My beautiful discharge from the hospital ": mothers monologues


I spent five wonderful days in the maternity hospital. She rested, gained strength, enjoyed her newborn daughter, missed her husband and her two older girls. Time flew by.

On the day of discharge time went very slowly. My mood was great. I could not wait to see my loved ones and introduce them to a new family member. When my daughter and I finally went into the discharge room, I saw how, in a single moment, the excitement on the face of my relatives was replaced by great joy! Daughters immediately ran to kiss me and get acquainted with his sister. It was something indescribable!

But most of all I remember the delight and happy eyes of my beloved husband! He did not for a moment leave me, hugging and thanking for the gift of happiness.

Yes, we did not have balls, decorated cars, photo shoots and other tinsel on the list. My husband is not greedy, he just knows that for me the main thing is people, not things. That day I was incredibly happy. The warm welcome and the emotions of the relatives were the greatest gift that I will never forget.

Olesya, Alina's mother (2 years)

Probably two years is a lot, but I remember how everything was yesterday. My extract did not differ from others, but still there were fond memories of her. The reason for this was a lot of people who were not indifferent.

Before being discharged, I was brought to the hospital two packages of things and cosmetics, including hair straighteners, curling iron, and lacquer: I really wanted to look elegant. Childbirth is still exhausting so that no powder could hide the first sleepless nights. After all, you can not sleep, you just lie down and watch for hours how your little ball of happiness sniffles.

Not only parents, but also friends with their parents came to my discharge to the maternity hospital. In total, 12 people arrived at the maternity hospital, and 2 people waited near the house, because they simply did not fit in the cars, and the motorcade did not really want to go. In the maternity hospital, they looked at me and so surely when I took the pass for two cars.

I remember a beautiful bouquet from a friend, but there were no surprises. For several days, small mosquitoes flew at home until it became clear that all these “guests” were from that same bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums. However, this fact did not spoil the mood, but only laugh.
Gave and many other things very necessary: ​​a cake made from diapers, scales for the child. At home everything was clean and tidy, decorated with balls. The table was laid, sat in a narrow circle, many could not stay because of the work. It was a very warm, pleasant atmosphere. For two more days my husband and I raked the presents and rejoiced like children.

Anastasia, mother of Arseny (1.5 g)

Even before discharge, on the third day after birth, I was in for a surprise from my husband. He called, said that he was going from the office to work in the city, asked about his state of health, and in between cases asked what floor I was on and where the windows were going. I did not even suspect that he would come, because in the morning before work I had already visited me. It took about 15 minutes - and again the call. "Look out the window."

I am in the hands with the baby peeking out the window - and what can I see! My husband is standing with a guitar and his friends in diapers, in caps, with nipples and bibs, with a poster "Favorite, thanks for my son!". The husband sang the song "Thank you for the day, thanks for the night, thanks for the son and the future daughter." I cried bitterly ... And more than half of the girls leaned out of the windows and filmed it all on video. Here is such a romantic story.

On the day of discharge met close. Mom, Grandma and Granddaddy, a friend of the family, and, of course, my husband. With a large bouquet of roses. Ordered a photo shoot. Upon arrival home, I was pleasantly surprised: the room, or rather, the children's corner was decorated with balloons, and on the wall was the same poster “Favorite, thanks for my son!”. They did not set the table, the parents sat for a while and left, giving the young mommy a rest.

And what is your discharge from the hospital?

What did the maternity hospital look like?

In order to decipher the “sleepy” message, it is important to remember what the medical facility looked like.

The new, bright, neat building symbolizes the onset of light and successful life changes. According to another interpretation, the new building warns of problems that may arise in communicating with the nearest official environment.

And there is also such an option: a serious task awaits at work, the successful fulfillment of which will raise it to a higher level of the career ladder.

Changes can wait at the sight of the old, neglected, requiring urgent repair of the premises, but they will be, so to speak, with a minus sign - difficulties and failures. However, this cannot be the final “sentence” - the main thing is not to panic, but to arm ourselves with patience, and then everything will be completely surmountable. A shabby building, in a different interpretation, will require the advice that a close friend of a dreamer needs.

