Makeup for women 50 years (step by step)


Look stunning, forcing men's hearts to beat faster, women dream at any age. You can stay attractive and stylish after 50, using the secrets of make-up. Fashion trends should be taken into account, but the main concept of the image is to emphasize individuality.

Makeup rules after 50 years

Age processes are unrelenting, even in 30 women represent deficiencies in their own reflection. At 50, there is a decrease in skin elasticity, a decrease in collagen, dryness, pigmentation, and manifestations of rosacea are observed. The task of decorative cosmetics is to correct all changes, emphasizing only the best in appearance.

Important! Kilograms of foundation, eyelash extensions and wine lipstick are the prerogative of young girls. Using mindlessly all the novelties of the beauty industry, it is easy to spoil even flawless natural data..

Tone plays a crucial role, make-up after 50 years at home requires careful preparation. The face must be cleaned with a soft foam, toned with alcohol-free lotion and moistened. Basic procedures allow you to refresh the skin, look perfect during the day.

Haircut and makeup easily refreshed and rejuvenated appearance

  • Mandatory set - light tone cream, mineral powder, blush. A minimum amount of each agent is required to avoid the layering effect,
  • The corrector is applied exclusively to the existing problem areas - pigment spots, dark circles under the lower eyelids, manifestations of rosacea. It is better to choose a liquid corrector, and shading it with light driving movements,
  • Foundation - will provide additional hydration, allowing the skin to look fresh, well-groomed, give a beautiful healthy complexion,
  • When applied, the cream must fully adapt to the skin tone, otherwise a transition on the neckline will be noticeable, not only the color but also the appearance type is taken into account, warm - with yellow notes, cold - with pink,
  • A small amount of foundation is evenly distributed along the lines of massage with light driving movements, starting from the center, moving to the ear trestles and the hairline, the technique will provide the perfect coverage,
  • Mineral powder should not contain highlighter, flickering particles only emphasize wrinkles. And the content of UV filters is welcome, sun protection is relevant at any age,
  • Put a little powder in the volume brush, shake off the excess in a jar so as not to create a dense mask, also distribute along the massage lines, the minimum amount is enough to fix the main tone,
  • Blush play the role of correctors, you can achieve a lifting effect by restoring the down oval line,
  • Professionals recommend discarding pink and plum varieties, as well as a creamy structure, ideally coping with the task. Loose powder is 2-3 tones darker than the natural complexion,
  • For a uniform distribution, a medium-sized brush with a diagonal cut edge is used, the blush is applied in one direction, from the center of the face, in the evening make-up you can darken the lower part of the cheekbones, creating a perfect oval.

This part of the face is able to work wonders, helps to create makeup after 50 who is young.

Pencils and eye shadows are used to make the eyebrows perfect. But ladies balzakovskogo age, it is still recommended to turn their eyes to the carcass. It will make them more natural, expressive, give volume and well-groomed appearance.

Eyebrow correction secrets:

  • in the absence of form, you should not be in a hurry to do a make-up, with a brush, a pencil, you can solve all the problems,
  • soft pencil do notches along the line of the eyebrow parallel to the nostrils of the nose, this is the border of the widest part, the arc will end on the line drawn from the nostrils crossing the corner of the outer part of the eye,
  • for shading, special shadows can be used, the hairs are stained with ink from the bottom upwards, if additional volume is not required - brush movements are directed from the wide part to the narrow,

Eyebrows of medium width will help to look younger, make the line of arcs smooth and calm, the house bends are no longer relevant, they create an expression of surprise on the face.

Choose a color 2 shades lighter than hair for brunettes, blondes - pay attention 2 shades darker, do not forget about the combination of a warm / cold palette. Brown tones are preferred for peach or dark skin, for porcelain with a pink blush - gray, smoky.

When creating make-up after 50, it is important to take into account age-related features. The lowered corner of the outer eyelid, the hanging fold make the eyes look tired and extinct. It is easy to correct natural changes by mastering a simple technique that allows you to return the mysteriousness and languor.

