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Speed ​​gun - what to do, how to deal with it


The phenomenon of premature ejaculation causes discomfort not only to the man himself, but also to his partner. Not always this state can be controlled, so the second half should carefully consider the problem of the representative of the strong half and help him cope with this.

Rapid ejaculation can be the result of irregular sex life, lack of sexual experience. To combat this phenomenon is necessary. The time of intercourse is not established by anyone: someone can love for hours, and someone is enough ten minutes to enjoy. But if the eruption of the seed happens after two or three frictions, then this is a deviation.

Causes of premature ejaculation

So, if your man is quick: how to deal with it?

Specialists sexologists identify several points that may affect premature ejaculation.

  • novelty of sensations
  • inability to control the situation
  • small experience
  • hypersensitivity
  • hormonal disorders,
  • short bridle.

Young guys, just starting to have sex, can not always control their condition. Here only the experience and patience of both sexual partners will help. When the object of lust was close, a man can show incontinence.

If the partner is able to support the male representative instead of ridiculing the situation, the incident may never happen again.

You can learn how to control ejaculation in the same way as driving a car or riding a roller. On the Internet you can find a lot of videos and articles, which describe in detail what and how to do to extend the pleasure. It is quite possible that after such training, the offensive word “quick-fire” will no longer meet in your way of life.

Because of the psycho-emotional instability partner can go into their experiences. Fearing premature ejaculation, you will get it right away. It is possible that the cause of the quick final men are violations in the endocrine system.

When a husband or boyfriend is too sensitive to touch, you can slow down the discharge by using two condoms or a lubricant containing an anesthetic. The rarest bridle of the penis is the rarest factor that can make you quick. This phenomenon eliminates the specialist in the clinic.

Rapid shooting is a man who very quickly reaches orgasm, leaving no chances to his partner. Eliminate bad habits if you are addicted to alcohol or nicotine. It is possible that early ejaculation is directly related to negative factors.

If the father in the family is quick-fired, then most likely this feature will be inherited by male descendants.

The speed of the eruption of the seed affects the diet. The more nutrients in the body, the longer the sexual intercourse. Lean on fish, cereal, fiber, and spicy, salty and smoked exclude!

Inflammatory processes and STDs can alter the functioning of the sex glands. If, after treatment, you noticed that ejaculation is constantly occurring faster than usual, you should definitely consult a doctor for help. After an additional course of recovery, the problem will be eliminated.

Therapy for Premature Ejaculation

What to do if you are fast shooting? First of all, do not despair and do not lose heart! This, on the contrary, will aggravate the problem. However, it is impossible to leave this phenomenon to drift and pretend that everything is normal.

Experts give general recommendations that will help to cope with a common phenomenon:

  • Often have sex, as repeated sexual intercourse is always longer than the previous one.
  • Enter a member only after the woman is already excited.
  • To reduce the sensitivity of the penis, you can use special lubricants and condoms.
  • To relieve tension during sex, get distracted and think about something detached, and after the decline of arousal, continue the frictions.

Thanks to special exercises, a man will quickly cease to be a quick-fire and will be able to fully enjoy sexual contact.

Special training from James Simans helped more than one thousand people. The urologist helped solve the intimate problem of many patients around the world. Perform a stop-start should be regular, and after a few months you will feel complete control over their actions.

Hold ejaculation by force, waiting for discharge. In this case, you can train yourself, stroking a member. A sharp stop and a few minutes of rest, and then you can continue again. Imagine that you are in the gym, swinging your muscles: make three sets of fifteen minutes, of course, without a climax!

Extend sexual pleasures can be using freezing, which is sold in a pharmacy. Lubrication will add amenities during intercourse and protect against premature orgasm.

Spouses can practice together to prolong sexual intercourse. A suitable position for training is the pose rider. The partner holds the girl by the buttocks, controlling the rhythm and pace of action. Controlled positions are on the side and missionary.

A good result gives the compression of the penis. Feeling the onset of ejaculation, squeeze the base of the penis to delay the eruption of the semen. Using your thumb, press against the bottom of the penis, and grasp the trunk with your palm. Compression should not be strong. Do not move your fingers, otherwise the eruption will inevitably happen!

If the pathology is in the physiological features of the patient, then you can get rid of it surgically. Impact on the nerve endings, which are responsible for the sensitivity of the member, can save the patient from this feature.

Sports, walks in the fresh air, a variety of sexual life - all this will help you escape from unsuccessful moments. If acceleration is caused by problems at work or psychological factors, then attention should be paid to relaxation. Practice yoga, practice deep breathing, study your body.

Traditional methods of treatment of rapid ejaculation

Herbal and relaxation helps to eliminate problems in sexual life. Tune in to the desired mood, start with a massage, use scented candles. Regularly using a mixture of herbs, you can easily heal at home.

On the basis of hops and motherwort, a soothing broth is prepared: mix a spoonful of water for a glass of water. After a six-hour infusion take medicine 150 grams three times a day. After a half-month course of treatment, the treatment is stopped.

Dried lovage root is used to make alcohol tinctures. Twice a day use the healing composition in the amount of 15-20 drops. A spoonful of raw material is dissolved in 250 g of liquid and cooked over low heat, insisting thirty minutes. Broth taken during the day, divided into three doses.

Oregano and calendula are used to make a decoction, which has not only a calming effect, but also anti-inflammatory. Because of this, herbal tea can not be drunk for a long time, otherwise you can harm the liver. The foot-claw root is boiled for thirty minutes in a water bath, and after filtering, the infusion is consumed five times a day in a tablespoon.

Periwinkle is not just a beautiful plant, but also a good way to prolong pleasure in bed. On a small fire boil a spoonful of raw materials with a glass of water. Take the medicine for five days in a row, ten drops twice a day. After a three-day break, the course continues. Due to the poisonousness of the plant it is impossible to constantly use it, otherwise the body will get intoxicated.

Using recipes that have been tested for centuries, and choosing the most appropriate ones from the recommendations, you will easily overcome the false start problem and be able to forget about it soon.

How to determine

Repeatedly draws attention to premature ejaculation girl. Therefore, this dysfunction is not only a medical violation, but also a psychological one.

Because if there is a problem, the representatives of the stronger sex lose faith in themselves, the quality of their sexual life deteriorates, which can lead to a break in the relationship.

