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When to play a wedding if pregnant?


Wedding is always wonderful! And it does not matter at what time period and under what circumstances it happens: if a man and a woman decided to formalize their relationship, then it means that just the right moment came for that. If this happened during pregnancy, then doubly great. The couple will acquire marital status almost at the same time as their parents.

A wedding is a terrific holiday, and you should not deprive yourself of it, even if the bride is in an interesting position. This event is able to give incredible emotions, charge with positive and leave unforgettable memories, and not just pull a lot of effort and money from the newlyweds, as many believe. Just as in every case, there are also rules here. Here we will talk about them.

Find helpers

One is not a warrior in the field, so before you get down to business, find like-minded people. Especially if the husband is ready to give you the right to make decisions on a number of organizational issues. Agree, to choose a filling for a cake in the company of a mother, friend or sister is much more pleasant than one. Moreover, on the way, you can stop by trying on shoes, and on the way back, discuss what you see at a cafe. Turn into a celebration already the very preparation for it, do not drive yourself, enjoy the anticipation of the holiday. This is a pleasant chore!

Make a wedding plan

Someone dreams of a wedding on the ocean, and someone will say the words of loyalty on Leninsky Prospekt. Depending on your ideas and possibilities, write a rough plan of what will be included in the composition of the wedding celebrations. Will you have a bachelorette party and a bachelor party? Wedding photo session? Celebration in a restaurant? Exit marriage registration ceremony? Or are you limited to a holiday for two? Whatever you choose, preparation for the wedding is necessary. Even if you will not arrange a magnificent celebration, show elementary respect for this day of your life and select it from the chain of others, devoting time to your soulmate and your relationship.

Do not be afraid to be creative

Now it is fashionable to arrange themed weddings: oriental, floral, coffee, farm, purple, fabulous, sea, national, in the style of Chanel, based on “The Great Gatsby”, “Only Girls in Jazz”, “Cinderella”, etc. But you do not have to follow fashion. Arrange the wedding in classical style with traditional attributes such as ransom or abduction of the bride, if you like this concept. Yes, in the end, and weddings, when the bride and groom come to the registry office in jeans, and then leave on a motorcycle, no one will be surprised. Choosing a style of celebration, do not forget about your pregnancy. A pregnant Cinderella or Snow White is hardly a good idea. Although one should be careful with fairy tales at any time - there is almost always a hidden meaning in them.

Decide on the program

A wedding is not a quest called “Catch everything”, therefore for a future mother it is more sensible to spread all the components of a wedding in time, on different days. Start with a photo shoot. On this day, do your hair and makeup the same as you will have in the X hour, it will be a rehearsal. And then the photographer calmly and slowly photographs what will be included in your wedding album - rings, dresses, clothes, as well as your love story. What is the rush?

The official registration of a marriage in the registry office can be exciting and touching. Invite her relatives and closest friends. With them, you can also take a trip to the memorable places of the city, hang a symbolic lock on the bridge and mark what happened in a narrow circle. If you are planning a large gathering of guests, then may you have no more plans on this day, because you will have to spend a lot of time on your feet. By the way, according to tradition, the newlyweds may not be at their wedding until the end - use this right in order not to overwork and not to disturb the regime of the day. But if you decide not to invite guests and make a wedding for two, then we recommend not to refuse photo shoots. Wedding attributes are optional for her - leave your emotions, your feelings for each other in a given period of time on the film (or figure).

Choose a venue

The style of the wedding largely determines the venue and 100% determines the wedding decor. But thinking about the beauty and convenience of guests, do not forget about yourself. First of all, you should be comfortable in this room. Sometimes, having seen the hall and having understood the approximate seating of the guests, the newlyweds change the number of guests both upwards and downwards. What else to pay attention to? The proximity of the toilet, the presence of a rest room, accessible access to the street - all this will be far from superfluous for the future mother. It is advisable for the bride to take small breaks once an hour and a half. If it is possible several times during the evening to lie down for 10-15 minutes to rest, it will be wonderful. You should not build yourself a sturdy tin soldier - now it is not your role. And please be careful with the dances.

Get outfits for the bride and groom

Special stores offer a wide selection of clothes for pregnant brides. They are pretty comfortable. But to hide the tummy and try to tighten the corset more - it is wrong. Another unforgivable mistake will be the choice of a trouser suit for the bride. But nothing can be compared to the speed of turning the evening of your dreams into an evening of torture in uncomfortable shoes. To shine with a high heel is enough for the first 15 minutes of the evening and in front of the photographer, at all other times you should be wearing comfortable shoes with comfortable heels. You have to fly, not waddle.

