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Treatment of inguinal hernia in men without surgery


An inguinal hernia is a pathology in which the internal part of the organ is located behind the abdominal cavity. From the outside, it looks like a bump. Hernia occurs due to weakness in the connective tissues, ligaments and muscles, which worse hold the organ in its place. Congenital or acquired impairment may be local or general.

  • Common causes are associated with the off-tach area: the organ extends beyond, even when there are no weakened ligaments and muscles. This condition is caused by increased physical exertion, increased weight and frequent constipation.
  • Local causes are associated with severe weakness of muscles that cannot hold an organ in place when a person is standing.

Inguinal hernia develops in adults of both sexes, more often in men. The older the person, the higher the risk of hernia, as the body's tissues age and deteriorate. When they cease to do their work at all, the organ bulges out even in the case of small loads. There is also an increase in the lumen of the inguinal ring, which causes hernia in men.

Types of inguinal hernia

  • Oblique. This or that organ “comes out” of the spermatic cord. This pathology may be congenital or acquired.
  • Straight. The body bulges, the spermatic cord is not involved. The ligaments and muscles are loosened a bit. Weakening occurs gradually and can fully become apparent in the case of obesity or in old age.
  • Combined. In this case, there are several protrusions that are not related to each other. At the same time and direct, and oblique hernia.

Someone from the sick lived and lives with a hernia, not thinking about the consequences. But when an ailment is found, the doctors recommend that it is necessary to treat it. It is possible to diagnose the disease for a number of characteristic symptoms.

How an inguinal hernia appears: symptoms of the disease

  • bulging in the form of a bump, which is located in the lower abdomen,
  • feeling of full abdomen (false),
  • pain arising from standing and exertion. They give the lower back and genitals,
  • tachycardia, nausea, fever,
  • burning in the groin,
  • unhealthy urination and defecation,
  • inconvenience when walking.

Surgery or conservative treatment?

Surgery allows you to quickly set the body back to any stage, but at the same time the risk of recurrence of the pathology increases. At the very beginning, when there are no infringements yet, it is possible to prescribe an inguinal hernia treatment without surgery. The question of what methods to treat the disease must be addressed by the treating doctor.

Non-surgical treatment of inguinal hernia includes the following methods: the use of a medical bandage, physiotherapeutic procedures and gymnastics, medicines, traditional medicine. The doctor individually selects the treatment program for each patient. This treatment in men is very effective if the patient strictly observes all the prescriptions and his case is not running.

Let us consider in more detail how to cure an inguinal hernia without an operation.

Wearing a bandage belt

Treatment without surgery necessarily includes wearing a bandage belt. By itself, the belt does not heal, but it is a necessary aid in the exercise classes. It can not be constantly worn, as this can weaken the muscles of the back and abdominals.

Physical procedures and physiotherapy

How to treat inguinal hernia with physical procedures? Good walking, moderate running, swimming and aerobics. During these sessions, the abdominals become stronger, the risk of relapse diminishes. The cause of the hernia can also be strong exercise, so it is very important to choose the right pace and effort.

It is possible to cure an inguinal hernia with the help of gymnastics. Therapeutic gymnastics is a very effective way of recovery and recovery in the natural mode. Specially designed exercises strengthen the front muscles of the abdomen well, because it is their weakening that is the main cause of the protrusion.

Exercises will train all the abdominal muscles, improve the ligaments and increase the mobility of the diaphragm. The specialist will select them individually: it is recommended to perform gymnastics in the future constantly, in order to avoid possible relapses and complications.

Medical gymnastics can be done only with the permission of the doctor, it is quite effective methods of treatment. Exercises are performed three times a day: in the morning - within half an hour before breakfast, in the afternoon - 30-40 minutes after a lunch meal and in the evening 50 minutes after the last meal. Exercises strengthen the abdominal muscles, ligaments and make the diaphragm in men more mobile.

Complex exercise number 1

  • Initial posture: supine, arms behind the head, legs bent at the knees. In this pose, you need to take turns to pull each other's knees and elbows. The number of repetitions - 15.
  • "Bicycle" at a moderately fast pace - as much as you can.
  • "Scissors" in a pose lying on his back. Arms are located along the body.

The complex of exercises №2

  • The patient must lie on his back and stretch his legs forward. On the stomach remains about 1 kg. weight, which in the process of doing the exercise can be moved along the stomach. When inhaling, the patient sticks out his belly, while exhaling, he lowers it.
  • Next, sit on a chair, sit back and grab onto the seat. While inhaling, raise the pelvis, while exhaling, lower it.
  • Lie on your back, bend your legs and spread them wide. The pelvis is raised on the inhale and lowered on the exhale. For support, you can use the feet, shoulders or elbows.
  • The patient needs to sit on a chair, relax his arms and legs and tighten his legs in the direction of the abdomen and chest inhale, lower on the exhale.

Before class, you must wear a bandage - it is used as a protective agent for possible strong loads in men. You need to begin to engage with the instructor: he will create an individual training program for each patient and help to avoid possible complications.


An inguinal hernia can lead to unpleasant complications: cause phlegmon or infection. Competent physiotherapeutic procedures prevent them, and therefore they must be included in the mandatory medical complex.

Ultraviolet radiation and laser help tissue healing. In the future, you can use inductothermy, diadynamic therapy, treatment with paraffin and mud.