Premature ejaculation is divided into:

  • absolute, duration less than 1 min.,
  • relative, duration more than 2 minutes, but insufficient for satisfaction.

Not always early ejaculation means pathology. A man may overwork at work, quarrel with colleagues or just be puzzled and not ready for sexual contact.

Causes of early ejaculation

The main factors are:

  • Hormonal disorders.
  • Inflammatory processes in the body.
  • Increased sensitivity of the head of the penis.
  • Deficiency of magnesium, zinc, vitamins.
  • Little sexual experience.
  • Inability to control your erection.
  • Fear of a new partner.
  • Psychological factors. Depression depression, uncertainty. In itself.
  • Short frenulum on the penis.
  • Bad habits.
  • Increased excitability.
  • Pelvic and spinal injuries.
  • Prostatitis, inflammation of the seminal tubercle.
  • Sedentary lifestyle.

Various emotional and environmental factors can cause untimely ejaculation. If one of the symptoms occurs, you should consult a doctor.

Basic techniques

How to deal with this ailment, if a girl considers a man to be a quick-fire? First of all, it is necessary to find out what caused the problem, and then start eliminating dysfunction.

There are ways to eliminate early ejaculation:

  1. Treatment of the disease that led to malaise.
  2. Reduction of phallus hypersensitivity through the use of various gels, lubricants, sprays with a cooling effect.
  3. Engage in physical activity, developing muscles.
  4. The use of psychological techniques. During sexual contact, think about something not very pleasant.
  5. Perform special exercises to strengthen the muscles near the phallus. Kegel exercises.
  6. Use a condom. In some men, the sensitivity decreases with the use of latex protection.
  7. The ultimate method is circumcision. After performing the manipulation, the head becomes less sensitive.
  8. The use of folk remedies.
  9. The use of complex vitamins containing zinc, magnesium, calcium.
  10. Drug treatment or the use of dietary supplements.

To determine how to eliminate dysfunction, you need to install with your doctor.

Why is this happening

Lack of communication with boys in adolescence about sexual development and sexual intercourse is often the main cause of indisposition. Which may soon lead to erectile dysfunction.

Initial wet dreams appear at the beginning of puberty. If a guy does not discuss these physiological processes, there may be a feeling of shyness for the various manifestations of sexuality.

Guilt feelings seriously affect the quality and quantity of sex in a teenager. In the future, he will be more constrained and secretive in front of her partner, which as a result is an early ejaculation.

As a species, one of the reasons is complexes based on their structure and muscular structure development. Often, the desire to seem a woman a skillful partner leads to the consequences of dysfunction. All causes combine to a depressive condition that needs to be treated by a neurologist.

What are the mistakes

When diagnosing early ejaculation, important disorders are:

  • self-treatment,
  • the use of ointments, gel, tablets and various home methods without consulting a doctor,
  • the use of improvised means, the introduction into the penis of foreign bodies and substances.

Very often, early ejaculation can be disposable. But because of an unsatisfied woman, the young man will probably consider the severity of the disease.

Search for treatment in the use of pills, folk remedies, what hurts itself even more. If dysfunction has happened several times, this is a reason to consult a doctor to find out the symptoms that have affected male health.

Organ compression technique

One of the most effective exercises is squeezing the phallus. Follow the following steps:

  • use your hand to find a pulsating vein that is located near the phallus bridle,
  • middle and index fingers to clasp from one side, big - from another, to begin to make contractile movements,
  • in addition, you can proceed to compress the second hand at the base.

Thus, when excited and at the time of ejaculation in two places, the penis is squeezed and the period of ejaculation goes away.

A special violation will be if the movement starts up and down. Then the discharge will come faster. The duration of compression is approximately 15-20 seconds.


In the process of sexual intercourse, several methods are used to extend it:

  • To think about something not related to sexual intercourse, about any unpleasant moments.
  • A woman can also come to the aid of her husband. Pinch, bite in various places, thereby distracting partner.
  • Musical accompaniment is likely to relieve untimely ejaculation. Melody should not be romantic.

Escape during the period of intercourse will help spray with a freezing effect. The composition contains anesthetics that reduce sensitivity. The duration of the result is up to 1 hour.

Effective pills

In drug treatment, Dapoxetine is the most commonly used drug. In a study in 2009, more than 1000 men who took part for three months had an improvement in premature ejaculation. The results surprised the experts.

The drug can be used with other medicines, for example, increasing the potency. During the use of these tools, the quality and duration of sexual contact increases several times, which will help to satisfy their partner.

The main advantages of the use of drugs, is that they need to take before the beginning of intercourse in bed. It has no contraindications and side effects.

Essential medicines for dysfunction relief:

  1. Dapoxetine,
  2. Tadalox,
  3. Super P Force,
  4. Super Zhewitra.

Tablets reduce the flow of impulses along the nerve endings of the pelvis, because of which the moment of ejaculation is delayed, and the orgasm becomes bright.

Sedatives help to get rid of untimely ejaculation:

  • Sodium bromide,
  • Alcohol solution of valerian, hawthorn.

Folk methods

Cure early ejaculation will help:

  • Broths, tinctures of own production from motherwort, oak bark, hop, lovish root, oregano, calendula, periwinkle.

Change diet. It is recommended to include in food:

  1. dark chocolate,
  2. beans,
  3. peanuts, pine and walnut nuts,
  4. coconut,
  5. buckwheat, oatmeal,
  6. oysters, mussels.
  • Lead an active lifestyle, add cardio load, jogging, bodybuilding.
  • Reception of complex vitamins and products containing zinc, magnesium.

Sports loads

Correct the situation will help exercise. Doctors recommend going to athletic clubs to increase stamina.

Even minimal classes can help achieve maximum results. When acquiring beautiful muscular forms, a man becomes confident in himself.

When performing Kegel exercises, the duration of early ejaculation increases. For classes you need:

  • slowly straining your pubic-coccygeal muscle,
  • slowly relax this area, while counting up to five in two times,
  • repeat 10 times
  • exercise three sets a day,
  • gradually increase the duration of classes.

You can perform lying, standing, sitting, and also when urinating. It is very important in the event of such a case to understand and find out the cause that affected the previous ejaculation. A woman should not make fun and focus on this dysfunction.

