatricians to avoid chronic ENT diseases. The nervous system is also a weak link. Persistent mood swings can lead to neuralgia or frequent migraines.

Sex and love

A bright and sophisticated girl named Nellie is very fickle in her youth. She is looking for new sensations and great love, but she has little idea what it is. A passionate and temperamental woman will not loudly break ties when she learns about treason, but will make every effort so that those who have deceived bitterly repent of their deeds. She will not beg and persuade her to stay, but on the contrary, she will pretend that the unsuccessful relationship means absolutely nothing and does not mean to her.

Family and marriage

In the family, Nellie is more a friend and partner than the keeper of the hearth. She prefers to distribute household chores equally or entrust her mother, mother-in-law or housekeeper. She tolerates the care and upbringing of children tolerantly, but otherwise, life is not for her. In husbands chooses the clever, taken place man. Often he is older in age and often the owner of a complex nature.

Characteristic name Nelly

Positive features: In Nelly, it is easy to notice a sufficient excitability and a penchant for sophistication, so it is not surprising that in her eyes spiritual values ​​have much more weight than purely material values. The girl with this name is dreamy, she has a rich imagination that takes her to imaginary worlds. This reverie often imposes on the character of Nehli an imprint of heightened emotionality and makes it extremely sensitive to remarks and praises.

Negative traits: The owner of the name is impulsive and impulsive. Nelly's opinion is often wrong, but out of stubbornness she continues to insist on her mistake.

Character name Nellie: What character traits determine the meaning of the name Nelly? For Nelichka, sophistication, style, aristocracy in everything - in behavior and feelings - are most important. It consists of contradictions, it can be capricious, aggressive, selfish. Nelly is embarrassed by the natural manifestations of feelings, but at the same time is hospitable, polite, caring and faithful in friendship. In general, it is very difficult to guess how a girl will act in this or that case and how to handle her. She is in the mood can in one word destroy the most faithful friendship and love. For her, they have a special meaning.

Nellie and her personal life

Compatibility with male names: Favorable union name with Felix. The name Nelly is also combined with Ernst. Difficult relationships are likely with Karp, Martyan, Solomon, Stanimir, Terenty, Titus.

Love and marriage: Does happiness in love promise the meaning of the name Nelly? This girl rarely limits her life to housework. My husband will have to accept the fact that Nelya will turn the apartment into a high society salon, leaving him with the problems of material support for the family.

Talents, business, career

Choice of profession: He attaches great importance to the realization of oneself outside the family, for which he tries to choose an interesting job and make equally interesting acquaintances. The only thing Nellie needs to fear is the impermanence of her emotions and her own temper.

Business and career: A woman named Nelly tries to act cautiously and farsightedly, to show diplomacy and to organize profitable acquaintances. Due to this, she is not in danger of financial distress.

Health and energy

Health and talents named Nellie: In infancy Nelichka is very calm, eats well, sleeps. But since nine months it becomes capricious, painful. Nelya is located to infectious diseases, she has weak teeth. The owner of the name is located to slow growth, parents should pay attention to it in time and not let it flow. Due to insufficient growth in adolescence, Nelichka develops an inferiority complex, disrupts the nervous system.

From the age of five the girl is very independent, she tries to be a leader in the kindergarten. Sometimes she suffers from bronchitis, fears drafts.

Born in August, Nelia can suffer from a congenital hearing disorder. If this happens, it is advisable to determine Nellie in a special school for the hearing impaired. In an ordinary school, it will be difficult for her to overcome her ailment, she will be irritable, nervous, which will have a deplorable effect on her psyche.

In adulthood, Nelya is subject to gynecological diseases, uterine fibroids can form. Supervision at the gynecologist is necessary. She is not suspicious, which helps her to fight illnesses. She is contraindicated to wear gravity, but she does not save herself.

At sixteen, she has a kidney prolapse. Sometimes it has tonsillitis. The psyche is weakened and stress, nervous breakdowns can lead to severe neurological diseases. This is especially true of the "February" girl. The carrier of the name shows a very emotional, sometimes inappropriate behavior is observed. It must be shown to a neurologist.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that Nelly is located to allergies, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, nerve dermatitis. The girl does not have a good memory, because you need to train her memory since childhood. Another weak point is in early childhood, a violation of the flora of the stomach. She often complains of abdominal pains, which parents should pay attention to.

