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How to find out if a girl loves you


Perhaps every young man at least once in his life faced this question: “Are my feelings mutual?”. Of course, you can ask the girl directly. But what to do if there is too much doubt, but you don't want to make yourself stupid?

In this case, the unconscious actions of the girl come to help, which she herself may not notice. But knowing about their existence and being able to read them, you can easily determine whether you really have a chance of reciprocity.

Signs that she loves you

All unconscious actions of a person can be divided into 3 groups: behavior, glance, gestures. Let's sort each separately.

In order to find out whether a girl is in love, you need to watch how she behaves. Here are the main signs:

  1. Interest. A girl who is not indifferent usually listens with great pleasure about your affairs. A sure sign - if a girl tries to ask you about someone else, she is interested in mutual friends about your condition. If a girl is always ready to help you, regardless of her own affairs, then she most likely likes you.
  2. Communication. The girl you are cute, will seek to communicate with you. She prefers a conversation with you, a conversation with a friend.

A girl in love very often puts the interests of the guy to the fore, forgetting about her for a while. But remember that the girl will expect the same from you, do not disappoint her.

  • Presents. A gift for no reason is a reason to think about the nature of your relationship. This is the most obvious way for a girl to convey that she likes the young man. If you were given a handicraft item in which a lot of time and effort was invested, this can be a help for a long, serious relationship.
  • Jealousy. Caught a gaze full of discontent when he spoke to her friend? Helped on the street cute stranger, and then you can not understand what made her so upset? She's just jealous of you. Even if you are not yet in a relationship, the girl in love doesn’t want to share you with others.
  • Care. If you are sick, and she resorts to you much more often than all other friends, if she wants to take care of your condition, she absolutely likes you. All girls have a maternal instinct forcing them to take care of people. But only about special people dear to the heart.
  • Happiness. There is one more, perhaps the most obvious sign. But you should also pay attention to him: a girl in love (albeit unresponsively so far) looks like a little sun. She rejoices at any trifle, and nothing seems to be able to upset her.
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    1. You are capable catch her look at yourselfwhen you are in a big company? See how often this happens. If at least three or four times for your meeting - you're definitely interested in the girl, she wants to look at you.
    2. If when looking at you pupils of a woman in love are increasingthen this is a true physiological feature. But please, do not try to consider the changes in girls with dark eyes. Even if you succeed, you risk embarrassing or scaring the chosen one.
    3. You looked at the girl and saw her looked sharply the other way? That means she is in love with you and embarrassed about it. She wants to look at you, wants to meet with you, but is afraid that you will not reciprocate her.
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    Sign language

    1. TouchA girl in love will constantly look for touching the object of the senses, often even unconsciously for herself. She will sit closer to you in cafes, in all attractions, in the cinema and in other places. What for? In the hope that at some point your hands will meet.
      If the girl is constantly trying to fix your hair, slap on the shoulder or remove an invisible speck of dust from you, you can safely admit to her feelings - and you will surely get reciprocity.
    2. Excitement. For any woman, a meeting with objects of elation is a very exciting event. Looking at her at this moment, you can easily understand whether she feels something to you.

    A girl in love can have a light blush on her cheeks and rapid breathing, she will not know where to put her hands and can even respond at random. In order to notice these subtle, almost invisible signs, you need to develop good observation in yourself.

    Flirt. Girls - big coquette. And it is not surprising that a girl in love with you will flirt with you. Flirting is a sure way to determine sympathy, “test the soil.” And how to understand that the girl flirts? A sure sign of flirting is compliments. They can be both direct and veiled “woven into” the conversation.

    Often, the flirting girl teases, teasing you. Do not be offended - this is a sign that she likes you. Of course, provided that the girl does this not often, and only on the topics that you make fun of yourself.

    No less important sign of flirting are gestures and movements. If the girl in the conversation "shoots" with her eyes, twists her curls and smiles sweetly - be sure she likes you and she flirts with you.

  • Rapport. Another sign - the girl unconsciously "mirrors" your posture. She can keep up with you, sit in a cafe in the same position, hold the same hands - all this will be a sign of sympathy.
  • Personal space. If a girl is calm about your intrusions into her personal space, this will also be a sign of her sympathy for you.

    What is the invasion of private space? This is if you, without her permission, touch her hair or cheeks, if you suddenly bite off a piece of her ice cream, or you get a ringing phone from her purse to give to her. The girl suffered all this? She really likes you very much.

