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Device for record growth: choose a stretcher and update the member


JssMate Extender Stretcher it is completed with a vacuum method of fastening, and also with a convenient elastic belt which can be fixed on a hip or a belt.

The waist-length extender JssMate is absolutely not noticeable under clothing. You can wear without removing up to 7-8 hours. Stretcher reliable, convenient and easy to use.

Repeated clinical testing of this model on target user groups allows us to announce the following results:

  • an increase in the length of the penis for the course of wearing by 2 - 5 cm,
  • increase the volume to 1.3-1.7 cm

What it is

Strictly speaking, it is a belt orthopedic system. It consists of a main ring (popularly called stubborn), a head lock, a flexible belt. Mounting is mechanical and vacuum. Fixation with a loop will be found in Penis Plus systems, top vacuum boilers - Penimaster Pro, Phallosan Forte.

How is the increase in penis

A powerful tensile force works for growth. It is enough to put the retaining ring, wrap the belt and fasten the head. Tension is set by adjusting the tape.

The system pulls the corpus cavernosum, the tunica alba, tunic, causing an increase in old cells and the formation of new ones. Expansion of the tissue leads to better blood flow. This is another plus in favor of rapid regeneration, growth in erection. to content ↑

Meet all the varieties of these wonder pieces.

Systems with upwards

The best solution for exciting race to work in the bus and subway. Such models are relevant for secret wear every day. The device is quite static even when moving from point A to point B.

Load fluctuations occur only when bending, squatting. There is a minus: the upper thrust does not act on the tunica albugine in isolation. It does not give accented stretching of the ligament.

The result of wearing tightly tied to the anatomy. Here's a vivid example: if the barrel is slightly bent down (the lower part is shorter than the top), the stretching will be satisfactory. If there is no such feature, it is better to take the lap variant. Consider that in practice upward traction is often painful. to content ↑

Knee (foot)

For these comrades, the guide thrust is fixed in the region of the knee. The basic kit includes an elastic tape, head lock. The system shows results at rest. Feel free to use this option while lying on the couch. In the horizontal position, the "captain" will receive controlled stretching, and the key load will go to the supporting bundle.

Do not use the knee option when moving, walking. The trick is that with such activity, the penis will not grow. The legs go, and the load jumps up and down, goes unstable and weak. Given the mount, a gentle phallus easily gets injured.

Jumps in pulling workouts will work only when the manual. Such stretches give the transition from the most gentle to a record load. There is a controlled tensile force.

Waist (Phallosan forte and similar comrades)

This is the best solution that bright heads have come up with at the moment. Belt models consist of a belt (it works on tractive effort), a stop ring, a clamp, a cuff sleeve. They are ideal for inconspicuous wear.

The simulator easily hides under the pants and does not interfere in the heat of everyday affairs.. Rapid growth is ensured by two points - the penis is stretched from the side of the root and the fixer, which is doubly effective. to content ↑

To turn your dick into a giant, look at the belt vacuum systems. With such a thing, training is conducted in public places, with the best comfort, secretly. Consider it a direct competitor to the extender. They are even called: Extender - Stretcher.

Vakuumniki able to stable to stretch the trunk, creating an accented craving for cavities and phallus tissue. Stretching is directed to both sides - from the cap and from the stop.

Basic set:

  • vacuum cap
  • elastic tape
  • tension adjustment mechanism.

How to choose the right

We recommend the best and most convenient, so we vote for belt-based vacuum systems. These models are nice to beginners, respected by experienced NUPs. With such an assistant, it is easy to live in a familiar rhythm and enjoy progressive training. If home exposures are planned, in addition take the device with a “knee” bollard. to content ↑

Instructions for use

It is important to correctly set the position of the tape on the body and constantly monitor this moment throughout the day. Wear the system at least 4 hours a day in 7/0 mode, gradually bringing the exposure time to 8 hours. The course lasts 6-7 months, is good friends with manual stretching, massage.