How to make eye makeup with the looming eyelids:

  • You can “open” your eyes with the shadows of natural shades of a gray-brown palette. Green, purple, orange hues only emphasize heavy eyelids,
  • Neutral beige shadows are applied to the mobile eyelid, carefully shaded with a soft brush so that there are no visible transitions. Makeup artists recommend using matte eye shadows; the presence of sparkles will only emphasize the appearing wrinkle net,
  • It is better to refuse eyeliner and hands, especially for owners of medium and small eyes. Clear contours limit and visually reduce eyelids. It is difficult to duplicate the lines, asymmetry of the face increases with age, and the arrows emphasize this even more.
  • Medium in saturation shadows are applied over the mobile eyelid, the lines tend upwards, which will also make it possible to correct the lowered outer corners,
  • Draw a dark accent on the outer corner of the mobile age. This will make a good makeup after 50 years with glasses. It is not necessary to choose black shadows for this, dark brown or smoky will be optimal. Highlight on the outer edge of the eye daw, tending upward,
  • For lightening choose pearl pearl shadows. For evening make-up after 50 years, 2 areas are being worked out - the inner corner of the eye and the area under the eyebrow. A concealer or foundation 2 colors lighter than the skin is also suitable for these purposes.
  • At the last stage, you need to carefully paint the eyelashes, first from the growth line in the upward direction, then with zigzag movements, to give volume.

Women over 50 must mark their lips. In a daily make-up you can use glitters with rich pigmentation, oils and vitamin E. Actual matte lipsticks of wine and plum shades are not the best option for women of balzac age. The texture will only emphasize dry lips, and clear lines - visible nasolabial and facial folds.

Attention should be paid to the lipstick berry palette, and the components of the product are important, they must take care and nourish the mouth. Scarlet shades are preferred to use for a festive outlet.

Choose a light lipstick-balms. A contour pencil is recommended to use on a tone lighter than lipstick / gloss, a technique will help to visually enlarge the lips.

Make-up, taking into account age-related features, will make you feel attractive. Nude shades are preferable for daytime, in the evening saturated colors in make-up are allowed. Applying the right makeup, you can look younger and more attractive.

What gives the most age?

Eyes. They primarily talk about age, or rather, bags under the eyes, wrinkles, and so on. This is not about that, age gives fire in his eyes, or rather his absence. Admit it, have you ever met young women without a gleam in their eyes? Such a lady can easily throw a dozen or two years, despite the fact that she is beautifully made up and looks impressive, she looks tired. Did you meet women using the rules of age make-up after 50 years of age, which you don’t give even 30 years? Have you thought about how they do it? They just love life, love themselves, so they always look perfect, despite their age.

So, for this, love yourself the way you are - with all the flaws known only to you, believe me. Rest more, go in for sports, be always cheerful and cheerful, cosmetics will fix the rest. After all, the only thing that can not be corrected with makeup is fatigue and a depressed look. Therefore, a bad mood and is considered the main traitor of age. More optimism! Agreed? Then you can proceed to the next question. How to make a beautiful makeup after 50 years at home?

Align the complexion

If earlier it was possible to do without a layer of foundation and powder, now it is imperative to create the perfect makeup for a 50-year-old woman. Follow the suggested recommendations step by step to carefully hide the small spots with a brownish tint that have appeared on the skin; they treacherously hint the people around them to their age. Therefore, it will be better to apply a tinting cream before makeup.

If there are more serious problems with stains, apply a corrector on these places under the base. Sparingly, moderately, special enthusiasm is not needed, because in the end there will be more powder. Work the brush most of the area around the eyes, the corners of the mouth. By the way, choose the warmer tones of the foundation, as the cold ones unprofitable shade wrinkles, and sometimes emphasize. After applying, distribute the remnants of toners well, try to paint in a well-lit room. To control the qualitative distribution of the base, sit on the windowsill - daylight will not replace anything.

Select the eyes

It is important not to overdo it, it is enough to make the view open, clean. Your goal is not just to make up, remember this is necessary. When you put makeup in the eye area, the main task is to correct the flaws. You can be congratulated, if they are absent, then you can safely paint as you please. But the methods of correction are also used by young people, so do not accept what has been said about age. The goal is to lift the corners of the eyes, hide small wrinkles around them, visually lengthen the eyes, remove the hanging eyelid. Try your own professional makeup. For a woman of 50 years old, step by step performing all the steps, it is not difficult. Change your image for the better!

Try to use natural tones if possible, rather than color ones. Many colors are not needed, you can buy shadows for every day in two, maximum four tones. It is desirable that in the box were the shadows of one palette, for example, from light beige to dark brown, it is possible from light gray to black.