How to cure ailment with the help of traditional medicine? They are combined with therapeutic exercises and preventive measures. For non-traditional treatment should also follow a specialist. Actively use compresses, ointments, lotions. The affected areas can not be warmed up. You can use these popular recipes:

  • Freshly sour cabbage pickle should be used for a night compress.
  • Compress tincture on horsetail: 3 tbsp. l flowers pour boiling water and leave for 30-40 minutes. Put a cooled compress.
  • Broth grass larkspur. 25 g. Pour a small amount of water and boil for 8-12 minutes. Cooked tool can be used inside for 1 tsp. before eating.
  • Ointment on badger fat and eggs. 100 ml. Vinegar should be mixed with chicken egg. Pork fat (0.5 l.) Melt and insist 5-6 days in a dark and cool room. After a specified time, add a couple of quail eggs and 10 g of badger fat to the mixture. Everything is mixed and sent to the refrigerator. Ready ointment will help get rid of the symptoms, it is imposed on the areas with a hernia within a month.
  • Cornflower tincture. 30 g. Flowers of cornflower need to pour 0.5 liters. boiling water and infuse for 1-1.5 hours. Infusion is taken in small quantities each time before meals.
  • The compress from the following ingredients will be useful: iodine, garlic, white acacia, black bread, ammonia.
  • Tincture on larch bark. One liter of boiling water pour 5 tbsp. l bark and insist 10-12 hours. Take 200 ml. 4-5 times daily and used for compresses.
  • Clover tincture: 20 g. Pour 200 ml. boiling water and infuse for 1.5 hours. The finished tincture is taken orally three times a day, 60-70 ml.
  • Day and night compress from fresh agave.
  • Tincture on the bark of oak. Bark and acorns should be poured with red wine and infused for 20 days. The tool is used as a compress.
  • Homemade ointment based on golden whiskers. In a container with a volume of 0.5 ml you need to fill a dry plantain, golden mustache and Indian onions. Add pork fat to the mixture and mix everything thoroughly.
  • Broth based on wormwood: 30 g. Herbs are poured with boiling water (200 ml.) And infused for 2.5-4 hours. Broth drink 3-4 times a day, 100 ml. at a time.
  • Tincture of leaves of bone. 25 g of leaves need to pour boiling water (250 ml) and infuse for 5 hours. Then add in the tincture 30 g of honey. Tincture is used as a compress.
  • Compress based on wormwood and rye bread. The tool must be applied to the skin in places of a hernia.
  • Acetic solution is used for everyday washing. The proportions are as follows: 2 tbsp. l vinegar must be diluted in 200 ml. water.
  • Ingestion of herbal infusions. The body is strengthened by gooseberry, cornflower, spikeweed, larch (bark), immortelle, horsetail.

Thanks to popular recipes, many patients have successfully eliminated the symptoms of the disease. And yet, is it possible to cure an inguinal hernia without surgery fully and efficiently? We remind you that all of these methods are effective in the complex only at an early and easy stage of the disease. In general, it is more auxiliary, health and additional procedures that help eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

Reasons for education

Organs through the inguinal canal fall out. The channel is formed by the transverse muscle, the internal oblique and connective tissue. Its total length is 4.5 cm.

The canal from the outside is covered by the oblique muscle, and the connective tissue from the inside. It covers the top of the transverse and oblique muscle, inguinal ligament - below. Injury or weakening of any of the above elements leads to a hernial ring.

An inguinal-scrotal hernia is formed for the following reasons:

  • obesity,
  • during pregnancy - the weakening of the abdominals,
  • regular constipation
  • weight lifting.

Hernia therapy depends on the degree of bowel injury and the type of protrusion. Depending on these indicators, the doctor determines which treatment is right for you - medication or surgery is required.

Hernia can be of two types:

Inguinal direct hernia, according to statistics, is formed in adult males. The inner part of the intestine twists inside with it, thus creating a loop. The main reason for its occurrence is intense physical work and weight lifting. The treatment of this disease is operative, an ultrasound examination of the inguinal hernia is made.

Oblique hernia is the prerogative of men only. Her intestine occupies the area of ​​the inguinal canal, in addition, it can penetrate into the scrotum. At the initial stages of the disease, conservative therapy is applied, which is aimed at strengthening these muscles. In all other cases, an operation is done. Hernia in this case is removed completely.

Signs of hernia

The very first sign of a hernia is bloating. The protrusion after lifting increases, while the person may feel sharp pain that occurs in the groin.

After urinating or emptying the bowel, the hernia is reduced in size, which is explained by a decrease in pressure inside the abdominal cavity.

In the groin in a standing position, there is pain, which can be temporary or permanent, it depends on the severity of the disease.

Hernia in advanced cases may be accompanied by nausea, fever symptoms, palpitations.

Folk remedies

Treatment of an inguinal hernia in men without surgery should be prescribed by the attending physician, preferably after consulting with several specialists in this field. It is impossible to treat yourself, because you can aggravate your condition. With doctors, you can try to reconcile the following means of traditional medicine.

Treatment of inguinal hernia in men without surgery is possible using compresses from oak bark. It is necessary to take the bark of the tree, grind it, then pour a spoonful of the obtained powder with a glass of boiling water. Put on a small fire and hold for 10 minutes. Cover and clean to cool.

Then you can apply the finished product - they need to moisten gauze, then attach it to the hernia. To this compress did not move, you need to fix it. To do this, you can wrap with plastic wrap and a bandage on top. Compress should be changed after three hours.

