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6 best remedies for hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoids - a pathological condition manifested by hyperplasive processes of the cavernous bodies of the ampulla of the rectum and anal canal. The disease develops due to problems with the outflow of blood through the venules from the cavernous bodies. Any remedy for hemorrhoids should eliminate the symptoms and stop the progression of pathology. For successful treatment, the doctor prescribes a number of drugs. The goal is to comprehensively influence the problem.

Hemorrhoids - a modern problem

Every year more and more people suffer from hemorrhoidal veins and unpleasant consequences of this disease. This is due to the fact that the number of provoking factors is also rapidly increasing. This is a sedentary lifestyle, unbalanced diet, alcohol abuse. Hormonal imbalance, severe pregnancy, passion for anal sex, frequent constipation, “love” for a long time in the toilet, obesity provoke the disease.

By the nature of the disease, an acute and chronic form of pathology is distinguished. The best solution for each patient is to immediately begin treatment of hemorrhoids as soon as the first symptoms were noticed, without waiting for the acute form to develop into a burdened chronic disease.

The main complications are all kinds of precipitations and pinching of inflamed hemorrhoids, frequent bleeding (including chronic), recurrent thrombosis. In the final stages, the inflamed hemorrhoids can become so deformed that the irritated tissue becomes malignant. This means that any hemorrhoids, more precisely, its complications, can develop into a cancerous pathology.

The importance of an integrated approach to the treatment of disease

The disease develops against the background of a whole complex of provoking factors and adverse circumstances. Moreover, the disease is characterized by a protracted course. In the period of the first signs of destructive processes, neighboring tissues or organs are already beginning to suffer.

It is extremely important to treat the disease of any type and stage in a complex. Hemorrhoids drugs are selected in such a way as to heal the whole body. It is important not just to save the patient from pain and discomfort at the problem site. It is necessary to normalize the work of the digestive tract, preventing the development of dysbacteriological phenomena and constipation.

Correction of the immune response in patients plays a crucial role. The body must independently fight against infectious agents that constantly “attack” the damaged tissues of the anal canal. Both external and external hemorrhoids are treated with drugs that strengthen the venous walls, stop bleeding, and also solve other important therapeutic tasks.

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How to choose a drug: the importance of consulting support of the attending physician

In the modern pharmacological market, there is simply a colossal amount of drugs. They are inexpensive and effective, at the same time safe and easy to use. However, this does not mean that a person will be able to cure himself of hemorrhoids.

Conceptual importance is the process of diagnosing the disease. It is important not only to make an accurate diagnosis, but also to establish what reasons formed a similar pathological complex.

Hemorrhoids drugs in pill form

In fact, no single treatment option is complete without prescription pills. Highly qualified specialists prefer to influence the body with intensive conservative methods, if possible saving the patient from the need to eliminate the inflamed hemorrhoidal lumps by surgical intervention.

Pills for hemorrhoids: the main advantages of this pharmacological form

Effective means of hemorrhoids in the form of tablets can affect the entire body. Medicines stop bleeding and correct the rheological qualities of blood, relieve inflammatory processes and destroy pathogenic microorganisms, eliminate puffiness and strengthen the walls of venous vessels.

The main advantages of pills for hemorrhoids:

  • a wide range from which you can choose the best option for the price, pharmacological qualities and taking into account the characteristics of drug combinations,
  • relative safety and optimal bioavailability. Many hemorrhoids drugs are based solely on natural ingredients. They do not contain elements that would irritate the digestive tract, damage kidney cells or hepatocytes. Always the attending physician will be able to choose the best option, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient,
  • drugs for internal use most convenient to use,
  • active anti-hemorrhoids drugs of general action help not only to cope with local problems, but also affect the body totally, improving overall health.

Types of pills for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids in the form of tablets are classified according to the form of the disease, the stage of development of the pathology, features of the course and symptoms. The main categories of tablet means:

  • painkillers
  • venotonics and phlebotropes,
  • laxatives
  • hemostatic

A detailed review of the most effective and popular pills for hemorrhoids is presented in the article of our proctologist.

We also advise you to carefully study the list of drugs for hemorrhoids, including pills, especially their use, the main contraindications and side effects.

Classification of hemorrhoids for women

According to the release form, hemorrhoid drugs for women are divided into four main types:

Made on a fatty basis, used for application to damaged areas. Suitable for the treatment of external and internal forms of the disease (in the second case, special extension cords are used).

Means on a water-oil basis, are absorbed quickly, but the rendered effect is insignificant. Suitable for weeping wounds and keep underwear clean. Most of these drugs do not have the status of medicines (not counting Swiss Procto-Glevenol).

  • Suppositories (rectal suppositories).

Suitable for providing a quick effect, but are not an independent drug, but are used as an element of complex therapy.

Used inside, convenient form of application (can be used under any circumstances).

Also, these medications can be divided into several categories according to the direction of their actions:

They have a local anesthetic effect. Their composition is usually supplemented with Lidocaine, Tsinkhoain, Anestesin, or nonsteroidal Bufeksamak (for this reason, it is necessary to test for allergies). Used in combination with venotonic and hemostatic drugs.

Preparations of local action. Also remove the pain, but due to the relaxation of tense muscles. However, they contribute to improving the tone of the sphincter. Usually contain belladonna (belladonna).

This category includes coagulants and hemostatic agents. For women especially suppositories Natalcide with sodium alginate (they are allowed to use even during pregnancy).

A good choice would be Relief with Phenylephrine. In addition, hemostatic sponges can be used. They cover the damaged areas with a special film and stop the bleeding.

The action of drugs involves reducing blood clotting with anticoagulants. Mandatory component of the composition is Heparin. He also has anti-inflammatory effects. In the case of chronic hemorrhoids, such agents (Heparin ointment, Nigepan plugs) are even used for prophylactic purposes.

Reduce the permeability of veins, increase their tone, stimulate microcirculation. These include: Troksevazin, Glevenol, Paroven, Venoruton, Vazoket, etc. A number of medicines are available in several forms.

Women from phlebotonic drugs are most suitable tablets Detraleks. They act quickly and systemically, performing in addition to the main several additional functions: anesthesia, the elimination of burning, swelling, itching, stopping bleeding, removing inflammation.

Contribute to the restoration of tissue integuments, wound healing, removal of edema and pain relief. It is good if the product contains natural ingredients, for example: sea buckthorn oil, propolis, calendula, shark liver oil.

Remedies for hemorrhoids in women: candles

Candles are required to relieve severe pain and eliminate acute inflammation. In other words, they are used as a means of ambulance in emergency situations. Of the suppository most suitable for women consider:

  1. Anti-K (used in the initial stages, contains a significant number of plant extracts and tea tree oil),
  2. Relief (almost without contraindications, suitable for early treatment of the disease, contains shark liver oil),
  3. Hepatrombin G (are among the most effective means, used before operations and in the postoperative period, have some contraindications and are not used during the first months of pregnancy),
  4. Proktozan (treats hemorrhoids of the second and third stage, relieve swelling, pain and inflammation)
  5. Anuzole (used for exacerbations, different astringent, analgesic, hemostatic and bactericidal action),
  6. Natalcid (made from seaweed, even suitable for pregnant women and children),
  7. Ginkor Procto (have a venoprotective effect, stimulate blood circulation, reduces inflammation)
  8. Candles with sea buckthorn (produce a strong healing effect, no contraindications, suitable for children and pregnant).

Apply candles (like ointment) preferably as directed by the doctor and no more than 10 days in a row. Then stop the course if necessary, resume therapy later.

Moisturizing eye drops are discussed in detail in our website publication.

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From here you will learn what symptoms indicate the presence of gallstones.

Ointments and gels for external hemorrhoids for women

To overcome external hemorrhoids, women should use ointments and gels, the action of which is aimed at restoring the affected areas. To do this, they must combine anti-edema and anti-inflammatory properties, help relieve itching, pain, produce a tonic effect, stimulate the resorption of hemorrhoids.

These characteristics have:

Provides antithrombotic and antibacterial effect. Relieves inflammation, is an anesthetic. Equally suitable for the treatment of internal and combined forms of hemorrhoids.

It helps to enhance local immunity (at the cellular level), increases the resistance of the injured areas to pathogenic microorganisms. Thanks to Posterizan, the activity of leukocytes increases, and the vessels are strengthened and toned. Restoration of damaged tissue occurs.

Promotes resorption of hematoma formations. Suitable for treatment during pregnancy and lactation. It is equally safe for mother and child.

It helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels. It copes with the moist and long-term prolapse of the rectum.

In addition to the general therapeutic effect, it supports the body in the process of recovery, since its composition includes vitamins necessary for supporting immunity.

Often assigned to women during the postpartum period. Absolutely safe for all the most vulnerable groups of patients: the elderly, children, pregnant and lactating women.

In the treatment of the best effect is the use of ointments for hemorrhoids, which are applied with a tampon with a thin layer on the manifestations of external hemorrhoids.

The best drugs and drugs for hemorrhoids in women

Depending on what form of the disease must be eliminated, two categories of the most effective and popular medicines can be distinguished.

From internal hemorrhoids (removal of pain and signs of inflammation, reduction of nodes, healing of the mucous membrane and antithrombotic effect):

  • Relief suppositories,
  • Proctoglivol,
  • Hepatrombin G,
  • Proktosedil.

From external hemorrhoids (recovery of injured tissue, removal of swelling and inflammation, pain and itching):

  • tablets (Diclofenac, Ibuprofen, Indomethacin),
  • drugs to reduce venous stagnation and strengthen blood vessels (Detraleks, Payleks),
  • ointments and suppositories (Anuzol, Heparin ointment, Gepatrombin G, Posterizan).

