Meaning of name Pauline


The name Apollinaria is of Roman origin. This is the female form from Apollinaris, formed from the Latin name Apollinaris. Its meaning, translated into Russian, sounds like “Apollo”, “belonging to Apollo,” “dedicated to Apollo,” the god of light, the arts and predictions. Also, the origin of the name is associated with the ancient Greek words "polyusis" - means "liberated" or "polis" - "urban".


The secret of the name of Apollinaria hides a responsive, kind, economic and caring person, whose character has been formed back in childhood and has not changed much over the years. She is very vulnerable and loves when her diligence and effort is evaluated by others. She reacts sensitively to criticism and perceives the slightest remarks, not even as a reproach, but as an insult.

It would be a mistake to think that the owner of the given name is “white and fluffy” rokhla, which everyone feels like. Apollinaria can perfectly defend her interests: when her self-esteem or close people are hurt, she becomes adamant and very tough, even cruel. This woman is vindictive enough, it is difficult to make peace with her. She is capricious, does exclusively what she sees fit, unconsciously trying to resist any pressure. But on the other hand, caress and kindness can be achieved from her desired, as the girl is extremely necessary to feel the care and spiritual warmth of others.

It should be noted impulsiveness of this name. His bearer often makes decisions influenced by mood or minute whim. But Apollinaria is a very disciplined, obligatory and organized person, in some cases even pedantic to the extreme, therefore sometimes it is difficult to communicate with her.

She has many friends, whom she tries to “warm up” with her warmth, offering real help, and not empty participation. Mobilizing all internal reserves, he rushes to overcome obstacles and difficulties in the lives of others.

Hobby and profession

Responsibility and commitment of Apollinaria make it an excellent performer. Therefore, she rarely reaches career heights, the authorities do not want to lose such a reliable employee.

She is ideally suited as a teacher, psychologist, sexologist, social worker or trust service. In some cases, she can choose difficult, even extreme specialties - a soldier, a police officer, a pilot.

Love and family

Sometimes it seems that the professional sphere for Apollinaria is more important than personal life, but it is not. She is very important for her, although the girl will not give up work for the family. A woman manages to combine one with another. In marriage, she shows herself a good friend, a loving mom, an attentive daughter-in-law and a wonderful mistress, but with full confidence with her partner. If he learns about the infidelity of her spouse, immediately filed for divorce. Apollinaria herself is unlikely to become a good mother-in-law, as she constantly keeps her family life “on a pencil”.

Household representative of the name decides easily, keeps the house clean. Although this passion for order, as they say, “goes sideways” to relatives: she constantly makes comments and lectures on the benefits of cleaning. In principle, this is her only “minus”, since such a woman knows how to create real warmth and comfort in the house.

Characteristic spell name

A - activity, desire for undertakings, the desire to achieve success in life, the desire for comfort. The carrier of the name with this letter has the strength and fortitude, self-reliance, external brightness, leadership qualities. He acts in his own way, does not like to adapt to other people.
The letter “A” at the beginning of the name symbolizes diligence, perseverance in achieving goals, initiative. In a love relationship, such a person seeks leadership and diversity.
The repetition of the letter in the name indicates excessive openness, wasting energy.

P - a wealth of ideas, developed analytical skills, assertiveness in achieving goals. Such a person seeks self-affirmation. He looks after his appearance, always tries to look perfect. Prone to excitement and thoughtless action. Loves to gossip.

About - activity, stubbornness in achieving the desired, the desire for sensory knowledge of the world and yourself, insight. The carrier of the name with this letter is able to dispose of money. This is a cheerful, kind and helpful person. In love, capable of deep sincere feelings.

L - aesthetic view of things, creative abilities. Such a person is interesting in communication, knows how to have, to concede and adapt to other people. She loves surprises and unusual situations. Able to love, faithful to the chosen one. He wants to share knowledge, emotions and feelings with the second half. Strongly attached to native people.
The repetition of the letter in the name gives its owner a desire for external and internal beauty.

And - a rich imagination, insight, a lively mind, practicality, attention to detail. The carrier of the name with this letter seeks harmony with itself and the world around it. It has a good sense of humor, endowed with sensitivity, kindness and gentleness. This is an honest and straightforward person. In love, romantic, long looking for his ideal.
The repetition of the letter in the name indicates a gifted person, an inner need for spirituality.

H - inner strength, fortitude, sharp mind. Such a person is selective in everything, uncompromising, does not know how to compromise. In work, he shows himself as a diligent, executive and responsible employee, does not like monotonous work. Taking care of your health. In love, makes excessive demands on the chosen one.

