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Causes of pain in the testicles in men


Modern medicine has in stock a whole arsenal of effective treatments for virtually any urological disease, without subsequent complications. This article describes the main pathologies in which pain is possible. The better a person understands the mechanism of development of his own disease, the more meaningful he goes to treatment and eventually gets a good result.

Seed plants - a paired male organ, located in the respective halves of the scrotum - the right and left testicle are separated by a fairly dense septum, which does not allow one-sided localization of the pathological process. At the upper pole of each testicle is the spermatic cordconsisting of two veins, an artery that feeds the organ, ligaments, the sperm duct and nerve endings.

The genital organ, together with the appendages, are perfectly palpable through the skin of the scrotum in the form of a densely elastic round formation. The main function - spermatogenesis (the formation of germ cells) and the synthesis of male sex hormones, which provide fertility, libido, development of muscle and skeletal tissue, affect the metabolism.

Therefore, in men, pain in the testicles is a strict indication for seeking help from an appropriate doctor.

The appearance of the first symptoms

Even with minor pathological changes in the tissues of the testicle, men can feel an incredibly sharp and severe pain, sometimes even unbearable. therefore an urologist should be consulted immediately, even with minor pain sensations.

It is not worth risking in such a case - the earlier you seek qualified medical assistance, the greater the likelihood of successful treatment and prevention of all sorts of complications.

Next will be the main pathological processes and conditions that may be the cause of pain in the testes.

1. Mechanical effect on the testes

Acute or gradual pain may develop as a result of an injury to an organ of varying severity. Slight bruise without tissue damage - may appear a slight soreness that soon passes. With a sharp and strong blow, even painful shock and severe deterioration of the general condition is possible.

Rarely, but there are also punctured, incised wounds - they are extremely dangerous due to possible bleeding, the addition of infection, the development of inflammatory and necrotic changes. Soreness, which is constantly increasing over a long time, may indicate the development of chronic injury to the tissues of the organ.

2. Inflammatory process of appendages

Epididymitis is an inflammation, accompanied by severe pain and caused by bacterial flora. The appendages are affected as a result of the return throwing of non-sterile urine with microorganisms. Urine reflux is possible with an increase in its pressure in the urethra due to an erection or prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland, more often in older men).

3. torsion of testicles

As noted above, the spermatic cord is suitable for each testicle, which, when clamped, develops the most acute ischemia of the organ parenchyma and, as a result, necrotic changes. State of emergency and if the surgical treatment is not performed in time, the man may well lose the affected testicle. The exact cause of this pathology is not known. Overturn usually occurs during sleep.

In no case can one postpone the visit to the doctor and endure the pain!

4. Inflammation of the testicles

Orchitis occurs infrequently. Usually, the clinic is preceded by an acute epidemic of parotitis - swelling of the parotid glands, fever, chills, weakness, pain when chewing, intolerance to acidic foods. This complication of viral disease occurs only in 10-15% of cases and usually ends safely.

5. Reflected pain

The cause of pain in the testicles can be a pathological process in the surrounding organs - with cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis, urolithiasis, paroproctitis, systemic diseases of the connective tissue, tuberculosis. The genital itself in this case will not be changed. To establish the diagnosis is extremely important to comprehensively examine the patient.

It is necessary to pay attention to the presence of urination disorders - pain, burning, feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder, involuntary acts of urination.

Rare pathologies

Sometimes, pain in the testicles can occur due to fairly rare diseases:

  • oblique inguinal hernia, when the intestine and peritoneum through the inguinal ring enter the scrotum and can squeeze
  • organ parenchyma and contribute to the appearance of aching pain,
  • varicocele - expansion of the venous plexus of the body with impaired blood flow,
  • dropsy of the testicle - the accumulation of a large amount of serous fluid between the leaves of the testicular membrane
  • increase significantly in size
  • tumor diseases and metastases.

Cases when you are obliged to consult a urologist, andrologist, surgeon:

  • Pain in the testicles of any intensity at the slightest touch to them,
  • When the testicles hurt unbearably, causing a disturbance of the general condition,
  • If there is no passing pain after traumatic injury to the organ,
  • Pain in the scrotum, not passing and extending to neighboring organs,
  • Discomfort in the testes, which does not stop.
In these cases, you can not hesitate and debug a visit to the doctor for later.


When referring to a highly qualified specialist, he must first survey you well, examine and palpate, and sometimes a rectal examination is done.

Further, additional diagnostic methods are assigned. This is, first of all, a complete blood count, a clinical analysis of urine, a three-stacked test, a semen analysis, culture of flora from the urethral canal, examination of prostate secretion, PCR, serological diagnostics, feces. Ultrasound is also important., allowing to visualize many pathological changes.

After conducting a study and establishing a nosology, you may be referred to a proctologist, a neuropathologist, a surgeon, or a urologist.

The only thing you can do is apply a cold compress on the testicles after an injury to reduce pain. After establishing the reason why a man has testicles in a man, appropriate treatment is prescribed. Most often, antibacterial drugs, nonspecific anti-inflammatory drugs, antipyretic drugs are required.

Self-medication can not be engaged in any case!

During therapy, it is necessary to refrain from sexual intercourse. In some, often urgent situations, surgery will also be required - for example, for the suturing of the scrotum, removal of cystic formations, plastics of the inguinal hernia, and for testicular torsion.

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Dangerous symptoms: pain in the testicles

A man has two eggs - left and right, which are protected by the scrotum. These are the sex glands, in which are located above the spermatic cords, passing into the sheaths, arteries, veins and appendages, ending with the spermatic cord.