Raise the corners - put dark shadows on the outer corner and blend in the direction of the eyebrow. Apply light shadows to the inner eyelid. Very smooth transition wins, so two colors between each other well blend with a small dense brush.

Pencil do not use for clear lines, it can be shaded using the same shadows. To do this, draw lines in the form of arrows on the outer eyelid, and then, dipping the brush in the shade, feather the pencil. Such a technique makes the eyes mysterious and makes them more expressive. Hanging eyelid can be reduced by the same method - draw a soft brown pencil line in the place where there should be a fold, then blend upwards.

Although it is not recommended for women over 50 to apply mascara thickly, sometimes it is the copious application that wins. But everything is individual. If you are accustomed to dye your eyelashes brightly all your life, and abruptly switch to a more modest make-up, it will look faded. Others may feel that you are tired or sick. It is necessary to perform make-up for women after 50 years, step by step, but taking into account their preferences, habits and peculiarities.

Brovki house

“An ant lived on the world without eyelashes and eyebrows” - sounds funny, right? You cannot do without beautiful arcs over the eyes of a modern woman, the time of Gioconda has passed. Firstly, it is now fashionable, and secondly, the bends are able to convey all sorts of emotions. The look becomes more mysterious, as if proud, or something. If you have always trusted eyebrow correction to the masters of the salon - do not stop, keep it up! Most likely, you know the feeling when your eyebrows look perfect and you enjoy admiring your reflection.

Now there is such a service as eyebrow tattooing, you can take a chance, it won't be worse for sure, especially if your eyebrows are rare and bright. The main thing is to find an experienced master and determine the correct form.

Black eyebrows are not recommended, unless you are a brunette, it is better to choose a dark brown or gray-black color. It will take a sharp pencil. Start from the outer tail with dashed lines (imitating the hairs), moving from the head to the edge. A little blend eyebrow brush (it looks like a small toothbrush).

The natural contour of the mouth sometimes loses its boundaries. It will make the lips expressive and correct the shortcomings of the correct make-up for a 50-year-old woman, step by step executed. Try not to use too defiant colors, of course, there are exceptions, for example, to maintain the image, etc., but not every day. Choose soft pink, closer to natural colors. The contour pencil should be darker than lipstick by two tones from the same palette. Additionally, you can emphasize the color of lipstick gloss. Most likely, with your lips and so everything is clear, we paint as usual, just not defiant.

Many were able to master the age make-up step by step. For women 50 years, nothing is easier, especially if they used cosmetics throughout their lives. The reviews are positive, even from those who, at this age, had to master make-up for the first time. Some women have found out that the double benefit of cosmetics is: when they are painted, a face massage is performed at the same time, the skin tone improves.

Simple rules make up

Age makeup needs a special approach to creating an elegant and well-groomed image. It is no secret that with age the skin loses its elasticity. Wrinkles, pigment spots appear on it, the shape of the face loses clarity and beauty. Modern cosmetic market offers a lot of cosmetics, with which you can diversify the style and demonstrate the youth of the skin.

However, what is good for a young girl looks out of place on a woman over 50. In addition, skin care ingredients are often included in the preparations. Therefore, cosmetics for different ages is different. Cosmetics for fading skin should be gentle so as not to accelerate the aging process.

When performing age make-up, it is worth taking as a basis naturalness: whatever make-up for women over 50, a face should look natural, without a mask effect. For this, one makeup product is not enough: careful and daily work on skin care is needed. It is her condition that will be the deciding factor: the better and younger the skin of the face will look, the more perfect the makeup will be.

With age, you should avoid an intense tan, which dries the skin of the face, it ages and deprives the face of attractiveness.

It is more difficult to be beautiful and fashionable with age, but it is a real task that every woman after 50 can cope with. Experienced makeup artists highlight a number of rules for young make-up for middle-aged women:

