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Homemade box for toys: options from cardboard, fabric and wood (4 MK)


As a rule, we buy a lot of different toys for our children (dolls, machines, soft, developing, and so on). As a result, they are all scattered in different parts of the apartment. To avoid this, we invite you to find out how and from what you can make a toy box with your own hands. At the same time it will be possible to teach the order and the child.

We use an unnecessary cardboard box.

Large boxes of shoes, home appliances and so on can be reused. Just decorate them - and you will have a convenient place for keeping children's dolls and machines.

A master class on how to make a box for toys with your own hands is described below.

  1. You will need a cardboard box, a glue gun, a large piece of cloth.
  2. Smear the bottom of the box around the perimeter with glue from the gun.
  3. Unroll the fabric and middle cover the bottom of the box, gently straightening the flap and pressing it to the glue.
  4. Smear all the walls from the inside, stretch the fabric and stick it to the sides.
  5. Wrap the fabric on the outside of the box and stick it to the bottom of the walls.
  6. Turn the box over and wrap the cloth in the bottom. The shred should be flat against the wall. Glue the fabric and cut off the excess.
  7. To reinforce the bottom, smear the fabric with glue around the perimeter of the box and stick the cardboard on top.
  8. Turn the box over.
  9. Pin the clothespins on top and put something heavy inside so that the fabric sticks well to the box.

Boxes with handles

Instructions on how to make a box for children's toys with handles will help you in this matter.

  1. Take two types of fabric, thick tape or rope, glue, glue gun.
  2. Cut a strip of cloth. In width, it should be greater than the height of the box (it is necessary that the flap could close the bottom and wrap a little inside the box). The length of the fabric should completely wrap around the perimeter box.
  3. Glue the cut rectangle of fabric to the walls of the box.
  4. Wrap the excess fabric on one side inside the box, and on the other, glue it to the bottom.
  5. Measure out a piece of cloth of a different color. It should cover the bottom and walls inside the box.
  6. Smear the bottom inside with glue and glue the fabric.
  7. Smear the walls inside and also glue the fabric. Along the edges make the gateways.
  8. Glue the turns at the intersection of two types of fabric.
  9. Measure the tape and glue it down, around the perimeter of the box, using a glue gun.
  10. Measure out two identical pieces of tape. Pens will be made of them.
  11. Glue the two tapes to the walls on the sides of the box.
  12. At the top of the box, glue another tape around the perimeter. It should overlap the bottom of the handles.

The toy box is ready!

Pasted box

The easiest way for this purpose to take self-adhesive wallpaper. Then do not bother with glue and wait until all the walls dry.

But, regardless of whether you glue the future toy box with self-adhesive or paper wallpaper, the principle of operation is the same:

  1. Cut a piece of wallpaper so that it can wrap around the box along the perimeter.
  2. If necessary, coat the walls with white glue.
  3. Glue the wallpaper around the perimeter of the box.
  4. Make cuts on the top and bottom of the protruding parts of the wallpaper.
  5. Wrap the protruding pieces inwards and to the bottom.

Use a tree

Wooden toy box with his own hands is quite difficult. But such an item is very reliable and will last much longer than a cardboard box.

Also, it can not just be used in the interior as a decorative element. Such a box can be a functional part of the room.

For example, if you put a box under the wall, put a blanket and cushions on top, then there will be additional seating.

How to make a box?

For convenience, we give a guide on how to make a wooden box for storing toys with your own hands.

  1. Create a sketch of the future box (picture 1). Think over its dimensions, what will be the height, depth and width. Will he have legs or stand on the floor? Will there be pens and where should they be located?
  2. Prepare all the necessary materials and tools (picture 2). First you need plywood or MDF board. They are sold in a hardware store. But if you have old furniture (for example, a table, a dresser, a wardrobe), then you can disassemble it and get the necessary materials. You will also need screws and corners, hinges, PVA glue or carpentry. Of the tools you need a simple saw or circular.
  3. If you buy materials in the store, you can ask them to cut the boards to the required sizes. If there is no such possibility or you use the available material, then do it yourself (picture 3). To do this, cut the board apart and cut it. As a result, you should have the following number of parts: four walls (all the same or two different), the bottom and the cover.
  4. Start building the box. For this joint of the walls, coat with glue (picture 4).
  5. Then connect the two parts with corners (picture 5).
  6. Attach the lid to the box using the hinges (Figure 6).
  7. Wipe excess glue with a cloth and leave the box to dry.
  8. Decorate the box. For example, sand it and paint it (picture 7).
  9. Attach the handle and legs as desired (picture 8).