All of them are quite suitable for women, although certain drugs may have restrictions on the period of pregnancy and lactation.

Homemade folk remedies for the treatment of hemorrhoids in women

In the early stages of the unpleasant sensations that accompany the disease, you can get rid of without the help of pharmacy medicines. For this fit the following folk recipes:

Cut out a candle from a raw potato and lead to the rectum through the anus. Preliminary, it is desirable to make a water enema. Candle can be left overnight.

Freshly squeezed juice of berries (vegetable) to insist about half an hour in the refrigerator, then use inside. Dosage: ½ cup in the morning and evening.

With two heads of garlic remove coarse husk, but the teeth do not separate. After boiling all the garlic together with the husks remaining on it in the milk (0.2 l) for half an hour (the garlic slices should become soft and will be easily pierced with a fork).

The resulting remedy to cool, and then use after breakfast, lunch and dinner (1 tbsp. L.) The treatment course lasts for 10 days. If necessary, therapy is repeated after 14 days.

Features of the treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy and after childbirth during lactation

Freedom from hemorrhoids in the process of carrying a child is associated with some restrictions necessary to protect the fetus. For this reason, only a doctor can install the ability to use one or another remedy, and during the whole treatment process the patient should be under his close supervision.

If the symptoms of the disease are mild, then it is recommended to do without drug therapy at all (you can use some popular recipes, but also only with the approval of the doctor).

If even during pregnancy, the mother's condition returned to normal and she did not experience any unpleasant feelings, then during childbirth (and after them) the hemorrhoids can re-appear. Because of the need to breastfeed the mother, the mother still cannot use any medication.

The only sure way to get rid of hemorrhoids during lactation includes:

  1. Careful hygiene
  2. Maintaining regular physical activity without overloading,
  3. Establishing the right diet.

With this mode, all unpleasant symptoms disappear completely literally in 2-4. As an exception, you can use only antiseptic substances and phlebotonic preparations intended for oral administration.

The most effective remedy for hemorrhoids in women according to reviews

To date, many have already tried the effects of antihemorrhoidal drugs on themselves and left a huge number of different reviews about them:

In my experience, the most effective remedy for hemorrhoids is Detralex. Of course, for the provision of emergency assistance, it is not suitable. However, after I drank the full course (about two months), no symptoms of hemorrhoids were observed anymore. Life has become much easier, that's for sure.

Olga, 28 years old, Nizhny Novgorod

I had a problem when I gave birth the second time. At first, as prescribed by the doctor, she used glycerin and sea buckthorn candles (a two-week course). However, there were no noticeable results. After I had to go to a private clinic, where, after the examination, Procto-Glevenol was prescribed. It had to be used during two ten-day courses with a week break. That's when I felt a significant improvement. It has now been six months since everything is all right and I would like to hope that this will continue.

Inga, 37 years old, Omsk

At first she used sea buckthorn candles. But they are uncomfortable to the horror: the course of reception is long, they constantly remained in their underwear. Then she switched to Relief - the effect is also almost zero. Finally, on the recommendation of the doctor, Natalsid began to be used. That time was so successful that for several months now I don’t remember any pain.

Ирина, 31 год, Новосибирск

В целом при выборе подходящего решения для своей деликатной проблемы нужно ориентироваться не на красивую упаковку, а на то, насколько оно будет действенным и безвредным. Внимательно изучайте состав выбранного препарата, возможно, он не подойдёт вам из-за непереносимости отдельных ингредиентов.

Рецепты народной медицины

Перед их применением надо обязательно проконсультироваться с врачом, особенно если заболевание сопровождается кровотечением.

1. Паровая сидячая ванна с добавлением отвара лука в молоке. Pour 1/2 l of milk into a thick clay pot, put 4 onions in there, boil all this over low heat in a closed pot. Clear the intestines with a regular enema and steal the anus above the pot. It is used to treat internal hemorrhoids.

2. Cold sitting bath. 1 liter of cold water pour into the basin and make a sitz bath for 1-5 minutes. Do so 2 times a day, morning and evening. It is good to throw a few grains of potassium permanganate into this water so that the water will be a delicate pink color.

3. An infusion of grass burnet herb is used for sessile baths (10 minutes) for external hemorrhoids.

4. Splash hemorrhoids lubricate once a day with clean ichthyol and eat at this time only liquid food, avoiding constipation.

5. If the bumps are swollen and cannot enter inside, then it is better to let them break through. To do this, apply to them compresses of hot bran or oats. When the cones break through, then apply an exhaust lotion - water with the addition of tannin.

6. Candles from raw, peeled potatoes, candles made from sugar honey, leeches on cones, etc.

But what means of hemorrhoids are reported by the Russian doctor P. M. Kurennov.

Method of treating hemorrhoids with aspen leaves

In the central provinces of Russia, old women treated hemorrhoids with aspen leaves. Everyone knows the tree on which, according to legend, Judas hanged himself. As if from this aspen and became bitter.

Old women took aspen leaves and put them on hemorrhoidal bumps, leaving them for two hours. Then they gave the patient a rest and, depending on the duration of hemorrhoids, the health and age of the patient, they again applied fresh aspen leaves, keeping a sharp eye on the course of the treatment.

If the patient becomes restless, the leaves are removed and the site is carefully washed. Give the patient a break. After a day or two, you can again put the leaves on the cones. With a decrease in the size of the cones, it is necessary to use aspen leaves less and less, gradually moving only to washing with water.

This tool, as well as subsequent, can prevent the return of hemorrhoids. If he, above expectations, and returns, then only for many years later.

There are some more good hemorrhoid remedies. With the help of these tools, the patient can be helped for nine to fourteen days if he follows the instructions above.

Caucasian method of treating hemorrhoids

First you need to do a cold wash after each bowel movement. Then - impose a cold compress on the bumps. It is made from soft cloth. The first time to keep the compress one minute, three or four times a day, not counting the washings after each bowel movement. So continue until the bumps disappear. It takes from three weeks to one and a half months, depending on a variety of reasons. For example, it is necessary to refrain from alcohol, from women and from work in a standing position. Horizontal body position and rest, i.e., a long rest in bed or on the couch, greatly contribute to the treatment.

With chronic hemorrhoids (there have been cases of curing hemorrhoids sixteen years old), the so-called internal, in the old days in the Caucasus ice candles were used. For this, paper forms of a cylindrical specimen were made, first small diameter, so that they could be inserted with possible painlessness into the anus. The forms are filled with water and allowed to freeze, thus obtaining ice candles.

Before you insert a candle into the anus, you need to lower the end of the candle into warm water so that the point of the top of the candle does not cause wounds in the discharge channel, or make candles with rounded heads. It goes without saying that before inserting the candle into the anus, the paper form is removed.

The first time - three to five days - you need to hold the candle for half a minute, no more. Then every three to five days, add another half a minute, depending on how the patient feels. If the candle is inserted poorly or the patient holds it for too long, irritation may occur. Patient addiction to women and alcohol or prolonged work in a standing position can lead to high temperature in the anus. In this case, it is necessary to do cold washing and even apply a compress from a soft cloth. Keep the last three to five minutes.

Simple folk treatment

In some places in Russia, village doctors use a very simple method of treating hemorrhoids. It consists in the fact that the patient sits in a basin filled with cold water (but not too cold or icy), every evening before going to bed for five minutes.

It is hard to believe that hemorrhoids could be completely cured in this way, but it is possible that some relief of pain can still be achieved. Folk healers advise to continue treatment for three weeks in a row, every evening.

The following substances are necessary for the manufacture of this medicine: combustible sulfur in cremetartartar powder, also in white powder, and chamomile.

Chamomile must be passed through a meat grinder several times and sifted through a fine sieve to make powder from it. All these substances are mixed in equal amounts. Usually taken a tablespoon of each. Cremarthartar and combustible sulfur often contain lumps in themselves, they must be well rubbed so that it turns out that it is a powder. The rubbing of the lumps is done with an ordinary spoon. After that, cremartartar and combustible sulfur are thoroughly mixed with chamomile.

For the first time, sulfur and cremartare are usually bought 4–6 ounces each, and chamomiles, 12–16, because it is considerably lighter in weight than sulfur or cremartartar. Yes, and after sifting it remains the so-called "waste".

Chamomile can be taken in somewhat larger quantities. Approximately, when preparing a medicine, take a spoonful of chamomile, full with top, while sulfur and cremetartare are about a spoon, full to the brim.

The mixture is prepared on the basis that it lasts for ten days, for daily intake before meals, three times a day. Take a teaspoon, sending the powder directly into your mouth and washing it down with tepid water. The powder is pleasant to the taste, does not cause disgust and is absorbed quite easily.

An indispensable condition when using this tool: do not drink and refrain from women. It should stay more in bed and walk less. After each chair, wipe the anus not with paper, but with a wet cloth.

Outstanding Persian remedy

This is a smoky sitting bath of thorns, which camels eat in Persia, or garlic. Take a low iron can, put a brick strongly heated on a fire to the bottom of it and pour either finely chopped garlic on this brick, or throw thorns. When it begins to smoke and burn, then sit on the can to get a smoke bath. Continue as needed. Persians for centuries successfully used this method of treatment of hemorrhoids.

Good Siberian and all-Russian remedy

This is the juice of fresh rowan. If this juice is drunk for a very long time, then even an internal hemorrhoid will open. This juice works better than a laxative. You should drink this juice three times a day in two glasses with the addition of sugar and drink a glass of water.

Speaking of various recipes for the treatment of hemorrhoids, the rich Russian merchant and the Kuban Cossack B. pointedly noted that there is no way to treat hemorrhoids in the clinic by simply washing away the hemorrhoids ... just with cold water and that he himself cured hemorrhoids in this particular way. Merchant B. added that, having become accustomed to washing during treatment, he is still engaged in washing away, so to speak, by virtue of habit.

