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  • Hemlock in the treatment of breast cancer
  • Propolis for the treatment of disease
  • Herbs and Herbs for Breast Cancer
  • Breast cancer treatment with folk remedies using compresses and lotions

Treatment of breast cancer by folk remedies has been known since time immemorial. And therefore, if this treacherous and serious diagnosis is made to the woman, she is ready to do anything to cure this ailment. That's why, in addition to medical treatment, the fair sex resort to the treatment of the disease by means of traditional medicine.

In folk medicine, there are many different recipes to combat breast cancer. This means used inside of various herbs and plants (infusions, decoctions), and lotions, and compresses for external use. But what is important to know to every woman who has overtaken this ailment is that, before using any folk remedy, she should consult with a doctor. After all, traditional medicine in the treatment of oncology often offers medicinal poisonous plants and herbs that must be strictly metered.

Hemlock in the treatment of breast cancer

Perhaps, hemlock is considered the most effective folk remedy for treating breast oncology. A lot of women who were treated with hemlock, marked a noticeable improvement. From hemlock mainly prepare infusion. For its preparation it is necessary to take 50 g of dry, chopped hemlock grass and half a liter of vodka or alcohol. In a container (it is desirable to bank) put a grass and fill in with alcohol. Mixture must be infused for 3 weeks in a dark cool place. Tincture need to shake every day. After 3 weeks, the hemlock tincture is ready for use.

There are several schemes for using this tincture. But mostly resort to such a treatment regimen as royal. The infusion is consumed every day on an empty stomach, starting with one drop, and each day the dose is increased by one drop. And so they use tincture up to 40 days and, accordingly, up to 40 drops. Then start counting back, that is, every day reduce the dose by one drop. The course of treatment is 79 days. Dispense the drops into a glass of water. The ratio of water and drops should be as follows: for 1-10 drops - 100 ml of water, for 11-15 drops - 150 ml of water, and for 16-40 drops - 200 ml of water. The course of treatment should be about 8 months. Therefore, as soon as you drank 79 days of tincture, you must again begin to use it in the same way. The result is 3 courses of admission. Then they take a break in treatment for 2 months, and after they expire, they begin anew treatment.

An important point: if a woman felt dizzy or nauseous with vomiting while using tincture, the treatment is not stopped, but simply start counting the drops back. Simultaneously with the treatment with tincture, it is necessary to use herbal preparations, which include herbs such as a string or oregano. Drink herbal to remove the decomposition of cancer cells from the body of the patient.

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Many people know the healing properties of propolis. Propolis is capable of suppressing the development of cancer cells for a long time, and if it is used for a long time, it can stop the growth of cancer cells altogether. Therefore, propolis is an excellent medicine against all malignant tumors, including breast cancer.

Recipe for propolis oil. For therapeutic oil will need 1 kg of butter and 160 g of propolis. Propolis must be grated, melted and butter and bring to a boil over low heat. Further, propolis is added to the oil and the mass is mixed well. Propolis oil needs time to cool. For this half an hour is enough. Take propolis oil is necessary every day, while it should be diluted with water or milk at the rate of 1 tbsp. l oil per 100 g of water or milk. It is necessary to consume the oil often throughout the day (up to 5 times a day 1 hour before meals). Take propolis oil need a long time, until the disappearance of tumors.

Propolis can also be used in its pure form. To do this, take 7 g of pure propolis and taken up to 5 times a day for 1 hour before meals. When using propolis in its pure form, it must be thoroughly chewed.

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For the treatment of disease in traditional medicine using such herbs and plants as:

  • calendula,
  • celandine,
  • sagebrush,
  • yarrow,
  • St. John's wort
  • a succession
  • Birch tree,
  • Pine,
  • chamomile,
  • coltsfoot,
  • nettle,
  • eucalyptus.

Often, such medicinal herbs and plants prepare broths and tinctures for the treatment of breast carcinoma. A very effective method of treatment is herbal collection.

For its preparation it is necessary to take in equal proportions all the above plants and mix. Next, take 2 tsp. collection and pour a glass of boiling water. Infusion should be prepared within half an hour. Then it must be filtered and taken in equal portions throughout the day. The course of treatment infusion of herbal is at least 3 months.

Recipe tincture of flowers of potatoes. The remedy, according to breast cancer patients, is very effective. Potato flowers are necessary for its preparation. They need to be harvested and dried well, but not in the sun, but in the shade. Once the flowers are dried, you can start preparing the infusion. For this, take 1 tsp. flowers and poured 500 ml of boiled water. Infusion time is 3 hours. Next, infusion filter and take 3 times a day for half a cup for half an hour before meals. The course of treatment is 3-4 weeks.

Recipe decoction of the twigs of cherries. Breast carcinoma is treated with a decoction of cherry twigs. The recipe is very simple to prepare. Young sprigs of cherries (2 handfuls) are taken and poured with goat's milk (2 liters). Broth set to languish for 6 hours on low heat. Then it is filtered and taken in 100-150 ml 3 times a day between meals. The course of treatment should be at least 70 days.

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Applied lotions and compresses for the treatment of breast carcinoma give good results.

Compress from infusion of oak bark. Prepare it for the night. Take crushed oak bark (2 tsp.) And pour a glass of unboiled water. In the morning, bring the mixture to a boil and cool. Then again, the mixture should be brought to a boil and leave to infuse for 3 hours. Compress do every day 2-3 times. The time of each compress is 25 minutes.

Can be used in the treatment of a compress from the tincture of golden whiskers at the rate of 1 tsp. water for 25 drops of tincture. The gauze is moistened with tincture and applied to the diseased breast for 15-20 minutes. Compress needs to be done every day.

In the form of applications on the chest used leaves belladonna. Very good as a compress helps a decoction of incense, which is prepared in wine. Compress impose on the chest every day for 20 minutes.

