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Female infertility caused by the lack of ovulation is a big problem for many modern women. The number of people facing endocrine pathologies is increasing every year, and when such pathologies affect reproductive functions, this becomes a problem that goes beyond health and is exciting in the sphere of personal life.

Lack of ovulation can not be called infertility in the full sense of the word, because a woman can mature an egg, but certain factors, such as too dense walls of the ovarian follicle, do not allow her to go out and be fertilized. But in some cases the process of formation and maturation of the egg does not occur. This condition is called "anovulation."

It is important to remember that modern medicine is constantly evolving, and today doctors have the opportunity to help patients where they were powerless yesterday. Therefore, in the event that a woman does not get pregnant, it only means that she needs to make an appointment with a gynecologist and endocrinologist and receive appropriate treatment. It is extremely unwise to try to solve the problem, turning to the healers, fortune-tellers and bioenergy, when the pharmaceutical industry offers a ready-made solution to the problem, it remains only to take a prescription from the doctor and buy the drug.

Medicine "Ovitrel" and its manufacturer

If a woman is diagnosed with anovulation, it becomes clear that a failure has occurred in her endocrine system, which has disturbed the balance of sex hormones. Sometimes these processes are temporary, and then after appropriate treatment a woman can become pregnant without using drugs to stimulate ovulation. But if time passes, and the long-awaited pregnancy does not occur, it means that serious malfunctions occurred in the body.

In this case, drugs will be required to stimulate ovulation. Such a medicine is Ovitrel, a product manufactured by the Italian manufacturer Merck Serono and actively used in many countries of the world. This is not the first similar drug released by the company, but it was he who gained popularity.

This manufacturer is already a guarantee that the medication will be effective and efficient. The main direction of the company is the development of drugs that could cure diseases that do not have a therapeutic solution. In the world there are effective tools for only one third of all diseases, and the pharmaceutical industry is focused on the production of generics. However, Merck Serano repeatedly developed formulations that turned incurable serious diseases into treatable ones.

Reviews about the Ovitrel drug suggest that it is highly effective, because many women who bought this medicine after long attempts to become mothers, eventually got pregnant and gave birth to them.

How does the drug work?

The whole process of ovulation is accompanied by the production of sex hormones, and their insufficiency automatically makes ovulation (that is, the formation and release of the egg from the follicle) impossible. The preparation for the normalization of this process "Ovitrel" contains substances that stimulate the production of sex hormones.

When a woman becomes pregnant, her urine contains chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which is both an indication of the fact of pregnancy and a drug. HCG has a stimulating effect on the ovarian follicles, as a result of which a more active work of the hormonal system begins: the creation, maturation and fertilization of the ovum.

Stimulation with “Ovitrel” occurs in the same way as chorionic gonadotropin, only the manufacturer added to the composition an analogue of the substance - choriogonadotropin-alpha.

Release form

There are two forms of drug release:

  • subcutaneous solution,
  • powder for solution for subcutaneous administration.

In the box can be 1, 2 or 10 syringes or vials of powder. The dosage of the drug may be different: 0.25 or 0.5 mg choriogonadotropin alpha.

It should be noted that similar means in the form of powder for self-dilution in water for injection there are also Russian-made. But the drug in the form of a finished syringe produces only Ovitrel. Instructions for use include complete information on how to use this tool. The drug can be sold only through pharmacies and only by prescription. This is a necessary measure, given the great interest in hormonal drugs for people who want to lose weight easily or increase muscle mass.


In order to make an injection, you must be able to at least hold a syringe in your hands. So let's take a look at how to give an injection. Ovitrel should be used 24-48 hours after the last injection of follicle-stimulating hormone. Sexual contact is required on the day of drug administration and on the following day.

Women note that it is not difficult to make an injection yourself; for this, you should carefully read the instruction manual. It is necessary to prepare a pair of cotton pads, a disinfectant for injection and a syringe. "Ovitrel" instructions for use advises to use only after it has been treated with an alcohol disinfectant solution the drug injection site (most often it is the stomach). Next, you should collect the skin fold below the navel with your fingers, pulling it as far as possible, and then insert the needle at a 45-degree angle and slowly press on the syringe plunger.