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    Signs of indifference on the part of women

    Here are some basic signs that indicate that a girl does not love you:

    1. If a girl calls you not for the purpose of socializing, but only in those cases when she needs something, it may be a sign - she just uses you.

    But feel the difference. If you chatted with the girl for an hour, and during the conversation about the books she asked you to beat the bookshelf, then she probably just looks for a meeting. And if, having called, she started a conversation with the words “repair”, “borrow” or “buy”, then you are absolutely indifferent to her.

  • Girl telling you about your relationship with guys? So you are for her only a friend, and she is in love with another. If she liked you, she (even when meeting with someone else) would not remind her again.
  • If you have already met, but the relationship has already deteriorated, and you decided to break them, look at the reaction of the girl. If she is genuinely upset, then she still has feelings for you and everything can be restored. If she doesn't careit means that relationships have become obsolete, and you did the right thing to decide to break them.

    But if, under the threat of separation, the girl suddenly begins to show such an interest to you, which she has never had before, this is a reason to think - maybe she just uses you and does not want to lose a source of money or help?

    In this video, you can see by examples how the girl in love behaves:

    Now you have all the necessary information. It is only necessary to carefully look at the girl. She will surely give herself away in word, gesture or deed.

    Signs of love in girls

    1. Idealizing the object of love. Surely, many have heard from the female lips: "Previously, he was not so." Most often this happens when the offended party is disappointed in the act of the beloved or begins to notice his “real face”. So what's the matter really - “he” really was different before, or the girl just represented him to others? In most cases we are talking about the second option. At the initial stage of dating or a relationship, a girl cannot thoroughly know her lover, therefore, she fills in many “gaps” that she has not yet had time to open, using her own imagination. Of course, a girl in love will not think badly about a guy she is in love with, therefore, as a rule, his portrait is complemented with positive touches.

    For the sake of justice, it is necessary to recognize that such a feature is characteristic not only of the beautiful half of humanity, but also of many men - they also often “draw” an image in their head and impose it on a girl who is far from him, to say the least.

    2. Distraction. The girl in love often seems to be "in the clouds." She understands this herself and usually it is clearly visible to others from the side. She is scattered everywhere - at school, at work, at home, in conversations with her friends. Why it happens? The answer is obvious - her thoughts are directed mainly at the object of love.

    3. Shine in the eyes. Probably, you have heard more than once that in love girls “light up” their eyes. It can be compared with a child who received a long-awaited gift, and now he is in awe of him.

    4. Elevated mood or frequent mood changes. People in love, and, of course, girls, including, are amenable to frequent mood swings. First of all, the mood of the girl depends on the stage at which her relationship with her lover is now, and how he managed to manifest himself lately. If a young man shows interest in her, communication with him is active, he wants to meet, makes compliments, initiates an interesting pastime, gives flowers or confesses in love, then probably a girl in love will just “shine with happiness.”

    If the situation is not as she would like - the guy rarely writes or calls, there is no talk about the meeting in the near future, there is little attention from him, he is interested in another person, he avoids communication and the like - then of course adversely affects mood. The girl becomes sad and irritable. It should be recognized that with the slightest sign of attention from the object of sympathy, it will “shine” again, instantly forgetting about past disappointments.

    5. Changes in appearance. Of course, having fallen in love, any woman wants this feeling to be mutual. She wants to like a man, which causes her sympathy, and for this she often goes on experiments with appearance. We can talk about a radical change of image or only small changes in appearance. By the way, if she is blonde, but learns that before the guy met only with brunettes and quite neutral attitude to fair-haired persons, the blonde beauty is quite capable of taking a decisive step, and recoloured hair in a dark color. She may not even be prevented by the fact that blond hair objectively goes to her more, and she knew about it beforehand. In an attempt to attract the man he liked, women are capable of not such madness, hoping that in the end they will still play into their hands.

    6. The awakening of femininity. Undoubtedly, a passionate person wants to look feminine and attractive to the object of his dreams. If earlier she didn’t really like to wear dresses, skirts, heels, and tight fitting clothes, now the situation is changing in the opposite direction. Knowing that the elect can see her, the girl will not allow any misstep in appearance, and will think over her image to the smallest detail, even if it’s about one random meeting in the corridor of the institute (if it’s about, for example, a classmate). The girl is trying to present her best sides profitably, even if she used to pay little attention to them. Also now in the presence of a young man she liked, she carefully watches her speech, posture, and so on.