Barley flour and malt can be used to make poultices for patients, which are an addition to the main treatment and significantly reduce inflammation and pain.

Treatment of breast cancer folk remedies

Hello! I have a few questions for Lydia Nikolaevna Dyakonova. I am 50 years old. For breast cancer, surgery was performed, radiation therapy was given. It has been six months of such treatment. Now I drink hemlock, started with one drop and reached 15 drops, and every day I drink 15 drops. Lydia Nikolaevna, tell me when to take a break? Is it possible to replace poisonous plants with other plants? Is it possible to treat cancer without poison? How to eat? Thank you in advance.

The pharmacist, hereditary herbalist Lydia Nikolaevna Dyakonova, answers.

You write that you started taking hemlock with one drop, reached 15 drops and began to drink 15 drops of hemlock every day. This dose must be taken 15 days - it turns out that, together with an increasing dose of 1 drop, the course of treatment will total a month. Then you need to take a week break in the reception of the hemlock. During this break, I recommend cleansing the body using a birch leaf infusion or white light (pour a tablespoon of raw material with a glass of boiling water, leave to cool, strain, take a third of a glass of infusion 3 times a day). You can spend a cleansing with decoction of burdock root. A decoction of burdock roots also helps to dissolve cysts of any localization. Take a teaspoon of dry burdock root in a glass of water, boil for 15 minutes over low heat, then leave to cool. Take a third of a glass before meals 3 times a day. A good 2-3 course of treatment with hemlock with a cleansing of the body in the weekly breaks between these courses.

You ask how you can treat cancer without the use of poisonous plants - I recommend red clover flowers. In season, add clover flowers to salads, drink tea brewed on clover flowers. In the summer, during flowering, dry the clover heads to drink its healing tea during the cold season. Calendula flower tea also has an anti-cancer effect.

In addition, I recommend M. Zdrenko’s antitumor collection, which is considered a universal collection for oncological diseases, this collection is especially effective for hormone-dependent tumors, which include the mammary gland tumor. The collection includes 35 plants:

six-eyed meadowsweet roots - 20 g, calamus roots - 20 g, Althea roots - 20 g, barberry roots - 20 g, valerian roots - 20 g, Devyasil roots - 20 g, yellow iris roots - 20 g , white rhizome of rhizome - 20 g, hard comfrey roots - 20 g, horse sorrel roots - 20 g, juniper fruits - 20 g, dried annual flower grass - 7 g, mountaineer grass - 7 g, yarrow flowers - 7g, zhostera berries laxative - 5 g, herb Avran medicinal - 3 g, grass of small basil - 7 g, grass of adonis spring - 7 g, Laxman's herb zhivuchki - 7 g, prickly zopnik grass - 7 g, nettle grass - 7 g, silver silverweed grass - 7 g, May lily flowers - 7 g, peppermint leaf - 7 g, tansy flowers - 7 g , leaves of the drug whitewash - 7 groundwort grass; 5 chamomile flowers - 7 g; medicinal sage leaves - 7 Ethiopian sage grass - 7 g; immortelle flowers - 7 g; sagebrush grass - 7 g, grass horsetail - 7 g.

A tablespoon of the collection pour 500 ml of boiling water, insist in a thermos for 6 hours, then strain and take 150 ml 3 times a day 30-40 minutes before meals.

In breast cancer, a combination of the following two non-poisonous plants: agave and wintergreen is very helpful. Even Zemstvo doctors prescribed this combination of plants. Agave - is a houseplant, as they say, "medicine from the window sill." A 10% tincture is prepared from agave (50 g of raw material is poured 450-500 ml of vodka, sealed tightly and insisted for 3 weeks in a dark place, shaking the vessel periodically), which is taken 30 drops 3 times a day. A 10% tincture is also prepared from a winter woman, which is taken in 40 drops (a teaspoonful) 2-3 times a day. Tinctures are taken with a small amount of water.

I recommend you take an infusion of burdock seeds. It prevents swollen lymph nodes. Chop the seeds of burdock on a coffee grinder, brew a tablespoon (no slide) of powder with a glass of boiling water. Or 3-4 heads of burdock with seeds brew 2 cups of boiling water. Infusion of burdock seeds can be drunk instead of tea without the norm. In addition, a clover will be useful to you, since after radiation therapy this plant helps to regulate the number of leukocytes in the blood.

Two weeks before radiation therapy and two weeks after it you need to take herbs-adaptogens, most conveniently in the form of tinctures that you can buy from the pharmacy. This tincture of lemongrass, Eleutherococcus, Rhodiola rosea. Now, after the treatment, I recommend that you periodically take herbs-adaptogens in short two-week courses. Herbs adaptogens due to their tonic, stimulating action take up to 17 hours. In addition, you can use the Sagan-Dilya plant (another name is the white wing) - but you only need to put one leaf in a glass of tea.

It will help to strengthen the immune system and echinacea - you can brew Echinacea herb or take its pharmaceutical tincture 20 drops 2 times a day during the daytime.

Strengthen the body, give it strength will help the roots of the buried, comfrey, orchid (its dried roots - salep).

Mammary cancer

Most women have to deal with breast problems, some successfully pass them while others have to struggle with them all their lives. The emergence of mastopathy at a young age is often accompanied by inflammatory processes of the uterus and functional disorders of the liver, and after 45 years of fibromyoma and endometriosis. It should be noted that in primiparas up to 19 years old the risk of “acquiring” the disease is 3.5 times lower than in women over 30 years old.

