Pregnancy after cauterization of cervical erosion


Erosion occurs in many girls, almost every second. Accordingly, the question, after cauterization of erosion, when it is possible to become pregnant, worries many. We will try to find an answer to it in our article, having analyzed this disease in detail and the methods of its treatment.

Causes of erosion

Before you figure out whether you can get pregnant after cauterization of cervical erosion, you need to understand what kind of pathology and what causes it.

Erosion is a small ulcer in the form of a red spot against the background of the mucous membrane of the cervix that extends into the vagina. The following factors contribute to the emergence and development of such a violation:

  • hormonal disorders,
  • menstrual disorders,
  • early onset of sexual activity, reduced immunity.

The causes of this pathology are the consequences of infectious diseases and injuries:

  • “Sexual” diseases: chlamydia, trichomoniasis, mycoplasma, ureaplasma, genital herpes, gonorrhea, etc.,
  • inflammation of the genital organs, including the vagina (colpitis, thrush, vaginitis, etc.),
  • mechanical damage to the mucous neck during childbirth, abortion, rough sexual intercourse.

The deviation itself is not felt by the woman, sometimes in rare cases, discharge or tenderness during intercourse are possible. It is determined only during the examination of the gynecologist.

Causes of erosion are infectious diseases and gynecological injuries.

The treatment is carried out medicamentally in non-admitted cases with the use of vaginal suppositories and other drugs to eliminate the underlying cause of the disease. Surgical is carried out by cauterization by various methods. After cauterization, erosion of the cervix can become pregnant, the code will heal the resulting wound. Consider the methods used in modern medicine and their impact on the ability to become pregnant.

Cauterization of cervical erosion current

After checking with the specialists whether it is possible to get pregnant after cauterization of erosion of the cervix current, we get a positive answer. But a scar formed in its place may contribute to a certain narrowing of the neck, which will be an obstacle during childbirth.

Therefore, nulliparous women are advised to choose some other way. The full healing period in this case lasts at least two months, and conception should be planned after additional examination and colposcopy.

After cauterization of erosion of the cervix current, plan conception no earlier than two months after the colposcopy procedure

Cauterization of cervical erosion by laser

It is more preferable to treat with a laser beam that acts directly on diseased cells without affecting healthy ones. This manipulation is almost painless and less traumatic than the first one. After it remains a thin crust, which is rejected after 7 days. Therefore, the problem of whether it is possible to become pregnant after cauterization of cervical erosion by a laser is insignificant and is solved already 30 days after the procedure. Its only drawback is its high cost and not widespread prevalence. Often used only in large clinics.

Cauterization of cervical erosion by laser procedure is expensive and takes place in large clinics.

Cauterization of cervical erosion by radio waves

The use of high-frequency radio waves is equally effective. They act without contact, as if they cut off the affected cells, without disturbing the intact ones or leaving scars. The treatment is carried out immediately after the menstrual period, in rare cases small painful perceptions are possible. After 1-1.5 months, the question of whether it is possible to become pregnant after cauterization of cervical erosion by radio waves is solved. After this period, the answer will be positive. For therapeutic purposes, use the device "Surgitron." The disadvantage in this case is the high cost of the procedure.

Cauterization of cervical erosion by radio waves occurs on the modern apparatus Surgitron.

Cauterization of erosion by chemical coagulation

Now consider how much you can get pregnant while cauterizing erosion using chemical coagulation. With this method of treatment is used Solkovagin, a solution that is applied in a thin layer on the inflamed area. It is used only for a small area of ​​destruction. Begin to conceive is allowed 4 months after healing.

When cauterizing erosion by chemical coagulation with the help of a solution, Solkovagin is allowed to become pregnant after four months.

Cryotherapy can also be used to treat this pathology, where cooled liquid nitrogen is applied to the wound using a special device. Here, having suffered cauterization of cervical erosion, one can become pregnant after a full recovery, not earlier than 1.5 months, after consulting with a doctor, who after examination will indicate the optimal time for conception.