    How does a girl in love behave

    She is trying to please

    If a girl is in love with someone, then she wants to please this man, and it is quite obvious! How does it burn look like? In a conversation with a guy who is interested in her, she tries to show herself from the most positive side. Previously, she is trying to understand which girls, in principle, like this young man, and subsequently does everything possible to get at least a little closer to this image. If she becomes aware that the boy has broken up with her previous lover because of her adultery, she will try in every possible way to make it clear that for herself this behavior is not typical, and loyalty in relationships plays an essential, or even paramount role. The most interesting thing is that it can be completely different, but since her goal is to cause obvious sympathy, of course, she does not admit her shortcomings or will try to justify them - at least at the initial stage of communication.

    She laughs at his jokes

    The girl in love certainly wants the object of sympathy to be comfortable when communicating with him. She listens attentively to all his stories, even if they are slightly boring, and laughs at his "wits," even if she has already heard them more than once. In general, she is trying in every way to show the guy that she is delighted with communication with neither. Of course, any young man will be pleased with this feeling, and he, most likely, afterwards, he will strive to experience him again with this girl.

    Hints on relationships

    She is trying to understand how he treats potential relationships with her, and can go from afar: “Do you like girls like me?”, “Do you think I'm suitable for serious relationships,” and the like. Some girls even have the courage to ask a young man if he can present them together. But this does not happen very often, as the person in love, of course, is afraid to hear a negative answer. She may also be actively interested in your former novels, find out what you are accepting in a relationship, and that you are absolutely not suitable.

    How to understand that a girl is in love with you

    Shows interest in your personality

    She is actively and sincerely interested in your personality. She wants to know what you do at work, whether you like studying, who you wanted to be in childhood, which musical groups you like, which films have made an indelible impression, what are your addictions in food, how you like to spend your free time, what are the features of you repel in other people and the like. Needless to say, if a girl is really in love, then she, of course, wants to know everything about the object of her sympathy. Moreover, this interest is sincere, and is not dictated by the usual desire to keep the conversation going.

    Trying to show off the winning side.

    She is not only interested in you, but also, on occasion, do not miss the chance to say something interesting about yourself. There is a clear explanation for this - she wants to impress you. it may be about some achievements in sports, a story about a weekend, an opinion about a recently read book and so on. For a loved one, she wants to look like a “dream girl”, so it is important for her to create an “correct” opinion about her in your thoughts. Sometimes, information can be embellished, but, of course, it is not necessary to look for a catch in everything - a girl may well speak the truth about herself.

    I'm glad to any signs of attention

    She likes it when you give any signs of attention to her, and you understand it. If you write her a message in VK, then she quickly responds to it, trying to give an interesting and detailed answer to your message. If you start a conversation with her in "real" life, she will gladly respond to your initiative, and so on. However, in the latter case it is necessary to make an important clarification - not all girls react equally to signs of attention in the initial stages of communication. Most often, two patterns of behavior can be traced - she either rejoices at your initiative, pleasant words, surprises, and the like, or it confuses her so much that it is even difficult for her to find the right words from excitement.

    How to check if a girl loves you if she hides it

    Arouse jealousy in her

    If you cannot fully determine the attitude of a girl towards you, then it makes sense to arouse a feeling of jealousy in her, but you need to do it carefully and know when to stop if you want to build relationships with this person in the future. That is, it will be a bust if it comes to "rumors" that you spent a stormy night with a new acquaintance. How to "correctly" cause jealousy? In conversations with a girl, mention a colleague or a classmate, telling something positive about her, admiring some quality or act of her. If the interlocutor begins to darken and withdraw into himself, then your praises, for sure, touched her and this is no accident.

    In the case when the communication takes place mainly in the VC, ask your friend (it is desirable that it looks spectacular) to throw you "on the wall" a few songs with ambiguous overtones. If in the future in communicating with a girl that you “check”, changes begin, then you probably are not really indifferent to her. Она может начать проявлять к вам повышенный интерес, активно интересоваться форматом ваших отношений с потенциальной соперницей, или же продемонстрирует обиду, при это не обязательно прямо указывая, в чем ее суть.

    Задать прямой вопрос

    Спросите ее прямо о чувствах. Даже если она не признается вам в любви, по ее реакции вы поймете, что же на самом деле она испытывает к вам. It is easy to understand, if she is embarrassed and the question posed will obviously cause her mixed reaction, not surprise, then, most likely, you were not mistaken in your assumptions. Anyway, before trying to determine what a girl is experiencing for you, answer yourself, why you want to know it. Note that many girls hide their feelings to the last. fear that they will be non-reciprocal.