Most often this is a psychological problem that is treated with the help of special doctors. There are cases when it is enough for a representative of the stronger sex to tell about his problem, go to the gym, calm down and everything stops.

Signs of rate of fire

First of all, it is necessary to judge the guy’s rate of fire by the following criteria:

  1. The duration of the first sexual intercourse. If it is less than 3 minutes, it means that your body too quickly ejaculates semen.
  2. You have this problem with different women. Of course, it happens that your sexual intercourse is short with only one woman. However, if this happens all the time, you need to seriously think about this issue.
  3. After intimate closeness with you the girl remains dissatisfied. It is not enough for 2-3 minutes of sex to get at least minimal pleasure. Of course, a girl can not talk about it. However, if you understand people, you will understand that she is dissatisfied.
  4. After this situation, both partners experience psychological stress. The flow of unpleasant thoughts makes the guy constantly think about his problem. During the next encounter, he thinks about how to last longer, but everything happens according to the law of meanness, and it ends in 4-5 minutes.

Already everything? - how is the rate of fire in men

The requirements for the duration of sex are different for everyone, and the topic of premature ejaculation seems incomprehensible to many - many men do not indulge their halves with marathons for hours. В норме сексуальный контакт продолжается от 7 до 15 минут. За это время оба половых партнера испытывают массу приятных впечатлений и переживают бурный оргазм.

If the proximity is completed earlier, which happens in 30% of male arrow-firemen, we can talk about premature ejaculation. Experts believe that the pathology can be said if:

  • ejaculation occurs during the insertion of the penis into the woman’s vagina,
  • ejaculation occurs after several frictions
  • sexual contact did not even begin, and the man had already “finished”.

Such situations have a very negative effect on the atmosphere in the couple - a man experiences a tremendous lack of self-confidence, and the woman stops appreciating his partner. Sex life suffers a complete fiasco, and a man does not find a better solution than completely abandoning sex.

Experts identify two types of pathology "rate of fire":

  • Absolute, when under any conditions a man completes sexual contact after a maximum of 1.5 minutes from his beginning.
  • Relative, when sexual intercourse lasts from 1.5 to 3 minutes.

Both types of premature ejaculation are accompanied by a lack of sex satisfaction for both partners.

Why so fast?

The male body is unique, and many factors can affect the functioning of the reproductive system. If a man ends up too fast (rapid), the reasons may be not only in his selfish attitude toward sex, but also in health problems:

  • The acute shortage of minerals, especially zinc, and vitamins. Since they play a role in the formation of male hormones, an imbalance often leads to an attempt by the body to compensate for the energy deficit by increasing the sensitivity of the penis head. In this case, a man very quickly completes sexual intercourse, without spending a lot of energy.
  • Psychological problems that have arisen due to failure in the past or little experience. More often than not, a man becomes a speed-shooter because of the fear of being caught in a "crime scene."
  • Anatomical and genetic features in which there is increased sensitivity of the penis and erogenous zones. At the same time, even a light touch on them can force an orgasm.
  • Endocrine disorders in which there is an imbalance of hormones and enzymes in the body of men. This may affect the sensitivity of the erogenous zones and the penis itself.
  • Inflammatory processes in the organs of the urogenital system - balanoposthitis, phimosis, chronic vesiculitis. In these diseases, the sensitivity of the head of the penis and erogenous zones may change, leading to early ejaculation.

To cope with premature ejaculation, men are recommended to be examined by a urologist, an endocrinologist, a therapist and other specialists. A psychologist's consultation is equally important - in 99% of men with PE, depressive disorders are observed.

Method number 1 - easier does not happen

The most common way to eliminate the rate of fire, which is practiced by a large part of men and guys - the interruption of sexual intercourse shortly before the onset of orgasm. Unfortunately, it only works for more experienced men, able to catch the very moment when a couple of seconds remain before ejaculation. After 3-4 interruptions, the sensitivity of the penis is somewhat reduced, so that a man can bring the partner to orgasm.

Unfortunately, this method has a significant drawback - the complete disappearance of the excitation. About 70% of men who actually have to achieve an erection "from scratch" are faced with this.

Method number 2 - double protection

Another common way to reduce the likelihood of early ejaculation is to use two condoms. A double layer of latex can reduce the sensitivity of the penis head several times. Many men resort to this method, but women do not always appreciate the quality of sex with double protection highly. Another disadvantage of this method is that it does not suit those who are allergic to latex.

Method number 3 - long but reliable

Another common way to increase the duration of sexual intercourse is special gymnastics developed by Kegl. This exercise is known as the "lift", and is a multiple tension and relaxation of the pubic-coccygeal muscle (it goes from the anus through the perineum, and interacts with the muscles of the penis).

The effect of such gymnastics comes after 2-3 months of daily training, and therefore it is impossible to call this method the best. In addition, in a routine a man often forgets about the need to perform exercises, and therefore a noticeable effect may not arise at all.

Method number 4 - scary, but reliable

A radical method of prolonging sexual intercourse with premature ejaculation is surgery. The type of operation depends on the problem:

  1. In case of phimosis, the man is circumcised.
  2. With congenital hypersensitivity of the penis - innervation, that is, the intersection of nerve fibers responsible for the transmission of impulses from the penis to the brain.

Both the first and second methods are considered traumatic, and they can potentially result in complete or partial loss of potency. That is why they are used infrequently, and only for unconditional medical reasons.

Method number 5 - the balance of simplicity and efficiency

The most safe and effective way to eliminate the increased sensitivity of the penis without noticeable time and material costs is the use of special preparations. This method is most often recommended by experts, as it has practically no contraindications and is suitable for men of all ages.

To increase the duration of sexual intercourse, two groups of drugs are used:

  1. Local in the form of spray - lidocaine and benzocaine. The product contains anesthetic in an ideal dosage to prevent early ejaculation.
  2. Tablet formulations are Super P Force, Super Zhewitra, Tadapox and Dapoxetine. There are drugs in the online store These drugs reduce the rate of impulses in the pelvic nerve fibers, so that ejaculation occurs later than usual, and the orgasm remains bright.

The main advantage of the medical elimination of premature ejaculation is the complete absence of complications. It is possible to use means to reduce the sensitivity of the penis only if necessary a few minutes before sex, and not by courses (an exception is the treatment with Dapoxetine), which eliminates the risks of a negative effect on the body of men.