Cabbage pickle

A sauerkraut pickle also treats inguinal hernia in men without surgery. It can also reduce pain. Such a compress is done very simply - a bandage or gauze napkin is taken, folded several times, wetted in juice from sauerkraut, and then applied to the hernia and warmed with a film and scarf.

Other compresses

Right-sided inguinal hernia can be treated with such a simple and effective means as acetic acid. To do this, it is recommended to wash the protrusion every day with a cool aqueous solution of vinegar. To prepare it, you need to take 2 tablespoons of vinegar (4%) in a glass of water. It is necessary after such washings to apply a warm compress from an infusion made from red wine and oak leaves. Oak compresses should be alternated with poultices of gryzhnika grass.

Good results give compresses of rye bread, ground with garlic, or strong infusion of wormwood. These methods of traditional medicine can slow the growth of hernia, as well as prevent its possible complications.

Boil for this water in a saucepan. When it boils, place a smaller container there and melt half a kilogram of pork lard. Then pour it into a pre-heated glass jar.

Pour a half-cup of vinegar essence into the jar (half-liter) separately, break the homemade raw chicken egg there too. Fill the bank to the top with melted fat, close and clean for a week in a cool place.

Then, in a water bath, heat the jar so that the fat is completely melted, and add 2 fresh quail eggs and a spoon of badger fat to the mixture.

Beat the resulting product with a mixer or blender until smooth. Ointment store in the refrigerator. She needs to lubricate the inguinal hernia at night, as well as throughout the day.

The ointment should be rubbed into the sore spot, a napkin should be applied on top, then a piece of wool material should be fixed with a bandage. This compress should be kept for about two hours.

Pour 20 g of the plant with a glass of water and put to simmer for ten minutes. Infusion fill to the original volume, adding water. The resulting product is consumed in a teaspoon before meals.

Looking at a photo of an inguinal hernia in men, it is difficult to assume that it can be cured with the help of herbal infusions. But traditional medicine says it is. At least, it is possible to alleviate the condition. For example, you can make a decoction of cornflower flowers. To do this, you need to brew 3 tablespoons of the plant with half a cup of boiling water. Remove brew and take before meals in divided doses. Broths of gooseberry leaves, stone fruits, and also herbs of meadowsweet are made in the same way.

Larch bark

Brew five tablespoons of larch bark with a liter of boiling water and remove to infuse for 12 hours. Ready broth consumed a glass 5 times a day, preferably before a meal. The treatment is quite long - from 1 to 6 months. After a 2-week admission, you must take a 7-day break. The resulting infusion store a maximum of two days in a cool place.

In addition to the internal technique, compresses prepared with this infusion are also effective. Gauze napkin, folded in four, moistened in it, put on a hernia, then covered with a cloth. These packs put twice a day.

Physical exercise

Excessive physical activity is considered to be one of the main causes of an inguinal hernia. In particular, the defect is manifested in people who are engaged in simulators and lift heavy weights or weights. Exercises associated with the work of the abdominal muscles, increase intra-abdominal pressure, which leads to the occurrence of a hernia.

People with this disease can exercise only if oblique inguinal hernia does not receive a load from them. The most effective sport in this case is swimming. A person with his help strengthens the abdominal muscles, thereby creating a positive effect.

You can also include aerobics to physiotherapy methods, walking and easy running, cycling. But all the selected exercises need to be discussed with the doctor.

If he permits, then you can use such a complex of occupations:

  • Lying on your back, swing your legs, lowering your arms along the body. We know this exercise as “scissors”.
  • Lying on your back, keep your hands behind your head, and bend your legs at the knees. Alternately left and right knee and elbow of the opposite hand to pull together. This exercise to perform up to fifteen times, it can be done during the day.
  • Exercise "bike" - turn the "pedals".

Wearing a brace

Almost all experts advise wearing a bandage in the event of an inguinal hernia. Although this method is not included in the treatment methods at all. A bandage will only ease the condition of the person, but cannot cure the disease. Он предотвращает возможность того, что грыжа будет увеличиваться, кроме того, уменьшает риск появления ущемленной грыжи. Хотя стоит постоянно носить корсет, в противном случае болезнь будет прогрессировать.

If there is no improvement in the patient’s condition after these methods of treatment, there is only one way out of this situation - surgery.

Six rules of wearing a bandage

Wear and remove the bandage only in the prone position, when the abdominal muscles are maximally relaxed, and there is no risk of injury.

Peloty should fit snugly, providing moderate pressure on the site of the hernia and keeping education inside.

Neither the pelottes nor the belt itself should cut into the skin and soft tissue. With overpressure there is a high risk of pinching the hernia and skin trauma.

Wearing the product should not be accompanied by a feeling of discomfort or pain. If they arise, you should remove the bandage and re-“fit” it to yourself.

The belt is worn every day before surgery.

It can be removed before bedtime or rest.

Two goals of power correction:

Weight loss (obesity is one of the factors contributing to an increase in intra-abdominal pressure, which means the output of the hernia).

Prevention of constipation that occurs when leaving a hernia of the large intestine loops.

Nutrition Recommendation:

  • Limit the amount of solid fat (fat, margarine) and refined carbohydrates (flour products, sugar) in the diet.
  • When pain and rumbling in the stomach, avoid eating coarse plant fiber (legumes, fresh cucumbers, cabbage, bran) - they dramatically increase the contraction of the intestine and can cause injury.
  • Eat well-chopped food (mashed potatoes, grated porridge, grated vegetables).
  • Fermented milk products, fresh fruits, boiled and steamed vegetables, minced meat products, fish, vegetable oil, and honey are recommended.