The owner of this name does not play sports, does not like outdoor games. It is advisable to teach her to sport, and more than all kinds of it fit rhythmic gymnastics.

Nelly's Fate in History

What does the name Nelly mean for women's fate?

  1. N.Elizaveta Kingston - Duchess, English adventurer, daughter of Colonel English service Cedley, was maid of honor at the court of the Welsh Princess, entered into a secret marriage with Captain Hervey (later Earl of Bristol), then Nellie became the mistress of the old rich man, Duke of Kingston. In recent years, the Duchess of Kingston held in Rome and Paris. In the very year of her death, her memoirs appeared in London.
  2. N. Kim (born 1957) is a famous Soviet gymnast, five-time Olympic champion, five-time world champion, two-time European champion and a multiple champion of the USSR. Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1976). Sports nickname in the USSR national team - "KimaNelly."
  3. N. Shirokikh (1930 - 2008) - announcer of the Leningrad television in 1955-1988.
  4. Nelli Gromova is a Russian Africanist, linguist, philologist, and Swahili specialist in language and literature. Head of the Department of African Studies at the Moscow State University at Moscow State University; professor of the Center for Anthropology of the East, Faculty of Political Science and Law, Russian State Humanitarian University;
  5. N.Gutina (born 1946) is an Israeli journalist writing in Russian.
  6. N. Zaks (1891 - 1970) - German poetess, winner of the Nobel Prize in literature (with Sh.Y. Agnon 1966).
  7. Ninel Kulagina (1926 - 1990) is a woman who demonstrated telekinesis and other abnormal abilities that have been studied for over 20 years. Some researchers believe that the phenomena demonstrated are conscious mystification.
  8. N. Melba (1861 - 1931) - nee - Helen Porter Mitchell, husband’s name - Armstrong, Australian singer (soprano).
  9. Nelya Motroshilova (born 1934) - Russian philosopher, Ph.D., professor. He is currently Head of the Department of Historical and Philosophical Studies at the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Well-known domestic specialist in Western European philosophy of the New time and the XX century.
  10. N.Shkolnikova (1928 - 2010) - Russian-American violinist and music teacher. Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1977). In 1953, she won first place at the Marguerite Long and Jacques Thibault International Competition in Paris, after which she toured the world a lot - in particular, made three trips to the USA, including a concert in the Lincoln Center with the Philadelphia Orchestra conducted by Eugene Ormandy. Professor Emeritus of the University of Melbourne.
  11. N. Bly (1864/1867 - 1922) - real name - Elizabeth Jane Cochran, American journalist, writer, businesswoman.
  12. N. Arzhakova (born 1957) - editor, screenwriter.
  13. N. Abramova (born 1940) - Soviet volleyball player, player of the USSR national team (1964-1967). Silver medalist of the 1964 Olympic Games, European champion 1967. Binding. Master of Sports of International Class (1971).
  14. N. Kim Furtado (born 1978) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, music producer and actress.
  15. N.Chobanu (born 1974) is the same - Nelia Ciobanu-Merjinyanu, Moldovan singer, Honored Artist of the Republic of Moldova (2001).

The name and its value depends not only on the origin, but also on the time of year when the child was born. We recommend to read how the character and fate of the name by year of birth affects and get acquainted with the list of names that fit all signs of the zodiac.

It is important to know what the name means so that it harmonizes with the name of its owner - in terms of sound and phonosemantic significance.


Let's start with the main characteristics that determine the value of such an interesting name as Nelly. For women, called such a rare name, characterized by refinement and aristocracy. They have an exquisite taste in clothes and hair and look great.

Girls named Nelly are inquisitive, smart. They have a craving for everything unknown and mysterious, they are attracted by the solution of ciphers and ancient symbols.