If the testicles are healthy, they are elastic and soft to the touch, easy to touch, they have a round shape. The appendages of the testes have oval contours.

The body performs important childbearing functions:

  • synthesizes testosterone,
  • reproduces sperm,
  • responsible for their final maturation,
  • responsible for the normal and unimpeded movement of sperm to the vas deferens for further fertilization of the woman.

Pain in the testicles occurs for various reasons and may be of varying intensity. Both one and both testicles can hurt.

Often the pain is accompanied by general malaise, fever, nausea and vomiting, as well as:

  • swelling of the body
  • increased sweat
  • increased painful symptoms
  • increasing fear for their lives, irritability, depression.

In any case, you should immediately seek help from a specialist. After all, there are a lot of reasons why the egg or both hurts. These can be acute diseases, sluggish processes, organ injury.

Symptoms requiring an immediate visit to the doctor:

  • sharp, sharp pains occur when you try to touch one or both halves of the scrotum,
  • Suddenly you saw that one of the eggs or both changed their shape and size, swelling appeared, the structure of the organ changed - it became softer, or hard, when palpating,
  • there was pain under the scrotum, which may have a different character and intensity,
  • you suddenly felt a sharp pain in the scrotum,
  • you sometimes feel dull pains, but over time they become more and more intense,
  • pain in the eggs is associated with other unpleasant sensations, general malaise, loss of performance, severe sweating and fever,
  • you have accidentally injured an organ, and it has been hurting for an hour already, or the pain has suddenly appeared as a result of an old injury,
  • there was a focus of inflammation on the outside, which you had not noticed before, swelling, redness.

All these signs are far from harmless, as it seems at first glance. It should be remembered that the disease is easier to treat when it only manifested itself. Do not self-medicate and do not amuse yourself with the thought that everything will resolve itself. Only a urologist can help you in this case by diagnosing and prescribing a general therapeutic treatment.

Causes of pain in the testicles

When a man has an egg or both, it is most often the result of an inflammatory process that occurs on the background of an infectious disease:

  • orchitis,
  • epididymitis
  • prostatitis,
  • chlamydia
  • mycoplasmosis
  • ureaplasmosis.

Pain can occur sharp or not, hurt one half of the scrotum or both.

Especially sharp unbearable pain occurs when orchitis. And orchitis itself develops mainly against the background of mumps, which is popularly called mumps. The left egg starts to hurt, then painful sensations arise in the right side of the testes. The pain may last for a week, and then suddenly cease. But if the disease is not treated, then the organ can atrophy, which will lead to complete infertility.

Epididymitis occurs against the background of the injury. Usually the epididymis of the testis, both of its halves, hurt.

In sexually transmitted diseases that occur sexually, painful symptoms may occur under or in the organ. They are stupid, but permanent. In order to get rid of them, you need to find out and treat the disease that caused them.

In men, the testicle hurts, what does it mean? Sometimes it is associated with injury to the body. If the pain does not pass at least one hour, there is a reason to urgently visit the urologist. Sometimes old injuries cause pain.

Causes of pain can be situations that require surgery.

  • inguinal hernia - painful sensations appear under the scrotum or in her as a result of pressure from the hernia.
  • the occurrence of varicocele - perfectly treated in the first stage. If you delay the diagnosis and treatment, then the case may end up even with an operation using an implant.
  • hydrocele,
  • testicular twist.

Serious danger of pain in the testicles

Among the reasons there are particularly dangerous, about which any representative of the stronger sex must necessarily know so that immediately, without waiting for even greater problems, to take action.

First of all it concerns the injury caused to the body and entailing a violation of its integrity. An injury can have a character not just a blow, but a much more serious injury. Although a simple blow to the testicles can lead a man into a state of shock. In this situation, the painful shock can be very strong.

So strong that a person even loses consciousness. After all, the scrotum with the testicles is an organ that is especially sensitive and tender. To prevent a situation in which surgery occurs until the testicle is removed, you should immediately go to the doctor. Especially in cases where the injury occurred as a result of the action of some acute penetrating object.

Torsion of the testicle is a very dangerous diagnosis. The situation arises mainly in men after thirty years. And the reason for the twist of the testicles is still not fully understood. One of the eggs changes position, the spermatic cord is twisted, resulting in cessation of blood flow. This causes acute, often unbearable pain requiring urgent surgical intervention or treatment. Otherwise, the testicles may die off.

Pain in the testes without serious consequences

Non-serious reasons that do not require surgery or medication, include the causes arising against the background of sexual dissatisfaction, or, conversely, as a result of too frequent ejaculations. Such situations cause painful sensations not only in the penis, but also in the testicles.

Sexual arousal men must necessarily end the onset of orgasm and ejaculation. Penis and scrotum swell, fill with blood. And if the discharge does not occur, there is pain. This situation does not require treatment.

It is solved in two ways:

  • masturbating
  • sexual intercourse with a partner that ended with ejaculation.

You can just wait. The pain will pass in the near future. This will take several hours.

For the same reason, experts do not recommend men to have sex for a long time and perform several coituses in a short period of time.

Pain in the testicles: diagnosis and treatment

Eggs in men hurt, what to do? First of all, do not waste time, do not try to cope with the pain yourself. It is necessary to pay a visit to the urologist or andrologist as soon as possible. These are the doctors who deal with the diagnosis and treatment of male health pathologies.

On the basis of the conversation, the doctor will make an anamnesis, find out the causes, conduct the necessary diagnostics in each particular case, make a diagnosis and prescribe professional treatment that will quickly eliminate the symptoms. Or just give smart advice.