    If you sincerely like her or you are even in love with her, and would like to be together, then perhaps you should not wait until she makes a declaration of love first. Since you have begun to suspect that she is in love, then it probably is so, so in this case you should show determination and first let your darling understand that you are not indifferent to her. Of course, after your confession, it will be much easier for her to open up in response.

    How to understand if you really need a girl

    If you really need a girl, then, most likely, you will be able to understand it by several obvious signs. So some of them.

    She is trying to take care of you.

    She tries in every way to take care of you. How does this manifest itself? It is important for her whether you are warmly dressed, whether you have had breakfast and the like. She herself is trying to treat you to some goodies, and often it turns out that they were made by her own hand.

    She worries about you

    She is not indifferent to your problems. If she knows for sure that you have had some kind of trouble, she is trying to help in any way, and does not postpone communication with you "until better times."

    She stays close under any circumstances.

    Even if you are stranded now, you have problems with the law, colleagues have turned against you, and in general now there is a “black streak” in your life, for a girl in love this is not a reason to “go into the sunset”. On the contrary, she will try in every way to encourage you, to provide any support, to give the necessary advice. Girls and their feelings are really tested "for strength" in difficult times.

    She is ready to forgive you mistakes

    Even if lately you have not behaved in the best way towards her, she does not abandon you, and even if she tries to leave, you can easily bring her back. This is explained by the fact that a loving girl would rather tolerate an inappropriate attitude toward herself than lose the object of her love. But there is an important remark: if you continue in a similar vein, then soon there will be nothing left of her love, and you will probably regret not appreciating the person to whom they really were dear. Think about why you are insulting this girl. If she is indifferent to you, then wouldn't it be more worthwhile to let her go and let her forget about this relationship? If you love her and your failures happen "by themselves", then seriously take hold of yourself, and do not allow this, because relationships can be broken by your own hands.

    She is not looking for benefits in your relationship.

    Even if you do not have the money and the opportunity to invite her on a date, it does not bother a girl in love. For her, it is important not a material manifestation of your sympathy, but only your presence in her life. She does not expect expensive gifts, bouquets and other things - it is just important for her that you be together. By the way, these girls are becoming rare, so if you meet her, you can say that you are really lucky.

    A girl fell in love with me, what to do

    It depends on how you feel about this girl. If you are also in love with her, then, of course, there is nothing to think about - show her that. Mutual love is not such a frequent occurrence, and you are lucky if it happened in your life.

    Maybe a more delicate situation - the girl is in love with you, but you do not feel ready to respond to her in return. With such a development of events, it is important for you to be as correct as possible and not to offend the feelings of a person in love with you. If you understand that words can hardly convince her that you are not a couple, then try to show yourself from the wrong side. Of course, while you do not have to offend her. If after that the girl stays close, then this is a reason to think - maybe you should pay more attention to her?

    Method number 1. Demeanor

    It is important to identify the signs that indicate mutual sympathy. Watch the behavior of the young person, and then draw conclusions.

      Manifestation of interest. When a girl is not indifferent to a young man, she tries in every way to show interest in his life. The lady in love will open-mouthed to listen to how your day has gone. If a girl tries to start a conversation first, we can assume that she likes you. A distinctive feature of love is considered to be the moment when a lady is interested in your life through mutual friends. Interrogate your friends, they may know more than you.

    Method number 2. Gestures

    Non-verbal gestures include body language, that is, its position and movement of the limbs. This aspect is very important, without it there is no sympathy.

    1. A fleeting touch. If the lady is in love, she will find a hundred reasons to touch the object of adoration. Often this behavior is unintentional, the girl acts on an intuitive level. The young lady will try to keep closer to you, whether on a bench in the park, in the cinema hall or in the institute's canteen. In this way, she hopes that your hands will be held together. By non-verbal gestures are fleeting touches when talking. Also, if a young lady straightens your hair or removes the eyelash from the cheek, you are not indifferent to her. Bravely confess your feelings, sympathy is mutual.
    2. Excitement. Every girl is incredibly worried before meeting with an adorable young man. The excitement manifests itself absolutely in everything, it's hard not to notice. The lady will constantly fix her hair and pull at the hem of her dress. Her voice will begin to tremble, her cheeks will flash with awkward silence. To make sure that the lady is worried or not, come closer to her. Place your hand on the wall behind it or place a palm on the back of her chair. You will feel how she will stand still and hold her breath. The girl in love begins to "grind" the language, avoiding awkward pauses in the conversation.
    3. Personal space. Not all girls love when young people invade their personal space. Try to break this rule, watch the reaction of the ladies. If she does not step back a few steps back and feels comfortable, she likes you. The personal space includes stroking a hand or hair without the permission of the hostess. If a girl asks to get a mobile phone from her bag, she trusts you, sympathy is the place to be.
    4. Flirt Beautiful ladies love to flirt. However, not all girls flirt exclusively with the object of sympathy, many of them do it to raise self-esteem. A true sign of flirting is considered a compliment. Often the lady wants to "pin up" the object of sympathy, thereby causing him to a verbal duel. Not for nothing in the kindergarten boys pull girls for braids when they feel sympathy. Female flirting is manifested in scrolling the ends of hair, licking lips, constant laughter at the guy's jokes. If you catch all the signs, be sure the young lady is in love with you.
    5. Mirror effect. Psychologists have repeatedly proved that a person copies the poses of his opponent when he likes the latter. You sat down on a bench after a long standing on your feet, did the girl do the same? She tries to imitate you because she has sympathy. You rubbed your eyes, she copied this gesture? Another sign of love! Such behavior is called "rapport." It means that the lady on a subconscious level tries to imitate the young man in everything, because she is in love with him.

