A mixture of the Milky Way to increase lactation in nursing mothers


Modern medicine does not stand still. Studies have shown that the most optimal nutrition for an infant is breast milk. It has a balanced composition, which includes vitamins and nutrients, as well as immunoglobulins that protect the baby from viruses and infections. But most nursing mothers in one or another period of time face the problem of lack of valuable fluid. Experts recommend more often to put the baby to the breast, but there is also an auxiliary method of increasing milk production - the use of a special mixture to increase lactation.

When a specialist can advise to drink a drink from the mixture "Milky Way"

A woman's body is a complex system in which many processes are interconnected. After the baby is born, the production of two main hormones begins - prolactin and oxytocin, which are responsible for the formation and release of milk from the breast. However, there are situations when lactation decreases and there is not enough nutrient fluid for the infant.

Doctors identify several factors indicating that the baby is undernourished: the child feels unsatisfactory (he is inactive, does not show interest in food and exercise), does not gain weight (on a monthly routine examination, the pediatrician detects a lack of weight in accordance with age) in an infant less ten urinations per day (mom independently conducts a test for wet diapers).

Today on the shelves of pharmacies and children's goods stores there is a huge selection of specially adapted mixtures that replace breast milk. Therefore, many young mothers, in the event of a shortage of valuable liquid, rush to feed the infant with baby food. But pediatricians and breastfeeding counselors recommend using tips that will help increase milk production.

One of the most popular ways is to use special drinks, the composition of which is designed in such a way as to stimulate the formation of nutrient fluid. Recently, many women buy a mixture of "Milky Way", which is available in powder form for the preparation of the drink. According to the instructions, it is recommended to use in the following cases:

  • milk has not come after childbirth or it is too little for adequate nutrition of the infant,
  • periods of lactation crises. Most often they are observed in young mothers after two and four weeks, as well as three and six months after the birth of the child,
  • the baby lacks breast milk and the doctor diagnoses the lack of weight in crumbs,
  • the child is given complementary foods and the nutrient fluid is produced less and less,
  • a woman wants to extend the breastfeeding period, while increasing the formation of milk.
"Milky Way" - a mixture to increase lactation

The composition and beneficial properties of the mixture

The Milky Way is a special balanced blend enriched with vitamins and minerals. The main effect of this product is to increase the production and accumulation of milk in the breast, as well as the saturation of the nursing mother with nutrients of the body. That is why on the label you can see the inscription "2 in 1".

The mixture is available in cans with a volume of 200 ml and 400 ml and contains in one package sixteen and thirty-two portions, respectively.

One of the main advantages of the product is its natural composition. The main component of the mixture is grass extract galegi. Thanks to him, during the consumption of the drink, milk production is stimulated and its accumulation in the mammary glands. And also in the mixture is:

  • powdered milk,
  • alimentary fiber,
  • soy protein
  • chicory extract
  • vitamins: A, D, E, C, group B,
  • minerals: calcium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, zinc.

During the period of breastfeeding a large amount of nutrients must enter the woman's body, because most of them leave with the milk for the full development and growth of the infant. Thanks to this composition, the Milky Way helps not only to increase lactation, but also to prevent a deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body of a nursing mother.

Women with diabetes should be careful: there is sugar in the mixture. Therefore, without prior consultation with the doctor to drink the drink is strictly prohibited.

The mixture "Milky Way" has a balanced composition, enriched with vitamins and minerals

Product developers explain that the effect is achieved thanks to only the natural components that make up the mixture. The herb extract Galega, getting into the body of a woman, naturally affects the increase in the hormone prolactin, responsible for the production of milk in the mammary glands. Specialists have conducted clinical trials in which about forty nursing women who have problems with lactation took part. According to the results of the tests, it was proved that the “Milky Way” from the very first day of application contributes to a significant increase in the flow and formation of the nutrient fluid.

During studies in women, the level of prolactin in the blood was measured daily. The results of the analyzes showed an increase in the level of the hormone while consuming the drink.

Are there any contraindications and possible side effects?

The mixture "Milky Way" is a completely natural and safe preparation. As part of no dyes, allergens and harmful substances, so the drink is allowed to use from the first day of breastfeeding. According to the instructions, the product has no contraindications, however, negative reactions may occur in the mother or infant, due to the individual intolerance of one or more components of the mixture.

It is recommended after the first use of the drink to closely monitor the condition of the child. In the event of a rash, redness, indigestion should immediately stop consuming the mixture.

In case of excessive milk production, drink is not recommended.

The mixture "Milky Way" is recommended to use to replenish the reserves of vitamins and minerals in the mother's body. However, if a woman has no problems with the formation of milk, you should consult with your doctor about the appropriateness of the product. The fact is that stimulation of nutrient fluid production can lead to the development of hyperlactation. And this condition is fraught with the formation of frequent stagnation of milk, lactostasis and even mastitis.

If lactation problems are not observed in a nursing mother, to maintain the vitamin and mineral balance in the body, it is better to take special complexes for nursing mothers, which have absolutely no effect on the formation of milk in the ducts.

Features of the use of the mixture "Milky Way"

How to make a drink is indicated on the product packaging.

  1. Pour 100 ml of liquid into a cup or glass. This can be plain water, juice, kefir or milk.
  2. Open the jar and take two teaspoons of the dry mixture.
  3. Dilute the powder in the prepared liquid.
  4. It is necessary to drink a drink within an hour. If more time has passed since cooking, dilute the mixture.
To prepare the mixture "Milky Way" you can use any liquid to taste.

To achieve the desired effect, it is recommended to drink 200-400 ml of the finished drink. A single dose is 100 ml of the diluted mixture. Depending on the individual characteristics of the woman, you need to drink from two to four times a day. The minimum period of application is fourteen days. But if during this period lactation has not recovered, you can continue using the Milky Way mixture until a positive result is achieved.

Many nursing mothers who drank the finished drink, warn that it has a specific taste and leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. Therefore, it is better to drink the mixture quickly, in a few large sips.

Table: Comparative characteristics of different products to increase lactation

  • hibiscus,
  • fennel,
  • verbena,
  • blackberry,
  • raspberry leaves,
  • fenugreek hay
  • extract of shepherd's bag plant.
  • fennel,
  • nettle,
  • Melissa,
  • caraway,
  • anise.
  • fennel,
  • caraway,
  • anise.
  • anise,
  • fennel,
  • caraway,
  • clover,
  • nettle,
  • Melissa,
  • dog rose
  • caraway,
  • anise,
  • fennel,
  • nettle,
  • vitamins: C, D, group B,
  • minerals: calcium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, iron.

Reviews of nursing mothers who used the mixture "Milky Way"

When a baby was born in our family, I knew for sure that I would feed it with breast milk as long as possible. On the third day after giving birth there was a lot of milk, and I didn’t understand how some moms could complain about the shortage. The baby was actively sucking, gaining height and weight very quickly, and every day he needed more and more milk. Up to 4 months we coped, but at 4 months I had a lactation crisis. I heard so much about it and seemed ready ... In fact, I was gripped by a terrible panic, I didn’t know what to do or who to run to. First of all, I bought all the products to increase lactation, but milk did not increase - the baby was constantly hungry and nervous. A friend advised me to the “Milky Way”. I drank it for a week, 100-200 grams per day, and the milk began to arrive on the second day. This is really a "magic" mix! Now I drink it only when it seems to me that there is less milk, and ... You should have seen the contented face of my baby! Of course, this drink can't be called tasty. Simply - the taste is outright disgusting, I can only drink in one gulp, and with whatever I diluted this mixture (milk, juice, water). But on what only you will not go, that the kid received the most valuable food in his life - breast milk.



At the first weighing in the clinic, the scales showed us an increase of only 450 grams. The pediatrician advised me to feed the child with the mixture, but I absolutely did not want to do this. By that time, I had already tried Apilak, dill tea, Mlekoin, abundant drinking, diet, chest contrast shower, etc. In the children's store, I accidentally saw a jar of special food for nursing mothers called the Milky Way. Now about the effect. The first time I drank the mixture at night and at 4 am I woke up from the fact that the shirt was wet to the waist. The breast is firm, the milk flows. The child could not even suck the first time, I had to decant. The same effect was after the second and subsequent receptions. First I drank 2 spoons 4 times a day, then 4, in the morning and at lunch. She was afraid to cancel - so as not to lose the milk. Saw the Milky Way a little more than a month, the lactation was established at an excellent level, the baby began to have enough milk, did not even eat everything, after feeding she could express about 50 milliliters. After I stopped drinking, there was no cancellation effect. So in my purely personal opinion - this is the best way to increase lactation. The main thing is not to stop taking after the first results and drink it for at least a month.



Tried and "Milky Way" and "Laktomil", a variety of teas, Apilak, cumin, dill ... "Laktomil" if you drink properly, then packs last for 5 days and cost 400r. “Milky Way” if 4 times a day, then 7–9, if 2 then a jar for half a month. I can’t say anything bad about Laktomila, but in comparison I liked the Milky Way more, my chest gets filled faster, felt after taking it (Daughters and sons found in the store. There is an online store and retail prices are 351r per can of 400g). Only he saves. There was no such effect. On the second day of the intake, milk is noticeably added, I can even express it after feeding. As for the taste, I quickly got used to it and drink it by diluting it in plain water. The second time saves me.



I was adjusting lactation at the very beginning, after the birth milk did not come for a long time.



Yes, I drink as if from a maternity hospital arrived, it’s also hard to find mainly in online stores, but we’ve got a lot of milk every month for a kilogram and we’ve got it all in GW, plus it vitaminizes milk.



Today, women are not too worried when their milk production decreases and the baby lacks nutrition. After all, the child will not be left hungry: there are many special mixtures that replace breast milk and help the crumbs to fully develop and grow. But breastfeeding counselors and obstetrician-gynecologists set up young mothers to try to restore lactation. The main way is to adjust the mode of feeding the baby. In addition, experts may recommend drinking a special mixture of the “Milky Way” to stimulate the production of nutrient fluid.

About the benefits of using a mixture

The tool is used as a drink for lactation, which can be quickly and easily prepared both at home and on the road. The basis for the cocktail a woman chooses herself - milk, water, juice. The dosage of the mixture must be coordinated with the doctor, he will propose a scheme in which the productivity of the mammary glands will be such that the baby has enough breast milk.

The “Milky Way” is an additional enrichment of the body of a nursing mother with useful biocomponents that, through mother's milk, have a beneficial effect on the baby. The combination of ingredients is such that the drink has a multifunctional purpose. Lactogenic property has grass galega, other substances - proteins, vitamins, trace elements and oils strengthen immunity and health.

Product safety has been tested as a result of scientific research, but individual intolerance of its components is not excluded. First of all, this refers to the soy protein, which must be considered when first using the product, starting with a little more smaller portions than is necessary according to the instructions.

Impact Results

After a one-day reception, the woman immediately feels the positive impact of the means:

  • the amount of milk produced is increasing,
  • the breast is intensively filled with milk during the day and night,
  • the nutritional value of milk increases,
  • the baby gorges and stops worrying between feedings.

The composition of the mixture affects all systems and organs. Each of its components has its own purpose.

  1. Vitamin A (retinol) - protection of the body from the damaging effects of toxins, anti-aging, strengthening of the immune system, heart, skin, bone tissue, hair, nails, teeth.
  2. Vitamin D (calciferol) - helps to strengthen bones, joints, teeth, helps fight dermatological problems, colds, and nervous breakdowns.
  3. Vitamin C (ascorbic) - antioxidant, immunostimulant, cleanses the body of toxins, stabilizes heart rhythm, vascular permeability, endocrine system, helps keep your teeth and skin healthy.
  4. Vitamins of group B (thiamine B1, riboflavin B2, pyridoxine B6, folic acid B9, pantothenic acid B5) is the physical support of the body, the normalization of metabolism, the strengthening of bone and muscle structure, digestion, memory. These substances have an anti-inflammatory effect, help to avoid problems with blood circulation.
  5. Sodium - ensures the normal functioning of the kidneys, has a beneficial effect on fluid metabolism, the central nervous system, blood vessels.
  6. Calcium - these are healthy bones, teeth, nails, vessels without cholesterol layers, lack of muscle spasms, normal blood clotting.
  7. Iron - prevents anemia, strengthens the immune system, helps to increase hemoglobin, eliminates hormonal imbalance, adds vitality.
  8. Phosphorus - It is a building material for the skeletal system, a stimulator of the brain, serves to support the normal function of the kidneys and the cardiovascular system.

Indications for use

  1. Drinking a cocktail is recommended when there is a shortage of milk and to prevent a shortage of vital nutrients.
  2. During the period of temporary lactation crises, when the productivity of the mammary glands decreases.
  3. According to the recommendations of gynecologists, the drug is indicated to secondary women who lacked milk when feeding their older child. They need to start using the remedy from the first days.
  4. Useful for low nutritional value of breast milk. The rich composition of the drink can significantly improve this figure.

Important! Along with the use of lactogenic supplement "Milky Way" should be practiced frequent attachment to the chest. Taken together, the use of the mixture and frequent application contribute to the elimination of insufficient milk production.

How to take the product

Instructions for use gives clear recommendations on the preparation and use of the cocktail.

  1. Take one scoop of powder and dissolve it in half a glass of base (warm boiled water, kefir, juice).
  2. Stir until dissolved.
  3. Drink drink within an hour.
  4. Make a cocktail 2-4 times a day.
  5. The recommended course of treatment is 2 weeks.

The price of the mixture "Milky Way" available - 200 g costs within 250 rubles - 400 g - 450 rubles.

Video pediatricians tips on increasing lactation

Reviews lactation mixture "Milky Way"

На многих форумах женщины высказываются положительно о смеси «Млечный путь», отмечая, что если пить смесь, разбавленную молоком, то грудь становится наполненной уже через час. Эффект добавки длительный, благодаря чему молоко не перестаёт пребывать даже ночью. Pediatricians also do not exclude the possibility of a psychological effect of the mixture on a woman through the "placebo" effect. The woman believes that the “Milky Way” will help, it helps to create a positive attitude, to establish a hormonal background and the work of the mammary glands.

Analogs of the mixture "Milky Way" with lactogonic effect:

  • Mixtures of similar composition (“Laktamil”, “Femilak”, “Bellakt MAMA”, “Mom and Me”).
  • Herbal teas ("Laktavit", "Laktafitol").
  • Instant Teas (HiPP)
  • BAA ("Apilak").

Description and composition of the product

The Milky Way is a cocktail (sometimes referred to as tea) for lactation in the form of a dry mixture, which must be diluted with a certain amount of water, juice or milk and used by mothers to increase the amount of breast milk.

The product was developed by the domestic Institute of Nutrition and the Vitaprom company. At its core, the Milky Way is an additive to the usual diet of a nursing mother, which contributes to more intensive production of breast milk.

The composition of the cocktail only natural ingredients, led by an extract of galega grass. This component, according to the developers, has a lactogonic effect and contributes to an increase in milk.

The main preparation of the drink - galega grass rich in substances such as:

  • glycoside galegin, contributing to the increase in lactation,
  • rutin
  • many carbohydrates and alkaloids,
  • quercetin.

The following ingredients are also included in the Milky Way for Lactation tea:

  • purified soy protein,
  • milk proteins,
  • valuable vegetable oils,
  • the complex of vitamins D3, B6, B1, B2, A, folic and ascorbic acids,
  • iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and sodium.

100 grams of drink contains 10.4 grams of fat, 30.5 grams of protein and 45 grams of carbohydrates. The total energy value of the mixture is 395 kcal.

Impact on the body

The result of the use of the Milky Way drink can be observed already a day after the start of use. Almost every other day the lactation becomes more intense and regular, the amount of milk increases to the required rate of consumption of the baby.

Due to the presence of valuable vitamins and trace elements in the mom's diet, the baby also receives the optimal amount of nutrients during feeding.

Product Application Tips

Preparing the Milky Way cocktail is very simple:

  1. One scoop of dry mix should be diluted in 100 ml (½ cup) of boiled warm water, juice or kefir,
  2. to stir thoroughly,
  3. it is better to drink the resulting drink for one hour and not to store any more. You can drink this tea or cocktail up to 4 times a day, the number of servings needs to be adjusted based on the complexity of the problem.

Drug reviews

A lot of nursing mothers have already rated the Milky Way mixture for lactation, the reviews of which are in most cases positive. Women liked the pleasant creamy taste of a cocktail with milk and the effect after drinking, which comes about an hour later.

Shortly after drinking tea, milk arrived in large quantities, despite the feeding period, even at night. The mixture to increase lactation saved during crises and temporary reduction of milk.

What is this tool and what is it used for?

"Milky Way" - a product designed to increase and establish lactation. Produced by the organization "VITAPROM" together with the State Research Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. The product has passed clinical studies and is recommended for use by nursing mothers to increase lactation and as an auxiliary source of proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Dry mix "Milky Way" is recommended for use as a means to increase lactation

In what situations is a drink used

The use of the Milky Way drink will be effective and appropriate:

  • during lactation crises, this is a decrease in the amount of breast milk at a certain time. Most often they occur in 1–1.5 months after the birth of the baby and the fourth, seventh and eighth month. This is due to the fact that with the growth of the child's growth, his needs also increase. The drug increases lactation, therefore the need for an artificial supplement will decrease,
  • in hypogalactia (hypogalactia is a decrease in the functions of the mammary gland during breastfeeding, leading to impaired lactogenesis and milk production. The result of hypogalactia may be a late start of lactation, and also a significant reduction in the breastfeeding period)
  • if the milk "did not arrive" as a result of untimely attachment of the baby to the breast after birth. For example, after a cesarean section, use the mixture from the first days until the formation of lactation,
  • as an additional source of protein, vitamins and mineral salts with errors in the diet of a woman.

The composition of the mixture

The powder contains medicinal herb Galega Oriental, through which an increase in lactation occurs naturally. The mixture also includes:

  • skimmed milk 1.5%,
  • soy protein products
  • vegetable oil,
  • fructose,
  • calcium phosphate,
  • fatty acid monoglycerides,
  • lecithin,
  • iron diphosphate,
  • zinc oxide,
  • potassium iodide,
  • beta carotene
  • soluble chicory,
  • sugar,
  • vitamin premix.

Important! The use of multivitamins for lactating for the period of taking the mixture should be suspended, since the product is enriched with vitamins and minerals (a high dose of vitamins can cause hypervitaminosis).

What to expect from drinking: the pros and the possible risks

According to the manufacturer, the mixture "Milky Way":

  • allows you to normalize lactation,
  • promotes an increase in the amount of milk by 1.5–2 times (clinically confirmed). The observations were carried out in the Children's City Polyclinic № 102 of Moscow,
  • provides prevention of lactation crises,
  • prolongs breastfeeding,
  • provides the mother's body with additional vitamins.

Possible harm and precautions

Contraindication is individual intolerance to the components. The soy protein contained in the preparation can have a negative effect on hypotonic cancer (lowers blood pressure). Allergic reaction in crumbs can cause chicory and galega herb, which are part of the mixture. Therefore, for the first time, the drug should be taken in half portions and with caution. It is better to do this in the morning to follow the reaction of the child within one day or even two.

Important! In any case, when allergy symptoms appear in the child (rash, itching, runny nose, cough, indigestion, etc.), the drug should be stopped.

Release form and shelf life

The mixture is produced in a tin tube, weighing 200 grams. (16 servings) and 400 gr. (32 servings).

the mixture is available in two volume options - 200 g and 400 g

Note! Store open packaging for no more than one month.

How to cook and drink

To prepare a drink you need 2 tsp. dry powder, pour 100 ml (this is half a standard glass) with warm boiled water (you can also fill it with milk, kefir or juice) and mix thoroughly. Drink should be consumed only in a freshly prepared form, useful properties are stored in it for one hour.

Stir the beverage thoroughly while cooking.

The recommended daily intake is 200–400 ml (100 ml for one dose).. To restore sufficient lactation to use the product should be at least two weeks. The term of application can be extended to full recovery of lactation.

Women reviews

According to women, 90% noted an increase in the amount of milk while taking the Milky Way mixture. 20% of women felt the effect the next day. They also liked the taste of the drink and its natural composition. But still there are women who spoke negatively about the mixture. In their opinion:

  • the mixture has an unpleasant taste and smell, so you can only drink it in one gulp,
  • leaves a bad aftertaste,
  • sold at a high price
  • has a short period of use after opening the package, which is why it is uneconomical,
  • does not help increase milk production.

Here are some reviews.

When a baby was born in our family, I knew for sure that I would feed it with breast milk as long as possible. On the third day after giving birth there was a lot of milk, and I didn’t understand how some moms could complain about the shortage. The baby was actively sucking, gaining height and weight very quickly, and every day he needed more and more milk. Up to 4 months, we coped, but at 4 months I had a lactation crisis. I heard so much about it and seemed ready ... In fact, I was gripped by a terrible panic, I didn’t know what to do or who to run to. First of all, I bought all the products to increase lactation, but milk did not increase - the baby was constantly hungry and nervous. A friend advised me to the “Milky Way”. I drank it for a week, 100-200 grams per day, and the milk began to arrive on the second day. This is really a "magic" mix! Now I drink it only when it seems to me that there is less milk, and ... You should have seen the contented face of my baby! Of course, this drink can't be called tasty. Simply - the taste is outright disgusting, I can only drink in one gulp, and with whatever I diluted this mixture (milk, juice, water). But on what only you will not go, that the kid received the most valuable food in his life - breast milk.



I also tried the Milky Way and lactomil, various teas, apilak, cumin, dill ... If you drink Lactomil properly, then packs last for 5 days and cost 400r. Milky Way 4 times a day, then 7–9, if 2 then a jar for half a month . I can’t say anything bad about lactomile, but in comparison I liked the milky way more, my chest gets filled up faster, I feel it after taking it (I found daughters and sons in the store. I have an online store and retail prices are 351r. Per bank 400g). Only he saves. This effect is not why it was not. On the second day of the intake, milk is noticeably added, I can even express it after feeding. As for the taste, I quickly got used to it and drink it by diluting it in plain water. The second time saves me.



I have tried this milky way ... not very tasty. But after three days I got used to it, maybe it was self-suggestion ... but my acquaintance advised me. And it seemed to help us both (well, there was more milk ... as far as connected with it .. or just I don’t know by itself) for about 2 days.



These jars were given to us at the hospital. At first I was delighted. I think how good it is. Today is not cheap, but here they gave out for free. Well, I tried, so I almost vomited, the taste is disgusting! Then she was afraid that I would have milk with such a taste. However, when the milk crisis happened, I had to drink a whole jar, though I interfered with condensed milk, then it seemed nothing. Milk was arriving in large quantities and very quickly. Saw 15 minutes before feeding. The child did not refuse from the breast, it means that the taste did not deteriorate. still not terribly pleased that this mixture is divorced badly. constantly some lumps in the tongue, and then not to tear off the spoon. Strained through the four. In general, so to say, the Milky Way is already completely out of despair, if it is bad with lactation, try to fix it first with frequent attachments, mix everything for later, drink more tea, milk, juices, kefir. And yet, there is a very large composition, allergies can develop for some components.



She received a jar with the Milky Way in the maternity hospital along with numerous other gifts. At first, lactation at all begins not so hot, it is difficult for the child, it is difficult for me and, in general, the name is very promising for the remedy. I drank a couple of times. The taste and smell - horror, horror, the effect is not noticed on this special and ended the experience. Honestly, I didn’t want to overcome myself for the ghostly hope that someday everything would be fine. As a result, with a lactation in a week, probably, somehow the very beginning began to improve. The composition is not particularly pleased because there is soy protein, otherwise vitamins, minerals and some magical galega grass - Galega officinalis.



The complex mixture "Milky Way" is designed specifically for nursing women. It consists of natural ingredients. The mixture contains galega grass, which has a proven lactogenic effect. When using the mixture, the milk becomes more nutritious due to the content of proteins and vitamin-mineral complex. The preparation of the drink takes a minimum of time. In most cases, the feedback on the use of the mixture is positive.

What is the mixture of "Milky Way"?

Today, the incidence of hypolactation is increasing throughout the world - insufficient milk production by the female mammary glands. The causes of this phenomenon are associated with medico-social, environmental and other factors. With timely diagnosis, hypolactation is amenable to effective treatment with the use of medication and non-drug drugs and drugs. Among them is the complex mix "Milky Way", which helps to quickly and without negative consequences to establish lactation in a nursing woman.

It is proved that regular and long-term use of the drug helps to restore the function of the mammary glands, increase the amount of milk and improve its quality due to the special vitamin-mineral composition of the mixture. A noticeable improvement in lactation is observed on the second day of the drink. The Milky Way has passed numerous clinical trials and confirmed its high effectiveness in practical application.

Useful properties of the mixture

What exactly is useful "Milky Way" for nursing mothers:

  • First, the mixture makes it easy to normalize lactation,
  • secondly, it helps to increase the amount of milk by 1.5-2 times,
  • thirdly, it provides prevention of lactation crises,
  • fourth, prolongs breastfeeding,
  • fifthly, it provides the mother’s body with additional vitamins.

Mix for lactating "Milky Way" - an effective tool for the prevention and treatment of hypolactation at any time after birth. Its effectiveness, benefits and safety have been proven in clinical settings.

Instructions for use

To prepare 100 ml of a drink to increase lactation, it is necessary to dissolve 2 tsp of the dry mixture in the specified amount of liquid. You can use water, juice, milk or kefir, that is, any liquid to taste. Prepared drink must be drunk within an hour. If for some reason you have not drunk the mixture, it will have to be reconstituted again. It is not recommended to increase a single dose (100 ml), there will be no benefit from this.

To increase lactation per day, you need to drink from 200 to 400 ml of drink in 2-4 doses. The duration of the use of the mixture for nursing mothers "Milky Way" is 14 days. The duration of treatment can be increased until the full restoration of lactation.

Mixture "Milky Way": application reviews

Most reviews about the use of the drug are positive. In them, women note that the mixture "Milky Way":

  • increases lactation within 2-3 days after the start of the reception,
  • has a natural composition,
  • increases the nutritional value of breast milk,
  • dry mix is ​​completely dissolved in water,
  • cooking takes a minimum of time.

However, among the buyers there are women for whom the use of the mixture turned out to be useless. In their reviews, they note that:

  • the mixture has an unpleasant taste and smell, so you can only drink it in one gulp,
  • leaves a bad aftertaste,
  • sold at a high price
  • has a short period of use after opening the package, which is why it is uneconomical,
  • does not help increase milk production.

In general, more than 80% of nursing mothers find the product beneficial.

Drug action

The development of the Milky Way mixture, intended for increasing lactation, belongs to Vitaprom, the principle of which is the production of high-quality healthy food products. In the Russian market, the mixture has no analogues only she received a Security Certificate.

The mixture is unique in composition - a nursing mother receives all the necessary substances that are important for the recovery of the body in the postpartum period.

The mixture also contains an extract of galega herb, which in a short time helps to increase milk production. It supports lactation at all its stages.

Proper Mixture Milky Way

Proved safety and balanced composition do not cancel consultation with a doctor - it is important to exclude individual intolerance to its components.

For the same reason, it is necessary to introduce the mixture gradually, observing the state of the child. If redness, runny nose or digestive disorders occur, the drug should be discontinued.

Instructions for use involves the use of a mixture of 2 to 4 times a day, depending on the desired result.

As a basis, you can use any liquid, for example, juice or milk. One scoop of dry mix is ​​diluted in 100 ml of liquid. The resulting drink is recommended to drink immediately, storage is allowed no more than 1 hour.

Opinions of breastfeeding specialists

A specialized drug for the normalization of breastfeeding spawned a lot of controversy. Some experts believe that the Milky Way mixture improves the quality and quantity of breast milk, others argue that it does not affect lactation.

Специалист по ГВ Наталья Разахацкая нейтрально относится к употреблению смеси, она считает, что Млечный путь абсолютно безвредный препарат, но его прием носит лишь психологический характер.

Irina Chupurova, a well-known consultant on GW, is an opponent lactic drugs. Her opinion is that any component is a potential allergen, especially herbs, in order to eliminate problems with lactation, it is enough to offer the baby breast more often.

Professor of the Research Institute of Nutrition of the RAMS Elena Fateeva does not agree with them. She recommends to use the Milky Way mixture to all lactating mothers, especially those with sad experience of HB in the past. Her opinion is supported by N. Zubkov and L. Abolian - candidates of medical sciences.

Whose advice each mother should decide to listen to, but the use of lactic agent should be discussed with the doctor.

Features of the tool

The drug “Milky Way” was developed by the Russian company Vitaprom, which specializes in the production of healthy food on a natural basis. The development was carried out in collaboration with the Research Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In the domestic market, the mixture has no analogues due to the following features.

  • Complex composition. The lactation mixture “Milky Way” contains a number of active ingredients, including proteins, mineral salts and vitamins. The presence of galega in the composition of the extract of the herb makes her unique among the Russian lactic stimulating drugs.
  • Availability of Security Certificate. In 2008, the drug was certified by the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare and received a certificate of state registration. Until 2008, the drug passed through hygienic examinations three times and received sanitary and epidemiological reports. At the moment, other certified drugs of similar effect in Russia do not exist.

The manufacturer recommends the use of specialized milk protein complex for additional nutrition of women during lactation in order to normalize the diet and increase milk production.

The composition of the "Milky Way" includes:

  • milk powder,
  • soy protein (not genetically modified),
  • alimentary fiber,
  • plant extracts (chicory and galega),
  • vitamin complex (A, D, E, B, folic, pantothenic acid, nicotinamide),
  • mineral complex of sodium, potassium, iron and phosphorus.

Instructions for use of the Milky Way drink to stimulate lactation:

  • Prepare the mixture by dissolving two teaspoons of the powder in 100 ml juice, kefir or milk,
  • use the composition within an hour,
  • use 2-4 times a day for two weeks to restore lactation.

The drink has a specific taste, so the women who took it recommend drinking the Milky Way quickly, in one gulp.

Opinion nutritionists

In the article “Milk Can Be More”, Professor, Associate Professor of Medical Sciences at the Research Institute of Nutrition of the RAMS, Elena Fateyeva, leads the gradation of the funds presented on the Russian market in accordance with their composition and characteristics of the effect on lactation. The author proposes to divide lactogonic drugs as follows.

  • Dry mixes on the basis of milk, soy protein. These include complexes "Femilak", "Enfa-Mama", "Olympic". All of these tools are intended for the correction of the diet of women include, in addition to milk powder or soy protein, vitamins, fatty acids, minerals.
  • Juices, drinks, teas. In this group are presented ready-made fruit mixes “Hipp”, “Nestlé” with vitamins, iron. Tea for nursing Hipp, products of the Austrian company "Kruger" on the basis of medicinal herbs, natural sugars, belongs to it. As well as home-made drinks from freshly squeezed carrot juice, radish with the addition of honey, fenugreek infusion.
  • BAA. The group of dietary supplements is represented by the preparations Apilak, Laktogon, made on the basis of herbs, royal jelly of bees.
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements. Combined products to ensure adequate levels of vitamins and minerals in the body of a nursing mother. On sale there are many similar complexes, including "Gendevit", "Materna", "Centrum" and others.
  • Dry mixtures with lactogonic factor. The only drug of this kind is the Milky Way drink to stimulate lactation. According to Elena Fateeva, the presence of galega extract in it is an important advantage compared to other formulations based on soy protein or cow's milk. The Research Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Sciences conducted clinical trials on the effect of galega grass on lactation, tolerance by women and infants. They showed good results and increased production of breast milk.

Candidates of Medical Sciences L. V. Abolyan, N. Z. Zubkova agree with her opinion. In the scientific article "Modern approaches to breastfeeding a child," they indicate the need to increase the caloric and nutritional value of the diet of a woman during lactation. However, they pay attention to the danger of using potential allergens in the diet: chocolate, eggs, smoked meats, fruits and soy.

Vladimir Studenikin, professor, pediatrician, doctor of medical sciences classifies soybeans as a staple food, most often provoking allergic reactions from a child. And recommends that nursing mothers avoid eating it during the entire lactation period in order to reduce the likelihood of developing food allergies.

Opinion of breastfeeding counselors

Recent studies have shown that the mother's diet has only an indirect effect on the composition of breast milk and the intensity of its production. This is indicated by the recommendations of the International Organization for Breastfeeding "La Leche League" in the wording of lactation expert Elena Todres.

The main factor in stimulating lactation is the proper organization of breastfeeding without feeding, the nipple, with the obligatory frequent attachment of the baby to the breast (feeding mode "on demand"). Moreover, additional lactogonic agents often have only a psychological effect.

Lactation consultant Natalia Razakhatskaya does not exclude the possibility of their use in the period of the formation of lactation or lactation crises. "If you are so calmer, use them, because the emotional attitude when you need to restore lactation is incredibly important," - said the expert.

However, it is imperative to use extremely safe products that can not harm the baby’s body. Does the Milky Way completely safe means to increase lactation?

To increase lactation, Irina Chupurova recommends often and correctly apply the baby to the breast. Her recommendations are based on the generally accepted WHO guideline in the world, in which lactation stimulation is reduced to a single rule - to feed as often as possible, especially if milk production is reduced. Other methods with proven effectiveness to date does not exist.

The pediatrician, Candidate of Medical Sciences Yakov Yakovlev agrees with the opinion of Irina Chupurova. In a review of the dangers of lactogonic herbs, he gives a gradation of all the plants used for this purpose in terms of their level of danger to mother and child. Features of the effects of herbs on the body are listed in the E-LACTANCIA directory of the Spanish Hospital Marina Alta. According to the directory, all herbs can be divided into four groups according to the level of risk.

  • Level "0". If the plant has a zero risk level, a nursing woman can use it without worry. It may not bring the expected effect, but it will provide psychological support. Modern studies have confirmed the effect of "placebo", which provides for the recovery of patients who unconditionally believe in the healing power of the drug being taken.
  • Level "1". Funds with the first level of danger are moderately safe, that is, they can be taken by a woman during breastfeeding, but with control of the child’s condition. May cause adverse reactions.
  • Level "2". Drugs of this level should not be used by a nursing woman, since the risk of taking them is many times higher than the likely positive effect. According to the international reference book E-LACTANCIA, galega herb belongs to drugs with a hazard level of "2".
  • Level "3". Reception of these funds is prohibited during lactation. It does not include plants, only narcotic substances, nicotine, a number of drugs that cause severe damage to the body of a child.

Based on the international drug classifier, galega grass, which is part of the Milky Way complex, cannot be classified as a safe component. There is also the possibility of allergic reactions from the child to soy protein and cow's milk protein.

Should the Milky Way agent be used to increase lactation? Addressing the issue requires an individual, balanced approach. In this case, HBG counselors recommend to closely monitor the child's reactions. And if you find signs of food allergies, digestive disorders or uncharacteristic behavior of the baby, stop taking the lactogonic drug.