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Preparing for the birth of a child and planning pregnancy


Preparing for the birth of a child is a very difficult and at the same time interesting process, which has many aspects. Today, future mothers do not have a lack of information about pregnancy and the upcoming delivery, but midwives say that they see only really prepared mothers. Doctors associate this phenomenon with a certain one-sidedness in preparing women for childbirth. The information is given in such a way that pregnant women often consider it even too disturbing. Some admit to the forums that in the end everything turned out to be quite different from what was presented in the courses.

If you want to become a mom of a healthy baby, then how to prepare for the birth of a child should think long before the cherished two strips appear on the test. Rare mummies practice such an approach, but it is he who, as practice shows, becomes the most faithful and justified option of all. Today we will look at when to start preparing for the birth of a child, which aspects of this process are most important and how to avoid the basic mistakes that are prone to make almost all future moms.

Initial preparation

Experts never argue about how much one should prepare for the birth of a child. They are united in their opinion - the expectant mother should plan her pregnancy and prepare for it at least six months. It is better if she has a year left. Of course, many of our readers who are already in position will say that it is too late for them to read this section. Perhaps they are right. But for those women who only think about replenishment in the family, this material is useful.

If you want to produce a healthy child, the preparation for the birth of this miracle must begin with the creation of a specific list. It is necessary to include all aspects of preparation and strictly follow certain rules. It is easy to make such a list, we offer its approximate version, and you can make your additions in the form of several points. So, how to prepare for the birth of a child in advance:

  • physical readiness
  • weight normalization
  • strengthening immunity
  • medical examinations
  • the material side of the issue.

Notice, we do not focus readers on the baby's father. Since it is most likely that during a planned pregnancy, a caring and attentive man is equally close to a woman, equally ready to share with her all responsibility for the life of the future little man.

Let's now sort out all the items in the list in more detail. The first is physical activity, and this is no accident. The fact that pregnancy and childbirth are a huge test for the body, today they say everywhere. Therefore, it is important that the woman is well prepared for the upcoming tests physically. This will help her to feel well throughout the nine months, it is easier to give birth and return to a good shape more quickly after. How to prepare for the birth of a child physically? Naturally, this is easier to do in advance.

Start by purchasing a subscription to a sports center. Let the first load be small - swim in the pool, walk on a treadmill or work out at the gym. Over time, you will notice that your body has become stronger and you are ready for more serious activities. They can be absolutely any, but it is better that the load was varied. Keep swimming, learn yoga, start strength training with a personal trainer, and so on. Thanks to this approach, your body will be fully prepared for the upcoming baby bearing. Believe me, you will never regret the money spent during this period.

Now let's talk about weight normalization. Some women who have problems with him think that it is a thankless job to take it in shape before pregnancy. Indeed, in the opinion of the majority, it is considered the norm to get better during gestation of the crumbs up to twenty kilograms, which means that before conception you can afford to eat anything. If you think so too, then you are absolutely wrong.

Overweight increases the risk of not carrying a baby and reduces the chances of conception. Very often, women who have not taken care of getting in shape, during pregnancy acquire a lot of diseases and often they have to go to the hospital for preservation. Therefore, do not treat the problem of excess weight connivingly, especially since women who do not have extra pounds give birth faster and easier. Do not forget that taking care of your body before conceiving a baby forms the right taste habits that will positively affect the development of the fetus.

It is not a secret for anyone that for nine months of being in the mother’s womb, the baby from its body pulls out a huge amount of vitamins, microelements and other substances necessary for its health. Therefore, the mother before conception should create stocks of all the listed components. Usually, women do this by taking multivitamin complexes, calcium supplements and vitamins C and E separately. Thanks to this, the immunity of the expectant mother rises, which can easily withstand colds and flu epidemics.

If you ask the doctor about how to prepare for the birth of a child, he will definitely recommend paying a lot of attention to medical examinations. A woman who is planning a pregnancy needs to undergo all doctors and pass tests for the detection of various infections, including sexually transmitted infections. Many expectant mothers do not even suspect that they need treatment, and find out about this already being pregnant. At this time, the possibilities of physicians are extremely limited.