Order refreshments

You are tormented by the question: to drink or not to drink? Of course, do not drink! But you can take a sip of weak alcoholic drinks like champagne and wine, of course. The main thing is that during the day you shouldn’t get a little more than a glass. And be sure to eat. Leave salted fish, caviar, smoked meats and other delicacies to the groom and guests. To feel good, you need to eat healthy foods, such as fish or meat with vegetables. And, of course, on this day no one (not even your own conscience) will execute you for a piece of wedding cake.

Think of gifts in advance

With the birth of a child in the house will add things. It would be nice if you give them. For this, many shops now offer such a service as the wish list. You come to the store and pre-select everything that you would like to receive as a gift. And then in the invitation of guests specify in which shop they can choose gifts for you. In this case, you will not have surprise gifts - this, of course, is a minus, but unnecessary things will not increase either - that is definitely a plus. If you want money to be presented to you, also notify the guests in advance.

Embark on a romantic journey

Even if you have not planned vacation in faraway countries, do not miss the opportunity to be after the wedding only together. Romantic travel can be organized within the city where you live. Take a room in the hotel, take a walk around the places you have never been to, visit a new exhibition or go to the theater. When you move even through a familiar city with new routes, you will get the impression that you are in a new place. And this is just what you need to create a romantic mood.

With the advent of the child, family life is changing, mom and dad have less time for each other. Therefore, to use the period of pregnancy in order to be just the two of us, plunge into the romance and arrange a wedding is the right decision. The wedding services industry is now very well developed. Wedding agencies can take on all the troubles associated with the organization of a large celebration. Well, if you stopped at a modest holiday just for two or for your own, then you can handle everything yourself. And may you have your dream wedding!

Wedding - to be or not to be?

You are facing a solution to this issue, which turned out to be not as unambiguous as we would like. What stops you?

So you want the wedding to be a wonderful, memorable event in life. But when the bride appears in the registry office with a stomach, clearly giving out the term of pregnancy, then there are several questionable questions that darken the joy of all participants in the festive ceremony:

  • Is it a belated event, which is trying to turn back the clock and somehow justify what should have happened after marriage, the birth of a child?
  • Would not relatives look askance at the young, sympathizing with their parents: “It's good that you managed to get a pregnant daughter married!”? Another version of the question: what will people say?
  • Does the young man not marry only because of noble motives and a sense of responsibility, and not at will and love?
  • Maybe you should not advertise the pregnancy and arrange a wedding, but rather sign it quietly, without attracting attention?

The formulation of these questions indicates that you are a rational thinking person who wants to foresee all possible consequences before a decisive step. On the other hand, around the registration of marriage there are so many myths and legends on the eternal topic of how to get married, that even the most sensible women unwittingly find themselves under their influence.

So, what to advise in this case?

First, do not forget that you live in the XXI century, when the wedding is a formal confirmation and public recognition of the fact of the union of man and woman, and not the fact of initiation of adult life and the transfer of an innocent girl into the hands of the man responsible for it. Ask yourself a question: did you want to start recognizing each other with your chosen one only after the wedding march, or do you still prefer to marry a person well known to you in all spheres of life, moving to a new stage of relationships - waiting and giving birth to a child? It is unlikely that you will negatively answer this question.

Debt to public opinion and a reason for kindred gossip is still there - not a pregnancy, so anything else, you are unlikely to get married to please your relatives. Leave the imitations for their idle thoughts and focus on building your life the way the two of you want.

Of course, the thoughts and actions of your chosen one are best seen right now for you, but do not disregard the fact that this step is a more serious and meaningful event for a man, so take for granted his possible thoughts and hesitations - as a responsible person, your future husband thinks about how best to build a life together, but does not rejoice and does not jump to the ceiling for joy. Rest assured that if a man decides to marry, it speaks volumes in his attitude towards you, so do not question his feelings. In addition, in a legal sense, it would be much better if the child is born in a registered marriage.

If you want celebrations, white dresses, flowers and waltz and you can afford it, do it - but not because of the desire to prove something to someone, but because of the pleasure that this holiday should bring to you now, to stay in the memory for a long time.

Wedding preparations

So, the decision is made, we begin to prepare for the wedding.

Wedding is such a large-scale event that you should prepare for it in advance, taking into account many factors. Therefore, it is best to create for yourself an approximate sequence of actions that will help you not to lose sight of important details. In order to avoid unforeseen complications, it is necessary to make a plan for a holiday in advance. Do not be lazy, keep in mind every detail, and then you can guarantee that the celebration will take place without a hitch. Try not to delay with the decision of the main issues - in fact, you do not have much time, maybe you should hurry to arrange a wedding, while the stomach is not visible yet.

For 1 month

Choose the appropriate agency for price and reputation, specializing in organizing weddings.

Select a tour operator to organize a trip.

Discuss the festival script.

Order cars, invitation cards, photographer services.

Make a guest list.

Start filling out the invitation cards.

Discuss with the parents and the consultant of the wedding dinner menu.

