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Children's clothing today amazes customers with its diversity and wide selection. Often it also happens that a recently purchased very beautiful thing for your child does not fit him in size after a while. For example, a newly acquired shirt has already become short in sleeves, and in such clothes a child cannot be sent to class. After all, it can easily laugh, but the same classmates.

A good solution for all situations is sewing children's clothes. This will exclude the amount of clothing and its quality. The child will always wear stylish and appropriate clothing. Unlike the general mass of people, he will not have to go shopping for a long time and look for something that suits both in length and quality.

For parents, this is a very good saving of both time and money, and most importantly, your child will be satisfied and it is quite possible for him to be even jealous.

This is my second attempt to draw something, with acrylics, sewed a pajama from a knitwear to my godson, cut a stencil out of paper, redrawing the anchor from the tablet.

I present for you a master class on sewing children's shorts with a pattern and a photo.

Today the first snowball fell out and I decided to sew pajamas. I had the rest of a pleasant children's interlok, added a blue cooler and went off. Patterns taken from the magazines Ottobre and Burda. The size.

Today the first snowball fell out and I decided to sew pajamas. I had the rest of a pleasant children's interlok, added a blue cooler and went off. Patterns taken from the magazines Ottobre and Burda. The size.

The pattern of interesting children's slippers will allow you to sew beautiful and comfortable slippers for your own child. A simple drawing, some free time and desire and your baby will be.

Interesting patterns of clothing for girls and boys of all ages from the magazine Burda - a way to update the wardrobe of your own child with your own hands, without resorting to shopping and huge.

A coat coat pattern for a preschool girl is useful for every mother who knows how to sew or wants to learn, and also wants her girl to have a unique, exclusive thing. Pattern this.

How to carve a hood for children's clothes you can learn from the material provided by us. By simple manipulations and fairly simple patterns, you will quickly cope with the task. Build patterns.

You can find out how easy it is to carve and sew a sundress for a girl from the materials of our article. Each mother, whose daughter is growing up, will be interested to learn how you can independently, without having special ones.

Your attention is invited to an article that tells you how to properly and accurately sew the pattern of a children's hood. This is a very beautiful and practical element for outerwear, which is specially created.

Every mommy wants her favorite child not to freeze during the cold season. Therefore, in order for the baby to boldly run at home and feel comfortable, you can sew beautiful slippers with cubs.

What should be the right hat for the baby? It should be soft, warm and comfortable. And the best hat will also be fashionable, colorful and unique. Where to get such a unique hat? Do it.

For children of all ages, it is very important that their clothes and shoes are always comfortable and warm. The health of the child depends on it. For older children, parents want to buy orthopedic.

To sew a beautiful skirt for your beloved daughter does not need to be a first-class seamstress. Any mom can do this if she tries to deal with all the details.

Remember how earlier babies in carnival costumes for the New Year came to children’s matinees. And all the outfits did not differ special diversity. Around circled snowflakes, grandfathers frost, snow maidens and snow.

Classic pants will be useful to any boy. They can be worn at various celebrations, at school, and generally worn daily. Every wardrobe should have pants, no matter the boy or the girl. Down below.

Naturally, every loving mommy wants only the best for her own child. This applies to everything. Of course, for each parent his baby is the most beautiful, and it is not surprising. Therefore, children receive.

Does your little hostess need an apron? Sew it yourself! We have prepared for you a very detailed (with a bunch of pictures) instructions on how to make an apron for a little girl with your own hands.

To sew for a child a bathrobe from a towel, it will take a maximum of two hours. You do not need to be a seamstress or a cutter. Following our advice, any parents will be able to sew a dressing gown for their own.

Coat - a very popular thing in the modern world. Coats are worn by women, men and children. In a coat, your child will look like a doll. And to add originality to the image, it follows.

Today breeches are an integral part of women's wardrobe. This unique thing in the women's wardrobe allows you to feel easy and comfortable even in summer.

All teenage girls want to wear fashionable, stylish clothes, and their mothers want her to be more comfortable. However, not always things sold in the markets, in stores meet these requirements, and sometimes they.

The long-awaited summer has already come into its own, bringing with it a bright sun, in whose rays it is so desirable to soak up after long cold weather. This is especially necessary for a young growing organism.

Any parent wants their little girl to be dressed like a doll. And mom is able to sew unusual and stylish dresses for daughters of any age.

