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Revoskin - reviews of real people about deception


ion vibrating massager for skin care

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  • Covers with any skin defects: acne, acne, wrinkles, pigmentation and the like.
  • TECHNOLOGY 2018.

Without exception, both men and women would like to keep skin attractive and healthy as long as possible. Revoskin gold will be a loyal assistant in this endeavor. It has a complex effect. Ultrasonic high-frequency effect on the skin provides improved local blood circulation and normalization of metabolic processes, which slows down the aging process. Any irregularities, wrinkles, flabbiness, pigmentation, fading are eliminated. Negative ions have a positive effect on the structure of the skin, eliminating peeling and fat.

Revoskin gold is a unique Japanese vibrating massager, which, unlike cosmetic products, does not deal with the consequences, but with the very cause of the problem, effectively eliminating it.

Changes in the structure of the skin and metabolism failures are the main causes of a whole range of skin problems: acne, acne, pigmentation, wrinkles, desquamation, dryness, fatness, etc. With Revoskin gold, these problems will pass for you quickly and unnoticed. Only 2-3 sessions, and you will notice how much healthier and younger your skin began to look.

The revoskin gold device is indicated for use by persons over 16 years of age. Material production devices: an alloy of brass and aluminum, capable of ensuring high durability of work.


power: dc1.5v a
vibration frequency: 6000 vibrations per minute

length - 140mm
bottom width - 16 mm
top width - 35 mm
weight: 80 grams without batteries
batteries: aaa batteries
material: brass and aluminum
coating material: 24k gold plating

Revoskin gold

  • eliminates free radicals,
  • increases the mobility of the facial muscles,
  • helps to improve local blood circulation,
  • at the cellular level, normalizes metabolic processes,
  • noticeably slows down skin aging by stimulating the body’s natural production of collagen,
  • removes wrinkles, pigmentation, bags under the eyes and signs of fatigue.
  • helps to cope with such cosmetic problems as rashes, blemishes, acne, high fat content or vice versa, dryness, cellulite and stretch marks, scars and other irregularities,
  • refreshes the skin and evens out its tone.

What is Revoskin Gold

This is a massager that replaces beauty salon procedures. Suitable for independent home use, increases the elasticity of the skin of the face, returns a healthy shade, removes greasiness. The action of Revoskin is double: it massages the skin and at the same time “supplies” negative ions (in action similar to natural antioxidants). Advantages of the device: suitable for any skin, has a wide range of indications from wrinkles to acne, is bought only once, and serves for several years without wearing out.

The device is going to Japan, the manufacturer makes many promises, experts praise. But more interesting are the negative reviews. From them it becomes clear what disadvantages the device has. We will consider them, not lingering on the positive comments, in the variety presented on other resources.

Revoskin - reviews of real buyers about deception

“All is well, if not overpriced”

Did not dare to buy Revoskin because of the high cost. It costs like 4–5 cans of good cream, but it doesn’t work if it works. This is the main drawback of the device. I overpowered myself, I gained and I do not regret. Works fine, apply for two months. Half of the wrinkles are gone - first of all, small ones, but large ones have noticeably smoothed out, the skin has refreshed. The cream cannot be completely replaced with the device, but it is suitable as an additional remedy for old age.

"Long wait for the effect"

Applied a month in vain, almost gave up. Only in the fifth week there were results. Wrinkles diminished, even nasolabial. Then the progress went gradually, a little faster. Perhaps well - systematic improvements without jumps usually persist for a long time. And the cream in fact masks the flaws.

"It looks scary and dangerous"

The only complaint to Revoskin is the ugly design. It looks like a disposable razor and a potato peeler at the same time. Associations are unpleasant. But if you start to use and dislike to overcome, the effect will please.

"No result in a week"

Before the start of the "exercises", the person took a picture, then send feedback to the manufacturer. Used every day, a week has passed. I do not notice the effect, comparing with a photo. A quality cream would act sooner. It is hoped that Revoskin Gold does not help immediately, for a long time and without side effects.

“Cheaper is not necessarily better”

Revoskin Gold decided to purchase at the insistence of a friend. Her first wrinkles appeared, immediately acquired. And for a lot of money. I decided to save, I did not order through the official resource - I was sorry for the money. Has found on Ali cheaper 10 times! I waited for the delivery, I began to use it with pleasure, but there was no effect. I don't notice anything at all. Interestingly, deceived me or really does not help?

