Which pills after the act for 72 hours is better?


Usually it is customary to protect oneself before intercourse, but different situations happen in life ... The condom burst ... Turned head and forgot about everything ... The interrupted act did not work ... There are doubts about the contraceptive used ...

For all these situations, there are emergency methods of protection, called postcoital.

Emergency contraception and birth control pills after the act

Similar tablets can be taken within three days after intercourse. Efficiency will be the higher, the less time passes after the act.

Contraceptive Effectiveness Table

In order to guarantee the prevention of conception after unprotected coitus, a large concentration of hormonal substances is required, therefore, this contraceptive option cannot be taken all the time. They are intended only for SOS cases. According to WHO medical data and recommendations, during the year a woman can resort to emergency measures no more than three times.

When do women resort to emergency care?

It is worthwhile to use post-coital contraception in each case when pregnancy is undesirable.

This is necessary even with a regular partner if contact has taken place, but at the moment you or he is taking certain medicines that can cause abnormalities in the development of the fetus. These include:

  • Antibiotics, especially tetracycline.
  • Contraceptives less than six months ago.
  • Valproic acid and medicaments based on it for the treatment of epilepsy.
  • Steroids.
  • Betta blockers.
  • Antiviral.
  • Antihelminthic

Certain diseases, such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, syphilis, rubella, serious thyroid or kidney problems, may also be an indication. The probability of conception exists if you take oral contraceptives, but missed several doses. "Accidental" sex for one night or violence, after which you do not want to give birth, is also a good reason for emergency protection.

Unplanned pregnancy is a very frequent event. Of all the cases of conception in the world, 66% are unplanned. Therefore, if you are sure that in any case you will interrupt nursing, it is better to drink pills. Prevent conception is much more humane for a possible baby and safer for a woman than an abortion.


Like any hormonal drugs, contraceptives after sexual intercourse make an imbalance in the woman's body. At the same time deterioration of health can be observed.

  • Nausea.
  • Weakness, dizziness.
  • Bleeding.
  • Lower abdominal pain.
  • Stomach upset.
  • Dryness in the vagina.
  • Rash on the skin.
  • Puffiness
  • Severe headaches.
  • Disturbances in the bloodstream, up to a heart attack.

In the future, you can observe changes in the monthly cycle, failures in menstruation. The effects are especially strong after 35 years for those women who smoke. If drugs are used too often, over time, the threat of ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage appears.

The body will need time to recover and return to a balanced state. The optimal interval between tablets is three to six months..

Contraindications to emergency protection are:

  • Problems with blood clotting and bleeding tendency.
  • Young age - up to sixteen years.
  • Lactation.
  • Low hemoglobin.
  • Serious diseases of the liver and kidneys.

Mechanism of action

You should know that the contraceptive after sex is two mechanisms of action and the choice may have a fundamental difference from the moral side.

  1. First group - prevents ovulation, that is, does not allow the egg to mature and leave, so conception does not occur in principle.
  2. Second group - it does not allow an attachment to the uterus of an already fertilized egg, which for opponents of abortion and believers is equal to murder.

The first group includes agents with a gestagen effect. They are similar to the female hormones produced by the corpus luteum and adrenal glands during pregnancy. Substances interfere with the production of elements by the pituitary gland that provoke the maturation of the egg. It is for this reason that women do not have periods during pregnancy. They also make the vaginal mucus thick and sperm difficult to move in it. Such tablets are effective for the first half of the cycle up to three days before ovulation. If the egg has already left the ovary, progestin contraceptives become useless.

The second group includes substances with anti-progestogenic effect. They act in two ways. On the one hand, like the previous group, they inhibit the maturation of the egg, on the other hand they block hormones that make the uterus a suitable place for the maturation of the fetus. In order for the egg to merge with the endometrium, a number of changes occur in the mucosa, which stop the anti-progestogens. In parallel, they enhance muscle contraction, pushing the zygote out of the organ cavity.

Intrauterine devices with copper also belong to this group. Their installation should take place no later than 120 hours after sex. 99% protection efficiency. The spiral prevents the egg cell from attaching, and also changes the environment inside and around the uterus, making it unsuitable for sperm. The method is not recommended to those who have not born. Also, not all women tolerate implantation well, the helix causes uterine bleeding (24%), severe inflammatory processes (4%) and uterine perforation (0.5%).

Let us consider in more detail the tablets from each group and determine which ones are most suitable after unprotected sexual intercourse.

Contraceptive pills after the act for 72 hours

Drugs that delay the release of the egg produced on the basis of levonorgestrel. Trade names may be different:

Substances that protect the uterus from the ovum, made using mefipristona.

Another group is combined drugs with levonorgestrel and estradiol.. They are allowed to be taken as permanent oral contraceptives. Due to the presence of estradiol, they regulate the monthly cycle and lead to the onset of menstruation before the maturation of the egg - the rejection of the endometrium. When used as an emergency, the dosage must be strictly observed so as not to cause uterine bleeding. These include:

  • Triziston.
  • Triquilar
  • Trinordiol.
  • Gravistat 125.
  • Klimonorm.
  • Mikroginon.
  • Minisistron.
  • Miranova.
  • Anteovin.
  • Silest.
  • Non-Ovlon.

Despite the use of the same active ingredient, different drugs are transferred in different ways. It depends on the auxiliary components, the degree of purification, the concentration of the active component. Consider the most effective in the opinion of women and physicians.