Features of treatment

Some women who want to quickly become a mother, often ask the question, is it possible to get pregnant immediately after cauterization? Of course, physiologically, there are no obstacles to this. But this is highly undesirable, since the wound on the neck must go the way of complete healing, so that the process of carrying the baby goes smoothly. After all, it’s not for nothing that after carrying out such a manipulation, in order not to solve the problem in the future, whether it is possible to become pregnant after cauterization of erosion, doctors recommend during the recovery period:

  • abstain from sex
  • in the first days of menstruation do not use tampons, but only pads,
  • not to visit the bath, not to bathe in the bath or open pond, but only under the shower,
  • limit physical exertion
  • Do not take aspirin, or other medicines containing it.

Restoration after cauterization of erosion

In a word, no matter what option the doctor advises you, no matter how much you ask if you can become pregnant after cauterizing erosion with a current, laser or solution, the answer is one: pregnancy is possible in any case after complete recovery. Only the speed and sometimes the quality of wound healing depends on the choice of method.

Pregnancy after radio wave therapy

The most modern and safest method of treating erosion. In the course of manipulation, evaporation of altered tissues occurs under the influence of high frequencies of radio waves. At the same time, healthy areas of the mucous membrane are not damaged, and the risk of bleeding is minimized. After radio wave therapy, no scars or scars remain, and the recovery period is quick and painless. You can plan a pregnancy a month after the manipulation.

Radiowave therapy is considered the best treatment for cervical erosion in women who have not given birth. The procedure does not interfere with the onset of pregnancy, and the absence of scars ensures a good opening of the cervix during labor. Complications after this treatment method are rarely observed.

Pregnancy after laser coagulation

The method is based on the evaporation of erosion by a laser beam. At the same time, the laser does not affect the surrounding healthy tissues, only affecting the lesion focus. After such treatment, no scars remain, and healing takes place within 3-4 weeks. The method of laser coagulation is also recognized as one of the best for the treatment of cervical erosion in women who are just preparing for motherhood. After laser therapy there are no problems with carrying and giving birth to a child. This treatment also does not adversely affect the course of labor.

Pregnancy after cryodestruction

Cryodestruction is the treatment of erosion with liquid nitrogen when exposed to low temperatures. After the procedure, on the cervix remains a scab, which falls off after a few months. After the procedure, no scars remain, which means that the course of pregnancy and childbirth passes without complications. The only minus of cryodestruction is a long recovery period. Experts recommend planning a pregnancy after this method of treatment no earlier than after 6 months. Only six months later, the cervical mucosa can fully recover and regain all its protective properties.

Pregnancy after diathermocoagulation

Diathermocoagulation involves cauterization of erosion by electric current. This method is considered quite traumatic. After diathermocoagulation, scars, narrowing and deformation of the cervical canal can form. As a result, many women have problems with conceiving and carrying pregnancy. The generic process rarely proceeds safely after diathermocoagulation. Formed scars interfere with the normal opening of the cervix during labor, which often leads to their protracted course. In some cases, childbirth in women who have experienced cauterization of erosion by electric current, ends with a cesarean section.

At the moment, diathermocoagulation is rarely used. Doctors are gradually moving away from this method, offering younger patients more gentle treatment options for cervical erosion.

Pregnancy after chemical coagulation

The method consists in the use of special preparations to get rid of cervical erosion. Modern doctors rarely use this method of treatment, because it does not guarantee a full cure. The course of pregnancy will depend on the success of the procedure. If during the course of therapy all the erosion has not been removed or scars remain, problems with bearing and childbirth may occur.

After treatment of cervical erosion, it is necessary to wait a certain period of time before conceiving a child. You can plan a pregnancy after radio wave therapy and laser coagulation in a month, but after cryodestruction you will have to wait six months. More precise recommendations may be given by the attending physician during the examination after the treatment.

Pregnancy is possible!

Indeed, no matter how a woman burns erosion, she can become pregnant after treatment. But it is important that the attending physician is able to foresee all the nuances and the process is performed very carefully. This is especially true of a woman who has never given birth. In this case, it is necessary to accurately determine the cause of erosion and the age of the patient. In addition, at the time of conception, the time factor also has a great influence: it is necessary to wait until the erosion is delayed completely, because there is a possibility of getting serious consequences. After cauterization, the woman must be monitored by the gynecologist for the first six months, so that the healing process is controlled.

After cauterization, erosion of the cervix can become pregnant and allow a healthy baby to be born! Nevertheless, it will not be superfluous to be examined by a gynecologist in advance.

What is it?

Before you start planning pregnancy after cauterization of erosion, you should understand what this pathology was caused by and what it is all about.