And at the end of the section I would like to talk about material preparation. Of course, each person's concepts of financial stability and wealth differ. But still, planning replenishment in the family, be prepared for numerous expenses. They concern not only the management of pregnancy and the purchase of dowry for a baby. For many parents, preparing for the birth of a child includes a major overhaul in the apartment, and often the purchase of a new home. If you have not too good living conditions, then think about improving them. After all, during pregnancy it will be too late to do this, and it’s not recommended to think about problems for expectant mothers.

Four areas of the preparatory process

When you need to start preparing for the birth of a child, we have already found out. But if the previous section is not relevant for you, since you are already pregnant, this does not mean that you can relax. After all, women who feel a new life in themselves begin to worry even more about how to prepare for the birth of a child. And here they need to focus on four aspects of this process:

  1. Informing. Future mothers (and often fathers) should have a clear idea of ​​the physiology of labor, the documents regulating the work of the institution where their child will be born, as well as all the manipulations that are performed in the hospital with newborns. Thanks to their knowledge, women feel more confident and get rid of a lot of fears.
  2. The legal side of the issue. Most of the future pregnant women do not have an idea about their rights, social benefits laid by the state, the legal aspects of the design of the contract with the hospital and other nuances. All this often causes nervousness in a pregnant woman and does not allow her to enjoy her position.
  3. Recuperation. Even if you went in for sports before pregnancy, you should not assume that physical activity is no longer for you. For women who feel well and have no contraindications, doctors strongly recommend that you include exercise in the day regimen. Of course, they must be subject to the position of the girl. Many future mothers swim with pleasure in the pool, practice yoga and master breathing techniques.
  4. Psychological preparation for the birth of a child. Many obstetricians consider this aspect to be the most important, because the health of the child and how the birth will take place depend on the mood of the woman and her emotional state. For years, experts have argued that pregnant women who attended special courses and were interested in information on how to prepare psychologically for the birth of a child gave birth to healthy babies and in the process did not receive any injuries.

A woman who was able to pay attention to all these aspects during pregnancy will lead a more healthy lifestyle, will gain self-confidence, and many will even completely change their outlook. In any case, the answer to the question of how to prepare for the birth of a child, gives the expectant mother to approach the most important day of her life emotionally and physically prepared, healthy and with a sense of inner harmony. But some women, fascinated by this process, make a series of offensive mistakes.

False strategies in preparation for childbirth

So, imagine that you have to prepare for the birth of a child. What you need for this can be found in any female consultation. However, having plunged into the study of new information, women begin to try on certain roles or to choose models of behavior that in the end do not give the desired result. We will briefly describe them, and you try to honestly look at yourself from the side - perhaps you can also make the same mistakes.

Most often among future mothers marked "syndrome excellent." A woman turns into a kind of schoolgirl, diligently performing all the tasks. Such pregnant women always visit the doctor on time, special courses and are a source of information about childbirth. However, they perceive this process as a kind of exam, which must be approached with all the tickets learned. Women with this syndrome are confident that their diligence will literally deserve a successful outcome of childbirth without complications and other problems. They are captured by the process itself and the specifics of how to prepare for the child’s birthday, but at the same time they are absolutely not ready for reality.

The strategy of "rose-colored glasses" is unknowingly chosen by many expectant mothers. Doctors consider her one of the most dangerous for a woman and her child. Since during all nine months the pregnant woman ignores any important information, recommendations of doctors and even possible complications. The woman is sure that all this is nonsense and in fact she will be fine. Just because there can be no other way. Unfortunately, during birth, such expectant mothers often panic and interfere with the work of doctors.

The strategy of the "ostrich" is also very common to the displeasure of doctors. Having chosen it, women do not even think about when to start preparing for the birth of a child, as they experience genuine fear before this process. They are frightened by everything related to the upcoming births and they try to completely forget about this important event. Such future mothers usually get into the nearest hospital with contractions, sometimes not even holding an exchange card. What needs to be prepared for the birth of a child they are informed by the doctor from the duty team, because they know nothing about this side of their position.