Premature ejaculation or rapid fire is a condition that can destroy even the most harmonious relationship. You can fight it in different ways, and doctors call the use of special drugs the safest and most reliable. They can transform the "speed of fire" into a long-playing sensual man, able to bring even the most demanding lady to the state of bliss.

Criteria "rate of fire"

Premature ejaculation in speed-traps happens maximum a couple of minutes after the start of foreplay (caresses, kisses), sometimes it happens in two or three seconds. Of course, this does not suit the partner of such a fast-paced man, and he himself delivers a lot of unpleasant moments and psychological discomfort. This leads to discord in the life of a couple. Many are looking for an answer to the question: My husband has a quick fire, what to do? A man is angry at the whole world, he saves offenses, hesitates, does not want to have sex, especially if the partner made fun of him. The woman is also angry because sex with speeding is not fun, and a man often does not want to solve his problem.

Considering the question: rate of fire - this is how much time, then the experts determined that the guy is considered to be a speed arrow, if ejaculation occurs before 3 minutes. Pathology refers to the state when ejaculation occurs before a minute. In this case, the diagnosis is “premature ejaculation”.

A man should know how to understand that you are quick. For this there are basic signs:

  • Premature ejaculation happens all the time with a constant or with one-day partners,
  • proximity ends 1-2 minutes after the start,
  • the girl remains unsatisfied after sex,
  • there is a tension between partners as a result of dissatisfaction.

If most of the above symptoms are present, you need to find out the cause of their occurrence. Parena fast arrow forced prematurely terminate sexual intercourse because of their problem, which significantly limits his and his sexual partner in the time of pleasure, which undoubtedly affects the relationship of the couple. A delicate problem needs to be solved, otherwise the vicious circle will close.

Factors causing premature ejaculation

The reasons why the man is quick-firing, modern sexologists emit a lot. It all depends on the age, the sexual experience of the man, the novelty of the relationship, the sexual activity of the partners. Sometimes the cause of rapid intercourse becomes a serious illness.

The young man who has sex for the first time usually always ejaculates quickly. To worry about this, to think what to do, if you are fast in 16–20 years is not worth it. After several intercourses, a quick-fire will be a great sexual partner, able to control your body. In this case, the main practice remains and everything will work out.

Psychological aspects of problems with premature ejaculation

Men are very jealous of their sexual strength, so their psychological state plays a big role in causing problems with rapid ejaculation. After the fiasco, not many people can admit to themselves “I am fast shooting”, decide what to do, how to correct the situation. Main psychological problems provoking early ejaculation:

  1. Fear of disgracing in front of a new partner.According to statistics, this is the main reason why the guy is quick-fired. Every second man is afraid that he will not succeed with a new passion in bed. If this happens, the understanding girl will respond correctly, try to reassure the partner. After a while, you can repeat again.
  2. Stressful expectation of failure.Some men think that quick shooting is someone who has physical problems. But the cause may be stress associated with the sad past of sexual contact, inexperience of a partner, excessive excitability due to young age or temperament, prolonged absence of sexual contact with a woman, frequent masturbation with a hasty and impatient release of sexual tension. As a result, a quick ejaculation reflex is produced. The guy himself diagnoses “I am fast shooting”. Fear of a new partner, in front of which you want to appear like a skilled master of sexual pleasures. But this only creates unnecessary stress, panic, and as a result you can stay with the status of bed loser and clumsy.
  3. Depressive psychological attitude.This can happen if a man has one or more premature ejaculations. He begins to adjust himself to the negative, he is even more worried, panics, and as a result he fails again, if he nevertheless decides to have sexual contact. In this case, the question of how to get rid of the rate of fire in men can be solved only by a competent sexologist or psychotherapist, a psychologist.

Medical factors

Sometimes a man’s early onset of orgasm provokes problems of a medical nature. These include:

  1. Genetic factor.Experts suggest that rapid ejaculation may be inherited from the immediate family through the male line, due to anomalies or features of the genitals. That is why a rapid-fire can occur in several generations of men of the same genus.
  2. Penis head hypersensitivity.This problem is typical for young people just starting sex life. Fast-fire treatment is not required. After several sexual contacts, the skin of the head becomes coarse and the problem disappears.
  3. Hormonal imbalance.At a young age, when hormones rage, early ejaculation occurs quite often. This can last up to 17, sometimes up to 25 years, until the young man gains experience. If problems with hormones are observed in a mature man, you need to be examined for the presence of thyroid abnormalities and impaired functioning of the pituitary gland. And also check with the endocrinologist for the content of male hormones in the blood and the stability of hormonal levels. Perhaps the presence of endocrinological disease, because of which the man became a speed shooter in bed. How to treat it should be a specialist.
  4. Short bridleIt provokes the rapid receipt of acute sexual sensations. Such a congenital anomaly is resolved only after consultation with a specialist.
  5. Diseases of the genitourinary system.With sexually transmitted diseases, sexually transmitted diseases or inflammatory processes in the organs of the urogenital system, some men begin to ejaculate too quickly. In this case, the question of how to treat the velocity gunner needs to be addressed with the doctor who will prescribe therapy.
  6. Harmful habits.Smokers with experience run the risk of learning from experience,. Problems with rapid ejaculation often occur in those who are addicted to alcohol and drugs.
  7. Avitaminosis.Often, if a man has a rapid rate of fire, this means that he has problems with premature ejaculation associated with a deficiency of vitamins in the body, in particular magnesium. It is necessary to include in your diet steam meat, cereals, fish and seafood, greens, sour cream and other milk products, fruits. It is better to refuse salty, fried, fatty, smoked food.
  8. Erection problems.Erectile dysfunction causes a man to finish everything faster while the body is in working condition.
  9. Injuries to the lumbar region, spine, coccyx, inguinal and vertebral hernia.

Exercises to prolong intercourse

Rapid shooting in bed - it sounds insulting and unpleasant, but you can cope with such a problem, you just have to find out the cause of the unpleasant state.