This disease is a situation in which the integrity of the epithelium is disturbed, and the mucous membrane of the penis is affected. On the mucous membrane of the cervix appears a small wound or ulcer, like a bright red spot. This is erosion.

Such a pathology will not cause discomfort and will not affect the reproductive system of women. But such a benign tumor may well turn into an oncological disease. That is why you should not postpone treatment.

What can erosion develop from?

A disease appears due to mechanical damage, interruption and irregularity of the menstrual cycle, rough sexual intercourse, a weak immune system, early sex life in adolescence, and hormonal disorders.

It should be noted that the development of erosion occurs not only because of damage to the uterus (injuries include abortion (even if it was one), labor, unconventional sex), but also due to sexual diseases such as gonorrhea, genital herpes, ureaplasma, Chlamydia, trisomoniasis.

By itself, erosion will not manifest anything. Usually a woman finds out about her illness only after undergoing a gynecological examination. Very rarely, she may experience sharp pains during intercourse and bleeding. True, these symptoms can talk about other serious diseases.

Plan the birth of the baby after cauterization

The question of whether a pregnancy will come after cauterization of cervical erosion excites almost every woman who wants to defeat the disease and build a full-fledged family. If a woman plans her first pregnancy, it is better for her to postpone treatment for the postpartum period. This is because after cauterization, there is a possibility of scarring that violate the elasticity of the uterus.

Now there are many techniques, after which no scars and adhesions are formed. But only the doctor who deals with the treatment can, for each individual case, determine the method by which the cautery will be carried out. Also, only a specialist can determine how to quickly become pregnant after erosion treatment. Here everything will depend on the method by which the surgery was performed.

It happens that doctors strongly advise to carry out surgery before the very moment of conception, because any hormonal disturbance during pregnancy may trigger the progression of the disease. Pathology may develop due to a decrease in immunity. While waiting for a baby, it is quite difficult to carry out the treatment, because a large number of drugs adversely affect the development of the crumbs in the womb.

Erosion and pregnancy

The uterus of any woman is the important organ in which the fetus will be all nine months. The cervix is ​​able to secrete a special mucus that protects the fetus from various infectious diseases. If the neck is injured, then the degree of protection is reduced. In contrast, the risk of infection increases.

If in the very near future not to engage in the treatment of erosion, the result can be very sad - a cancerous tumor. It is best to treat before pregnancy. And this should be done because cautery is not recommended even after childbirth, when a woman is breastfeeding. If you lose time, the situation may worsen.

After therapy, the doctor will decide on an individual basis, when a woman is allowed to become pregnant again and give birth to an absolutely healthy toddler.

Let's wait a couple of months.

Those women who are preparing for the birth of a healthy toddler are concerned about an important point: how many after burning erosion can one become pregnant? After the treatment of changes with pathologies in the female organs has been carried out, only after one and a half to two months can pregnancy be planned. And only after consulting with your doctor.

If the cauterization was carried out qualified, the woman may well become pregnant and give birth to an absolutely healthy toddler. It should only be remembered that it is impossible to self-medicate during the onset of pregnancy, if pathology is found on the cervix, then using traditional medicine is permissible only after consulting a doctor. Herbal medicine can negatively affect the fetus, especially if it is done at the very beginning of pregnancy.

How necessary is the treatment?

Before you begin to understand when you can get pregnant after cauterization of erosion, it should be understood that this disease should be treated in any case. Of course, if a young woman has not yet experienced the happiness of motherhood, but has planned a pregnancy in the near future, doctors, in most cases, will decide to wait a little with cauterization. And they will be right for an absolutely objective reason. And all due to the fact that the cervix is ​​a rather delicate matter. After removal of the pathology (for example, if electrocoagulation is used), a scar is often formed, which reduces the elasticity of the tissue. But in labor such quality of the uterus is the most important. Her neck should open and stretch as easily as possible. That is why unborn women, in whom the disease is not so clearly expressed, moreover, there is no suspicion of a precancerous condition, they are allowed to postpone treatment until the first-born.

Modern techniques

Now, when there are many new methods of cauterization of erosion, some gynecologists no longer pay attention to whether a woman has given birth or not. If there is a possibility of removing damage from this disease with the help of a surgical laser, which almost does not leave traces on the tissues, then this procedure will probably be assigned to a woman. Cryotherapy also takes place practically without scars (this is when erosion is burned with liquid nitrogen) and a radio wave knife. Therefore, when the patient is interested in, after cauterization of erosion through how much you can get pregnant, the doctor can assure her that it is real almost from the next cycle. In this situation, it is better to listen to his opinion.