  • thorough preparation of the skin of the face and neckline before make-up,
  • the use of a minimum of tinting tools
  • face contour lifting
  • calm and muted color palette of cosmetics (rejection of blue, violet colors, giving the area around the eyes a kind of bruises and red, making the eyes sick, tearful and swollen),
  • mandatory eyebrow shaping (plucking, shaping in order to get rid of the effect of the impending century),
  • shadows with a light satin shimmer are allowed, the texture with nacre and glitter is eliminated: such shadows increase the severity of wrinkles (a drop of highlighter under the eyebrow is the maximum that you can afford),
  • exclusion from the cosmetic bag of sharp accents (liner, liners): if you refuse them it is difficult, you should replace the black pencil, shadows and mascara with brown ones,
  • use no more than two layers of mascara on the upper eyelashes with subsequent combing of the eyelashes (getting rid of the untidy effect of stuck eyelashes),
  • one focus on the face (only eyes or lips),
  • taboos on the poisonous and bright colors of lipstick, as well as the oily shine of their texture,
  • the use of cosmetics with regard to age, which has in addition to the decorative, caring function,
  • application in the work not only of the hands and sponge, but also of the finger tips (for leveling the tone of the face).

Taking into account the knowledge of the rules for performing age makeup, it will not take long for me to do a make up procedure on my own.

Female makeup, regardless of age, has several varieties:

  • day,
  • daily,
  • evening,
  • festive,
  • professional.

Daily and daily make up women in middle age are considered to be neutral. In this case, a minimum of cosmetics is used in order to accentuate health: they excrete even and toned skin.

Evening and festive makeup allows the use of accents (pencil, more saturated shadows and lipstick), without overstepping the face of naturalness. Такой образ предназначен для особого случая (на свадьбу, юбилей), он допускает некоторую свободу в выборе косметики, разрешая тени средних и темных тонов, черную тушь, карандаш. Этот макияж должен подчеркивать блеск глаз и притягивать к ним все внимание.

Профессиональный мэйк ап применяется для фотосессий. Это особая работа визажиста. Такой вид в корне отличается от других и направлен на то, чтобы сделать женщину идеальной для камеры. It uses special cosmetics marked with HD, which creates a natural effect with any layer of application. This is a rich makeup that allows a woman to look in the best light.


To make-up was perfect, you first need to prepare the skin. This involves the use of cleansing agents and a light moisturizer. The most important enemy on the way to success is not pigment spots or acne: it is aging of the skin. Sagging eyelids, nasolabial folds, cheeks with the effect of "bulldog" - this is what cosmetics should distract from attention.

To compensate for age-related changes in the dermis, it is necessary that it be clean and even. To do this, women use cosmetic products with a lifting effect, soothing and moisturizing creams, masks. Skin care is the cornerstone of this age. Extend the beauty of the oval face, you can use a special corset, which is worn at night.

Make-up should not age, lightness and translucency of tones and layers of cosmetics are welcomed. This is what will help create a feeling of naturalness and natural female beauty. The step-by-step instruction consists of the following steps:

  • Day cream with a moisturizing effect is applied to clean skin, taking very little money and spreading it out with a thin, almost transparent layer until completely absorbed.
  • If the cream does not perform the function of the base, it is applied next, as soon as the cream is absorbed. By skipping this step, makeup persistence may suffer.
  • After the base, the face is tinted with a light fluid, then dark circles under the eyes are masked with the help of a corrector.
  • Using a powder brush, it mattes the tone of the face, then a touch of blush gives the skin a fresh, rested appearance.
  • Base under the shade - a prerequisite for beautiful eyes. It is applied with a thin layer on the upper eyelid.
  • The correct number of shadows is no more than two (light and dark). At first, the eyes are accentuated with a light tone (not lighter than the skin color), then they shade the outer corner, hiding the eyelid sagging.
  • Lips should remain in the shade, it is impossible that they interrupted the accent of the eye. You should not trace them more than a natural contour: it is ugly and can break the correct placement of accents.
  • If you do not pay attention to the eyebrows, you can ruin the entire makeup: with age, eyebrows become less common and lose a beautiful bend. The ends of the eyebrows should not go beyond the outer corners of the eyes, it is unacceptable that the form was senile arc.

How to properly impose at home?

Make every age step by step every woman can. To do this, it is not necessary to visit the salon: a fashionable and young make-up is feasible at home.

Before you apply cosmetics, you need to choose the type of makeup (casual, business, festive) and choose a color palette. Often it is necessary to revise the existing arsenal, since it loses its relevance.

In order to properly apply makeup, you need to use special brushes:

  • big round (for powder),
  • small with beveled edge (for eyebrow shaping),
  • small round (for shading shadows),
  • small narrow (to underline the ciliary line).

