12 best cheap drops for eye strain for adults and children


Now in the pharmacy chains you can buy a lot of medicines without a prescription, and among them there are a lot of eye drops. In humans, there is not only ophthalmologic diseases, but often various symptoms — burning, redness, and visual discomfort — are also found in a healthy person.

This can be in windy weather, with various air pollution, for example, when burning leaves in spring or autumn. This material is intended to help the simple reader who does not have a medical education.

Eye drops for fatigue and redness are recommended for people who have an increased strain on the eyes, and most often it is computer work. The second category is the drivers, who for a long time load their eyes, including at night.

Also requires special care after a stay in the solarium, in the event that a person is washed with hard water from the tap, and in many other life situations. For each drop will be a description of the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the average cost. The material was created in March 2018, so prices are valid at this time.

Vizin classic

Drops are shown to people who can be perfectly healthy from the point of view of ophthalmology. At the same time, their eyes experience an increased load of adverse environmental factors. These are fog, aerosols and urban smog, dust and windy weather. Also, Vizin eye drops are used for various allergic processes, which also appear as cutting and redness.

The active ingredient is tetrizoline, its chloride salt. The mechanism of action of drops affects the adrenergic vegetative receptors. As a result, tissue edema is reduced, and their permeability to the liquid part of blood plasma. Also, the drug exhibits vasoconstrictor action. It is necessary to drip one drop in the eye, and no more than three times a day. Produced by Vizin by Keata Pharma in Canada. One bottle - dropper has a volume of 15 ml, the price - 350 rubles. Also, the drug is available in separate plastic ampoules for single use. The volume of each ampoule for instillation into both eyes is 0.5 ml, there are 10 of them in a package and cost 400 rubles. per set.

Advantages and disadvantages

Perhaps the best advantage of these drops is speed. Unpleasant symptoms are reduced in almost one to two minutes, and the effect can last up to 8 hours after a single instillation. Also Vizin well combined with all types of contact correction.

Limitations to the use of disadvantages include a ban on the use of the drug in young children who have not reached the age of two, as well as if there are pronounced contraindications. These include cataracts, the destructive process of the cornea, glaucoma, and severe cardiovascular pathology. All this to some extent limits the use of drops in the form of self-medication. If you use Vizin for longer than 4 days, you need to consult a doctor.

These drops are capable of pronounced moisturize the surface of the cornea. The composition contains hyaluronic acid, which in our body also lubricates the articular surfaces of cartilage, giving them mobility and silent movement. Also in the composition of the eye drops there is a special polymer, and in combination with it, hyaluronic acid is capable of forming a high-quality protective film on the surface of the cornea of ​​the eye.

Inorganic salts, which are also present in Oxial, allow you to maintain normal conditions, and completely mimic normal tear fluid. This allows you to improve the metabolism in the depths of the cornea under the surface of the protective film.

The indication for the use of eye drops is eye irritation, redness and visual fatigue. The drug produces the Italian company Tubilix Pharma, in bottles of 10 ml. Dig in Oxial one or two drops in each eye daily.

View-Komod, solution for moistening

These eye drops are also a quality moisturizer for keratoprotection. The drug acts through an ideally viscous, aqueous solution of povidone. It adheres well to the surface of the cornea, showing its adhesive properties. As a result, there is a transparent film, which is well opposed to blinking and does not interfere with the perception of visual images.

Drops are also indicated for various conditions of ocular dryness and impaired lacrimal metabolism, as well as for the prevention and use of various contact lenses. Doctors recommend using the drug no more often than 5 drops daily in one eye, and if the patient wants to use the remedy more often, then you should visit an ophthalmologist. The drug is manufactured by Ursapharm Arzneimittel GmbH (Germany), in bottles, 10 ml per pack.

Natural tear

Natural tear is available in very many modifications and forms, it is quite possible to use with various complaints of discomfort, pain, feeling of sand, and other signs of eye fatigue. In fact, this is not about any donor tears that “wept”, but about a rather complex in composition water-soluble polymer system.

These eye drops compensate for the lack of natural tear fluid, contribute to the moistening of the corneal tissue and, interacting with their own human tear, increase the stability of the tear film. One of the most famous manufacturers of natural tears is the Belgian company ALKON, which produces the drug in 15 ml bottles.

Fedorov eye drops

By dietary supplements (BAA) to improve vision are eye drops according to Fedorov. They are used for non-specific effects on the visual analyzer with the preventive and therapeutic purposes. They contain water enriched with silver ions, providing an antiseptic effect, honey, which enhances local immunity and has antifungal activity, a high-energy compound adenosine, which improves metabolism of intraocular tissues, as well as aloe extract and vitamins: ascorbic acid and B6.

This drug is indicated for various eye diseases, when vision deteriorates at dusk, in the complex therapy of diabetes mellitus in the presence of diabetic retinopathy, as well as for the prevention of vision deterioration under marked loads. It is necessary to apply drops from 2 to 3 times a day, for a month, digging into the conjunctival sac one or two drops. The drug is produced by the Dream Constellation Association, and its cost is about 500 rubles. in one pack in 10 ml.

Proper use and selection

Drugs for fatigue do not require a doctor's prescription, but self-selection can be erroneous and ineffective. Without consulting an ophthalmologist, it is safe to use formulations supplemented with vitamins or moisturizing. Eye drops having such ingredients will help with dryness and fatigue.

Particularly in need of help are people whose professions are associated with enhanced concentration, working behind the screens of electronic devices, inside dusty areas. Drops designed to combat eye fatigue are useful for drivers, doctors, builders, with frequent wear of glasses or contact lenses.

Drops, shown for fatigue and muscular tension of our eyes, can be divided into the following types:

  • vasoconstrictor - relieve swelling and redness of the choroid,
  • moisturizing - useful for dry mucous membranes,
  • regenerating (restoring) - from microdamages of the membranes.