Order wedding rings.

Arrange a time to visit the hairdresser.

Think about where you will place non-resident guests.

3 weeks

Send out invitations to the celebration.

Think about the gifts to each other.

Make an hourly plan for your wedding day.

Buy wedding rings.

Check whether you have provided for everything: execution of wedding dresses by date, car rent, organization of a banquet, room decoration.

Start preparing for your honeymoon trip.

Finally, confirm the details of the design of the celebration and the bride's bouquet.

Make sure all guests have received invitations and will arrive.

Specify again the details of the wedding dinner.

If necessary, you can try to keep within a month, but this will require considerable effort.

And remember, a wedding celebration is a serious matter, not allowing the adoption of any decisions at the last moment.

Dress for the bride

First, it makes sense to think in advance about buying a dress or renting it. Of course, it depends on the material possibilities, and on the answer to the question: what then to do with the wedding dress? Therefore, you can also think about how universally your dress can be and whether it will be possible to wear it later as an elegant, festive? It's a shame to wear a dress only once in a lifetime (although later it can be shown to grandchildren).

Secondly, the features of the figure during pregnancy dictate their own laws, so it is best to buy the dress shortly before the wedding, otherwise it may become just a little. Ideally, a wedding dress for a pregnant bride should have a small margin in the waist and chest.

Third, to hide the belly or emphasize it is also a matter of taste. Depending on the solution, you can always choose the appropriate style. The exception is a dress on a hard corset that tightens the figure: it can harm both the bride and the child. They look good on a refreshed figure. A-shaped silhouettes - narrow shoulders, low waist, strongly flared skirt. The focus here is on the shoulders, allowing you to create a clean, flowing down line. Another option is a high waist, when the dress disperses with flowing folds under the breast. But the abundance of shuttlecocks and ryushechek weight silhouette. By the way, do not forget about the special underwear - a bra for pregnant women will support and emphasize the beauty of the breast. Also, do not give up special massage tights or stockings: they improve blood circulation and reduce the load on the legs. But during the ceremony you will have to stand a lot.

The veil issue should be solved, bearing in mind not widespread prejudices that the veil is a symbol of innocence (by the way, this is not quite so - in the wedding ceremony it had a different meaning), but its compatibility with the chosen style of dress and hairstyle you plan to do.

A week before the wedding, you should try on a festive outfit and make sure that he is sitting well, and two days before the celebration, repeat the fitting.

And do not forget to choose comfortable shoes - you will have to give up on narrow stiletto heels or take spare shoes with you. If the shoes are new, then it is advisable to carry them in advance. During pregnancy, many women have very swollen legs, and in the evening shoes can be cramped.

Bouquet for the bride

Besides the fact that the bouquet in its form and color should be suitable for the wedding along, it must be borne in mind that it should not have flowers with a strong aroma that irritates or causes nausea. Therefore, do not let this matter take its course, and somewhere two weeks before the wedding, visit the flower shop with your chosen one and show him the bouquet you want in your hands during the wedding, or order a bouquet to the florist, discuss the details with him in advance.

Wedding menu

It is necessary to connect to its compilation if you do not want to sit hungry at your own wedding or suffer from toxicosis, which is caused by the smell and appearance of the wedding table. The basic rules of behavior at the festive table are no different from the daily diet of a pregnant woman: you should not experiment with new, especially exotic foods, you will have to limit yourself to spicy and fatty foods, smoked meats, salads, dressed with mayonnaise and containing boiled eggs. Generally, you should not eat a lot so as not to feel bad. But do not sit the same bride hungry at their own wedding! How to find a way out of this situation?

If the wedding is planned at home, then everything is simple - you can pre-negotiate with those who will prepare the festive table to prepare those safe dishes that the bride can eat: lean meat or chicken, boiled vegetables, light vegetable salads. Если свадьба планируется в ресторане, надо постараться обговорить ситуацию с поваром и распорядителем — вполне возможно, что они пойдут вам навстречу и приготовят ваше любимое блюдо. Если придется ограничиться стандартным ресторанным меню, надо заранее с ним ознакомиться, найти там что-то наиболее подходящее для себя — вполне вероятно, там будет гулящ, беф-строганов или котлета по-киевс­ки.And, of course, you should limit yourself to a symbolic piece of a wedding cake (maximum two), but chocolate and coffee will be banned altogether. From alcohol you can afford a traditional glass of champagne, a glass of light wine, which can then be replaced with juice, water without gas or non-alcoholic wine.

Bride's appearance

If pigment spots appear on the skin during pregnancy, perform several procedures to lighten them. For example, putting gauze in several layers, wetting it in chilled juice of parsley or cabbage diluted with water, put it on your face for 4-5 minutes, then soak it again in solution and put it on your face, and so 4-5 times. Remember that it is impossible to get rid of age spots in a day, so take care of your face beforehand.