Storage box is ready!

Box of plates

Wooden box for toys can be made from plates. There are two ways to collect.

  1. Take the plywood for the bottom and nail in four corners. Then nail them with thin nails of the plank. You can make a gap between the tree, so it will be better ventilation.
  2. Nail plywood to the bottom of the box on both sides. And nail the boards to it. Thus, the sides of the box will be solid, and the sides - with slots.

A box of different materials

the main task - make the toy box comfortable, roomy, and so that the child likes it, otherwise you will have to put everything in there by the parents themselves.

As a storage box for toys can be suitable:

  • Cardboard boxes of all sizes, from shoes to large boxes of electronics.
  • Old suitcase, already unnecessary and gathering dust on the mezzanine. You can decorate such a suitcase depending on the interior of the room.
  • Plastic boxes and plastic buckets (better if they are of different colors).
  • Wooden box (for convenience, you can attach the bottom wheels).
  • From pieces of old cloth (baskets or pockets for dolls, bags for small Lego-type parts).

Master class number 1 - a box of cardboard boxes

The most affordable way to make a container for storing toys with your own hands is from a cardboard box. It is better that such a box is dense and durable, since the child will exploit it several times a day.

For the manufacture will need:

  • colored paper (wrapping or crafts),
  • scissors or office knife,
  • glue (better than PVA),
  • Scotch.

1. To begin with, the upper closing covers are cut off and holes are made (places for future pens).

2. Cut colored paper (it is better to pick up bright colors and patterns combined with the interior of the nursery) to cut into sheets the width of the box and stick it over the entire surface of the box according to your wishes.

3. It is better to glue the corners of the box more carefully, the other sheets overlap the edges of the previous one.

4. Scissors cut places for pens, they are also better to additionally paste with paper, the edges of the box are similarly glued for durability.

5. The external decoration of the box depends on the creative imagination of the parents, if desired, the child can also decorate his or her box.

Such multi-colored container boxes can be made of several different sizes for separate storage of various types of designers, balls, dolls and bears, children's books, etc.

In the video: cardboard boxes for toys do it yourself.

Master Class No. 2 - to an art box with fabric upholstery

Just as in the previous master class, you can make a box, only with external and internal upholstery fabric. For softness, you can make a layer of foam.

How to make such a soft box, see the points:

1. The fabric is cut to the size of the box (all sides are pre-measured with a ruler) and sewn on a sewing machine. Such patterns are 2 pieces - it turns out like covers for the inside and outside.

Making blanks of fabric

2. All lateral and lower parts of the box are coated with glue and the resulting fabric cover is applied - first internal, then external.

We glue the corners with glue

3. On the top, two covers are stitched with a needle.

Sew the edges of the cover

4. On the sides are cut holes for the handle, the fabric is sewn along the edges. If desired, you can sew handles on the sides of the box (made from colored braid).

Make a pen

5. Exterior decoration entirely depends on the imagination of the parents.

The box is ready

In the video: decor box with a cloth.

Master class number 3 - m yagky box on the frame

Soft box for toys with his own hands is done using a spiral frame. You can take it from the finished cylindrical box purchased in the store (it is usually covered with synthetic fabric, which is not very useful for the child).

1. Synthetic fabric must be removed from the frame, and according to its pattern, make a cotton fabric similar to the pattern for the bag.

2. For the inner surface, a second pattern is made of a synthetic winterizer or other fabric.

3. The bottom is cut from the more dense fabric, the fabric is sewn to the frame with threads from the bottom.

4. The outer and inner bags with padding are laid respectively from the inside and outside of the frame, fastened, stitched seams.

5. The soft, environmentally friendly box is ready; outside it can be further decorated with pockets and other finishes.

In the video: bag for toys with their own hands.

Master class number 4 - to orob from the tree

Very strong and durable version of the container for storing toys - a wooden box. It can later be used as a piece of furniture in the nursery (like a dresser or a seating area). For the manufacture of such a wooden box, some details from old furniture that you want to throw out, such as kitchen cabinets or an old chest of drawers, will do.

Of course, such a box can only be made by a man who has some skills in working with wooden parts and ways to fasten them.

1. To draw a sketch of the future box, having thought over the necessary sizes and ways of its movement (castors or handles for movement).

2. Prepare the necessary materials: plywood, boards (purchased in the store) or parts of old furniture, screws, hinges, carpenter's glue or PVA, saw for sawing boards (can be sawn at specified sizes when purchased in the store).