Most often, women who are ill with heat and who love coolness are ill. Breast tumors, as a rule, are hormone-dependent in nature and are formed when there is an excess of female estrogen in the body, while stresses and abortions are the factors that trigger the formation of a tumor. Therefore, if we talk about the prevention of breast tumors, then first of all you need to restore the work of the gastrointestinal tract, and in particular the work of the intestine and liver. It is in the liver that the transformation of active estrogens into less active occurs, and the intestine removes estrogens from the blood. By incorporating a significant amount of high-fiber, low-fat foods of plant origin into the diet, providing regular stools, we create all the necessary conditions for removing extra hormones from the body.

In addition, to help the body get rid of excess estrogen can, oddly enough, taking vegetable estrogens, which by their activity are hundreds of times weaker than humans. In addition, plant estrogen helps reduce cholesterol, blood viscosity, free radicals, inflammation, increase bone density and strengthen the whole body. Once in the body, plant estrogens begin to replace free estrogens, providing a strong anti-estrogenic effect in young women and a less pronounced anti-estrogenic effect in women in menopause.

Therefore, patients need to boldly include in their food products rich in estrogen: any vegetable oils, products made from soybeans, peas, asparagus, coarsely ground oats and wheat, parsley, beets, carrots, onions. Herbs - licorice, hop, clover, alfalfa, peony, lungwort, etc. Thus, all recipes prepared for the treatment of breast tumors should have not only antitumor, but also anti-estrogenic effect.

Given the sluggish blood supply to the breast and a greater likelihood of the formation of tumors, women are recommended to periodically perform breast palpation. Unlike cancer, nodular forms of mastopathy or benign tumors have a heterogeneous structure. On palpation, it is very important to determine the displaceability of the palpable mass relative to the surrounding tissues (skin, chest).

To do this, the suspicious area is captured with fingers and displaced in horizontal and vertical directions with a relaxed pectoral muscle, which is achieved by abduction of the arm raised to the horizontal level. The restriction of the mobility of the tumor site indicates the germination of the tumor in the pectoral muscle. The mobility of the skin with infiltrative forms of cancer is relatively early limited, and with the progression of the process, the skin completely merges with the tumor and becomes stationary. When grabbing the skin with your fingers, it does not gather in folds, as usual, but forms a characteristic wrinkle. A cancerous tumor, as a rule, is palpated in the form of a knot, a thickening of irregular shape with fuzzy contours and a hilly surface. The consistency of the tumor is very dense, sometimes reaches the density of cartilage.

With good results of treatment, the tumor begins to disintegrate and has a soft texture on palpation. Having finished palpation of the mammary glands, you should proceed to the study of areas of possible metastasis - axillary, subclavian, supraclavicular lymph nodes. It should be remembered that in normal lymph nodes are not palpable! For the convenience of examining the armpit, the arm of the patient, in a relaxed state, is placed in front of him on a support.

When not operated on breast tumor

When not operated breast tumors of poisonous tinctures traditionally used speckled hemlock tincture, prepared in the field from fresh raw materials 70% alcohol. You can drink it from one drop to 40 drops once a day (Tishchenko method), and back from 40 drops to one. Doctor of Medical Sciences, Director of the Institute of Herbal Medicine Korsun V.F. рекомендует принимать настойку болиголова 3-4 раза в день, с 1 капли до 15 и обратно снижаться до одной, а при наличии метастазов дозировку 45-60 капель продолжать принимать не менее 2,5 месяца, учитывая, что для обновления клеток молочной железы, половых органов требуется минимум 3 месяца.

Моя точка зрения полностью совпадает с мнением Владимира Федоровича, что более длительный прием больших доз значительно усилит лечебный эффект. Кроме того, при хорошей переносимости болиголова можно продолжать наращивать дозу до 50-70 капель за прием, при этом у больных часто и боли проходят и лимфоузлы рассасываются. Настойку болиголова лучше капать в 50-100 мл. настоя душицы, шиповника, манжетки или хмеля, которые завариваются из расчета столовая ложка сырья на стакан кипятка. 30 minutes after taking the hemlock, you need to take herbs that cleanse the lymphatic system, enhance immunity, decongestants, antitumor. I will give a few recipes.

    Bed-morning grass (any, better than tenacious) - 1 part, open grass - 1 part, unripe burdock fruit - 3 parts, hill saltwort grass - 1 part, sweet clover grass (better than white) - 3 parts, mistletoe branches white - 3 parts. 3 tablespoons of the collection pour 1 liter of boiling water in a thermos for the night.

In the morning, strain, try to drink fractional per day.

The branches of sea buckthorn, aspen bark, roots of sabelnik, roots of pink radiola (can be red brush), St. John's wort grass. 200 gr. mixes cook in 3 l. water for 30 minutes, insist 1 hour, drain.

Drink 50-100 ml. 4-5 times a day, regardless of the meal.

Levzei liquid extract - 30 drops, the marsh sabelnik tincture - 30 drops, the Baikal skullcap tincture - 40 drops. Take 100 ml. water, drip there indicated tinctures,

drink 3 times a day, 100 ml. with tinctures.

Special attention should be paid to the external use of herbs on the area of ​​the mammary gland, especially with ulcerated tumors.

  1. Take 2-3 caps of dry white fungus, pour boiling water over them and leave them until they swell, slightly squeeze, wrap in 1-2 layers of gauze, apply to the tumor overnight, cover with a warm scarf. At this time, be sure to take hemlock tincture. It is very good to use fresh white mushrooms without soaking. For ulcerated tumors with pus and bleeding, it is good to use fresh chanterelles or raincoats, which are carefully cut (to prevent spores from spilling out), cut over a piece of paper in half and put on the tumor, sprinkle the spores well on the tumor.
  2. Mix the clay (preferably red) with cool vinegar to the viscosity of the dough, put on the tumor, cover with a cloth for 3-4 hours. Then it is better to bury the clay in the ground with the words: “Earth-Mother, take my illness, etc.”
  3. Take 2 tablespoons of finely chopped comfrey roots, mix with 2 tablespoons of pork interior oil, insist on a water bath for 30 minutes, add ½ teaspoon of camphor oil to the half-cooled mixture, mix thoroughly, apply to the ulcerated tumor.
  4. Rinse a purulent wound with lime water: Carefully pour 1 tablespoon of quicklime with 1 liter of water, let it stand for 5-6 hours, remove the crust from the top, drain the lime water. Lime water cleanses the wound from pus well, when other agents do not work.