Before visiting the doctor it is not recommended to take painkillers. This greatly distorts the results of blood or urine tests and the overall clinical picture.

Any man should remember that an immediate appeal to a specialist requires injury or torsion of the testes. In other cases, if the pain occurs suddenly and lasts for several hours, is not associated with unsatisfied sexual intercourse, you should also go to an appointment with a specialist.

Activities that are primarily conducted by an andrologist or urologist:

  • an interview in which he listens to complaints, asks questions, makes up a general clinical picture of what happened,
  • finger inspection of the patient's body, that is, pulping the testicles for changes in size, density, and edema.

Then, on the basis of individual indicators are assigned:

  • general urine tests
  • general and detailed blood tests, if necessary
  • semen analysis, semen analysis,
  • ultrasound diagnosis of the testes and scrotum,
  • if necessary, a testicle biopsy is prescribed,
  • magnetic resonance imaging.

This data is basically enough to correctly diagnose and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Often the doctor determines the cause based on the interview with the patient and his examination.

If an injury is caused to the body, then a very thorough inspection is required first. The doctor can prescribe cold compresses and even bed rest. Often prescribes the use of painkillers in the form of injections.

However, if during the examination it turns out that the injury is incompatible with the health of the organ, an operation is immediately scheduled or treated exclusively in the hospital to monitor the patient's condition. As a result of injury, blood can accumulate in the scrotum, which is very dangerous.

When torsion surgery is appointed almost immediately, because such a state threatens with infertility and even loss of an organ. If no drastic measures are taken within 24 hours, the organ cannot be maintained. During surgery, the affected area of ​​the testis or epididymis is removed to prevent a scrotal inflammatory process, most often purulent.

Any treatment is prescribed as a result of examination and diagnosis strictly individually. In this case, the doctor should also consider how old the patient is, the presence of chronic diseases, the severity and the period of illness.

The doctor can simply help with advice or prescribe warm water treatments that you will do yourself at home.

After discharge from the hospital for a further period of time, the patient needs constant monitoring. Regular therapeutic examinations will help to avoid possible complications.

Treatment of the testicles is very important, do not forget about it. Причины появления болей могут быть самыми разными, а вот закончиться болезненные ощущения могут весьма серьёзно – полной потерей детородных способностей, отмиранием тестикул, импотенцией.

Боль в яичках у мужчин: причины

Дискомфорт в тестикулах может возникать у детей, подростков и взрослых мужчин. Because of the maximum sensitivity of the testicles, men may experience unbearable pain. Feelings that are not associated with a threat to health can cause him stress.

Even dull sensations in the testicles are not the norm, so you should contact your andrologist or urologist for a thorough examination of the body.

The main causes of pain in the scrotum are:

  • inflammatory diseases,
  • infections,
  • organ torsion,
  • inguinal hernia,
  • tumor,
  • hydrocel or varicocel.

Pain in the scrotum can lead to a general deterioration in the condition of a man, and the accompanying symptoms are severe sweating, irritability, testicular swelling, nausea. Fear of premature death may occur.

The characteristic symptoms requiring immediate response can be considered:

  • post-traumatic pain,
  • surface deformations
  • changes in size, density, shape,
  • stretching and increasing pains.

An injury of a certain intensity is not considered dangerous if the pain subsides within an hour. Sometimes a testicle lesion can cause shock. In this case, the patient is urgently hospitalized. Stabbed, cut injuries can provoke massive hemorrhage. Because of the sensitivity to innervation, there is a risk of loss of the testicles.

One testicle is larger than another in men: causes

Normal indicators for the testicles are:

  • volume - 13-20 cm2,
  • width - 2.6-3.5 cm,
  • length is 4.1-8 cm,
  • weight - 20-24,8 g

If one testicle is larger than another in males, the reasons may differ. When a malignant tumor appears, the size of the testicles changes. Adverse inflammation, trauma, torsion will also lead to a change in size. In contrast, a decrease in one of the testicles can be observed with hyperplasia, cryptorchidism, orchitis and varicocele.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

The inflammation of the scrotum, which leads to severe pain, is called epididymitis. Such a "tube" appears inside the bag with testicles. Externally, the testicles look normal, but severe pain does not give a man peace. Usually inflammation is caused by chlamydia, gonococci. Burning and pain during urination and fever may accompany the inflammatory process.

Due to the pressure in the urethra, the infected fluid returns to the appendage. However, the disease occurs in older people who have prostatitis. In the tissues of the prostate gland occur pathology that can lead to inflammation. Hypothermia, fungal diseases, prolonged abstinence can cause prostatitis.

Migrated mumps or mumps leads to inflammation of the testicles, called orchitis. Initially, one testicle swells, and then it can shrink to complete atrophy. A prolonged illness for two months can lead to infertility.

Pain in the left or right testicle in men: causes

When a man's eggs hurt, the reasons are different. When torsion appears sharp pain. Cranking the testicles at a large angle leads to squeezing of the spermatic cord and blocking the blood flow.

It happens that torsion occurs in a dream in adolescents. Fast treatment within six hours at the emergency room allows for a 90% recovery, and after a day the probability of maintaining normal functions decreases several times.

With varicose veins in the spermatic cord appears unbearable pain. An illness diagnosed at a late stage often leads to infertility and requires surgical intervention.

When the peritoneum bulges, the spermatic cord is clamped: this leads to the appearance of an inguinal hernia. A sluggish disease may not create discomfort, but strangulation will require surgical assistance.

Excitement, which was not satisfied, leads to accumulation of blood and swelling of the testicles. If a seed does not erupt for a long time, then pain develops in the testicles. Despite the discomfort, there is no significant threat to a man’s life.