Excessive zeal in preparing for the birth of a baby is also not a factor in ensuring a successful outcome. Psychologists often call such moms "bodybuilders." They are enthusiastically involved in sports, train the muscles of the pelvic floor, as they have heard from experts that this will help the baby go through the birth canal. These moms can spend hours in the pool to make their crumbs more comfortable. And as for the informative training, they can give odds to any obstetrician. A female “bodybuilder” daily “hangs” on the forums and reads any information that seems important to her. From the outside, this approach seems to be true, but experts do not see any advantages in it. They note that excessive exercise leads to muscle spasms during childbirth and prevent the baby from being born. And an excess of information does not allow to synthesize in the cerebral cortex a number of hormones necessary for the successful course of the labor process.

There are pregnant women who choose a control strategy. They are not interested in forums, but prefer serious scientific literature. Women read textbooks on obstetrics and the publication of eminent professors, so they try to control their pregnancy from and to. They literally make a schedule of what should happen to them and when. Even the birth itself, they want to go according to plan, not realizing that this is a natural process in which it is important to relax and submit to your body.

Concentration on external attributes is one of the wrong preparation strategies. A list of what is needed in preparation for the birth of a child, like mothers make up almost immediately after a visit to the doctor. Periodically, it is updated with new items. From the outside, it seems that such pregnant women are simply an inexhaustible source of energy. They manage to visit all the maternity hospitals to select the best, study the biography of obstetricians and enter into an agreement only with the most professional ones. In addition, they are able to travel around most of the children's stores in search of certain things or toys. Many relatives and friends admire such an energetic future mom, but in fact she is very tired from her work. For all the external, sometimes unnecessary bustle, a woman forgets about the emotional side of her condition. She does not think about how to mentally prepare for the birth of a child, and misses many important points related to pregnancy.

One of the most dangerous strategies for doctors is the adherence of a pregnant woman to one or another dogma. Based on fashion trends or someone's recommendations, she develops a detailed scenario for future genera. This may be water, home childbirth or participation in them of a particular doctor. For nine months, the chosen scenario becomes clearer, and the woman is ready to follow only him. Psychologically, she is not ready for changes that are quite likely. If this happens, the woman falls into a deep depression, which prevents recovery from childbirth.

Psychological preparation for the birth of a child: features and nuances

Earlier we listed four important aspects of preparing for the birth of a baby. The simplest of them can be considered informational and legal. The necessary information is easy to get from the Internet and specialized directories, but on other aspects I want to stay in more detail.

How to mentally prepare for the birth of a child? Practically all future mothers think about this to one degree or another. And this is not surprising, because despite the fact that during a pregnancy, a woman undergoes miraculous transformations, during this period she is prone to fears and emotionally unstable due to hormonal changes in the body.

Most often, future mothers are faced with mood changes, fear for the life of their baby and the fear of childbirth, as well as a reassessment of values. The last nuance introduces its own set of anxieties into the life of a woman, such as the fear of not becoming a good mother and so on. In order to psychologically prepare for the birth of a baby, you must clearly understand which phobias were imposed or borrowed, and which of them were generated by your consciousness. This can be done through communication. Do not withdraw into yourself and often spend time with people close and pleasant to you.

Very important for psychological preparation is to attend courses. According to the peculiarities of the course of your pregnancy and existing fears, you can choose a specific course that will help you cope with internal problems.

Do not forget about visualization. Set a goal within yourself - to give birth to a healthy and beautiful baby. Often imagine what it will be like, how you see it for the first time and what kind of emotions it will cause. Over time, fears will fade into the background, and inside there will be a feeling of joy at any thought about the child and childbirth.

Dispel all alarms and information will help. Usually, women are afraid of everything unknown, because preparing for the birth of a second child is usually easier and simpler, as the woman already knows exactly what will happen to her. Therefore, study the literature on maternity. But try to give preference to books where the text is written with a share of humor by those authors who have a positive experience of motherhood.