The carriers named Nelly have a sense of humor, are non-conflicting, easily compromise, easy and pleasant to talk to, thanks to all these character traits they have a large number of friends. Getting Nelly off balance is very difficult. they always "control themselves"it is impossible to wait for violent emotions, tears and tantrums from them.

From any of the most difficult situations, they come out calmly and with dignity.

The accuracy of the interpretation depends on the time of year in which the girl was born:

  • born in the winter - independent and not very emotionally restrained,
  • spring born bearers named Nellie are cute and sociable,
  • girls born in summer with the name Nelly are polite and warm, loyal friends, who can always be counted on in difficult times,
  • Autumn-born girls named Nellie have a sharp mind and can achieve a high degree in career growth.

Childhood and youth

Nellie baby is dreamy, loves to dreamOften, wishful thinking is self-critical, it takes both praise and criticism of others seriously. Unpredictable, it is difficult to understand what might come to her head in the next moment. He has high self-esteem, considers himself “a little different”, as her peers around her.

In adolescence becomes very impulsive., unrestrained, even aggressive. Authority is for her only parents who are able to send her impulses in the right direction. Nellie respects them and listens to their opinions.

Girls named Nellie are very romantic natures. With an attractive appearance, attract men. They prefer a partner who is older than herself, experienced, next to whom you can play the role of a little spoiled girl. They love variety in sex, they prefer to try something new.

It is difficult to achieve love Nelly, she usually chooses a man, and not vice versa, but by choosing, she manipulates them as she wants.

Women such value marriage, relationships with the spouse are usually even, benevolent, quarrels can arise only on the basis of jealousy, which is inherent in them, but in marriage they are rarely truly happy, as usually, their second half is endowed with a difficult character.

Nellie appreciate comfort, pay a lot of attention to the beautiful interior of their home. But the girls with the name Nelly do not like to stand at the stove, cooking is not their fad and she is not averse to shifting this responsibility to the mother or mother-in-law.

The spiritual side of marriage for them is much higher than the material, so the earnings of the husband does not matter much.

Successful marriage will be with Alexander, Gleb, Vladimir,

Uneasy relationship waiting Nelly, if she ties herself to marriage with Alexey, Peter and Artem,

Subject to colds, they are easily "sticky" various kinds of infection. Their weakest point is their teeth, they will cause a lot of problems throughout their lives. Nellie has a weak nervous system, especially those who were born in winter. They should avoid stressful situations.

Business and career

Nelly Kim Furtado (Canadian singer, songwriter, music producer and actress)

The work of Nelly is usually chosen by the one to which the soul lies, and, therefore, works with pleasure.

  • On the career ladder advances through relationships and personal charm, which is inherent to the owners of the name Nelly.
  • Advancement in a career is sometimes not easy for her, since she is inherent in principle and defending her opinion, which she doesn’t like very much about her superiors.
  • They are excellent in teaching, medical practice and in the field of art.

Symbols and signs

  • Gemini,
  • color - yellow, green,
  • stone - opal, emerald,
  • mascot - dragonfly,
  • the planet Mars,
  • plant - freesia,
  • tree nut.

Nelly's name is not in the calendar, so she celebrates the name day with the saints Helen, Neonilla, Leonilla.

Famous Nelly

  • Nelli Uvarova - an actress of theater and cinema, who gained fame after the release of the series “Don't be born beautiful”, where she played the main role,
  • Kobakhidze - ballet dancer, soloist of the Bolshoi Theater,
  • Nelly Sachs - German poetess,
  • Nelly Kim - Olympic champion in jumping,
  • Nechvolodova - famous fashion designer,
  • Nelli Shirokikh - Leningrad Television announcer,
  • Ciobanu - Moldavian singer, Honored Artist of Moldova.

Name days: January 10, June 3, November 10, November 12

Meaning of the name Nell

What is the name of Nell - bright. This name comes from the names of Helen, Ellen. The short meaning of the name are: Nela, Eoya, Lelya. The zodiac sign of the girl - twins. The planet that accompanies it is Mars. The color that characterizes this name is yellow. The tree that protects the girl is a nut. The plant that she can use in the treatment of ailments is freesia. Charm stone - topaz.