Prepare ointment: Resin resin coniferous resin - 100 grams (if dry rubbed into powder), interior unsalted pork fat - 100 grams, beeswax - 100 grams, boil over low heat all the ingredients in an enamel saucepan for 10 minutes, stir the composition, remove the foam, strain it warm , pour into a glass jar, store in the refrigerator.

Apply on a cloth, attach to the sore spot.

Herbal infusions as the main treatment of breast cancer using traditional methods:

- walnut milk,
- celandine
- St. John's wort
- hemlock
- roots and leaves of burdock,
- liquorice root,
- mistletoe,
- Cockerel,
- motherboard
- etc.
I drank ready-made infusions, I was picked up by an oncologist, I partially wrote what herbs are included, what I remembered. Also, the oncologist wrote me a diet, what is possible, what cannot be eaten, I described it above. I wrote my history of the victory over cancer, first of all, to support people with cancer, and to show by example that, with the right approach, the treatment of breast cancer with folk remedies and methods can prolong and improve the quality of your life!

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2005 No. 15, 16-17. Professor V. Letyagin Mammary cancer.
It is important to diagnose early - mammography, tomography. Symptoms: nipple discharge, nipple retraction, breast skin changes (redness, swelling, lemon peel, rash, ulcers), changes in axillary and supraclavicular lymph nodes. Mandatory systematic examination of the chest in front of a mirror.

2003 №17, 10. I missed oncology of the breast. Symptoms - a nodule in the chest that is palpable,
little nipple falling down. These are terrible signs! After 2 years, the diseased breast became less healthy, the nodule increased significantly. I went to the doctor and immediately underwent surgery. Fortunately, there were no metastases.

1. 2000 No. 17, 16. The tumor on the left breast is more than an egg, rooted in the armpit. Cured by this recipe. 3 years have passed.
Mix equal parts of sweet clover and celery, chop, beat off with a wooden mortar before the formation of juice. Transfer to a 0.5l mug, pour sunflower oil on 2 fingers above the grass. Put the mug in a water bath. Keep boiling at low heat for 30-40 minutes, with the lid closed. Cool it down.
Fold the gauze in 4-6 layers, moisten in oil, and you can put grass inside. Attach gauze to the tumor for 12 hours. Since all female organs are interconnected, the same dressings should be put on the lower abdomen and on the other breast.

2. 2001 №10, 13. Breast cancer. She underwent chemotherapy and radiation. Then she refused the proposed operation. It was treated for 1 year with a mixture of Shevchenko. An ultrasound and tomography test showed that everything is fine with the breast. However, cysts remained on the ovary and kidney.

3. 2005 №13, 10. Breast cancer. (The woman is a specialist in medicinal plants.) She was cured with herbs and a psychological attitude. Many years have passed, healthy. Phytotherapy:
• Raw carrot compresses. On 1st.l. carrots add 5 drops of sunflower oil and pharmacy turpentine. Do the procedures every other day. In between, put aloe compress on the chest.
• Drink burdock juice 1 tablespoon, seizing 1 hl. honey, 3 times a day 40 minutes before meals. Juice cook for a week. Keep refrigerated. Course 5 years.
• 2g mumiyo diluted in 200ml of boiled water. Drink on 1st.l. in the morning 1 hour before meals. 10 days to drink, 5 days to rest. Repeat for a long time.
• Mix in equal parts honey, aloe and Cahors. Drink on 1st.l. 3 times a day for half an hour before meals.
• Eat apples.

1. 2000 №18, 9. Breast cancer. After the operation, neither radiation nor chemistry was performed.
After stress, the chest is strongly inflamed, the temperature has risen. Saw aviation kerosene (better Todikamp!) To 1 hl. in the morning on an empty stomach. After 2 weeks the chest was clean, the temperature returned to normal.

2. 2004 No. 15, 17. 2005 No. 18, 17. Treatment of breast cancer, stage III, lymph node metastases. After the operation, she refused chemotherapy and radiation, was treated with infusions of poisonous plants - hemlock, mushroom, in the plans of ASD-2. Daily - kvass on celandine, banana peel, Kombucha. Nutrition according to Bolotov. In the oncologic dispensary after the next examination they said “excellent”!

3. 2006 №6, 22. Breast cancer in 50 years. Irradiation, surgery, chemotherapy, self-medication (Befungin, denatured alcohol, juices, celandine + yarrow). Now 72 years old.

1. 2005 No. 16, 16-17. Mammary cancer. The operation, the experience of subsequent treatment. Food, cleaning. Acceptance of Viturid, urine, ASD-2, aconite, hemlock, Shevchenko's mixture (3.5 years, then refused due to loss of consciousness, planted the pancreas). Then - celandine, modicamp. The plans - the injection of chicken eggs. It's been 11 years. He knows a lot of surviving cancer patients.

2. 2003 No. 2, 4. It treats breast cancer itself, after chemotherapy and radiation, refused to have surgery. Uses refined kerosene, sabelnik, juices. He recommends Dietrich Byersdorff’s book Cancer Treatment and Prevention: A Comprehensive Approach.
Pour 10-15g of chopped twigs and leaves of white mistletoe with 1 cup of hot water and boil in a water bath for 10 minutes. Insist 30 minutes. Strain. Drink on 1st.l. 2-3 times a day with meals. The course is 10-15 days.

with low pressure, asthenia,
with reduced thyroid function.