The maternity hospital building of unusual architecture symbolizes the most unexpected twists and turns of fate. Such a dream is sent to prepare the dreamer for them.

Empty maternity wards warn that the dreamer is not yet ready by the beginning of a new stage in life, therefore all decisions taken must be balanced and deliberate.

Roddom had a dream pregnant

Such a dream is of the most direct importance especially for patients of the maternity hospital, predicting them (especially in the later stages) an early birth or the need to go to bed for preservation.

There are cases when the image of a maternity hospital can be linked in a dream with the weather outside the window, sometimes a year. Even the room of the chamber into which the dreamer arrives, as well as the gender of the newborn, may come to mind. It makes sense to remember this information.

The family dream book assumes in such a situation that continuous worries and experiences await the pregnant woman. But the Psychological Dream Book is sure that this speaks purely of a happy birth and an early recuperation.

Female-girl dreams

Why dream of a maternity hospital for a woman? If a lady has a dream that she is lying in a maternity hospital and she has already had a baby, then we can assume that some of her old idea or idea will come true.

This may be a foreign language course, playing the guitar, the end of the driving school.

If there is a newborn girl next to the dreamer in the ward, several interpretations are given to such a dream:

  • the emergence of a new feeling
  • manifestation of feminine charm
  • marriage,
  • the work received thanks to all the same female charm.

The son symbolizes some quite successful new business.

A girl or a woman who is not yet burdened with fast maternal cares, a maternity hospital in a dream foreshadows a fateful meeting with a certain person who can give a new meaning to everyday life, decorate with romantic relationships, give her many joyful moments. Another dream book treats such a dream as increased male attention to her person in real life.

The birth of a baby in the walls of the designated institution marks a promising date, new love adventures. And if the dreamer shows through the window of a newborn baby, it means that according to the European dream book, in reality there is a chance to tell your loved ones the good news, about which she only recently learned.

A young wife, such a dream is able to foreshadow an early pregnancy and a problem-free delivery.

An unmarried girl sees her being discharged from the maternity hospital. This dream also has a "production" character: it is possible that she will receive a lucrative offer of a job change or promotion. There is also the option of improving relationships with management.

If a girl is present in a dream on someone else's discharge from the hospital, then this indicates that she is jealous of someone else's happiness.

Another interpretation has the opposite meaning: the girl herself will be so happy that it will envy others.

According to the recommendation of the dream book, it is better to keep this cloudless relationship with a loved one in secret, so that no one would break your happiness.

Maternity hospital - inside and around

People who meet the dreamer in the maternity hospital, symbolize the imminent invitation to someone's wedding or a fun party. The dream can "settle" in the maternity hospital and animals, which is considered a dream meeting as a pleasant friendly meeting.

Many mothers in the maternity ward are a symbol of the beginning of a bright and successful band in life, the fulfillment of some cherished desires.

About the upcoming public speech warns the dreamer dream, which presents all the hospital staff, where she had to give birth. Another option - good news from good friends.

Walking a dreamer around the maternity hospital, where future mothers also walk, promises her to receive an expensive gift.

What dreams of children in the hospital? Newborn babies symbolize sincere joy, fullness of life. And if moms keep their babies in their arms - this is to get good news.

If the dreamer is watching over newborns, then in reality he may have a new reliable friend.

A person is able to see in a dream and the moment of birth of a child. In this case, important changes in life will not slow down. Perhaps the long-depressing problem will be resolved. The easier it will be to give birth, the more joyful feeling awaits in the future.

A young woman who wants to become a mother, an open maternity hospital with a view of his patients with newborns, is predicting a quick fulfillment of desire. The same promises a dream in which the woman herself is in the maternity ward.

But about the fact that in reality pregnancy does not come soon, tell the story, where the dreamer is either not allowed into the building, or it is being repaired, or the doctor reports to the woman about infertility.