Angel Day Nelly celebrates the third of June and the thirteenth of November. On these days, Elena also notes her name day. Often Nell is baptized as Helena, because in the Christian tradition there is no saint named Nell. The name has another meaning - carrying the light.

The origin and history of the name Nell

The meaning of the name Nell comes from the Greek word "bright, bright." The ancient Greeks called this name red-haired girls who were considered children of the sun. For a long time Nelly was called Helen and did not share these two names.

In Europe, the name Nelly had a significant distribution in the last century. Today, the name Elena is increasingly used. In this case, mention the name of Nelly found in ancient Arabic manuscripts. It is also in Egyptian manuscripts. Это значит, что имя имеет древние корни и почиталось у многих развитых культур.

Характер и судьба Нелли

The origin and history of the name Nelly determine the main character traits that are peculiar to the girl. The positive traits of her character include:

• love for spiritual values

• Sensitivity to another's grief.

Nelly is unstable. She feels very subtly exactly how that one or the other person treats her. If she does not like someone very much, she will no longer have a deal with this person. Any harsh remark about her could cause tears.

The negative traits of the girl’s character include:

• Sharpness in statements.

Nelly is a very calm baby from birth. Parents do not rejoice in their princess, which gives and get enough sleep at night and do all the necessary things. Closer to the year when the child has traits of character - the girl becomes capricious. She is often ill, because she feels sensitive to others.

Nell is usually not too high and has a tendency to thinness. If parents do not follow this, then as a teenager, the girl will be overcome with complexes and doubts about her own attractiveness. To avoid this, parents should strongly strengthen the weak nervous system of the child.

At school, Nell is a rather active child, always and in everything tends to be the first, she suffers a lot of respiratory diseases. At an older age, a girl can have significant problems with gynecology. This is due not only to poor heredity, but also to its direct predisposition to similar diseases.

An important role in the development and course of chronic diseases of the girl is played by instability of the nervous system. A girl often takes someone else's grief and other people's problems to heart, which leads to a deterioration of her state of health.

Nell is also prone to kidney disease, doctors believe that it is greatly affected by her hidden fear of loneliness and childhood resentment. He falls in love early and compares each new acquaintance with a man to his previous experience. Frequent stress also leads to problems with the gastric tract.

She is also prone to seasonal allergies. Frequent skin rashes and poor sleep do not give her confidence. That is why doctors advise from an early age to give the girl to the sport. So the child will be constantly busy with self-development and accustomed to discipline.

Nell is not considered an obedient child. She has little contact with her mother, so as a teenager she can run away from home, because she believes that in this place no one loves her. It requires increased attention and care, not because of its capricious nature, but because it really needs it.

Nelly has a rather changeable character, so it is very difficult for her to win over her co-workers. She can smile nicely to them, and in a couple of minutes she can already make a complaint. Subordinates are very difficult to cope with her. She can change her instructions at lightning speed. Being engaged in business, Nelly takes all the responsibilities on herself and makes it very hard for her. When she has problems at work, then in her personal life everything is not going smoothly.

Love Nelly

Nelly is a wonderful mistress and a mother; she takes care of her household and never lets them be bored. But at the same time, her husband is hard to cope with her. The thing is that Nell is almost never calm. She always needs something more from life and from those around her, so she strives to develop and grow in all directions. If the husband is inferior to her in emotionality, then the marriage will be unequal.

It will be very difficult for a man to cope with his wife's emotionality, he will increasingly feel lonely. Often Nelly replaces the attention of her husband with the attention of friends. In her house there is always a huge number of guests, which can not but annoy her soul mate.

She loves going out. If a well-mannered man from a noble family is with Nelly, then they will have plenty of topics for conversation. She knows how to diversify leisure, every day is a holiday for her, if there is peace and harmony in her family. Despite emotional instability, Nelly can become a support for her chosen one and push him to new challenges. Nelly's children are always well-groomed and supervised. Usually it is not limited to one child. If Nell in her teens takes control of her emotions, she will not have problems with her personal life at an older age. She will be an example for her peers.