The treatment of hemorrhoids with cold sessile baths is almost the same as a wash. This is the first. Secondly, it takes a lot of time to heal hemorrhoids with cold water. It is necessary to make from three hundred to a thousand washings and take cold sessile baths for two to four months. The treatment is very slow: not worth the candle. The easiest and most likely to be treated with alum with hot water and drink the grass is the royal scepter, or mullein. Some other methods are also good and cure hemorrhoids much more likely than washing and cold baths.

B. American scientist Dr. N.W. Walker in his book “Raw Vegetable Juices” describes the most fundamental way to treat hemorrhoids. In a large American city, one lawyer suffered from hemorrhoids in such a severe form that he could not get through one quarter. Every few dozen steps, he was forced to stop and "adjust" with his hands his "likeness of a fistula." After two months of a strict diet of raw vegetables and raw fruits and a large amount of raw (fresh) vegetable juices, the lawyer did not have a trace of the monstrous hemorrhoids.

If someone decides on parallel treatment with one of the means, and also follows the diet of Dr. Woker, this will greatly speed up the treatment and make it FUNDAMENTAL. By the way, with Dr. Wocker's diet, walnuts and almonds replace bread. However, it should be borne in mind that the slightest deviation from the diet can not be allowed: you can not eat any bread, no meat, no dairy products, nothing boiled, baked or fried. You can not drink coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate, alcoholic beverages. You can use some varieties of coffee that do not contain completely caffeine, as well as mint tea. Chinese, Ceylon, and Indian tea contain twice the amount of theine - almost the same caffeine than coffee, and, of course, a lot of tannin, so they are taboo!

100% correct remedy

This recipe cured of hemorrhoids dozens (and perhaps hundreds) of thousands of people.

Recipe. Need to purchase a work glove. It should be made of thick skin (horse, cow, donkey). It is necessary to cut off the middle finger of the glove, fill it with ice from the refrigerator (crushed into small pieces), lace up the upper end of the leather finger and tie it so that the ice could not get enough sleep. Grease an ice-filled finger with vegetable vaseline (where it is not possible to get vegetable vaseline, you can use simple petroleum jelly). A finger smeared with petroleum jelly should be inserted in the evening before bedtime into the anus, but so that the end of the finger remains out and the end of the cord is also. In the morning remove your finger with ice, wash it thoroughly. This is repeated every night.

Do not be afraid at all that the ice will cool the anus (and therefore the body) and cause a cold. Since the finger was made of thick skin, no cold is impossible. Remember that the ice inside the finger gloves from the thick skin will only cool, and not chill the inside of the anus. After four to five weeks, your hemorrhoids will go to the "guests" to the demon-grandmother ...

The famous doctor O. Morozova advises against hemorrhoids to drink an Alexandria leaf infusion, since other laxatives increase hemorrhoids. And further:

1. Brew celandine in such proportions: one teaspoon of dry grass per cup of boiling water, leave for half an hour and drink this drink in a few cups a day.

2. Helps on an empty stomach 1-2 glasses of serum.

3. There are as many raw grated carrots as possible, and at night to drink a glass of very hot infusion of horse sorrel.

The doctor, O. Morozov, reports a sympathetic hemorrhoid remedy: to constantly carry a wand of pure red sealing wax — it not only cures hemorrhoids, but also prevents its occurrence.

Old folk health guides give some more tips and recipes for hemorrhoids. Here are some of them:

1. Nettle (leaf) - 1 part, buckthorn (bark) - 1 part. 8 g of the mixture per 1 liter of boiling water. Boil for 10 minutes. on the weak

on fire, insist, wrapped, 30 minutes, drain. Take 1 glass 4 times a day for severe pain without lumps.

2. Hypericum perforatum. Take in the form of broth: a tablespoon of chopped herbs pour a glass of boiling water, boil for 15 minutes. on low heat, strain. Drink 1/4 cup 3 times a day.

3. Kalina ordinary. If bleeding is used, bark decoction is used (4 teaspoons of crushed bark, pour a glass of water, boil for 30 minutes, strain hot, add water to the original volume and take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day before meals).

4. Cabbage. Pickled cabbage pickle drink from 1/2 cup to 2 glasses in the form of heat.

5. Dandelion officinalis. 2 teaspoons of chopped root pour a glass of cold boiled water, insist 8 hours. Drink 1/4 cup 4 times a day before meals.

6. The well-known collector of folk recipes and methods of treatment S. A. Alekseev recommends that when hemorrhoids take a sessile bath of lime water. He also leads the Georgian method of treating hemorrhoids by fumigating the anus with gray smoke, sprinkling hot coals with sulfur.

7. For Caucasian people, so-called ice candles are used to treat hemorrhoids (old). To obtain them, cylindrical cups of small diameter are made of paper, filled with water and frozen. Before insertion into the anus, they are dipped in warm water to remove the paper.

The first 3-5 days a candle hold no more than 30 seconds. Then every 3-5 days, add 30 seconds., Focusing on well-being.

8. Ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids, used in China and Mongolia: 10-15 g of raw bone marrow from the pig's tibia bone (sometimes they take 50, and even 100 g) are mixed to a mushy state with 2.2 g of camphor and 1.5 copper vitriol. This ointment lubricates the anus once a day, preferably at night. Keep the ointment in a cool place. During treatment, abstain from alcohol, sex life, long walking and standing work.

9. Another tip from the old medical manual. Stir boiled yolks crush and put on a small fire in a griddle and heat, stirring, then squeeze the oil, which treats burns and wounds, alleviates hemorrhoidal pain, heals nipple cracks, removes freckles and stains, scars and traces of fire from the face.

General treatment rules

It is recommended to exclude from the diet strong drinks, tea, coffee, etc., as well as red wine. All starchy foods are prohibited - white bread, bakery products, rice, potatoes, etc. In the summer it is recommended to eat fresh vegetables - tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce, radishes, etc. Any hot food and drinks contribute to constipation. If bread is used for food, it must be stale rye. Honey should be replaced with sugar.

A sedentary lifestyle contributes to constipation. If this lifestyle cannot be changed due to the nature of the patient’s work, the following exercises are assigned.

Before lifting in a sitting position, raise and lower your body without using your hands. These movements should be done 20-30 times every morning.

Become straight, put your hands on your hips and squat, this exercise is also repeated 20-30 times.

In the bed should be a massage the abdomen, using a towel slightly moistened with cold water and wound on the hands. This is done as follows: on the right side of the abdomen with its left side in the direction of the ribs 10 times, on the left side of the ribs in the same way 10 times. This procedure should be repeated every morning.

Do not use rough paper. In some cases, a soft sponge and cold water bring relief without any treatment.

When hemorrhoids: make sure that there is no constipation,

do not irritate the stomach with alcoholic drinks, beer, do not eat salty, spicy, spicy,

beware of colds, especially of the lower body,

Avoid long walking and standing work

never sit on a cold place, especially on metal,

after each toilet wash with cold water,

All recommended products should be used under the supervision of a physician.

Flowers plants royal scepter, or mullein, should be brewed in a kettle and drink like tea.

Boil eight liters of water in a saucepan. Dissolve in this boiling water 400 g of alum. Close the pan best wooden lid. There should be a hole in the center of the cover. Above this hole, steam is heated by the anus until steam is released. After the session, lubricate the anus (inside and outside) with petroleum jelly and be sure to take a laxative. Some doctors advise to first take a laxative and clean the intestines, and then do the heating of the anus over boiling water with alum.

Warming up should be done no more than once a week. Two or three warm-ups are usually sufficient for healing.

It is very effective to combine the treatment of alum ferry with drinking tea from the dried flowers of the royal scepter.

Take a thick clay pot or pot and pour two liters of milk into it. Put four large onion heads there. The pot (or pan) should be closed with a lid. All this soar in the oven over low heat. After that, close the pot with a wooden lid with a hole and warm up the anus above the steam until steam comes out. You can repeat the sessions after three days. Three or four warm-ups are considered sufficient. It is useful to take a laxative six hours before the session, and before the session, and especially after the session, to lubricate the anus (inside and outside) with vaseline.

The healers of traditional medicine consider the following remedy indispensable in the treatment of internal hemorrhoids

Take aspen leaves and put on hemorrhoidal bumps, leaving them for two hours. Then give the patient a rest, and depending on the duration of hemorrhoids, health and age of the patient, reapply the fresh leaves of the aspen carefully watching the course of the treatment.

Если больной приходит в беспокойное состояние листья снять и осторожно обмыть место. Больному дать отдохнуть. Через день-два можно снова наложить листья на шишки. С уменьшением размера шишек следует все реже и реже пользоваться листьями осины, постепенно переходя лишь к обмыванию водой.

Сначала надо делать холодные обмывания после каждого испражнения. Затем накладывать холодный компресс на шишки. Он делается из мягкой тряпочки. Первое время держать компресс одну минуту три-четыре раза в день, не считая обмываний после каждого испражнения. So continue until the bumps disappear. It takes from three weeks to one and a half months depending on a variety of reasons. For example, it is necessary to refrain from alcoholic beverages, from working in a standing position, etc. The horizontal position of the body and rest, i.e., a long rest in bed or on the sofa, greatly contribute to treatment.

When chronic internal hemorrhoids are used "ice candles". For this, paper forms of a cylindrical specimen are made, at first of small diameter, so that they can be painlessly inserted into the anus. Forms are filled with cold water and allowed them to freeze, thus obtaining ice candles. You can also use rubber finger sticks sold in pharmacies for this purpose.