OMEGA AND SOPHORA - "style =" width: 31.25%, height: 31.25%, margin: 0 0% 1.7046% 0, "class =" thumb_map thumb_map_s al_photo ">


The chemical composition of sabelnik has not yet been fully studied. There is conflicting information. I am convinced on concrete examples that the sabelnik cannot be used at low pressure. Even in small doses, hypotonia does not tolerate tincture of the roots. Sabelnik is contraindicated in bradycardia. (Rome Akhmedov)

Sabelnik successfully fights many diseases that are considered incurable. It renews all weakened cells of the body, cleanses the body of harmful substances and does not have any negative effect on healthy organs. Sabelnik is able to save from premature death, prolong life in its physiological limits and push off the onset of old age.

To prepare the tincture:
120 g of sabelnik pour in a liter bottle and pour good vodka. Close the lid and insist 8 days in a dark place. Drink one tablespoon three times daily before meals. The course of treatment is at least 3 liters. For prevention, 1l is enough.
Tincture is also rubbed into the sick and affected places.

Children, as well as patients who are contraindicated alcohol, you can drink water infusion:

1. Table. spoon crushed sabelnik pour a glass of boiling water. Boil for 3-5 minutes. on low heat. Insist 1 hour. Strain. Drink 1/3 cup 3 times a day before meals.

2. Table. spoon crushed sabelnik pour a glass of boiling water. Insist in a thermos overnight. Strain. Drink 1/3 cup 3 times a day before meals. "Style =" width: 31.25%, height: 31.25%, margin: 0 0% 1.7046% 0, "class =" thumb_map thumb_map_s al_photo ">

Contains organic iodine.
Broad spectrum of action.

During the reception Todikampa inside prohibited the intake of any alcoholic beverages, even in small quantities.

CONTRAINDICATIONS for use: lactation, pregnancy, hyperthyroidism.

TODIKAMP classic is an extract of dairy ripeness (green) walnuts on kerosene.
Used to treat colitis, gastritis, pancreatitis, gastric ulcers, hypertension, atherosclerosis, pyelonephritis, cirrhosis, cystitis, prostatitis, rectal cracks, schizophrenia, infertility, polyps, cysts, hepatitis, blood diseases, tumors of different localization. "Style =" width: 31.25%, height: 34.091%, margin: 0 0% 0% 0, "class =" thumb_map thumb_map_s al_photo ">


1. 2000 №17, 16. Breast cancer. A non-healing wound on the chest - oozing, gives a lot of trouble. He healed the wound with compresses for the night with fresh curd wrapped in cheesecloth so as not to crumble. After 2 weeks of nightly compresses with cottage cheese, the Koletex with Furasinum plaster was applied for 3 days, which accelerates the healing process. After the patch, the wound ceased to ooze, and then dragged on completely.

2. 2000 No. 19, 14-15. 2000 # 20, 9. Breast cancer. Deep wound on a sick chest (fistula). Treated with clay, the tumor grew, and a wound appeared. Experience 2 years of caring for a chest wound.
- Sprinkle 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening - potato starch. At night - apply a sterile bandage in several layers and glue with a narrow adhesive plaster. During the day, the bandage holds the laundry. Shevchenko said: sprinkle with antiseptic. Sometimes I streptocide, partially. The wound is deep, the abundant discharge is constant. Wet starch is easy to remove with cotton wool.

-Fold several wasp nests in a jar, pour vodka and insist for 1 week. With a prayer, attach the wasp's nest infused with vodka to the wound on the chest. The healer said: “You will sleep for three days. You wake up and put it again. " On the 4th day, the wound healed. Cured and lived to a great age. Doctors refused to treat due to neglect.

-Apply ointment to the wound until the wound heals. Prepare a fresh onion the size of a chicken egg and a piece of fresh soap. Grate soap to make a small handful. Pre-scrape dust off the soap. Peel and grate the onion. On a clean dostochka mix soap and onions, "blunt" with a knife, until a homogeneous mixture. Put the resulting ointment on the cabbage leaf and attach to the wound. Make a fresh ointment in the morning and evening. The first time to put on the night in the morning to change to fresh. If there is a selection, do not press. Heal until the wound is cleansed. It helped me in 4 days. I experienced on myself and on the neighbor.

-Lip cancer, during irradiation a big sore appeared. Cured with a leaf of plantain. Dry plantain (winter!) Soaked with warm boiled water, applied and fixed with a plaster. After the first time, the wound was visibly cleansed. She began to apply both during the day and at night. After irradiation, her only husband did without surgery. Fresh plantain apply even better.

- Wound can heal carrots. Carrots - a strong antiseptic, heals even chronic wounds. Grate the carrots, put them on a gauze napkin and put them on the wound. In order not to flow juice, put a film on top and secure. Change 2-3 times a day so as not to dry out. After changing the bandage, wash the chest and wound. During treatment, it can strongly jerk, suffer.

-Treatment with ichthyol ointment.