The injection site should be clamped with a cotton swab, and then make a few circular movements with it in order to increase blood circulation and allow the components of the drug to be absorbed into the blood more quickly. Do not be afraid if a small hematoma appears at the injection site - this is a common occurrence for subcutaneous injections. During the procedure it is important that the needle does not pierce the vein, but if you act according to the instructions and pull the skin fold as hard as possible, this will not happen. Created by manufacturers "Ovitrel" syringe pen is very convenient and safe. The injection can be quite painful, but the pain will pass on its own after 10-15 minutes.

After about 2-4 weeks, you can do a test after Ovitrel to find out if the attempt at conception was successful. Doctors recommend doing at least three pregnancy tests with a difference of several days, and, if at least one of them was positive, you need to go to the antenatal clinic.


The drug “Ovitrel” instructions for use prohibits the use in cases where there are physical factors that prevent the occurrence of pregnancy, such as the abnormal structure of the genital organs or uterine fibroids, the size of which makes pregnancy contraindicated.

In addition, the use of the drug should be when:

  • malignant neoplasms,
  • benign tumors of the hypothalamus and pituitary,
  • if during the last three months there has been an ectopic pregnancy,
  • climax.

The appointment of the drug should be done by the attending physician - a gynecologist or an endocrinologist. Independently engaged in planning pregnancy, using assisted reproductive technology should not be. If there are indications to use such a method and all the listed contraindications are absent, the doctor will recommend the drug himself, explaining in detail how to give an injection, as well as when and after what time to wait for the results.

Before using auxiliary methods for the onset of pregnancy, doctors recommend to undergo a full examination, which includes not only an examination by a gynecologist and laboratory tests for sex hormones, but also a thorough and thorough medical examination of all specialists in narrow branches. It is important to understand that an organism is an interconnected system; therefore, the “breakdown” of one part of it always speaks of disorders in another. And if a woman suffers from anovulation, it is important to check all the systems and organs in which the cause of such a phenomenon can lurk.

Ovitrel and IVF

The drug is not always used to increase the chances of pregnancy in a natural way. Sometimes it is included in the plan for IVF - in vitro fertilization. The procedure is an artificial insemination of a woman's egg by a spermatozoon, after which the embryo develops in a special incubator. If the fertilization is successful, the embryo is transplanted into the uterus of the mother. But for the success of the procedure is very important stage of preparation: it is necessary that the woman's body was hormonally ready for pregnancy and not rejected the embryo. This function is performed by Ovitrel in IVF.

It should be borne in mind that this is a rather expensive procedure, so it is important to invest maximum effort in every attempt so that it will be crowned with success. If the doctor himself did not recommend using Ovitrel, it is necessary to ask him if this kind of therapy is required in a particular case in order to be sure that the IVF procedure will lead to a successful pregnancy on the first attempt. Many women note the high efficacy of the drug, which allowed them to become mothers of charming babies.

Side effects

There are many reviews of women who have tried the drug on their own experience. On thematic resources, they share their impressions of what physiological sensations the “Ovitrel” drug caused them. The instructions for use also include a list of side effects for which you need to be mentally prepared:

  • asthenic syndrome,
  • headache,
  • depression,
  • indigestion,
  • breast tenderness.

Women note that sometimes a reactive enhancement of the thyroid gland may occur when using the remedy, that is, it can produce more hormones. Sometimes it can affect the state of health, especially on the emotional background, but this factor passes quickly. And the very increase in the level of activity is rarely significant. All these symptoms are quite harmless and easily tolerated by women, especially when they understand the naturalness of such a condition for the desired pregnancy.