Physiological training

If your baby is planned, then, most likely, you devoted a lot of time to your physical condition in preparation for conceiving. During pregnancy, this should not be forgotten either, but for women who previously had a sedentary lifestyle, their new position should be the reason for introducing a number of exercises into the day regimen.

В первую очередь беременным показаны пешие прогулки. Они укрепляют мышечный тонус и способствуют поднятию иммунитета. К тому же, свежий воздух очень полезен ребенку.

На любом сроке беременности можно делать специальные упражнения. There are a lot of similar gymnastic complexes, but doctors advise to be engaged only in groups. An experienced specialist will be able to assess what kind of load you can be given without harm to health. Properly selected complex helps strengthen the cardiovascular system, harmonious development of the baby, reduces the risk of complications during childbirth and reduces the recovery period after them.

Experts recommend to make physical activity regular and combine it with swimming. It is considered the most effective workout for all muscles and at the same time a relaxation session for a woman.

Massage and breathing exercises: is it necessary to conduct such sessions

Imagine that you are in full swing preparing for the birth of a child. What you need to know pregnant about massage? There are a lot of rumors about this procedure, and some women even claim that massage is harmful to expectant mothers and leads to miscarriage. Obstetricians are ready to debunk all the myths and confidently talk about the benefits of massage for pregnant women. It relieves muscle tension and clamps, pain, reduces swelling and uplifting. However, it should be borne in mind that the procedure for future mothers should eliminate pressure and kneading, and be done while sitting or lying on one side.

Very few mothers pay proper attention to respiratory gymnastics. But her techniques help not only during childbirth, relieving pain, but also during pregnancy. In the last trimester, women often complain of shortness of breath and breathing problems, which is extremely harmful for the crumbs, depriving him of the necessary amount of oxygen. Therefore, breathing exercises are one of the best assistants to women in preparation for childbirth and should not be neglected.

Choosing a doctor and maternity hospital

Today, pregnant women can choose not only the maternity hospital, but also the doctor who will give birth to them. Therefore, preparing for the birth of a baby is accompanied by a painful search for a better place and specialist.

Most women prefer to conclude a service agreement with a medical institution in advance in order to be calm for their health and hospital conditions. Most often, the selection criteria are the following characteristics:

  • conditions in the prenatal, genitive and postpartum wards,
  • reviews about staff in the maternity ward,
  • professionalism of neonatologists,
  • the possibility of obtaining additional services
  • cost of delivery,
  • institution rating.

It would be useful to read reviews about the hospital on the forums. But it is worth taking into account the fact that all opinions are subjective and as a result may not coincide with your impressions during a personal visit to the institution.

Choosing a doctor is much more important for the expectant mother than the place where she will give birth. Even the most publicized doctor, with whom you personally are not comfortable, will not be able to facilitate the generic process. Usually, at first glance, a woman realizes that she is calm with this doctor. And in this case, childbirth will take place much easier, and will not leave unpleasant memories.

I want to say that you should not chase the most popular obstetricians. They are very busy, so they will not be able to give you proper attention and often treat their patients as a way to make money. Therefore, be sure to meet your doctor for a couple of months before giving birth, because in a stressful situation it will be easier for you to communicate with an already familiar person.

Together we are preparing for the birth of a child: what you need to know about childbirth partnership

The popularity of childbirth with a partner in our country is growing steadily. Most often, women choose the candidacy of husbands for this role, but there are cases of childbirth with mother, mother-in-law and even a friend. Doctors positively evaluate this practice, asserting that the partner gives the woman a feeling of calm and comfort. However, it is important to consider several factors before you go to a partnership labor:

  • The desire to participate in such an important process for a pregnant woman should be sincere. Neither the husband nor the other candidates for this role should not succumb to the entreaties of a woman if they do not want this.
  • Trust in the partner. The future mother must trust the person with whom she will give birth. This process may not show it from the best, therefore human relations are important here.
  • A pregnant husband or any other chosen partner should calmly treat blood. Nothing good will not be if at the crucial moment the one who is called upon to support a woman faints.
  • A certain cast of character. Your choice should be stopped on a person who has a certain influence on a pregnant woman, who knows the approach to her and has self-control. After all, childbirth is an unpredictable process, and it can proceed in different ways.

