The men's health clinic at Rossolimo carefully guides each patient who applies for various health problems. Of course, a man can count on complete confidentiality in solving such delicate issues. The main thing for center specialists is to ensure comfort and coziness while staying within the walls of the clinic.

It is important that the patient has the opportunity around the clock to keep in touch with your doctor and get the necessary advice. All specialists are professionals united by a common goal: to help men solve problems related to intimate health.

Services available at the clinic:

  • Increased potency.
  • Treatment of any form of prostatitis.
  • Diagnostic measures related to STDs.
  • Ultrasound of the genitourinary system and much more.

The clinic is equipped with high-quality equipment, which allows doctors to carry out procedures of particular complexity. The treatment must be professional - that is what is possible in the Men's Health Clinic.

Reliably relieve diseases:

Male infertility

- Lack of pregnancy for 1 year of marriage together with regular sex life
- Pain and discomfort in the lower body
- Sexual abuse
- Weakness, irritability, fatigue, sleep disturbance
- Weight change

erectile disfunction

- Constant problems with achieving and maintaining an erection
- Lack of morning and spontaneous erections during sleep


- urination disorders:
- Increased in small portions
- With strong urging, with difficulty
- With a feeling of incomplete emptying
- Continuing in the form of drops after graduation


- Pain or discomfort in the pelvic region
- impaired urination
- Violation of sexual functions
- Rapid fatigue, irritability, depressed mood

For you, the Men's Health Clinic has:

You are examined and treated by urologists-andrologists with experience of at least 20 years

Advanced techniques allow you to accurately determine the disease and prescribe the most effective treatment

A scientific approach to treatment leaves no chance of disease.

Effective painless treatment - quick recovery and return to normal life without any restrictions

Our experience and knowledge allow us to successfully solve the most difficult cases.

We were one of the first in Moscow who began to engage in men's health in general, and treatment of varicocele in particular. Our team of experts copes with the most difficult cases.

Our specialists

Urologist andrologist, doctor of medical sciences, professor

Urologist-andrologist, doctor of medical sciences, professor of the urology department of the First Moscow State Medical University named after I. M. Sechenov, scientific director of the Center for Innovative Educational Programs “Medicine of the Future” of the State Medical University of Perm THEM. Sechenov.

Experience as a urologist-andrologist — 25 years. In the "Men's Health Clinic" works since its inception. Mikhail Evgenievich is one of the most well-known urologists, andrologists of Moscow, the chief diagnostician and surgeon of the clinic, the organizer and curator of the diagnostic and therapeutic process. He is fluent in functional diagnostics, and performs all types of minimally invasive operations using microsurgical and video endoscopic techniques. Mikhail Evgenievich is actively engaged in educational activities, teaching colleagues. He is the author of patented diagnostic methods and methods for treating erectile dysfunction, prostatitis and male infertility - more than 250 scientific papers, three monographs, co-author of two textbooks and three manuals for doctors. The results of research in the field of treatment of erectile dysfunction received a high international rating. Supervises the research projects of the clinic and its students and graduate students in the First MGMU them. THEM. Sechenov.

From the beginning of his professional activity he was engaged in diseases of the male genital sphere. Studying the experience of leading doctors-andrologists and, assessing the results obtained in the course of practical activity, he comes to the conclusion that it is necessary to have more profound knowledge in the related fields of medicine.

Therefore, 2000-2002. is studying laboratory work under the guidance of a leading specialist in this field by the doctor of clinical laboratory diagnostics professor I.S. Katolikova. The obtained knowledge formed the basis of the method of detailed differential diagnosis of forms of chronic prostatitis, urethritis, vesiculitis and the reasons for their occurrence. With the development of digital technology, a unique method of electronic visualization of microscopy of the prostate gland was introduced into clinical practice, which allows making an accurate diagnosis and evaluating the effectiveness of the treatment. This method eliminates errors due to the influence of the human factor on the interpretation of research results.

She has been working in the men's health clinic since 2007. Having extensive clinical experience and working in a team with a neurologist I.I. Achkasova. Sergey Y. Pichurov developed methods for the diagnosis and effective treatment of chronic pelvic pain syndrome - a problem that is not fully understood and difficult to solve in modern urology. It is no secret that today the majority of urologists are limited to the knowledge of only one specialization and, as a result, any chronic pelvic pain is diagnosed as cystitis, prostatitis or urolithiasis.