Official information about the possibility of an overdose of the drug does not exist. Reviews about the Ovitrel drug testify to the possibility of ovarian hyperstimulation. In this case, cavities begin to form in them, and excess fluid accumulates in the stomach. Fortunately, the situation is not dangerous. In the event of such an overdose, it is necessary to stop using the drug, abstain from sexual activity for 4-5 days and inform the attending physician about the consequences of the use of the drug.

What to do after the injection?

Assisted reproductive technologies require careful monitoring by the attending physician. It is important to create favorable conditions for fertilization and at the same time eliminate the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation. Therefore, women who choose this method for the onset of the desired pregnancy should regularly go to an ultrasound examination and check the level of estradiol. Thus, the attending physician must have data on the functional and laboratory tests performed before and after the injection. This will provide an opportunity to track the dynamics of pregnancy.

How to store the drug?

If, after purchasing a drug, an injection is planned for 3 weeks, it can be stored at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight. But if the time of the injection is still unknown, it is better to keep the package in a refrigerator at a temperature of up to 8 degrees, not allowing the product to freeze. If the drug has been stored at room temperature for more than 4 weeks, it must be discarded. In the refrigerator, its shelf life is 2 years.

Other uses

Few know that the drug is actively used to increase lean body mass, so professional bodybuilders are well aware of it as an analogue of anabolic steroids. But this practice is very dangerous: firstly, Ovitrel is not as effective as anabolic steroids, and secondly, high dosages of the drug can disrupt the production of hormones by the hypothalamus, pituitary and testicles, which subsequently will seriously affect the health of a man, including its reproductive system. True, as a prevention of testicular atrophy, the drug in low dosages to bodybuilders is even recommended if the athlete takes high doses of steroids in long courses.

Not so long ago, in specialized clinics, leading the control over the weight of their wards, a fast weight loss service was introduced based on the drug. The founders of the technique claim that the effect of the hormone on the hypothalamus allows you to lose fat mass and maintain muscle, and therefore get a beautiful body quickly and safely. Such manipulations are carried out under the close supervision of doctors and against the backdrop of a special diet.

But there is no information that the developers of the Ovitrel drug support such methods of using their funds. Therefore, it is more prudent and safer to use the pharmacological action of the drug solely for the purposes for which it was created - to create favorable reproductive conditions in the woman's body.

Drug cost

The price of packaging depends on the number of syringes or vials of powder for reconstitution. On average, the price set for the Ovitrel drug in Russia will be about 2000-3000 rubles per syringe.

Before the creation of the “Ovitrel” drug with the formula choriogonadotropin-alpha, preparations that contained normal chorionic gonadotropin were used.

  • “Chorionic gonadotropin” (Russia) - the price is 300-3000 rubles,
  • "Pregnil" (Netherlands) - 1250-1300 p.,
  • "Horagon" (Germany) - 1800-4000 p.,
  • Profazi (Italy)
  • EcoStimulin (Russia).

Thus, the price indicated above for the “Ovitrel” drug fits into the segment of similar products and is affordable for buyers.

Today, the question of proper and early family planning is an indicator of a certain social status of a person, his careful attitude to himself and his future offspring. Therefore, drugs that contribute to the onset of pregnancy are a great chance for those who are ready to go systematically towards their goal, despite the hormonal abnormalities in the body, to one day find out that the desired and long-awaited pregnancy after Ovitrel has finally arrived.

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From this video you will learn how to independently inject the drug Ovitrel within the IVF cycle.

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The clinic "Dad, Mom and Baby" provides all types of infertility treatment. The center has a staff of gynecologists, reproductologists, as well as super-modern equipment.

Analogs of Ovitrel

Coincides according to indications

Price from 385 rubles. Analogue cheaper by 2120 rubles

Coincides according to indications

Price from 440 rubles. Analogue cheaper by 2065 rubles

Coincides according to indications

Price from 1035 rubles. Analogue cheaper by 1470 rubles

Coincides according to indications

Price from 6795 rubles. Analog more expensive at 4290 rubles

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


Recombinantalpha choriogonadotropinhaving identical to the human natural human chorionic gonadotropin amino acid sequence. Reacts with transmembrane receptors lutenizing hormoneon the walls of ovarian cells. Initiates acceleration oocytic meiosisthe development of the corpus luteum, ovulationyellow body synthesis Progesterone and Estradiol.