Second pregnancy

And yet, when can you get pregnant after cauterization of erosion, if a woman wants to become a mother a second time? В этом случае доктор будет однозначно рекомендовать пролечить эрозию заранее, потому что она будет представлять собой очаг, в котором теплится инфекционный процесс.

Гормональный сбой, который начинается в период течения следующей беременности, способен повлиять на развитие эрозии совершенно непредсказуемо. Иммунитет у женщины может быть ослабленным, и никто не может предсказать, как будет прогрессировать болезнь в ближайшие девять месяцев. But it is clear that during pregnancy to treat this disease is contraindicated. But if the case has gone far enough, the attending doctor can prescribe antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs topically.

How to plan a pregnancy after cauterization?

Any disease must be treated. And in this case, do not pay attention to the size of the hearth. We must contact the doctor about any abnormalities of the cervix. And do not resort to self-treatment in the form of ointments or tampons. All this will not give a guaranteed result, but such necessary time may be lost. Yes, and similar home treatment can lead to an unpredictable reaction of the body. Therefore, in order to avoid the question whether it is possible to become pregnant after cauterization of cervical erosion, it would be more correct to use exclusively modern methods.

So, erosion successfully removed. Woman feels good. When can I get pregnant after cauterization of erosion? Theoretically, this is possible after the next monthly. Still, it is better to take care of your body, to be observed by a gynecologist, so that he determines how successful the procedure was. But after a couple of months you can do pregnancy planning.

How does the disease affect pregnancy?

Many women seeking to become mothers are concerned about the question: if they have erosion, can they become pregnant after cauterization? Yes, it is really real. Just do not rush. It will be correct to consult with your doctor.

If an erosion character is benign, then a woman has a chance to have a good time during all the months of pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby. But the cautery period is marked by some changes in the functions and structure of the cervix, which can lead to complications in the near future.

And this is what can happen: the size of the cervical canal is shortened, the work of the muscles is broken, there will be some failures in closing the exit opening of the uterus.

Possible effects of erosion include the following:

  • the birth of a premature baby,
  • probability of miscarriage in the first twelve weeks,
  • the fetus may be infected in the womb,
  • the amniotic fluid will come out early, which is why the baby inside will suffocate from lack of oxygen,
  • there may be a development of a dangerous pathology of the ICN causing rejection of the fetus (as a rule, this occurs in the second trimester).

During labor, there may also be complications:

  • the opening of the uterus may slow down, the result will be a cesarean section,
  • the uterus unfolds rather abruptly, which leads to rapid delivery (the head of a toddler is injured, which is why mental development does not happen as it should),
  • due to the loss of the ability of the muscles of the uterus to stretch, the woman receives significant injuries and lacerations at the time of passage of the crumbs of the birth canal.

Of course, it is possible to quickly become pregnant after cauterization. But there is also a big risk to endure and give birth to a sick child, or not to give birth at all. Therefore, it is better not to hurry and plan the conception for the period that the attending physician will establish.

Is it possible to?

Can I get pregnant after cervical erosion? Yes. It is not a serious obstacle to conceiving a child, carrying and giving birth. The exception is the identification of an acute infection in the body of the future mother. During childbirth, the baby may become infected, so it is necessary to cure the infection during pregnancy.

It is impossible to cure erosion with the help of medicines and traditional medicine. Gynecologists offer only one effective method of therapy - cauterization of erosive cells. After what time is it possible to plan a pregnancy after cauterization of cervical erosion? The term of rehabilitation depends on the method of treatment.

Uterine cervix before and after treatment

The main methods of treatment

The choice of methods of treatment depends on the time frame for planning a pregnancy after cauterization of cervical erosion.

Therapy is carried out under the direct influence of electricity on the affected cells. As a result, they die. It forms a crust, which leaves within 2 weeks. For complete healing, the body will need at least 2 months.