Not only in dreams, but also in reality, unexpected circumstances may arise. If, in real life, a woman, having learned of an unintended pregnancy, decides to have an abortion, and suddenly she dreamed of a maternity hospital, this may become a sign that she will change her mind and keep the pregnancy. Dream interpretation also sees the possibility of a legal marriage with the father of the child.

If the hospital dreams of a man ...

If a married man dreams of both the building itself and the hospital “near-town home” territory, along which pregnant women walk around, for him this will be a sign of a quick replenishment in the family.

Such a dream can also be a dream for a lonely person, in which case it marks a meeting with a future second half, who will become a real mistress in the house.

Large financial receipts, from the point of view of the Modern Dream Book, promise an unnatural dream in which the dreamer himself is expecting a child and has already entered the maternity ward.

Of course, a more logical dream with a cute plot on the topic of discharge of the wife with the baby. What dreams of discharge from the hospital? Taking a child from the maternity hospital in a dream is a symbol of joyful events that are not related to official matters, rather they are connected with family well-being.

Dream interpretation also predicts that if the father is handed an envelope with his little son, the hero of the dream is expected to have trouble, with the girl - surprise.

And now the family that has been issued is going home - this is a sign of moving, perhaps to a new home, or perhaps to another city altogether.

If an unmarried man in a dream is present at the discharge of someone else's wife, such a plot threatens him with intimacy with an interesting stranger.

Are you a patient, a visitor, a doctor?

If the dreamer is looking for the road to this hospital building or passes by it, this heralds new acquaintances, the emergence of new friends.

The question of employment is connected with such a picture: to collect things in order to go to the maternity hospital - for an interview, which can be very successful and will help you get a new, not only interesting, but more paid job, as well as finding new acquaintances and lucrative connections.

If a girl sees herself in a dream as a pregnant woman who was brought to the maternity hospital with contractions, then it only says that you should not worry too much about the opinions of colleagues or classmates about yourself, as you should not dwell on official duties: there are things in life and more important.

The road to the maternity hospital and being in it presupposes a new hobby at leisure. And if the dreamer is bringing someone from his friends there, it is possible that the relationship with his colleagues will change.

Promotion or even a new job, another type of activity predicts a dream in which you attend a woman giving birth, a program.

In the most bizarre way, a dream can produce you in someone from the staff of the medical institution. If the dreamer is giving birth, it is preparing for the fact that soon he will have to help someone in a difficult situation. The second meaning of such a dream is to the great surprise in the near future.

Seeing himself as a doctor can also be wary of a conflict situation with a loved one.

To go to the aid of the woman in labor as an obstetrician - unexpectedly unexpected guests will descend.

As we see, for the most part interpretations with a vision in a dream of a maternity hospital really predict life changes, which for the most part are related to working-service moments. With careful study of descriptions in dream books, one can find indications of personal-family relationships and predictions about them.

Place pregnancy, maternity hospital

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When discharged from the hospital?

If the birth was favorable, and the condition of the woman and the newborn is assessed as good, the discharge occurs on the third day. Women who have undergone cesarean section will have to stay under the supervision of doctors for another 3-7 days.

The obstetrician and neonatologist make a conclusion on discharge if there are the following indications:

  • Normal blood and urine results,
  • The uterus contracts at the right rhythm
  • Ultrasound did not reveal the presence of blood clots in the uterus or the remaining parts of the placenta,
  • No abnormalities were recorded, i.e. there are no inflammations in the genital tract.

Contraindications to discharge are such complications identified in a woman:

  • Serious ruptures of the perineum or vagina, requiring stitches,
  • Inflammation of the suture from cesarean section
  • During the birth there were strong blood loss, so the level of hemoglobin is reduced.

Obligatory examination and exposed baby. Doctors conduct a full range of studies to identify congenital diseases, examine the skin and umbilical cord residue, assess the weight and height of the newborn, its body temperature and muscle tone.