He actively participates in scientific research and professional conferences, including international ones. He regularly undergoes specialization and advanced training courses in the largest Russian and foreign research centers.

Coordinates the work of the scientific department of the Men's Health Clinic. Advises visitors to our site on issues related to men's health.

For 5 years he worked at the Oncological Scientific Center named after NNBlokhina surgeon-urologist. Then, 11 years - a surgeon-urologist in the City Clinical Hospital №7. From 1998 to 2002 - in the diagnostic and treatment center of the Russian Medical University. From 2003 to the present - urologist-andrologist at the Men's Health Clinic.

Based on extensive clinical experience, he diagnoses as accurately as possible, selects an individual treatment for each patient. He is fluent in all methods of ultrasound diagnostics, performs the whole range of necessary studies for diagnosis.

Uses the author's methods of treatment of acute and chronic prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, infertility in men. In the treatment uses medical and physiotherapy methods, unique in its kind, allowing to achieve recovery in a shorter time compared with traditional methods and without causing harm to the whole body (Pharmateb and others).

Constantly improves its professional level. Participates in international conferences, including international. He is a co-author of developed and implemented innovative methods of treatment of erectile dysfunction and male infertility.

Irina Ivanovna is a specialist in the field of vertebral neurology, neurophysiology, complex therapy of cerebrovascular diseases and their prevention, regenerative medicine.

In 1991 she graduated from Tselinograd State Medical Institute.
She graduated from the internship at the Department of Nervous Diseases of the Central State Medical Institute at the Emergency Hospital, Tselinograd.
In 1993 she passed the profile specialization in the Research Institute of Normal Physiology. PC. Anokhin, Moscow.
In 1996, she completed a profile specialization at the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Moscow.
In 2000 passed the profile specialization in. Omsk State Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.
In 2004 she passed the profile specialization in Karaganda State Medical Academy, Karaganda.
In 2007, she passed a profile specialization at the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Moscow, at Roszdrav.
1992 - 2006 - Worked in the second city hospital, Petropavlovsk, as a neurologist.
2006 - 2007 - In the medical clinic "Aktis", Petropavlovsk, head of the department of day neurological hospital.
2007 - 2010 - in CJSC Concern "Moskvia Group", Kuntsevsky Medical and Rehabilitation Center under the supervision of V.I. Dikulia, Moscow, a leading specialist in vertebral neurology.
2011 - to the present - in the "SM-Clinic" and in the "Clinic of Men's Health", a neurologist.

EAU2016 Munich, Germany. International recognition of research results in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

The results of research in the field of treatment of erectile dysfunction, under the guidance of Dr. med. prof. M.E. Chaly and co-authors N.S. MVEpifanova and clinical intern A.O. Krasnov received a high international assessment at the annual congress of the European Society of Urology (EAU) in Munich, Germany. This clinical study was conducted according to international standards of good clinical practice, GCP. The work is devoted to the preliminary results of applying the stromal-vascular fraction obtained from adipose tissue in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and was presented in one of more than 90 sections. In a pilot study, 6 patients with erectile dysfunction who did not respond adequately to existing treatments were treated. Following the session, this work was recognized as the best, given the scientific component and the relevance of the topic. This was the first clinical study on the use of stem cells in this area, since until that time, the results had been limited to preclinical work only.

The men's health clinic is a scientific approach, innovative methods, quick recovery.

The use of the technology of percutaneous administration of drugs using the Farmateb apparatus in the treatment of prostatitis and male infertility has several advantages over traditional methods:

- The preparation is introduced to a depth of 12 centimeters with the help of a special device without injections or surgical intervention.