Electrocoagulation is the most accessible, but at the same time the most traumatic method of treatment. Its use can leave scars, which leads to a change in the natural shape of the cervix - narrowing. This leads to problems in the process of labor and often becomes an indication for surgery. For this reason, doctors use this method in cases when pregnancy is not planned after treatment of cervical erosion. But even after treatment, doctors do not forbid to give birth. If a woman decides to become pregnant after cauterization, then this is possible not earlier than in 2-3 months after the procedure. Before pregnancy, it is recommended to consult a gynecologist to fully diagnose the condition of the cervix. Only after complete healing, the doctor will calculate the possible dates for conceiving a child.

The burning of ulcers with an electric beam, unlike other methods of treatment, is carried out free of charge at any state female consultation center. During the procedure, a woman may experience discomfort, but in general, cauterization is painless.

Laser intervention is one of the most highly effective and non-traumatic treatments. The doctor acts with a laser beam on the affected cells, while healthy ones are not damaged. The treatment does not leave scars and is bloodless, so it has no contraindications for planning pregnancy. Conception is possible when the next ovulation occurs after cauterization.

Therapy is based on the solution of Solkovagin. It contains organic acids. It is applied to the affected cells and provokes their dying off. The procedure is carried out under the control of the colposcope. This allows you to more accurately determine the area to which you want to apply the solution. This method is effective only for small lesions of the mucous membrane. But those who have given birth after cauterization of erosion often have to seek treatment again. Conception experts recommend planning after full recovery (not earlier than after 4 months).

During cryodestruction, the affected cells are removed under the influence of sub-zero temperatures. Liquid nitrogen is used during the procedure. This method is also recognized as one of the most non-traumatic. As in the process of laser therapy, during the procedure there is no impact on healthy tissue cells, so the scars and adhesions do not remain after healing.

Moxibustion erosion takes up to 10 minutes. It takes more than a month to complete tissue repair. Cryo-textuality is recommended to still not giving birth to girls. The question of conception can be raised in a few months. Births after cauterization of cervical erosion occur without problems and rarely provoke a new pathology.

Radio wave method (surgitron apparatus)

The basis of therapy is the effect of radio waves on the lesion. The treatment takes place without contact. When the waves are directed to the pathology, the cells are heated, then removed. During the procedure, living cells remain unaffected, so scars and adhesions do not remain on the tissue. Full tissue repair occurs within 2 months. The doctor will allow you to get pregnant no earlier than this period.

What difficulties can a woman face after the procedure?

The theory that after treatment you can not get pregnant, has no evidence. After applying some methods, a woman may have difficulty conceiving, carrying and giving birth. This mainly concerns the method of electrocoagulation. When cells are repaired, adhesions may form on the cervix. This affects insignificantly. Doctors see great danger during pregnancy and during labor. Scars can provoke early labor, and shape change often leads to difficulty in opening the birth canal. In case of serious violations of the elasticity of the tissue, the doctor may insist on delivery by cesarean section.

With other methods of treatment does not affect the healthy tissue, so the occurrence of adhesions and scarring does not occur. After the body goes through the healing process, you can easily plan your pregnancy.

What causes erosion?

Before you start planning a pregnancy after dysplasia and cauterization of erosion, it is important to understand what causes this pathology and what it is like.

On the cervix, namely, on its mucous membrane, a small wound or ulcer is formed; it looks like a bright red spot - this is erosion. This phenomenon arises due to numerous violations, here are some of them:

Cervical erosion

  • hormonal disorder
  • failure and irregularity in the menstrual cycle
  • weak immune system
  • early puberty and teenage sex life

In addition, some damage to the uterus and infectious diseases can affect the development of erosion:

  1. Severe sexual diseases: trichomoniasis, ureaplasma, gonorrhea, chlamydia and genital herpes.
  2. The injuries include: abortion (even one), non-traditional sexual relations, labor.

Erosion by itself does not manifest itself, a woman can find out about her illness only after passing through a gynecological examination. In rare cases, bloody mucous discharge and sharp pains during sexual intercourse may begin, but these symptoms may indicate other serious illnesses.

Methods of diagnosis and treatment of erosion during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman visits the gynecologist's office more often than usual. The future mommy is registered, and if there are any complaints or pains, then the woman is placed in the hospital for more extensive examination and treatment.

When viewed with a gynecological kit and a mirror, the gynecologist should prescribe colposcopy and cyto screening. Thanks to such procedures, it is possible to determine the presence of atypical cells and find out the size of the wound. If the cells were found, this is an indicator that the pathology has become malignant.