In the first days of life, the baby is vaccinated against hepatitis B and tuberculosis.

It happens that a woman and a child go home not on the same day.

A baby can be discharged later if these factors were discovered:

  • The baby was born prematurely,
  • Within a few days after birth, the baby lost more than 8% in weight,
  • The birth took place with complications, signs of intrauterine hypoxia,
  • The newborn has infectious diseases or hereditary pathologies.

If the baby is not healthy, it will remain in the newborn compartment.

The doctor will notify you as soon as the baby has recovered and is ready to go to his family.

How is discharge from the hospital?

The fact that you and your baby will soon go home, the doctors will report in a few days. You will know in advance what time you and your relatives will need to prepare for.

From early morning, the woman and the child will be examined by doctors, taking blood and urine tests. If the gynecologist and the pediatric doctor did not reveal any contraindications, the paperwork for discharge begins. All this happens fairly quickly - the procedure will take no more than an hour.

Some hospitals provide for a lecture before discharge. A woman will be told about all the rules that must be followed when caring for a baby.

Dress up mom will call in a special room. If there is no such department in your maternity hospital, all fees will have to be paid directly to the ward.

Then, an elegant mommy goes out to the relatives in the hospital hall, while the nurse carries the newborn in her arms. Usually, a happy father gives his mother flowers, the medical staff receives presents, and then takes the newborn from the nurse. Further action plan depends on your imagination.

At discharge from the hospital issue the following documents:

1 Exchange card of a woman with whom she got into the maternity ward. In some maternity hospitals, an exchange card with information on the course of labor is not handed out, but transferred to a antenatal clinic.

2 Exchange card child. The document is passed to the children's clinic, where the child will be examined in the future.

The medical card shows the weight of the baby, his height, blood type, immunizations given.

3 Certificate of birth of the child, which later will be transferred to the registry office for registration and issuance of the first document of the baby - the birth certificate.

4 Birth certificate. From it a woman is given two coupons, 3-1 and 3-2. The first is designed for free maintenance in the clinic during the first 6 months after the birth of the baby, the second - the next months up to 1 year.

5 Sick leave. Issued if a caesarean section was performed or vaginal delivery was completed with complications.

This document gives the mother the right to extend maternity leave.

Things to be discharged from the hospital

1 Things for mom to be discharged

A woman should not rely on the fact that immediately after giving birth she will be able to wear the things that she wore before pregnancy. Predicting the right size will be difficult, so it’s better to give preference to clothes with a free cut.

Главное, чтобы мама чувствовала себя комфортно, а ее внешний вид был опрятным, чтобы её самой было приятно смотреть на фотографии с выписки.

Если выписка из роддома происходит весной, осенью или зимой, стоит учитывать возможность осадков. Ориентируйтесь по прогнозу погоды, старайтесь держать наготове резиновые сапоги, зонты и плащи-дождевики.

Вне зависимости от погоды вам понадобится следующее:

  • For nursing women - a special bra and sanitary pads for nipples,
  • Puerperal panties
  • Clothes with a suitable cut (the baby needs milk more than once during discharge),
  • Shoes without a heel or on a low platform,
  • Necessary cosmetics.

2 Things for the baby to be discharged

For an extract in the summer the easy blanket is useful.

Try to protect the newborn from pollen or insects whose bites can be very dangerous.

It makes no sense to wear a child in the spring or autumn in winter overalls, it is better to purchase clothes with a light insulation.

If the statement passes in a hard frost, you can wrap a warm blanket over the jumpsuit.

Do not rush to go home early in the morning, especially if it is cold outside. It is better to wait for dinner, when the air is warm enough.

Relatives should provide for the possibility of approaching the car directly to the maternity hospital entrance, so that mother and baby do not overcool on the way to public transport.

In addition to seasonal clothing, such things will be useful for the child:

  • Diapers,
  • Two diapers: one thin, the other from flannel or bikes,
  • Cap or warm hat,
  • Baby's undershirts, sliders,
  • Envelope on an extract or a blanket,
  • Decorative tape - not less than 5 meters.