Since the genitals of the representatives of the strong half are located in relative proximity to the urinary system, cystitis, cyst and other pathologies can provoke pain in the scrotum.

Drawing pain in the left testicle usually indicates renal or intestinal pathologies. Cancers, cyst or varicose spermatic cord are possible. Painful sensations on the right can cause epididymitis, torsion, infections. You can not postpone the visit to the doctor in the hope that everything will pass by itself, otherwise you may lose the reproductive function completely.

Pain in the scrotum how to get rid

To understand the cause of the disease, the doctor palpates the organs, can conduct a rectal examination. Required urine and blood tests to identify infections. Additionally, urethral smears, secret of the prostate gland, semen, coprogram, PCR are prescribed.

With the help of an ultrasound test of the testicles, you can identify the features of the disease. Acetaminophen or ibuprofen can be used to temporarily relieve pain.

When a disease is detected, a specialist will prescribe treatment. On the eve of the visit to the clinic, do not take analgesics, so as not to complicate the search for the causes of pain in the testicles. Non-serious injuries can be treated at home with painkillers, applying ice to the affected area and resting. With the rupture of the scrotum, the accumulation of blood requires prompt assistance.

When the eggs are twisted, the urologist tries to perform a manual manipulation, but in the future, an operation will still be needed. After assessing the viability of the testicles, it is fastened to the wall to prevent twisting in the future.

For the treatment of epididymitis prescribed a course of antibiotics for 10-14 days, prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs. The scrotum is required to be held on an elevation, ice is applied, and the patient is provided with a state of rest. Complications such as scrotal abscess can lead to the need for epididimectomy and the appointment of nerve blocks.

To remove an inguinal hernia, the patient is treated at the clinic. At infringement adjustment of the doctor at a stage of recovery is required. It is forbidden to lift weights. Antibiotics can be prescribed for orchitis, and surgical drainage is used for abscess.

The faster to remove accumulations in the testicles, the greater the chances of avoiding the development of cancer. At the end of treatment, the patient should adequately assess their condition and, with the slightest deterioration, immediately go to the hospital.

The main preventive measures of pain in the testicles are:

  • regular self control
  • mumps vaccinations,
  • control of sex life, use of protection,
  • injury prevention during sports events.

Prognosis and recovery are directly related to the severity of the causes of the ailment. Most of the injured patients with testicle problems recover without complications, but neglected cases can lead to irreparable consequences and loss of the testicle.

Mechanical damage

If a sharp pain in a healthy testicle occurs suddenly and for no apparent reason, then there is a high probability of torsion of the spermatic cord. Most often, the pathology is found in adolescents aged 12–16 years, in adults, men account for about 35% of cases. Wearing tight clothes, sudden movements, overstrain of the press and even persistent cough can provoke torsion.

  • stabbing pain in the scrotum,
  • nausea and vomiting (characteristic of children),
  • acute urinary retention,
  • fever,
  • testicle increases in volume and hardens,
  • the scrotum acquires a bluish tinge and swells.

This condition requires immediate medical attention. In the first hours after the discovery of pathology, it is possible to return the testicle to its normal position by the method of detortion (manually without surgery), but only in children and adolescents. With a successful manipulation, the pain subsides, the testicle becomes mobile. Adults are usually given an emergency operation. If the intervention is carried out in the first 6 hours, then complications are rare. The testicle is removed in cases where its blood supply is not restored within 15 minutes.

Any blow or squeezing of the testicles also leads to acute pain. Most often, athletes suffer from groin injuries from training. With a strong blow, the scrotum swells up, subcutaneous hemorrhages are noticeable, the testicle increases and remains painful for another 2-3 weeks. Injuries are dangerous by torsion of the cord, rupture of the membranes of the testis, damage to the bladder. When the scrotum is blue and edema, it is necessary to apply to a medical institution or to call a doctor, before arrival of which it is important for the victim to keep calm.


The epididymis (epididymis) is a formation 1-2 cm wide and 6-8 cm long, tight to the back of the testicle and connected to the sperm duct. The healthy appendage is soft, well felt through the scrotum, and the inflamed swells and responds to pressing with severe pain.

  • zppp (gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia) and intestinal bacteria,
  • blow, torsion, surgery,
  • hypothermia
  • taking certain medications (for example, Amiodarone),
  • urethritis, an infected prostate,
  • stagnation
  • complications of influenza, pneumonia, chickenpox.

Little anatomy

The testicles or testicles are male genital glands, internally divided into 200–250 lobules, between which there are partitions. In each lobule are the seminiferous tubules, where the birth and maturation of sperm. The sperm enters the epididymis and then is transported to the vas deferens. The structure of the testicles is quite complex, they are pierced with a dense network of blood vessels, therefore, because of which can hurt the testicle in menfound quite a lot.

Healthy testicles can be easily palpated through the scrotum, they are smooth, elastic and rounded. The appendages are shaped like rollers. The testicles perform important functions for the male body. They reproduce sperm, produce testosterone. The appendages are responsible for the maturation of spermatozoa, the passage of spermatozoa from the testicle to the vas deferens. With the help of paired organs, the balance of hormones in the male body is maintained, since they produce testosterone and sperm cells, which are responsible for the formation of secondary sexual characteristics.

Pain in the eggs in men arise at any age, they are different in intensity and depend on the cause that caused them. A doctor should be consulted if it is necessary to identify the cause of what hurts in one testicle or two at once.

