Why is the owner of the name Iraida doomed to success?


Iraida - whose name, how did it come about? It is believed that for the first time it began to be consumed in ancient Greece. This name comes from Hera, the goddess of fertility, the patroness of family and marriage.

In Russian culture, it spread after the adoption of Christianity in Russia. Initially, the name was pronounced as Herais or Irais, but soon acquired its current, familiar sound. Interestingly, it is one of the few names for which there is no paired male name.

The name of Iraida, whose origin and significance are associated with the goddess Hera, according to the first of the versions translates as "belonging to Hera" or "from the clan of Hera." The second interpretation is the “heroine”, the “hero's daughter”. According to this version, the name comes from the word of the ancient Greek word hērōis, which means “hero”.

Since childhood, Iraida tends to defend his opinion in any situation. In her studies, the girl is making progress thanks to the desire for leadership. Her health is usually strong. There may be a predisposition to fullness, stomach ailments and nervous breakdowns.

Iraida is distinguished by her sense of purpose and determination, which helps her in her promotion. Success awaits her in law and banking, education, medicine. The circle of friends is narrow, but it does not upset her. Iraida is interested in communicating only with strong-willed and strong personalities, such as herself.

Appearance is of great importance to her. She always looks neat and follows fashion.

But family life often remains in the background, behind the importance of career building and self-development. Iraida late marries, long and meticulously choosing a reliable partner. But because of her straightforwardness and unwillingness to make concessions, marriage often ends in divorce.

Among the positive qualities of Iraida’s character, perseverance, punctuality, high performance, curiosity and ambition are basic. She also has a rich imagination. She succeeds in theory better than practice.

She is demanding of herself and others. This quality is manifested in relationships with both colleagues and relatives. At work, she is often disliked for pickyness and arrogance.

From the side of Iraida can seem cold and detached. But with relatives it is able to open up, becoming affectionate, kind and responsive, however, this happens infrequently.

With children, she is strict and enjoys authority. The main task of Iraida is to ensure the material side of family life. She also requires obedience from her husband, which leads to conflicts. Only a man who is ready to make concessions can get along with her.

The influence of the time of year in which Iraida was born on the formation of her character is noted. Women who were born in the summer, as a rule, are more docile and have a gentle disposition, and those born in the fall are more focused on work and career building.

The patroness of the name is the martyr Iraida of Alexandria. In Orthodoxy, the name day Iraida notes twice a year - September 18 and October 6.

Name color

The color of this name is dark blue, blue. Such people are stable, true to their principles and practical. At the same time, they are sufficiently restrained in the expression of emotions, secretive, demanding, and sometimes excessively strict.

They find it difficult to converge with other people. Some of the owners of this color of the name have the gift of divination and healing.

Flower name

The cherished plant of the name Iraida is a rose. This flower, like herself, is beautiful, proud and unapproachable. Iraida is simultaneously haughty and passionate, cruel and tender. She often becomes the object of envy, gossip and intrigue.

Like a beautiful flower, Iraida attracts attention. She enjoys success with men, but not everyone can subdue her. Her chosen one will have to show perseverance and determination in order to get through the “spikes” with which she surrounds herself.

Translation of the name in different languages

According to the current transliteration rules, Iraida’s passport is written as IRAIDA. It is noteworthy that in Western culture this name sounds like Irais.

In other languages, the spelling and pronunciation of the name is also different:

  1. Іraїda - in Ukrainian.
  2. Իրիդան (Iridan) - in Armenian.
  3. ირაიდა (Iraida) - in Georgian.
  4. إرادة (Irada) - in Arabic.
  5. 伊拉伊達 (Eliida) - in Chinese.

Name Compatibility

Iraida has a high chance of a strong marriage with a man whose name is Stepan, Roman, Miron, Maxim, Oleg, Dmitry, Gleb, Nikolai, Edward, Eugene or Rostislav. With common interests and similarity of characters, a happy alliance with Igor, Grigory, Leonid, Vladislav, Sergey, Konstantin, Timur, Stanislav is also possible.

But with Michael, Plato, Denis, Fyodor, Leo and Eldar she should not be bound by her fate. Most likely, their relationship will be overshadowed by frequent conflicts.