We put on the leg simulator:

  • choose the left or right leg, wrap the tape,
  • we put on the head lock,
  • fasten the tractor to the stretcher with velcro and to the cap with a carbine.

We put on a belt simulator:

  • we take a member, put on a stubborn wheel, sleeve, cap,
  • set the belt at the waist,
  • we build the pulling force between the two points of application of force (cap-ring), we obtain controlled tension of the phallus tissues.
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The nuances that everyone has forgotten about

Always watch how the belt sits on your body.. It is necessary to make so that the load between the ring and the cap is distributed evenly. This will eliminate fatigue at the root, where the retaining ring sits and will remove the excess load from the head with the cap.

It is done this way: they fixed the belt, adjusted it, and intuitively determined the position in which quality stretching and comfort are felt. If this capricious thing moves, immediately correct it, only so will the member grow competently.

What else:

  • take the power of traction under strict control - at the start the maximum force is 1500 g. Increase the load gently, gradually. Haste will reduce the comfort and duration of traction to the furnace
  • control stretchingnotice any hints of member fatigue - otherwise get hurt. Parameters of the stretched barrel denote a pen, a marker. Mark directly on the body. Other reference points are moles and other entertaining marks, if any. If you see progress, then the process goes in the right direction,
  • how to avoid fatigue - make head protection. Any plaster from a pharmacy or special protective caps will do. These are cunning silicone tips. They are put on the head for protection from the load by vacuum. It feels like a second skin, it wears out quickly, but it's worth it.
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What results can be expected

Guys who have completed a semiannual course show off a stable 3.5-4 cm increase. We confirm the veracity of such results. Consider that wearing a stretcher is a work for length. Noticeable difference in girth.

If you want to work out this moment, combine the stretcher with other methods of growth (pump, gels, creams, vascular techniques). to content ↑

Where to buy and what is the price

In order not to suffer with an extra headache, contact the official dealers. There are plenty of online sites that are ready to offer a quality product with free delivery and full confidentiality. Stretcher can be bought in Moscow (and not only) at the price of 3-15 thousand rubles - and it is inexpensive.

Make the knee version

Recall, this thing is useful for training in front of the TV, lying on your favorite couch.

Here is the whole process:

  • make a ring to fix the head. Use an elastic bandage or any other similar material. Measure the diameter, stitch the retainer 1-1.5 cm wide, taking into account the numbers. It will turn out to be a ring that fits tightly on the foreskin and will not fall down from the tension force,
  • fasten a short elastic band to the top of the finished fixture with rivets (1 cm is enough),
  • exactly the same set on the bottom,
  • Attach 2-3 chain links to both elastic bands (any will fit, even from the cuckoo beads),
  • Attach a carabiner to the chain, and a tractor to the carabiner. For this fit a long, thin elastic band,
  • To start working, put a loop on your knee. She is made of elastic bandage and fixed with rivets.
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How to make a belt version

If you want to leave the house without disturbing the exposure, make a belt sample.

This instance is made like this:

  • Take an elastic bandage or elastic band. Divide it into 2 parts: short and long. The first will work as a tractor, run the second around the waist,
  • fasten the buckle on the edges of the long elastic band. Measure the belt - on the part that will stand at the back, fasten the velcro,
  • fasten the short piece with a tie. Sew Velcro on one side, - it will attach to the belt at the back,
  • in the area where the rubber band was folded in half, forming a loop, fasten the carabiner and the clasp,
  • supplement the design with a head cap or an elastic ring, as was done in the previous case.
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If you are not a designer enthusiast with your own mini-lab, it will be difficult to assemble a vacuum stretcher with your own hands. The fact is that the system contains a large number of key nodes and it is almost impossible to repeat this kunshtyuk by yourself. Easier to purchase the device in finished form.

Purchased or homemade

We are talking about a stretcher, and we mean a design that gives comfort and invisibility. This is true for training in public places. Another trick is that gadget gives maximum performance for all types of phalluses.

All this is done only with the finished vacuum belt system. This is the best that is invented today.

Safety and Contraindications

If a man is healthy, he can wear a device every day. Direct contraindication to training is anomaly of penis development. If such an attack happened as trauma, skin, inflammatory diseases in the genital area, it is necessary to undergo treatment and only then start the growth process.

Here are the basic tenets of safety:

  • Do not wear the device for more than 4 hours in the first month of training, do not give a load of more than 1.5 kg,
  • during long exposures, periodically remove the retainer, ring, massage,
  • if you feel pain, discomfort, remove the structure, massage the trunk,
  • Observe hygiene by cleaning the cap, ring with mild detergent.
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Code apply the device?

There are several types of stretchers.

Special testimony of doctors for the use of stretcher does not exist. The only thing that makes use of this device is the discontent of a man regarding the length of his sexual organ.

Also, the use of the construction is recommended when, apart from the small size, there are problems with erectile function, there is an increased sensitivity of the penis, due to which premature ejaculation occurs.

Operating principle

The action of the stretcher is based on two main points. The design stretches the tissue of the penis by pushing it forward or to the side and fixing it in this position.

The second function is to normalize the blood circulation of the body. This is due to the expansion of tissues, which improves blood flow and stabilizes microcirculation.

There are several types of stretchers. All of them have their own design features, fasteners.

Such devices consist of elastic belts, a vacuum cap and a tractor. Stretcher easily adjustable, easy to use. It can be worn daily, as it does not bring any discomfort and is not visible under clothing.

The design consists of an orthopedic belt and a stop ring, which helps stretch the member between the two supports. Such a device is suitable for continuous wear, it is invisible under clothing. The lap stretcher is most effective in increasing the penis in men.

The device includes an elastic band, which is attached to the knee. It is not allowed to apply it during physical exertion, otherwise it will not be possible to achieve the desired result. For maximum positive action is required to wear only in the supine position.

Possible results after use

The effectiveness of the stretcher depends entirely on what type of it is used, how long it is and if it is used correctly. According to reviews of men who have experienced similar devices, their use can achieve good results. If you regularly wear a stretcher, the length of the penis may increase by 2-3 cm.

Where to buy and approximate cost?

To purchase a stretcher is a serious problem, since it cannot be found in specialized stores of intimate goods or in pharmacies, even in large cities. You can buy the device only in retail outlets that specialize directly in the sale of stretchers.

The cost of enlarger penis varies depending on the type of design, a particular store. The price varies from 3-15 thousand rubles.

How to choose?

You can select a stretcher according to your preferences. But still, most men recommend to give preference to the waist, as it is the most convenient and easy to use. It also has good performance.

In the second place is a vacuum enlarger. It is slightly less effective, but also quite comfortable. A knee stretcher and a device with a pitch up are not so common.

What is better stretcher or extender?

Extender is also a device that helps to increase the male sexual organ. It is difficult to say that stretcher or extender is better. Both gadgets help in lengthening manhood. The only difference is that the extender is appointed for medical reasons, and the stretcher is not recognized by doctors, but is used solely as a home method of increasing.

Advantages and disadvantages

The disadvantage is that there is a risk of damage to the genital organ.

The use of stretchers for a member has its pros and cons. The benefits of wearing a device include:

  1. Safety use.
  2. Long-term effect of wearing an enlarger.
  3. The ability to increase a member at home and in any free time.
  4. Ease of use.
  5. Efficiency gain effect.

From the minus men note that there is a risk of damage to the penis and breakage of the device during sudden movements.

How to make a stretcher with your own hands

If a man does not have the opportunity to purchase a stretcher, you can make it yourself.

You must first create a ring mount for the head. To this end, elastic bandage sew in a circle, after measuring the diameter of the head. On opposite sides, two thin and short elastic bands are attached, to which several chain links are fixed. They, in turn, are attached to the carbine, which is fixed to the tractor.

Divide the bandage into two parts, so that one is short to perform the function of the tractor, and the second - long to grip the lumbar. A buckle is attached to the most part, and a velcro is fixed to the elastic from the back.

The second part of the gum is connected with a tie, one end of the velcro fasten for further connection with the waist. In the place where the loop was formed from the gum, attach the carabiner, and to it the lock, and then the cap or ring on the head of the penis.

Vacuum stretcher at home is quite difficult to do, since it consists of many parts. Therefore, men refuse to manufacture it, giving preference to the purchased product.


If you wear a magnifier wrong, then there is a risk of negative consequences

Enlarger of the penis has a number of contraindications. These include the following:

  1. Congenital malformations of organ development.
  2. Inflammation in the tissues of the penis.
  3. Damage or pathology of the skin.
  4. Male member injury.

Consequences of misuse

If you wear a magnifier wrong, there is a risk of negative consequences. Due to improper use, damage to the reproductive organ, its curvature is possible. This is due to the increased stretching of the tissues of the penis. Another consequence is the lack of effect.

Thus, the stretcher is an effective device for increasing the length of the penis in the home. To achieve maximum results, it is necessary to wear the device correctly and for a long time.

Why Stretcher Enlarges Penis

Men who use extenders with a strap or flagellated fastener are aware of these shortcomings of these devices:

  • pain,
  • discomfort
  • strap slipping from the penis,
  • skin irritation at the head,
  • compression of the head and change in its color due to circulatory disorders,

Of course, some of these troubles can be avoided if the elastic bandage is wound on the penis, however, this is not suitable for everyone, and the quality winding will take about 5 minutes, which is inconvenient in terms of being at work or another public place.

German developers have created an innovative mount, which is based on the vacuum effect. The essence of the method consists in sucking the head of the penis into a special chamber that repeats the structure of the head, and keeping it there with the help of a vacuum (in the photo).

How does the stretcher

Stretcher (stretcher) to increase the penis is a special mechanical design that acts on the tissues of the male organ.Due to the development of new cells, the penis is extended and enlarged.

The vacuum chamber is represented by only one standard size, but this is not a problem, since the inner membrane will adjust to any shape and size of the penis head (in the photo).

In order to better keep members of different diameters, split adapters in the form of half-rings are provided. They are inserted on the sides of the inlet of the chamber and form three sizes of the inlet.

For the free entry of the head through the gateway, a special lubricant (lubricant) is used. Fluid flow rate is very small, only a small drop of product is needed to lubricate the head.

The air is pumped out by the connector along with the airway hose. At the end of the camera there is a rotary valve that opens when the connector is put on. When the air is pumped out, the connector is removed, and the valve is closed, so the stretcher is put on quickly and without hassle.

There is almost no mechanical compression of the head and clamping of the vessels that feed the head tissues. The camera operates on the principle of a sucker. The vacuum is created using special sluices made of latex rubber. The gateway gently encircles the base of the penis head, maintaining tightness inside the chamber.

There are several types of vacuum attachment, but there is a drawback to vacuum: with prolonged exposure, bubbles of lymph or small hematomas may appear on the surface of the head.

Penimaster provides a unique solution to eliminate this problem. The device has an adhesive membrane, tightly covering the surface of the head of the penis, which prevents protrusion of any part of the skin on the head, which means there is no risk of a bubble.

Stretcher makes it possible to change the size of the sexual organ forever. The growth of tissue is irreversible, the parameters will not return to the original figures.

The method of penis enlargement with the help of this device is approved by modern medicine. Clinical trials show that stretcher increases penis parameters by 3-5 centimeters without surgery.

Included is a special mount that allows you to install the system on almost any strap or flagellate extender. Stretcher is not an extender, it can be used independently, as it is equipped with an elastic strap attached to the thigh, on the belt or over the shoulder.

There is a shrinker that allows you to adjust the length and tension. The belt system removes the user from wearing heavy metal-plastic construction of extenders, making the wearing process comfortable and more invisible.

Experienced users are advised to alternate the wearing of stretcher and extender, since the extender gives a stronger tension.

The vacuum stretcher comes in the following configuration:

  1. vacuum chamber (in the photo),
  2. reversing valve,
  3. mounting platform of the camera for installation on the extender,
  4. air exhaust system - connector with a tube,
  5. lock ring,
  6. narrow shrinker (split adapter),
  7. wide shrinker
  8. adhesive membranes,
  9. belt stretcher to install the vacuum system to the thigh or on the belt,
  10. latex locks,
  11. lubricant
  12. CD with instructions for use.

Stretcher can have other parts included.

Based on Extender24 website.

What are the benefits anddisadvantages of each design, which one to choose for effective use and quickresult?

Extenders. Bars of almost all extenders have a pointer. tension, i.e. tension can be set very accurately. In this case, the tension on the extender is more powerful than on the stretcher, so extenders strongly stretch the penis and, with regular wear, give a quick result. therefore extenders are used as the mainsimulator for penis enlargement.

Stretcher compact extenders, as the tensile element - elastic belt - is flat and not noticeable under the clothes. Therefore, if you do not have enough time to wear an extender, you can additionally wear a stretcher outside the home. Another advantage of the stretcher is the absence of a stop ring that presses against the pubis. Therefore, the stretcher can be used at home to take a break from the extender.

Stretcher is also indispensable for use after penis enlargement surgery. - ligamentotomy. An incision of the supporting ligament will not allow the extender to be used with the rods due to pain, so the first month after the operation only the stretcher is applied, with the attachment to the knee. After the penis is engraved in the new position, an extender can be used to improve the result obtained from the operation.

However, a stretcher alone may not be enough to cause penis growth. Therefore, when choosing an extender or stretcher, you need to understand that Extender providesthe main result, and the stretcher only complements the action of the extender.

Stretcher should be worn only after the set on the extender, when the penis is already stretched enough - the stretcher will support the penis in the stretched state.

In the assortment of our store there are extenders, stretcher, andExtender + Stretcher Sets Which model to choose?

1. If you plan to basically wear the house, you can only limit the extender. In this case, I advise PeniMaster Pro Rod System - a vacuum extender with metal rods or PeniMaster Chrome - a strap extender.

2. Set PeniMaster Pro Belt System is suitable if you already have an extender with rods.

3. The most effective sets of Peni Master Pro Complete Set, in which there are both an extender and a stretcher. Also, this set is recommended, if you plan an operation to increase the penis - ligamentotomy.

4. If you have a PeniMaster strap and you are planning to upgrade it to a vacuum one, then the stretcher is included in the upgrade kit # 2.

Types of vacuum stretchers for penis enlargement

A distinctive feature of the stretcher is that it helps to increase the length of the reproductive organ. And this moment is justified by the fact that during the use of the device the fixed length is not established.

If to compare with the extender, the advantage is that not only the soft tissues of the penis are drawn out, but also the elongation of the inner supporting ligaments takes place. Thus, the term becomes longer, and the result is saved for life.

Another feature is the comfort of use. Since the stretcher does not have rigid extension rods, the sexual organ is applied to the groin, that is, according to the relief of the male figure, as a result of which it is completely invisible under clothing.

  • The device with the leg (foot apparatus).
  • Apparatus with a burden up.
  • Stretcher, having a pull to the side (waist device).

The foot device is an elastic band, which is fixed by thrust to the knee. These devices are used by many during active movement, which is a big mistake.

The problem is that with such a device during movement, the load on the genital organ becomes uneven. It seems to be “jumping”, decreasing and increasing, as a result of which the effectiveness of training decreases.

Men who have bought such a stretcher, and using it while moving, can seriously injure their sexual organ when load excursions are observed. Features of effective application of the foot system:

  1. No movement during use.
  2. Use only in a horizontal position (for example, lying on the couch).

Stretchers with pull up are devices that can be used every day for discreet wear. And the effectiveness of this model depends on the anatomical features of the man.

It is not possible to predict in advance how effective this system will be in a particular situation. Check the effectiveness is possible only in the process of wearing.

Stretcher with a side to side - orthopedic belt that can be worn every day. And this type of device is considered the most popular, as it gives the most pronounced result.

It should be noted that the belt system will only give results if the design contains a stop ring, which allows you to stretch the member between the two attachment points - the cap and the ring.

Features of the vacuum stretcher Penimaster

Penimaster Stretcher Vacuum is the most effective device for enlarging the genital that is commonly used by men and is often recommended by surgeons after penile surgery.

The vacuum chamber is presented in a set in only one size. However, this moment is not a problem, because the membrane of the chamber can adapt to any size of the head of the reproductive organ.

In order to better keep the penis in the chamber, there are additionally special half-rings that are placed along the edges of the chamber. For the free passage of the head is used grease, available in the kit.

It should be noted that the kit also includes a system that allows you to install these additional products into any mechanical extender, which, as a result, will make it a comfortable vacuum device.

Distinctive characteristics of Penimaster Stretcher:

  • A gradual increase in penis size, comfortable wearing without pain.
  • The shape of the chamber is made taking into account the physiological characteristics of men, which makes it possible to evenly distribute the pressure over the entire head of the penis.
  • Convenient air exhaust system, which allows you to quickly fix the necessary tubes for this.

It should be noted that such a stretcher can be attached to a state belt, shoulder, foot. Therefore, the device can be worn anywhere, and no one will notice under clothing.

You can buy a stretcher in a specialized store, which presents a variety of models to choose from. The vacuum system Penimaster will cost from 15 000 to 18 000 rubles.

Penis Enlargement Stretcher Silomax

The Silomax vacuum system is a belt stretcher that is distinguished by high comfort during use. If the cycle of wearing a strap extender for a maximum of two hours, and then you need to take a break. That wearing this stretcher is permissible up to 8 hours.

That allows you to stretch the tissue of the penis. Stretcher Silomax has a convenient head mount, so that the pressure on it is almost not felt.

The device has three options for use: power, normal and easy method. Suitable for wearing during active movement, sports. And it can be used during sleep.

Advantages of the Silomax vacuum stretcher:

  1. Long comfortable wearing. Since the result of the increase is directly proportional to the time of use of the device, the growth of the penis is observed much faster.
  2. Convenient belt mount that allows you to make the device invisible even under light clothing.
  3. Compared to the extender, the result of the increase comes faster. As a rule, 4-5 months of applying a vacuum stretcher increases the penis by 35% compared with the initial size.

However, to get a pronounced effect and the desired result is possible only if you use the stretcher correctly. And here it implies not only the time frame of use, but also the control of the situation:

  • Tracking the position of the belt on the body.
  • Controlling the load on the sexual organ.
  • Control for stretching the penis (analogy - adding bars to the extender).
  • Controlling indirect symptoms of member fatigue to prevent injury to the organ.

Order vacuum device model Silomax possible on specialized sites. The price for a stretcher varies from 10,000 to 15,000 rubles, depending on the configuration.

What is better stretcher or extender?

Many men who want to increase the penis are interested in what is better to buy, stretcher or extender?

In principle, the question is quite ambiguous. Both types of devices are designed to increase the penis, have a certain efficiency. Therefore, it is impossible to specifically say that this or that apparatus will be better.

Along with this, you can simply compare the two devices to increase the reproductive organ, so that the man draws certain conclusions for himself, and chose the ideal option for himself.

Comparison of extender and stretcher:

  1. Stretcher is based on a vacuum system that allows you to make wearing comfortable and convenient. In turn, the strap or flagellate extenders can deliver a lot of inconvenience during operation.
  2. Extender should be removed every 2 hours to massage the penis. Stretcher such conditions does not require.
  3. Extender can not be worn at night, stretcher possible.

However, if the stretcher only lengthens the penis, then the extender helps to increase the thickness of the penis. He, like a vacuum pump, helps to "multiply" the cells inside the penis, as a result of which the phallus becomes thicker.

Both of these devices can be combined with various member enlargement techniques as well as specialized tools. Ideally, in both cases, Dominator spray will help to accelerate the growth of the penis.

What is a stretcher and what is the basis of its principle

The effect of use is achieved by stretching the penis.

Stretcher is a device that is designed to enlarge the penis through mechanical action. The high efficiency of this device is based on the following features:

  1. Stretcher contributes to the stretching of the tissues of the penis, pulling the sexual organ to the side and forward. In this case, the term is permanently fixed in the stretched position, due to which its increase occurs.
  2. Through the use of such a device can improve blood circulation. This effect is based on the expansion of tissues, respectively, to increase blood flow to the genitals. Thus, there is a normalization of microcirculation, which is necessary for improved tissue nutrition and their greater regeneration.

The stretcher should be used by men who:

  • unhappy with the size of their penis,
  • They want to improve erection, and accordingly, the quality of intercourse,
  • wish to avoid premature ejaculation by reducing the sensitivity of the head.

Results of use and effectiveness

A good result of the use of stretcher is an increase in penis by 3-4 centimeters in length. It should be understood that to achieve more noticeable changes with the help of such devices will not succeed.

Some men note that the use of stretcher can cause the effect of reducing the penis in diameter. This is caused by the extension of the cavernous bodies and, accordingly, a decrease in their width. Therefore, the reason for refusing to use this technique may be an insufficient volume of the sexual organ.

Types of stretchers

At the moment, there are several types of such devices:

  • waist,
  • vacuum,
  • with up,
  • knee, which is also called foot.

Each of these devices has its own thrust vector, which determines the design features. And to understand the features of such devices, it is necessary to consider them in more detail.

Vacuum stretchers

The advantage of this device in its stealth, reliability, convenience

Devices to increase the member of this type suggest the presence of elastic belts and a vacuum cap, which is put on the head of the penis. The degree of tension is regulated by a special tractor.

The design is characterized by extreme simplicity and simultaneous comfort. Due to this, such a stretcher for a member can be worn during the day without any discomfort. The cost of such a model starts from 3000 rubles.

Such structures are also called stretchers with sideways. They are represented by orthopedic straps with special stop rings. The main advantages of such devices are: ease of daily wear and absolute invisibility to others.

In addition, according to numerous reviews about stretcher men, wearing such devices is highly effective. This is explained by the fact that in the presence of two points of fixation (cap and retaining ring), one can obtain pronounced results of stretching the tissues. You can buy such a device for 4000-5000 rubles in specialized stores or on the Internet.

With up

Such stretchers are designed for everyday wear. They are not capable of harming the genital organ and are completely invisible to others due to their special design. A peculiar disadvantage of such structures is the absence of a pronounced load on the ligament of the penis, which is why there is no isolated effect on the tissues of the penis.

Given these circumstances, we can say that the effectiveness of devices with upward tension will be lower than that of the knee or waist. However, the severity of the effect in this case depends largely on the anatomical features of the member:

  • if the sexual organ is bent downwards, then wearing a stretcher will not bring significant results,
  • with an even member or slightly bent upwards, one can expect much more pronounced results of application.