2001 No. 2, 9. Treatment with lotions from oak bark decoction. Collect the young bark from 2-3 summer branches, protomit it in the pot (without proportions). When the temperature of the pressure becomes tolerable, lower the chest directly into the iron pot. Rana cleared and healed

1. 2003 No. 6, 12-13. Endocrinologist. Mastopathy, breast cancer, wen. How to behave.
one). Consultation with a surgeon-oncologist about the diagnosis.
2). With any diagnosis, there is time for conservative treatment. What is important is an integrated approach - diet, herbal medicine, an active lifestyle, giving up bad habits.
3). Do body healing: take chaga infusion, at the same time - herbs. Mix 30g of calamus swamp and nettle, 20g of calendula flowers, sandy immortelle,
horsetail, oregano and motherwort, 10g of peppermint and wormwood. Pour 1stst.l. collect 200ml boiling water, boil for 10 minutes and insist 12 hours. Strain. Top up with boiled water to 200ml. Drink 50g 4 times a day 30 minutes before meals. Course - 1 month. The collection includes herbs that inhibit the growth of tumors, improve digestion, relieve intoxication, enhance the work of the excretory organs and the nervous system.
four). Nutrition. There are more fresh vegetables and fruits, fresh vegetable juices, foods high in beta-carotene. Useful carrots, pumpkins, apricots, all kinds of cabbage, tomatoes. Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Green tea, olive oil, flaxseed oil, garlic. Do not eat margarine, coffee, chocolate.

2. 2005 №5, 11. When breast cancer, mastopathy, mastitis. Well helps grass drain box (fire-grass, golden thorn, the North Caucasus). Characteristic grass.
In the evening, pour the 1st l. crushed raw materials 0.5 liters of boiling water, insist half an hour. Strain. Make a compress at night. In the afternoon, drink 170g 3 times a day 10 minutes before meals. The course is 4 times for 20 days with breaks for 3 days.

1. 2006 No. 20, 22. 2006 No. 21, 22-23. Oncologist, healer S.Tsvetkov. Lymphostasis - swelling of the arm that occurs after surgery to remove breast cancer. How to avoid or reduce.
During surgery, the entire breast is removed together with a group of axillary nodes. After that, most of the operated patients have a primary and later secondary edema of the sore hand. The cause of the edema is a surgical interruption of the main pathways of lymph drainage. However, in 25% of patients it does not appear at all, and in most cases it takes 2-3 months.
You can avoid secondary edema if you perform certain exercises, take anti-cancer, anti-edematous herbs, do not overload your arm, monitor blood viscosity, etc. If nothing is done, there may be secondary swelling of the arm, which is very difficult to treat and leads to a violation of the mobility of the arm, lymph blood circulation with all the consequences.

If you have an operation.
one). Both before and after surgery can be treated with anti-cancer herbs.
With low or normal pressure, prone to decrease - take hemlock tincture - 1 time per day according to the scheme from 1 drop to 40 and back to 1.

If the mammary gland adenocarcinoma requires a more active technique, take the hemlock tincture 3 times a day before meals, bringing the number of drops to as high as the patient can withstand - up to 50-80 drops 3 times a day. Reaching the maximum dose, take it until weakness appears or blood counts worsen, or to cleanse the body. Then smoothly reduce the dose to 15-20 drops 3 times a day and start cleaning the body. A full break can not be done, - the tumor begins to increase sharply. Within 7-10 days of cleaning, take a decoction of flax seed, oats, sour juices - sea buckthorn, pomegranate, cranberry, decoction of a mixture of pine needles + wild rose + onion peel. After cleaning, increase the dose of hemlock again.
With high blood pressure - take Jungar aconite 3 times a day according to the scheme from 1 drop to 10 and back to 1, followed by a break for 7 days to clean the body. In good condition, the patient can increase the dose to 20 drops 3 times a day.

2). Even before surgery, begin treatment with the aim of enhancing the immunity and protective properties of the lymph nodes. Surgery is always stressful, at which time adrenal hormones produce 3 times more hormones, thus stimulating metastasis.
Do injections of Timalin - 10 ml for 10 days.
Take an extract of safflower-like safflower (or Eleutherococcus) - 25 drops 3 times daily before meals.
Take echinacea juice - 30 drops 3-5 times a day.

3). At least 1-2 weeks before surgery -
Start physical exercise, especially for the muscles of the shoulder girdle.
Bandages may additionally be applied to the lymph nodes:
- a mixture of baked onions + ichthyol ointment 3: 1 - for 12 hours,
- a mixture of 90g of pork fat + 30g of crystalline camphor powder - for 24 hours.
Принимать настой огородного хрена: настоять хрен на воде, пить по 1ч.л. 3 раза в день до еды. Повязки, смоченные настоем, класть на лимфоузлы.
В течение недели плавно снизить потребление соли и солесодержащих продуктов – колбасы, сыра, соленых огурцов, помидоров, сала. Ограничение соли в питании – вплоть до полного исключения – дополнительная помощь в уменьшении отечности и уменьшении роста опухоли. Salt can be replaced with sea kale or a mixture of herbs.