In order not to weaken the effect of the therapeutic drug, read the eye instillation technique:

  1. Wash your hands; they should be dry and clean.
  2. Lie down or sit down, it will be more convenient for you.
  3. Take the bottle in your hand for a few minutes to warm it.
  4. Remove contact lenses if you wear them.
  5. Put your head back, with your index finger, touch the lower eyelid and pull it away. Should get a pocket.
  6. With the other hand, take the bottle, hold it a few centimeters to the eye, without touching the eyelashes.
  7. Direct your gaze upwards, drop the drops into the resulting pocket (usually 1-2 drops).
  8. Rotate a little eyeball to the sides, cover the eyelids and gently press on the inner corner of the eye. This will not allow drops to fall into the nasal cavity.
  9. Lenses can be put on after 15–20 minutes.

If you use several types of funds, the gap between them should be 15 minutes.

The best drugs

The range of eye remedies that cope with fatigue is quite large, so we will examine in more detail how to make a qualitative choice.

Average price: 131 p.

Release form: bottles of 5, 10 ml, 4%.

Analogs: "Taurine", "Tauforin", "Dibikor".

Application: 1-2 drops 2 times a day.

The drug with regenerating properties, contains sulfur and taurine amino acid. It stimulates the healing of eye tissues when they are damaged, reduces intraocular pressure, normalizes cell nutrition. "Taufon" can be used for tired eyes.

In the instructions for use "Taufona" it is shown in:

  • corneal injury
  • cataract
  • glaucoma
  • retinal dystrophy (violation of its structure and function).

Average price: 337 p.

Product: in bottles of 15 ml, 15%.

Analogs: "Montecizin", "Visoptik", "Octilia".

Apply it should be no more than 3 p. per day, up to 4 days.

The tool has a vasoconstrictor effect, reduces tissue swelling. The composition has tetrizolin. The action begins after 60 seconds and lasts about 8 hours. Not absorbed from the injection site.

Drops are effective against swelling, conjunctival redness, as reducing stress, eye fatigue from bright light. "Visin" is perfectly used for allergic reactions.

  • glaucoma
  • under two years old
  • corneal dystrophy.

It is necessary to be careful in case of cardiovascular problems (arrhythmia, hypertension, IHD), diabetes mellitus, pheochromocytoma.

In pharmacies, Vizin Classic and Vizin Pure Tear can be offered. The second option is shown as a drop in the eye from fatigue from working behind a computer screen. Its main action is aimed at eliminating dryness.

Release form: bottles, 10 ml.

Analogs: "Oksial", "Hyphenosis", "Hilo-Chest".

Use during the day as needed, 1-2 drops in the conjunctival sac.

The solution is based on medicinal herbs (chamomile, clover, cornflower). It is used as a drop to relax the eyes, moisturizing the cornea. The action of herbs helps to reduce the spasm of the intraocular muscles, so they work as relieving tension and fatigue after long labor.

After instillation a film is formed. It protects mucous membranes from harmful factors (strong wind, dust, ultraviolet). Especially shown is the drug when wearing contact optics, working behind a computer screen.

It quickly restores corneal damage. It has a hypoallergenic effect, but can be poorly tolerated by people with increased sensitivity to plant raw materials.

Price: 203–552 p., Depending on the volume.

There are no analogues in composition.

Form release: bottles of 15, 10, 5 and 3 ml, mono doses in tubes.

Application: 1-2 drops 1-3 times a day. You can dig in at any time of the day. Side effects were not observed, sometimes individual intolerance is noted.

Refers to vitamin drops for the eyes. Contains pyridoxine, thiamine. Can be used before, after and while wearing lenses. Promotes hydration, reducing friction between CL and mucous. Due to this, eye fatigue is reduced, such drops are good even as cleaners from protein deposits on contact optics.

Do not have a chemical effect on the mucous membrane of the eyes. Perhaps this is the best eye drops for fatigue and redness. Shown with dry eye syndrome. Remove burning, itching, discomfort due to the creation of a protective film. Not absorbed into the blood, standing out with a tear.

Vizomitin (Skulachev's drops)

Average price: 499 p.

Product form: 5 ml bottles.

It has no analogues in its composition.

Application: 1-2 drops 3 times a day.

It protects the cornea well, therefore it is indicated for cataracts. This is the only drug that reduces its turbidity. It increases the stability of the tear film, provides protection from UV rays, reduces eye muscle fatigue.

Effective antioxidant, reduces inflammation. It has a moisturizing effect, as it restores the production of tears, its qualitative composition. The drug not only eliminates the symptoms, but acts on the very cause of the development of disturbing complaints. May give the iris a blue tint.


Budget price does not always mean poor quality. The list of inexpensive but effective drops for fatigue include:

Average price: 25 p.

Form release: dropper bottle of 5, 10 ml.

Application: 1-2 drops 2-4 times per day.

Sulfur-containing inexpensive tool improves tissue metabolism. Appointed by ophthalmologists for the treatment of cataracts. It activates the restoration of the eye membranes, so it will be useful for people with CL, with conjunctival microtraumas from dust or smoke.

Average price: 40 p.

Release form: bottles, 10 ml.

Excellent inexpensive drops, coping with fatigue, redness of the mucous membranes of the eyes during their dryness. A protective layer is created on the surface of the cornea. According to its characteristics are similar to a human tear. Have a high viscosity, there may be a feeling of gluing eyelids. Instill 1-2 drops 4 to 8 times a day, after removing the lens.

Licontin Comfort

Average price: 102 p.

Release form: bottles of 18 ml, 120 ml.

Application: before putting on lenses 1-3 drops in the conjunctival sac.

The composition includes isotonic solution and chlorhexidine. These are pretty cheap eye drops. Their action is aimed at combating dryness, eye fatigue, especially when wearing contact optics, working at a computer. Its effect is due to the creation on the mucosal surface of a thin water-soluble film, which reduces the friction of the lens. Suitable for all types of CL.

Average price: 200 p.

Release form: bottles, 5 ml.