    Method number 3. Sight

    A girl in love gives a look, it is impossible not to notice. During the conversation, pay attention to this aspect.

      Observation If you repeatedly notice from the corner of your eye that the girl does not look away from you, she is in love. It is important that such observations be about 4-5 times per two-hour meeting. This aspect suggests that the young lady can not enjoy your appearance, smile. Otherwise, the situation can be attributed to a match.

    It is quite difficult to “read” the female nature, but the procedure cannot be called impossible. Carefully follow the behavior, pay attention to the style of communication, caring attitude, minor gifts. Watch your eyes, look into the eyes while talking, mark non-verbal gestures.

    If a girl is in love, how does she behave?

    Love is impossible not to notice, and the girl dissolved in it, everyone can see from afar and immediately. And the matter is not even in the fact that it beams with a bright light and scatters around the pieces of joy and happiness. Just the warmth of love, warming others, uncontrollably draws them into its atmosphere.

    People close see how prettier appearance, changing interests and behavior of a girl in love. Appears refinement of manners, grace. The obvious signs of a girl in love are beginning to appear:

    Appearance attracts the eye, there is a zest and mystery. One feels the inner fullness of light, continuously poured out. The image becomes refined, romantic, sometimes gentle, sometimes playful. Eyes sparkle with joy, a smile illuminates the face.


    She is transformed - that's what happens if a girl is in love. How she behaves and acts with her chosen one becomes not very important. She can be cold or available, fun or make a serious appearance, be in love and hide it. The main thing is that the feeling originated, and only from two will it depend whether love flourishes.

    Signs of how to know that a friend wants to be with you

    Understanding the behavior of a guy attitude towards his girlfriend is not a big deal. Everything is unequivocal and extremely simple. With beautiful sex, everything is confusing and much more difficult: you have to try and find out if she likes you.

    How to understand that the girl wants to be with you and the other young man does not interest her? Need to look closely. There are clear signs of interest from a friend:

      Flirty and flirt.

    A sure sign of sympathy, much easier way to the heart of the chosen one. It can manifest itself through flirting, jokes, compliments. She is clearly in love and does not intend to hide her feelings. Sight.

    Eyes - undoubtedly, the mirror of the soul, it is impossible to err, seeing in them warmth and interest. How to find out that a girl is in love with you? Just look into her eyes. An ordinary look will tell the truth about the feelings of even the most modest girl. Tenderness in touch.

    A good sign to reveal your feelings to your beloved one and most likely gives hope of reciprocity. Genuine interest.

    Lack of indifference in love with a girl who is in love, but hiding feelings, is an excellent reason to move on to active actions. The main thing is not to overdo it, and, having replayed, not to scare away the chosen one. Yes, more importantly not to be tedious and mediocre. Hidden jealousy.

    Should we hope for reciprocity and how to understand that the girl is in love with you? Simply and easily. Need a minor reason for jealousy. Everyone knows if he is jealous, it means “he has a crush on his ears.” Only neatly with checks: you can not hurt act for living. The weak sex is very vulnerable and does not like to forgive mistakes.

    How to understand that a girl in love with you? You just need to ask her friends and mutual friends. From the side they are much more visible. And if a girl is in love and hides feelings from you, they will tell about it.

    How to understand that feelings are, but she hides them?

    By choosing a life partner and the father of future children, the fair sex is taken very seriously. Show your feelings on display in no hurry, looking to the applicant. Therefore, being even strongly in love, hides it.