3. There should be 6 parts in total: the bottom, 4 side walls, the cover.

4. The parts are fastened with glue and screws, the lid is fastened with hinges (the cover is made).

5. The box must be sanded and painted, it can be in a monochromatic color with pictures (for children or vegetable), it can be in different colors, etc.

6. Bottom wheels attached (for the convenience of moving around the room).

Manufacturing process

Ways to decorate such a box for toys:

  • In the patchwork style - the walls and the lid are decorated with geometric figures made of colored paper.
  • The classic version is a box of the same color (white or light), wooden decorative animal figures, letters of the alphabet, hearts, etc. are glued to it.
  • If such a box is used as a drawer under the bed, then only the front wall is decorated, to which a handle is also attached, so that it is easy to pull it out from under the bed (better, and the wheels below), then the top cover will not be needed.

In the video: box for toys made of wood.

Storage racks

A very convenient option for storing a variety of toys - the manufacture of wooden shelves (open). In it, each shelf can be occupied either by sliding cardboard boxes, or by standing books, lying soft toys and many children's necessary objects. The main thing is that the child can get them on his own and subsequently fold them back.

The rack is made of wood with square cells. At first it will be possible to put it horizontally (as long as the child is small), and then turn it upside down and put it vertically (when it grows up). In the future, such racks can be installed several different sizes and heights, the result will be a whole furniture system for storing not only toys, but also the necessary items for study.

Toy storage: original ideas

Prudent parents try to teach a child to order from infancy. “Each toy has its place,” they regularly remind. Obedient kids proudly put their values ​​in a safe place. Storing toys in the children's room involves a certain system that must be planned in advance.

As you know, the arsenal of items for games is quite wide. It includes:

  • Stuffed Toys,
  • plastic beaters
  • dolls
  • cars,
  • balloons,
  • balls,
  • educational games,
  • designer,
  • coloring pages

It is impossible to remember absolutely all the valuable items of young children. But take care of a place to store toys under the force of each parent.

Choosing a suitable design, you should take into account the child's age, his temperament, gender and safety measures.

Of course, in a huge room it is much easier to install capacious storages than in a small one. Fortunately, modern technologies help to equip convenient storage of toys in such rooms. Consider several designs.

Spacious racks

To save room space or zoning it, shelves are often used. They are built along a wall or as a partition of space. In the lower part of the design place compact containers for children's trophies. It can be:

In the center of the structure, a TV or a stereo system is installed, and on the top are lockers for rarely used things. Such furniture for toys in the nursery purchased in specialized stores.

Stylish baskets

Original look in the interior wicker containers that can be put on a low cabinet. Even if the baby does not reach for them, toys are there that they are temporarily not interested in. Such baskets also wonderfully fit into the lower part of the rack.

Some parents put shelves on the wall, on which they put baskets with toys. This design is a kind of decoration of the children's room, where toys are in the most prominent place. The only negative is that small objects will quickly gather dust if they are not covered with a beautiful cape.

Installing shelves on the wall, you should use reliable methods of fasteners. Otherwise, they can harm the baby who will fold or take toys from baskets.

Cute pockets

Among all sorts of ideas for storing toys especially nice pockets stand out. Often they make their own hands. To do this, use the materials at hand:

  • thick fabric
  • polyethylene,
  • Knitting thread,
  • rope for macrame.

Depending on the volume of items, toy pockets come in different sizes. Small options of polyethylene are attached to the wall of the wooden structure. There is laid:

  • small details of the designer,
  • mosaic elements
  • handicraft items
  • paints, pencils,
  • scissors,
  • plasticine,
  • rope.

Stuffed toys, cars, dolls and its accessories will fit in bulk fabric bags. Such storage of toys trying to put in the field of the child. As a result, he can easily get them out and put them in order to maintain order in the room.

Homemade bag for children's treasury

In a few years of life, a child accumulates a lot of valuable leisure items. Solve the issue helps homemade bulk design. This is a picture bag for toys. To sew it will take:

  • a piece of cloth
  • polyethylene of dense structure
  • thread,
  • scissors,
  • sewing machine.

The design consists of three elements: the base (bottom), lace and the main part. First, two round pieces are cut out of the piece of fabric. They are the dense bottom of the product. Then cut out the main part, given the selected width and height of the repository. Make a stitch at the top and draw a cord into it. With the help of a sewing machine connect the prepared parts. Bag for toys ready.