All things for the baby, necessary at discharge, can be bought separately or as a whole.

What to give my mother on discharge from the hospital?

The most desired gifts - things for the baby. Mom will be very happy to have a gorgeous bouquet of flowers or a box of delicious chocolates (a nursing woman, by the way, with a lot of sweet will have to wait), but a “childish” gift will be more practical.

You can’t go wrong if you give a young family a big pack of diapers.

There will never be extra clothes for a newborn or for growth (sliders, body, overalls).

Accessories will also be a useful gift: bottles, pillows for feeding, baths, bedside lamps or playpens.

A small family member will certainly appreciate the soft and educational toys, but they must be made of quality materials.

A gift to the hospital deserves not only the mother. We also need to thank the health workers who have done everything possible to make your family happy.

What will be the gift: material or edible - it's up to you.

And in conclusion - a video of the original discharge from the hospital:

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On what day is discharged from the hospital

If the birth took place naturally, without complications, everything is in order with the baby and with the mother, then you will be discharged on the fourth day. After cesarean section, the discharge occurs a little later - in five - seven days. The decision on discharge is taken by several doctors: an obstetrician, a neonatologist (pediatrician), and the head of the postnatal ward.

What clothes to prepare for discharge from the hospital

For discharge, it is better to prepare two packages: things for the mother and things for the baby. Packages should be signed for the husband (relatives) so that nothing is mixed up.

Do not expect that dramatically lose weight. Undoubtedly, after giving birth, many kilograms will go away, but your old clothes that you wore before pregnancy will not fit you. It is quite difficult to guess your size after delivery and foresee what the weather will be on that day. You can make two or three options for clothes, ask your husband (relatives) to bring you after delivery, to try on and choose the desired option, but agree that this is too burdensome.

I have never perceived this wonderful day as an event that needs to be vigorously celebrated, to dress up ... The main thing for me is that I am going home with my baby. All the same, what will be put on me, the main thing is that it should fit and I feel comfortable and tidy, so that you can also look at the photo without tears.

In the package for discharge it is better to put the clothes that you wore at 5 months of pregnancy.

Both times I was discharged in what came to the hospital. To some extent, it is not very pleasant to wear the clothes in which the pregnant woman went, you already want to show that you are not so fat, to look confident and beautiful. But, you see, you can suffer. To each his own, decide for yourself ...

List of things for mom

It all depends on the time of year when you are discharged (from the weather). If this is summer, then everything is simple and easy. It is enough to prepare a dress, blouse (just in case) and shoes. The situation is more difficult in the cold season. There is something to think about ... I will write a superficial list, so that it was something to push off ...

  1. Bra (if you are going to feed the baby, then a bra for nursing mothers)
  2. Underpants
  3. Feminine hygiene pads - 2 pcs. (just in case)
  4. Sanitary pads for nursing mothers (for breasts)
  5. Roll on deodorant
  6. Necessary cosmetics to light up and like herself in the photos
  7. Loose clothes (either that you wore at 5 months of pregnancy, or a size larger than you had before pregnancy)
  8. Tights, if necessary
  9. Jacket, coat, sweater, hat (if necessary, depending on the weather)
  10. Footwear

The list of things for the newborn

  1. Disposable diapers - 2-3 pcs. (just in case)
  2. Wet Wipes (just in case)
  3. Vest shirt or body
  4. Sliders
  5. Suit
  6. Cap
  7. Cap (according to the season)
  8. Wool socks or knitted booties
  9. Envelope or blanket, according to the season
  10. If you wrap in a blanket, you need a ribbon: for a girl, all shades of red (pink, red, crimson, etc.), for a boy, all shades of blue (blue, blue, cobalt, etc.). The tape is better to take 5 meters, then there will be a beautiful bow. Perhaps for a blanket, you will need a duvet cover and a corner. It all depends on your preferences.
  11. If you go by car, think about what you will carry the baby in - in the cradle, in the car seat for newborns or in your arms ... Remember, safety first!