Application: 2-3 times a day, 1-2 drops.

Excellent antioxidant, strengthens the capillary wall. Reduces the permeability of the small vessels of the eye, reducing swelling, fatigue and redness of the mucous membrane. Used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. The drug protects the sclera when wearing contact lenses.


Average price: 500 p.

Form release: 0.45 ml capsules.

Application: 1-2 drops 1 to 3 times per day, taking into account the age of the child.

German homeopathic medicine. Among its characteristics are anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antimicrobial effect. It enhances the power of eye cells, relieves tension, accommodation spasm (fatigue of intraocular muscles with prolonged concentration), thereby improving eyesight. It has no side effects. Apply even to newborns.

Perfectly nourish children's eyes with droplets of vitamins. One of them is "Taufon", which was discussed above. For kids, it is useful for its wound-healing abilities, soft action.

The following two representatives are created exclusively for children.

Rohto child

Average price: 430 r.

Release form: bottles, 10 ml.

Application: 1 drop 1 time per day.

Japanese drug with a delicate effect, designed to meet children's physiology. Does not contain preservatives, dyes. Its pH is close to a natural tear. The composition is saturated with vitamin B6, L-asparaginata.

Rohto help from fatigue when watching TV, long games at the computer. Removes eye irritation from swimming in sea or chlorinated water.

Sante kodomo

Average price: 485 p.

Release form: bottles, 15 ml.

Application: 1 drop 2–5 times a day.

Children from 4 months.

Includes taurine, vitamin B6. It has no contraindications, but does not combine with other drops. Quickly reduce tiredness, itching, eye irritation. Relax the muscles responsible for the focus of the pupil.

There are many eye drops for fatigue. We tried to present the most effective and affordable. Write below what drops of tiredness you use, why you consider them most suitable, share with friends if the article was useful for you.

Why eyes are tired

In any field of activity during a long, intense load on the visual organs, for example, reading, driving, working at a computer, eye fatigue is manifested. Irritation and inflammation can cause too bright or dim light. Muscle fibers are in constant tension and do not get relaxation, which leads to pain and eye fatigue.

Drops from eye fatigue are prescribed, as a rule, if the painful sensations are caused by overstressed muscles. It should be understood that eye problems also occur for other reasons, which include infection of the mucous membrane, the occurrence of eye pressure. Symptoms of eye fatigue are:

  • feeling of dryness
  • redness,
  • feeling of tension
  • itching and burning.

How do eye drops for fatigue

The section of pharmacology that studies the effect of eye drops is called pharmacodynamics. It gives an idea of ​​what changes have occurred in the body after applying the tool. Все капли для глаз относятся к симптоматическим препаратам, которые снимают отек тканей и обладают сосудосуживающим эффектом.A noticeable result manifests itself in 5-10 minutes, and the effect lasts 4-8 hours.

Moisturizing drops from fatigue, as a rule, have a simple chemical composition. It is based on the medicinal active substance, which should speed up the regeneration process. The tool improves access to the tissues of the eye of oxygen and contributes to the narrowing of blood vessels. In addition to the main substance, the composition of the droplets include auxiliary components. Such substances help to avoid reproduction and development of bacterial flora.

Eye drops are drugs that have poor absorbability in the body, act locally. Anti-congestive and vasoconstrictor agents have a low degree of absorption. They are aimed at:

  • eliminating itching and burning,
  • reduction of conjunctival swelling,
  • reduction of tearing,
  • removal of pain,
  • elimination of redness and fatigue,
  • restoration of the mucous membrane,
  • help with cataracts, sun damage to the eyes.

Indications for use

There are different types of eye drops, some of which should be used exclusively in the case of a real illness, and not as a preventive agent. The main indication for the use of the drug are symptomatic signs of the disease. Medicines of this type are needed by anyone who sits at the computer for a long time or feels pain in the eyes, burning, itching, if there are broken blood vessels.

When eye pain becomes the cause of pain, and not a chronic infectious disease, it is better to use fortified drops. They are equally well suited to those who suffer from nearsightedness or farsightedness. You will need to use the drug regularly for three months, after which you need a rest for 1 month. It is worth remembering that eye drops treat the symptoms, but do not eliminate the root cause of fatigue.

Causes and symptoms of tired and red eyes

But redness can also occur when prolonged lack of sleep or exposure to the eyes of adverse weather conditions (hypothermia, wind, ultraviolet radiation).

In people with dry eye syndrome, weakened eye muscles, and ophthalmologic inflammatory or infectious diseases, such symptoms appear faster and are more pronounced.

The violation may additionally be accompanied by a burning sensation, a sensation of pain and a sense of presence of foreign bodies under the eyelids.

Often misting may occur with eye fatigue.

Before trying to get rid of these symptoms with eye drops, It is important to be examined by an oculist.

After all, redness and eye fatigue may not be an independent phenomenon, but signs of serious pathologies that require an integrated approach and using only moisturizing and protective solutions will not be enough.

How to choose and apply eye drops for tiredness and redness?

In other cases, only a specialist who prescribes drops for eye fatigue can recommend drugs and they are divided into the following types:

  • vitamin remedieswhich have a protective and firming effect on the cornea and conjunctiva,
  • some antibacterial drugs, which eliminate redness that occurs in infectious diseases, as well as provide an additional protective and moisturizing effect for dry eye syndrome,
  • drugs that have a healing effect,
  • vasoconstrictor agents, quickly eliminating redness of the eyes (used for short-term use, as over time, addiction to such solutions is developed),
  • antihistaminesanti-edema effects
  • moisturizersthat do not have significant therapeutic effects and are used exclusively in case of overstrain of the organs of vision.

Before picking up the bottle with the product, you should wash your hands, and the tip of the bottle itself during the instillation time should not touch the surface of the eye.

These precautions are necessary to prevent infection in the eyes.

Bury such solutions preferably in the supine position.