Limitation of physical activity

When inguinal hernia limited physical activity that can increase intra-abdominal pressure:

  • long standing
  • a sharp rise from the supine position
  • run,
  • jumps
  • squats.

Watch your feelings carefully and avoid movements that make you feel the tension of the press.


In some cases, and only by prescription of a physician (surgeon or therapist), drugs can be used to get rid of certain symptoms: mild laxatives for constipation (duphalac, microlax), antispasmodics for abdominal pains (no-shpa).

It is forbidden to take painkillers, as they are able to hide the picture of the developed infringement.

In conclusion, we recall: non-surgical treatment methods can never save you from a hernia. Do not trust friends and folk healers, telling how to cure a hernia in the groin area without an operation - it is simply impossible.

Author of the article: Victoria Stoyanova, 2nd category physician, head of laboratory at the diagnostic and treatment center (2015–2016).

Symptoms and treatment of inguinal hernia without surgery

The disease can occur at any age, even in a child. Most often, the primary cause of the formation of an inguinal hernia is obesity, excessive muscle tension, and weight lifting, but the illness can also be congenital. In the first stages, it is easy to improve the patient’s condition with the help of democratic methods: traditional medicine is applied, special gymnastics are performed, and therapeutic massage is performed. It will be very difficult to get rid of an inguinal hernia later on without surgery. For this reason, you should be especially attentive to the first symptoms:

  • Swelling in the groin area near the oblique muscle. Bulging is often observed in a standing position or when walking. The swelling can be both large and barely noticeable sizes.
  • Pain attacks during sports training or active movement. The nature of the pain and its duration can be completely different.
  • Burning sensation and heaviness around the groin. Unpleasant sensation may worsen during physical exertion.
  • Weakness, fatigue. There is a decrease in activity regardless of the time of day.
  • Swelling in the scrotum. This symptom is often accompanied by fever.

Please note that it is impossible to completely remove the inguinal hernia without medical intervention in adulthood. Traditional methods and alternative medicine have a 100% effect only when talking about a child. The fact is that in babies recovery and rehabilitation processes are much faster than in adults. Up to 7 years of bandages, massages easily correct inflammation.

How to get rid of inguinal hernia in men exercise

Medical exercises at home will help strengthen the abdominal muscles, which will reduce the load on the sore spot. Before starting such therapy, it is necessary to consult a doctor, since the treatment of a hernia with physical exercises is contraindicated for many. It is worth performing them 3 times a day in this order:

  1. Sit on a chair, legs spread shoulder-width apart. Raise your hand up, make a slow tilt in the appropriate direction. You must perform 10-15 repetitions left and right.
  2. Lying on your back on the floor, firmly hold the ball with your feet. Slowly lift it to a height of 15-20 cm and lower it. Exercise is performed 12-15 times.
  3. Put your legs shoulder-width apart. Alternately, bend down so that you can touch the tips of your toes with the opposite hand. Exercise must be repeated 12-15 times.

Treatment of hernia in the groin with folk remedies

For the treatment of inguinal hernia in men use different tinctures and compresses. It is allowed to use them only after additional consultation with a doctor, otherwise adverse reactions are likely. Proper use of folk recipes will help relieve pain and slightly delay the operation, but do not forget that the most effective way is surgery. Without taking this fact into account, many people remain committed to non-traditional treatment methods. The main ones include the following:

Herbal Broths

Many herbs and fees are known healing properties that are useful for hernia. The anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect of popular recipes helped to get rid of ailments more than once. If you are still in doubt whether it is possible to cure an inguinal hernia without an operation, then pay attention to such preparations:

  1. A decoction of larch bark. To prepare, it is necessary to pour 100 g of bark of the plant with boiling water (2-2.5 l). Wrap the pot with the resulting mass with a towel, leave for 24 hours. The drug must be filtered and consumed a glass of 4-5 times a day before meals. Therapy lasts for 2-6 months with a single short break (7 days) after the 2nd week.
  2. Tincture on the grass Potentilla goose. To prepare the tool, you need 50 g of dry collection pour 200 g of boiling water. Leave the tincture to cool and absorb the vitamins for 6 hours, then proceed with the treatment. The drug must be drunk on 3 tbsp. l 4 times a day for half an hour before meals. The course of treatment depends on the neglect of the disease and ranges from 1 week to a month.

Lotions to the site of inflammation are among the popular methods that can alleviate pain and reduce the swelling of the hernia. Healing compresses can be prepared on the basis of both medicinal products and medicinal herbs and plants. Among the effective recipes for treatment without inguinal hernia surgery in men include:

  • wrinkle tincture wrap,
  • lotion from iodine, ammonia and tincture of acacia flowers,
  • black bread and garlic based compress.

Nettle therapy is considered to be one of the most effective non-traditional means for hernia. Fresh leaves of the plant are crushed through a meat grinder until a homogeneous consistency, similar to cream. The resulting mass is spread on cabbage or burdock leaf, then applied to the sore spot. Using this method every day throughout the week will significantly alleviate the pain during a hernia.