Efforts to restore beauty before the wedding should not be excessive, otherwise they will do more harm than good.

Hair during pregnancy becomes fluffy and shiny, so do not spoil their color and perm, even if light - active chemicals can play the role of an allergen, and the dye ingredients enter the blood through the scalp. Moreover, precisely because the structure of a hair changes under the influence of hormonal changes, the result of coloring and chemical perm may be unpredictable.

You should also be extremely careful with the manicure: not only well-disinfected manicure tools are very important, but also the chemical composition of nail polish and means for removing it - they should not contain substances that are dangerous to the pregnant woman and the fetus: formaldehyde, toluene, camphor and acetone .

Of the other salon procedures, you can make a course of massage for the face, a mask - this will help your skin look fresh.

In advance, you can think about cosmetics and wedding makeup. Make-up should meet three basic principles: it should not be new for you (you do not know how your body will react to new substances: perhaps they will cause allergies), "heavy" and excessively bright. If you will “draw a face” yourself, practice beforehand and evaluate the results of your work.

Before applying makeup, wipe the skin with a piece of ice, clean your face with a special lotion or milk, apply a light moisturizer, and then make-up: makeup should be light, soothing, pastel colors, because the bright colors on your face will look pretty vulgar now. By the way, make sure that throughout your wedding you have compact powder under your hands so that you can even out and refresh your makeup.

Wedding ceremony

Try to schedule a wedding day so that between the wedding ceremony at the registry office and the wedding banquet was not a very long period of time. It is very inconvenient and tiring for those invited, when, for example, one event starts at 3 pm and another at 7 or 8 pm! It is unlikely that during this period the bride can leave the guests and go to lie down - usually it is filled with trips around the city, visiting memorable places, so that in the evening, when the wedding banquet begins, the bride will have no time for celebrations. Therefore, there should be several household parts. Firstly, where and how to relax a bit before the evening, secondly, be sure to have a bite during the day, thirdly, no matter how nice the wedding dress looks, even if it seems that it's warm outside, you shouldn’t ignore the issue of outerwear - The car must have a coat, stole or coat that can be thrown. Otherwise, instead of a honeymoon, you might be awaited by a hospital box, and a cold for a pregnant woman is fraught with complications in the future.


If you are planning a joint trip, keep in mind that the best time to travel is the second trimester of pregnancy, and the best transport is the train. Sudden changes in temperature, climatic zones and time zones are not recommended.

One of the most important conditions on the trip, regardless of the distance, is the ability to quickly contact the doctor in case of any problems. The medical insurance offered by the travel agency does not include cases related to pregnancy, so you should definitely consider the material possibility to see a doctor if you are abroad. The absolute contraindications to the trip are: the threat of miscarriage, placenta previa (when the placenta blocks the exit from the uterus), preeclampsia (high blood pressure, protein in the urine, edema). Even if you have not been given the listed diagnoses, do not forget to consult with your doctor about the possibility of travel before traveling.

If long trips are contraindicated to you, you can think of options closer to home - a holiday home, a boarding house, a sanatorium.

How much is a wedding?

There is a well-known joke that the duration of family life is inversely proportional to the cost of a wedding. In this joke there is a significant element of truth! If huge sums are spent on a wedding, besides collected in debt, which you will then have to pay, it leaves a certain imprint on family relations. Most often, the entire initiators of the loan are parents for whom the wedding of a son or daughter is a reason to take pride in front of relatives and acquaintances. If parents take the financial side of themselves, then later reproaches are not excluded, especially if something happens in your family life not in the way they imagined. Therefore, in organizing this event, it is better to try to be financially independent, especially since today having and maintaining a child is also expensive, and this must be foreseen in advance.

To avoid conflicts over the organization of the wedding, try to exclude financial dependence on the parents before submitting the application to the registry office. If you are the masters of your future family, you will decide who and how much you want to see on your first family holiday. Of course, if you yourself want to arrange a magnificent celebration at your own expense, that is your right.

Of course, today the scale of the wedding can be very different. To navigate, it is worthwhile to cite the approximate costs of a solemn marriage registration, including details and trivia. Here are the lower boundaries of expenditures, and the upper ones are not limited by anything except means and fantasy:

What should be foreseen on the wedding day?