But if this is not possible - it is enough to take a sitting position and tilt the head back so that when instillation the solution does not leak out, but is evenly distributed along the conjunctiva.

List of the most effective drugs

Eye drops for fatigue and redness on the market in large quantities. Different solutions are made on the basis of different components, but very close analogues are found among such preparations.

  1. Kornergel.
    It is recommended to use when discomfort symptoms appear during long work at the computer, when the cornea is reddened and when unpleasant sensations arise as a result of using contact optics.
    The drug is used 3-5 times a day (if necessary).
  2. Vizin.
    One of the most popular means that relieves fatigue, providing a vasoconstrictor and anesthetic effect.
    The effect of the drug appears immediately after instillation. Bury the drug can be three times a day.
  3. Sistaine.
    The drug is based on polymers, similar in characteristics and composition with a human tear.
    Means when instilled forms a protective film and preventing drying of the tissues, as well as protecting them from external influence.
    It is enough to use drops 1-2 times a day.
  4. Inox.
    The drug relieves fatigue and has a moisturizing effect.
    It helps well if a person has to stay at the computer all the day.
    The preparation is instilled as necessary, but not more often than four times a day.
  5. Vizomitin.
    The product is based on active substances that moisturize eye tissue and stimulate metabolic processes in them.
    Due to this, the drug has not only a protective, but also a regenerating effect. Drops buried three times a day.
  6. Artelac.
    The drug includes hyaluronic acid, which has a light therapeutic effect and saturates the eye tissue with microelements necessary for normal activity.
    Usually, drops are used 3-5 times a day, instilled one drop in each eye.
    But in case of serious problems, a specialist can prescribe an individual course of treatment with a certain dosage and frequency of instillation.
  7. Vitafacol.
    A drug that normalizes metabolic processes and has a beneficial effect on the cornea and lens.
    Often the drug is prescribed as an additional agent for the treatment of cataracts.
    But with severe chronic eye fatigue can be used as a restorative drug, without causing addiction.
    The optimal dosage is three-time instillation of two drops in each eye.
  8. Blink intensive.
    The tool well helps to eliminate redness of the eyes, which is not pathological in nature, but occurs due to the expansion of blood vessels with excessive eyestrain.
    The medicine has a long lasting effect and additional moisturizing effect.
    And due to the absence of chemically active substances, drops can be applied throughout the day an unlimited number of times according to your own feelings.
  9. Oftolik.
    Moisturizing solution that has a moisturizing effect on the cornea.
    It is advisable not to use such a tool without the approval of the ophthalmologist, since some components of the drug can cause allergic reactions.
    The drug is instilled no more than two times a day, one or two drops.
  10. Riboflavin.
    The preparation of strengthening and immunostimulating action, which can be used both to relieve symptoms of fatigue and to prevent ophthalmologic diseases.
    It is enough to bury the product in the morning and in the evening one drop at a time.
  11. Irifrin.
    Drops of complex action, intended for the treatment of eye symptom, soothing tissue of the vascular network, due to which redness is removed.
    The tool is used once a day every other day - this is enough to stimulate the regenerative mechanisms and eliminate the symptoms of fatigue.
  12. Visor.
    The tool is almost complete analogue of vizin, but contains additional vitamin supplements that help strengthen the tissues of the eye.
    Bury such means four times a day at regular intervals.
    Usually the drug is not used for long-term use: a week after the application, you must take a break of several days.
  13. Visoptic.
    The optimal drug for people using contact optics.
    If when wearing lenses during the day fatigue accumulates in the eyes - you can bury such a drug up to three times a day when discomfort appears.
    It is worth considering that the drug is not suitable for everyone: if after two days the negative symptoms do not disappear, you should choose a similar drug.
    Also not recommended for long-term use of the tool: you can bury the drops for four consecutive days, after which you need to do the same for the duration of the break.

Cheap funds

There is no clear answer to this question, and although Often, budget segment drugs do not differ in effectiveness from costly funds., the final choice remains for the specialist, because the point is not in the price of drops, but in their composition.

But if the redness of the eyes is due precisely to fatigue, and not infectious or dystrophic lesions, it is possible to purchase inexpensive drugs that also show excellent results.

Among these ophthalmic solutions emit:

  1. Oksial.
    The composition of the droplets include electrolytes and hyaluronic acid. The same components are present in the composition of human tears.
    Therefore, the solution interacts well with the tissues of the cornea and quickly forms a protective film that does not reject, wash off or evaporate for a long time.
    Drops can be used at your discretion from one to 5-6 times a day.
  2. Oftagel.
    The agent immediately after instillation forms an additional protective layer, not connecting with the tear fluid, but preventing its evaporation from the conjunctival surface.
    Drops can be instilled up to four times throughout the day.
  3. Octylia
    Anti-edema solution that removes redness of the eyes.
    Despite good reviews and high efficiency, it is not recommended to use the drug without the approval of the attending physician because of the large number of side effects.
    In the absence of contraindications, dropping can be instilled up to three times a day, two drops each.
  4. Natural tear.
    The most "neutral" solution, but it is not always suitable for relieving the symptoms of fatigue under heavy loads.
    Nevertheless, it can be used in case of problems with eye moistening, and this is one of the signs of eye strain.
    There are no restrictions on the number of drug instillations per day, however, if the medicine does not help during the first 3-4 days of use, it should be discarded, since there will be no further effect.

Another inexpensive remedy that can help eliminate eye redness and fatigue is Vita Yodurol drops.

However, by and large this is a vitamin remedy that helps to eliminate the problem by strengthening the eye tissue and is not a symptomatic remedy.

It is enough to bury such a remedy up to three times a day, the duration of the drug use is arbitrary.


However, many of these solutions not appointed for the following disorders and diseases:

  • high blood pressure
  • vascular fragility leading to bleeding,
  • bronchial asthma,
  • allergic to components of the drops,
  • bleeding disorders.

The list of contraindications is not limited to these violations - it may be longer for some drugs.