Colposcopy can detect papillomavirus, various infectious diseases, the shape and condition of erosion. Do not delay with the procedure, as in the late period of pregnancy, this examination can cause premature birth or traumatize the fetus.

If the doctor has diagnosed cervical erosion and the ulcer is large, then treatment will be needed. To start prescribed drugs that regenerate the mucous of the cervix. Since during pregnancy, not all drugs are allowed, you need to be extremely careful and read the instructions well. It is best to use vaginal suppositories.

With proper treatment, the drug has a direct effect on the wound and subsequently the sore is covered with a thin crust, which eventually exfoliates and exits. Greater erosion by this method cannot be cured, however, it is possible to suspend the inflammatory process and protect childbirth. In this position, doctors are often allowed to give birth naturally.

Cauterization and surgery in the period of carrying a baby is contraindicated. Any intervention can cause a reduction in the uterus, and this phenomenon is extremely dangerous in both early and late gestation. In very extreme cases (when there is a threat to the health of the mother), doctors carry out some manipulations, but they do so that damage to the birth canal does not occur.

How cervical erosion can affect pregnancy

Erosion and pregnancy

The uterus of the patient is the organ in which the fetus is located 9 months. The neck of the body secretes a special mucus, it is able to protect the fetus from infectious diseases. If the neck is injured, the degree of protection is reduced, and the risk of infection increases.

If you do not treat erosion in the near future, then as a result you can earn a cancerous tumor. It is better to do this before pregnancy, because cauterization cannot be performed even during the feeding period, and lost time will only aggravate the situation.

After therapy, the doctor individually decides when a woman is able to get pregnant again and give birth to a healthy baby.

Possible dangers during pregnancy and childbirth

If the erosion is benign in nature, there is a chance to carry out the entire pregnancy and give birth without obvious complications. However, during cauterization, some changes occur with the structure and function of the cervix, and this can lead to further complications.

  • disruption of the muscles, failures in the closure of the exit opening of the uterus
  • the size of the cervical canal is shortened

  • spontaneous miscarriage may occur in the first 12 weeks
  • birth of a premature baby
  • dangerous pathology develops - ICN, which subsequently causes rejection of the fetus (most often it is observed in the second trimester)
  • early release of amniotic fluid, can lead to the fact that the child in the womb can suffocate due to lack of oxygen
  • fetal infection still inside the mother

Possible complications during labor activity:

  1. A sharp opening of the uterus, leading to rapid delivery (often in such cases, the baby’s head is injured and this is reflected in its further mental development).
  2. The opening of the uterus may slow down, in which case the doctors will perform a cesarean section.
  3. The muscles of the uterus lose the ability to stretch, so a woman can get severe injuries and lacerations at the time the baby leaves the birth canal.

Fast pregnancy after cauterization is possible, but the risk to give birth to the patient and not to give birth at all increases several times. It is better not to rush and plan conception in the period when prescribed by the attending physician.

Pregnancy after conducting diathermocoagulation

Diathermocoagulation is a method of cauterizing erosion by exposing a wound to an electric current. Although this method is the most common and economical, there is severe damage to the cervical canal, the lower part of the uterus is injured and it is likely to remain sterile. Diathermocoagulation is prohibited for a girl or a woman who has not given birth to a child who has not turned twenty-three years old.

Another of the negative aspects of this cautery is the appearance of thick scars that remain for the rest of your life.

After this procedure, it is possible to get pregnant after the time set by the doctor. However, throughout the pregnancy, the woman must be under strict supervision. Often it is impossible to give birth in a natural way, a caesarean section is prescribed.

Heals erosion after an electric current not earlier than two months. The healing of the mucous membrane lasts even longer, for each woman this period is different. Conception is not allowed in the first six months, until the body and reproductive function is fully restored.

Radio wave coagulation and cryodestruction

Pregnancy after cryodestruction

Cryodestruction is a safe method of treating erosion. The essence of the procedure is that under the action of nitrogen injured areas of tissue are eliminated. Sores are frozen (nitrogen is used, cooled to -180 degrees). Plus, the technique is that healthy cells do not suffer, scars do not appear at the site of cauterization. The whole procedure lasts half an hour.

The cervix heals from one to two months. It is undesirable to become pregnant for six to 12 months. The walls of the cervix need some time for final restoration.