P - courage, commitment to action, responsibility, ability to delve into the essence of what is happening, self-righteousness. The carrier of the name with this letter is an optimist. Not discouraged and does not give up in case of failures. Prone to risk. As a life partner, she chooses a strong spirit, loyal and able to support a partner in a difficult moment.

I am an activity, organization, ability to achieve the desired, self-sufficiency. Such a person is endowed with leadership qualities, seeks to earn appreciation from others. Unpredictable and irritable. In personal relationships, becomes a passionate partner, demands respect for himself on the part of the elect.

Characteristic name for numerology

3 - inner strength, responsibility, intellectual and creative abilities, striving for self-improvement, openness. A person with such a number of names is a versatile and gifted person. He has a wide range of interests. It quickly and easily achieves success in the chosen field of activity. Happens indecisive. Endowed with a cheerful disposition, believes in the best. Sociable, friendly towards others, avoids conflict situations. Appreciates friendship. Without friends, he feels miserable. She strives to experience life in all its manifestations, loves to travel. Due to openness and gullibility often falls victim to deception.

Named and holy patrons

The owner of the name of Pauline is patronized by the Venerable Virgin of Apollinaria. She was the daughter of a high-ranking Roman official, but she was distinguished by her piety and piety. In early youth, she went on pilgrimage to holy places, and, having reached Alexandria, she repulsed herself from her companions and for many years remained in the forest alone.

Then she arrived at the skete, posing as a eunuch of Dorotheus. She was assigned a cell, where she spent a lot of time in prayers. Meanwhile, tragedy occurred in her family - Apollinaria's younger sister became possessed by a demon. The girl's father brought her to the skete to Dorotheus, so that he would cure her by prayers. The child was healed, but on returning to the parental home, her father noticed that the girl was pregnant.

He blamed the monk Dorotheos for what had happened. His father summoned a monk to himself, and when he threw off his monastic clothes, he was surprised to recognize in the monk his youngest daughter, whom her parents were already desperate to find. Apollinaria again left the parental home, taking from her father the word that he would keep her secret. The monastery fathers were surprised to find out the truth only after the death of Apollinaria.

In the calendar there is no name Pauline, so the girls are baptized under the name Pelageya or Apollinaria. Pauline's birthday is celebrated on January 18, April 4, July 13, August 7, September 19, October 26 or November 27.

Name feature

Polina is a charming, sociable and pleasant woman. She is great in any society, can keep up the conversation on various topics. When communicating with Polina, first of all, her balance and evenness are striking, sometimes she seems even indifferent. In fact, she is a vulnerable and completely inexperienced person who never praises her "I". Unselfishness is present in her character, and she, as a child, can rejoice at any trinket. After all, the main thing for Polina is attention.

Polina is able to sincerely sympathize with and empathize with another's grief, she will always try to find an excuse for even the most impartial act of another person. Her only drawback, which greatly complicates her life - is straightforwardness. She often speaks the truth in the eye, without even trying to soften her words. Polina prefers to communicate with intelligent people, and considers herself the same. On ill-mannered and uneducated people looks down.

Polina has an explosive temper, she does not know how to accumulate insults in herself. She is a bad debater because she tries to impose her opinion, but she cannot argue. She treats herself critically, although sometimes she likes to wear a mask of arrogance and indifference. A woman is prone to bouts of melancholy, she may be pursued by unreasonable fears and anxieties.

Polina is completely devoid of sentimentality, and looks at life quite realistically. Choosing between wealth and love, she is likely to choose wealth. She has a subjective view of life, she tries to try everything on herself. Sometimes she is very keen on self-digging, which leads her to a depressive state.

Polina has a poorly developed intuition, she does not know how to trust her. Her character always ranges from unrestrained cheerfulness to excessive seriousness, but she always believes in her abilities and is in no hurry to trust people.

Polina loves comfort, appreciates comfort, always looks great. Periods of activity and communication are replaced by her desire to relax and be alone. She can isolate herself from the whole world for a long time in order to restore emotional balance. In general, Polina has a rather difficult character, but lives an interesting and rich life.

Little Fields is distinguished by charm and surprising appeasability; she rarely conflicts with her parents and peers. She is very active, loves noisy games and is happy to help her mother.

At school, Fields becomes a diligent student, an activist of the class. She always has many friends, and teachers love her for always being willing to help and take the initiative.