It is important to decide with a partner in advance, as he needs to listen to a course of lectures and pass several blood tests. The doctors will also need the results of a fluorography study from him.

Preparing for the trip to the hospital

What you need to prepare for the birth of a child from things? These questions concern all mummies without exception. Therefore, they buy up a lot of things, most of which are not even useful to them in the future. Experienced mothers advise for a month and a half before delivery to take care of buying a crib and stroller, as well as a dowry for the baby. It should include:

  • diapers of different sizes
  • diapers (disposable, flannel and thin),
  • clothes (a few caps, bodysuits, vests and romper suit, as well as a set of festive clothes for discharge),
  • hygiene products (wet wipes, talc, baby cream),
  • nipples and bottles.

All of these things need to prepare for use and put so that the young father knew about their whereabouts.

A month before the intended delivery you need to collect two bags: with documents and things intended for a trip to the maternity hospital. The package of necessary documents includes: passport, exchange card, insurance policy, birth certificate and contract for the provision of services in the hospital. The list of things will be longer. It should include a mobile phone, charger and dishes. Also put in the package two pairs of shoes (for shower and wards), bathrobe and nightgown, hygiene items (shower gel, necessary cosmetic minimum, wet wipes, puerperal pads with a high degree of absorption, disposable liners in the bra), disposable diapers, bandage (if you need it). You can also bring along drinking water without gas, bananas and a bar of chocolate in case of protracted labor.

The second child in the family: whether to prepare

In society, there is a perception that the second pregnancy and childbirth do not require preparation, as the mother already has some experience. However, it is precisely in it that the trap for a pregnant woman lies. The fact is that every pregnancy, even for the same girl, proceeds differently. This also applies to the birth process. Therefore, it cannot be expected that the second pregnancy will be identical to the first. In addition, the initial experience can be negative and a woman has very real fears that have a basis. Therefore, the question of how to prepare for the birth of a second child is quite relevant.

Doctors say that this should be done as carefully as in the case of the first pregnancy. But psychological training needs more attention to save a woman from phobias and fears. If the first pregnancy and childbirth left the most unpleasant experience, it would be useful to work with a qualified psychologist. Since such an injury can be a serious obstacle to a successful outcome a second time.

Separately, I would like to mention the preparation of the older child in the family for a new role. Not all the kids happily perceive this news, so the main task of the father and mother is the attitude of their child in a positive way towards the future brother or sister.

The ideal time for pregnancy

It happens that pregnancy comes suddenly and unexpectedly. Sometimes it is a pleasant surprise, and sometimes it happens very often that a long-awaited pregnancy does not occur. Parents podgadyvayut-counting favorable days, but there are no results. A little bit about what age is most successful for conception in men and women.

The optimal age for men to create offspring is 20-35 years. The functions of the body are in the most active stage, and the man has more opportunities to successfully complete a pleasant process. The older the man, the less chance of a successful attempt.

Favorable age for women is 25-35 years. The body is ready for fertilization and childbearing, and psychologically mature age allows a more rational approach to many issues of pregnancy and postpartum life.

The young age of the mother (up to 20 years) creates unfavorable psychological attitudes. The future mother is not yet aware of all her responsibilities and often the care of the newborn falls on the shoulders of the grandmothers. Knowing the age characteristics of both parents, you can plan a successful pregnancy.

Long before childbirth

Moms long before the birth of the baby are sitting on the forums and thematic sites. Are there any advantages to this? Sure. The positive experience of the parents will help the woman at certain stages, she winds up something on a mustache, some of the tips will write in a notebook for memory. But there are also disadvantages. So many horror stories written on the Internet. And often after reading horrors and unsuccessful experiences of mothers who have already given birth, a pregnant woman begins to panic, falling into a nervous state.