Eye makeup is performed in the direction from the inner eye to the outer edge. At the same time sharp transitions of tone or lack of shading are inadmissible. If the makeup is too much, it will fill the folds of wrinkles.

Lipstick is applied in a thin layer. If its texture is oily or replete with glitter, it is worth wetting the excess with a paper napkin or cotton pad.

Master Classes

To make an age makeup, you need to take into account the peculiarities of the color of the skin, eyes, hair. If brunettes have a more diverse color palette at this age, it is advisable for blondes to stick to light and natural tones of cosmetics in order to look appropriate.

For brunettes

Dark-haired women are easier to make perfect age makeup. What looks catchy on blondes looks more natural on brunettes. However, if the color of the shadows coincides with the color of the eyes, this makeup is doomed to failure. Eyelids will look harder, look - tired and dull.

When doing make-up, you need to remember: the brunettes' eyebrows are always a tone lighter than their natural hair color. Be sure to paint the empty areas of the eyebrows, if the eyebrows are rare. Otherwise, the eyes will look sharp, and the overall image - unfinished.

Age makeup brunette is as follows:

  • after a visual “tightening” of the face with a tonal tool and powder, put a base under the shadows on the upper eyelids,
  • in order to give color to the eyes brightness, they draw a thin, dim line along the border of the upper eyelid, not drawing an arrow, but slightly raising the line from the outer corner upwards,
  • based on two tones of the same color, contrasting the color of the eyes, they first apply a light tone, then (closer to the base of the growth of the eyelashes) dark, combining colors according to the ombre principle,
  • it is undesirable to paint the eyelids completely up to the bottom of the eyebrows: it is not fashionable, and the view will be terrifying,
  • if, after blending, makeup seems pale, you can slightly increase the accent of the outer corner with a pencil so that it does not stand out,
  • taking mascara, dye and comb the upper lashes, bringing them to perfect appearance,
  • To hide the wrinkles in the outer corner of the eye, in addition to the shadows, you can slightly tint the lower eyelashes from the bottom (in the corner).
  • selecting the nude tone of the lipstick to emphasize the eyes, it is applied on the center of the lips and is shaded with a brush, slightly lifting the edges of the lips up.

For blondes

Blondes need to pay special attention to the choice of color and not overplay the image of cosmetics. After aligning the tone of the face accent eyes:

  • a beige shade covering the upper eyelid, not forgetting the feathering,
  • if there are no dark spots under the eyes, you can slightly emphasize the lower eyelid with the same shade of the shadow,
  • tone the darker accent of the outer corner, smoothly combining two shades,
  • along the ciliary line of the mobile eyelid, draw a contour with a pencil, then shade it,
  • using a flat brush slightly distinguish the border of the lower eyelid,
  • Brown mascara in one or two layers on the upper lashes will complete the accent of the eyes.

A light, dark outline will visually brighten eye color. To make-up does not lose beauty, you need to emphasize the line of eyebrows below with light shadows. Tone brows blondes should be a little darker hair color. You should not paint eyebrows brightly: it is enough to darken them by a tone or two. For daytime makeup, it is desirable to observe the natural color gamut of eye and eyebrow shadows: this will enhance the effect of naturalness.

Since the lip contour becomes blurry with age, a correction is needed: a pencil of the color of the selected lipstick. The line should be clear, but invisible against the background of lipstick. The tone of the lipstick is to choose a light, as close as possible to the natural one: just such a shade will accentuate the beauty and charm of the age makeup.

Red, cherry and other bright lipsticks are contraindicated to blondes: such make-up is tasteless. You should not use light pink tones: pink is the color of young.

Useful secrets

Correct face correction with decorative cosmetics is achieved taking into account simple technicians of makeup artists:

  • leveling the tone of the face (with dense pigmentation) allows for a translucent layer of tonal means, which is driven into the skin with the tips of the fingers (this layer will be minimal and will not accentuate wrinkles),
  • You can divert attention from age spots, wrinkles, dark circles around the eyes with the help of a foundation of a warm shade in skin tone,
  • loose powder creates a translucent, natural tone of the face, matting the skin,
  • Ideally, powder is applied to the T-shaped area, eliminating gloss,
  • so that the skin appears younger, a shade of blush is preferable to light, as close as possible to the natural blush,
  • the shape of the eyebrows matters: the outer end of the eyebrows must be higher than the inner one; powder and a pair of strokes with shadows will help give them volume,
  • the rejuvenating effect of moist, fresh lips is created by applying a gloss to the center of the lower lip, followed by shading,
  • the perfect tone of lipstick - natural, natural and without nacre,
  • in order not to emphasize wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes and not to make the eyes smaller, it is better to use a pencil instead of an eyeliner.