A distinctive feature of the girl is her kindness and responsiveness, and parents need to try so that Polina does not lose these qualities as she grows up. Mom's influence is very strong for the child, and will accompany Polina all her life.

Polina always has some talent, and it is very important to notice him in time and allow her to develop.

Fields in childhood often suffer from colds, so it is advisable to give the girl to some sports section.

As an adult, Pauline quickly gets tired and tired, she needs a lot of time to sleep and rest. Full healthy sleep is very important for Polina, otherwise she will feel bad.

In general, Polina’s health is not very strong, so she should take care of him since childhood. Her weakest point is the nervous system. Attacks of melancholia and self-criticism can lead to prolonged depression.


A man who will impress Polina, she is inclined to idealize, which often ends in disappointment for a woman. For Polina, the respectful and trustful respect of her partner is extremely important, and therefore she will never play short-lived novels.

Polina is endowed with the best qualities for a woman, and she does not feel a lack of fans. But her feelings are smoothed out, she never expresses openly to her sympathy, and sometimes it seems cold and unapproachable.

In bed, Pauline takes the position of humility, preferring to give the initiative to a partner. She cannot be called the ideal sexual partner, since provoking her into passion is almost impossible. It pushes men a little away from her, or pushes them to change. But she can be sure that there will never be a place for her lover in Polina’s life.

Marriage and family, compatibility with male names

Polina is a wife you can only dream about. A family is always the most important thing in her life, for the sake of a family he will easily give up his career. She will not seek to dominate her husband; on the contrary, she will be obedient and faithful in everything in him.

Despite her humility, Polina will be the heart and support of the whole family, she will be obeyed and loved. She will treat her husband condescendingly, forgiving all his weaknesses. Polina is a zealous hostess, she is able to cook deliciously and receive guests with pleasure.

Marriage for Pauline is unthinkable without children, without them she will never find happiness. She will devote the lion’s share to her children, often forgetting about her own needs. Even Polina will look for work closer to home, to be able to break free with the children at any moment.

A successful marriage expects Polina with men named Arkady, Boris, Nikolai, Robert, Rodion, Egor, Dmitry, Gleb and Anatoly. Avoid alliance with Alexander, Anton, Andrey, Fyodor, Stanislav, Oleg, George and Nikita.

Business and career

Polina is an active person, but she is more interested in family, not career success. She has no business ambition, but hard work and diligence are present. It often happens that it is ruthlessly exploited, not appreciating her ability.

Polina needs a mobile work - painstaking and monotonous work will not work for her. She can be a good advertising agent, manager, salesperson, lawyer, teacher or journalist. Perfect creative professions - such as an actress, artist, stylist or fashion designer.

Polina can take on any kind of work, the main thing is that she brings material wealth. Polina is able to save and honestly conduct business, so she will make a good business partner you can trust.

Talismans for Polina

  • Patron Planet - Saturn.
  • Patron saint of the zodiac - Capricorn. Girls born under this sign are encouraged to call them Polina - in this case, nature will reward them with maximum talent and health.
  • The lucky season is winter, the lucky day of the week is Saturday.
  • The color that brings luck is blue.
  • Totem animal - swan and whale. Swan symbolizes dignity and greatness, as well as the gift of prophecy. The whale is a symbol of strength, rebirth and the beginning of a new life.
  • Totem plant - poppy and lotus. Mack means peace and tranquility, it protects from witchcraft spells and evil eyes. The lotus symbolizes spiritual development and rebirth, he is able to awaken his best qualities in man. The flower brings peace and tranquility to the house, as well as material well-being.
  • Stone mascot - ruby ​​and topaz. Rubin will help Polina to heal from ailments and grant her power. Topaz is able to strengthen the immune system, as well as protect its owner from witchcraft.

Horoscope for Polina

Aries - sociable and friendly nature, walking through life with her head held high. She is responsible and executive, respected colleagues and relatives. Polina-Aries loves praise and hates criticism. Marital happiness is given to her because she is a very self-sufficient person. An ideal partner for Polina-Aries will be a male Leo - they both strive for perfection and hate boredom. Leo is the only sign of the zodiac, to which Polina-Aries is ready to yield to the palm and obey.

Taurus - prudent, cautious and stubborn woman, which ensured career success. She avoids conflicts and does not weave intrigue, but protects her interests violently. Polina-Taurus does everything slowly, carefully and carefully; in no case should she be pushed and rushed. People are drawn to her for quiet communication and practical advice. She is very delicate and will never offend or offend intentionally. The best partner for living together for Polina-calf will be a man-Cancer - they have similar aspirations, so they will be comfortable together. It will be a strong union, created for many years.