Traditional methods of treatment

In the arsenal of alternative medicine, there are a number of tools that, although they do not fully eliminate an inguinal hernia, will help alleviate and strengthen the condition of a man at an early stage of the disease. They are especially effective if the patient along with a hernia suffers from a chronic, hysterical cough, constipation or has difficulty in urinating. All these problems cause straining, which increases the pressure inside the peritoneum and becomes a kind of trigger for hernia formation. Having got rid of these provoking factors using drugs or popular methods, the patient reduces the risk of hernia injury and reduces pain. To determine what exactly is the "catalyst" of protrusion, and whether this problem can be solved with the help of various folk remedies, we need diagnostics and expert advice.

1. Compresses

Among folk remedies it is common for various compresses of medicinal plants to be applied to the hernia protrusion zone. Soaked gauze is applied to the place of the hernia. Fixed with adhesive plaster or bandage. If the compress is not done overnight, it should be updated after 3 hours. Consider the recipes of some of them.

1Herbal decoction. The name of this plant indicates its use by our ancestors for the treatment of hernial formations. 1 tbsp. A spoonful of raw material from a dry hernicle is poured with 1 cup (200 ml) of boiling water. Boil on a quiet fire or water bath for 10 minutes. Before applying to gauze filter. There are options for applying to the hernia a steamed, not crushed gryzhnik grass.

2 Decoction of oak bark. 1 teaspoon of crushed bark is filled with 1 cup (200 ml) of boiled hot water. It languishes for about 15 minutes on low heat or water bath. Closed with a lid and infused, then filtered.

3Infusion of wormwood. 1 tbsp. spoon a bitter herb steamed 1 cup (200 ml) of boiling water. Insist in a closed vessel for 1 hour. Before use as a compress filter.

4Infusion of horsetail. 3 tbsp. spoons of dry plants are filled with 1 cup (200 ml) of boiled hot water. Infused 40 minutes.

5Sauerkraut juice. Gauze cloth impregnated with brine formed in the process of souring cabbage. Also to the place of localization of protrusion can be applied a whole leaf of sauerkraut.

6Aloe leaves. Washed and cut along the large leaves of this home plant is applied to the hernial focus.

Also popularly known are recipes of compresses for hernia in the groin of men from rye bread rubbed with garlic or nettle pulp. Before applying the compress, you can make a rubbing of the hernial area with a solution of 2 tbsp. spoons of 4 percent vinegar and 1 cup (200 ml) of cold water.

In alternative medicine it is known the use of various ointments on the basis of fat for the treatment of inguinal hernia at home. This method is valid only in the early stages of the disease.

Popularly, homemade ointment prepared by thoroughly mixing (with a mixer or blender) dry golden usa, Indian onion and plantain (50 g each) with badger or pork fat (8 tbsp.) Melted in a water bath has proven itself.

An ointment based on fat from vinegar and raw eggs is also popular. 100 ml of vinegar is mixed with 1 chicken egg. Then add melted lard (0.5 liters) and mix. The resulting mixture in the bottle is left in a dark and cold place for one week. Then it is heated in a bath, add to it a pair of quail eggs, 10 g (1 teaspoon) of badger fat. Everything is well stirred and cooled.

It is believed that such therapeutic ointments penetrating into the tissues, tone up the ligamentous-muscular system, thereby slowing down the further development of the pathology and prevent hernial impairment. Impose them on the place of protrusion, covering with a gauze bandage. Usually, the rate of application of folk ointments for inguinal hernia is about a month. Keep them in the refrigerator.

What kind of ointment helps with different types of hernia, read here.

Internal use of folk remedies. Herbal infusions.

For the treatment of inguinal hernia in men, folk remedies are also used internally, in the form of herbal infusions or decoctions, which have a tonic, analgesic and antiseptic effect, strengthen connective tissues, increase immunity. Infusions help to get rid of the symptoms of a hernia, also have a therapeutic effect on the accompanying diseases of the urogenital system.

The essence of the disease

An inguinal hernia is a pathological protrusion of the internal organs through the abdominal wall in the area of ​​the inguinal opening. Externally, the formation resembles a rounded or oval bump, the diameter of which may increase during during physical labor and lifting. At rest, the formation has a small size, in the horizontal position of the body is completely hidden.

Uncomplicated form of the disease does not give the patient a serious inconvenience. The main danger of pathology is the risk of infringement. To prevent complications, a planned operation using a mesh for plastics of the hernia gate is recommended. Surgery is contraindicated in some patients, in such cases conservative therapy is performed.

Types of non-surgical treatment

To combat inguinal hernia without surgery in adult men and women is possible with the help of therapeutic methods aimed at strengthening the abdominal muscles. To get rid of the pathology, the following techniques are used:

  1. Physiotherapy.
  2. Physiotherapy.
  3. Wearing a bandage.
  4. Massage.
  5. The use of methods of traditional medicine.
  6. Compliance with the rules of prevention.

Each method has its own characteristics and contraindications. In order to achieve the best effect, the treatment algorithm is selected by the attending physician, having previously studied the patient's disease history.

Treatment of pathology without surgery is performed for patients with small hernias and for patients who are contraindicated for surgery. When the child suffers from oblique inguinal hernia, the boy needs surgery. Surgical treatment will remove the cause of the formation of scrotal hernia.

Complex hernia exercises

Non-surgical, non-surgical treatment of inguinal hernia is aimed at strengthening the muscles of the abdominal wall, which ensures the narrowing of the inguinal opening, prevention of complications. To this end, patients are assigned a set of exercises, due to which they manage to increase muscle tone.

To charge the patient at home, you may need aids that are easy to get from a pharmacy or sports store.