  • It is advisable to have a good sleep and rest - there is a hard day ahead.
  • On the wedding day, it is good for the bride to get up early in order to have everything in time - take into account the very natural excitement on such a day. It is better that you were on your feet for about half an hour before the time when you will have to wear a dress.
  • Ask the driver to move the front seats forward so that the luxurious dress will fit and you can stretch your legs.
  • Stylist and makeup artist must be invited home so as not to run down the street in sneakers, jacket and veil.
  • If the veil is long, it should be fixed on the head like this. so that it can be easily removed, otherwise it will turn into a dirty rag on which everyone will tread.
  • If your legs are tired, you can throw off shoes in the car so that your legs can rest.
  • The groom must practice raising the bride in order not to drop her - this is not as easy as it seems at first glance.
  • At home or in a restaurant - where there will be a festive dinner - one of the friends must control the preparation for the banquet, so that guests do not come to the unopened table.
  • Ask guests to smoke in the designated area.
  • Do not get tired and remember that dancing till you drop is not for you. Based on your condition, medical indications, the duration and course of your pregnancy.
  • Consider in advance that when the bride and groom go home or to the hotel, they will be waited by the car in order not to vote on the road.

On the other hand, you should not constantly and fearfully remember what you can not, calmly think over everything that you can and rejoice in your happiest state of life!

Maternity Wedding Dress

The key to choosing the perfect wedding dress is convenience. Because the Empire style will be the ideal solution for a pregnant bride: the material is collected under the breast, falling down with beautiful smooth lines down, so that the pregnant belly is comfortable.

It should emphasize the advantages, attracting attention to the neckline. During pregnancy, the breast is enlarged by a couple of sizes, because it is a sin not to show its pomp with a properly chosen bra.

In the event that the wedding takes place during the cold season, it is necessary to choose a bolero that is beautifully beaded or decorated with embroidery. A snow-white fur cape is suitable for the winter period; it appears more than once in fairy tales about princesses.

Hairstyle and accessories for pregnant bride

It is better to pack the hair in an unusual beautiful hair so that the neck was loose. This hairstyle will harmoniously emphasize the outfit, and the bride will look charming.

Not bulky and simple jewelry will look on your neck much better than massive necklaces and pendants. Under the image of the bride means youth, so large jewelry will only spoil it.

Many assume that large stones and rhinestones distract attention from the abdomen. But this is not at all the case. Pregnant tummy is the pride and the most important decoration. It is only necessary to imagine when on the wedding day, waking up in the morning, the bride will be in a pleasant emotion from the expectation of the future husband, the child, peacefully falling asleep under the thoughts of the mother, thinks: “My mommy is marrying daddy!” Is this not happiness?

Makeup for pregnant

Due to hormonal changes that occur in women during pregnancy, her skin may become better or, on the contrary, worse. Therefore, during pregnancy, skin care must be taken care of. As a rule, it becomes fat. The skin should be cleaned 2 times daily, so that on the wedding day it looked the best way. Do not forget about protection from the rays of the sun, otherwise you may face the problem of pigmentation spots aggravation.

The bride's makeup should be natural and light: mascara, tone for the face, lipstick with shimmering particles, a little underlined pencil in the corners of the eyes - that's probably all.

How long to get married?

Mid gestation is the best period for marriage. The first months of an interesting situation can be darkened by toxicosis, while the latter - by constant fatigue and gained weight. Therefore, usually the second trimester gives women the most satisfaction.

Happy family life and great joy from motherhood!

Muratova Anna Eduardovna

Psychologist, online consultant. Specialist from the website

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girlfriend for 5 months the wedding played, norms
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spring wedding play. after childbirth is definitely not up to be. :) but you can even without a wedding, just register and that's it.

the earlier the better. there is no time for fat, as they say.

Do as quickly as possible if you do not want everyone to grin at the wedding, supposedly with a belly belly.

Have you ever sign it. And the wedding can not do.

Do as quickly as possible if you do not want everyone to grin at the wedding, supposedly with a belly belly.

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author, better now. In winter, its advantages - you can have a nice and beautiful time, make unusual photos. If you want a massive wedding, then the restaurants are cheaper, and in the registry office there are fewer people, and you can choose any beautiful dress. And if it is modest, it is also good - you can choose or rent a cottage with a fireplace in a cozy warm cafe.
It is not necessary to postpone for several reasons:
1. you still need to be officially married, anything can happen, but you need to protect yourself as much as possible and that there are no problems with paternity later (it happens that they postpone and postpone, then health, then opor, and unofficial husband - an extra hemorrhoids with papers and pr, why?)
2. In the summer, even despite the warmth, you will feel differently from now, probably you will have no time for fun, walkers, etc. Even if the pregnancy is easy and trouble free, it is physically hard to sustain a great event.
3. Well, the psychological moment - the stomach is clearly visible, everyone knows, there will definitely be talk-talkings, but you yourself will start to wind yourself up and be upset that your appearance is not the same, the pictures are not like that, the dress is not sitting like that, etc., why?
In short, everything is better now to turn this thing up, whether it is modest or pompous, and then calmly engage in health, self, not to steam and not be nervous

The first trimester is the hardest. It can wait until the second, and it will be warmer.