"Possible redness"

In the first sessions, redness appeared - noticeable and completely unaesthetic. The impression of how couperosis acted. Spots for a long time did not pass. I contacted the manager, explained: this is an individual reaction. Appears if vessels and capillaries close to the skin surface are located. Recommended to use in conjunction with hyaluronic acid. It turned out to be true: if you apply the gel with hyaluronks, the spots disappear in half an hour.

"One device is not enough"

Apart from special supplements, the massager does not work well enough. It is no coincidence that it is offered to purchase a vitaminized gel. It greatly enhances the effect. Apply before the main procedure. But the gel must additionally buy - ends quickly. If led by Revoskin on a dry face, the results are minimal.

“Needs additional moisture”

Revoskin is recommended primarily for oily skin. For dry it is not always useful - for example, I always have to use a cream from dryness immediately after the procedure. Without additional moisture wrinkles do not go away, but they are added. But if you do everything right, taking into account the peculiarities of your own skin, your face becomes younger after a month of use, and the changes are permanent.

"The whole face will not work out"

The main question to the creators: how to work the nose? Wrinkles on it are noticeable well, if the mimicry is mobile. A working part of Revoskin for small areas is not intended. I can not crawl, I'm afraid to damage the eyes. On the other areas normally acts, wrinkles removes.

Revoskin Gold Massager - negative reviews

"They will not be left alone"

When buying Revoskin Gold, the savings are obvious in comparison with the constant throwing of money on creams and serums. But the manufacturer apparently wants to tear off more from buyers: now they constantly call and offer something else: fortified complexes, gels, “miraculous” anti-wrinkle ointments. Why do I need them if there is Revoskin? It works perfectly, and annoying sellers allow themselves too much.

"Leaves ugly traces"

The skin is tender, traces of any impact remain, do not pass for a long time. At first, Revoskin caused inconvenience - redness, abrasions, small allergic pimples. It has passed, but the impression is spoiled, so I cannot leave a completely good review. Wrinkles eventually smoothed out.

"At first, my head ached"

The head hurts from the most insignificant effects. From vibration - all the more. After the first session, the migraine began. I did not find a single mention of how to act in this case. Apparently, a unique situation. Had to suffer, and in the following procedures to reduce the period of exposure. Easy movement, a couple of minutes a day, "doing" with a massager. I do not notice headaches, but I'm afraid the effect is not for the better.

"It is easy to break, and then not repair"

Treat your massager with care. He worked for a month and a half, then fell on the tile in the bathroom. Still working, but worse, I think. Before the fall vibrated more. And there is no one to turn to for repair - there are no craftsmen who are versed in unique Japanese designs ...

“It doesn’t help with pigmentation”

Among the indications for use Revoskin no pigment spots. But the manager assured on the phone that he would help even out the color. Applied a month - nothing has changed. More precisely, the face became smooth, small wrinkles disappeared. And dark pigment spots remained. A little clarified, but no more.

"Single use is not enough"

Allegedly, one use of the device per day is enough. I didn’t have any changes until I started using it twice - in the morning and in the evening. From that moment on, the color improved, and the wrinkles were no longer apparent. Judging not subjective, but according to reviews of colleagues at work. They say they are younger.

"In places it dries out a lot"

Mixed skin - in one place dries, in the other fatty. The driest areas are the nose and nose. With them most of all problems when using a masseur, - begin to be shelled. You have to constantly apply the cream immediately after the procedure. Additional costs and inconvenience. On the rest of the plots, it works perfectly, reduces fat content to normal, copes with wrinkles.

"Problems with batteries"

Revoskin soon after the purchase stopped working normally. Significantly decreased the power of vibration. Long understood how to replace the battery - it is terrible to break something. Handled in the end, I almost threw it away. Then the batteries began to discharge regularly. The costs are relatively small, but tangible.

"Tan is coming off!"

I do not recommend to apply Revoskin on a tanned face. Went to the resort, well tanned, but wrinkles popped up from the constant dryness and sun. Upon arrival home, she began to exploit her beloved Revoskin Gold and discovered previously unknown properties: the skin becomes whiter in the places of the most intense exposure. I had to stop the sessions for a while, until the chocolate itself did not come down.

Revoskin Gold Massager - a divorce, garbage, deception?

Even negative reviews confirm that the use of Revoskin Gold is an easy way to return skin smoothness and fill with nutrients. Efficiency increases with the use of additional fortified formulations. Critics do not refute the effectiveness of the tool. The main complaints in the reviews are the absence of instant results, individual negative reactions to vibration, the appearance of peeling on the initially dry skin.

Can I buy Revoskin at the pharmacy?