While certain means (especially moisturizing action) no contraindications at all.

But it can only be determined precisely by studying the instructions for use for a particular drug.

Useful video

From this video, you will learn how to quickly take away the fatigue from the eyes of the computer:

Universalfast and efficient there are no drops from tiredness and redness of the eyes, especially when you consider that often these manifestations speak of more serious diseases.

For this reason, having discovered such symptoms, one should not rely solely on such ophthalmic solutions.

In cases when treatment is really required, you have to use a whole range of drugswho are appointed by the attending physician.

Areas of use

Drops from eye fatigue are used for symptomatic and temporary secondary hyperemia, which develops as a result of contact with an irritant. Drugs stop fatigue, eliminate lacrimation, eliminate symptoms characteristic of allergic conjunctivitis.

Moisturizing eye drops relieve fatigue, eliminate lacrimation, alleviate the condition with allergic conjunctivitis.

Moisturizing eye drops are recommended for all people who spend a long time at the computer, suffer from dryness, redness, cracks, often complain of bursting blood vessels. The computer syndrome does not go away on its own, and it gives a lot of discomfort. The most popular eye drops are vitamin and moisturizing (the first are shown for various visual impairments such as hyperopia and myopia, and the second are universal).

Types and classifications of drugs

The main types of eye drops are:

  1. Vasoconstrictor - they eliminate itching and flushing.
  2. Moisturizers - special solutions used to moisturize the surface of the mucous membrane of the eye.
  3. Stress relieving - they relax the muscles of the eyes.
  4. Against dryness and inflammation - The use of these drops is indicated for people who wear contact lenses.

All drugs are sold without a prescription, but the ophthalmologist must still select them.

Drops must be chosen by an ophthalmologist, taking into account the characteristics of the pathological condition, the reasons that caused it, other factors. For example, in some visual impairments, the vessels involuntarily narrow and expand, as a result of which pathological changes are aggravated and progressing, the risks of developing allergic reactions increase. If after starting the use of a drug, you noted symptoms such as pain that was not there before, swelling, itching, hyperemia, inability to open your eyes normally, the use of drops should be stopped immediately. Consult your doctor and he will determine the causes of this condition, as well as select another drug.

Preparations contain different components, and some of them can cause individual intolerance. In the event of adverse reactions during treatment, contact your doctor immediately.

A list of the most popular drops for eye strain:

  1. Inox - an effective remedy for dryness, redness, fatigue and stress resulting from prolonged computer work or reading (especially small fonts). The active ingredients of the drug relax the muscles of the eye and moisturize the mucous membrane. Apply Inox drops can be courses or permanently.

Recommendations for use

To maximize the result from the use of drops, follow the following principles:

  1. Before use, the container with the solution is shaken.
  2. No more than 2-3 drops are instilled into one eye at a time — more simply cannot fit in a lacrimal sac.
  3. After the introduction of the drug, close your eyes and make them a few circular movements.
  4. The dosage is selected based on individual characteristics - it would be best to consult a doctor for its determination.
  5. If you use the drug not only to relieve fatigue, but also for cataract therapy, the treatment time will be at least three months. The course for glaucoma - 60 days, eye dystrophy - up to 40 days. You can take breaks.

Effective therapy depends largely on compliance with the rules of use of the drug - do not ignore them.

On sale is a wide range of drugs for eye strain. When choosing them, one should take into account the composition, active components, individual intolerance of certain substances, the testimony of a doctor. Most drops are safe and do not cause allergic reactions. Noticed any unpleasant symptoms during treatment? Consult a doctor.

Who is at risk

The symptoms may not yet be so pronounced, but preventive measures should be taken now.. Eye drops for dryness and fatigue will help peopleat risk:

  • Workers who spend most of the day at the computer. With a constant look at the monitor, people blink less often, they try to get closer to the screen, their eyes may get tired. This leads to dryness and strain.
  • Persons whose organs of vision are subjected to heavy workload, for example, welders and drivers.
  • Contact lens wearers.
  • People older than forty years, since about this time age-related changes begin.
  • Residents of unfavorable in terms of ecology areas, for example, living near busy highways.
  • Patients with a high risk of developing glaucoma and cataracts, they must use vitamin preparations.
  • People with increased eye sensitivity.
  • Employees who spend most of their time on the street.
  • Women fond of decorative cosmetics.

Varieties and principle of action of eye drops

Depending on the main negative factors and the response to them of the organs of vision, there are several types of prepraat. There is no universal remedy, you need to choose a medicine that helps to eliminate a specific problem.

  • Moisturizing preparations promote natural moisture and increase the density of the mucous membrane, allowing you to get rid of the feeling of dryness. There are special drops for those who wear contact lenses.
  • Eye drops from dry and tired eyes with vitamins moisturize and restore visual acuity. Recommended for people who spend a long time at a computer or reading.
  • Vasoconstrictor agents. Vessels expand due to constant load, there is a high risk of injury. Due to the use of vasoconstrictor means redness passes.
  • Antibacterial drugs will help in case the discomfort is caused by an infection.
  • Antihistamines deal with the symptoms of allergies: dryness or increased tearing, redness.
  • Healing drugs stimulate the process of tissue regeneration.
  • Therapeutic compositions are selected by the doctor on the basis of examination and accurate diagnosis.

Effective drugs for eye fatigue

Often, vision deteriorates due to eye fatigue, and not due to their illness. The condition mostly occurs when working behind the monitor. Rejection of the achievements of civilization is hardly possible, so eye drops will come to the rescue when working at a computer. They are safe, have a moisturizing effect.