The size of the structure should be chosen in accordance with the number of items to be stored.


The first thing that comes to mind when you need to quickly hide something is to put it under the bed. Small children do just that. Therefore, reasonable parents solve this issue with a drawer for toys under the bed. Often, these designs are sold in furniture stores. But skillful guys make their own hands.

Drawers can be installed in the lower tier of the crib, which is climbed the stairs. It is equipped with a playing area, where everything you need is at hand.

Box on wheels

To implement this simple idea, you will need to take a wooden box and wheels from a skateboard. With the help of special fasteners, the parts connect and get the original mobile chest. В него можно складывать не только мелкие игрушки, но и объемные конструкторы, автомобили, куклы. Малышу будет удобно пользоваться таким хранилищем в любое время суток.

Скамья с секретом

This original idea allows you to combine the interior of the children's room with a place for toys. The bench is placed under the window or wall, where it occupies a small area. And under it is mounted a roomy box. It can be on wheels, sliding or sliding along the guides. The advantage of the design is that it is easy to get objects out of there and put them in their places.

Ability to show skill - do-it-yourself storage

Almost all parents face a problem: if there are small children in the house, it is very difficult to achieve order. Wherever you look, toys are scattered everywhere. On the floor, under the cot, on the windowsills and even behind the TV. Fortunately, this issue is easily solved by enterprising people. Armed with tools, they create with their own hands a variety of toy storage systems for their favorite children.

Each design should harmoniously fit into the overall interior of the room. Be spacious, safe and affordable for the baby.

Wooden box

For the manufacture of such storage will need simple tools and materials:

  • screwdriver
  • self-tapping screws
  • scissors,
  • LDSP panels,
  • roulette,
  • wooden blocks for legs,
  • wheels (optional)
  • decor for exterior decoration (fabric, paint, color film).

Of course, a man with at least some skills in carpentry can make a box for children's toys with his own hands. He easily connects the necessary parts with a screwdriver. Attach the legs or wheels to the base and the box is ready.

Making design with pleasure will mom. It will glue the container with a colored film, and inside it will make a fabric covering. Reliable storage is ready.

By its appearance, this product resembles a box, but it is made of thick cardboard. The main advantage is that the baby will be able to turn the storage on his own and take any item from there. The box for toys with the hands depicted in the photo helps to present this product in action.

To make it you need:

  • large packing box
  • scissors or sharp knife,
  • Scotch,
  • self-adhesive film with a beautiful pattern
  • glue,
  • children's gift package.

First of all, cut off the top of the box. The edges are glued with adhesive tape, and the sides, the inner surface and the bottom are glued with a self-adhesive film. Flowers, animals and cartoon characters are cut out of a colorful gift bag. Then gently glued to the side as a decorative ornament.

For girls, the box can be decorated with various bows, ribbons or balls.

Toy box

The easiest and most obvious use for the orderly storage of "game good" crates. And not necessarily specially purchased, you can easily make a toy box with your own hands. Tanks made of natural or artificial rattan, household drawers, painted in cheerful colors and decorated with a simple decor: ribbons, beads, fabric ruffles, flowers and sequins are appropriate in children's rooms, decorated in modern styles.

Toy Storage Baskets

Baskets for toys of various shapes and sizes also perfectly complement the interior of the children's room and accommodate a sufficient amount of game "props". Choose baskets different colorscombined with the interior of the room, put them one on one to save space.

Attract the child to the process of creating a basket for toys with your own hands: a shoebox pasted over with colored paper or a colored wicker garden basket will become an inexpensive but worthy alternative to the purchase options.

Interested in how sew a toy basket ? Take a bright printed fabric and cover it with a previously prepared frame of durable wire or wooden beam.

Organizers for the nursery

With minimal sewing abilities and a bit of imagination, you can please the child with functional and ergonomic organizers for toys - hanging fabric "containers", divided into several departments, or just small bags of colored felt, if necessary, sewn together.

The advantage of this storage method is compactness: the organizers are hung on the wall, side wall of the cabinet or the bookcase. It is convenient to store in them not only toys, but also socks or handkerchiefs. By the way, we advise you to choose shelves or racks for open-type toys, without doors, with which children do not always get along.

But not only baskets, boxes and organizers are used to store toys in the nursery. Chests, hanging bags, colored buckets, ottomans with pockets, wardrobe trunks, and stylized briefcases will surely interest the small family member and awaken his interest in order. In addition, bags for toys or nets for toys due to the soft form easily “hide” in cabinets, sliding shelves, under the beds, which is convenient in conditions of lack of free space.