Good and effective contraceptive pills after the act: list with names


It is considered the best drug for efficacy and tolerability by the body. Contains synthetic levonorgestrel - an analogue of the natural hormone. Helps avoid unwanted pregnancy by slowing ovulation. Good for women with a regular cycle.

It is not used as a permanent protection, since the dose of progestogen in it is higher than in conventional medicines for each day. However, less than in some preparations of similar action.

It is best to take a pill in the first two days after contact. Drink remedy twice. The first pill during the first or second day and another one twelve hours after the first. If vomiting occurs, and after using the contraceptive in less than two hours, repeat the dose. Due to the low concentration of the active substance, this combination is allowed twice a month.

Do not prescribe a tool for women with cholecystitis and liver disease. Treatment with antibiotics (tetracyclines and ampicillins) reduces the effectiveness of protection. After using Postinor there is nausea, there is a lack of menstruation for some time, as well as bloody discharge between menstruation. The cost of packaging, in which two pills means about 350 rubles.


Two pills include a high concentration of the active ingredient - levonorgestrel (1.5 mg). Take them simultaneously or sequentially at intervals of 12 hours. In this case, the effectiveness will be different. If you drink two pills for three days at once, then the probability of getting pregnant will be 16%. When taken with an interval, it all depends on the start of treatment. By the last third day, the probability of escaping from an unplanned pregnancy is only 58%.

It should be understood that the severity of side effects with a double dose is much higher. They consist of migraine and loss of consciousness, weakness, pain in the lower abdomen and nausea, bleeding in 10% of cases and more often.

There is evidence of a decrease in the effectiveness of treatment in obesity. Do not use Escapel if there is severe liver failure. The drug does not affect the development of the child, if you did not know about the pregnancy that has already occurred, the baby will not be affected by the medicine. Three hundred rubles worth one pack of 2 pieces of 0, 75 or one piece of 1.5 mg.


Includes 10 milligrams of mifepristone. According to research, this is the optimal dose, increasing the concentration does not increase the effectiveness of the drug. Pills act by blocking progesterone receptors - pregnancy hormone. As a result, the body does not make the changes necessary to begin the development of the baby. It starts to act very quickly. The maximum concentration in the blood is observed after an hour and a half.

Can not be used for inflammation of the genital organs, anemia, bronchial asthma and renal failure. The action is opposite to glucocorticosteroids (asthma inhalations, preparations for the treatment of joints), therefore, they do not use Ginepriston during therapy with these drugs. Also, after a course of the contraceptive, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (analgin, ibufen) is not prescribed for two weeks.

To get the maximum effect, you should not eat for two hours before and after taking the Genetriston pill. One tablet costs 180 rubles.


Mifepristone-based concentrated product - 10 or 200 mg in each pill. It is used not only for protection, but also for medical abortion, up to 1.5 months of pregnancy, as well as stimulation of childbirth. The active substance does not allow the egg to gain a foothold, delays ovulation, significantly enhances the contractile activity of the uterus. In combination with prostaglandin, the strength of the muscles increases. Apply the tool in the treatment of certain cancers and uterine nodes, by blocking the progesterone receptors.

For protection use 10 mg disposable. May lead to exacerbation of inflammatory processes in the genitals, vomiting, diarrhea. It is considered a strong drug in the pharmacy prescription.

Combined contraceptive pills after sex


Combined agent based on ethinyl estradiol (0.05) and levonorgistrela (0.25). Causes changes in the fallopian tubes, cervical canal, endometrium, ovaries. The latter are at rest, and the endometrium temporarily atrophies. Acts as efficiently as possible - 100% obstruction of pregnancy.

However, there is a large list of contraindications, including:

  • Feeding baby.
  • Heart pathology.
  • Diabetes.
  • Hypertension.
  • Thrombosis.
  • Anemia
  • Diseases of the gallbladder.

For permanent oral contraception use a pill, and for urgent immediately up to 4 tablets, for example, 2 with a break of 12 hours.

Consequences of taking postcoital contraceptive pills

Care should be taken in choosing partners and monitoring their safety. Unprotected sexual intercourse is dangerous for a woman with its consequences, both in the case of an abortion and in emergency care. The use of postcoital contraception can permanently knock out rut and damage health. Many women experience:

  • Severe paroxysmal headaches like migraine.
  • Cycle violations with delays of up to a week or more.
  • Bleeding after taking and in between months.
  • Problems with carrying up to infertility.
  • The formation of blood clots.
  • Risk of ectopic pregnancy.

Therefore, if possible, the use of these drugs should be reduced or completely eliminated. If reception is not avoided, then you should carefully examine the contraindications and accurately calculate the dose, not exceeding it.

Application Reviews

I can not get pregnant for health reasons, so for a full sexual life I put a spiral. However, it did not suit me - her period was too abundant, inflammation began. Therefore, we had to abandon this method. While selecting the right contraceptive, there was one contact without a condom. To completely eliminate undesirable consequences, took Ginepriston. Sensations are still those headache, nausea, weakness. But pregnancy, fortunately did not come.

Once there was an incident at sea, when there was no condom at hand. I had to urgently take action. The pharmacy offered only Microlut. She felt very bad. Tormented vomiting, severe headache. I don’t indulge in such means any more - only regular contraception.

There was a period when my husband and I did not plan a child, so I took pills. And then I went on a business trip and forgot the packaging. She returned, and celebrated the meeting with joy. Then she just realized that there was a break in the pills for four days. I had to drink Postinor. Fortunately, without consequences. There were no side effects. Although I believe that it is still better not to risk it.