Gymnastics in the supine position

Muscle strengthening is performed using the following exercises:

  1. For the first exercise you need a bag of sand weighing 1 kg. Lying on the back, the sac is located in the area of ​​the hernia, take a deep breath, trying to push the subject up, relax with an exhale.
  2. Lying down, legs bent, hands are palms down. When inhaling, the pelvis should be lifted upward, resting on the feet and palms, linger for a few seconds, and on the exhale go downward.
  3. Lie on the floor, back straight, firmly pressed to the surface, lift the right leg bent at the knee, then the left leg, then lift both legs at once. Exercise is performed at least 5 times.
  4. Lying, hands behind your head, gently lift the body at an angle of 45 °, hold for a second, return to the starting position.
  5. Exercise using elastic bandage. Tie the bandage in the form of a ring, put it on your feet. From a prone position, lift your even legs, try to stretch the bandage with them as much as possible. When exhaling, lower the legs, relax.
  6. Well strengthen the muscles of the exercise exercise "scissors" and "bicycle". To do this, lie down on the floor, raise your legs, and perform movements that imitate scissors or bike riding.

In the initial stages, 3-5 repetitions are sufficient. You should not try to perform the maximum number of movements or use the method of Bubnovsky, which is designed for the treatment of hernias of intervertebral disks and joints. This can aggravate the situation.

Exercises using the chair

Exercises sitting on a chair should be carried out by patients with large hernia. The load in the sitting position is less intense, which reduces the risk of complications. To strengthen the muscles use the following movements:

  1. Sit on a chair, facing the back, grasp it with your hands, make a slow tilt to the left, hold for a few seconds, return to the starting position. Repeat the slope to the right.
  2. Starting position, as in the previous exercise. Straining the abdominal muscles, raise the pelvis, resting on the feet and palms, as you exhale, drop down.
  3. Sit on a chair, bend your legs at the knees. When inhaling, tighten your knee to your chest, while exhaling, lower your leg. Repeat with the opposite leg.
  4. In the same position, spread your legs to the sides, tilt the shells forward, trying to reach with your toes the tip of your left, then your right leg.
  5. Sitting exactly, take a breath, straining your abdominal muscles, with your arms lift up, make a forward bend.

Contraindications to the implementation of physical therapy are severe pain, fever, the inability to correct the hernial protrusion.

Physiotherapy treatment

Treatment of hernias in men and women is carried out with the help of physiotherapy in cases where the pathology is accompanied by an inflammatory process or the occurrence of phlegmon. In this case, doctors prescribe UHF and laser treatment.

Для улучшения перистальтики желудка используют диадинамотерапию (лечение током), индуктотермию (использование магнитных полей), лечение грязями и парафином.

With the help of these methods it is impossible to cure hernia, but with the help of procedures it is possible to prevent complications, normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, bring muscles into tone, improve blood circulation.

Massage application

Massage is a method to strengthen muscle fibers, straighten hernial protrusion. Completely get rid of the inguinal hernia without surgery using massage is not possible. The procedure has a rather prophylactic effect.

Massage is carried out by a specialist, the technique is as follows:

  1. The skin fold in the place of protrusion is delayed.
  2. After that, the specialist gently and gently presses the contents of the hernia, thereby setting it back to its place. Movements are performed as carefully as possible.
  3. At the last stage, the master performs the stroking and tingling movements of the abdomen, which leads to muscle tone, improves blood circulation.

Session is recommended to repeat once a day. An independent procedure is not allowed, especially if the patient has symptoms such as pain, nausea, digestive disorders. Such signs may indicate infringement, which requires an immediate visit to a doctor. If the hernia is strangled, the surgeon is limited in time; it is necessary to remove the hernial sac in the next two hours. Otherwise, you will need to remove part of the dead loop of the intestine.

Bandage application

With the development of inguinal hernias in men and women, a special medical bandage is often used, which exerts a slight pressure on the protrusion, thereby preventing organ prolapse. The advantage of the device is that it can be used at home, the device fixes a hernia, it is not visible under the clothes.

The attending physician helps to choose a male, female or children's bandage. Device model depends on the type of pathology. In medical practice, there are unilateral, bilateral or universal devices. Women are recommended to use the inguinal belt, in men the hernia is fixed by means of a bandage in the form of swimming trunks.

The effectiveness of the device depends on the correct choice of size. If the device is too tight or loose, there is no therapeutic effect.

Wearing a bandage is contraindicated in infringement, open wounds, pregnant women, with the development of allergies to the materials from which the belt is made.

Folk treatment

It is recommended to treat inguinal hernia with the help of folk remedies as an auxiliary method that is unable to eliminate the cause of the disease. Judging by the reviews, not a single person was able to eliminate the hernia due to the popular methods of treatment.

To alleviate the condition of the patient, supporters of traditional medicine use the following recipes:

  1. Compress from a gryzhnik. Fresh grass should be placed in a double boiler and cook over steam for 10 minutes. After that, the gryzhnik is cooled a little, applied to the area of ​​protrusion, covering it with a film and a warm towel.
  2. Eliminate soreness and swelling will help lotion from the broth nettle. For this, a tablespoon of herbs is poured over 200 ml of boiling water, boiled for 15 minutes. This drug is filtered, moisten gauze in it, applied to the patient area.
  3. Compress from the juice of fresh cabbage. White cabbage is passed through a meat grinder, the juice is squeezed, in which natural fabric is moistened and applied to the hernia all night.
  4. Tincture of oak bark. The tool is prepared using shredded bark of the tree and medical alcohol. The bark is poured with alcohol in the ratio of 1: 3. Infused medicine for 14 days in a dark room at a temperature not higher than 18 °. Tincture is used for compress with hernia.
  5. Use aloe and honey. This plant perfectly removes the inflammatory process. To treat the pulp of a large leaf, mix with a tablespoon of honey, mix the ingredients thoroughly. The resulting mass is spread on cheesecloth and used as a compress.
  6. Camphor oil is a unique product that helps eliminate inflammation and pain. To alleviate the condition of the patient, the hernia is treated with the product in its pure form.