After administration, it is intravenously distributed in the extracellular space with a half-time of about 4.5 hours. With the subcutaneous route of administration, bioavailability approaches 40%, and the half-life is approximately 30 hours. Metabolism and the release of the drug are similar to those of the natural human chorionic gonadatropin.

Indications for use

  • Used in a complex of reproductive technologies for the induction of the final maturation of follicles and luteinization after activation gonadotropic drugs.
  • With infertility anovulatory or oligovulatory type for the induction process ovulation and luteinization during the completion of follicular development stimulation.

Side effects

  • Reactions from digestion: diarrheanausea, abdominal pain, vomiting.
  • Reactions from the urinogenital sphere: ovarian overstimulation syndrome, pain in the mammary glands.
  • Reactions from nervous activity: depression, headache, irritability, fatigue, anxiety.
  • Local reactions: pain or hyperemiain the injection area.
  • Dermatological reactions: rash.
  • Other reactions: feeling tired, light. allergic reactions.

pharmachologic effect

Ovitrel solution affects the woman's body, due to the presence of choriogonadotropin alfa. For this reason, the drug belongs to the luteinizing series. This component is fully consistent with the substance that the human body produces, even though it is produced by DNA recombination.

Amino acidity of the drug Ovitrel has the same sequence as natural lHG (obtained from urine).

Through the use of the Ovitrel solution, oocyte meiosis, ovulation, and the development of the corpus luteum are stimulated.

The drug activates the production of yellow body progesterone and estradiol

Chorionic gonadotropin, when used by a woman, increases the level of lutein, which leads to ovulation.

Drug Ovitrel applied in the final stage of maturation of the follicles. It is also suitable for luteinization in the early stages, after using follicle growth stimulants.

Uniform distribution of Ovitrel solution after injection occurs within 4.5 hours.

The half-life of the drug is slightly more than a day - approximately 30 hours.

Composition and release form

The drug Ovitrel is available as a prepared solution in a syringe.

The volume of the product is 0.5 ml, and the active substance in it is 250 mgk or 6500ME

In addition to choriogonadotropin alpha, there are other components:

  • Sodium hydroxide,
  • Phosphoric acid,
  • Mannitol
  • Methionine
  • Poloxamer,
  • Purified water.

Packed up ampoules of 1, 2, 10 pieces. It is important to note that there are as many vials of a special solvent as in a cardboard box of a lyophilisate, respectively.

Compatibility of Diferelin with Ovitrel

This combination is possible

Before the injection of Ovitrel solution, Diferelin may be injected.

It is also believed that the drug Diferelin is less capable of causing ovarian hyperstimulation and other negative processes.

Useful video:

Dosage and overdose

Also, it is not recommended to have sex life for 4 days or just to use barrier contraceptives.

The dosage of the drug is usually chosen by the doctor.

If it is determined incorrectly or the body is too sensitive to the components of the Ovitrel solution, an overdose may occur.

They may burst, leading to poor circulation and ascites.

If such symptoms occur, then the use of Ovitrel solution is stopped.

Ovitrel and pregnancy tests

Some time after the injection of the Ovitrel solution, it is not necessary to do a pregnancy test.

For at least 12 days it is kept in the body, and the result will be false positive.

It often happens that the longer the Ovitrel drug is not excreted from the body, then a special analysis will resolve the situation, to which the doctor will refer you.

special instructions

The use of the stimulation solution can trigger a multiple pregnancy.

Before the start of medical therapy with the Ovitrel medicinal product, it is necessary to reliably determine the causes of infertility in both man and woman.

During the period of childbearing and breastfeeding, the drug is not prescribed.

The use of the solution does not affect the reaction rate and concentration of attention.

Which is better to choose: Ovitrel or Pregnil?

These drugs are similar in effect.

Both the first and second are widely practiced by doctors.