The main causes of pain in the testicles

If eggs hurt men, they more often think that this happened as a result of a blow or pinch, sometimes without even knowing that banal flu, acute respiratory viral infections, especially those with complications, can negatively affect the functioning of the testicles. Male testicular pain can cause hormonal disruptions, injuries, vascular pathologies, a huge list of pathologies of the genitourinary and excretory systems. That is why you need to know if the testicle hurts, which doctor should you go to. If you have the slightest pain in the scrotum, you need to be examined by a competent urologist. It is better to be checked once again to resolve the question: if the testicles hurt, what it could be and be treated, than to lose your masculine power as a result of the complication of the disease.

There is a whole list of reasons why eggs can hurt. Pain sensations are different in intensity, occur in one of the testicles or both at once.

Urologists share reasons why a male testicle can hurt into several groups. Each of the reasons is autonomous, but still all the organs in the human body are interconnected. Description of groups of reasons why a man’s testicle can hurt:

This group of reasons why an egg may hurt in men include mechanical injuries of the testicles and penis on impact, as well as injuries that lead to damage to the nerve endings that penetrate the penis and testicles.

Such injuries result from hypothermia, overheating, frequent self-satisfaction, as a result, after masturbation, the right egg hurts, but it can also observe discomfort on the left, as well as on both sides.

If the injury occurred during too active frictions during intercourse, improper use of sex toys, then the eggs after sex hurt.

The reasons why the testicles in men hurt, lie in the wearing of tight linen, chemical or radioactive effects in the place of residence or work.

  • Physiological.

In this case, if the eggs of a man from excitement hurt, the reasons lie in an erection, which did not end with ejaculation. If there is pain in the testicles during abstinence or after an incomplete discharge, then nothing terrible and pathological will happen to the genital organ. Scientists explain why eggs hurt in men after a long excitement from the standpoint of genetics. They explain this by the stress of the testicular muscles leading to their spasm.

Sexually transmitted diseases, inflammatory processes are the reason why eggs hurt a man.

  • Vascular and pathological.

This group of causes of pain in the testicles of men includes numerous vascular problems. This is the blockage of blood vessels supplying the testicles with nutrients, which hurt the eggs, torsion of the testicle, which leads to necrosis, if you do not promptly seek help from a specialist, varicocele (varicose veins, which in the latter stages leads to the fact that the egg the man and pulls in the scrotum).

This group of reasons why the peasant hurts eggs, includes prostatitis, urethritis, urolithiasis, and other pathologies, which give pains to the testicles.

Diseases causing pain in the scrotum

If you have a pain in the groin area, you should understand that only consulting a competent urologist will help you get an answer to the question why do testicles in men hurt.

If the testicle (testicles) hurts, it may indicate the presence of the following diseases:

  • Inflammation of the seminal vesicles (vesiculitis).

Inflammation develops as a result of urethritis, when infection from the urethra with the bloodstream enters the seminal vesicles. Vesiculitis becomes a cause of pulling pain in the testicles in the male and lower abdomen.

  • Urolithiasis disease.

Another reason why men can hurt eggs. It develops as a result of a violation of the diet, if a person consumes a large amount of salt, with obesity, genetic predisposition, inflammatory processes in the urinary system, metabolic disorders. Doctors use long-proven treatment regimens, they know what to do if testicles hurt as a result of urolithiasis.

This is an inflammatory disease that appears as a result of hypothermia, reduced immunity, hormonal imbalance. Often becomes the cause of aching pain in the testicles in men.

If a man has a testicle, you need to be tested for urethritis. This disease is characterized by the development of bacterial flora in the urethra. Then the bacteria travel with the blood to the testicles, causing them to develop a bacterial infection. What to do if eggs hurt because of urethritis, the urologist decides. Usually prescribe a course of antibiotics in the form of injections or droppers.

A malignant tumor that metastasizes to the testicles. When the tumor reaches more than 3 cm in diameter, the testicle hurts. The diagnosis sounds pretty daunting, so if a male testicle hurts in men, it’s better to make sure that it is not cancer.

The reason why a man hurts his testicles are venereal diseases. In particular, it is syphilis, genital herpes, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, chlamydia granuloma, gonorrhea. The main causative agents of these diseases are fungi, bacteria, viruses. In this case, can hurt directly in the testicles or under them, and the pain often has a constant dull character. Pain in the testicles of men, the causes of which lie in venereal diseases, are accompanied by discharge from the penis, ulcers on its surface, and an increase in lymph nodes. You should contact the venereologist, who will find out why the testicles hurt, will advise what to do to eliminate discomfort.

Disease associated with varicose veins of the testicular plexus. It develops most often on the left, due to the anatomical structure of the circulatory system. Therefore, if after sex hurts the left testicle, then you need to be checked for the presence of this disease.

  • Malignant testicular tumors.

If after sex the left egg or the right testicle hurts, cancer may develop. Hereditary predisposition, severe testicular injury, cryptorchidism provokes the disease. But urologists say that the testicles are the only place where the causes of the appearance of malignant tumors have not yet been precisely determined and why the male organs of the egg in such a case hurt. They have not yet been investigated until the end.

If the pain in the testicles is accompanied by a change in the shape and texture of the skin of the scrotum, then it is most likely associated with an edema of the testicle (hydrocele). Male pain syndrome is described as a feeling of heaviness in the groin, which results from the accumulation of fluid inside the testicle. Dropsy is one of the most common reasons why one testicle hurts in men.

If the right side of the lower abdomen hurts a man and gives to the testicle and leg, this indicates an inguinal hernia localized on this side. They remove the hernia surgically, but after that the pain in the testicles has been worrying men for quite a long time. Detection of an inguinal hernia explains why eggs hurt men when excited. При возбуждении она может защемляться и провоцировать страшные, резкие боли.