The use of folk methods without the permission of a doctor is unacceptable. Begin therapy should be after consultation with a specialist.

Hernia Prevention

An important principle of prevention in the formation of hernias is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, proper nutrition.

Patients with pathology or people at risk are advised to refuse heavy physical exertion, weight lifting. To maintain health, it is important to eliminate bad habits. Alcohol and smoking adversely affect human health.

Special attention should be paid to proper nutrition. Correction of the diet and the rejection of harmful products will prevent diseases of the digestive system, improve stomach peristalsis, prevent constipation and other disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. The principles of nutrition during hernia include:

  • avoiding too high-calorie, fatty, fried, spicy foods,
  • elimination of alcohol, sparkling water, drinks with a high content of caffeine,
  • advantage should be given to vegetable fats, dairy products, cereals,
  • pasta and sweet pastries should be consumed in limited quantities,
  • preference is given to vegetables, fruits.

A necessary element of prevention is the normalization of body weight, which is achieved through adherence to a low-calorie diet.

Food should be taken in small portions, without overeating. Excessive filling of the stomach leads to an increase in intra-abdominal pressure, which adversely affects the course of pathology. From the drinks it is better to choose natural juices, compotes, herbal teas, clean water.

Non-surgical treatment of inguinal hernia is a long process that requires considerable effort. Careful adherence to the necessary therapeutic measures provides a good effect allows you to live without complications to persons who are contraindicated in the operation.

What are the symptoms of a hernia?

In the initial stages of hernia formation, a man may not feel any deviations in his state of health. If the size of the protruding portion does not exceed a centimeter, then only a professional therapist can detect it in the process of palpation of the abdominal area. At this stage, treatment of an inguinal hernia without surgery will be recommended even by a surgeon. But you should know that official medicine offers a complete elimination of the pathology only with the help of surgical intervention.

If the disease has not been diagnosed and treated at the earliest stage, then the hernia will continue to grow, and the man will be able to identify the deviation on his own. The bulging of the peritoneum is most noticeable during weight lifting, exercises on the development of flexibility of the back. Also quite painful symptoms begin to appear. If a part of the intestines is sticking out, the man may suffer from constipation.

Also, more than 80% of patients notice:

  • nagging pain and general discomfort when coughing, laughing, stool,
  • burning sensation and sensitivity directly in the bulging area
  • pulling sensations in the groin,
  • swelling of the testicles, scrotum.

Symptoms of an inguinal hernia worsen during the day and almost completely disappear at night, or during a person’s total inactivity. Especially dangerous is a condition in which the blood supply to the part of the intestine that protrudes out is completely blocked. In this case, non-surgical treatment should be forgotten and immediately contact the surgeon for help.

Non-surgical removal of inguinal hernia

Before you watch a video about self-treatment, you need to understand the attitude of official medicine to this issue. Any therapist or surgeon will confirm that at the earliest stages (when the unpleasant symptoms of an inguinal hernia have not yet manifested), you can try to correct the hernia without surgery. But if the bulging is noticeable to the naked eye and is accompanied by characteristic pain, then treatment at home will only aggravate the situation.

Refusal of the operation is justified only if:

  • hernia diagnosed in older men,
  • the patient suffers from heart and lung disease,
  • severe allergic reactions to anesthetic drugs,
  • the patient suffers from thrombosis.

As an alternative to surgery, the therapist may suggest physiotherapy. Also, a man will have to constantly wear a special bandage (inguinal belt).

Non-surgical treatment methods

Treatment of an inguinal hernia in men without surgery should be selected by an experienced therapist. In the early stages of the disease is recommended to undergo a course of exercise therapy. Despite the fact that intense physical exertion is one of the main causes of pathology, properly selected exercises will surely help correct the hernia.

Attention! Any incorrectly performed exercise can lead to an even greater protrusion of the hernia. Therefore, even professional athletes should attend several classes that are held directly by a physiotherapist to learn how to properly distribute the load.

The best way to strengthen the abdominal wall: normal swimming. In coordination with the doctor, you can practice walking, jogging, cycling. At home, allowed to perform a few simple exercises.

  1. Scissors (cross leg kicks).

It is necessary to lie on your back, stretch your arms along the body. The legs should be raised so that the feet are parallel to the floor. Make 10 cross strides, and then rest for a minute. To obtain visible results, you must repeat the exercise up to 50 times a day.

  1. Bicycle (pulling the knees to the chest from a prone position).

Lie on your back, arms behind your head, and your legs bend at the knees. Alternately trying to attract the left and right knee to the opposite shoulder. In this case, the shoulders should be pressed to the floor. Make 5 sets of 10 times.

  1. Raising the buttocks from a prone position.

Lie on the floor, legs bent at the knees. Shoulders and shoulder blades as far as possible. Leaning with extended arms on the floor, lift the buttocks and hold up above for at least a few seconds. Perform 20 repetitions 3 times a day.