Some men help special Exercises for prolonging intercourse, which solve the problem of not being a quick arrow:

  1. Exercise with the speaker called "stop-start."The method of urologist James Simons is effective if the guy has a quick shot and wants to know how to fix it. Exercise is to ensure that during sex, as soon as it feels that an orgasm is about to occur, you need to concentrate as much as possible, and try to hold ejaculation through force. Of course, it may not work the first time, but you need to try and train hard. It usually takes 5–10 weeks of regular sex to achieve a sustainable result. If the husband does not satisfy the speed-shooter, and the wife understands the whole situation, tries to help, you can ask her to do something during sex. As soon as she feels that the penis is very tense, her partner has become breathing faster, she should stop his frictions, wait, and then continue moving again.
  2. Self-satisfaction.If you do not want to constantly upset your partner, showing what a quick fire is in men, you can train yourself, engaging in masturbation. During the stimulation of the penis, just before ejaculation, you should stop, wait a few minutes, no matter how much you want to finish, then continue again. How to understand, you are quick or not? A good result is considered if it is possible to stimulate the penis three times for 10–15 minutes and not to reach discharge. When you can easily stimulate a member for 10–15 minutes, then before the end you should not abruptly interrupt the act, but try to slow down the movement. It is difficult, but the more a man will train, the easier it will be to restrain himself during sex with a woman.
  3. SqueezeQuite an effective technique in solving the issue of how to stop being a quick-shooter in bed. Its better to practice during masturbation. Before you start ejaculation, you need to clasp the base of the penis with one hand, and find the vein near the bridle with the second hand (it begins to shrink before ejaculation) and start squeezing it with one hand with your thumb and with the other with index and middle fingers. Hands must not move, otherwise it will lead to a quick finish. It is necessary to hold the penis in this state, pressing on it with an average intensity for 15 seconds. As soon as the wreath ceases to shrink intensively, you can let go of the penis.
  4. Distracting technique.The next way to solve the problem of how to cure the rate of fire in men at home will require the help of a sexual partner. As soon as she feels that the man is nearing the climax, you need to start pinching, biting him on different parts of the body, not in the intimate area. You can bite the earlobe, lips, scratch your back with nails. The essence of the method is to divert attention from the penis area and transfer energy from the pelvic region. This will postpone detente and decide how to stop being a quick arrow.
  5. Breathing exercises.The control of breathing perfectly helps in the question if the guy has a quick arrow, how to fix it. The main mistake of the rate of fire is intense breathing. The more often a man breathes, the faster he comes to the finish line. You need to learn to breathe evenly during sex. As soon as breathing begins to increase, you need to take a deep breath, then take a pause and take another deep breath. This technique is like breathing during meditation. И все идёт спокойно, ровно, мысли быстрой эякуляции исчезают, все видится как будто со стороны.
  6. Психологическая уловка «тысяча раз».Психологический вариант решения проблемы, что делать, если скорострел быстро кончает. In his head, a man must set a task to complete a thousand frictions, and only then allow himself to finish. In my head you need to constantly keep score and not be distracted by anything. Many men find it easier to hold on for a long time, and a thousand movements is enough for a woman to experience an orgasm.

Fire Prevention Tips

There are a number of effective tips on how not to be quick-fire. Here are some of them:

If a man has a quick fire, it is necessary to make intentional pauses during sex. After the first frictions stop, listen to your feelings. If the moment of the climax is not foreseen, you can continue, but slowly. If the wave of pleasure is approaching, you should stop, wait until it subsides. Sometimes it is better to take a member out of a partner and wait.

  • Move slowly.

Another tip for speed shooters is how to make sexual intercourse long. A common mistake in sex for men is excessive haste. It is she who leads to the rapid completion of sexual intercourse. Hurry men for various reasons. More often this stereotype is imposed on adult movies (for adults). Sometimes the rush is due to the fear that someone will come in, knock, call.

In this case, if the husband is quick-fired, the solution of the question of how to deal with it comes down to taking measures to eliminate the causes of the rush. It should be understood that in films a lot is exaggerated and is aimed at attracting the viewer. It is unlikely that anyone would want to watch a movie where a guy commits sluggish frictions during sex. It is much more interesting to look at a sexy macho moving in a furious rhythm and at the same time his partner is exhausted from pleasure. You should not take these films as a guide to action, and then think that my boyfriend is a quick shot, how to fix our sex life.

In fact, you need to do everything twice as slowly as shown in the movie. If the rush is associated with the fear of someone's intervention, you need to choose the right time for sex, when the risk of invasion of relatives, friends, curious neighbors is minimal, a comfortable and safe place, turn off phones and computers. In general, create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, so that the rate of fire ends as soon as possible.

  • Choose the correct posture.

If the husband is a quick fire, the missionary position is absolutely not suitable, in it he ends very quickly. The most suitable pose for training is the position of the girl on top. At the same time, the partner holds her buttocks, controlling the tempo, rhythm, and speed of frictions.

  • Constantly practice.

During a long break in the relationship you need to constantly train alone with yourself. If you do not masturbate, then the first time after a long lack of practice can quickly end.. During self-satisfaction, you should try to delay the finish, making pauses, inhaling deeply and slowly continuing the process. And then the girl will never say that my boyfriend is a quick shot.

  • Exercise for lower abs and pelvis.

To prolong intercourse, you need muscles to be in good shape. This must be explained if the man is fast. It is preferable to perform the exercises "bike", "boat", running.

  • Start a long relationship with one partner.

If a girl is alone, then trust, mutual understanding, and comfort during sex are born. The addiction to the body of a loved one gradually reduces excitability and, therefore, does not contribute to a quick-fire shot. Sex in a stable couple is regular, which also contributes to an increase in sexual intercourse.

  • Bladder should be emptied before sex.

So reduce the pressure on the prostate and the rate of fire in sex will not.

  • Before sex you can masturbate.

Another way to solve the question is what to do if the guy is quick. He is good at helping young inexperienced lovers, because in a few minutes they are ready for battle again.

  • Choose condoms are not ultra-thin, and having spikes, antennae.

They are made of thick latex and reduce the sensitivity of men, sex with a speed-shooting becomes longer, at the same time well stimulated by a woman, which contributes to the simultaneous achievement of orgasm.

  • Apply anesthetic lubricant.

A simple but effective way to solve a problem, what to do if you are quick. Lubrication is applied a few minutes before sex, and rinse before penetration. You can apply a lubricant under the condom or buy a special condom with anesthetics.