Every girl wants to look beautiful and individually, but buying clothes in a store is hard to do. Therefore, there is a good opportunity to sew a dress for the girl yourself.

For each child, the beginning of winter is a joy and a time of new impressions! After all, winter time is a time of fervent games in snowballs and sledding and ice skating. And so the kids feel on the street.

The overalls are an excellent universal clothes for the child. He perfectly protects the child in bad weather from the cold wind, while the child feels comfortable in it.

Many are faced with a situation where a girl or a boy urgently needs an apron for duty at school, and may also need an apron in the classroom for work.

In order to sew a children's dressing gown, it is not necessary to be a sewing master and spend a huge amount of time on this. Everything is pretty simple here. Cutting a dressing gown for the child is very easy.

Children's hats made of stretching fabrics, as a rule, have the same size. Since they are made of knitwear, they stretch, while they perfectly fit the head of the baby and protect it from the cool.

Video on baby patterns

Seasonal baby pattern

It also happens that dressing for the seasons just does not have enough finances, and independent sewing solves this problem forever, even in those seasons of the year when prices for clothes take off to the maximum. If you attach a little imagination, you can sew very attractive things that simply will not be equal in his garden and in his school. An exclusive tie, modern pants and much more can be recreated as soon as possible without leaving your home.

Unfortunately, there is one problem that everyone has when creating their masterpieces - this is a lack of patterns, as they cost money, but this is not a big problem, especially since all the costs pay off almost immediately. Patterns of children's clothes you can find on the Internet today, we are ready to help you sew original, stylish things for your child.

Blind curtains

Slouchy Curtains Slouchy Curtains add grace and elegance. They can give the appearance of slender columns or luxurious bends. Curtains with a decorative edge To get a beautiful edge, you need to prepare a drawstring, and then sew a band a little below the drawstring.

Curtains with a wave for a child's room

Curtains with a wave for a children's room Curtains with a wave for a children's room will decorate your nursery, give a unique look. - for curtains and appliqués of 4.3 m curtain fabric of average density 3 meters high orange and 0.2 m of the same milky fabric, - 4 m milky veils with a weighting agent 3 m high for light curtains, - 1.5 m veils milky with a length of 3 m for draping, - 5.7 m transparent curtain lenta 7 cm wide, - 4.1 m white curtain tape 7 cm wide, - 2 curtain weights, Build on paper pattern for an orange application in size shown in Figure 22. Build a pattern for the application of a milky color according to Figure 23. - on the sides tulle and portiere cuts - 4 cm, - for side cuts and drapery bottom 2 cm each, - allowances for all upper cuts (attachment of the curtain tape) are equal to the width of the curtain tape, in this case 7 cm, - allowances for the bottom curtains 10 cm, - allowances for cut-off applications: 0.5 cm wavy edge, 4 cm straight edge.

Hinged curtains with drape rings

Hinged curtains with drapery rings for the nursery Hinged curtains with drapery rings will create extraordinary comfort in your children's room. - for a light curtain of 5.4 m organza “Devore” with a weighting agent 3 m high with a floral pattern, 0.2 m of white organza 3 m high for loops, 22 golden-colored drapery rings, 2.7 m of Velcro tape.

Curtains on the grommets do-it-yourself: master class and step-by-step instructions with photos

Curtains on the grommets with your own hands: photos and step-by-step description Today we will tell you how to sew curtains on the grommets with your own hands. Curtains are very popular and beautiful decoration for the house or apartment.

Curtains for the kitchen with your own hands with patterns: ideas and schemes for needlewomen

Curtains for the kitchen with their own hands with patterns and a detailed description Is there a house in the world whose windows would not be decorated with curtains? Most likely no. Curtains look especially good in the kitchen, they are able to largely transform the interior of the kitchen and most often for the better.

Sew light air curtains for the kitchen, giving the room comfort and warmth of the home

Light kitchen curtains Natalya Ryasnaya Many women craftswomen are constantly doing their own hands beautiful and high-quality things for the home and family. However, only a few needlewomen know now how to sew curtains for the kitchen.

Independently we sew beautiful curtains on patterns from professionals, for your house

Curtains for the house on professional patterns Today, in every house on the windows we see curtains. Without them, the house seems empty and uncomfortable. It is the curtains that serve not only as a protection from the neighbors' prying eyes in the evening when the house lights up, but also as a design for your home.