Not. The original device is sold only through the official website of the manufacturer. Of course, many would prefer to buy Revoskin in a pharmacy near the house, but this is not possible. And then the price in the pharmacy would be several times higher due to the cost of storage, maintenance and taking into account the pledged profit.

Attention! In order not to run into a fake, order Revoskin only on the official website of the manufacturer. Then you will not have to be disappointed with the massager.

Negative reviews about Revoskin

Like any product, Revoskin has not only positive, but also negative reviews. If you have experience using the device, the site administration offers to write a review about the product.

Negative user feedback is extremely important. After all, they will help decide the potential buyer to purchase goods or not.

The site publishes absolutely real reviews of Revoskin. Stumbled upon a fake product? Be sure to write about it! This will help other people not to repeat the same mistake and use only the original product.

If for any reason the device did not provide you with the promised result or did not justify its cost, be sure to leave a comment. Perhaps it is your review that will help to deal with all the identified shortcomings of the device.


“I ordered on the Internet and immediately decided to try the houses on myself. I did not notice any stunning effect. The skin is really slightly smoothed, but not better than from salon procedures with professional devices. Besides, having bought such a device, an ordinary woman without education of a cosmetologist can use it incorrectly and not get the expected effect. ”


“I ordered Revoskin before my trip to the sea. I liked that it is compact and you will not need to carry a lot of cosmetics with you, as it replaces all means. Very dissatisfied with the result, or rather its absence. All the wrinkles remained in place, only the skin ceased to dry. I did not get any normal effect, and even after the procedure, redness appeared on the skin in some places. They left, however, within an hour, but still a little pleasant. ”

Massager Revoskin. Real reviews and prices

We have not written about new medical devices for a long time, however, they do not rarely appear in the range of Internet merchants. Today, look closely at face massager Revoskin (Gold): A small battery-powered device creates high-frequency vibrations and emits negatively charged ions. Second statement extremely doubtful, since ionization requires a completely different voltage, it cannot be provided with a finger-type battery. It would be nice to look at the diagrams of the device and the conclusions of independent experts, but this is nothing. The device is not registered with Roszdravnadzor as a medical device. Found only the standard form of the declaration from the Customs Union, consider it in more detail:

Revoskin documents

Like any online product, Massager Revoskin promises a stunning effect on advertising sites, but according to the documents its description is more than modest. From the declaration we learn that:

  • Revoskin is a household electric facial massager.
  • Manufacturer: Yamaguchi Electronic Solutions, Japan (Japan)
  • Applicant (in Russia): OOO Ergo Moscow, Avtozavodskaya building 3 of. room 10. PSRN 1037702021092 TIN 7702351637/772501001
  • Complies with the requirements: "On the safety of products of light industry" TR TS 017/2011

That is, the device is tested according to safety criteria for light industry? Not for medical or even for cosmetic? Agree, it is strange. We cannot verify the authenticity of this document, but we could not find any more documents for Revoskin.

Do not forget about the contraindications, which persistently forget to report in advertising:

Age up to 16 years, pregnancy, intracranial pressure, arterial hypertension, furunculosis of the skin.

It is recommended to consult a doctor before use.

Where to buy and how much is Revoskin

The main source of sales of this massager - sites one-page in CPA systems. There the price for it is 1290 rubles, but it is not known what they will try to impose on you along with the purchase and what the final price will be with delivery. Return the money or low-quality goods is almost impossible.

There Revoskin and in some online stores, where prices range from 400 to 1400 rubles (according to Yandex Market). Online stores are a more legal place to buy, although there may be unpleasant surprises.

In pharmacies Revoskin is not for sale, despite the assurances of some sellers.

Reviews of real people

The dynamics of reviews about this massager are standard for online goods of dubious origin and quality. Of course, for the most part these are enthusiastic responses, which are written by the sellers themselves or by specially hired people; there is no other way in this business. The second part of the reviews is negative or sharply critical, it can be assumed that their authors are real buyers. What mostly complain about:

  • They persuade to buy two different massagers, in fact they are the same.
  • The device comes in a non-working form. Fakes are possible.
  • The device breaks down quickly, replacing the battery does not help.
  • The effect of the massage is not felt, or it is mild.
  • Send the product of another brand and with a different name.
  • Here is a list of the most frequently repeated complaints from buyers.

Unfortunately, purchases on the Internet are increasingly associated with divorce, deception, unfair trade. Whether Revoskin's massager is a divorce - we will not argue, this is a matter of law enforcement. We note only that the reputation of the device is not high. What do you buyers think about him? Leave your review under this material.