Oh I do not know. I have a friend already at 4-5 months old, in July giving birth is shorter, but she wants after giving birth. oh, well, do not know, do not know. obviously not before the wedding will be. And another friend married a year and a half ago in November, a month later, after learning about her pregnancy.

get married after giving birth, well, after a year or two, what's the difference. but no one will whisper in the corners that he agreed to marry only when she flew. It seems to me humiliating.

Is it possible to get married pregnant

Many pregnant women who plan to legitimize the relationship with their lover and the father of the unborn child, unwittingly the question arises about whether to hold a wedding, being in position. Just 30 years ago, in our country, pregnant girls strove to quickly marry, until the stomach became very noticeable. To marry a pregnant woman was considered, at least, not decent. Such an act in society condemned.

Nowadays, many pregnant girls, intending to get married, try to follow old traditions, take into account national signs. For example, to wear a snow-white wedding dress, according to custom, only a virgin has the right. That is, if the bride is going to marry a pregnant woman, she should choose an outfit of beige, pink, blue or any other shade.

One of the famous vintage signs associated with the marriage of a pregnant girl is tying her belly with a red ribbon. This ritual will help protect the future baby from the evil eye. To do this, on the bare belly of the bride tie a wide red fabric. This tradition prompted brides to wear luxurious evening dresses of red color on the second day of the wedding. After the first night of marriage, the new wife may well be in an interesting position.

Is it possible to get married being "in position"?

If the groom and the pregnant bride are Christians, then their desire to get married is understandable and justified. So a loving couple will provide God's blessing to the children. There are different opinions about the wedding of a pregnant woman. Some firmly believe that premarital sex is fornication, therefore, they strongly oppose the marriage of brides in the position. Others come out with a more loyal point of view, believing that a pregnant girl has the right to receive a church blessing.

To resolve this issue for yourself, you should consult with the ministers of the church. Wedding is a great mystery. The modern church has every right to bless the legal marriage of two Christians. Any priest will say that getting married to a bride while pregnant is not prohibited. As for the rite itself, the process lasts for about an hour, during which the bride and groom must stand. In case the pregnant woman becomes ill, there should be water and a bench nearby.

Tips for creating an image for a pregnant bride

Nowadays, a pregnant bride and groom no longer have to sneak into the registry office in order to avoid judgmental views. At the same time, there is no need to hold a modest tea party in the circle of relatives and close ones instead of a magnificent celebration. A modern bride, being pregnant, can allow herself to wear a luxurious dress, make a beautiful haircut and make-up, and celebrate such a significant event with a desired scale.

How to choose a wedding dress for pregnant?

Modern fashion couturiers offer a rich assortment of wedding dresses for pregnant women. The choice of a suitable style depends on the size of the tummy of the bride. In the first trimesters, when the tummy is almost invisible, the happy future mother can afford to choose any model. However, during this period, pregnant women are often plagued by toxemia. There is a risk that the bride will vomit right during the celebration. Therefore, the wedding, as a rule, is planned for a later date, when the physiological changes are already becoming noticeable.

A pregnant bride should carefully select the style of the wedding dress, so that during the celebration of the solemn event, she feels not just perfect, but also as comfortable as possible. Classical silhouettes "trapeze" or "empire" are perfect for the bride in position. Such a dress of the bride is decorated with an elegant satin belt, which is tied up under the bust. The length of the skirt can vary from maxi to cocktail version just above the knee.

Comfort is the paramount condition for a bride who marries a pregnant woman. Choose an outfit from natural fabrics. Avoid tight-fitting styles, synthetic materials. Невесте не стоит надевать платье с большим количеством сеток, внутренних швов, кружев. Обилие таких декоративных элементов вполне вероятно станет причиной развития кожного зуда, раздражения. Бижутерия, которая будет соприкасаться с кожей беременной, должна быть выполнена из качественного металла.

Красивое и комфортное белье

The bride in the position should carefully choose not only a wedding dress, but also underwear, which should be made of high-quality natural fabric. Choose cotton, linen or silk products. In pharmacies, especially for pregnant women, special slimming panties and bandages are sold. They fit snugly to the body, support the stomach, emphasize the silhouette of the bride. The bandage for a pregnant woman should be made of natural fabric with a small addition of microfiber or lycra.

Celebration Shoes

Newlyweds have to spend almost all day on their feet, so the choice of shoes for a pregnant hero of the occasion should be very careful. The best option for the bride in position - shoes with a flat sole. If you still want to spend this holiday in heels, choose the most stable models, avoid high studs. Excessive strain on the legs, especially in the early stages, increases the risk of miscarriage. In no case should a pregnant woman spend all day in tight shoes.

Recommendations for preparing a bachelorette party for pregnant

Many brides because of the expectations of the baby deprive themselves of the pleasure of spending a hen party in the company of close friends. A pregnant girl does not have to give up such a fun pre-holiday event. If everything is properly planned and thought out, the bachelorette party will not harm the health of the bride or child, and the positive emotions of the future mom will only benefit. An ideal place for a pregnant party is the bride's house, where she will feel as comfortable as possible.