Pregnancy is stronger. Read more about the drug Pregnil in this article.

Under its influence, fewer follicles are formed, but they are of higher quality.

Women reviews

Angelina, 36 years old : « Solution Ovitrel pricked with IVF. Has passed the whole course of therapy. At first I was afraid that nothing would work out and I would have to repeat the course again. Thank God, I got pregnant the first time. The pregnancy was multiple. Now I am a happy mother of twins and am grateful to this drug.. »

Svetlana, 35 years old : « My husband and I really want to have their children. Ovitrell was on the solution several times, other drugs were also used. But so far to no avail

Questions and answers

Question: What happens after the Ovitrel injection?

Doctor's answerAfter injection, Ovitrel lHG solution begins to interact with receptors of a transmembrane character. As a result, oocyte meiosis, ovulation and the emergence of the corpus luteum occur.

Question: After how much ovulation occurs, after taking Ovitrel?

Doctor's answer: After the injection with the solution, ovulation occurs approximately after 36 hours.

Question: After how much is Ovitrel 250 mcg?

Doctor's answer: Half of the drug is eliminated from the body within 30 hours.

Question: When to prick Ovitrel after Gonal-F?

Doctor's answer: Ovitrel solution is injected one day after Gonal. More information about the drug Gonal-F can be in this article.

Question: How many times can I prick the drug?

Doctor's answerA: Usually the drug is injected only once.

Question: How many hours before the puncture do I need to prick Ovitrel?

Doctor's answer: In this case, the solution is injected for 36 hours.


Suction and distribution. After the on / in the administration of chronic hepatitis C, alpha is distributed into extracellular fluid with a half-distribution of about 4.5 hours.

Stationary Vd and the total clearance of 6 liters and 0.2 l / h, respectively.

With subcutaneous administration of CGH alpha, the absolute bioavailability is approximately 40%, the final T1/2 - about 30 hours

Excretion and metabolism. Metabolism and elimination of hCG alpha are similar to endogenous hCG.

Indications drug Ovitrel ®

in the protocol of induction of multiple maturation of follicles for assisted reproductive technologies (ART), including for in vitro fertilization (IVF), in order to induce the final maturation of the follicles and luteinization after stimulation with gonadotropins,

with anovulatory or oligovascular infertility for induction of ovulation and luteinization at the end of follicle growth stimulation.


Merck Serono S.p.A.

Via Casilina 125, 00176 Rome, Italy.

Merck Serono S.p.A.

Via delle Maniolie 15 (Industrial Zone area) 70026 Modugno (BA), Italy.

Consumer complaints and information about adverse events should be sent to:

Representative office of Ares Trading SA

125445, Moscow, st. Smolnaya 24D, office of LLC Merck.

Tel: (495) 937-33-04; Fax: (495) 937-33-05.

general characteristics

This substance is a recombinant human chorionic gonadotropin, which is no different from the natural. This drug is hormonal.

The preparation "Ovitrel" is used in gynecology and reproductology. Instructions for use of the drug is the main document with which the patient must become familiar. This is an import tool. It is produced in Italy.

The medicine is sold only by prescription. Hormonal therapy cannot be practiced independently, since the patient cannot know the nuances of the substance's action. In addition, the doctor is obliged to do the necessary tests and find out whether the drug is suitable for the patient.

Composition and forms of release

If you are interested in what “Ovitrel” consists of, the instructions for use indicate its components:

4. Poloxamer 188.

5. Sodium hydroxide.

6. Phosphoric acid.

7. Distilled water.

As for release forms, there are only two:

- Liquid. It may be clear or slightly yellow. It is placed in a glass syringe. It also has a needle, a rubber gasket and a protective cap.

- Powder. It is in a glass bottle, sealed with a rubber cap. In addition, complete with the drug is a solution for dilution of the powder. The package can be one, two or 10 bottles of funds.

It should be noted that the syringe is used only once.