General characteristics of the reduction Nel

The value of the name corresponds to the sign of the Zodiac, Virgo, the sun is the patron of the planet, and three stones are distinguished among the talismans - topaz, emerald and black opal. Favorite colors - green, black. The plant is a cypress, the animal is a mole or a turtle. Auspicious day of the week is Saturday. The main character traits are loyalty, hard work, attractiveness, charm. The birthday of Nelia marks the Orthodox calendar with Helen, it takes place on June 3 or November 13.


In terms of compatibility with the patronymic Nele is ideal: Maratovna, Pavlovna, Dmitrievna, Vsevolodovna, Valentinovna, Alekseevna, Tagirovna, Efimovna, Danilovna, Kimovna.

As partners in the life of Nele, a wonderful fit is: Oscar, Nazar, Arnold, Bogdan, Mechislav, Martin, Ernest, Felix.

But it will be difficult for her to build a harmonious relationship with Terence, Solomon, Titus, Martyan and Karp.

Meaning of the name Nel

The meaning of a name is interpreted differently, but in its most general form it is defined as “light”, “young”. It is interesting to trace the interpretation of the abbreviated version of the name by letter.

H - the letter of protest, willpower, internal core, intelligibility in people and life situations. Sign of independence, flexible mind, perseverance, dedication, result orientation.

E - symbolizes the naturalness of being. It gives a person internal and external attractiveness, charm. And if the name is under the stress, as in our case, then this is a clear sign that the person is very sociable, easily converges with people and has to himself.

L - the letter, peculiar to the names of those people who have a special sensitivity, emotional, delicate feel the beauty, style. Have a penchant for creativity, artistic nature. They do not like to waste time, trying to find their true vocation in life.

I - characterized as a symbol of individuality, dignity, personal growth, the desire for universal respect, love. As well as the ability to certainly achieve all of this.

Diminutively, the girl is called Nelia, her full name depends on a number of factors: initial origin, religious affiliation and general characteristics. There are several variants of the original meaning, but most often among them are Nell and Naila (in the Muslim world). On them and dwell.

How beautiful the full name sounds - Nelly! And in abbreviated form it is customary to refer to the girl - Nela, Nelia, Nelya, which is pronounced no less beautiful. Find out what the name Nel means?

The origin of the name initially has an ambiguous history. On the one hand, it is known that its roots originate in Greece. And from the language of this country it is translated "light." On the other hand, a historical fact shows that Nelly is a pet-reducing version of the names Eleonora, Elena and Anna. In our area, the name gained popularity in the XVIII century thanks to the English nobility of that time. In turn, it was approved by us as full and independent, which further contributed to its spread.

Nellie is characterized by unpredictability and emotionality. You never know what to expect from her at one time or another. Natural modesty along with impulsiveness, a picky personality and a creative person who feels well all the facets of art coexist in an incomprehensible way in a person.

Despite her quick temper, Nelly quickly leaves, knows how to forget the insult, so she has very few enemies. Argues a lot, but only in the case. She can safely entrust any secrets. She's more a career woman than a homebody. It is not more interesting to master a useful business, a profession, to get acquainted with the right people, rather than sit at the stove and embroider a cross. The name Nelly or Nel helps his owner to realize herself in such professions as a teacher, psychologist, artist, doctor, actress.

For family relationships, she is looking for an equal man with a difficult character, serious and able to satisfy all her material needs. Jealous, but keeps himself in hand, because he prefers calm. Here she is, Nelia, whose full name is Nelly.

Nailya - Nelia

Nailya is a Muslim full version of the petting Nel. The origin of the name originates in the Arab and Persian countries. In translation, it means "gift", "reward".

The owners of this worthy name are distinguished by an unbalanced character, principled, wayward. Absolutely do not tolerate criticism in his address, expressed in a particularly harsh form can remember all his life.

Nailya is a proud person, straightforward, but friendly, likes to be in the center of attention. Takes an active position in life, always takes the side of the weaker, helps the unprotected. House tries to be useful. Accurate, watching their appearance, loves sports. Fully open to communication and people, strongly attached to them, especially to children. Opinion chosen for her the most important. In the future, Naila becomes an excellent hostess, an exemplary mother and wife.