  • Нарушение работы клапанов семявыводящих протоков.

Если боль в яйцах появляется после секса, значит, у мужчины не произошло семяизвержение. Sperm is produced in full, but the sperm is not released after an orgasm, but gets into the urine, which is why eggs hurt after sex.

  • Inflammation and infectious diseases.

This is one of the frequent reasons why men go to a urologist, complaining that eggs are sore or under them. Often, pain occurs during sex. This may indicate orchitis, when the cause, which causes pain in the testicles, is inflammation, prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland), epididymitis (inflammation of the epididymis).

If a man has one testicle, then the answer to the question of what it will sound like “epididymitis”. With epididymitis, one-sided pain occurs, it gradually increases, the scrotum swells, the urination process is accompanied by a burning sensation, a white liquid is secreted from the urethra. If epididymitis is diagnosed, the man’s eggs and lower abdomen hurt, what should I do? Urgent treatment is necessary, otherwise infertility may develop.

Orchitis is a common reason why eggs hurt. When orchitis, the testicles not only hurt, but also increase in size, there is a temperature, pain in the groin and lower back. If a man's eggs hurt because of orchitis, what to do in this case? Consultation of the competent specialist and carrying out complex therapy is necessary.

Prostatitis is a common cause because of his eggs hurt in men. Inflammation of the prostate gland, which can occur in an acute and chronic form. Severe pain is characteristic of the acute form, which appear sharply and disappear quickly. The chronic form becomes the cause of pulling, slack pains in the eggs in men, which appear periodically. Pains appear when urinating. If eggs hurt men because of prostatitis, only a doctor can decide what to do.

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The most dangerous causes of pain in the testicles

Exists a number of reasons why eggs can hurt in men who are a danger to his health. They rarely occur, but you still need to know these serious reasons, because of which the eggs hurt the man and how to treat them in order to be ready.

These include:

  • Severe trauma to the scrotum.

Often becomes the cause of sharp and aching pain in the testicles in men. When mechanical action may violate the integrity of the testicle. In such a state, a man is pursued by severe and excruciating pains, from which he can fall into a state of shock and lose consciousness. If the husband has sore eggs due to injury, what should be done to the wife quickly? Seek medical attention immediately to prevent complications that may even lead to testicular loss.

  • Torsion of the spermatic cord.

A very dangerous reason, because of which the eggs hurt, requiring an immediate visit to the urologist. Most often occurs during sleep. In this case, the man without visible damage, in the absence of diseases of the reproductive system, suddenly there is a sharp pain in the scrotum, giving way to the leg. But sometimes torsion happens during active movements with coitus, which is the answer to the question: why do testicles hurt after sex?

The disease becomes the cause, because of which the testicles hurt, it quickly leads to the development of tissue necrosis of the testicles, as the nerves and vessels are compressed, through which the testicles are powered. There is such a reason, from which the testicle can hurt, more often in childhood, in men it can be triggered by a large physical overstrain.

Each testicle in its normal state is suspended on the spermatic cord, in which the vessels and vas deferens pass. Sometimes the egg moves in the scrotum and its cord is twisted. Blood flow to the testicle stops, sperm cannot be eliminated. In this case, you just need to know what a man’s eggs hurt for without a reason, because the situation quickly becomes critical, because the torsion to atrophy and necrosis of the testicles.

Physiological causes of pain

Long away not always discomfort and pain in the testicles in men associated with the development of pathological processes. Often this is due to the simple physiology of the man. This happens if, after sexual arousal, there is no release of sperm and explains why do eggs hurt after a strut. This happens more often in adolescence, when young men are very active sexually, but they still don’t understand why men hurt their eggs, they don’t know how to relieve sexual tension.

But sometimes the question is why eggs after long abstinence, excites and adults hurt. If a man is excited, his genitals swell due to a rush of blood. If, for any reason, he cannot get a sexual discharge, there will be pain in the testicles. If there is such a problem that sore testicles from abstinenceThe question of “what to do” is solved in several ways:

  1. Sex.
    You can solve the question: what to do if eggs hurt from arousal through sex, during which the extra stress from the testicles subsides and the pain disappears.
  2. Self-satisfaction.
    Another answer to the question: if eggs hurt from abstinence, what to do.
  3. Distraction from thoughts about sex.
    If the eggs from abstinence hurt, but at the same time doctors forbid to have sex, you need to wait a few hours until the excitement itself comes to naught (usually the pain does not last more than 4 hours).

But it is worth knowing that if eggs hurt after masturbation, this may be due to the opposite reason, that is, if a man often ejaculates for a short time. These pains are not life-threatening, they pass in a few hours. But in this case, men should temper their sexual ardor.

Causes of pain in the testicles in men can be various kinds of surgery on the abdomen and groin. After such operations, sexual contact is usually limited for some time, so the testicles become overwhelmed with ejaculate, and pain appears. In this case, the answer to the question what to do when the eggs hurt men from excitement in the postoperative period, only one - wait until it passes by itself.

Diagnosis, treatment, prevention

The reasons why eggs hurt a man are different. Representatives of the strong half of humanity need to know in which cases the process should not be delayed and which doctor should be consulted, if the testicles hurt, what reasons men may have, how to treat. An urgent appeal to the doctor is necessary in the following cases:

  • if during contact with the scrotum there is a sharp pain in the testicles of men,
  • testicles after sex hurt, they hardened, visually changed their color, shape,
  • aching pain in the testicles eventually gets stronger,
  • a bulge appeared on the scrotum,
  • if a man has a testicle, the temperature rises, nausea and vomiting appear,
  • after injury, the eggs of a man hurt for an hour.