Possible adverse reactions

"Ovitrel" (the description of the drug you have already read) can provoke the onset of side effects. Among them may be:

- Abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, and in some cases diarrhea can also be observed.

- Increased irritability, sensitivity, headache, causeless anxiety, fatigue.

- A slight reaction on the skin in the form of a rash.

- Puffiness and pain in the injection site.

- Mild allergies and tired feeling.

As you can see, these side effects are not too strong and can be quickly eliminated. Care must be taken when hyperstimulation. If this happens, then perhaps taking the drug will have to stop for a while.

Features of dosing and drug administration rules

Scientists have long proved that the Ovitrel medicine is practically the most effective in treating female infertility. The instruction (the description of the drug will help you decide on the need to purchase it) provides such a regimen for IVF: once 250 μg of the substance is injected subcutaneously 1-2 days after the last administration of the FSH agent.

In case of anovulatory or oligovascular infertility for the induction of ovulation and luteinization at the end of follicle growth stimulation, the drug is also injected once 24 to 48 hours after the optimal level of follicle development is reached. Sexual contact is recommended on the day of drug administration and the next day.

If you use the tool yourself, you must follow some rules for its introduction:

1. At the time of injection, it is necessary to use antiseptic agents.

2. To begin with, lay out several cotton swabs and a collected (ready) syringe on a clean surface. If necessary, the substance must be diluted beforehand. The injection site must be rubbed with alcohol.

3. Then immediately make an injection into the abdomen or the front of the thigh. In this case, the skin should be pulled as much as possible. Note that the angle of entry of the needle should be 45 or 90 degrees. It is impossible for the medicine to get into the vein, so be careful. Fluid must be injected slowly until the syringe is completely empty. Next, in a circular motion using a tampon, massage the injection site.

4. After injection, the syringe must be disposed of. Even if a small amount of the substance remains in it, it can no longer be reused.

What analogues can I use?

It must be said that the cost of this overseas drug is quite high. For example, one dose of undiluted powder has a price of 2,300 rubles. A finished syringe costs almost 2600 rubles. The course of therapy involves more than one injection. This forces patients to look for other options.

If you can’t afford the Ovitrel medicine, the instruction (analogues can have lower cost with the same effect) tells about the following possible substitutes: Pregnil, Menogon, Menopur, Merional, Louveris, Follitrop "," Ecostimulin "," Pergoveris ".

Term and storage conditions

So, the drug should be in the refrigerator at a temperature of 2-8 degrees. Do not freeze the product. The shelf life of the substance is 2 years, and the dilution solution is 3 years.

If the drug is not in the refrigerator, then the ambient temperature should not exceed 25 degrees. In such conditions, "Ovitrel" can only be stored for 1 month. If during this time it has not been applied, then it can already be thrown away.

Reviews and special instructions for use

In principle, we can note a good opinion about the drug among users. They indicate the effectiveness of the remedy. If the instructions are followed, this drug causes almost no adverse reactions. Although some women report pain in the abdomen, headache and nausea.

Before you start taking this medication, you need to carefully examine both partners and establish the true cause of infertility. During the appointment of a substance, you must be careful if there is adrenal insufficiency and hypothyroidism.

Each bottle or syringe can be applied only once. During stimulation, to prevent EHH, you must constantly monitor the level of estradiol in the blood, as well as regular ultrasound. During the treatment may enhance the functioning of the thyroid gland.

Consider that it is absolutely impossible to take alcohol 24 hours before the administration of the drug and within 14 days after the procedure.

After the injection, you can safely drive a car, as the means does not affect the reaction rate and attention. It must be remembered: if you need the Ovitrel medicine, the instruction (you already know the testimony) is for informational purposes only. Only a doctor can prescribe it.

That's all that can be said on the topic: "Ovitrel", instructions for use, analogues. "Be healthy!

Ovitrel Reviews

Reviews Ovitrel appreciate the action of the funds when used to stimulate the process ovulation. Reports indicate that the medication has helped many women become pregnant. Side effects in the form of ovarian overstimulation syndrome develop in 4% of cases.