The stores sell a lot of sets on the statement. It is only necessary to choose a set in accordance with the time of year, to purchase the missing, and the baby is ready for discharge.

Statement in winter

She gave birth to her first son in winter. On extract she wore: nappy, vest thin, vest-shirt warm, socks thin socks, wool, feet swaddled in a thin diaper, and then wrapped everything in a flannel diaper (yes, then still swaddled children), cap warm, beanie knit (cap and a hat must be taken such that two of your little cups are put together, like a newborn's head), a corner, a wadded blanket in a duvet cover, a ribbon of dark blue color.

Statement in the fall

She gave birth to her second son in the fall. On an extract I bought a set: a thin blanket, a corner, a vest, a little shirt and warm romper, a cap, a cap. I bought and reported on the tape tape, jumpsuit-bag (with a hood and mittens), wool socks. The ribbon was white. I thought that it was clear from the blue blanket that boy. White ribbon looked very elegant and beautiful. As an option, you can tape any color, if the blanket (envelope, blanket) is clear, who is discharged.

Now I am collecting things for the discharge of the third child. In general, I don’t bother with what will be dressed, at least in all blue (in what I put on Misha). As outerwear, bought a beautiful envelope, pink, with a zipper.

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What dreams of discharge from the hospital

A dream from the maternity hospital is a dream - for an unmarried girl, the plot promises rapid progress along the career ladder. You may receive a tempting offer of a new job, to which you will respond by leaving the post.

Do not be afraid of changes in the workplace. You will not have to regret your choice. An improvement in the financial position due to a higher salary, as well as good career prospects, and a favorable environment in the team are expected.

Value: PositiveSphere: EventsImportance: HighD

Maternity dream girl

Dreaming Orakul describes the maternity hospital for the girl as a quick, successful solution of a long-standing question that does not give you peace of mind. If you were in the hospital on someone else's discharge, in reality you will feel the envy of someone else's happiness.

Do not fill your soul with negative emotions. Envy is a bad feeling that cannot bring joy. Try to focus on your own life, on your successes and achievements. After some time you can change it for the better.

Value: PositiveSphere: EventsImportance: HighZ

To dream of being taken to a maternity hospital

I dreamed that you were being taken to the maternity hospital - complicated cases would get a safe solution. With the help of others, you will be able to find a fairly simple way out of a situation that has long troubled you in reality. Efforts to solve multiple problems will not be in vain.

Do not retreat from the intended path and do not despair. You should not give up now and give up - a little more and you will feel the full blessing of your own efforts.

Value: PositiveSphere: EventsImportance: HighI

I dreamed of looking for a hospital

Why dream of looking for a hospital? The vision is a symbol of the goal, the intended plans. You are determined to conquer the designated peak and are not going to deviate from the plan until you achieve the result.

If the search is successful, your hopes will be justified, you will be able to realize everything that is planned. If the quest was in vain, in reality expect disappointment, plans will fail.

Do not deviate from the planned plans, make efforts to achieve them, then luck will smile at you, presenting a chance to realize your plans.

Value: PositiveSphere: EventsImportance: HighM

Kids are dreaming in the hospital

Dream about babies in the hospital is a favorable sign. Get the good news that can cause a lot of positive emotions. We saw how the baby was being taken home from the maternity hospital - to receive a gift from someone close.

Rejoice at the opportunity to experience positive emotions in a series of everyday worries and problems. Appreciate your loved ones, be grateful for their care and participation in your life.

Value: PositiveSphere: EventsImportance: HighP

What dreams to come to the hospital

He dreams that he came to the maternity hospital - to a series of problems for someone from his relatives. Someone from relatives needs your help, but he hesitates to ask about it, fearing to be at a disadvantage.

Make every effort to help a loved one with problem solving. Your selfless participation will not go unnoticed, in a critical situation you will know who you can rely on.

Meaning: NegativeSphere: EventsImportance: HighC