Before you insert a candle into the anus, you need to lower the end of the candle into warm water so that the tip of the top of the candle does not hurt the exit channel or make candles with rounded heads. Before inserting the candle into the anus, the paper form or rubber fingertip is removed.

The first time (three to five days) you need to hold the candle for half a minute, not more. Then every three to five days, add another half a minute depending on how the patient feels. If the candle is inserted poorly or the patient holds it too long, irritation may occur.

Abuse of the patient with alcoholic beverages, prolonged work in a standing position can lead to high temperature in the anus. In this case, it is necessary to do a cold wash and apply a cold compress from a soft cloth to the sore spot. Keep the compress for three to five minutes.

Some folk healers advise you to try a very simple method of treating hemorrhoids. It consists in the fact that the patient sits in a basin filled with cold water (not too cold and not icy), every evening, before going to bed, for five minutes. Treatment continues for three weeks in a row every evening.

For several centuries, a smoky sitting bath of garlic was used to treat hemorrhoids. Take a low iron can, put a brick strongly heated on a fire to the bottom of it and pour finely chopped garlic on the brick. When he starts to smoke and burn, sit on the can to get a smoky bath. Continue as needed.

"Tea against hemorrhoids"

It should be brewed like tea, grass and drink several times a day.

Infusion of Alexandrian leaves is a laxative.

Method of preparation: Add 1 tablespoon of dried leaves to a glass of cold water, leave for 12 hours.

Take the tool should be in the morning for an hour before breakfast. It is enough to take a laxative 2 times a week.

Treatment mummy

Intake on an empty stomach 2 times a day (morning and evening before bedtime) at 0.2 g mummy at a time. And the most essential in this case is the constant lubrication of the anal orifice up to 10 cm (mummy mixed with honey in parts 1: 5—1: 8).

Reception inside is repeated after 25 days after a 10-day rest, and lubrication should be continued for 3-4 months with a monthly break. When running hemorrhoids cure occurs in 6-8 months or much earlier. The best use is also achieved in a mixture with mummy of peach oil or cow fat in the same proportions for simultaneous ingestion and lubrication (this requires a significant amount of mummy per course).

1. Antihemorrhagic collection. Nettle (leaf) - 1 part, buckthorn (bark) - 1 part.

8 g of the mixture per 1 liter of boiling water. Boil for 10 minutes on low heat, insist, wrapped, 30 minutes, strain. Take 1 glass 4 times a day for severe pain without lumps.

2. Highlander pochechuyny (hemorrhoid grass). 2 teaspoons dry herb 0.5 liters of water. Boil for 15 minutes on low heat, insist, wrapped, 2 hours, strain. Take 0.5 cups 3-4 times a day, 30 minutes before meals. It is used as a diuretic, gentle laxative, analgesic and hemostatic agent.

3. Yarrow, grass with tops. 15 g of grass with flowers per cup of boiling water. Insist, wrapped, 1 hour, drain. Take 1 tablespoon 3-4 times daily before meals. You can take without dosage, if 1 tablespoon of herbs insist in 0.5 liters of boiling water. Fresh juice of a yarrow in half with honey to accept 3 times a day ON 1 teaspoon. With long-term treatment, it is a radical remedy. Yarrow is used as a diaphoretic, diuretic and hemostatic agent and is very effective in combating hemorrhoids in the initial stage and for bleeding. Yarrow tincture on vodka or alcohol. Take 30 drops 3 times a day.

4. Potatoes raw. Cut a candle out of potatoes and, for hemorrhoids, insert into the anus. If it is very dry, then dip the potato candle in honey.

5. Honey candied. Insert into the anus a candle from candied honey.

6. The water is cold. 1 liter of cold water pour into the basin and make a sit-down bath i from 1 minute to 5 minutes. To do 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening. It is good to throw a few grains of potassium permanganate into this water so that the water is a pale pink color. In cold water, wet the cloth and put on the cones when they are hot - change. The use of cold water for hemorrhoids very well, the patient's condition.

7. Rowan red. From the ripe berries of mountain ash red squeeze juice. Take 75-100 g of juice 3 times a day, you can add honey or sugar to it. To wash down with cold water. Excellent glorifying agent. It is noticed that the closed hemorrhoids open from the intake of juice and relief comes.

8. Medical leeches put on hemorrhoids cones from 3 to 10 pieces. The patient quickly gets relief.

9. Hypericum perforatum. Apply in the form of broth: a tablespoon of chopped herbs pour a glass of boiling water, boil for 15 minutes on low heat, drain. Drink 1/4 cup 3 times a day.

10. Wild strawberry. A decoction of the leaves is used for enemas and washings (a tablespoon of leaves brew a glass of boiling water, leave for 20 minutes, drain).

11. Kalina ordinary. For hemorrhoidal bleeding, use a decoction of bark (4 teaspoons of crushed bark, pour a glass of water, boil for 30 minutes, strain hot, add water to the original volume and take a tablespoon 3 times a day before meals).

12. Cabbage. Pickled cabbage pickle drink from 1/2 to 2 glasses in the form of heat.

13. Kargana grivastaya. Apply inside the decoction of the aerial parts (a tablespoon of crushed medicinal raw materials pour a glass of boiling water, insist on a water bath for 30 minutes, strain, take 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day).

14. Stonecone. A decoction of the leaves is prepared as follows: Pour a tablespoon of leaves with a glass of hot water, boil for 10 minutes over low heat, cool, strain. Drink a tablespoon 3-4 times a day.

15. Stinging nettle.

a) A tablespoon of dry nettle leaves pour a glass of boiling water, boil for 10 minutes on low heat, cool, strain. Drink a tablespoon 4-5 times a day.

b) 2 tablespoons of dried nettle leaves brew a glass of boiling water, leave for 1 hour, strain. Drink 1/2 cup 2 times a day.

16. Burnet drug. Broth roots drink with hemorrhoidal bleeding: table-spoon chopped roots pour a glass of water, boil for 30 minutes on low heat, insist 2 hours, drain. Take a tablespoon 5 times a day before meals.

17. Onion bulb. Apply fresh onion juice and 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day.

18. Dandelion officinalis. 2 teaspoons of chopped root pour a glass of cold boiled water, insist 8 hours. Drink 1/4 cup 4 times a day before meals.

19. Chamomile pharmacy. Externally, the infusion is used for washing with hemorrhoids (2-3 tablespoons brew a glass of boiling water, insist 1 hour in a well-closed container, drain).

20. Barley. Barley malt infusion is used for hemorrhoids (put barley seeds in a warm, humid environment and dry them when they germinate. 2 tablespoons of ground barley seedlings pour 1 liter of boiling water, leave for 4 hours. Drink 1/2 cup 4 — b times per day, adding sugar).

21. Horsetail. Herb infusion is used for hemorrhoidal bleeding. Prepare the infusion as follows: 2 teaspoons of chopped herbs brew a glass of boiling water, leave for 1 hour, strain. Sip during the day.

22. Menthol - 2.5 g, Novocain - 1.5 g, anestezin - 1.5 g, 96-degree alcohol - 100 ml.

Method of use: with cotton wool moistened with the above composition, smear a sore spot twice a day. If the patient felt a short-term burning sensation, then do not be afraid, because it will pass quickly.

A patient suffering from hemorrhoids for 15 years recovered from him in 3 days.

23. Korovyak. Mullein flowers should be brewed in a kettle and drunk as tea. Bleeding stops after 2-3 days, and after a few days the disease disappears completely.

24. Potatoes. Grate a raw potato, squeeze the juice in a tablespoon and inject with a small syringe overnight. Duration of treatment - 10 days.

Note. With hemorrhoids:

- make sure that there is no constipation,

- do not irritate the stomach with alcoholic drinks, beer, do not eat salty, spicy, spicy,

- beware of colds, especially of the lower body,

- avoid long walking and standing work,

- never sit on a cold place, especially on metal,

- after each toilet wash with cold water,

- put daily enemas from chamomile or from the dried lady.

• swallow, without chewing, whole pieces of garlic, peeled from the husk (1-2 cloves), as a disinfectant and anti-inflammatory agent,

• wash the external hemorrhoidal cones with infusion of chamomile inflorescences (2-3 tablespoons of crushed chamomile, pour a glass of boiling water over it, insist in a sealed container for an hour, drain and use),

• insert candles from the fresh, raw, peeled potatoes into the anus for the night,

• apply a piece of shredded carrots or beets wrapped in a cloth to outgrown hemorrhoid knots (the procedure relieves pain and helps the nodes to pull back). The best prevention of hemorrhoids will be the rejection of the use of alcoholic beverages, taking salty, spicy, spicy and coarse foods, as well as physical therapy. It is advisable to avoid long walking and long standing work, to monitor the regularity of the chair, to wash off after a bowel movement with cool boiled water.

Stone oil treatment

Stone oil has an antitumor effect, quickly relieves inflammation and pain. It is very good to make microclysters with a solution of stone oil (3 g per 3 l of water).

I advise you to add a few drops of a Jungar wrestler to the stone oil solution. The wrestler is an effective antitumor agent, so it’s “two in one”.

These microclysters will help not only with hemorrhoids, but also with anal fissures.

Sea salt treatment

Hemorrhoids are successfully treated with sea salt. At a quiet stage of hemorrhoids, rectal douching is recommended. The concentration of the salt solution is 30 grams of sea salt per liter of water, the temperature of the solution is no higher than 40 ° C. The course is 10-12 procedures in a day. Then a break of three days, then the course can be repeated.

• For the treatment of hemorrhoids in the acute stage, make such a therapeutic mixture. Take on a tablespoon of combustible sulfur powder, chamomile flowers, sifted through a fine sieve ground literally into the dust of sea salt. All ingredients mix in equal quantities. Take the mixture on an empty stomach teaspoonful, washed down with warm water. The course of treatment is 10 days.