Features of the stretcher

To enlarge the penis by means of a stretcher, there is little right choice of design. It is very important to properly fasten and wear it. Since the classic type of stretcher is a foot, the features of its use should be considered in more detail:

  1. В первую очередь необходимо намотать эластичную часть стретчера на ногу, надежно ее укрепив.
  2. Посредством липучки следует прикрепить тягач к стретчеру.
  3. На головку пениса надевают специальную насадку-колпак. To avoid possible discomfort when wearing, it is desirable to lubricate the inner surface of the structure with petroleum jelly.
  4. The other end of the tractor is fixed to the cap. For this purpose, a specially designed carbine is used.

More difficult to use is the waist design. How to wear a stretcher of this type:

  1. In this case, the design is worn on the belt.
  2. A special buckle is used to select the optimum degree of tension. It is very important that in the process of wearing the device a man does not feel discomfort.
  3. On the back side there is a special velcro on the belt, to which a special tractor can be attached.
  4. A cap is put on the head of the penis. This is done in the same way as in the case of the stretcher described above.
  5. The tractor, bending around the body, must be connected to the cap, located on the head of the penis.

Regardless of the choice of device wearing it is carried out at least 2-4 hours a day. It is advisable to install a stretcher several times during the day, for example, at two o'clock in the morning and at the same amount in the evening. The maximum daily use of such devices is 8 hours.

The average course of application is 6 months. But noticeable results are possible only with the daily wearing of the design.

DIY Stretcher

The choice of length depends on the individual proportions of the man.

This device has a rather simple design, which is why many men have the idea to make it yourself. To make a stretcher with your own hands, you must have an idea about its structure and functioning. Below will be considered the most simple and effective design.

How to make a foot stretcher

It is the simplest design, for the manufacture of which will require only two elastic bands, a few rivets and an elastic bandage. You should also stock up on several chain links and a small carbine. The manufacturing process involves the following steps:

  1. Make a ring fixation for the head member. To do this, take an elastic bandage or elastic to a width of one and a half centimeters. From it measure the segment, exactly corresponding to the circumference of the penis in the head. The ends of the segment sew.
  2. On two opposite edges of the fabric ring fabricated, rivet is mounted, to which two short (not more than a centimeter in length) thin elastic bands are attached.
  3. 2-3 bands are attached to elastic bands. They are necessary for the subsequent fastening of the structure to the carabiner. Then to him cling tractor, which is a thin gum. The choice of length depends on the proportions of the body of a man.

It is easy to make such a construction, but if we are talking about vacuum analogues, then in this case it is better to buy a factory-made stretcher.

Side Effects and Effects of Misuse

If used improperly, the stretcher can have very negative consequences. For this reason, these constructions should be used in strict accordance with the instructions. In the presence of pain and discomfort, the use of the agent should be stopped by consulting a doctor for professional advice.

There are several negative consequences of improper use of the stretcher:

  1. Penis Injury. It can be caused by too much stretching of the tissue. Therefore, you should not expose a strong tension of the device, it will be right to increase it gradually.
  2. No effect This is possible in several cases. First, the case may concern the wrong choice of stretcher. As mentioned above, some models do not fit the specific anatomical structure of the sexual organ. Secondly, a man can use the tool irregularly. It should be remembered that results can only be achieved with a systematic approach. And, thirdly, high efficiency is possible only with regular use for at least six months.

The effectiveness of the stretcher shows a number of positive reviews. Here are some of them.

“Unfortunately, nature did not reward me with a large member, but I did not despair and tried several times to fix this problem myself. I was scared of the operation, because I used all sorts of pills, topical agents and devices. And the stretcher for the penis in this case was a real discovery for me! For a couple of months of use, the first results appeared, and in six months I was able to increase the length of my farm by 2.5 cm! ”

“I used the stretcher for four months. The member increased by 2 cm, after which I decided that the desired size was achieved, and stopped practicing. It really works, you just need to be patient, because in the first weeks of use, the changes are imperceptible. ”

“I bought a stretcher relatively recently, but I already noticed the first effects of its use. The member is really drawn out, while the erection does not deteriorate, contrary to my fears. I wear it every day for 4-5 hours and I hope that I will improve my performance a little more! ”