If you decide to spend a bachelorette party in a cafe, in advance take care of the menu, as well as that your table is located in the non-smoking room. In summer, in good weather, have a fun picnic in nature. The spa is another great place for a women's party. Keep in mind that the sauna is strictly contraindicated for pregnant women, so choose only a safe procedure for yourself. If you decide to have fun at home, arrange a culinary workshop, a funny photo session, a pajama party, an improvised cinema - there are a lot of interesting ideas.

Beautiful photo shoot of a pregnant bride with her fiance

The wedding fashion actively develops today. This applies not only to outfits and hairstyles for young people, but also the themes of the holiday. Modern brides and grooms never tire of inventing original plots for weddings, and organizing real shows. An important place is occupied by photos, which for many years keep the memory of this amazing and incredibly significant day in the life of any family. Wedding photo shoot with a pregnant woman is characterized by a number of specific features.

Needless to say that before the bride, waiting for the appearance of the baby, offers a lot of interesting opportunities for filming. If the wedding is scheduled for summer time, take pictures in nature. Almost all ideas for photo shoots of pregnant women focus on waiting for the baby. The pictures are incredibly touching and romantic. The shots taken on a sunlit field or in a flowered park are always bright and fabulously beautiful.

If the wedding will take place in the winter, in advance search for a place with a beautiful interior or arrange a photoset at home. A professional photographer will propose to the bride and groom to use original thematic requisites, including booties, sliders, children's costumes, soft toys, and signs with inscriptions. Participation in the shooting - is far from simple. During the photo shoot there must be a place where the bride could sit. At hand, pregnant women should have clean water.

If you correctly approach the organization of wedding photography, as well as warn the photographer about the special position of the bride, the photo session should go smoothly, without incident. In order not to harm the baby, listen carefully to your body, do not hesitate to interrupt the shooting if you feel unwell. As a result, you will receive beautiful photos that will remember not only your wedding day, but also the magical period of pregnancy.

Wedding omens for pregnant brides

Due to the turbulent changes that occur in the female body, pregnant women often become overly sentimental, suspicious and even superstitious. Sometimes even girls who have never believed in any signs, traditions and rituals before, start to wonder what their wedding promises during the pregnancy and how this may affect the baby.

Especially for such future moms who want to know and think over everything, our site has collected all the signs that somehow relate to pregnancy, wedding and the features of preparation for it.

  • pregnant (however, like any bride) folk beliefs do not advise to play a wedding in May, otherwise, they say, the future baby will have to toil all his life afterwards,
  • to protect yourself and your child from the evil eye under the scrutiny of strangers (or close ones), a pregnant bride, before wearing a wedding dress, you should tie your belly with a red ribbon or thread,
  • in the people white color is associated with purity and innocence, therefore it was previously believed that only a virgin bride can afford a white wedding dress, and a pregnant bride should choose an outfit with some shade (beige, pink, lilac, etc.) . True, to be honest and strictly follow this custom, then in our time the bride in a snow-white dress will be an unusual rarity)
  • for brides who want to not only make a wedding hairstyle, but a new haircut, it is worth remembering a sign that prohibits girls in a haircut, claiming that this may cause premature birth or shorten the life of a child,
  • another rather old sign forbids drawing a pregnant woman, believing that it can slow down the development of the fetus / child. And with application to modern conditions, it is perceived as a ban on photographing a pregnant woman, including at a wedding photo shoot,
  • Another superstition predicts difficulties in life, not for the girl who marries a pregnant woman, but for the one who becomes her witness. Some believe that having been a witness at the wedding of a pregnant woman, the girl will never have her own children.

To believe in all these signs (or some of them) or not is the personal file of each bride. On the one hand, “God protects the cherished one,” and on the other, our people will have so many different superstitions for all occasions that it becomes scary to leave the house. The ideal solution is to listen to yourself and your feelings: if there are no internal fears or anxieties about noncompliance, she will accept - fine, if doubts still torment you - it is better to fulfill them for the good of your composure and calm.

The perfect time for a wedding

For many girls, the decision to marry a pregnant woman is not always easy. There is always both its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, a wedding before delivery:

  • eliminates the need for further paperwork with the design of the child, if he was not born married,
  • deprives of the need to separately confirm the paternity of the baby,
  • allows a quiet wedding off and enjoy the status of "married" pregnant woman.

On the other hand:

  • will not be able to "complete" fun at your own wedding,
  • it will be difficult to avoid even from the single whispers that the couple got married just because of pregnancy,
  • it will be difficult for the bride to assume all the responsibilities of preparing her own celebration,
  • may have to give up the honeymoon trip.