• You can put in the rectum candle of raw potatoes, soaked for an hour in a solution of sea salt (a tablespoon of salt in a half glass of water). Candles are placed at night, in the morning come out naturally.

This is the simplest remedy for hemorrhoids. They are used to affect the wall of the anus in order to improve blood circulation, relieve pain and inflammation, as well as to obtain a laxative effect.

Raw Potato Candles

They are cut from raw, peeled potatoes. Make a candle as thick as a finger and insert into the anus.

Before inserting it, you must syringe the rectum with an enema of 1/2 glass of water.

Putting candles is best before bed for the whole night. You can also put a candle in the afternoon.

Raw Carrot Candles

They are made of carrots 2-3 cm long. It is necessary to enter into the anus before bedtime for 30-40 minutes.

Ice candles

They are made of water. To do this, pour the water with a little rubber surgical glove or fingertip, and then put it in the freezer until it is completely frozen.

Instead of water, it is recommended to freeze the chamomile extract, which is prepared from 1 tablespoon of flowers to 1 cup of boiling water. Infused drug for 30 minutes, after which it should be filtered.

The procedure for using ice candles is called cryoprocessing. The candle should be kept in the anus until it melts completely.

They are usually placed in the presence of bleeding. When hemorrhoids blood is scarlet, because it is arterial. When bleeding is recommended to put an enema from a 1% solution of tannin, after which the patient should go to bed, and he should put ice on his stomach and call a doctor. He must lie on his back all the time until the doctor arrives, and he should not be given any food. If the patient is tormented by thirst, he can swallow ice in small pieces.

If, at the same time as the blood discharge, the patient feels weakened, then increasing painful pain in the lower abdomen, the following enema is recommended: 1 teaspoonful of 3% hydrogen peroxide should be diluted in 1 glass of water. Enema is placed using a U4 cup of the prepared solution. It is left in the intestine until the next stool. The procedure is repeated for 2-3 days. At this time, the patient should eat pureed boiled vegetables, mucous soups and dairy products.

If the bleeding does not stop, it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor and be examined.

When hemorrhoidal bleeding is recommended as an enema from broth bilberry ordinary. For its preparation, 2 tablespoons of blueberries are poured with 1 cup of boiling water and boiled for 30 minutes, then filtered, the berries are pressed, the broth is filled with boiling water to the original volume. Enema is placed from the U4 cup of broth.

As a treatment that helps healing and tissue regeneration, douching and washing with calendula infusion is carried out. To prepare it, you need to take 3 teaspoons of raw materials, pour 1 glass of boiled water at room temperature and leave in a warm place for 3-4 hours. Then the infusion should be filtered through 2-3 layers of gauze, squeezed and diluted with water, bringing the volume to the original.

For an enema, you can use diluted calendula tincture with water. For its preparation, you need to take 100 g of 70% alcohol and insist in it for 2 days 10 g of crushed raw materials. Then 1 teaspoon of the resulting tincture should be diluted in 1 cup of water and make an enema.

To prepare a decoction of rhizomes of wheatgrass creeping, take 2 tablespoons of crushed rhizomes, pour 1 cup of hot water, boil for 5-10 minutes, cool, filter and squeeze. Apply externally at night in the form of warm microclysters in 30-60 ml.

You can make an enema from infusion of chamomile flowers. 20 g of flowers should be poured 1 cup of boiling water, insist 4-6 hours and strain. Enemas are made 3 times a day.

Enema from the broth of the yarrow has a hemostatic, anti-inflammatory, wound healing and bactericidal action. To prepare the broth, take 20 g of dry crushed raw materials, pour 1 cup of warm water and boil for 15 minutes, then infuse for 1 hour, filter and bring the volume to the original.

For enemas use 60 ml of this broth or moistened wipes and make cold lotions on hemorrhoids.

Ointments are a great way to relieve pain and inflammation, as well as to heal anterior fissures. It is necessary to carefully apply the ointment to the skin or mucous with a thin layer, not rubbing it. Lubrication is usually done after stooling and washing or at night and in the morning.

For the treatment of hemorrhoids use marigold ointment (calendula). For its preparation, you should thoroughly mix 10 g of vaseline and 5 g of calendula tincture (10 g of raw material per 100 g of 70% alcohol). Apply the ointment at least 3 times a day.

Another ointment can be prepared by mixing 1 part ash of the nightshade root and 5 parts sesame oil. This ointment smears hemorrhoids.

Narcissus oil helps with pain. For its preparation, you need to mix 1 part of the crushed raw materials and 4 parts of vegetable oil, then infuse for 18 days.

As an ointment, you can use mummy. To do this, take it 0.3-0.5 g, soften the fingers and lubricate the external hemorrhoids at night and in the morning. For the treatment of internal hemorrhoids, the mummy must be inserted into the anus for the night. This procedure should be combined with the ingestion of 0.2-0.5 g mummy dissolved in 2 tablespoons of boiled water. Reception is carried out in the morning on an empty stomach.

The course of lubrication of the anus with the help of a mummy is held for 10 days, after which it is necessary to take a break for 5 days. The course is repeated 2-4 times. In this case, ingestion should continue for 25 days.

Для приготовления еще одного средства для смазывания заднего прохода надо смешать мумие в соотношении от 1 : 5 до 1 : 8. Смазывание проводят в течение 3-4 месяцев, после чего делают перерыв на 10 дней и повторяют курс лечения.

Эти процедуры полезно совмещать с 25-дневным приемом внутрь мумие по 02,-0,5 г 2 раза в день. Мумие оказывает общетонизирующее, противовоспалительное и обезболивающее действие, а также способствует заживлению ран. Выздоровление при запущенном геморрое наступает через 6 месяцев после начала лечения с помощью мумие.

Propolis oil is prepared from 10 g of dry, purified and ground propolis mixed with 100 g of unsalted butter, which must be preheated in a water bath. After that, the mixture is heated for 5-10 minutes and hot filtered through cheesecloth. It is used for anal fissures, inflammation of hemorrhoids and pain. Ointment is applied with a thin layer on the sore spot, not rubbing into the skin, 2-3 times a day. The drug has an analgesic effect.

Sitz baths

Very useful for hemorrhoids sessile baths using infusions of medicinal plants, which have a hemostatic and anti-inflammatory, as well as an anesthetic effect. However, it should be remembered that sessile baths for hemorrhoids can be done only after the cessation of discharge.

Steam sit bath with onion decoction in milk

Recommended for the treatment of internal hemorrhoids. Before you begin to carry out the procedure, you should clean the intestines with an enema. To make a decoction, pour 0.5 l of milk into a ceramic dish, add 2 onions and cook them over low heat with the lid closed. Then it is necessary to remove the dishes from the heat and cover with a wooden lid with holes of 5-6 cm. The patient should sit on top and sit until the contents of the dish have cooled.

Cold sitz bath

To prepare it, pour 1 l of cold water into the basin, after which you should sit in it for 1-5 minutes. Such baths are recommended to do 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening. In the water, you can add grains of potassium permanganate, diluting it in water to a pale pink color.

Seed bath from the extract of the herb Sheethochus medicinal

Used to treat external hemorrhoids. For the preparation of the bath should take 4 tablespoons of herb blood burnet drug and pour them 2 liters of boiling water. The mixture is boiled for 5-6 minutes. Ready infusion can be used for a sitz bath, which is taken within 10 minutes.

Pharmaceutical chamomile steam bath

For its preparation, you need to take 1 teaspoon of flowers and pour 1 cup of boiling water. The patient should sit above the hot infusion from which steam rises, and take cover up to the waist. The procedure lasts about 15 minutes.

Chestnut bark sitz bath

Used for hemorrhoidal bleeding. You need to take 50 g of bark, pour 1 l of water and boil in a water bath for 30 minutes. The bath should be done after a bowel movement, when the hemorrhoids come out.

Hip bath from decoction of roots of black root medicinal

It has wound healing and analgesic properties. In addition, it stimulates the bowels. To prepare the decoction, take 4 tablespoons of the root, pour 1 l of water, bring to a boil and boil for 15 minutes, then close and infuse for 12 hours. The decoction is filtered and used as a local bath and washing or compresses and lotions.

Local baths from broth of flowers and leaves of a clear blue white

It has anti-inflammatory, hemostatic and tonic effects, as well as improves the body's metabolism.

Broth is prepared from 30 g of dry powdered raw material, filled with 1 liter of water. The mixture must be boiled for 15 minutes, then insist 3 hours and then strain.

Read three times, each time spitting over the left shoulder: On the blue sea, on the ocean, on the island of Buyan, There stands an ancient centenary oak tree. On that oak tree sits a phoenix bird. Fly you, the phoenix bird, to the boisterous places of God's Slave (God's servants) (name), Unleash them, spit them, your children, Scatter them for fast rattling rivers, For steep high mountains, for dark distant forests. There is a rotten deck. Take them and put them on a rotten deck. Forever and ever. Amen. Amen. Amen.


Hazel (Hazel). Broth bark: 1 tbsp. a spoonful of crushed bark pour 500 ml of boiling water. Boil for 10 minutes, filter. Drink 100 ml 3-4 times a day.

Infusion of leaves of hazel: 2 tbsp. spoons of leaves of the May collection pour 500 ml of boiling water. Infuse for 1 hour, strain. Take 100 ml 3-4 times a day for hemorrhoids and varicose veins.

Carrots tops Brew arbitrarily. Drink instead of water and tea. It has a good therapeutic effect not only for hemorrhoids, but also for all vein diseases (thrombophlebitis, varicose dilatation, etc.).

Aspen leaves. 2 tbsp. spoons of dry leaves brew 300 ml of boiling water. Insist 1 hour, strain. Take 1/3 cup 3 times a day.

Horse chestnut (tincture of flowers or fruits): 50 g of flowers (or fruits) of horse chestnut pour 500 ml of vodka and leave in a warm and dark place for 14 days, shaking daily. Take 30-40 drops 3 times a day for a month.

Juice of fresh chestnut flowers is taken for hemorrhoids and varicose veins 25 drops 2 times a day with milk,

Fragrant Ruta (tincture of flowers): 100 g dry crushed grass pour 500 ml of vodka and leave for dark for two weeks. Strain. Drink 10 drops in 1 tbsp. a spoonful of water 3 times a day for varicose veins and hemorrhoids. The course of treatment is 3 weeks.

Chamomile. Warm sessile baths with chamomile extract and oak bark alternate every other day. The course of treatment for 10-12 baths.

Alum. In a large saucepan, boil 5 liters of water and dissolve 200 g of alum in it. Cover with a wooden lid with a hole in the center and sit on the lid for 10-15 minutes. The procedure to do before going to bed 10-15 days.

Prepare a collection: white birch bark —20. Horse chestnut fruit — 20 g. Oak bark — 20 g. Thistle of Icelandic moss — 50 g. Astragalus grass — 100 gu Blackberry root — 100 g. Rhubarb root — 30 g. Inflorescence of sandy immortelle - 30 g. Grass horsetail - 50 g. 2 tbsp. spoon minced collection of boil for 5 minutes in 500 ml of water. Infuse for 1 hour, strain. Take 0.5 cups 3-4 times a day. Simultaneously with the reception of a decoction, it is useful to make sessile baths from the decoction of male fern rhizomes.

Rowan juice Take 3 times a day with honey 2 tbsp. spoon 3-4 times a day.

Verbena officinalis (decoction of leaves): 3 tbsp. spoon leaves pour a glass of boiling water, leave for 1 hour, drain. Drink 1 tbsp. spoon in an hour with acute exacerbation of chronic hemorrhoids, with scrofula, atherosclerosis, thrombophlebitis, eyelid varicose veins.

Sauerkraut. Warm brine to drink 1 glass per day. The course of treatment is 10-15 days.

Hypericum herb decoction: 1 tbsp. spoonful of crushed leaves pour a glass of boiling water, insist 1 hour in a warm place, strain. Take but 1/4 cup 3 times a day for 10 days.

Viburnum decoction: 5 hours spoonful of crushed bark, pour a glass of water and boil for 15-20 minutes. Strain and take 1 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day for 10-15 days.

Leeches. Well-washed cones of the anus are planted on one leech, lying in bed and spreading their legs wide. The leech, sucking blood, will disappear, and the bump will dry. The procedure is repeated 3-4 times.

Honey with garlic. 250 g minced and grated on a grated garlic pour 400 g liquid honey, mix and insist 7 days. Take 1 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day zapolsesa before meals. Take for a month for varicose veins, obliterating endoarteritis, thrombophlebitis, Raynaud's disease.

Ancient Tibetan recipe: the brain of the pig's tibia —100 g. Copper sulfate — 2 g. Of camphor — 2.5 g. Mix everything thoroughly and grind to a mushy state. Lubricate the area of ​​the anus at night for 10-15 days.

Pour 3 liters of milk into a saucepan and put 5 medium onions in it. Close tightly with a lid and hover in the oven for 30-40 minutes4. Take out the pan, replace the lid with a wooden one with a hole in the center. Sit on the cover for 10-15 minutes. The procedure is repeated every other day.

A pre-heated brick is placed on the bottom of the bucket and finely chopped garlic is poured onto it. “Smoke” appears. Cover the bucket with a wooden lid with a hole and sit on it for 10-15 minutes. Repeat the procedure daily for 7-10 days.

Healing infusion of barley seedlings

Required: 2 tbsp. spoons of dry ground barley seedlings, 1 liter of boiling water.

Cooking method. Place the barley seeds in a humid place at a constant warm temperature and allow them to germinate, then harvest the seedlings, dry and chop. The dry ingredient pour boiling water, insist for 4-5 hours.

Treatment with fats and vegetable oils

1. Boil sunflower oil for 4-6 hours in a water bath, strain, inject in the form of a tampon for 4-5 hours into the anus.

2. Lubricate the anus at night with castor oil for 2-3 weeks.

3. On large hemorrhoids that have fallen out of the rectum and are not self-limiting, you can put gauze soaked in cocoa butter. Duration of treatment - to alleviate the condition.


1. Common oak bark, chamomile flowers and plantain leaves in equal proportions pour boiling water, boil for 30 minutes and insist for 2 hours in a sealed container. Pour the mixture into the bath, topped up with warm boiled water. Take a sitz bath for 10-15 minutes. After the bath, prescribe candles with calendula, belladonna. The duration of treatment is 2-3 weeks.

2. Cold sitting bath. Pour 2 liters of cold water in a wide bowl, add a little potassium permanganate (until the water is soft pink). Take a bath for 5 minutes 2 times a day, gradually increasing the time of the procedure.

Beekeeping treatment

Insert the candle from the candied honey into the anus, hold until the candle dissolves.

2 times a day to insert into the anus a tampon with 10% propolis ointment.

625 g of honey, 375 g of 3-5 year old aloe juice, 625 ml of red wine.

Cooking method. Mix the ingredients, put in a sealed container in a dark cool place for 5 days.

Take 1 teaspoon 1 hour before meals 1 time per day for 5 days, then 1 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day for 1 h before meals for 3-7 weeks.

Treatment with juices, vegetables and fruits

1. Insert into the anus a candle, cut from peeled potatoes, as thick as a finger. Leave a candle for the whole day. The next day, insert another candle, pre-rinsing the rectum from the syringe with cool water (100 ml). You can put a new candle at night.

2. Apply grated red beets or carrots wrapped in cloth or gauze to dropped out hemorrhoids.

3. In a metal can with a wide neck, put a brick heated on a fire and pour garlic, close the lid with a hole. When smoke appears, sit on the can. Sit for 3-5 minutes. Repeat the procedure as needed.

4. You can take the following mixture of vegetable juices:

1) carrots and spinach in a ratio of 10: 3,

2) carrots, spinach, watercress, turnips in the ratio of 4: 2: 1: 1.

Juices should always be fresh, you need to drink at least 250 ml of juice per day.

Compresses, lotions and poultices

These treatments have tonic and analgesic properties. They are also used to reduce hemorrhoids that have fallen out.

To make chamomile flowers infusion, take 2 tablespoons of flowers and pour them with 1 cup of boiling water. The mixture is infused for 1 hour in a closed container, then filtered and cooled.

Gauze cloth should be moistened in a cold infusion, then attach to the hemorrhoid. The compress should be changed as it warms.

To reduce the painfulness of the hemorrhoidal nodules released from the anus, it is recommended to make the following compress: grated red beets or carrots should be wrapped in a napkin and attached to the painful node.

Such a compress well soothes the pain and stimulates the entry of nodes back into the anus.

As an effective remedy for hemorrhoids, you can also use aspen leaves. They should be attached to the released hemorrhoids for 2 hours. After this, it is necessary to give the patient some rest and reapply the aspen leaves for 2 hours.

If the patient behaves restlessly, then it is necessary to remove the compress and gently rinse the sore spots. Then give the patient a rest for 1-2 days, after which again put aspen leaves. When the nodes begin to shrink, procedures with aspen leaves should be carried out less frequently, gradually moving to a simple wash with water.

With a strong increase in hemorrhoids, when they can no longer go back inside the anus, you need to try to achieve their breakthrough. To obtain the desired result is recommended to apply to the nodes poultices of hot bran or oats.

When the nodes break through, it is necessary to make exhaust lotions, for which moisten a gauze cloth with water with the addition of tannin and attach to the wounds. As an anesthetic and anti-inflammatory agent, it is recommended to apply a poultice from the herb of the mountaineer of kidney stones to the hemorrhoidal cones.

In case of severely swollen hemorrhoidal nodes, the following lotion is recommended: grease the gauze cloth with cocoa butter and attach to the nodes. When periodically changing napkins means is applied until the hemorrhoids heal.

For lotions can be used diluted with water tincture of calendula. For its preparation, take 100 g of 70% alcohol and insist in it within 2 days 10 g of crushed raw materials. Then take 1 teaspoon of the obtained funds and diluted in 1/2 cup of water (for lotions).

Prepare an infusion of herb clover can, taking 1 tablespoon of grass, pour 300 ml of boiling water and insisting for 2 hours, then strain. From the rest of the infusion after straining do a poultice or compress on the cracks of the anus.

For the preparation of this lotion should be mixed in equal parts of the leaves of Althea, herb clover, mallow leaves, chamomile inflorescences, flax seeds. The mixture is ground into powder and placed in a linen bag, after which it must be dipped in hot water for 10 minutes. Then lotion is applied to the sore spot. This remedy relieves pain.

The following remedy is used externally in the form of compresses and poultices for hemorrhoidal pain: 2 tablespoons of dry grass of flax flax must be poured with 0.5 liters of water or milk, boil for 20-25 minutes, drain. 2 teaspoons crushed in the coffee grinder of the rhizome of the erectum should be poured 200 ml of boiling water, boiled in a water bath for 20-30 minutes, cool slightly, strain, bring the broth to 200 ml, then dilute with boiled water (1: 4). This broth is used for rinsing sore spots to 1/2 cup every 2 hours. It has astringent, hemostatic and deodorizing effects.

The following infusion is used for lotions with tampons: 6 teaspoons of chopped herbs and daisy flowers should be poured 200 ml of boiled water at room temperature, insist in a warm place for 3-4 hours, strain through thick cloth, squeeze and bring the volume to the original.

For compresses and lotions are also used tincture of pharmacy. To prepare it, you need to take 2 tablespoons of crushed raw materials above-ground parts of the plant, pour 2 cups of boiling water, insist on a water bath under the lid for 5-8 minutes, cool and strain. Compresses are done 3 times a day.

Chamomile lotions: 2-3 tablespoons of flower baskets are brewed with boiling water until a pasty mass is formed, which is then applied hot on a clean cloth and applied to the sore spot.

When a hemorrhoid falls out, a lotion from a shepherd's tincture tincture is applied. To prepare the tincture used all the plant, except the root. The grass should be finely chopped and filled into a half-liter dark bottle, filling it to 3/4 volume. Then the bottle should be poured with vodka to the top and put in a warm dark place to infuse for 2 weeks.

This tincture is washed 3-4 times a day.

For bleeding, apply compresses using infusion of tansy. To prepare it, you need to take 1 teaspoon of dry tansy blossoms, pour 1 cup boiling water and leave for 1 hour, then strain. This tool has a hemostatic, analgesic and cleansing action.

10% propolis tincture on 80% ethanol is sold in pharmacies. It is used for the occurrence of cracks and inflammation in the anus. It is necessary to wet the swab in tincture and apply it on the wounds. The procedure is carried out from 1 to 3 times a day.

Garlic milk from hemorrhoids

Garlic has blood-reducing properties, improves blood quality, is a prevention of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases, prevents the deposition of LDL (low density lipoproteins that form atherosclerotic plaques) on the walls of blood vessels. These and other beneficial properties of garlic make it an excellent tool for the treatment and prevention of many diseases, long used in Oriental medicine. Among the popular methods of treatment of hemorrhoids garlic milk deserves special attention, the recipes of which are presented below.

Two heads of garlic are cleaned from coarse husk, not divided into cloves. Then they are boiled together with the peel in a saucepan with 200 ml of milk for 30 minutes, until the garlic is soft and easily pierced with a fork. Garlic milk is cooled on the windowsill and a field spoon of each meal is taken in a tablespoon. The course of treatment is ten days, if necessary, it is repeated after a two-week break.

Peel the head of garlic and divide into cloves, free five of them from the peel and chop on a grater or in a garlic press. Добавьте в полученную однородную массу 200 мл молока и оставьте на два часа в холодном месте. Пить чесночно-молочный настой нужно три раза в день по половине чайной ложки, курс лечения составляет неделю, через три дня по необходимости его повторяют.

The easiest way to use garlic with milk to eliminate vascular spasms and improve blood circulation is to eat it in the amount of three teeth a day, one after each meal, drinking a cup of milk.

Contraindications to the use of garlic is a gastric ulcer and gastritis at the stage of exacerbation, inflammation of the pancreas, epilepsy. During pregnancy, you need to be careful with garlic, a woman is advised to consult a doctor before using it for medicinal purposes.

Learn more: Useful properties and use of garlic


Hepatrombin is a relatively inexpensive, but very effective remedy for hemorrhoids. The cost of the drug in pharmacies is 250-270 rubles. The composition of the drug includes substances that penetrate well into the subcutaneous tissue, and accordingly begin to act quickly.

Gel Hepatrombin helps to eliminate anal itching and other symptoms of hemorrhoids. Also during the use of funds improves the work of the circulatory system. It was found that the ointment helps to increase the elasticity of blood vessels, and reduce the risk of thrombosis of the veins of the anus.

The indication for use is hemorrhoids 1-2 degrees of severity. Also, the drug is used in the presence of trophic ulcers, thrombophlebitis, thrombosis and varicose veins.

How to apply the medicine? The tool should be applied to the inflamed hemorrhoid 1-3 times a day. It is worth noting that even the area adjacent to the site of inflammation should be treated with Hepatrombin.

Often there are cases that hemorrhoids are accompanied by rectal bleeding. If you do not stop them in a timely manner, it increases the likelihood of hemolytic anemia. With hemorrhoids, which is accompanied by severe rectal bleeding, you can use Proktozan. This tool is available in the form of ointment and candles. The cost of the drug varies in the range of 355-450 rubles. The preparation includes lidocaine, bismuth subgallate, titanium dioxide, bufeksamak.

The drug helps to eliminate such signs of hemorrhoids, such as:

  • Itching and burning in the anus.
  • Pain in the anus.
  • Rectal bleeding.
  • Stomach ache.

Also, the active ingredients of suppositories and ointments Proktozan help speed up the process of regeneration of damaged tissues in the mucous membrane of the rectum. This drug is advisable to use if internal hemorrhoids progresses in women and men. It is worth noting that candles and Proktozan ointment is advisable to apply only if the disease goes to stage 1-2.

Also in the instructions for use said that the indication can serve as anal fissures, proctitis and chronic anal eczema. On the day, 1-2 suppositories should be used Proktozan. If an ointment is used, the frequency of application of the medicine is 2 times a day.


Troxevasin for hemorrhoids is often used, as the drug has high absorption and efficacy. The cost of the drug is 150-250 rubles. Also available are Troxevasin capsules. The cost of the tablets is somewhat higher - 600-680 rubles.

This remedy is often used if hemorrhoids are accompanied by rectal bleeding. The drug increases the tone and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Also in the composition of Troxevasin includes substances that help to reduce the permeability of capillaries.

In addition, the medicine helps:

  1. Remove inflammation. When using the tool hemorrhoidal cones are reduced in size.
  2. Eliminate symptoms of hemorrhoids, such as anal itching and burning sensation in the anus.
  3. Reduce the likelihood of thrombosis of hemorrhoids.

The drug can be used in the treatment of hemorrhoids 1 and 2 severity. Ointment Troxevasin should be applied to the affected area 2 times a day. If tablets are used, the daily dose is 300-600 mg.

Fleming Ointment

When severe hemorrhoids, you can use Fleming's ointment. This tool costs about 190-270 rubles. The composition of the drug includes herbal ingredients with anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effect. Still active substances of the product stimulate the process of regeneration of damaged tissues of the mucous membrane of the rectum.

Fleming's ointment is advisable to use if progresses internal hemorrhoids, accompanied by rectal bleeding. Also, indications for use are anal fissures, vasomotor rhinitis, allergic dermatitis.

The cream should be applied to the affected area 1-3 times a day. With exacerbation of hemorrhoids, Fleming ointment can be treated. But we must remember that in this case the remedy can only be used for symptomatic therapy.

What is the best remedy for hemorrhoids for treatment?

All medications for the treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids are available in several forms:

  • oral agents (tablets, capsules),
  • rectal suppositories,
  • means for external use (ointments, gels, creams).

Doctors proctologists argue that the treatment of the disease should be complex, also the clinical manifestations of hemorrhoids, the stage of its development (you can find out more about the stages of hemorrhoids) and the type and, accordingly, select drugs based on these factors. Only in this case the treatment will be effective.

Pills and capsules for hemorrhoids

Oral agents are effective only in complex therapy or for the treatment of chronic hemorrhoids. When applying them, it is advisable to consult with a physician, since these drugs have an effect on the entire body, participating in metabolic processes, and have multiple contraindications and side effects.

It is advisable to use drugs for complicated course of the disease (thrombosis of hemorrhoids, inflammation, severe edema in the anus, abscesses). Oral drugs stop the inflammatory process in the internal organs and tissues, strengthen the blood vessels, increase the body's immunity to combat pathological microorganisms.

Detralex tablets, effectively used for violations of the rectal venous circulation. The drug helps to eliminate the blockage of blood vessels and normalize blood flow in the damaged tissues. It also strengthens the vascular walls, eliminates the fragility and fragility of the capillaries.

Exale wipes

The cost of two sachets (2 napkins) is about 90 rubles.

Benefits. Hemorrhoids in most cases also acquire chronic constipation - regardless of the content in the diet of fiber and the excellent characteristics of the gastrointestinal tract. A patient with hemorrhoids refers to the urge to serve natural needs as a sentence. Because he knows: in the process of bowel movement he is in for pain, and after an emptying of the intestines, hemorrhoids will blossom and heal at all. Well, an additional “bonus” is the pleasure of using toilet paper, even if it is of supernaturally high quality and softness. It hurts, it still hurts a lot. Better to endure.

Excalat napkins, with their regular use, can not only leave the fear of going to the toilet in the past, but also indirectly get rid of "psychological constipation." Substances that are impregnated with this napkin, at the same time moisturize the skin of the anal orifice, have an antimicrobial effect and create a kind of “shield”, acting as a barrier for most pathogens for several hours. This means that the cracks will heal without complications, hemorrhoids will not be complicated by infectious diseases, and after a visit to the toilet you will not have to apply something cold to the very place to relieve pain and irritation.

disadvantages. Of course, toilet paper is cheaper. But where have you seen toilet paper that people with hemorrhoids like? But Eksalet like it!

findings. Perhaps for everyday use at home, you can find an alternative - for example, cotton wool soaked in a glycerin talker and some antiseptic. But at work, on the road and other "uncomfortable" places, Exalet is simply irreplaceable. 10 points out of 10.

Reviews. «I am still grateful to my fellow traveler, who told me about Exalet napkins. Upon arrival, I bought a whole package and used them instead of toilet paper. Already after a week or so, hemorrhoids stopped bothering. Now in the warm season, from May to September-October, I use only them.».

What you need to know when treating hemorrhoids?

If you describe the correct sequence for the treatment of hemorrhoids, then action number one - drop false shame. According to statistics, up to 85% of all patients who underwent surgical treatment could have avoided surgery by consulting a doctor promptly. Impressive? Therefore, if you feel “something is not right” in the area of ​​the anal orifice, do not philosophize on the topic “ashamed or not ashamed,” but go to the doctor.

And a few more important points for the treatment of hemorrhoids:

  • Meticulous personal hygiene - a condition without which compliance treatment is impossible. Try to use for washing only cool water (but its temperature should be comfortable!) And special gels for intimate hygiene without antibacterial effect (antiseptics in soap can overdry mucous, and this “does not like hemorrhoids”).
  • Watch for maintenance healthy physical activity - congestion in the pelvic area - the reason number 1 development of hemorrhoids, and they are perfectly eliminated with a 20-30-minute walk, performed regularly every day. But say a firm and decisive "no" to strength training equipment, weightlifting and other ways to make your hemorrhoids perk up and declare yourself with new forces.
  • Avoid spicy, spicy and fatty foods, pickles and alcohol - they irritate the mucous membrane of the rectum and slow down the healing process.
  • With hemorrhoidal bleeding, which appears systematically, iron deficiency anemia often develops. Therefore, dizziness, nausea, pallor of the skin and a feeling of constant fatigue - a reason to think seriously about treatment or about taking vitamin and mineral complexesdesigned to compensate for iron deficiency. We hope you prefer both options.

The best remedies for hemorrhoids in the form of suppository

Candles for hemorrhoids are represented by a wide range, due to their diverse effects. The composition of drugs may include anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, astringent, angioprotective and anesthetic components.

For uncomplicated hemorrhoids, heparin-based suppositories are the drugs of choice, suspending blood clots and resolving pre-existing blood clots. In case of severe pain syndrome, it is advisable to use suppositories with anesthetics (lidocaine, benzocaine, neomycin, anesthesin). In case of bleeding, it is optimal to use agents with hemostatic and venotonic, vasoconstrictor and anti-edematous action. Candles with hormonal components help to stop inflammatory processes, reduce itching. The most effective are multi-component drugs that have a complex effect.

Types of disease and treatment features

Proctologists distinguish 3 forms of the disease: internal, external or combined. For internal hemorrhoids are characterized by nodes located under the mucous along the rectum.

They narrow the lumen, making it difficult to excrete feces. This type of hemorrhoids is accompanied by constant constipation, which can alternate with diarrhea, rectal bleeding, internal inflammations that are difficult to detect.

The treatment is aimed at eliminating problems with the stool, removing internal inflammations and edema, improving the tone of the veins, and normalizing lymph outflow.

Internal hemorrhoids can turn into external. It is characterized by localization of the cones at the anus.

When defecation or tension nodes fall out, requiring reposition. The disease is accompanied by the formation of deep anal fissures, edema of the anus, skin irritation.

The main task of therapy is to improve muscle tone in the anus, to reduce external hemorrhoids, improve skin elasticity and restore damaged tissue faster.

The combination of external and external hemorrhoids occurs in advanced forms of the disease. The combined type requires a longer treatment, it often turns into a chronic form.

For a speedy recovery, it is important to properly combine drugs for the treatment of external and internal hemorrhoids, suitable tools with a complex effect.

Before we move on to discussing the remedies for hemorrhoids, the good ones that have received a lot of positive feedback, let's talk about the forms of remedies for delicate diseases that can be found in pharmacies.

With the use of minimally invasive procedures:

And can hemorrhoids go by himself? About this in our article.

Dosage Forms

The pharmaceutical industry offers dozens of products in different price categories. Make the right choice will help the doctor.

He will take into account the individual characteristics of the patient, the presence of other chronic diseases, the form and stage of the disease.

Treatment should include several important points:

    Anesthesia. For the relief of strong attacks using drugs with novocaine, benzocaine, lidocaine, belladonna extract.

They are shown in exacerbations, thrombosed forms. Anesthetics soothe, relax the rectal muscles, relieve spasms.

In chronic hemorrhoids, milder preparations with plant extracts are used. On sale are painkillers, capsules, solutions for injections, drops, sprays, rectal suppositories, ointments and gels. Improving the performance of veins. To solve this problem, use tablets, granules, capsules with venotonic and anticoagulant properties.

For local exposure, ointments, creams, gels, rectal suppositories with heparin, hepazolone, horse chestnut extract are suitable. For the treatment of external forms there is a wide choice of sprays, ointments, gels and creams. Removal of inflammations. To remove inflammation and swelling will help drugs with antibiotics: syntomycin, chloramphenicol, tetracycline.

They are presented in the form of tablets, ointments, rectal suppositories. Antibiotics are used in courses for 5-7 days, they can be combined with any supporting or regenerating drugs. Reduced bleeding. For the relief of rectal bleeding using drugs with astringent properties.

Most often this means for external exposure: gels, rectal suppositories, creams. They include oak bark, triclosan, prednisone and other components. Prevention of constipation. The most popular form is rectal suppositories. They soften the feces and create a film on the surface of the rectum, helping normal bowel movement.

Used as needed, combined with any therapeutic agents, do not cause addiction.

The following dosage forms are suitable for the treatment of hemorrhoids:

    Pills. Apply strictly according to the scheme, depending on the concentration of active substances may take from 1 to 6 pieces per day before meals.

It is well combined with external means: mazi, creams, rectal suppositories. Rectal candles. Combine a complex of active elements with a fatty basis.

Introduced into the anus, form a thin protective film on the walls of the rectum.

Used to treat all forms and stages of hemorrhoids, act locally, without affecting the work of the heart, kidneys, liver and other organs. Have a minimum of contraindications.

  • Rectal capsules. Act on the principle of rectal suppositories, but dissolve faster. They consist of a gelatin shell and a complex of active substances in a liquid or gel form.
  • Ointment. Combine fatty base of vaseline, wax, liquid paraffin, lecithin with the active substances.

    In their role can be plant extracts or synthetic components. Formed on the surface of a thin protective film, accelerating the absorption of active substances.

    Used for rubbing, insertion or preparation of mini-compresses. Contraindicated in extensive wounds and fungal skin lesions. Gels. They are water based and very quickly absorbed.

    I have a soothing, cooling, anesthetic, antipruritic action. Suitable for rubbing in and inward, with prolonged use can dry out the skin and mucous membranes.

    So now let's talk about the ranking of the best hemorrhoids in men.

    Preparations from the internal form

    What is the best remedy for internal hemorrhoids? Internal hemorrhoids are treated with pills, capsules, rectal suppositories. Creams and ointments suitable for intrarectal administration may be used.

    Many drugs are equipped with special plastic tips for ease of dosing. The names of remedies for hemorrhoids (effective) are listed below, so that you can find a suitable drug for treatment:

      Detralex. The most effective remedy for hemorrhoids in men from the group of venotonics.

    The tablets contain diosmin and hesperin, which have a beneficial effect on the condition of the vessels, improve blood flow, and prevent thrombosis. Применяют в начале заболевания, при запущенных формах препарат менее эффективен.

    В день достаточно 3 таблеток, курс лечения длится до 2 недель. Венарус. Analog of Detralex is an effective remedy for hemorrhoids including the same active substances.

    On the day they drink about 6 tablets, the course depends on the condition of the patient.

    Drugs are contraindicated in diseases of the blood and severe forms of chronic diseases.Troxevasin. The best remedy for hemorrhoids, is available in the form of ointment and capsules, contains troxerutin.

    Perfectly acts in a pair, strengthening the venous and capillary walls, reducing internal nodes, preventing bleeding. The ointment can be inserted into the anus with a cotton swab.

    The treatment lasts 2 weeks, after a short break it can be repeated.Glycerin candles. Safe and good remedy for hemorrhoids in men. It also helps with chronic constipation.

    Glycerin softens the fecal masses and painlessly removes them from the body. Purified glycerin improves tissue elasticity, reduces bleeding, and helps heal minor wounds.

    Duration is unlimited, habituation does not occur.Hepatrombin G. A complex of suppositories and ointments is suitable for anesthesia, relieving bleeding and edema, reducing the size of internal nodes.

    The preparations contain heparin, dexpanthenol and allantoin, contribute to the rapid recovery of damaged tissues and have a beneficial effect on the veins.

    The drug is used for 2-3 weeks, you can combine it with other venotonic or anesthetic.

    Drugs for the external form

    External hemorrhoids are distinguished by large nodes protruding from the anus. For their treatment, a combination of ointments, gels and creams with rectal suppositories and biologically active additives that enhance the immune system.

    So, what is the most effective remedy for external hemorrhoids? Below is a list of the best of the best:

      Relief Advance. Candles and ointment with shark liver oil.

    Excellent effect on inflamed tissues and mucous membranes, due to the increased portion of benzocaine, they have an analgesic effect. Helps with anal fissures, painful breaks.

    The course of treatment up to 2 weeks, it is not recommended to combine drugs with other anesthetics. Heparin ointment. The main active ingredient is sodium heparin.

    The drug reduces the protruding reins, soothes inflammation and prevents suppuration. Used for rubbing and compresses.

    The treatment lasts up to weeks, it is better to combine the ointment with oral medications. Olestezin.Candles with natural sea buckthorn oil, suitable for relieving pain, improving bowel movement, reducing inflammation.

    Deep anal fissures and damage to external hemorrhoids are treated. Soothe, can be used 2-4 weeks.

    It is recommended to combine them with bactericidal gels and venotonic tablets. Vishnevsky ointment. The preparation with natural birch tar removes swelling, inflammation, cures microtrauma.

    It has good regenerating properties, relieves pain, relieves burning and itching.

    Used for rubbing and compresses, to introduce the drug into the anus is not worth it. The course of treatment is 2-3 weeks.