If the expectant mother is looking for any specific advice: what to take to the maternity hospital the products allowed and recommended for pregnant women, home improvement after childbirth, etc., then you need to look for exactly this topic, avoiding forums where it is very difficult to filter information. A large amount of negativity will not in the best way affect the psychological mood of the mother, will add negative emotions to an already tense organism.

Cooking a house

It would not be superfluous to introduce a man to help his half in preparing the house for replenishment. First of all, we note the purchase of the necessary large-sized goods.

Without which we can not do:

  1. Cot for the baby.
  2. Chair for babies. You can postpone the purchase for several months, although many models allow the use of high chairs from zero months. Such an option is a good acquisition, since you can take the baby with you to the kitchen, look after him while cooking, and he won’t be bored watching you tinker at the stove.
  3. Stroller. Even if you prefer a sling and do not intend to use the stroller, buy one. In those moments when you will need to be replaced, any other family member can handle the walk with the child. Do not deprive your man of pleasure to walk with the heir.
  4. Baby changing table. Although many without it, but still, save your back. Dressing up the baby on the bed is hard. In the first months you will do it very often and feel the strain on your back, provided that it will be in tension from the daily carrying of karapuz — feeding, bathing and so on.
  5. Car seat If you have a car and you are going to use it and make joint trips with your baby, buy one. The safety of your child is more expensive than the cost of all the car seats in the world. Men will be good advisers in this matter and will help you choose the right and reliable option.

Hygiene products

Having decided on large-sized purchases, we will turn our eyes to less dimensional, but not less important goods for washing.

  • Bath tub

If you plan to teach your baby to swim from the first month, then you will not need it. For parents who are not ready for such experiments, it will be safer and quieter to purchase a bath.

By the way, a little grown up baby can swim in a circle with pleasure. This surprisingly convenient device not only gives the child more opportunities for activity and develops his muscles, but also facilitates the bathing process for parents.

Large towel - after bathing, small - for washing. Take care that the material is natural, and the pile is pleasant and delicate to the touch. Baby's sensitive skin is extremely susceptible to coarse tissues.

  • Baby Liquid Soap

Or a special shampoo for safe and delicate washing of your baby.

  • Sponge for more thorough cleansing of the body.

Sleep items

  1. Mattress. It is better to take orthopedic.
  2. Linens. Cotton, of course.
  3. Bumpers. You can do without it, but it is safer, especially they will be relevant in the period when the child reaches the age of independent rising. Soft sides will secure from bruises with frequent falls.
  4. Nipple. This is again the business of each individual parent, to buy or not. If the baby is breastfed, the sucking reflex and needs will be fully satisfied. With artificial feeding, you can use the nipple, so that the baby “sucked” plenty and then did not suck something else, such as a finger, although it is possible when using the nipple.

Cosmetic and therapeutic agents

  • Cream under the diaper
  • Powder
  • Zelenka or baneotsin for processing navel
  • Baby oil for the treatment of dry skin
  • Wet wipes
  • Cotton sticks for ear and nose hygiene
  • Diapers (disposable or reusable). Here everyone makes their choice in favor of one or another species.

You will take a part to the maternity hospital, so stretch everything in advance, then you will have no time to do this.

  • Overalls or sliders + vests.

More convenient option with kombezami. It is always convenient to take a toddler in your arms and not straightened holding up pants.

It is better to take 5-6 pieces, because your crumb will often get them dirty, and such an optimal amount will eliminate the need for frequent washing.

You can take cotton, you can use disposable. It all depends on finances and opportunities to quickly wash and dry everything if necessary.

  • Caps and caps

Everything looks for the season. If spring-summer, do not type warm hats. You will have time to buy them later. Winter kids just need wool thick hats. Ideal if a mom or grandmother binds them to a child. Such clothes will warm and even cure for colds. At any age, love and care - the best medicine.

  • Top jumpsuit

We look at the season. Additionally, we buy a hoody if necessary. Fleece inner overalls over cotton + warm winter overalls - your baby will withstand the most severe frosts. But do not forget, it is necessary to start walking with the baby gradually, especially if it is winter and cold.