Twins - kind and responsive, she is completely devoid of ambition. She is fussy and restless, does not like hard work. She is in constant search and easily changes her boring work to a new one. Also, without regret, she breaks up with her past. Polina-Gemini is a very romantic person, capable of strong passion. Frequent mood swings can repel others from her. The ideal partner for life for Polina Gemini can be the man-Aquarius - their union will be based on complete trust and affection, although this relationship will never be even.

Crayfish - hot-tempered, selfish and capricious woman, prone to extraordinary actions.She hardly finds a common language with others, often rude and biased. But she is completely alien to the mercantile spirit and envy, and for men she has an inexplicable attraction. In fact, Polina-cancer is very sensitive, she is able to cry over any little thing. Polina-Rak is in need of a strong and confident partner, and so can a Scorpio man for her - he will be a reliable defense for her. This pair will complement each other in all walks of life.

a lion - active and enterprising nature, with an excellent business acumen. She is able to quickly make the right decisions, and in her life there is absolutely no place for empty dreams and dreams. Her intuition helps Polina-Lev to understand people well and to accurately use their weak points for their own benefit. She can become a reliable and loyal business partner, as well as a loving and devoted wife. She can create a strong marriage with a man-Aries - their passion will only increase with time, forcing them to cherish and protect each other.

Virgo - active and cheerful nature, always in motion. She has a great intuition, allowing her to be successful in all areas of life. Polina-Virgo does not give in to someone else's influence and trusts only herself. You should not expect impulses of tenderness and romantic flirtation from her, she does not like to show her feelings. The Taurus man can understand the complex nature of Polina-Virgo - both are calculating and practical, they will complement each other perfectly.

Libra - a charming, feminine and cunning person, able to achieve success in any of his undertakings. She manages to deftly turn even negative circumstances in her favor, and her cheerful and optimistic character makes others feel good about her. For her beloved man, Polina-Libra will do everything, she will idolize and adore him, but at the same time she is a smart and insightful manipulator, so the head of the family will be the woman. An ideal partner for Polina-Libra will be the male Capricorn. It will be a strong union of thoughtful Libra and a stubborn Capricorn - just the perfect combination.

Scorpio - domineering and principled woman, but at the same time very loyal and sentimental. She is always confident in herself. Proud and independent, however, a woman is in great need of love and care. Not yet born a man who can understand the mysterious soul of Pauline-Scorpio, but Aries can become such a man. She will become a male-Aries infinitely loyal wife, and he will be the very strong shoulder that Polina-Scorpio will be able to rely on.

Sagittarius - strong and self-confident woman, with pronounced leadership qualities. She can do anything, she can make a great manager or just a responsible person. Polina-Sagittarius is a real fighter for truth and justice, she knows how to put other people's interests above her own. She has her own opinion on everything, and it is almost impossible to convince her. Polina-Sagittarius will never turn into a submissive homely woman, since communication and appreciation of others is very important for her. She can not tolerate weak and weak-willed men, so a man born under one zodiac sign with her is the best fit for her - they simply have perfect astrological compatibility.

Capricorn - taciturn and gloomy outwardly, in the soul it is a very kind and vulnerable nature. She has a keen sense of justice, which often leads to conflicts. She is a maximalist by nature and gives the impression of a woman carrying an unbearable burden on her shoulders. And only very close people can know that, in fact, Polina-Capricorn can be fun, sentimental and romantic. Outwardly, she is always restrained and proud, but a man-Aries can find an approach to her - this couple has everything that fits the definition of “perfect marriage”.

Aquarius - a cheerful, imposing and independent woman whom everyone loves and respects. She does not tolerate loneliness neither at home nor at work; she is always the focus of attention in any company. She is very sensitive and the first to rush to help who needs it. Polina-Aquarius is very socially oriented, it is extremely important for her to feel needed and useful. She always stands guard over good and justice, easily rebel against lies and hypocrisy. Polina-Aquarius will be able to get maximum pleasure from the life of a man-Libra - they will never be bored together, and they are ready to share the interests of each other.

Fish - extremely talented and apathetic nature, prone to protracted depression. She is very unsure of herself, so she rarely manages to fully realize her talents. By nature, she is a philosopher, prone to contemplation and daydreaming, than to practical activities. In the life of Polina Pisces, there are a lot of disasters and frustrations, as any trouble, even the smallest, is perceived by her as a disaster. She is very responsive and seeks to give more than to take. Any struggle is not for her. A man-Virgo can become a loving and understanding husband for Polina-Pisces. In this industrious and responsible person, a woman will be able to find her ideal.