A radical solution to the problem, how to treat the rate of fire in men. After it, the head of the penis is exposed, which begins to rub against underwear and hardens, which reduces sensitivity.

If a man has a fast fire, there are special drugs that slow down the conduction of nerve endings to decide how to deal with this. As a result of their reception, the sensitivity of the head decreases and it takes longer to achieve an orgasm. Tablets begin to act after half an hour, the effect lasts 6-10 hours.

One of the most effective drugs that allows you to forget what speed of fire means is Dapoxetine. It prolongs the time of sexual intercourse and allows the man to control the process of ejaculation. Dapoxetine begins to have an effect about an hour after it is taken, and the duration of the effect lasts for 12 hours.

Receives good reviews and drug Super P-force, which consists of Viagra and Dapoxetine. It helps to increase the duration of sex and eliminates erectile dysfunction.

Among men, who consider themselves to be fast-track shooters, and who decide how to deal with this, the sprayer, the prolongator, based on Lidocaine, is popular. This substance acts as an anesthetic, it reduces the sensitivity of the penis, thereby increasing the duration of sexual intercourse. WITHThe most famous is Stud 5000 lidocaine spray, the action of which begins 15 minutes after application and lasts 40 minutes.

Other A popular spray is Longinex, which consists of only natural ingredients. The duration of sexual intercourse is achieved due to the content of peppermint oil, which relieves spasm of the spermatic cord, thereby contributing to the prolongation of sexual intercourse.

If a guy or a husband has a quick fire, some folk remedies will solve the problem of how to deal with it at home. Broths and infusions from lovage, mint, dogrose, motherwort, dogrose help in this matter. But you should definitely consult a doctor before using herbs, they can provoke allergic reactions or other adverse reactions.

If the premature climax comes due to inexperience, there is nothing to worry about, the question is what to do if the guy doesn’t even be considered fast. With constant practice, with a good attitude of the partner, the problem will go away by itself. If, after the first rate of fire, the girl tactlessly dealt with the guy, ridiculed him or called this word “speed shooter”, he may need the help of a sexologist-psychologist, otherwise his self-doubt and fear of disgracing again with a new partner will lead to abandoning relationships with women.

The rate of fire in men is a delicate problem that makes both the man and his partner suffer. But this problem is solved. It is only important that the man himself acknowledged, I’m fast-paced and wanted to find out how to get rid of it, but here a lot depends on the woman. It is not necessary to save a grudge against a husband - the rate of fire, it is more important to tactfully explain how easy it is to find a solution, help with this, and there are a lot of ways to reduce the rate of fire.

Of course, it's easier to admit that my boyfriend is fast and not thinking how to fix the situation. A loving girl will do everything to help her young man. Most often, home remedies, diet, harmony in relationships, experience will lead to an increase in the duration of sexual intercourse. If premature ejaculation has arisen due to a medical problem, then it must be addressed and the sooner the better. After the measures taken, the sex life will improve, and both partners will receive long-term pleasure.

Causes of speed

Such a phenomenon as the rate of fire has natural and psychological reasons:

  1. Increased excitability of a guy at a young age. When a young man thinks about girls, he has a strong erection. And if you enter into intimacy, it will last very long. First of all, this is due to the small experience of a guy in sex. If he is more likely to engage him with his girlfriend, after a few months the duration of the sexual act will greatly increase.
  2. Excitement due to bad experiences in the past.
  3. Long abstinence is the main reason. If a young man has not had sex for a long time, and he has not interacted with girls, the first sex will be very fast. Perhaps its duration will be less than a minute. However, do not worry, because over time, everything stabilizes.
  4. Masturbation produces a quick ejaculation reflex. The main problem is that onanists get excited and have an orgasm from the presentation of visual images. And during sex with a girl, the guy does not feel pleasure during orgasm.
  5. When a guy tries to create the impression of an experienced macho, it looks very stupid and creates psychological tension between partners. This leads to premature ejaculation or even weakening of erection.
  6. Many men have problems with erection and potency. Therefore, they create the habit of ending sexual intercourse while it is possible. If this is not done within the first few minutes, an erection may weaken, and sex will not bring pleasure even to a man.
  7. Smoking and alcohol adversely affect the reproductive system. This can result in decreased libido, weakened erections and premature ejaculation. Getting rid of these habits will greatly improve the quality of your sex life.
  8. A sedentary lifestyle leads to stagnation of blood in the pelvis.
  9. Improper nutrition decreases testosterone levels in your body. Because of this, problems with the reproductive system may appear. Most non-natural products contribute to premature ejaculation.
  10. Nervous tension and constant stress also make the sexual act shorter. Such a problem is typical for residents of megacities.
  11. Pelvic and pubic-coccygeal muscle weakness is a problem that many men have. Often, they even do not know about it and cannot understand why sexual intercourse ends so quickly. It is necessary to regularly train these muscles, and then the problem will be solved much easier.

Causes too fast ejaculation

  • Too little sexual experience. The very first sexual contact is not always and not all lasts long enough, so do not be very worried and upset. After a few months everything is normalized, and from an inexperienced boy you can make a great lover with a lot of experience in bed.
  • Inability to control your erection. In the modern world have already written a large number of books on this topic, which can be found in the library. Not all men know that they can cope with the problem, and simply try to engage in sex as rarely as possible, with the result that a lot of complexes appear about this.
  • Feeling fear with another partner. According to statistics, every second male representative has the fear of “screwing up” in bed with a girl. If such cases have already been, do not worry much about it. Not all girls react to this inadequately. Most are trying to distract from the thoughts of failure and support the man. After some time, you can repeat the act, which will be successful.
  • Problems of a psychological nature (lack of self-confidence, depression, and so on). In his subconscious, the young man sets himself up for failure in bed. Panic, despondency and experience come. In this case, you need to contact a doctor for help.