A man and a woman have reached the age of responsibility and are ready to accept a new person in their young family. This person will be still very tiny, and therefore requiring care and care. Taking home life into their own hands even before the birth of the child, the parents will take off part of the burden from their shoulders. Refer to our list, and you will greatly facilitate your life in preparing the house to receive the long-awaited "guests".

Maternity hospital

The first cry of a newborn, the first breath, the first touch on the little hands, the first attachment to the chest is what it is worth living for, what it takes to be a woman. Experienced pain, fear, experiences quickly go into the past and will be negligible compared to the value of a new life.

When a woman recovers her strength after giving birth, a baby is brought to her and, if desired, can leave him in her ward. And here everything is forgotten: both what was read and what was heard. It remains only a tiny helpless little man to whom it is terrible to touch, nor what to change or wash. Who will help in this situation? Of course, experienced staff at the hospital. How to swaddle a baby, how to feed, how to put to bed, whether there is enough colostrum (comes before the appearance of milk), why spit up? They will answer all this and many other “how and why”, they will show and tell everything, and not once. Do not hesitate to ask something again. One can learn how to swaddle not from the first, or from the second, or even from the third time. Gradually, everything becomes familiar, and it already seems that coping with the crumbs is not so difficult.

From home to home

Finally, the long-awaited day of discharge. Bouquets of roses, lots of greetings, smiles and happy eyes of loved ones, a festive table. Everyone wants to look at the child, hold him in his arms, help his mother. But it takes several hours, and the newly-minted parents are left alone with their child. And here everything is again, like the first time. As if there wasn’t these 5–6 days in the maternity hospital. Washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning - all this did not have to do there.

At home for newborns need special care. The baby needs to be bathed every day in boiled water, to treat the umbilicals, to wipe the ears and eyes, to clean the nose. And then there's this intestinal colic! And, not yet regaining strength after childbirth, a tired, exhausted mom, until 4–5 am, walks around the apartment with a constantly screaming baby in her arms. It also happens. Newborn babies do not always sleep peacefully in their beds, waking up only to feed or change the diaper.

Useful tips for young mothers

  • Prepare things for the newborn in advance. Diapers, blouses, vests, sliders, scratches, caps should be washed and ironed on both sides (this is especially important until the baby has completely healed the navels).
  • Позаботьтесь о предметах, необходимых для ухода за малышом. Зеленка, присыпка, простерилизованное растительное масло, ватные палочки и диски, градусники для измерения температуры тела, воздуха и воды.
  • Заранее продумайте, как будет проходить купание малыша. You need to buy a bath, prepare a large pot for boiling water, decide on a place, for example, in the bathroom or in the kitchen.
  • Decide how it will be easier to go for a walk. Well, if the house has an elevator, and the stroller fits there. Otherwise, you need to somehow adapt, for example, leave the stroller somewhere in the stairwell, but this involves certain risks.
  • Consider in advance where the laundry will be dried. If the baby’s birth time wasn’t necessary on warm summer days, the problem of drying diapers can even cover the problem of washing and ironing. This applies primarily to those parents who are supporters of reusable gauze diapers.
  • If possible, ask someone from the family to help in caring for the baby in the first days after birth. Of course, it’s good if there is an opportunity not to leave the young mother with the baby alone for at least two weeks after giving birth. After all, she needs a little rejuvenation, get stronger after the difficult process of birth of the baby. At this time, more than ever need the help of her husband and grandparents.
  • Learn to plan your day. Of course, it is very difficult to plan your day with a newborn and a baby. But over time, the small child produces a definite schedule, its time for feeding and sleeping, which it is worth adjusting to. Then the young mother can find a little bit of time for herself.

Do not be afraid of the difficulties that certainly accompany the birth of a child. All moms came across them, and everyone found a way to cope with it. In any case, communication with the child will give the woman a disproportionately greater joy and happiness than hassle. With the birth of the baby themselves are the answers to many questions. Why do we live in this world? How much do our parents love us? How strong are we able to love ourselves? To see the first smile and the first steps of the baby, to support the little man for many years, learn to live with him - this is the happiness of motherhood.