    Under the veil of secrecy thrown over the female soul, how to understand that the girl is in love, but hides her feelings. Looking closer, there are a lot of clues revealing the true feelings of the girl:

    1. Confused look Shyly lowered eyes. A peek and a fright, if he was seen, show that the girl is in love and hides the feeling.
    2. Sweet excitement. A light blush on the little face. Attempt to find a place for hands. Replicas pronounced at random. A voice with a shiver and a gasp indicates that she is in love and trying to hide it.
    3. A reverent attitude to appearance, especially noticeable when meeting with a loved one. With the unexpected appearance of a young man, convulsive attempts to fix his hair and clothes are noticeable.
    4. Excessive modesty, stiffness. It can be expressed in a second loss of speech or in general in the escape from a loved one.

    The fair sex always seeks to be in the center of attention and knows how to achieve the desired. How many girls are on the earth, so many ways will be used to seduce the chosen one.

    In addition, you can use the correspondence, for example, Vkontakte, to even more arrange the girl to him.

    Features of the behavior of girls in love

    Mutual relationships are built for life. It will be useful to find out how a girl’s feelings, different zodiac signs, manifest.

    How to understand that the girl Aries fell in love? Possessing a large energy, often splashing over the edge, it manifests feelings sincerely and impulsively. Fall in love immediately and very passionately. Satisfies a vibrant show relationship.

    Taurus girl, how to understand that she is in love and wants to be together? It seems that the sign of the zodiac created especially for love is constantly striving to be in this feeling. Builds a strong and long relationship. Her passion is sincere and all devoted to the chosen one. Jealous and true.

    How to understand that the Gemini girl is in love and hopes for reciprocity? Being a fickle and changeable sign, unpredictable in its actions, but true to its partner.

    How to understand that the girl Twins fell in love? Very simple: she rarely hides her feelings and will surely tell about them. He never lies and becomes a wonderful wife. Dislikes quarrels and scandals.

    If a girl is cancer, how to understand that she is in love? Finely tuned nature. Dreamy and romantic. Marriage perceives as the goal of life and the foundation of personal happiness. Love hides, but very ineptly.

    How to understand that a Cancer girl is in love? To it is worth only to ask. She will give everything for her half.

    If a girl is Leo, how to understand that she is in love with a guy? Born as a leader, Leo builds mutual relations, relegating to himself the main role. For the sake of love is capable of much. True and does not accept boredom.

    How to understand that the girl Virgo is in love? Representatives of the controversial zodiac sign often consider love a weakness. All forces are applied, avoiding passion. But if they feel that in a relationship, they are calm and well, throwing fear away, headlong into the pool.

    If the girl is Libra, how to understand that she is in love and ready to build a relationship?

    Being leisurely with conclusions, it is quite difficult for Libra to make decisions, especially those related to relationships. But having understood that the guy suits them, they fall in love hard and forever.

    Marriage is considered the foundation of life and is completely happy in it.

    How to understand that the girl Sagittarius in love? The freedom-loving sign and in relationships shows frivolity and lewdness. But having experienced this feeling, becomes the best friend and wife.

    If the girl is Scorpio, how to understand that she is in love? Representatives of the sign do not accept defeat, sensual, passionate and very jealous. In relationships, achieve their own and always go to the very end. Do not accept publicly show feelings.

    Capricorn girl, how to understand that she is in love? An ambiguous sign: afraid of love and can completely confuse the partner, so without telling him anything. Whether there are feelings in appearance is not to be understood. But nevertheless representatives of Capricorns are rather sensual natures. Being afraid of being offended, they wear different masks.

    How to understand that Aquarius girl is in love? Sensitive and idealizing beloved personages. Give gentle and fluffy love.

    Aquarius girl, how to understand that she is in love?

    Representatives of this sign, in everything and always try to help her beloved. Dedicated to support any undertaking partner.

    If the sign is a Pisces girl, how to understand that she is in love? Here is who can show completely different manifestations of love. The fish can romantically suffer and take any walls with an attack. Be docile and do not let anyone. The feeling is taken seriously, but often there is a lack of determination in achieving the goal.

    Useful video

    Girl's love for a guy always has a pronounced emotional coloring. Feelings so overwhelm her that she does not notice anything or anyone except her object of love. Recognizing this is not difficult at all, but it happens that the girl hides her true feelings. How to understand that the girl is really in love, tell the video below:

    Pleasant chores

    A girl in love is constantly looking for contact with the object of his adoration. She can come up to him a thousand times a day to report anything. Or just come up in the hope that the young man will pay attention to her. She does not hesitate to call him or invite for a date.