But deciding on a “pregnant” wedding is only half the problem. The other is to decide at what time it is better to mark this event. According to the experience of a considerable number of brides, most agree that the ideal period is second trimester of pregnancy (from 13 to 27 weeks). This term is called the "golden period", the heyday of pregnancy, one might say, the "golden mean." This is a time of peace and tranquility, so it is best suited for wedding festivities. In addition, there are a considerable number of shortcomings in holding a wedding in the first or third trimester.

For example, in the first 4 months:

  • a woman can be tormented by toxemia,
  • excitement about pregnancy can "block" other activities,
  • there are great risks of miscarriage due to excessive unrest or intense activity in the preparation of the wedding,
  • It is not always possible to organize a wedding in a short time.

On the other hand, in the later periods:

  • a pregnant bride may be embarrassed by her too visible tummy, which will attract the attention of others,
  • a solid period implies a considerable burden on the female body, which leads to a constant feeling of heaviness and fatigue,
  • in the last weeks there is a risk to finish the wedding festivities in delivery room.

Of course, every woman's body reacts to changes occurring in it differently (someone may not have toxemia, and someone at a wedding at 8-9 months of pregnancy is very easy), so it’s hard to say for sure what will be better for each particular pregnant. But in order to be sure that a noisy party does not harm the baby, when planning a wedding date, it will not be superfluous to consult a doctor about your health condition and test results.

Features of the organization of the wedding

Wedding preparation is troublesome and is accompanied by constant experiences. And as everyone knows, pregnant can not be nervous. But this does not mean that the bride in the position will have to abandon the wedding of her dreams just because she will not be able to personally deal with all the preparatory issues.

Wedding during pregnancy and preparation for it can, at times, bring even more pleasure and leave only pleasant memories. All you need to do is to find a responsible trustee. This may be a fiance, sister, girlfriend or employee of a wedding agency, to whom the bride can entrust the organization of one of the main events in her life. Even the more helpers the better. The main thing is for all of them to clearly understand what the main hero of the occasion wants, and all changes or decisions should be coordinated with her.

Wedding image of the bride in position

One of the main wedding attributes of the bride - This is a wedding dress. His choice is always an important and exciting moment in preparing for the wedding. And if quite recently, the bride in a position had to look for a suitable dress for the rounded shapes from standard offers, then today wedding dresses for pregnant women are a separate section of wedding fashion.

The bride can buy her own outfit or sew the order, but in any case it should meet certain requirements:

  • the dress should be comfortable
  • it is worth refusing tight-fitting styles, and also avoid dresses with a large number of skirts, nets, etc.,
  • fabrics for a dress should be exclusively high quality and natural. Chiffon and crepe are suitable for summer, and cotton velvet and batiste for the winter,
  • dress you need to buy / sew with the increasing in size tummy,
  • good on pregnant girls look dresses with a high waist, silhouettes of the type "trapeze" or "empire", dresses in the Greek style,
  • the bride, marrying a pregnant woman, should not be shy or strive to hide her belly under a mass of ruff or other decorative elements,
  • the length of the dress can be different (from the skirt to the floor to the hem at a level just above the knees), as long as the bride is comfortable.

In addition to the main component wedding image of the bride, do not forget about additional accessories and decorations. If, in connection with pregnancy, the wedding will have to be done away in the winter, then you need to remember about a fur coat that will cover your belly, and warm winter shoes. In the hot summer, the bride may need a fan and a hat or parasol. Of the jewelry should avoid bulky and heavy options, as well as products that may cause irritation to the skin. And the bride in the position should pay special attention to the choice of comfortable underwear, which will not hamper her movement.

Menu at the "pregnant" wedding

Women who are lucky enough to experience all the delights of pregnancy, as no one knows how unpredictable the reaction of the female body during this period to a different food, even the one that has recently been habitual, can be. Therefore, the development of the menu for such a wedding requires more attention and implies some limitations. The latter may concern only the table of the bride herself, and the menu of the entire banquet as a whole - everything depends on the severity of the restrictions, the whims of the pregnant woman and her endurance.

All products on the table of the expectant mother should be fresh, high-quality and comply with medical recommendations. Contrary to possible desires, it is worth refusing spicy and fatty dishes, exotic and allergenic fruits. Each bride in a position should decide for herself personally the question of alcohol and the permitted amount of its use, but many doctors say that a little red wine cannot harm a pregnant woman or her baby. On the day of your own wedding, it is better to follow the rules of proper nutrition than to feel bad and spoil your whole holiday.

It is good when everything in life goes on as usual - people get married, give birth to children. But not always everything happens the way we want it or expect it. And, sometimes, it's even for the better. It’s not so important what exactly the family will start with, it’s important that two people love each other, want to be together and be ready to accept the third little man into their lives.