When performing age make up, one should not forget that the ascending lines of eyebrows, eyes and lips create a feeling of tightened skin. Downward strokes add a few years to the age.

Another secret: make-up will be doubly effective and rejuvenating if, in addition to cosmetics, a woman pays attention to her hairstyle. Eliminated long and straight hair. The perfect hairstyle with anti-aging effect is performed on short hair.

Common mistakes to avoid

Often the created image does not match the intended one. The reason for the unsuccessful make-up, when he is not young, but ages the woman, is inept work with cosmetics. Makeup artists have identified errors that occur in age make-up quite often:

  • dense and uneven layer of tonal means (mask effect),
  • too light foundation (creating an emphasis on wrinkles and highlighting any, even minor flaws in the skin of the face),
  • an abundance of powder on the face (theatrical makeup effect),
  • applying powder on the cheek area and around the eyes (the effect of dried skin),
  • pink, red, orange or brown blush (marfushi effect and visual aging of the face),
  • a thin line of eyebrows without filling them with shadows and drawing forms,
  • lipstick, lack of lip contour or contour too pronounced (untidiness),
  • mascara on the lower eyelashes (the effect of "panda" and fatigue),
  • arrows with eyeliner, especially on a fixed eyelid (prerogative of the young, diminishing eyes),

Age makeup - the right makeup. How accurately a woman uses the techniques of make-up artists will determine the impeccability of her image.

How to do the right makeup after 50 years, see the following video

Choosing the right cosmetic

Firstly worth considering skin type - after a certain age in women, it is prone to dryness and the presence of constant moisture will help to avoid the appearance of wilting problems and age-like wrinkles. Pay attention when choosing funds in the store on the label with the appropriate inscriptions 50+. The main condition - do not get involved in shiny textures, powder or shadows. Such cosmetics are suitable for younger women who can afford a more defiant look.

Skin preparation

Make-up after 50 years at home should start like any other. Before applying decorative cosmetics wash with gel, foam or soap. You can use soap with the addition of cream or flavored oil. After that put means: tonic or moistening.

Thus, the skin calms down, redness or irritation is removed, the cleanser used earlier is neutralized. Makeup specialists recommend use moisturizers, cleansing and toning agents of one product line. The cream with a lifting effect that tightens and smoothes the skin looks very advantageous, which allows you to look younger than your age.

The main stages of preparing the foundation for makeup

  1. It is recommended when buying a tool to test it. on the back of the hand, high-quality tool is easily absorbed and will leave a light tone of powder shade. If there is a problem with pigment spots, you can use the facial corrector at home.
  2. Applying the foundation is better to produce on the massage lines with a brush for toning the face or with your fingertips. You can gently pat the skin when applying tone. It is also not worth getting involved in a thick layer of foundation, so that the face looks natural, and not a porcelain mask, and skin could breathe.
  3. The only area where the application of tone is not recommended is the area around the eyes. To stretch these zones when applying the tone is unacceptable, the skin in this area is very delicate and requires delicate handling. For this area there is a special concealer tool. The correct concealer is lighter by several tones than the main toner. Try to avoid sudden transitions from the eyes to the cheeks, if necessary, make additional feathering with a tone brush.

It is very important to correctly choose the right tint cream. Too light tone will emphasize wrinkles, darkened visually adds a year. It is worth being guided by its natural complexion. After toning the skin, you can powder the skin of a light satin without gloss or matte powder.

If you wanti look fresh and young It is worth using blush. Better pink shades or peach tones, they look calm and give the face style. With the correct application of blush, the tool is bleached over the protruding part of the cheeks. And also the expressiveness of the face can give the highlighter, but it is used mainly for dry skin. Slightly walk on the nose and cheeks, and immediately make-up will be much more expressive.

Young eye makeup is recommended to do with the use of light bright and matte shades of shadows. When choosing a color palette, be guided by your eye and hair color. Prefer natural colors palette of shadows, bright and challenging shades should not be used. No need big number of color combinations in one make-up, two shades that match each other are sufficient.