The most famous Nelechki

Owners of the beautiful name Nelly (Nel) are many among celebrities. The first one who immediately comes to mind is Nelly Kobzon or Ninel, as her house is delicately called, the spouse of the famous Russian singer, cultural and political figure Joseph Davydovich Kobzon.

I also recall the name of the German poetess Nelly Sachs, who lived in the XIX-XX centuries and received the Nobel Prize in literature in 1966. Together with them, I would like to say something about Nelli Kim, a Soviet gymnast, Honored Master of Sports, a multiple champion of the USSR, a five-time champion of the Olympic Games. I remember an interesting fact from her life: the athlete was affectionately called Kimanelli.

If we talk about the Muslim version of the full name Nel (Nail), here we can take the example of Nail Galyautdinov. She is a national artist of the Republic of Bashkortostan, as well as a speaker of local radio and television. The same name bears the famous poetess from Kazan Nailya Akhunova, and the athlete specializing in marathon races, Naila Yulamanova. In addition, this dear name belongs to the chairman of the Union of Muslims of Tatarstan - Naila Khanum Ziganshina.

Kind, conscious, emotional girl Nelia, whose full name can be Nellie, and Naila, and even Neonilla - is a multi-faceted nature. And no matter what version of the name of its owner wore, each of them characterizes it in its own way. But first of all, as an extraordinary person, endowing with certain human qualities, emphasizing individuality, helping to live in harmony with oneself and the world.


There are four versions of the origin of the name Nelly:

Version number 1: The Greek word "Neos" is the ancestor of the name Nelly.

Version number 2: It comes from the English name Nelly, more precisely from the short form of such names as Helen (Helen), Ellen (Ellen), Eleanor (Eleanor).

Version number 3: Nellie - diminutive form of the long-forgotten names Petronella, Ninel, Neonilla, Cornelia.

Version number 4: Imitating Western names, we began to use it as a diminutive form of the name Elena.

The fate and character of the bearer

The nature of the name Nelly can not be called simple and understandable. It combines the most diverse qualities and properties that are not always correctly perceived by people. The freedom-loving and unpredictable nature suddenly manifests itself as a sociable, attentive, conscientious and completely non-conflict person. Therefore, some people cannot get along with her, others simply do not care for her soul.

The manifestation of certain shades of character Nellie depends largely on the surrounding circumstances. In general, it is a unique personality that is able to realize any ideas and fantasies.

The value of the name for different ages

Little Nelly touches her naivety and shyness. The girl does not tolerate increased attention to herself, therefore her circle of communication is quite small. And although her character has all the best traits, such as honesty, kindness, and obedience, some perceive it as arrogant and arrogant in nature. Freedom at such a young age is manifested by a change of mood, when in all senses an obedient and positive girl suddenly begins to act up or indulge. But despite this, parents can be proud of a small and hardworking assistant. While still a child, Nellie manifests herself as a purposeful person. She will never give up the job she started, without bringing it to its logical conclusion. And if the parents help her to get rid of her naivety and excessive shyness, then the girl can eventually acquire leadership qualities that will help her to get firmly on her feet.

Hardly anyone has ever heard of something bad about a girl named Nellie. For the most part, this name carries only positive characteristics. Even youthful recklessness and unpredictability will never bring problems for the girl's parents. Her vigorous activity and imagination, which demands the realization of ideas, are directed exclusively at positive deeds.

Diligent, executive and responsible girl usually does not have problems with study. She does not strive for over-achievement, but learns well, and her behavior does not raise questions from parents and teachers. If in childhood Nelly is able to overcome shyness, then in her youth she will have many friends who will be bought by her compassionate character, honesty and loyalty.

Nelly is a creative and enthusiastic nature. She can learn to play any musical instrument, get involved in needlework or drawing. Whatever it takes, it will turn out great. Enthusiasm, coupled with dedication often leads to the fact that Nellie and in adulthood with pleasure engaged in a favorite thing, earning it for a living.