Simple recommendations how to sew curtains do it yourself

Simple ways to sew curtains with your own hands. Repair is almost complete, there are final touches. And you are encircling the room with your demanding, but satisfied look with your work and understand that something in the interior is clearly not enough? The last complement and decorating stroke.

Curtain Lifter Chain

Curtain Catch Chain Red Curtain Catch The chain will support the curtains and will stand out from the rest of the interior. Thus knit a chain of the required length (in this case, 6 links). Decorate the chain with a fringe, as shown in the photo.

Combo taffeta and organza curtains

Combined curtains of taffeta and organza Curtains, allows people to make their home comfortable, beautiful and comfortable, as well as emphasize the individuality of the owner. The order of tailoring curtains in salons is quite high.

How to make a pattern for curtains with lambrequins? Learning to knit curtains with lambrequins do it yourself

How to make curtains with lambrequins with your hands? - Patterns and schemes, video materials for creating curtains. How to make a pattern curtain lambrequins? - the answer to this question can be found in the separately prepared video lessons that explain how you can make beautiful curtains with lambrecanes with your own hands.

How to make yourself stylish and functional Roman curtains for the kitchen

How to sew Roman curtains Natalya Ryasnaya In the catalogs of popular stores you can find a variety of models of curtain rods and curtains, but sometimes you want to hang something individual in this room, that's when people start to wonder how to sew beautiful curtains for the bedroom with their own hands.

We study the advantages of self-tailoring children's clothes

Often beginner craftswomen are afraid to sit at the sewing machine, because They believe that they can not sew the same high-quality and beautiful thing that they can buy in the store. In this case, sewing children's clothes can be an excellent option for training and honing skills. Most often, the patterns for creating children's clothes are simple and the absence of complex parts such as an abundance of darts, jabots, lapels. This will allow even an inexperienced tailor to handle them.

To say that kids don't like to measure clothes is not to say anything. Going to the store for new clothes can turn from a pleasant pastime to stress and spoiled mood for the whole family. At home, it is enough to remove measurements from a child in a comfortable environment for him - and voila! No need to try on the wriggling child endless clothes in different sizes.

We are trying to create patterns for children's clothes for girls and boys.

Every little girl is a princess in her heart and loves matching dresses. For girls of any age, beautiful outfits are very important and independent sewing will allow you to fulfill any whims and fantasies of a young fashionista.

Having picked up the corresponding fabric and accessories it is possible to sew sets of dresses for all family, having made so-called family look. For example, the same striped striped vests in nautical style for mom, dad and baby. Of course, in stores you can sometimes find such ready-made kits, but they are found there rarely and completely at inhuman prices. In such dresses you can not only make bright memorable photos, but also just go out for a family walk. In them, you just will not go unnoticed!

It only seems that for newborns it takes very little clothes, because almost all the time the baby sleeps, and he is not interested in fashion yet. But the little man manages to get dirty very, very quickly and often it happens several times a day, so the reserves will be very useful.

In addition, you can independently sew even an elegant envelope in which the baby will be picked up from the hospital. This is a great opportunity to show individuality, and not to buy another synthetic “miracle” in blue or pink ruffles.

Do not be afraid to make a little mistake with the size, it is better to sew immediately "with a stock." Until the year children grow up very quickly and very soon all the dowry will be used.

Although in 2 years the children's wardrobe is already very similar to an adult, infant bodysuits and sliders disappear from, for children's clothes of this period there is a specificity. Children of this age are actively exploring the world, they are happy to climb not only into the sandboxes, but into all the puddles, reservoirs and construction sites. Therefore, their clothes should be not only beautiful, but also functional, and the fabric from which it is made should be easy to wash.

Street things are better to sew from non-marking fabrics, because It is not necessary to require careful handling of the child. You should also pay attention to the overalls, they are often more convenient than the individual jacket and pants.

Similar requirements for children's clothes remain in 3 years.

At 5 years, most children already go to kindergarten or various educational circles. They communicate with their peers and they are no longer indifferent to what they are wearing. Appear first color preferences, love for a particular outfit. It is necessary to listen to the choice of the child and, if possible, sew exactly what he will wear with pleasure.

Good patterns are regularly published in thematic magazines devoted to cutting and sewing, for example Burda Moden. By the way, this magazine regularly publishes a special supplement dedicated specifically to children's fashion.

In the world wide web you can also find a lot of sites where the corresponding patterns can be downloaded for free. Information about them should be looked at specialized forums or communities on social networks, where you can ask all the questions on the manufacture of a specific product and, of course, boast a finished result.