What shades of color palette to choose:

  1. Lady with brown eyes is better to choose all shades of brown, green and lilac.
  2. Women with blue eyes - beige and grayish-blue palette color.
  3. If the eyes are green - respectively green and purple shades.

If there is a problem with the circles under the eyes - do not use blue and purple hues, they emphasize this drawback. It is necessary to apply light shadows on the inner eyelid, while at the same time using dark color should be used very carefully, emphasizing only the outer corners. It looks very nice smooth transition from tone to tone, so it is better to do the feathering of the shadows using a dense brush for the shadows.

If there is a problem with the looming eyelids, it’s better not to use a dark palette of shadows. Light shadows will open the eyes and rejuvenate the appearance. After the application of shadows, it is necessary to make a feather over the entire surface of the eyelid. For eyeliner, it is better to pick up pencils of neutral colors, moderate brown, purple or light gray. For a more pronounced look, eyeliner pencil can be a little shade. And as the final stage - drawing mascara.

When age changes, many women face the problem of sagging eyebrows, so you need to visually adjust the line of the eyebrows, make them slightly raised, plucking the lower hairs. If necessary, you can adjust the bend line with a brow pencil. The black pencil will give the face vulgarity, use the colors of natural shades - brown, gray, beige.

If the contour of the lips is expressed insufficiently, and also in order that the lipstick on the lips does not blur, you need to correct the contour with a pencil. The tone of the pencil should be the same color as the lipstick or not a lighter tone. A darker lip liner gives a person age, it should not be used. When choosing a shade of lipstick it is recommended to take into account the color type of the face (winter, summer, autumn, spring). Depending on the type, it can be warm or cold shades of color. The use of gloss is permissible in the center of the lips to give the lips a larger volume. Preferred are light tones of lipstick, dark colors are aging.

Makeup for women after 50 years in natural tones is good to use during daytime. In the case of evening events, bright colors are possible, emphasizing your individuality. Pay attention to the fact that the emphasis in the evening make-up is necessary for any one area - eyes or lips. Properly executed make-up will make you feel more confident and attractive, regardless of age, will lift your spirits, give a vivid and expressive image. Good luck!

Everyday age make-up: we analyze in detail the stages of creation

The age “slightly beyond ...” is not a reason to refuse daily makeup. Moreover, now women in a very mature age retain social activity, therefore the need for everyday make-up is very relevant for them.

Daytime makeup should not be too catchy, it is desirable that it matches the color not only to the shade of the eyes and hair, but also be universal in terms of combination with clothing.

Casual makeup for 55 year old

Easy day visage for women 55-60 years old step by step can be represented as follows:

  • Everyday makeup should definitely start with the application of anti-aging face and eye cream, 15 minutes after the cream, you can begin to correct skin imperfections.
  • The primer, which contains silicone, is applied with a thin layer on the face, its composition will make the skin smoother and fill all fine wrinkles and enlarged pores.
  • Foundation with a not very dense foundation to even out the color and texture of the face. It is necessary to opt for a tool that does not have a matting effect, it will only emphasize all the irregularities of the topography of the epidermis.
  • На область под глазами нанести корректор с легким эффектом сияния, это зрительно «распахнет» глаз и замаскирует темные круги, зона нанесения должна напоминать перевернутый треугольник, основание которого начинается у линии роста нижних ресниц. Это также позволит скрыть появляющиеся с возрастом мешки под глазами.
Дневной макияж для 50-летней
  • Для возрастного макияжа использование приемов скульптурирования лица крайне важно, так как овал лица после 50 лет, как правило, нуждается в коррекции. Powder or bronzer on the tone darker skin color to highlight the area of ​​hair growth, cheekbones, lateral surfaces of the forehead and nose, chin and area below it, neck. Apply the powder should be a large soft brush and do it in stages, so as not to overdo it in this matter.
  • Highlighting highlight the center of the forehead, bridge of the nose, podbrovnuyu zone, the area above the upper lip.
  • After the bronzer and highlight, use a large, clean brush to go over the entire face, creating soft transitions and a light and shade effect.
  • Blush warm pink hue to put on the most prominent part of the cheeks, after smiling.
  • Strengthen the color of the eyebrows and give them the desired shape with a pencil, then comb and fix them.
  • Cover the mobile eyelid with a base for the shadows.
50-year-old everyday make-up
  • Apply a matte shade of a calm natural shade to the entire moving eyelid, fold and a small area above it to cover with a darker tone. For light skin, it is better to take shades of pink or ayvori, for dark skin - beige or light coffee.
  • Work out the growth zone of the upper cilia with a soft pencil, for this you should take chocolate brown or graphite color.
  • Underline the growth of eyelashes with white or other bright colors.
  • The inner corner of the eye is lightened with shadows or a soft pencil.
  • Apply mascara on top lashes only.
  • Circle the lip contour with a wax-based pencil; this will prevent the spread of lipstick.
  • Make up lips with nude lipstick or gloss of calm color.
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Rejuvenating makeup for the release