four). In order to reduce blood clot formation, to drink herbs: from the list of the most effective, 5-6 should be selected. Drink them throughout the day without mixing. Make a schedule of admission and strictly comply with it.
- Levzeya safflower extract - increases the pressure. Drink 25 drops 3 times daily before meals.
- Tincture of horse chestnut (pharmacy drug Eskuzan) - lowers blood pressure. Drink 25 drops 3-5 times a day after meals.
- Melilotus officinalis (grass) - lowers blood pressure. Pour 2st.l. herbs with 1 cup of hot water and simmer in a water bath for 15 minutes. Insist 45 minutes. Drink 1/3 cup 3 times a day.
- Garlic - a pronounced thromboating effect 1-2 hours after eating. When eating food, eat a few cloves of garlic. Garlic preparations do not work!
- Frostbite (root powder). Take on the tip of the knife (= 2-3 match heads) 3 times a day. Store in a dark place for only 1 year.
- Knyazhik Siberian (grass) - raises the pressure, restores the liver. Pour 1ch.l. herbs 100ml boiling water, wrap and insist 1-2 hours. Strain. Keep refrigerated. Drink 2st.l. 3-5 times a day.
- Hawthorn tincture or hawthorn fruits. Rosehip Lower pressure. Strengthen blood vessels, have antiemetic effect.
- Flowers of meadowsweet (meadowsweet). Pour 1stst.l. dried flowers 1 cup of boiling water and leave for 1 hour. Strain. Drink 100 ml 3 times a day.
- Fir tops - the syrup brewed from them can be drunk as tea.
- Camphor crystalline (powder) - has a stronger effect than fir. Take the powder on the tip of the knife 3 times a day.
- Mix in equal amounts the yellow yellow table-bed, maiden tansy, sage, and marsh cowberry grass. Pour 2st.l. collect 0.5 liters of boiling water and infuse for 2 hours. Strain. Drink 1 sip every 20-30 minutes.
- Mix in equal quantities of birch buds, forest strawberry, Siberian prince and
clover yellow. Pour 1stst.l. collect 1 cup boiling water and boil in a water bath for 15 minutes. Strain. Cool it down. Drink 1/3 cup 3 times daily before meals.
In addition to herbs, take diuretic drugs that will reduce puffiness and increase anticancer treatment -
potassium-saving drug - Aevit - 2 capsules 3 times a day - dramatically reduces the excretion of potassium in the urine,
supplying diuretic potassium - decoction of honeysuckle branches or fruits, birch buds, green carrot tops, rhododendron leaf, goldenrod, asparagus, juniper fruits, bean leaves, oats, pumpkins, eggplants.
Exclude from diuretic hemostatic herbs - nettle, horsetail, mountaineer.

Melilot has a sedative and anticonvulsant effect, used to treat epilepsy and alcoholism. It prevents the formation of blood clots and promotes their resorption. & # 33; Thins the blood without injuring its red blood cells, like chestnut. Recovers, i.e. heals the inner membranes of the arteries, because after eliminating the inflammation, they must be regenerated and put into working condition & # 33,

You can not use clover medicinal (yellow) during pregnancy, hypotension, internal bleeding, low blood clotting, kidney disease with hematuria.
Overdose and prolonged use will cause headache, vomiting, restless sleep and even paralysis. There is a recommendation for adults to take no more than 1.5-2 cups of clover decoction per day, because higher doses can cause headaches and vomiting. "style =" width: 73.2955%, height: 100%, margin: 0 1.7046% 0% 0, "class =" thumb_map thumb_map_wide thumb_map_m al_photo ">

Knyazhik is poisonous. In no case can not use fresh grass. Self-treatment is excluded, as it can lead to poisoning.
From my own conclusions, I can conclude that the prince is contraindicated in cardiovascular diseases with paroxysmal tachycardia and extrasystole. (R.Ahmedov) "style =" width: 25%, height: 48.8637%, margin: 0 0% 0% 0, "class =" thumb_map thumb_map_s al_photo ">

When to treat breast cancer with folk remedies

Doctors say that women diagnosed with breast oncology use them:

  • during the transition of the disease to a severe stage. Usually at this stage the use of standard medical procedures does not have the desired effect,
  • in the presence of not trusting doctors and their treatment methods,
  • for a great effect on standard medical procedures.

Folk remedies for breast cancer

Herbs are prescribed as a means of traditional medicine for breast cancer. Doctors are conditionally divided into several main categories:

  1. immunomodulatory herbal. Usually they include various medicinal plants. They enhance the activity of the immune system and activate it to fight cancer cells. It is noteworthy that these plants can be used at any stage of oncology. Usually carried out using red brushes, duckweed, stock-roses, dairy Pallas, Astragalus and kopeck. In addition, this category includes aconite and hemlock.
  2. Non poisonous herbal. These include the use of a tributary, groundwort, sparrow spawn, bedstick, burdock and comfrey. Due to their effects, natural destruction of oncological cells occurs.
  3. Hormonal drugs. Doctors say that the appearance of breast oncology is usually associated with a decrease in the level of such hormones as prolactin and estrogen. As a plant, contributing to the normalization of hormonal background, appointed the use of comfrey, zyuznik, black cohosh, bruise, sparrow.
  1. Healing plants that affect the liver. Doctors say that the effect of the treatment and the prognosis for getting rid of the disease is associated with proper functioning of the liver. To improve its work, patients use such plants as yarrow, hodgepodge, immortelle, milk thistle, dandelion, chicory, calendula.

To completely get rid of the cancer, patients are also advised to use agents with cardiac, diuretic, and sedative effects. Doctors say that if a woman has metastases during her breast cancer, then sabelnik leaves, meadowsweet, willow bark and peony flowers, black root and comfrey leaves should be used as folk remedies for getting rid of cancer. They contain special substances called salicylates, which also have a negative effect on the cancer process.

Treatment of breast cancer folk remedies

In breast oncology, the patient is assigned her own special scheme of using folk remedies. This is due to the fact that in each patient the disease passes in its own way. It is noteworthy that all recipes for getting rid of breast cancer include a complex of various herbal preparations. Each patient should be aware that the choice of plants is based on the following criteria:

  1. stage of the disease
  2. the speed of disease progression,
  3. metastasis,
  4. penetration of cancer cells into internal organs and systems
  5. condition of the patient.

You should also consider the standard treatment regimen, which is carried out to the patient. For example, when a patient is undergoing chemotherapy, he is not recommended to use folk remedies, especially those that include toxic and toxic substances.

Many experts note that when using traditional medicine the patient must keep a special diary. It is necessary to record information about what popular remedies were used, and also what standard means were used.

In addition, in the notebook you need to make information about the complications and the general health of the patient. Thanks to such a diary, it is possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the therapy carried out, both with the use of traditional means and traditional medicine preparations.

If after 2-3 months of using the remedy the effect has not come, then in this case it is recommended to change them. They also note that it is desirable to donate blood for analysis before carrying out medical procedures. Its results will help to correct the treatment.