    Maybe in a fit of feelings to give all sorts of gifts, easily pay for a guy in a cafe or buy him ice cream. Although the question of "who pays for whom" must take into account that not all girls have the money to always and everywhere pay for their loved one.


    He who loves is always worried about his beloved. К примеру, написав ему сообщение и не получив ответа немедленно, через 5 минут она начнет переживать, не случилось ли чего. Через час она будет сходить с ума от подозрений, хотя парень всего лишь не сразу ответил ей. Конечно, она вряд ли потом устроит из этого скандал, но в первые минуты может непроизвольно дать волю чувствам и выдать свои переживания.

    After each meeting with her beloved, the girl will be in the seventh heaven. She will have a long rush of good mood and a burst of energy for a long time. This is not surprising, because her favorite is a source of positive emotions. She will spend hours on a date with her beloved, and after it - sigh for a long time and remember the details of the meeting.

    Psychology of a woman in love

    How many different thoughts and feelings falls on a woman in love.

    Involuntarily, she begins to change her behavior, becomes sentimental, her thoughts are fully engaged in the subject of her sympathy. Do not sleep and sexual fantasy in such moments.

    In moments of love, a woman can decide on rash and even erroneous actions, since she wants only one thing - to please her man, to please him.

    Any romantic song is now perceived on a personal account, romantic comedies, dramas, love tragedies - everything causes tears and a thought addressed to the main character: "God, as I understand it".

    Those women who prefer cinema reading are also not averse to putting the main characters of themselves and their lover in their place.


    1. The first thing that becomes noticeable to others - this is a change in the appearance of a girl. In love turns any woman into a beautiful woman, her eyes shine with happiness, she seems to hover above the ground. It literally exudes the vibes of happiness, thus appearing to men especially attractive. To this are added and changes in the wardrobe. Free jumpers and boyfriend jeans are sent to the closet until the best time, they are replaced by feminine dresses, short skirts and high heels.
    2. The behavior of the girl also changes with the arrival of love. Hormonal surges cause the mood to change several times an hour. Now she laughs defiantly, and after a few minutes joy gives way to tears and sadness. If before that the girl was stingy with emotional manifestations, now she can literally pull out the fountains of various feelings and emotions.

    God forbid, if falling in love remains non-reciprocal, the state of unrequited love can bring the girl to severe depression and even to chronic diseases.

  • A woman in love becomes more diffused. A young lady in love can constantly hover in the clouds to such an extent that you do not even shout before her. All her thoughts are directed only at the object of their adoration, the outside world is of little interest to her at this moment.
  • How to understand that a girl wants a kiss? Read about it here.

    If a girl is in love, how does she behave? In addition to external non-verbal signs of being in love, a woman in love demonstrates changes in behavior:

    1. The girl in love is constantly watching the subject of his adoration.. However, at the moment when she meets the guy's gaze, she looks away. At the same time she can be filled with paint, like a shy schoolgirl.
    2. A girl in love is always friendly with the guy she likes.. She laughs at anyone, even the most unfortunate of his joke, she responds to any requests, tries to get his attention and contact.
    3. Chatting with friends goes to the background for a girl in love (unless the subject of her sympathy is not from the company of her friends).
    4. On the physical plane, behavior also changes somewhat.. The girl tries to correct her hair often, and she makes it a gesture that looks sexy in the eyes of men. She tries to make more gestures, focusing on her wrists.

    The girl in love tries to break the personal space of the man as if by a random touch.

  • The girl in love as if copies poses of a man who is handsome to her.. This, by the way, also applies to men in love: a man in love involuntarily begins to “mirror” the movements and poses of his object of adoration. The partner turned his head and you, too, the partner crossed his arms over his chest, and you repeated it after him.
  • Close attention to the guy in social networks. Yes, yes, the age of technology is a dangerous age, no one will hide from anyone. If a person in love for a long time did not see the subject of his adoration, then she begins to actively browse his pages in social networks, asking about her in common friends.
  • Jealousy appears. Jealousy is an ambiguous feature. On the one hand, the resulting jealousy on the part of the girl may signal that the guy is not indifferent to her. On the other hand, jealousy can come to the point of absurdity, so if you know for sure that you can’t have anything with this girl, then let her know it right away, and if you intend to start a romantic relationship with her, then stop all flirting attempts and coquetry for its part and for other women.
  • Girls become more caring. The instinct of motherhood is inherent in women by nature, so they try to take care of the subject of their sympathy as often as possible.