  • "Taufon". The active ingredient is the sulfur-containing amino acid taurine, which promotes tissue regeneration in diseases characterized by slower metabolism. Drops prescribed for injuries of the cornea, some forms of cataracts and glaucoma. They are also effective in relieving fatigue.
  • "Visin". The active ingredient is tetrizolin, which has a vasoconstrictor and anti-edema effect. It is addictive, so it is recommended to use the drug 2-4 times a day until redness and swelling are eliminated, but not more than 4 days.
  • "Artelak". Drops, which include hyaluronic acid, disodium phosphate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate. Drops are effective for dry eye syndrome, recommended for contact lens wearers. To moisturize the mucous enough one drop. The manual describes in detail a special method of instillation, due to the injection mechanism of the bottle, due to which no preservatives are used.
  • "Vitafakol". It improves energy and metabolic mechanisms in the lens, is used for the prevention of cataracts. No side effects, not addictive.
  • Blink intensive promotes high-quality moisturizing, soothes, relieves irritation and redness without blurring vision. Thanks to hyaluronic acid, moisture is preserved for a long time. Contraindicated in corneal dystrophy, angle-closure glaucoma, pregnancy and babies up to 3 years.
  • Innoxa drops are recommended for contact lens wearers and drivers. Innoxa are based on natural extracts of chamomile, cornflower, witch hazel, elderberry and sweet clover, belong to the group of preparations of artificial tears. When dryness and fatigue occur, with a long stay behind the wheel, 1-2 drops are instilled.
  • SISTEyN is a polymeric inert solution that does not have a mechanical effect on the cornea. Instill 1–2 drops as needed, suitable for contact lens wearers. Recommended for use with contact conjunctivitis, dry eye syndrome when working behind the monitor, dryness and irritation.
  • "Vial". The active ingredient is tetrizolin. The tool is used to eliminate edema and signs of allergies. Relieves itching and burning, soreness, increased tearing, irritation and swelling. The vasoconstrictor effect is observed after a few minutes and lasts 4–5 hours. The drug has a local effect.

An overview of good inexpensive tools

Pharmacy windows show both widely advertised drugs with a high cost, the names of which are well known, and inexpensive drops from dry eyes. The choice of which drug is appropriate in a particular case is made on the basis of the symptoms.

Cheap moisturizing eye dropsthat help with the lack of tear fluid:

  • "Natural tear" compensates for the lack of natural tears, relieves dryness. The action lasts up to one and a half hours. When wearing lenses, it is recommended to bury 15 minutes before putting it on.
  • "Vizomitin" helps relieve inflammation and improve nutrition of the cornea. It is used in the treatment of cataracts and glaucoma, as well as for the prevention of serious loads.
  • Vidisik moisturizes the conjunctiva, relieves the sensation of dryness and fatigue. You can purchase without a prescription.
  • "Hilo-dresser" - drops with hyaluronic acid. Create a protective film on the cornea that protects against damage.
  • "Likontin" - struggling with dry eye syndrome, fatigue. Can be used when wearing lenses.
  • "Oksial" - a drug containing electrolytes and hyaluronic acid, similar in composition to a tear. Moisturizes, restores tissue and protects against negative external influences.

List of agents that promote tissue regeneration:

  • "Korneregel" is used for mechanical corneal damage, it is recommended as a prophylactic agent when wearing lenses.
  • "Oftagel" - keratoprotector, keeps tear fluid, thereby reducing the load and protects the cornea. It has a soothing effect, is used for dryness, damage to the eyes and wearing lenses.
  • Drops "Oftolik" prescription. Accelerate the restoration of the cornea, eliminate dryness.
  • "Optive" fills the lack of tear fluid, restores corneal tissue, protects against microorganisms. There are side effects in the form of redness of the conjunctiva and eyelids, so use is allowed only from 18 years.

Means to help relieve puffiness and dry eyes:

  • "Octilia". Drops help with redness and swelling. The instruction is obligatory for familiarization, as there are side effects and contraindications.
  • "Diklo-F". Sold by prescription. Appointed after surgery, with non-infectious conjunctivitis, to relieve dry eye syndrome. Apply only after removing the lenses.
  • Voltaren oft is used as an injection into the anterior chamber of the eye. The drug is prescribed after surgery, with inflammatory processes, with increased sensitivity to light.

Among the vitamin-containing remedies emit Vita Yodurol, Svetoch, Vizor, Riboflavin, Santen.

Possible contraindications

Means similar to human tears are not particularly limited, except for individual intolerance to the components. It is necessary to familiarize with the instruction to other preparations, especially people with common contraindications:

  • Intraocular pressure above normal.
  • Bronchial asthma.
  • Disturbance of coagulability of blood.
  • The weakness of the vessels, leading to frequent bleeding.
  • Allergy.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Age of the child up to 3 years.
  • Cold, flu, orz.

How to apply drops

For most drugs standard application. It is important to follow it closely so that the use of the remedy leads to the elimination of the symptoms, and not to the deterioration of the situation.

  • Washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water will help prevent infection.
  • Tilt the head back, gently pull the lower eyelid down, send the pupil up.
  • The tip of the bottle or pipette close to the eyeball, without touching it. Drip means better closer to the nose, in the inner corner.
  • After digging in, blink, distributing the agent, making sure that it does not flow out of the eye.

Eye drops from fatigue help temporarily relieve unpleasant symptoms, but do not assume that they are able to relieve the causes of the discomfort. Tired eyes can be influenced by various factors that need to be, if not excluded from life, then at least minimized.

There was pain in the eyes, as if sand had been poured. Appeared constantly after a long sitting at work at the computer. How else? Drawings while you draw, while you measure, while you check. The doctor prescribed drops "Taufon". Pah-pah-pah, while saving. There is no rezi.

A friend advised me to buy Vizin from red eyes. In principle, an inexpensive drug that copes with its task. There is nothing to compare yet.

I use Innox. I tried a bunch of tools, then I stopped at it. Drops are good, eyes relax, tension goes away, dryness. Drops of interesting blue color, apparently, cornflower in the composition contributes.