Important tips for storing children's toys

  1. Take away All that is not interesting to the child - dose the number of toys, choosing a few diverse fun: everything that is not age-related or broken, give or send for scrap. Otherwise, the children will have problems with concentration and perseverance, and the children's commode for toys will be overwhelmed with unnecessary "good".
  2. Sign and sort the boxes for storing toys: separately for dolls, machines, puzzles, rollers, cubes, books. So the child will be easier to direct the marafet in the room and find the right thing.
  3. Decorate containers and boxes for storing toys with bright ribbons, felt, dried flowers, and add a child to this process - he should like the “tools” that help keep his favorite room clean.

To save space, put the boxes on each other, you can hang up Toy basket to the wall or ceiling, hide it in a niche or under the bed. If the spaces of the nursery allow - select a separate cabinet for toys, and on its shelves arrange the cases or boxes, taking into account the height of the shelves and the growth of the child - in the nursery everything should obey the needs and desires of the little owner.

If using rack for toys , on the lower shelves put the most popular fun, higher those that are used less frequently. Children's shelving for toys is generally an irreplaceable thing, on its shelves you can place everything related to the leisure and lifestyle of the child: not only toys, but also board games, books, some things and hygiene items.

By the way, the task of storing toys is complicated if there is not just one baby living in the room, but just a couple. In this case, each is allocated a personal corner for games and storage of the game "props" - its own territory. Sign the boxesIn order to avoid confusion and unnecessary quarrels, teach the children to respect each other’s private space and to maintain order in the room together.

But even the presence of functional furniture for storing toys, coffers and organizers will not save the nursery from chaos if the child is not accustomed to return everything to the places at the end of the day. The cleaning process should be part of an exciting game for him, and the colorful design and creativity of the toy boxes are designed to attract the attention of the crumbs and develop a sense of economy in it, with your help, of course.

Cloth basket

Such storage is made from any type of fabric. The main thing is that the tones are not flashy and do not irritate the baby. To sew a children's basket for toys with their own hands will need:

When the material on hand get down to business. First cut out a square billet. Then it is properly glued with interlining for density and shape. Handles are made of fabric and then sewn to the workpiece. Fast, easy and original.

For the product it is desirable to use different types and colors of fabrics.

Solid wooden container

The most durable storage of toys is a product made from natural material. It will be able to rest the valuables of more than one generation of children and be handed over as a trophy. To make a wooden container for toys with your own hands, you must take the following materials:

  • boards,
  • plywood,
  • additional details from old furniture.

First of all, even experienced craftsmen make a sketch of the future product on paper. Then prepare the tools:

From the prepared materials make the side walls (4 pieces), the cover and bottom. Next, using fasteners (screws) are combined into a single structure. For the cover is mounted hinges. The finished storage is painted with various patterns or painted in different tones.

All wooden surfaces should be carefully polished to protect the baby from unexpected injuries.

Unusual construction of thick paper

Often, after buying a refrigerator or a TV, there remains the packaging, which is a pity to throw away. But for caring parents, this is a great find. It is not easy, but worthwhile, to make a toy storage rack out of the boxes. There are materials, it remains to buy paint, glue, decor, self-adhesive film, kraft paper and prepare a tool:

  • stationery knife,
  • jigsaw for durable cardboard
  • construction or regular hair dryer,
  • remnants of unused wallpaper.

With the help of cutting tools, first cut out the design and make deep shelves for toys. Then they are joined together, turning into a beautiful shelving. A few strokes of decoration and storage is ready.

Such a structure can be built from several cardboard boxes. To do this, they are glued side by side, and then set on each other. The finished design is made with a special color film. This rack, though not very durable, but can serve for several years as a temporary storage of valuable things baby.

Getting proper storage - planning and systematization

In order for the cubes, pyramids, cars not to “spread out” throughout the apartment, parents will have to make a lot of effort. But first we focus on age:

  1. A child at the age of 1 year old mother will give out all the toys. If the game space is organized, then all of it is placed within the riding ring or developmental mat. It will be enough one box in which parents can easily navigate.
  2. From 2 to 5 years old there can be a lot of toys, but all of them should not be left in the child’s access. Children of this age will quickly lose interest in the game, and will only get and consider, and mother will have to clean. Therefore, you can go to the trick - to divide all the treasures into two or three parts, and leave only one of them in the nursery, and remove the rest to the upper shelves of the cabinet. After a month, the boxes can be changed, and the child will be happy with the “new” toys and will really play with everything that was presented to him / bought.
  3. From 5 to 10 years, the number of varieties of toys increases - it will be not just cars, but a racetrack and parking, not just dolls, but a whole playhouse. All mosaics, kits for creativity, plush toys should be carefully sorted.
  4. After 10 years, there are only complex "adult" toys. Most likely, the child himself will already keep order in his room, and the way of storage should be agreed with him.