Famous people with this name

Although the name Iraida is not too common in the world, it has managed to leave its mark on history. Famous owners of this name:

  1. Iraida Alexandria. The holy martyr who lived at the beginning of the 4th century in Alexandria. She was executed for confessing the faith of Christ.
  2. Iraida Geinik (1895-1990). Russian poet, student of Nikolai Gumilev. She worked under the pseudonym Irina Odoevtseva, the author of the novels Isolde, Angel of Death, Mirror, Leave Hope forever and several collections of poems.
  3. Iraida Fomin (1906-1964).Industrial graphics artist. She created sketches for painting fabrics and porcelain, candy wrappers, etc. She is the author of a blue-and-white label for condensed milk.
  4. Iraida Soldatov (1921-2001). Honored Artist of the RSFSR, actress of the Army Theater. She starred in the films “Born by the Revolution”, “Close Distance”, “Hero of Our Time”, “The Simple Story”.
  5. Iraida Utretskaya (1925-2006). Soviet ballet dancer, teacher-tutor at the Mariinsky Theater.
  6. Iraida Kukarkina (1934). Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation, worked as artistic director and producer of dances of the Olimpushka ensemble.
  7. Iraida Lukashova (1938). Teacher, ballet master, ballet dancer, People’s Artist of the Ukrainian SSR. In 1964 she became the laureate of the A. Pavlova and V. Nizhinsky Prizes in Paris.
  8. Iraida Yusupova (1962). Russian composer, author of music for plays and films, as well as several operas, symphonic and chamber works.
  9. Irada Zeynalova (1972).Moscow journalist, TV presenter, correspondent, member of the Academy of Russian Television. She worked as an editor in the program "Vesti" (RTR), as a correspondent in the information programs of OJSC "Channel One".
  10. Irada Hait (1988). Israeli singer, producer of the Comedy Club Israel project.

The female name of Iraida, which was popular during the Soviet era, has now lost its position. Nowadays, it is very difficult to meet a young girl or girl with this name.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that many consider the sound of its full and caressing form too rough. Abbreviations such as Ira, Ida or Paradise allow us to adapt the name to modern realities, but in our country it still remains rare.

Author: Yana Semich,
specially for Mama66

Iraida in Orthodoxy

According to church chronicles, a woman named Iraida lived in the city of Alexandria in the 300s. Brought up in the Christian faith since childhood, she decided to devote her whole life to serving Jesus.

While still quite young, Iraida became a novice in one of the monasteries, where she spent time in prayers and helping the suffering. In the days when a young nun could leave the walls of the monastery, she preached on the streets of the city, telling the audience about the life of Christ and his great teaching.

One day, having come to the seashore to scoop up water, Iraida saw a large ship on the pier, on which there were many men and women chained. Among them, she noticed several Christian monks and priests. As it turned out, all of them for the commitment to the true faith were sentenced to death and carried to her accomplishment.

The courageous nun, without hesitation for a minute, entered the ship and extended her hands to the guards, who immediately put on them the shackles. And when the ship arrived in the city of Antinoe, Iraida was the first to descend to the marina and put her head under the executioner's ax. The rest of the Christians were executed after her.

In memory of the feat of the martyrs Iraida, the dates of her veneration are appointed. According to the Orthodox Orthodox calendar, this is September 18 and October 6.. These days, women who bear the name of Iraida must come to the temple and worship the icon of their saint.

In addition, the name of Iraida may be March 18 and August 7. The date that is closest to the real birthday, and will be the day of the angel - the patron saint of our heroine.

Name diminutive forms

Abbreviated Iraida can be called Ida or Ira. Pet options are suitable for a little girl - Iraidia, Irusha, Iraidushka, Iraidonka, Idusha.

Sometimes the abbreviated form of Paradise or Raid is used. From them are formed diminutive Raisochka, Rajusha, Raidochka, Raidonka.

Interestingly, no matter what nationality a woman represents, her name will still sound like Iraida, without interpretation.

Famous namesakes

Nowadays, the name Iraida occurs infrequently, it was rare in past centuries. Therefore, the famous women who wore it or wear it, very little. Nevertheless, we recall each of them.

  1. Iraida Utretskaya (1925-2006) - Russian Soviet ballerina, teacher.
  2. Iraida Rafaelevna Yusupova (born 1962) is a Russian composer.
  3. Iraida Gustavovna Geinik (Irina Odoevtseva) (1895 -1990) - Russian poetess and prose writer.
  4. Iraida Vasilievna Spasskaya (born 1944) is the world champion in 100-piece checkers.

In addition, among the famous Iraid there are representatives of contemporary art. This is Iraida Arkhangelskaya - an artist, a master of still life, and Iraida Potekhina - a talented young poetess.

Little Idusha

Among her peers girl stands out bold and decisive actions. She does not hesitate to rush to take the kitten off the boys or share a sandwich with her friend. Irusha has a sharp tongue and often uses it in various disputes. Remembering the origin of her name, a girl from an early age tries to do everything not just “for five”, but “for five with plus”. This also applies to study - our Iraida will be only a round-the-top student.

Being the first is the motto of Iruni, and following him, she goes in for sports, enrolls in a dance club, attends an art studio. At the same time, thanks to perseverance, perseverance and great diligence, she everywhere achieves excellent results.

The girl does not accept when she is told what and how to do. In such cases, docile and kind Iraidka becomes disobedient and can even be rude. True, after a while, it cools down and asks for forgiveness, but it still acts in its own way.

Upon graduation, Irusha chooses the most prestigious university and, having carefully prepared, brilliantly passes exams and becomes a student the first time. Even here she is not inferior to her leadership - she studies perfectly well and receives a red diploma.

Due to the dedication and efficiency of our heroine literally flies up the career ladder. Within a few years after graduation, she can become the head of a large department in a bank, a leading specialist in an enterprise, or a well-known lawyer. Often, Iraida opens her own business, in which she also always succeeds.

In adulthood, our heroine becomes pedantic and strict. Moreover, these qualities apply not only to her, but also to subordinates. They are required to strictly comply with any instructions of the authorities, and for the slightest mistakes in work awaits not only verbal, but also material censure.

Iraida is sociable, but her circle of communication is rather narrow. Not everyone is honored to be among the good friends of our heroine, and even more so to become a friend or girlfriend. She does not like people who strive to get into her confidence and penetrate into private life, and does not maintain relations with them.

Possessing an aesthetic taste, a woman always looks flawless. But neither in clothes, nor in cosmetics she does not allow herself excesses and therefore has a very strict look.

Love and family

Beautiful, stately and lucky Iraida enjoys success with the representatives of the stronger sex. But only a few can boast of relations with her, since the girl is very selective in her connections. It is quite in her spirit to torment her fan for a long time, not responding to signs of attention and ignoring him at meetings. Not all men are able to overcome the "obstacle course", which she builds on the way to her heart, many go, barely reaching the middle of the distance.

But the proud and self-sufficient Iraida is not too worried. Having achieved material welfare early and living separately from her parents, she values ​​freedom and is in no hurry to tie the knot.

A man who conquers her heart must not yield to her neither in education nor in success. In addition, it is important that he be hardworking, decent and ready to obey his good girlfriend wife. If a gentleman with such a set of virtues appears on the horizon, Iraida will marry him.

A family created by the will of the mind rather than the heart will be, oddly enough, stable and strong. Even more it will unite children whom Iraida will love, but will bring up in severity.

Health and hobbies

In her childhood and youth, Iraida practically does not get sick, even annual colds and flu bypass it. Affect the various sports and self-discipline.

At older age, due to hard work, problems with the heart and nervous system can occur. But adherence to diet and adequate physical activity will not allow ailments to go into a critical stage.

Since the work takes most of the time Iraida, then the hobby she has no strength. She is not indifferent to animals, dogs or cats live in her house. She loves to read and spends her weekend on the couch with an interesting book. Sometimes she visits theaters, especially premiere performances.


In the name of Iraid laid such contradictory traits as kindness and arrogance, lack of principle and empathy towards outsiders. A woman never stays idle, but she has to get success and achievements through hard work and struggle. This is a bright personality, comprehensively developed personality, a talented and responsible girl. External coldness and restraint create many problems in the relationship with such a person. She is not prone to deep introspection and prudence.

The tremendous willpower and purposefulness makes it possible to carry out the most complex projects and solve global issues. The secret of the name Iraida lies in the fact that its owner is endowed with exceptional organizational abilities, it is obligatory, responsible, punctual. Having not found such qualities in another person, he manifests obvious intolerance. About herself, a girl of too high an opinion, she doesn’t lift a finger to help anyone if it interferes with personal plans. No barriers can keep her, even from the most difficult situations, Iraida manages to get "dry out of the water."

She pays special attention to her appearance. She likes to dress in expensive stores, so many admire her. She is hospitable, although she has practically no friends because of her complex nature.

Profession and business

The greatest satisfaction to the representative of this name brings work in leadership positions. Iraida is a very purposeful person who always strives for more. Therefore, she often becomes a “big boss.” Alas, colleagues and subordinates do not particularly like such a leader because of her harshness, intolerance and categoricalness.

Success for Iraida can bring a personal business, because she is diligent, disciplined and has high intelligence. However, the desire for eternal rivalry still makes it more often work on the “alien battlefield” rather than on its own. Therefore, she usually becomes a lawyer, a lawyer, a judge, a doctor or a teacher. And in pursuit of a career, he often finds himself alone in his personal life.

Iraida rarely gets sick, since she is active by nature, takes care of herself, eats properly and plays sports. May suffer from sleep disorders, which is associated more with overwork in an effort to succeed everywhere.

Sex and love

Iraida is an imperious woman, therefore she wants to see next to her only a worthy gentleman. In order to choose one who is standing, he often arranges a kind of test for men, he can even humiliate him in public, to see how he can manage to get out of such a situation. From among the worthy ones, she already selects for herself a suitable game. True, not every guy after such a test will want to deal with such a girl.

Family and marriage

Iraida is happily married only when an arrogant man becomes her chosen one, with a pliable character, but not a “weakling” - such a strong-willed woman does not tolerate. In the family she is the leader, so if the spouse is not able to accept the role of "henpecked", the union breaks up. В более зрелом возрасте, понабравшись опыта, обладательница имени уже более терпимо относится к недостаткам других людей. Поэтому идеальным для нее является поздний брак.

Как сильная и умная женщина, Ираида умеет дать своим детям блестящее воспитание. Они не всегда понимают строгость и взгляды матери, но искренне восхищаются ею, подражают и гордятся.

Значение имени Раиса – толкование

The name Raisa causes a lot of controversy among experts trying to figure out its origin. Many versions are put forward, according to one of which it came from the ancient Greek language, where it meant “light” or “careless”. Another option refers to Arabic origin, in which the name is translated as “leader”. And the latest version is offered by those who know its counterpart in the Orthodox calendar - Iraida. They believe that Raisa is a modified form of this name.

After a year

In childhood, Raisa is quiet and calm, but has a strong character. Even being small, it seems manly, capable of boasting a strong rod. Do not chase the role of leader, but has an outstanding charm that allows her to gather around him a lot of people.

Very active and energetic, it is recommended to give it to a sports club. Her liveliness and gaiety combined with tranquility and noiselessness. These seemingly little compatible qualities determine the future life of Rachka.

The girl is inventive, tends to invent some games or is able to rally the yard kids with a common occupation. For babies Raya - a very big authority, although her voice in the company is not particularly audible, which does not mean that the child is shy. If necessary, apply force.

Young Raisa, as usual, is distinguished by good organization, a high degree of emotionality and real practicality. Parents should pay enough attention to it in order to avoid any serious problems psychologically.

This girl is charismatic, has a unique style of behavior, feels its appeal and has a lot of fans, but keeps them at a distance. A strong-willed lady who has the strongest character will never let herself be offended, watching her reputation.

It must be noted that Paradise is a wonderful companion and has the rare talent of the narrator. A young lady with this name makes her own decisions; she can be both open and dangerous for those who stand in her way.

This woman is never discouraged. She is diligent, practical, has no complexes, is very wise. He does not like to risk, but if there is such a need, he will go for it. Any conflict neutralizes. He always acts efficiently, trying not to waste his strength.

Raisa has a strong kind, no one can control her. The most important thing for her is to take into account her own interests, such a woman goes to many things for the sake of profit. She is usually smart, talented, hardworking and responsible.

Everything that needs to be done, performs without unnecessary noise. To a man who knows little of her, it may seem that Raisa is always happy with everything, but we must remember that this woman always has certain goals and tries to achieve more.