Not everyone knows which doctor to treat for pain in the testicles of men. To identify the cause of discomfort in the testicles and understand why eggs can hurt, should consult an andrologist urologist. This is a doctor specializing in male diseases. Do not independently identify the causes of pain in the testicles in men and carry out treatment at home. You can miss the time, especially if the discomfort in the testicles is caused by pathological conditions.

In some cases, in order to identify the causes of pain in the eggs in men and prescribe treatment is quite a usual examination and palpation of the scrotum. The doctor conducts a thorough visual inspection, probes the texture of the testicles. Usually after this it becomes clear what causes the testicles.

If, after inspection and palpation, no pathology is found, then in order to identify the cause, why does a man have a testicle?what it means, prescribe an ultrasound scrotum, MRI, semen, blood, urine, smear from the urethra, if necessary, a biopsy of the testicles. Such diagnostic techniques can identify the causative agent of the disease and decide how to get rid of pain in the testicles.

The doctor, after examining and diagnosing, decides what to do if the eggs hurt. It is better not to delay a visit to a specialist, because the sooner a diagnosis is made, the causes of pain in the testicles of men are established, the sooner they will prescribe treatment. This is very important, especially when it comes to such a male organ.

Solving the problem of why the testicles hurt depends on the diagnosis. A large role belongs to such factors as the age of the patient, the peculiarities of the course of the disease, because even within the framework of one disease different treatment can be prescribed.

Reducing the risk of the reasons why men have testicles, will help prevention.

Prevention comes down to the following:

  • wearing free underwear made from natural fabrics,
  • regular self-examination and palpation of the scrotum for changes in color, density, which allows to reveal what the testicles hurt from,
  • constant sex, preferably with one partner, as long abstinence in men provokes pain in the testicles,
  • adherence to safety when performing physical work, sports.

Most often, the reasons for which eggs can hurt in men, do not carry some deadly danger to life. But in some cases it indicates the presence of certain problems in the body. What to do when eggs hurt in men with varicose veins of the uviform plexus, hydrocele, and other serious diseases should be decided by a specialist whose help is needed immediately.

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Why an egg hurts right or left: an overview of the root causes

Orchitis and epididymitis (inflammation of the testicle and appendages). The inflammatory process can occur in one or immediately in two testicles. The most common cause of orchitis or epididymitis in men is an infection of the organ during unprotected sex or due to diseases of neighboring organs. In newborn babies, the infection penetrates the umbilical wound.

In children and adolescents, orchitis occurs after suffering viral diseases: influenza, measles, mumps or herpes. Orchitis often develops on the background of epididymitis. In the acute form of the disease, the body temperature rises, severe pain occurs, the testicle swells severely. The pain often gives in the leg, can be felt in the lumbar region and groin. The chronic form is characterized by constant aching pain in the scrotum.

Dropsy of testicles. Normally, a small amount of fluid is present in the vaginal membrane of the testicles. If it accumulates in large volumes, then this pathology is called dropsy or hydrocele. The disease rarely affects the gonads at the same time, which is why the right egg hurts and the left testicle remains healthy. The egg significantly increases in size, becomes dense and takes a pear shape.

The reason for the accumulation of fluid in the scrotum can be an infection caused by viruses of ureaplasma, chlamydia or mycoplasma. The occurrence of dropsy can contribute to organ injury. With congenital abnormalities, the testicle is constantly increasing in size towards the evening, and decreases after sleep. The acute form of dropsy is accompanied by high body temperature and severe pain. If the disease has passed into the chronic stage, then the pain syndrome is defined as pulling or whining.

Mechanical damage to the scrotum. In the case of injury, there is no question of why the egg hurts the right and not the left. But the degree of injury to the sex glands can vary.

  • Injury. The testicle is slightly swollen and sore. Special treatment is not required, if the pain is strong, then the patient may be given a Novocain blockade.
  • Infringement It occurs in children under the age of three years. It is a consequence of cryptorchidism. It is characterized by acute pain, hyperemia and tissue edema.
  • Dislocation. As a result of injury, the testicles may assume an unusual position. The egg can get into the groin area, leg, or under the skin of the abdomen. In this place there is severe pain, and the gland itself swells up.
  • Gap. Requires urgent measures to restore the shells. A man may experience a painful shock, even death.
  • Stab injury. Causes acute pain, leading to shock and loss of consciousness. Necessary surgical intervention.

Tilt the testicles. Pathological condition occurs due to rotation of the spermatic cord and testicle. At the same time, the organ’s blood supply is hampered or completely blocked. When the cord is twisted by 180 degrees or more, it is fraught with the death of the testicle, if within 6 hours it will not be returned to its previous position.

Pathology most often occurs during puberty. The cause of torsion can also be injury to the body. Symptoms of torsion manifest themselves very clearly: a sharp pain in the scrotum, vomiting, diarrhea, in some cases pain shock develops.

The testicle becomes larger in size, dense and lumpy to the touch. This condition requires immediate treatment. The testicle is twisted in the opposite direction, either manually or as a result of surgical intervention.