How to deal with it

Many men are interested in how to stop being fast.. To solve this problem it is necessary to make a lot of effort. Most often at the root of this problem lies several reasons. Therefore, to guarantee its solution, you need to change your lifestyle:

  1. Start eating right. Very often, problems with sexual life in men are due to harmful products, lowering testosterone levels. Focus on foods such as meat, seafood, cereals, vegetables, and fruits.
  2. Give up alcohol and cigarettes. These bad habits reduce testosterone levels and harm the health of your reproductive system.
  3. Start playing sports. Especially pay attention to the activity of the small pelvis. If there is normal blood circulation in this area, it will be much easier to solve the problem.
  4. Visit your urologist every year and take the necessary tests. Do not hesitate to ask questions to the doctor, because all his recommendations can improve your life.
  5. The duration of your sleep should be at least 8 hours a day. Very often, residents of megalopolises sleep for 5-6 hours a day, and this affects the duration of sexual contact. Psychological and physical exhaustion reduces it, and also leads to the fact that sex gives you much less pleasure.

How to treat rapid ejaculation

To be the owner of such a problem is extremely unpleasant for every man. To deal with it is quite easy, you just need to understand the reason. There are also special exercises that help significantly prolong sexual contact. If during the act ejaculation comes too close, you need to try to keep it. There is an opportunity to conduct training without the participation of partners, stimulating the sexual organ. Before the eruption of the seed, it is necessary to abruptly stop the stimulation and take a break of a couple of minutes and continue again. There are special tips that are sold in stores for adults and through an online resource. It is recommended to make three sets of fifteen minutes without ejaculation.

Freezing lubricant prolongs sexual contact, it can be purchased at pharmacies. Thanks to her, the sensations become more pleasant.

You can contact the surgeon for surgery to remove the foreskin.

If the first ten minutes pass without interruption, it is not recommended to abruptly terminate the act, but to reduce the pace. This is quite difficult, but if you train more, the process will take much longer. Pre-masturbation will help extend the act. You can contact the surgeon for surgery to remove the foreskin. Sensitivity due to this procedure is reduced.

In custody

There are also special medicines to reduce the high sensitivity of the head of the penis. The drug contains a substance that helps slow down the work of the nerve endings. The sensitivity decreases significantly and the time required for the eruption of the seed is much longer. The effect is achieved after thirty minutes and is valid for up to ten hours. To achieve the desired result, you can apply a lubricant or a special spray that must be applied before the act itself.

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Our regular reader got rid of the problems with potency by an effective method. He checked it on himself - the result is 100% - complete relief from problems. This is a natural herbal remedy. We checked the method and decided to recommend it to you. The result is fast. EFFECTIVE METHOD.

The main substance in the preparation is an anesthetic that reduces the sensitivity of the penis. The effect lasts an hour. In folk medicine, there are a large number of herbs that have the property of reducing arousal and sensitivity. You can insist hops, grass motherwort, oak bark. Replace regular tea with currant leaves, Hypericum Calendula.

Daily in the body should receive 15 mg of zinc, as its presence affects the duration of sex. It is found in peanuts, chocolate, watermelon and pumpkin seeds, chicken eggs, beef liver, wheat and beans.

Do not forget that the representatives of the fair sex need much more time to reach orgasm, so it is desirable to move from foreplay to sexual contact after the girl is quite excited. This several times increases the pleasure and the opportunity to receive the highest point of pleasure at the same time.

Do you have serious problems with potential?

Already a lot of tools tried and nothing helped? These symptoms are familiar to you firsthand:

  • sluggish erection,
  • lack of desire
  • sexual dysfunction.

The only way is surgery? Wait and do not act by radical methods. Potency increase MAYBE! Follow the link and find out how experts recommend treatment.

Getting rid of the disease with the help of official medicine

Even in the event that it is found that the signs of the disease are present, the doctor will necessarily give recommendations on how to treat such a disease. It is absolutely impossible to engage in self-medication: it may become clear that there was an attempt to save oneself completely from what was needed.

In order to treat the rate of fire with a high efficiency, you need to do everything systematically. The hike to the hospital must begin with an andrologist. Неукоснительное выполнение требований доктора может сказаться благоприятно на всех этапах выздоровления. Итак, мужчине поставлен диагноз — «скорострел».How to get rid of unpleasant pathology? As already noted, the choice of means of treatment will be determined precisely by the found factors affecting premature ovulation, including the physiological characteristics of the state of the male body.

It often happens that the rate of fire is triggered by diseases that are different in their symptoms.

Often, men are unaware that the early release of semen during sexual intercourse is a pathology and that the disease can be treated. So, if the situation is repeated all the time from time to time, there is no doubt - you need to address the issue thoroughly and purposefully.

When a doctor examines the physiological characteristics of the patient's health, he does not find any serious deviations from the norm, that is, a high degree of confidence that failures with ejaculation are associated with disturbances in the nervous system.

Then the next step will be to seek qualified help from a neurologist. It is very possible that the latter will write out drugs that soothe the nervous system, which can reduce stress levels and eliminate the effects of depression. In particular, they include antidepressants. This moment is the key factor in getting rid of the rate of fire.

Normalization of the nervous system in the man's body plays a big role in his intimate life. Not bad to ask for help from a psychologist. He will advise what specifically needs to be changed in the sexual life of the patient so that it is filled with harmony. He will offer medications that eliminate melancholy and increase mental alertness.

Naturally, it is impossible to manage without the professional assistance of a urologist in the treatment of marked male pathology. He will prescribe medications that are directly aimed at getting rid of the disease considered here. With the help of the latter, the patient will gradually improve sex life. These include gels that can “dull” the increased sensitivity of nerve endings, which are located on the head of the male sexual organ.

Surgery is also among the very effective treatment options for the sensitive male problem involved. The essence of surgical intervention is that there is an intervention in the integrity of the structure of the nerve trunks of the male sexual organ.

Recommendations for prolonging ejaculation

The use of special gels with antiseptics allows you to extend lovemaking for 5 or 10 minutes. This method is applicable when it is reliably known that the high sensitivity of the head of the penis is the cause of premature ejaculation. Keep in mind, however, that the effect of these gels has a certain delay in time: they begin to influence only after a certain period of time. Usually, 10 minutes must be waited for the gel to take effect. Therefore, ahead of time you should not despair.

The psychological attitude of a man is often one of the causes of the disease in question. Do not forget that the bed only exists in order to have fun, but this is by no means a battlefield where you have to prove something and show excessive heroism. And even more so it’s not fitting to brag in bed.

You can resort to the use of medicinal herbs. There are a sufficient number of plants that can have a beneficial effect on the restoration of sexual function, including the extension of ejaculation. For example, as an option: you can drink one third of a glass of oak bark decoction. This tool will weaken the potency, reduce the sensitivity of the head of the penis and, as a result, will prolong the course of sexual intercourse.

Distraction of thoughts sometimes turns out to achieve the desired effect. When there is a premonition of an inevitable and undesirable finale, think about the most simple everyday life chores. A good way to prolong sexual intercourse are thoughts about material well-being. The main thing is not to hit them "head on" so that the hunt is not lost at all.

The adoption of alcohol, contrary to medicine, is considered a good way to prolong sexual intercourse. In this case, the duration of making love will be directly proportional to the amount of drink consumed. It is important to be careful, otherwise there is a risk of ending passionate sex all night long without starting it.

Do you passionately want to prolong intercourse? Then try this tool - change the pace in the process of intimate caresses. “Switching the speed” is necessary in any case: when you are moving fast (you need to start moving slower) and, on the contrary, when you are slow (moving on to more frequent movements). You can use the following method: short-term removal of a member from the partner's vagina with the subsequent resumption of the process.
Another option: when you take a break, press with 2 fingers in the area between the anus and the scrotum.

Have you noticed any signs of a speed-drop? Do not rush to draw conclusions. See your doctor first. And only taking into account his recommendations on the basis of the survey can be used along with medicines and folk remedies. And also all known ways of getting rid of unpleasant symptoms. Do not forget: the main thing is an integrated approach to the problem.

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Waiting for sexual failure

Most often, the cause of the rate of fire has a psychological character. The bottom line is that some unpleasant events can sit tight in the head of a person for a long time. And constant thoughts about these events interfere with normal life. For example, a man has not had sex for a long time, and decided to fix it. He struck up a relationship with a girl and started having sex with her. However, due to prolonged abstinence, sexual intercourse was very fast. A girl could react negatively to this, for example, ask a man why everything went so fast. Naturally, it hit the male ego much and caused a lot of stress.

All negative thoughts tend to unwind. That is, after an unpleasant situation, a person can continue to think about it, talk about various scenarios. The constant thought of a possible failure creates in a man the fear of a quick sexual act. This can turn into anxious waiting for sexual failure syndrome. Before each intimacy with a new woman, a man will constantly think that everything will pass very quickly. Thoughts are material, and therefore a man will get exactly what he is constantly thinking about.

You can get out of this situation in the following way:

  1. Visit a psychotherapist and a sexologist.
  2. Learn to control your emotions.
  3. Find yourself a girl for a permanent relationship, and warn her about your problem.

If you do not know how to control your emotions, it is better to turn to specialists. They will give you practical recommendations for solving this problem. Of course, on the Internet there are so many tips on this topic. However, help will be more effective in a confidential conversation with a doctor.

One of the main qualities of a man is the ability to control his emotions. So, now is the time to learn how to do it and solve the problem with premature ejaculation. It is necessary to accept the situation for what it is and accept it. You cannot change it right now, so there’s no point in worrying. Try to direct your thoughts in the right direction, for example, to do your favorite thing or work. And after some time, try again to have sex with your girlfriend.

If negative thoughts overwhelm you, and you feel that you cannot solve this problem on your own, you can use condoms with a prolonging effect. Of course, you can't use them all the time, as they can be addictive, and then you will not be able to have sex in ordinary condoms.

During the week, you can use contraceptives with a prolonging effect, and then gradually replace them with conventional ones. It will create in your head the idea that you are able to have sex for quite a long time, and there will be no expectation of sexual failure.

A very good option is to find yourself an adequate girl for a permanent relationship. When you have a close relationship, you can tell her about your problem. If she loves and appreciates you, the duration of sex will not be for her the main criterion in the relationship. And after a few weeks, you can have sex much longer.

Sex Extension Techniques

In order to never again have the question of how to get rid of the rate of fire in men, it is necessary to master the following techniques:

  1. Take your time and pause. If you move too fast during sex, you will reach orgasm very soon. To delay it a little, periodically slow down the pace of movement. Sometimes you can stop for a few seconds and look your girl in the eye. It will make your sex more emotional, and also delay your ejaculation.
  2. Try a pose in which the woman will be on top. The bottom line is that with this posture there is an outflow of blood from the penis. This may weaken your erection and dull your sensations. This position can extend your intimacy for a few minutes.
  3. Do not breathe too intensely, because it brings you closer to orgasm. Try to breathe the same way you did during your run. To inhale and exhale for 2-3 seconds.
  4. Ask the girl to pinch and scratch you during sex. When you feel that an orgasm is approaching, it is necessary to divert the nervous system to another part of the body. Therefore, if a girl starts pinching you, you will forget about the approaching orgasm for a while.
  5. Ask yourself the installation to make a thousand frictions, and only then spew seed. If you constantly think about something during sex, it shifts your attention and prolongs intimate intimacy. You will make a thousand frictions in 15-20 minutes. This time is enough for you to make the girl happy.
  6. After the first sexual intercourse should not diverge. Wait 30-40 minutes and have sex again. The more you do it, the better you control the process.

Exercises for quick-fire men

To get rid of premature ejaculations, you must perform the following exercises:

  1. During self-satisfaction, it is necessary to delay ejaculation. That is, when you feel that the orgasm is approaching, it is necessary to clasp the penis at the bottom of the head so that the sperm does not leak out. Next, you need to wait for the erection to weaken, and continue the reciprocating movement. You need to repeat this action 3-4 times, and then you can allow yourself to have fun.
  2. Train your pubic-coccygeal muscle. The easiest way to feel it is to stop urine excretion during the period when a man goes to the toilet “in a small way”. After you have felt it, you can begin to strain it. One repetition should take you 3 seconds: 2 - to strain, and 1 - to relax. It is necessary to do this exercise for 5 minutes, 2 times a day - after waking up and before going to bed.
  3. Any exercise related to the activity of the hip joint: running, squatting, jumping, cycling. These exercises strengthen the pubic-coccygeal muscle and improve blood circulation in the pelvic area. With their help, you can not only prolong sexual intercourse, but also improve potency.

There are so many ways to cure the rate of fire. In any case, it is necessary to show willpower and have patience, and then the question of what to do if a man is quick shots will never bother you.