How to choose eye drops for fatigue

There are a lot of options for eye drops, most of them differ in composition and principle of action. Based on this, you need to be able to choose the right medication. It is better that an ophthalmologist does this for you; self-treatment can lead to unpleasant results. If you choose yourself, you can rely on the factors that provoked the disease, for example:

  1. Excessive stress when eyes hurt from the computer.
  2. Allergic reactions.
  3. The influence of external factors: dirt, dust, exhaust, smog.
  4. Using lenses. If you violate the rules of wearing, they can provoke inflammation and irritation of the eyes.
  5. Exposure to wind, cold, dry air, heat.
  6. Consequences of ARVI or other diseases that are not associated with the organs of sight.
  7. Corneal damage.
  8. Symptomatic manifestation of glaucoma, conjunctivitis, blepharitis, etc. A specific sign will be flies before the eyes, purulent discharge, burning, "veil".


Often found among people working at the computer, eye strain on the background of insufficient moisture. As a rule, the natural tear of a person copes with this function, but sometimes this is not enough. In this case, you need drops from a dry eye, for example:

  1. "Irifrin". Help drops with dry eyes, high intraocular pressure. This drug is often used in the offices of an ophthalmologist to constrict the pupil when viewed in adults in the fundus of the eye.
  2. Sistayn Ultra. It is an artificial tear, which after the operation, the cornea is washed. Can be used after a hard day at the monitor.
  3. "Emoxipin". The drug has a low price, many examples before and after use, where it is clearly seen that the tool is effective. It helps with dryness, itching to cope with colds, viral eye diseases.
  4. "Tealoz". The drug is not addictive, is used to moisturize with dry eyes.
  5. "Kationorm". Milky emulsion helps to fight dry eyes, burning, itching.

From redness

The most popular eye drops are redness and irritation, because all diseases of the organs of vision are accompanied by similar symptoms. Among the drugs emit such good tools:

  1. "Vizin Classic" or "Pure Tear". Use, if eyes began to blush, dryness appeared. The main advantage of the drug - the speed of action. It is not recommended to use drops often, because the drug is addictive.
  2. "VisOptic". Well suited for reddening eyes, people who wear lenses can be used with them. Drops improve blood supply to the eyes, relieve redness, increase vision.
  3. "Korneregel". Analog (generic) "Vizina" with a lower cost. Quickly removes signs of inflammation, irritation, accelerates tissue regeneration, improves eyesight.

Stress relieving

Tired eyes manifest, usually due to prolonged muscle tension. To get rid of this condition, you should use eye drops for fatigue and redness. To do this, use these drugs:

  1. "Aktipol". One of the options for interferon, which eliminates eye fatigue, symptoms of viral diseases, has antioxidant properties.
  2. "Taurine". This tool with a cumulative effect. The bottom line is that the medicinal substance is concentrated in the eye tissues, which increases the protection (immunity), accelerates the regeneration process.
  3. "Reticulin". Improves the means of visual acuity, prevents its deterioration. Ideal for relieving eye strain, enhancing protection from harmful radiation from a TV, computer.

The best eye drops for fatigue and redness

Let's start with drugs to relieve inflammation and fatigue, because these problems worry almost every person in the age of computer technology. Eye drops are relevant for office workers and drivers who are forced to stretch their eyes for a long time. After analyzing the options available on the market, we selected the top three of them.

Vizin combines optimal quality and low price, due to which he took third place. It is recommended to use ophthalmologists with hyperemia, allergic conjunctivitis, tearing, redness and increased eye fatigue. Reviews say about its complex effects on the organs of vision. Users note that the tool helps for 3-4 days and the effect of it lasts for almost 12 hours. True, there are some drawbacks here - drops cannot be used for more than 4 days in a row and their eyes sting. Therefore, it is better to abandon them in case of increased sensitivity of the mucous membrane of this organ.

  • Quick results
  • Inexpensive
  • Sold in every pharmacy.

  • Many side effects
  • A large list of contraindications
  • Not recommended for use during pregnancy,
  • Non-natural chemical composition.

2 Sistayn Ultra

Sistaine won second place due to the many-sided effect, manifested in the elimination of irritation, inflammation and dry eye syndrome, relieve fatigue when working at the computer. As the reviews show, despite the small volume of the 10 mg bottle, this is quite enough for a course of treatment in 1-2 weeks. The disadvantages include the prohibition of the combination of these eye drops with others and the requirement to maintain about 20 minutes between procedures. One of their advantages is the ability to use the drug during pregnancy. Important and the absence of cases of overdose.

1 lecrolin

Lekrolin - the most effective antiallergic, soothing and anti-inflammatory drug. He performed well in the treatment of both acute and chronic diseases. Unlike many analogues, it can be used for children older than 4 years. The advantages of the product - a small number of contraindications and the possibility of its combination with other means. The disadvantage, as reviews show, may be the need to use eye drops 4 times a day. In some cases, a small veil may appear before your eyes.

  • Low price
  • Biologically active components.

  • It is necessary to remove contact lenses,
  • It has a negative effect on the child during pregnancy,
  • Possible overdose
  • In the composition there is alcohol,
  • Opaque bottle.

2 Japanese eye drops by Sante FX

Despite the high price, Japanese Sante FX drops are very popular. According to reviews, they help not only with dry mucous membranes, but also with itching, blepharitis, eye fatigue, veil, conjunctivitis. That is why the tool will always be relevant in your first aid kit. It contains vitamin B6 and other biologically active ingredients that nourish and strengthen the eye. Of the drawbacks, you need to select only uncomfortable packaging.

  • Quickly eliminates dry eye syndrome,
  • Relieves irritation and redness,
  • It can be used for conjunctivitis and other ophthalmologic diseases.
  • Additionally eliminate inflammation.

  • It is difficult to find in pharmacies, you need to buy through the Internet,
  • Not suitable for sensitive eyes,
  • Quickly spent.

1 Allergodil

Allergodil can be called the best eye drops for moisturizing the mucous eyes because of their instant effect and gentle composition. They have successfully passed numerous clinical studies and are recommended for both prevention and treatment of dry eye syndrome. Against the background of other means, they are distinguished by an economical consumption (only 1 drop 4 times a day). The possibility of using the drug without interruption for 6 weeks is also important. Unfortunately, this option must be abandoned to persons with infectious eye damage.

