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Can Mezim nursing mom


Breastfeeding mezim is used to improve the performance of the digestive system. The preparation includes pancreatin. Due to this component, a positive effect is achieved. It should be noted that the instruction states that the tool should not be used during breastfeeding. However, international studies have recently confirmed the fact that Mezim creates almost zero risk of harming the baby. Mommy before use must assess the need for taking the drug, side effects and indications.

When is it necessary to take Mezim?

Tablets are prescribed in case of problems in the work of the digestive system, which appeared on the background of an insufficient number of enzymes. Doctors recommend regularly use the tool in case of the following diseases:

  • pancreatitis, which is chronic,
  • the presence of inflammation in the liver, gall or digestive tract,
  • recovery after surgery or removal of part of the stomach,
  • internal organs were irradiated against the background of which diarrhea or excessive gas formation appeared,
  • failure to comply with the basic requirements of the diet,
  • constant absorption of large amounts of fatty foods,
  • man leads a sedentary lifestyle
  • X-ray of the abdominal organs is planned.

Nursing mothers should drink the drug only after consulting your doctor. It is necessary to take into account the fact that Mezim can lead to the manifestation of side effects in the mother and the child.

Features of admission in the period GW

Most experts in this matter tend to believe that the remedy can be drunk to a nursing mother.

When using it, you must follow a number of simple rules:

  • the pill should be drunk immediately after the feeding process,
  • front milk should be compulsory,
  • it is allowed to drink the product once without a doctor's prescription,
  • the course of treatment and the dosage is determined only by a specialist in this matter,
  • in appointing Mezim, mom should carefully monitor the reaction of the baby’s body,
  • if the baby has an allergy or individual intolerance, the tablets are canceled (after consulting a doctor),
  • while taking the drug should be properly eaten: in the diet should be included pomegranate, bread and rice.

In order not to harm the newborn, Mezim should be drunk during meals. Additionally, it is allowed to drink quite a bit of water. For this purpose it is not allowed to use other liquids, since they can neutralize the effect of the drug. It is not recommended to take a horizontal position immediately. In this case, digestion is carried out in the esophagus, and not in the stomach.

The number of pills depends on the general condition of the woman. As a rule, a single dose should not exceed two tablets. If other medicines are taken additionally, Mezim is taken fifteen minutes after that.

When should Mezim be abandoned?

The use of the drug should be abandoned in the following cases:

  • the woman has an increased sensitivity to the components that make up
  • pancreatitis, which is in a chronic condition,
  • acute state of pancreatitis.

The drug may also cause the following side effects:

  • severe nausea that goes into vomiting,
  • wrong chair
  • severe pain in the stomach.

Combination with other medicines

Mezim is not allowed to combine with drugs such as iron sulfate and sorbifer. Through tablets, the amount of iron that is absorbed by the body is reduced. Because of this, a person is at risk of developing anemia.

The disease manifests itself in a woman with the following symptoms:

  • constant weakness in the whole body,
  • nails and hair become incredibly fragile,
  • pallor of the skin,
  • Mommy feels constantly tired,
  • cracks can be found on the feet.

If during breastfeeding there is such a situation, then the use of Mezim must be completely abandoned. It is advisable to replace and use the same product.

The effect of the drug is reduced several times if you drink it simultaneously with antacid tablets. The situation arises from the accumulation of large amounts of calcium and magnesium. Experts neutralize the negative effect by increasing the total dose of the enzyme agent.

Similar drugs

Violation of the gastrointestinal tract is due to the production of a small amount of enzyme fluid. With lactation, you can drink Festal, Creon, Pancreatin and other drugs. Prior to this, it is important to get approval from your doctor. Maalox, Almagel cannot be absorbed into breast milk.

For children under one year of excessive gas formation Sub Simpleks and Espumizan help to cope. They optimize the bowels and help to remove gases from the body in a natural way. The dose is important, and only a person skilled in the art can correctly calculate it.

Selection of an effective drug

Of inexpensive analogues allowed to use Pancreatin. Mezim helps to quickly restore the work of the gastrointestinal tract. A side effect is achieved only in rare cases, so its action is almost harmless.

Festal consists not only of pancreatin. Hemicellulose and bile can also be found in its composition. Thanks to this, it is possible to achieve an excellent therapeutic effect. However, it should not be used by people who have gallstones.

A similar composition is in Creon. It differs only in the total concentration of pancreatin. For ease of use, the manufacturer makes them in the form of capsules. They are completely filled with small microspheres. Due to this, it is possible to evenly distribute the active components over the entire area of ​​the stomach. The result is a fast normalization of work.

Lack of Creon is a large content of the necessary enzymes. They negatively affect the intestinal microflora. Regular ingestion of enzymes can lead to cessation of the production of natural elements. However, pancreatin in large quantities helps to improve the functioning of the digestive organs. During the period of HB, doctors advise mezim to choose, because it gently affects the body of the mother and child.