As for the device of the modern storage system, here they do it. At first, all the available “treasures” are sorted out and reviewed - those that are broken and cannot be repaired should be discarded, if they are not age-appropriate, they should be given or sold.

Toys should also be sorted by "activities" - designers, dishes, soft, machines, developing, robots, and so on. As a result, you will have several large piles, and you can already navigate through them exactly what kind of storage system is required.

Important. When choosing a storage system, give preference completely safe constructionwith which the baby can cope on his own, without the help of parents. When buying baskets and boxes do not forget to take into account the dimensions of the toys, as well as their number, taking into account the potential "replenishment". For small items - small boxes, and for large items - bulky. Well, if all storage containers can be labeled.

You can store children's toys in a separate closet, in boxes under the bed, in wicker boxes or shoe boxes. In this regard, individual boxes are even better for a nursery than a closet - because the space in the room is limited. But you can choose any non-standard idea just do not forget that it should be convenient for the child in the first place.

17 interesting ideas for storing toys

You can choose for the children's room one of the following storage methods:

    Drawers under the bed - convenient, compact, economical. Choose the “right” bed and place any toys in the drawers. As a rule, these boxes are rather voluminous, so that the internal space can be divided by partitions.

Loft bed - multifunctional cabinet furniture in which the bed, table, wardrobe and shelves / shelves are combined. To store toys, you can use a wardrobe or a ladder if it is a module-step with covers or in the form of drawers.

Shelf-top table - the optimal solution for preschoolers. Their desk will be surrounded by open shelves where you can alternate baskets with a designer, soft toys and books.

Chest - A great choice for a room where a formidable pirate or beautiful princess lives. This solution looks incredibly colorful and perfectly fits into the themed interior.

Wooden boxes - along the walls or under the table. They can be purchased or made by yourself, only it is necessary to sand and paint, so that the baby does not throw a hand. And it would be nice to supplement such boxes with reliable wheels - then they will be able to accompany the child throughout the game area.

Multifunctional closet. Choose a neural facade design, and an ergonomic closet will accompany your child to high school. Here you can provide practical storage systems not only for toys, but also for clothes and shoes. Just do not forget - the upper shelves are "staffed" by the parents, and the lower ones are given completely to the child - so the baby will quickly learn how to restore order in his toy kingdom. It is good that there will be many shelves and drawers in the closet, so that there is a place for all the toys.

Open shelving. For them, it is worthwhile to provide baskets, boxes or plastic containers, and not hope that the designer will get along well with the cubes on the open shelves.

Council Use shoe boxes, clear plastic containers or baskets with wicker handles. Just do not forget that they need to be labeled - an inscription or a picture. It is also nice if the boxes are of different colors - this will quite refresh the interior.

Baskets on the closet. The best option in the event that in your children's low cabinet or chest of drawers. Do not forget that such containers can become one of the most significant interior decorations, and you can decorate them together with your child (applications, screen-painting, large figures from cardboard).

Pockets on the wall - made of polyethylene or fabric. Of course, for all toys, without exception, this method of storage is not suitable, but it will perfectly fit into a corner for creativity. It is easy to fold scissors, felt-tip pens, paints, and even pups and machines.

Racks with stepscreated especially for kids. In them, the lower shelves are pushed forward, as it were, which will allow the child to reach the top. But do not forget that all these cells and shelves must be securely attached to the wall.

Baskets or boxes attached directly to the wall. They can be plastic or metal, with thin rods or in the form of a grid. They are placed in accordance with the growth of the child and used for any not too small game elements.

Chest of drawers - the practical decision for children who are more senior who will not overturn on themselves boxes and will not thrust fingers into the closing segment. But choose sustainable furniture, and best of all from chipboard or wood, but not plastic.

Cloth baskets - both floor and suspended. It is considered a good additional solution for those who have to remove rarely used toys. But such devices cannot be called too strong, although they are made of wear-resistant fabric.