    Do you feel sick? Wait, a girl in love will appear on your doorstep with a jar of raspberry jam and warm socks.

    Love addiction

    Of course, love - the most beautiful feeling in the world. But it also is extremely dangerous. There is such a thing as "love addiction."

    People suffering from this kind of addiction completely immersed in the life of your partnerwhile losing yourself as a person.

    They constantly think about what happened to the partner, why he / she does not call, “maybe something happened, it’s probably worth buying a ticket to Vladivostok, where he / she is on a business trip, and fly there.”

    Dependent relationships - non-ecological relations, they can only destroy and destroy, they will not bring anything good.

    There are a number of signs that indicate that a woman is in a dependent relationship:

    1. A woman programs herself on full impact and "dissolution" in the partner. Without this relationship for her impossible.
    2. Real happiness possible only when the partner takes care, affection, love, warmth, and on an ongoing basis.
    3. "It is better to be in a dependent relationship than to be alone."
    4. Close relationship is complete connectedness with a loved man.

    You must be in the same emotional state and completely adapt to the lifestyle of your partner, while personal boundaries dissolve completely.

  • A dependent partner in a relationship usually has low self-esteem, prone to self-deprecation. Whatever happens in a relationship, he blames himself.
  • An dependent woman constantly cares about the feelings of her partner, his thoughts, actions, choices, even if these actions and choices contradict her own desires. The main thing, so that was well loved!
  • Dependent relationships are a storehouse for suffering. Constant conflicts, threats of parting, manipulation - all this is an indispensable attribute of such a "union".
  • If for some reason a partner is far from a dependent woman (on a business trip or on vacation with friends), then woman may be depressed, constantly thinking about what a partner can leave her.
  • Any other people, be it your mutual friends or colleagues (or strangers) perceived as a threat and rivals.
  • Other social interactions become unnecessary for you (meetings with friends, corporate parties with colleagues, weekends with family). Do you want to only be with a partner.
  • Objective partner evaluation - this is not your fad. How can your loved one make mistakes or behave inadmissibly, this is all work / tiredness / bad mood / magnetic storms.
  • Break of Dependencies - this is a catastrophe. A woman takes all the blame on herself, falls into depression, apathy.
  • What if the girl changed? Psychological advice will help you!

    Signs of a woman in love:

    How to understand if the wife loves her husband?

    Despite the fact that men sometimes seem cold and restrained, they also want to know whether their loved one feels for them, did that spark in the relationshipthat was burning between you in the first years after the wedding.

    There are several characteristic signs that confirm that your wife still loves you:

      Your wife keeps you loyal. This should be an axiom. Other men do not exist for her. Other men for her are a phantom, an image, something disembodied or asexual.

    Her behavior with them is restrained, calmly, without trying to arouse jealousy in you or flirt to maintain your form.

  • Your wife is afraid of losing you.. This applies to both rupture and death. The woman tries to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in your relationship, she will make sure that you take care of your health and be careful.
  • Loving wife caresses husband. Even if she does not understand anything in your hobby or work, she will still try to help, at least with her advice. She will support you, share your worries and joys. If you are sick, then be sure that your wife will not move away from your bed until you are sure that you will recover completely.
  • A loving wife accepts all the shortcomings of her husband and makes compromises in case of disagreements.
  • A loving wife is always true. You can believe her unconditionally, she will not lie to anyone, will not give an opportunity to doubt her veracity, will not hide any information.
  • A loving wife trusts her husband. She is truthful herself and trusts in response. She will share her innermost thoughts with you, but she will not require reports or reports from you.
  • How to understand, you are loved or used? Psychologist's answer:

    How to determine that a girl is in love, but hides?

    In fact, you just need to observe the behavior of this girl. Some standard signs of falling in love are shown involuntarily, they are hard enough to control, so that even the most closed young lady can be "caught red-handed."

    • in love but hiding her feelings girl often confusedshyly lowers her eyes down, quickly averts her eyes if she notices that her lover also looks at her,
    • the girl starts to get very nicely worried on her cheeks light blush lights upif it’s about feelings or her lover, she begins to translate the topic of conversation or does something in a trembling voice at all, inadvertently,
    • the girl becomes overly constrained and modest. She can be speechless when talking with the object of her adoration and even literally run away from him if their roads intersect.

    Love is amazing feeling. It can transform a person beyond recognition in a matter of days.

    Girls in love are especially susceptible to such changes.

    To understand whether a girl is in love or not, you can look at her behavior. Some characteristic signs will help determine this.

    How to find out that a girl loves you? 14 signs: