Meaning of the name adele


Name value: noble

Short form: Adel, Adelka, Del, Ada, Lia, Adya, Adula, Adusya, Adusha, Adyusha, Adyunya, Adelka, Adla, Adina, Adka, Adeline

The origin of the name Adele originates from the ancient Germanic peoples. The parents called the girls so, based on the fact that the name Adele, the meaning of which is translated as pious, or noble, will bring them happiness.

In Russia, women with such an unusual name were rare: not every Russian surname or patronymic would suit him. But if the surname is consonant, then such a combination in the most favorable way will single out a girl from a number of classmates with common Russian names.

It should be noted that the name Adel, whose origin is German, is not listed in the Orthodox calendar. Parents of the girl should take care to choose the second name, Orthodox, for the rite of baptism.

Adele - in childhood

The name Adele, chosen for the girl, bears his owner many positive qualities. For example, a child with a shy temper will not shirk his studies, make conflicts and quarrels. And in that sense parents are lucky it will be easy for them to raise a girl. But this does not mean that such a calm child, in general, can be ignored. The girl's problems, Adele, will be of another kind.

The child will always need the support of parents: innate modesty prevents her from fully demonstrating her abilities.

Without the help of adults, she is unlikely to be able to achieve great success, both in her studies and in the manifestation of her talents, which she has enough. But, feeling strong support from people who are not indifferent to her fate, the girl will achieve a well-deserved success, and the rare name Adele will be well known.

Love and family union

Shyness inherent in the girls Adele, makes even very beautiful girls doubt its attractiveness. Adele, this name was often given to girls from noble families, she loves harmony in everything, but she is often not sure of herself.

  • The girl dresses with taste and seeks refined and elegant things. And the opposite sex notices this, giving the girl decent attention.
  • But mom still needs to praise her Adele, to convince her that she is sweet, beautiful, looks good.

Do not be afraid to praise the daughter, she is not conceited from the praises and will not become worse. Just affectionate words will help the girl to be more confident and avoid difficulties with the opposite sex.

When a girl is Adele, she counts on a relationship with an emphasis on moral integrity, devotion, affection. He does not pour out his feelings with words, but love tries to prove in practice. And if Adele finds a man who understands her character, then friendship with him will be able to go into a family union.

Next to a loving husband, she is affectionate, cheerful, faithful. She turns out to be more attached to her partner than she thinks. Often such a woman becomes an excellent mother, happily giving up independence because of the love of children.

Relations in society

In communication, Adele is very selective and carefully chooses like-minded people. But when she finds such friends, she is very faithful to them and can maintain relations with them for many years, or even throughout her life.

In her view of life, Adele’s woman is restrained, shrewd in German and not easily deceived in business. But her success in the business field is more likely due to perseverance and responsibility than the introduction of new ideas.

Adele Laurie Blue Edkins (British singer, composer, poet, performing pop jazz / soul, blues)

Employees named Adele usually justify its noble meaning:

  • they are correct with their superiors,
  • keep a distance with subordinates,
  • consider it inconvenient to ask for a raise.

They are prudent, and do not rely on luck, risking gambling. Responsible and executive, Adele is not inclined to organizational work, but to the implementation and completion of the case or plan that others have not completed.

  • They can be good literary critics, as they easily notice weaknesses.
  • Lawyers named Adele will do their work perfectly, but they will succeed more often in supporting incidents than in discussions.
  • They are demanding of themselves and others, respect other people, and are committed to the law and legal decisions.
  • Adele in the line of duty always succeeds and can adapt herself to almost all the activities in life.

Career and business

Energetic guy, which means the name Adele, is able to perfectly perceive, analyze and assimilate information. This ability allows you to do any work with high quality and in good faith, even with force majeure. A person named Adele, which means “righteous,” should not start a business associated with increased risks. This is absolutely not his element. He will achieve great success at the high post of an employee. At the same time, he will feel more comfortable in this area. The role of a middle and even top manager is perfect for a guy. All his best natural qualities will manifest here. Such a boss was not used to asking for help. For this to happen, something out of the ordinary must happen. The employer always singles out Adel as a valuable employee. A well-developed logic is added to his fine acumen, so Adele will be able to conquer the technical professions, as well as the administrative sphere.
Adele the value of a male name did not endow this man with a penchant for creativity. This person is not associated with any creativity. Such professions such men choose for themselves extremely rarely. Having made a choice in favor of an employee, they always find a way to earn a decent and comfortable life and can spend money with pleasure.

Personal life

Self-sufficiency is what the name Adele means. This feature allows you to not make a love relationship for this person a primary necessity. Such a man is very picky about any connections, no matter whether it is friendship or love. The choice of each loved one Adele carries out according to her own criteria, which he has set for the ideal. If a person for some qualities does not match them, then Adele can easily do without him. But when in the life of a man named Adele there appears a person corresponding to an ideal, then feelings towards him simply overwhelm a man. He is ready to surrender to love or friendship completely without balance with all selflessness. This can be a very pleasant surprise for his darling, who initially perceives Adele as a closed and alienated partner.

The choice of friends for Adel, which means the name "noble", is a very serious step. For this guy chooses for himself a social circle with great care and demandingness. Only select people are allowed to his inner world, in which he will be completely sure and able to trust them. Similarly, the choice of the chosen one. Only a decent girl who knows how to keep secrets will suit Adel. If during the development of relations it turns out that his darling does not meet the high requirements, which are very important for Adel, then he will break this connection without regrets and certainly will not tie his fate with her. But if Adelya is lucky enough to find his ideal, he will never disappoint the chosen one, since he will be a passionate lover, a gentle and caring husband, and an excellent father.

Name Adele meaning the name and fate is connected with the fact that this person is closed from society, the world, people - from everything. All his actions and aspirations are reduced to his own personality. Therefore, when making any decision, Adele first evaluates her own perspectives and benefits. Over time, each decision made increases the distance between a man and the world around him, over the years he becomes cluttered with a shell of isolation, it becomes more and more difficult for him to get out through it. However, under external pressure, such a shell may sooner or later burst. And then Adele is completely defenseless and unsuitable, like a child, in this big and cruel world. Even all his outstanding abilities fade into the background of this great fear of the unknown.

Adelya is very important to learn to communicate with people and develop the skill of “interpenetration”. With him, his life will be much easier. He should not only be proud of his personal qualities and try to sell them as expensive as possible, but also have to learn how to use them as a tool for working in a team. Self-esteem, which means the name Adele, is very important. But besides him, you also need to earn the location of others, which is very useful in life.

Personality Features

Few people know that the name Adele means love for everything new. This guy always wants to do something unusual and beautiful for other people. This is what helps a man to earn the love and admiring glances of people, as well as to make significant progress. Adele is convinced that demanding is solely his prerogative. With a deep respect for himself by nature, this man is confident that everyone around him will be able to appreciate his uncommonness and significance.

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Both in love and in business, understanding is important for this person. For a man named Adele, the attitude of others is very valuable. He perceives all their actions, attitudes, words and deeds too close to his heart. If people approve of a guy, then he gratefully accepts it. But in the case of making a negative assessment or criticism of him, he can simply withdraw into himself and respond to people with a proud silence. Another option that may arise in the event of criticism is a sharp reaction and even an abusive manner of behavior, which in principle is not typical of this man.

This man has positive features, including artistry, friendliness.

Secret name

The secret of the name Adel lies in courage and independence. The secret name Adel can be called such astrological correspondences:

  • the planet of protection is the Sun,
  • zodiacal constellation - Leo,
  • favorable colors - orange, gold, yellow,
  • lucky metal is gold
  • happy day of the week is sunday
  • stones-talismans - aquamarine, mica, sapphire, turquoise, sandstone.

Characteristics of the name Adele

Adele is a modest and non-conflict nature, so it is better not to use this name to name a girl born in spring (the “spring” children are usually deprived of a fighting spirit, and the quiet Adele will only emphasize this quality). Too unbalanced and proud character of “summer” children is also not very suitable for soft and compliant Adele, but for “autumn” and especially “winter” girls this name will be just perfect.

The pros and cons of the name Adele

Having considered the pros and cons of this name, we can say that its strength is the melodiousness, some old-fashionedness and rarity. The girls bearing this name, as a rule, delight their parents so much that it is difficult for them to imagine a better child. Adele is gentle, obedient, helps around the house, loves to learn, avoids trouble. As an adult, she may well achieve great success in life, but more often because of her modesty she remains in second positions, feeling quite comfortable in the role of a performer (I must say, a brilliant performer).

Among the minuses of this name can be identified its bad combination with many surnames and patronymic names found in Russia, the reason for which is the non-accepted ending of a female name with a soft sign. In addition, the name Adele is neither in the Orthodox, nor in the Catholic calendar of names, which will lead the parents of such a girl to the need to choose a second name for baptism. Another disadvantage of this name is that it is very difficult to find a beautiful diminutive form to it (you can call babies Adelemi, Adelechki, Adelenki).

The health of the owners of this name is average; the lungs, heart and liver are most at risk.

Love and family relationships

Family for Adele is a very important part of life. The owner of this name finds her half in her youth, preference is given to a man who can be a stone wall for her, a protector. Next to her husband, the modest Adele often begins to feel more confident, which can lead to career growth and a new round in her life.

Professional field

Adele appreciates her work, but does not treat her fanatically. Due to the innate sense of tact and the ability to clearly organize the workflow, it is respected by colleagues and appreciated by managers. However, Adele’s career is not an end in itself: she feels quite comfortable in the shadow of her boss, preferring the comfort of her home to her crazy rhythm, spending time with her family and friends, whom she always happily welcomes.

Namely Adele does not note, since in the calendar this name does not appear.