Mature age

The nature of women with age varies little. If the parents managed to give the girl a good education, then there should be no problems with her surroundings, financial situation. She has a well developed sense of taste. This makes it pleasant not only in communication. She is a kind of symbol of femininity, which try to be equal.

Even excessive emotionality and hot temper sometimes play a dual role. Surprisingly, these qualities can both repel and attract. Usually, surges of emotions are not directed at specific people.

With regard to health, then it is Nelly does not cause much concern. Attention must be paid to the nervous system. Frequent mood swings can cause migraines and neuralgia.

Bright, sophisticated nature is always looking for true love. In parallel, she is trying to realize herself and professionally. Therefore, marriage can happen late. Nellie’s husband usually becomes an accomplished man, usually much older. Keeper of the hearth it is difficult to name. This married woman is more likely to become a partner and friend. Her house is always welcome. But she does not like to keep the household and, if possible, assigns her duties to others.

Family for Nellie will always be in the first place. She is convinced that her care is necessary not only for her husband and children, but also for her parents. A sense of duty, responsibility and attention will always keep her close to loved ones.

Literal transcript

The qualities of character can be judged by making a literal analysis of the name:

H - honesty, care for mental and physical health, criticality in the choice of contacts, hard work.

E - independence of judgments, closed or, on the contrary, unnecessarily obsessive, purposefulness and the ability to delve into the essence of any issue.

L - creative ability, the need to create a harmonious relationship, where there is both love and passion.

And - a developed sense of taste, spirituality, honesty, skepticism.

Humanitarian inclinations are inherent in people who have only five letters in their names. Nellie is a pleasant companion, in which they see the whole nature. Relationships with the opposite sex are always based on mutual respect.

Famous people

The name Nelly was glorified by women such as:

Uvarova - Russian theater and film actress

Zacks - German poetess

Kobakhidze - ballet dancer of the Bolshoi Theater

Kim - athlete, Olympic champion

Ciobanu - Honored Artist of Moldova

Broad - Television Announcer

Kim Furtado - a popular singer from Canada

Feryabnikova - famous basketball player

Sazhina - Soviet artist

Akopyan-Tamarina - pianist from Great Britain

The meaning of the name Nelly - interpretation

From the Georgian language, the beautiful and expressive name Nelly translates as "bright." He is patronized by the planet Mars, topaz is the stone talisman. A woman with this name is a bright, non-trivial person, who is always in search of applying her abilities, striving for their incessant expansion.

After a year

Еще в детстве Нелли удивляет всех непостоянством своего характера. Непредсказуемая малышка бывает капризной и привередливой, но в следующий миг изменяет свое поведение и становится доброй, улыбчивой девочкой.

Родителям Нелли нужно заниматься ее воспитанием, развивать воображение, поощрять мечтательность, которая способна сгладить агрессию. Both positive and negative emotions of the girl should be directed in the right direction.

Contradictions easily coexist in her character. A child of tender age is ashamed to show aggression, and also successfully masks selfish impulses. This speaks of the good playable talents of young Nellie, which can determine her profession in the future.

From a young age, the owner of this name is distinguished by curiosity. Transformed into a beautiful girl, she is interested in riddles that other people do not pay attention to. This young lady has a good intuition, knows how to endear others.

Growing up, Nellie tries to restrain irritation, trying to be polite and courteous. Ill-wishers or envious friends of the girl usually does not happen. Nellie is an impulsive, impulsive person who, as he grows older, learns to skillfully mask his flaws.

She likes to feel her own peculiarity and stand out from her peers. Nelia prefers style, sophistication, aristocracy both in feelings and in behavior.

In adulthood, Nellie continues to struggle with impetuous and hot-tempered temper. But despite all the efforts, it often becomes a provocateur of conflicts. She is unforgiving, quickly forgets insults and often regrets her incontinence.

The owner of the melodic name loves and knows how to dress beautifully, gladly supports conversations on fashionable topics, skillfully discusses art, social life. Carefully, with interest listens to other people's stories about adventures and adventures.

He likes to receive guests, does not betray friends, if necessary he tries to help them in trouble. But in dealing with it is difficult. Not everyone can predict what the beautiful Nellie will do in the next minute.