2 Vizomitin

Visomitin is recognized as the best because of its careful eye care and effects on the inside of the eyesight. According to the reviews, he copes with several tasks at once - facilitates the treatment of long-sightedness and myopia, prevents the degeneration of the lacrimal gland, eliminates dryness and blurring before eyes. Users emphasize the safety of the composition and its slow consumption. Its huge advantage lies in the absence of itching and pinching after using the drug. The reason for this is the low concentration of the solution.

  • Innovative formula
  • Improves metabolic processes in the eye tissues,
  • Helps with both hyperopia and myopia,
  • A wide list of indications for use.

  • There was no research involving people
  • Ineffective in the late stages of cataracts,
  • The price is above average.

1 Reticulin

Reticulin is a universal remedy against senile cataract, infectious ophthalmologic diseases, visual impairment. As the reviews say, it can be used to improve the clarity of the picture before the eyes, relieve fatigue and moisten the cornea. The advantage of the drug is its safety, it does not cause allergies and can be used without restrictions, except for the individual intolerance of individual components of the product. Важно и то, что еще не зарегистрированы случаи передозировок им. Можно выбрать 0.25%- или 0.5%-раствор.

3 Ципролет

Средства дешевле, чем Ципролет, очень трудно найти. The volume here is pretty decent - 5 mg, and it lasts for 1-2 weeks of regular use. The drug is effective in the fight against a variety of infections, it is sensitive to salmonella, staphylococcus and many others. etc. According to the reviews, the drops are perfectly absorbed and in just a few days they improve well-being when blepharitis, keratitis, conjunctivitis. Of great importance is the lack of strict age restrictions, it can be applied, starting from 1 year. But if a woman is in an “interesting” position and is breastfeeding her baby, then this option is not for her.

  • Effective in both mild and severe infections,
  • Rare side effects
  • Low consumption.

  • Must be kept for 5 minutes between procedures.
  • Cannot be used during pregnancy and lactation,
  • It is not recommended to sit behind the car for an hour after dropping eyes.

2 Levomycetin

Levomitsetin - one of the cheapest drops with a powerful antimicrobial effect. As practice shows, to solve the problem, it is enough to drip 1 drop three times a day. Users are even positive about the short course of treatment, which averages only 1 week. These eye drops are combined with all drugs. But it is worth being extremely careful, because with an overdose, a temporary clouding of the eyes is possible.

1 Xalatamax

If you want to get a powerful antiglaucoma agent with an instant effect, then Xalatamax will be the best choice for this. It is based on the active components sodium hydrophosphate, benzalkonium chloride, etc., which quickly penetrate the cornea and instantly affect it. Reviews claim that the drops are well absorbed and absorbed by the body. We should also note a large list of indications for their use - increased intraocular pressure, open-angle glaucoma, visual impairment caused by these problems, redness of the mucous membrane.

  • Soak up quickly
  • Do not spread over the surface
  • Do not "bake" eyes
  • Don't smell anything.

  • Cannot be used if you are under 18,
  • Observation is required during treatment at the doctor,
  • If necessary, the appointment during breastfeeding lactation stopped.

The best eye drops for cataracts

In case of clouding of the lens of the eye, it is impossible to do without drops with active components, the action of which is aimed at eliminating the veil, strengthening the retina of the organ, and improving blood circulation in the eyeball. Of all these tools, we chose the two most effective.

Taufon is a natural and best-selling remedy for the treatment of retinal dystrophy and lens opacities. Its popularity is associated with the versatility of the composition, since it is appointed both in case of age-related changes in this organ and in diabetic ones. These drops can be bought almost everywhere. Above all praise, their multi-faceted effect is soothing, hemostatic, regenerating, anti-inflammatory, relieving fatigue. But only those over 18 will be able to evaluate good results, for the rest the drug is contraindicated. This is its main drawback.

1 Oftan Katakhrom

Oftan Kathrom is quite a decent combined drug, effective at all stages of cataracts. The main plus of the means is the possibility of its use by almost everyone, the only contraindication is individual intolerance of certain components. No less important will be the absence of side effects. The only significant drawbacks - the drug bakes the eyes with increased sensitivity to the mucous and is not suitable for persons under 18 years of age.

  • Adequate price,
  • It helps with both age and diabetic cataracts,
  • Available in a transparent bottle.

  • Age limit,
  • The bottle opens with difficulty,
  • After eye instillation, their irritation is possible.

Top Vitamin Drops

Such drugs are necessary for anyone who wants to protect themselves from retinal dystrophy, infectious ophthalmologic diseases, astigmatism. First of all, they should pay attention to suffering from diabetes, vegetarians, working a long time at the computer and people over 45 years. As such tools, you can choose those proposed below.

2 Riboflavin-mononucleotide

Riboflavin is one of the most useful vitamin drops at an affordable price, although they are officially called an internal injection solution. From competitive products means different packaging, being packaged in glass ampoules. Therefore, it is not always convenient to use it, especially since you need to do without a pipette. On the other hand, it allows you to strictly control its consumption. Studying reviews, pay attention to the requirement to use the drug only 2 times a day. At the same time, the presence of natural components in the form of sugar, talc, etc., makes it possible to effectively apply it to the treatment of infectious diseases, visual impairment, fatigue and redness of the eyes.

Eye drops "Quinax", despite the American production, can not please the instant effect. But the results are saved for a long time. In order to buy them, you do not need any prescription, and they are sold in almost every pharmacy. This is the best option in terms of quality and price, the drug reliably protects the lens of the eye from the negative effects of free radicals and glucose in diabetes. Among the advantages you need to pay attention to the neat bottle that fits comfortably in your hand. The product is sold in a small volume (15 ml), which, however, lasts a long time.