Radio wave coagulation today is becoming very popular. The process itself causes a little discomfort, healing occurs after 5 weeks, the gluing of the cervix is ​​not injured. Throughout the month there is a possibility of blood discharge, but this is a normal phenomenon, wound rejection occurs. Healing ointment and vaginal suppositories will help get rid of the discharge.

The main thing is to carry out the manipulation correctly and in a certain period. The procedure is appointed a few days after the end of the menstrual cycle. You can bear and give birth to a baby in six to seven months.

There is another method - this is chemical coagulation. It is carried out only in cases where the erosion reaches a size of no more than ten kopecks. Cauterization procedure is performed during colposcopy. A drug is applied to the cervix of the uterus, which tightens the inflammatory areas and heals the ulcer. With this treatment, you can become pregnant after three to four months.

However, all terms are approximate, the exact time of conception can only be determined by a doctor!

So, if you burned erosion, it does not mean that you need to forget about pregnancy forever. Conception and childbearing is possible, the main thing is to follow all the recommendations of a specialist, and not to rush to get pregnant before the prescribed time. If you do not follow the instructions, you can seriously injure the baby, or even provoke a miscarriage.

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Women do not know basic things about their own body. This is kabzts, congratulations.

No one writes to mine about a little sore and her ability to prevent getting pregnant. The question is specifically about pregnancy after cauterization.

What kind of degradation can we talk about here? Erosion is a great environment for the life of infections! Maybe the erosion itself is not a hindrance, but the infestations are like that. And erosion is almost always accompanied by them. I found erosion during the first pregnancy, said we will give birth to treat. Bore herself everything went well. Then the doctors said that it is small and it is not required yet. I went periodically for inspection. Now the son is 8 years old. We want the second one now. 7 months or nothing (of course infertility is given to the couple a year later) went to the doctor, erosion increased, and now I’m waiting for the tests, they will continue to look under the microscope. Then cauterize. Of course I worry strongly. I hope everything will work out after treatment.

[158633099] - September 5, 2013, 09:47

I was diagnosed with erosion plus inflammation when my daughter was 4.5 years old. Before pregnancy (year) and all the pregnancy she suffered from thrush (she couldn’t get it out of any way). She gave birth to a cesarean section. At 6 months they put a spiral, out. Last summer, he was diagnosed with chronic zirvicitis. I didn’t understand what it happened from, didn’t find the infection, didn’t change my husband. He was treated for a year, first candles, then the small hearth remained (erosion) of radio waves. After a month everything healed perfectly, as they said, “everything became beautiful”) Plan for me The doctor said that for 6 months you can, sorry, I want something right away. I don’t know if I can take it? Someone from the girls writes that it is possible for 1.5 and 3 months) And why only doctors have so many different opinions? Where is the truth?

[2136792363] - September 13, 2013, 13:39

Victoria, if she is a longtime big one, she did not increase in size and there wasn’t much need to touch her. (if you do not have infections) Especially considering that you want to give birth soon. After childbirth, erosion can heal itself (I did it)

From erosion and even from its cauterization, infertility can not be. and my friend gave birth and she found erosion, she did not heal, and a year later she had cancer of the uterus, she died, and my little daughter stayed with her father.

If they are very rude, there may be problems with opening the cervix in labor and the percentage is not large.

[2357792852] - September 19, 2013, 08:16

And how long did you get pregnant?

[3682229592] - October 15, 2013, 23:38

First, during pregnancy, the cervical canal of the cervix is ​​closed with a cork, so bacteria and microbes from the vagina do not get into the uterus (this is about eroding the shell of a fruit egg with microbes, as someone smart wrote here). Secondly, during cauterization of erosion (I mean conization), the structure of the cervical epithelium and mucus production in the cervix, which is involved in the promotion of sperm into the uterus, is disturbed. Therefore, the probability of becoming pregnant after cauterization (I again mean conization, as the only particularly traumatic and at the same time most effective method against erosion) is unlikely. P
Therefore, doctors always ask whether a woman has children before cauterization in order to eliminate the risk of being left without children.

[3331590952] - October 23, 2013, 16:18

Good day. Erosion does not affect conception, I gave birth 2 years ago, gave birth with erosion, everything is fine. So do not worry, everything will be ok.