Other diseases that cause pain in the testicles:

  • Varicocele. The disease occurs due to the expansion of the veins leading to the sex glands. Pathology is accompanied by severe pain. A severe form of the disease is treated by surgery.
  • Neoplasms and cysts. May be accompanied by pain of different intensity.
  • Inguinal hernia. The right egg hurts if the hernia is located on the right side. It squeezes the spermatic cords and ducts, which is why the pain arises.
  • Hypothermia With extreme cold, vasospasm may occur, and a pulling pain appears in the testicles.
  • Impaired blood circulation. Vascular disease is often accompanied by a decrease in blood flow, and this, in turn, leads to testicular pathologies and pain.
  • Testicular cancer One of the main symptoms of cancer is pain.
  • Renal colic. If the ureter has corked a stone, then this formation puts pressure on the genital nerve, causing pain. Usually, pain occurs in one of the testicles, depending on which side the genital nerve is irritated from.

Sore right egg: how to diagnose and treat

Why the right egg hurts in some cases can be understood only after a medical examination, laboratory and instrumental examinations. The analysis of urine, blood, bacterial culture of the contents of the urethra, spermogram, ultrasound and MRI scrotum will help determine the cause and appropriate treatment.

  • The blood test shows the number of leukocytes, the level of neutrophils and the acceleration of ESR. High rates characterize inflammation, for example, orchitis.
  • Urine is analyzed for the presence of red blood cells, white blood cells and pathogenic microflora. A positive test indicates inflammation or infection.
  • The spermogram shows how active the sperm are, and whether there are bacteria in the seminal fluid (possibly only with orchitis).
  • Ultrasound of the scrotum helps to detect testicular torsion, inflammatory processes in the glands, the presence of cysts and other structures.
  • A smear from the urethra is taken to determine the type of pathogen and its sensitivity to antibacterial agents.
  • Ultrasound of the kidneys confirm or refute the presence of renal colic.

To specify the diagnosis, two or three diagnostic methods are enough. Depending on the type of illness, treatment may include such methods as medication, surgery, physiotherapy, and folk remedies.

In the case when the right egg hurts due to an infection of the organ, the patient is prescribed antibiotics. The doctor prescribes the drug with the substance to which the sensitivity of bacteria was detected. Often the patient is prescribed Biseptol, which must be taken for ten days. Another popular drug is Levofloxacin. It has a detrimental effect on most bacteria. During treatment with antibiotics, it is recommended to take drugs that normalize the intestinal bacterial flora. Water drops are treated with diuretic drugs.

Veroshpiron is well suited for this therapy. If the pathology is accompanied by infection, then anti-bacterial or antiviral therapy is additionally carried out. If the right egg hurts badly, then analgesics are prescribed to the patient: Ketorol, Baralgin, Tempalgin and others. Eliminate renal colic, provoking pain in the testicles, using Nosh-py or Drotaverina.

At the time of treatment, the patient is recommended to observe bed rest and refrain from sexual intercourse. When varicocele prescribed drugs that strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Among them are angioprotectors (Actovegin, Detrolex, etc.), nicotinic acid and combination drugs (Ascorutin, Tocopherol). Fastum gel, Fenalgon and their analogues will help relieve swelling and pain after injury.

Ointment is applied to the damaged area only if there are no open wounds. After applying the ointment, the pain goes away after a day. If the drugs are powerless to eliminate the pathology, then surgery is carried out. The operation is done with an inguinal hernia, varicocele, torsion of the gland, large cystic formations in the scrotum.

If the spermatic cord is twisted, then surgery can help, if it is carried out in the first hours after the development of pathology.

Otherwise, tissues that do not receive oxygen will die out. Take painkillers can be a limited period of instruction.

What if the right egg hurts for a long time?In this case, the doctor prescribes ultraviolet therapy. Прогревание мошонки длится всего 5 минут, а в результате усиливается кровоток в железах, что приводит к улучшению трофики в тканях и ускорению регенерации клеток. Для лечения в домашних условиях можно использовать аппарат Мавит.

A special nozzle inserted into the rectum emits magnetic waves that easily penetrate the tissues of the urogenital organs and heal them. The device is recommended to be used for the treatment of prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, inflammation of the testes and bladder. The course of physiotherapy is ten days. Decoctions or infusions of medicinal plants will help eliminate pain in the right egg and reduce inflammation.

These funds can be used as an additional treatment, but not the main one.

  • Healing herbs. A mixture of leaves of birch, juniper fruits, Potentilla goose, roots of steed and celandine will help eliminate the pain symptom. Raw materials are mixed in equal parts. To prepare the infusion, you need to take four teaspoons of the mixture, put it in a thermos and pour boiling water (1 liter). After infusion, drink before meals at 200-250 ml.
  • Grushanka. Medicinal plant perfectly eliminates pain syndromes of different origin. Ten teaspoons of leaves and flowers of the wintergreen are poured with a liter of boiling water and infused in a thermos. Take three times a day, 50 ml.
  • Flax-seed. Compress flax seed will help relieve pain and eliminate swelling in the testicles. 100 grams of raw materials are ground into powder, poured into gauze and placed in hot water for ten minutes. Then the compress is applied to the sore spot for twenty minutes. Procedures are done daily until the tumor subsides.
  • Collect herbs for inflammation. Cope with the inflammatory processes will help lime color, nettle, mint, elder flowers and calamus root. All components of 1 teaspoon put in a thermos and pour 2 liters of boiling water. Drink instead of tea.

In order not to find out the reasons why the right egg hurts, men should take care of their health. Compliance with a number of rules will help avoid many diseases.

How to avoid testicular pain:

  • in sports you should not neglect the protective devices for the sexual organ,
  • indiscriminate sexual intercourse should be avoided, and in case of uncertainty about the partner, use condoms,
  • undergo preventive examinations at the urologist,
  • have sex regularly
  • vaccinated against mumps, which provokes inflammation of the testicles.