-The medicine is delivered exactly to the diseased organ or tissue. It does not load healthy organs and the whole body

-Dosage of drugs is about 10 times less than with oral or intravenous administration, which greatly reduces the side effects

-The medicine enters the diseased body in the right concentration, without causing harm to the body and being exposed to the effects of the digestive system

How does the minimally invasive technology work? Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32AbYUXBmy0

Read what male health clinic patients say

I'm 32. Get pregnant did not work for 10 years. Obstruction of the tubes, 3 unsuccessful IVF. I blamed myself, depressed. I was examined from head to toe, my husband gave spermogram, they could not determine the reason. Through friends got to Mikhail Evgenievich. He talked with us for almost 2 hours. Thoroughly dismantled each case from the statement, almost from childhood, the survey concerned all parts of health, after me conducted the same survey with my husband, both came out as a squeezed lemon, it was so hard.

I was from adolescence, from the age of 15, said that I was at risk. But nothing bothered, and there was no time to go to the doctors. When I thought about my family, it turned out that spermogram tests are bad. Friends advised to contact Professor Chaly. Passed the survey and they operated on me. I can say that everything went well. My wife is now 5 months old. I am immensely grateful to the professor "Kirill

I was diagnosed with infertility. I was treated for a total of 7 years, changed several clinics and doctors, took a ton of drugs, spent a lot of time and money. Finally, I came to the clinic to Professor Chaly M. I didn’t really believe, to be honest. He somehow immediately inspired confidence in me. He asked me very well, in detail, none of the doctors had paid so much attention to the survey. Very carefully examined, made some new ultrasound and found out the reason. A small operation and they are eliminated. Now I am going through rehabilitation and I hope for a positive result. ”Valery

Question answer

To pass tests it is necessary on an empty stomach. It is also advisable not to urinate for an hour or two before the examination.

You need your passport and the person who pays for the treatment (if it is not you).
Take with you all the medical documents, examination results, images, extracts - all information relating to your health.

Accepted on a general basis in person. Possible preliminary analysis of medical records (diagnosis) and video skype consultation for a fee.

We issue a complete set of documents for tax deduction.

The cost of your treatment is made up of several factors. Qualification of specialists, effective drugs, no queues, modern equipment - everything is done so that you can recover as quickly as possible, to get rid of the disease and return to normal life in a matter of weeks or even days. You do not lose time and return health, contented spouse, happiness in the family. And it's more expensive or not - you choose.

Everyone is afraid of surgery - even surgeons. But experts know when it is needed, and when you can do without it. If there is an alternative - for example, a modern method of minimally invasive intervention, then they will be treating you.
Modern methods of surgical treatment give you a chance to restore men's health, get rid of the disease, discomfort, feeling of powerlessness. And after a few years it may already be too late. Totally.

Professor's Men's Health Clinic
Mikhail Yevgenyevich Chaly.
Be stronger than circumstances!

Causes of Male Infertility

Male infertility, like female, is most often determined if a couple cannot have a child within a year, with regular sex life without any contraceptives.

The causes of infertility in men can be many, but the main factors are:

  • reduced sperm motility or viability,
  • small sperm count
  • spermatozoa do not pass well through the spermus.

Most often lead to male infertility can:

  • varicocele,
  • torsion of the testicles or their injuries,
  • sexually transmitted infections
  • genital inflammation,
  • hormonal disruptions
  • immunity problems
  • alcohol abuse, taking drugs and certain medications,
  • childhood mumps (parotitis).

Our clinic is ready to examine all these cases and help each patient.

Variety of infertility in men

There are several types of infertility in men:

  • secretory type of disease, spermatozoa are produced in small quantities and at the same time they can be sick and unviable,
  • sterility on hormonal background appears when the testicle itself is damaged or when the hypothalamus or pituitary is impaired,
  • hereditary infertility appears on the background of genetic diseases
  • immunological infertility may appear due to certain injuries or diseases, when antibodies appear that target one’s own sperm,
  • obstructive infertility.


To make an accurate diagnosis, we use the following types of diagnostics:

  • investigation of prostate secretion,
  • DNA diagnostics,
  • remote or contact thermography,
  • genetic studies at the molecular level,
  • sperm biochemistry
  • testicular biopsy.

Male Infertility Treatment

Most often, the basis of any treatment of male infertility includes the following elements:

  • restoration of a positive daily psychological background,
  • exclusion of bad habits
  • good full sleep
  • exercise in moderate doses,
  • proper nutrition
  • receiving special supplements, vitamins prescribed by a specialist,
  • ECO.

Our experts will help solve the problem of male infertility with the help of the latest medical techniques.