[3121449953] - November 9, 2013, 00:53

Girls who burned, tell me how painful it is. To me to cauterize in a month - double sensation. Erosion was discovered during pregnancy - it did not affect the process itself. Now she went to the hospital, the doctor said that she was huge. Passed all the tests, now with the fear of waiting for cauterization.

[3121449953] - November 9, 2013, 00:56

Little girls, only a doctor can cure erosion, no popular methods help - this is a waste of time.

[3765475926] - November 19, 2013, 19:22

I am not pregnant 3 months Then I went to inspect all the current. Erosion was + ignorance. I had eroded one G in pensions. She worked for 38 years! Well, she treated Levomikol + red oil with tampons. Calcium glitch injected for 10 days, Aloe got pregnant after 20-30 days) but at 3 months they found an embryo and made a clumping (Me (half of the year) had stress (((schA already 10 months passed after the scab I plan the baby has passed the tests again erosion and burned a candle aloe aloe a week ago! I hope to get pregnant again but successfully this time.

[3654758280] - November 20, 2013, 12:24

I burned erosion. 17 October 6.7. November after 20 days I had sexual intercourse. 14 I stopped the test. The test was positive.

[308375121] - November 29, 2013, 16:54

To be honest, erosion gives a barrier to spermicians and they cannot get pregnant. I also could not get pregnant for a long time. I was 8 years old and it was not small. I got pregnant only 4 years later, after giving birth I did not burn down 2 years later I tried again and everything was unsuccessful 3 a month ago it burned down erosion, burned it with a current, it took a month to recover and about a miracle I did not think that this coincidence is just dear ladies have to do everything during the time and treat the sores right away and not wait for the weather at the sea. because erosion develops into cancer! my girlfriend for 2 months eroiziya developed into cancer so much so that her neck was removed here girls think about yourself and your health and moreover think about children whom you can not give birth to such a harmless sore as erosion.

Tell me please, it turns out you already became pregnant within a month after cauterization? I also burned it with a current, after cauterization, the doctor told me that I could not get pregnant for half a year. I said that I could be pregnant after 2 months. I would not be able to get pregnant soon Then I also read that if I burned with a current, then the uterus cervix does not open during delivery and makes a cesarean. It became scary, since the first woman gave birth just wonderful. without labor, without pain, quickly, in an hour. now I go in full judging by your comment, everything is as scary as I thought before

[308375121] - November 29, 2013, 16:59

How many people, so many opinions! Girls go to the experts, and do not ask questions on the Internet. All I look smart, give advice. The doctor should advise, and not someone else who accidentally visited the site.

how many doctors, so many opinions. I went through a bunch of doctors and everyone speaks differently. It’s better to find out from those who have gone through it. The more doctors now have one name. They can’t even advise you, they can moor, then they will cripple the person and start from the honey card to pull the sheets, traces sweep.

[2625765859] - December 4, 2013, 21:30

No one writes to mine about a little sore and her ability to prevent getting pregnant. The question is specifically about pregnancy after cauterization.

It will grow tight. Not that getting pregnant, even just nepot * gasp.

You lady abnormal! behave like a janitor YOU, even you, have no respect for you, and not those girls who care for their health.

[1277076218] - January 23, 2014, 9:53 pm

Great erosion, suspected dysplasia of 2-3 degrees, there was no pregnancy. The doctor said that during her practice it happened that after treatment the patients became pregnant for a short period. Allegedly pathogenic flora, which for many years has been preserved without treatment, has a detrimental effect on spermatozoa. I decided - burned the radio wave method. 3 months you need to wait for healing, and then go ahead! :) I have a month left. I am impatient! Girls, I'm deeply convinced that all inflammatory processes need to be treated! But look for a good doctor who will be “sick” with you and not a formal reply.

[3436042857] - January 25, 2014, 09:22

The young, who did not give birth, burned down the erosion yesterday by the radio wave method. In general, without any pain, G was cool. After the stomach aches a bit like during menstruation and all) after a month of follow-up, candles were prescribed for 20 days and checked by a gynecologist. Because of the erosion of thrush tortured, itching pain. I think that due to erosion, the microflora is changing and it attracts all kinds of infections to itself. And later on, this infection can also affect the gene level of the baby, and infect the baby during pregnancy. What is extremely important! Think of the children! It will be harder to treat them rather than yourself! I think that it is necessary to cauterize. Especially now medicine offers sparing methods! No pain without scars without blood! Why be afraid!) I wish good luck girls