Compatibility of the name Apollinaris, manifestation in love

The wishes of others when making a decision, if taken into account, are merely secondary factors: you are sure that if you are well, then everything else has nothing to complain about. And that means - it is possible and necessary to make them “go in the water harness” with you, in the direction you choose.

And here is the opportunity to see everything from a different angle. You need external assistance, and above all - as a “deterrent”. Otherwise, you may want to "turn the earth over."

But if you are forced to use other people's capabilities, then you need to learn how to share the results. And the sooner you make a choice in favor of such a scheme of activity, the more chances you have to keep your soul pure and your heart healthy.

The fate of Apollinaria in history

What does the name Apollinaria mean for women's fate?

  1. Saint Apollonia died a martyr's death in the reign of the emperor Detia in Alexandria (249). A contemporary bishop in a letter to a colleague writes: “The torturers took the old maiden Apollonia, striking her jaws, knocked out all her teeth, then, making a fire outside the city, threatened to burn her alive, if she did not blaspheme with them. But Apollonia, having prayed, suddenly rushed into the fire and burned. "
  2. Apollinaria is the name of the main heroine of L. Leonov’s novel "Russian Forest".
  3. Apollinaria (Rev., who labored in the male form)
  4. Apollinaria Suslova (the beloved of F.M. Dostoevsky and the wife of V.V. Rozanova (1880–1887). Considered to be the prototype of a number of key female images in Dostoevsky’s novels)

The name and its value depends not only on the origin, but also on the time of year when the child was born. We recommend to read how the character and fate of the name by year of birth affects and get acquainted with the list of names that fit all signs of the zodiac.

It is important to know what the name means so that it harmonizes with the name of its owner - in terms of sound and phonosemantic significance.

Numerology named after Apollinaris

The number 3 is sacred. It carries the message of a combination of opposites that complement each other.
In numerology, this number is ruled by Mars - a very strong planet, whose wards have a sharp, lively and dynamic character. These are creative people with a rich imagination, intuition, high intellectual potential.
The number three is introverted. His motto is “Giver of joy.” Three people have a rich inner world, an elegant sense of humor and a delicate taste. They are sociable, optimistic, cheerful, charismatic.

The meaning of the letters in the name Apollinaria

BUT - the alphabet begins with it, and it symbolizes the beginning, the desire to achieve success. If the person in the name has this letter, then he will constantly strive for physical and spiritual balance. People whose name begins with "A" are hardworking enough. They like to take initiative in everything and they don’t like routine.

P - scrupulousness and accuracy in everything, starting with the appearance and ending with the house. Constantly worried about what other people will say. Differ in special passion. On their offenders are able to hang tags. Have an excellent memory.

ABOUT - open, funny and cheerful person. Those who are present in the name of the letter "O", hardworking and have creative abilities. For them the professions associated with strategic thinking and economics are ideal. They are friends only with reliable people who are trusted.

L - artistic and inventive personality.

In actions they prefer to be guided by logical thinking. They know how to endear themselves. In rare cases, narcissists and with disdain relate to other people. It is extremely difficult to tolerate separation from loved ones. They are too capricious and require increased attention to their person.

AND - fine mental organization, romance, kindness, honesty and peacefulness. Ladies pay a lot of attention to their appearance, while men focus on inner qualities. They achieve great success in science and work with people. Very economical and prudent.

H - strong, strong-willed and determined personalities. Rather hardworking, however, they do not tolerate monotonous and boring work. Smart, attractive, critical thinking is present. A person chooses a chosen one for a long time, with whom he will be able to live until the end of days. Loves to take care of loved ones.

R - people with the letter "P" in the name have extraordinary thinking. They are very responsible, you can rely on them in any situation. They have a well developed intuition, extremely negative attitude to lies. They constantly strive for leadership, but in family relationships they rely on their partner.

I - people who have this letter in their name know their value. They seek love and respect from the people around them. People with the letter "I" are good thinkers and are capable of hiding many secrets. In addition, they are excellent companions and romantic natures with a rich imagination.