During the exercises you should not remove the inguinal corset. The device will help to avoid possible complications, as well as accelerate the reduction of the hernia. Also, despite the controversial attitude of official medicine, patients are encouraged to undergo a course of massage by a chiropractor. Work with the patient will be aimed at eliminating

structural and muscle dysfunctions, the elimination of pain and the restoration of the correct position of the protruding tissue. It will take four to six weeks to receive therapy (depending on the initial state of the hernia).

Folk recipes for men

In parallel with the traditional methods, you can try the treatment of folk remedies. In order not to worsen his condition, it is recommended to consult with a homeopathic physician before starting home therapy. A good specialist will surely help to combine conservative and non-traditional methods of treating an inguinal hernia.

Traditional healers propose to cure the disease with the help of compresses from the bark of the oak. You need to take the powder from the dried bark of oak and pour a glass of boiling water. Leave for ten minutes, cool. Moisten a clean gauze in cooled broth and attach to the hernia for 3 hours. To the compress is not shifted, you can wrap the skin with plastic wrap, or fix gauze with bandages.

An ordinary cabbage pickle or a sauerkraut leaf can cure a hernia in men. These folk remedies belong to the old Russian and tested for many centuries. You can attach the cabbage sheet directly to the protruding tissue, or make compresses from brine. A complete reduction of the hernia will not be possible, but the men who have tried this method say that the painful sensations are completely eliminated.

Note! Compresses from cabbage brine can be applied hot. But under the inguinal bandage it is better not to leave them. A sufficient thermoeffect is ensured by a regular film and a woolen scarf.

Hernia can be treated and so inexpensive, but effective as a solution of vinegar. To make the product, you need to pour 2 tablespoons of vinegar (4%) into a glass of clean water. The resulting fluid wash hernia 2 times a day. After completing the procedure, be sure to apply healing compresses from oak bark or cabbage pickle.

If you need to quickly remove the painful symptoms provoked by the growth of a hernia, then you can make an express-compress from the pulp of rye bread and garlic. It should be noted that this type of lotion is forbidden to be heated, wrapped with a film.

How to treat inguinal hernia with ointments and decoctions

Properly made decoctions and ointments will help slow the growth of the hernia, as well as relieve its painful manifestations. The recipe of the ointment is quite complicated, but strict observance of all instructions will allow you to prepare a really healing remedy.

Terms of preparation of ointment:

  1. Melt 500 grams of pork fat in a water bath.
  2. Pour the resulting substance into a pre-heated jar.
  3. In a separate container, mix 100 grams of vinegar and one homemade raw chicken egg. The resulting substance is mixed with melted fat and leave in a dark, cool place for at least a week.
  4. After a week, heat the base of this ointment in a water bath, add 2 quail eggs, one tablespoon of badger oil.
  5. Beat the mixture until homogenous with an immersion blender.

The ointment will be ready immediately after complete cooling. It should be applied at least 3 times a day or more often (as the occurrence of painful symptoms). You can use the ointment and as a basis for therapeutic applications. To do this, you need to grease the hernia profusely, cover it with a thick cloth on top, then a piece of wool fabric and secure with a bandage. But to keep such a compress on the skin for more than two hours is prohibited.

Used with inguinal hernia and decoctions. This type of homeopathic remedy is suitable for dealing with the painful signs of hernia growth. It is best to cope with the task of decoctions of the following medicinal plants.

Pour 20 g of the plant with a glass of water and cook over low heat for ten minutes. During this time, at least 30% of the water should boil away (if it boils less, you must add fire). In the resulting concentrate, add 50 grams of pure water, mix and use a teaspoon before meals.

It is necessary to brew 3 tablespoons of dried flowers of the plant in 100 grams of boiling water. Strain and divide into three equal parts to eat before each meal.

Pour five tablespoons of dry larch bark with a liter of boiling water and infuse for 12 hours. Store the resulting liquid in a cool place. Ready broth to use 3-5 times a day, preferably before meals. To completely get rid of unpleasant symptoms, it will take quite a long treatment (up to 6 months). After a two-week reception, you need to take a seven-day break. It is also allowed to use compresses based on powder from larch bark.

The advantage of such lotions is that they can be worn for almost a whole day. It is enough to soak the gauze cut in the broth, and tie it to the hernia. You need to change the compress only 2 times a day.

How to speed up the healing process

Regardless of whether conservative or traditional methods of treatment were chosen, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules in everyday life. Only an integrated approach will cope with the problem without referring to a surgeon. First, it is necessary to engage in the treatment of chronic constipation, cough. Any intense contraction of the abdominal muscles leads to an aggravation of painful symptoms.

Secondly, it is necessary to pay maximum attention to healthy nutrition. Excess weight increases the load on the weakened abdominal wall. At the same time, the daily diet should not contain foods that provoke constipation. It is recommended to use fiber in the form of fruits, vegetables and germinated grains.

To speed up the passage of fecal mass through the gastrointestinal tract, you can add leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes and artichokes to the menu. Three standard meals per day, it is better to break into 6 (eating smaller portions). If possible, every day to drink not only broths, but also weak black tea. After eating, it is advisable not to take a horizontal position and not to bend over even a few hours.

It must be remembered that if an inguinal hernia is diagnosed in men, treatment without surgery is possible only in the early stages. If the protruding part of the peritoneum began to grow actively and constantly hurt, then it will not be possible to do without the help of a surgeon. Long-term neglect of the problem can lead to serious complications.