How to treat breast cancer with herbal preparations

Many patients note that it is possible to get rid of breast cancer with herbal preparations. To this end, such herbs as dried sapling, valerian roots, thyme, calendula flowers, nettle and a series, as well as sage, fennel and yarrow are prescribed.

In addition, these collections often include: chamomile, birch and dandelion, as well as plantain, centaury, dagil, oregano, celandine, immortelle flowers, linden, burned meat, motherwort, St. John's wort, pine, mother and stepmother, and eucalyptus. Usually all these plants are mixed in the same quantity.

To prepare the healing composition, you need to take 1 spoonful of crushed plants and add 1 cup of boiled liquid. Insist composition about half an hour. After it tsed. Course reception - 3 months. Then make a break for 14 days.

Use of poisonous plants for the treatment of breast cancer

Doctors say that the use of several medicinal products with toxic components is not acceptable. They can lead to poisoning of a person.

One of the most popular poisonous plants, helping to get rid of the cancer, is the hemlock. It has an analgesic effect on the human body, and also contributes to the death of cancer cells. Despite the fact that the plant is very dangerous it is not able to have a negative impact on the healthy tissues of the body.

To prepare the composition, it is necessary to pour about 2 glasses of vodka into a large container. After this, add hemlock shoots to the water. The composition should be stirred. The pot must be filled at 1/3. After that, add vodka on top and close the container. Insist means about 14 days in the refrigerator. Every day the composition should be shaken. The composition is drunk every day, it is advisable to do it on an empty stomach.

On the first day, 1 drop is used per glass of liquid. In the following days, 1 drop is added. After the patient has reached 40 drops, the dose is gradually reduced. Course admission is about 2-3 laps.

Also used are plants such as Jungar aconite, mushroom caps, dry Siberian prince.

The most popular folk remedies for breast cancer

Many people say that the following remedies help to get rid of breast cancer:

  1. Birch mushroom (Chaga). It is usually used when it is impossible for the patient to use other methods of getting rid of the tumor. For the manufacture of tools mushroom should be grated and insist on boiled water. This should be done about 2 days. Drink it 3 times a day for half an hour before meals.
  2. Propolis. It contributes to the destruction of cancer cells. In addition, it improves the reproduction of healthy cells. Due to this, the patient can quickly get rid of the cancer. Doctors say that if propolis is heated to 50 degrees, then all its useful properties disappear. Propolis is usually diluted with olive or butter.
  3. Oats Usually a decoction of oats is used when an early onset of the disease. To prepare it, take 1 cup of oats and pour it with 1 liter of water. The resulting composition is boiled for about 1 hour. It contributes to the removal of toxins from the body. In addition, it nourishes the body with essential vitamins.
  4. Potato flowers. To get rid of cancer is used tincture based on the colors of potatoes. Flowers need to be collected and dried. To prepare the composition you need to take 1 spoonful of flowers and add to them 0.5 liters of liquid. Infused broth for 3 hours. Use it 3 times a day for half an hour before meals. Course admission is 2 week. After this 7 days break.

It is important to note that each patient should remember that only proven means of traditional medicine, created on the basis of safe medicinal plants, will help a person get rid of a cancer tumor without harm to his body. Also, many experts say that the effect of folk remedies will be much higher if they are used in conjunction with the methods of traditional medicine. Thus, folk remedies should complement the traditional method of treatment of breast oncology.

Traditional Breast Cancer Treatments

In alternative medicine claimed folk remedies for breast cancer, demonstrating the steady dynamics of the destruction of oncology. It is allowed to take them for cancer on the individual recommendation of a certified oncologist, and it is important not to forget about the potential consequences, side effects. In the natural composition may be poisonous plants, which, in violation of the daily norms cause intoxication of the body. Folk remedies for breast cancer are beneficial and can harm a sick woman.

Poisonous plants

Cancer treatment with folk remedies contributes to the restoration of the body after long-term influence of pathogenic factors. We are talking not only about the properties of malignant tumors, but also about operable methods of intensive therapy of the mammary gland with subsequent "chemistry". Individual plants help the diseased organism; toxic substances of which break down metastases and excise cancer cells.

  1. Hemlock participates as an alcohol tincture, and is approved for use at all stages of the disease. The plant is characterized by analgesic and regenerating properties, besides, it has a destructive effect only on cancer cells without disturbing the integrity of healthy tissues. For the preparation of the national composition of 0.5 st. young hemlock shoots soak 2 tbsp. alcohol and insist in the dark for 2 weeks. To take inside tincture from cancer on an empty stomach, increasing a single dose from 1 to 40 drops.
  2. Aconite Dzhungarsky is an appropriate folk remedy in the fight against oncology, and its regular use in permissible doses prolongs the period of remission of breast cancer. Alcoholic liquor is endowed with sustainable healing properties: chop raw materials in the amount of 20 g, then pour 500 mg of vodka 40 degrees. Inside to take after a two-week exposure. A single dose should be increased from 1 to 10 drops. After a couple of weeks of traditional therapy, take a week-long break.
  3. Birch fungus excludes cancer cells, reduces foci of pathology and the number of metastases, but the main condition for achieving the result is to be able to prepare it correctly. According to the popular recipe, grind the product and pour 1: 5 with water, then stand for 2 days. Strain, take with cancer on an empty stomach three times a day in a tablespoon. Store folk tincture in the refrigerator, but not longer than 4 days.
  4. Immortelle is especially effective in breast cancer. Alcoholic tincture is produced from this vegetable poison, the use of which must be deliberate, strictly limited to the prescribed daily intake. Insist on the vodka grass classic method, stored in a dry, dark place, take before each meal drop by drop. Gradually increase the dose to 10 drops or until the alarming symptoms of the disease completely disappear.