Name like phrase

  • BUT - Az (I, Me, Myself, Myself)
  • P - Peace
  • ABOUT - He (Oh, Oh)
  • L - People
  • AND - And (Union, Unite, Union, UNITY, United, Together, "Together with")
  • H - Our (Our, Your)
  • R - Rtsy (Rivers, Speak, Sayings)
  • I - (YA = A) Az

Name Apollinaria in English (Latin)

Completing the document in English, you must first write the name, then the middle name in Latin letters and only then the last name. Writing the name of Apollinaris in English you may need when applying for a foreign passport, ordering a foreign hotel, when placing an order in an English online store, and so on

Main character traits

The one that bears the name of Apollinaria, since childhood, has been characterized by purposefulness. She always knows what she wants from this world and achieves her own, even if she has to face obstacles on her way. Differs in highly developed intellectual abilities and achieves success both in the field requiring mental work and in physical work. Due to his diligence and ability to go to the goal, despite the difficulties of life and strikes, Apollinaria always succeeds, even if it is not easy for her.

Girls named after Apollinaria are hardworking, willingly help adults in household chores and pay attention to younger children, but they do not tolerate inattention and react painfully if their labors remain unnoticed. Little Apollinaria needs to be praised for her achievements, then she flourishes and makes every effort to consolidate a good opinion of herself. The student named Apollinaria is also quite successful. This girl will have a bright mind and grab knowledge literally on the fly. But at the same time, girls with this name very sharply react to criticism addressed to themselves and remember for a long time the offenses suffered.

At home, in school, at work

To achieve the desired from Apollinaria can only be affection and kindness. Any pressure is perceived by her as a violation of her interests, and leads to the opposite result, awakening the negative sides. She does not need constant monitoring and reminders of duties and always carefully fulfills the tasks assigned to her, both at home and in school, and in her older age - and in work. She disgusted negligence in any of its manifestations. The girl who bears the name of Apollinaria is always careful, and in her personal belongings, as in life, “everything has its place”. Over the years, this trait of character develops into pedantry and perfectionism, which often discomforts people in its surroundings. Apollinaria does not tolerate comments and corrections of her actions, demands too much from others and gets annoyed if her demands remain unheeded.

For girls named Apollinaris most suitable professions associated with training, pedagogy, exact science.

In the company of Apollinaria, as a rule, is the very "ray of light" that warms the people around with its heat.

Love and personal life

The value of the name Appolinaria is very rich. And what are they in love? These women give themselves up completely and expect too much from a partner, so they are often disappointed. When their hopes are not fulfilled, they experience it very hard. Living their lives under the influence of the Sun, they are able to incinerate with their feelings. Sometimes their love can be suffocating. She who wants to be surrounded by care and constantly controls everyone and everything, the one that bears the name of Apollinaria, is surprised and offended when her partner escapes. Love failures leave a deep and indelible mark on their hearts, and often, having failed in their hopes, Apollinaria is left alone. To prevent this from ever happening, astrologers advise only one thing - to learn to respect the personal space of others. For the rest, Appolinaria is an ideal woman, strong and at the same time sensual, caring and attentive.

Bright appearance, outstanding mind, creative thinking, coupled with a sense of humor attract others. There are always a lot of people around her. She never gives the impression of an active and invigorating girl.

The weakness of Apollinaria in the natural need to give the warmth of the soul, to help those who need it. Many use her kindness.

Compatibility with signs of the zodiac

This name will suit a girl born under the zodiac sign Cancer or Capricorn. Cancer (June 22-July 22) is similar to Apollinaria with gaiety, affection, love for solitude, some kind of pessimism. Under the auspices of this sign Apollinaria will grow bohemian, kind, always seeking to get more than what she has. As for Capricorn (December 22-January 20), it is similar to Apollinaria in simplicity, modesty, and sobriety of thoughts. Under the auspices of this sign Apollinaria will take the most basic feature of Capricorn - its endurance. She will love success, respect, will become less vulnerable and will be able to achieve what she wants in her personal life and work.

Pros and cons of the name Apollinaria

What are the pros and cons of this name? On the one hand, it has positive energy, many abbreviated versions (Apola, Polechka, Apollinarka, Pasha), moreover, it is quite rare. On the other hand, the name of Apollinaria is quite long and difficult for both pronunciation and perception, which is why it does not fit well with surnames and patronymic names and can cause a flurry of child bullying on a child.

The health of the owners of this name is strong, but in childhood they will surely get over all “childhood” infectious diseases.

Love and family relationships

As for family relations, Apollinaria radiates reliability and care in them, trying to appease not only the spouse, but also his parents. The only problem of Apollinaria is her excessive care, because the owner of this name constantly makes remarks at home, requires maintaining perfect order in the house, always teaching children to live (even when they grow up and leave home, Apollinaria tries to control them).