"Honeycomb" of the boxes or plastic buckets. You can either collect the storage system optimal for you or with the child, paint it in the desired color or install it on the floor or on the wall. But keep in mind that this design is often cumbersome, and it will definitely need to find its place.

To store soft toys, useful high cupboard with pipes - "aviary". This is a tall case in which instead of the doors there are vertically fixed metal pipes. All plush treasures are literally “pushed” here. So they remain visible, playable, but do not occupy space in the crib, closet or on the floor.

If you have most of the machines - with a metal bottom, then for their storage can be mounted on the wall magnetic stripe railing.

And do not forget that there is no universal solution - it is better if you use suitable storage systems for you in a complex, combining the most popular "inventions" and standard pieces of furniture.


"You can make a box for children's toys with your own hands from almost everything."

С чем конкретно можно поработать, чтобы получить действительно симпатичную поделку, привлекающую внимание малыша? Как говорят фото, сделать ящик для детских игрушек своими руками можно практически из всего. В его роли могут выступить:

  • картонные коробки,
  • деревянная тара,
  • пластиковые ящики,
  • корзины,
  • ведра.

Мебель для хранения игрушек в детской

Furniture in the nursery is needed from the first days of life. And most often it is a chest of drawers and a rack. Only at first they are mainly engaged in clothes and children's clothes, and toys take up little space. But gradually funny things - rattles, bears, machines, baby dolls, etc. It becomes more and more, they require a separate place, but sometimes not one.

The most convenient option - rack. Not a cupboard with doors, but a rack with open shelves on which drawers can stand. Storing toys in this form is optimal - and it is convenient for the child to get them, and remove them quickly.

At first you can buy or make one rectangular rack and preferably with square cells. Now you will understand why ...

Rectangular rack with square cells

While the child is small, you can put it "lying" - as in the photo, the long side on the floor. So for a small child it is more convenient - he will first learn what is below, then go to the upper shelves. And safer - older children can use the shelves as a ladder, and in this position they will not climb high))

After a couple of years, the child will grow up, toys will become more. You can flip the rack and put it "in height", and on the vacant place to install a second or make shelves. Combining several racks of different heights get a children's storage system of toys.

Different racks are assembled into toy storage systems.

You can gradually grow volumes: buy a single rack or, as they used to say, a bookcase, then another. The beauty of the nursery is that they do not even have to be the same color. And if it worries you - paint them or choose a neutral color "under the tree."

How to organize the storage of toys: ideas

You can put different boxes in the shelves, in which you can unload small and not very toys. Immediately note that wooden boxes (or plywood, chipboard and other similar materials) for young children - not the best option. They are too heavy trying to get toys. Children often injure their fingers. They also have hard, traumatic corners, which, of course, can be slightly rounded, but still they remain hard. These boxes are suitable for students. They already have more strength and better coordination. And it is better to organize storage of toys for toddlers in softer and less traumatic plastic containers / baskets or in thick boxes covered with colored paper or cloth.

It is better to replace heavy boxes with light ones.

Furniture for injuries to buy or make is not so difficult, but to teach a child to put their toys there is a more difficult task. For girls the rack can be issued in the form of a small house. Then she will resettle the "tenants" and create conditions for them.

Rack for toys in the nursery for girls

With boys this option will not work. They usually have a lot of cars and the main task of storing boy's toys is to set up cars. To do this, you can make a wall garage. These are long narrow shelves on which the entire fleet is located. Other options are transparent fabric pockets (sold as shoe storage systems) or a shelf assembled from plastic tubes.

How to organize storage of machines (wall garage)

To stimulate the desire to “drive” the cars into the garage, you can use a scotch tape on the floor to make a marking, according to which “after the shift” they stop by the parking lot.

The road to the parking lot

In principle, these pockets can be used for storing collections of dolls and for soft toys.

In the pockets on the wall it is convenient to place dolls and soft toys

When there are not enough places on the shelves and shelves in the nursery, we need more ideas. In addition to pockets, you can make drawers (large) under the bed or table.

Boxes under the bed - do not occupy space, and you can hide there already tired toys

So that in large boxes do not lay everything in bulk, under the small things you can put plastic baskets. So everything will be faster than in the general heap.

Storage of toys must be organized correctly

The boxes can be installed in the racks not only on the shelves: it is possible to hang them. To this end, grooves are cut into the side walls, into which the sides of baskets and baskets are simply inserted. Baskets can be taken plastic (if you find them with sufficiently rigid flanges), or you can take metal ones - from the complete set of wardrobe rooms or wardrobes.

How to install a toy basket in the rack

The largest free surface in the room - the walls. They can be used. For example, attach a velcro strip to a wall (side wall of a cabinet, lampshade, etc.). Soft toys on the back to sew too small pieces of such a tape. They will be easy to hang in place and shoot. And the decor at the same time will be more diverse.

Velcro is one of the easiest ways to find a place for soft toys.

On the walls you can hang mesh pots of wire or plastic. In them small dolls-bears-bunnies or cars are also located remarkably.

Put flowers in pots instead of flowers

You can borrow an idea from the kitchen: attach different bags to a horizontal pipe. To make the necks tighter, you can tighten them with a hoop or sew an elastic wire.

Pockets or bags on the tube - another idea for storing toys in the nursery

Pockets make and wooden foundations. It can be cut out of plywood, paint, nail a few hooks, pockets and pouches. Mini toy storage system is ready.

One of the options for toy pockets

But not everything can be attached to the walls. Some things require baskets or boxes. For example, the sport center - all balls, balls and other projectiles. They are conveniently stored in wire baskets.

Wire basket for storing sports equipment and large toys

If desired, the basket can be attached to the wall and train to get the ball into the basket (away from fragile objects and windows).

Storage of toys from the category of "cheap and cheerful" - folding cloth baskets. Of course, they are inexpensive, look good, but very quickly torn. Especially netted: the toy caught, the child pulled it ... a hole.

Foldable toy storage baskets

No matter how hard their parents try, children do not really want to remove toys. Rather, they do not want at all. In this sense, just perfect bag-mat option.

Bag-mat for quick cleaning

This is a brilliant decision: a small “wall” is sewn along the edge of a round rug, along the upper edge of the curtain there is a drawstring, into which the cord is passed. To remove the toys, you just need to tighten the cord. The edges of the rug will rise and the rug will turn into a bag.

Quickly assemble toys easily

Then these bags can be put somewhere near the wall or hang on special hooks. Really perfect.

DIY Toy Boxes

Looking at not at all children's prices for cute wicker or plastic baskets in stores, you think about the idea that making your own colored toy boxes with your own hands is not so bad. You will need cardboard boxes of thick (not corrugated) cardboard, most likely from home appliances. You can try your luck with friends: many manufacturers provide warranty repair only in the presence of packaging. That people keep the box. The warranty period has long passed, and forgot to throw away the packaging. These boxes are the best option for children.

Another option is to ask in department stores. They also often receive goods in rigid packages. For example, in such diapers, napkins, etc.

Pasting paper

From the found boxes we cut off the cover. In the side walls (narrow) cut through the hole-handle. All joints sizing tape inside.

At the box, cut off the lid, make holes in the sides of the handle

We take a multi-colored paper. Great wrapping, which is packed gifts. It is dense, there are a large number of different patterns. You can also use scrapbooking paper. If the finish is made of paper of different colors, cut into strips of equal width, if we glue over with one pattern, measure the strip along the height of the box.

We take glue (PVA), brush the surface of the box with a brush and start to glue from the corner. We try to glue without bubbles, smoothing the paper gradually, from edge to edge. We put the next sheet with a small entry, not the previous one. So, until we paste over all the surfaces.

Looking at the light, cut out the scissors handles. To make the edge more accurate, we glue the cuts of the handle with a thin strip of paper. Also strip the top cut.

Ready-made homemade box for toys

We sheathe cloth

In this case, all the corners of the box can be glued with tape on both sides - it will last longer. Next, take the fabric and cut to the size of the box two sets of blanks. One is strictly in size, plus seam allowance, the second is 1 cm smaller and also with an allowance. On the seams add 0.5-1 cm on each side. You can cut the blank at once from the shape of a cross, but so the fabric consumption is more - separate pieces more economical))

Cut a double set of blanks from fabric and sew them

We sew the parts first in the form of a cross, then making a blank from a blank. Try on the box. One (larger) stretch the outside, the second straighten the inside.

Now we take the universal glue and glue the fabric around the bottom perimeter inside and out. Then glue in the corners. So the fabric will not move.

Glue the fabric along the edges of the box

The edges of both bags are turned inside, we sheathe the box around the perimeter manually.

We sheathe the top of the box for toys, cut the handles

Use scissors to cut the handle. Just do not cut large pieces. It is necessary to leave about 1 cm of “extra” fabric. It is wrapped inside, hemming the handle.

Having issued pens, we receive a ready box for storage of toys.