Evening make-up, as opposed to everyday, allows the use of brighter and more saturated tones, but in the case of age make-up, for women after 50 years, it is better to stick to moderation in the amount of applied cosmetics and their colors. One of the key rules for such a make-up is the use of only high-quality cosmetics, the benefit is that many global brands have long been producing cosmetics with a lifting effect, specially created for women of mature age.

Anti-aging makeup for 55 year olds

Evening makeup for women after 50 years - some nuances:

  • With a not too expressive eye make-up, it is permissible to use red lipstick for publication, but it must be super stable and you must draw a lip contour before applying it. It is also desirable to use the base under the lipstick.
  • After a certain age, the use of a contour pencil for lips is simply necessary, as it helps to add extra volume to the lips and does not allow the lipstick to "spread" into wrinkles around the lips.
  • The line of eyeliner should not be very thick, it will give makeup and vulgarity to sloppy.
  • Evening makeup is designed for a long time, which means that cosmetics, including blush, it is better to choose increased resistance. Since the skin becomes drier with age, a creamy blusher will look more appropriate.
  • In order to have a slight radiance on the face, the tonal tool must contain reflective particles.
Option rejuvenating makeup
  • Foundation should definitely cover the neck and the open part of the neckline.
  • The arrows make the evening visage more expressive; the lines should be very neat and slightly rising upward from the outer corner of the eye. For shooters, it is better not to use a pencil or black eyeliner, a chocolate or graphite gray shade will look more appropriate.
  • At the age after 50-55 years, one of the most common problems is the hanging eyelid, which requires additional correction with the help of cosmetics. Evening makeup will look especially great if the fold of the eyelid is highlighted with light brown or gray shadows, their shade should be darker than the base one.
  • Despite the fact that the publication implies a festive make-up, evening dress and appropriate hair, women after a certain age should avoid too massive accessories.
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A thick layer of cosmetics - your secret enemy

At first glance, it may seem to you that under a thick layer of foundation and / or powder, the lines of your wrinkles will be safely hidden from the looks of others. It's not like that at all. Making a similar mistake, you can expect just catastrophic results - cosmetics will penetrate all the folds of the skin, making wrinkles even more pronounced.

Makeup Error: Concealer Abuse

It will be enough to apply cosmetics in one layer. When using high-quality cosmetics in the make-up of the elderly, this is quite enough to hide age spots, discolor the skin and even out its tone. Also, do not abuse the bright blush and lipstick, which will not give your image the desired freshness. Masking the same shade choose the color that matches your skin tone or one tone darker, so that the face does not look faded.

Use light shades of decorative cosmetics, remembering that the natural look is always young. Do not forget to regularly apply anti-aging creams that will help you fight unwanted age-related skin changes.

Accents on the face

Undoubtedly, feminine lips, expressive eyes and chiseled cheekbones are the most attractive parts of the face that you always want to emphasize. However, with age, avoid focusing on them with bright shadows, lipstick and blush at the same time. Choose one thing, emphasizing the best features of your face, but bright shades of cosmetics, however, should be avoided.

Errors: emphasis on everything at once

Never forget - nothing paints a woman and the features of her face like cheerful eyes and a joyful smile. And how to learn to enjoy life, you can find on the site

Elderly makeup: do you need powder?

Powder is a cosmetic corrective agent designed to temporarily save the face from oily shine, which mainly affects the nose, forehead and chin. With age, your skin loses its elasticity, becomes matte and even dry, so it doesn’t need regular dusting as it used to.

Choose a powder with a creamy texture and the shade that matches your skin. In general, many professional makeup artists recommend that women after 50 generally refuse such cosmetics.

From the bronzer powder, the more should be abandoned


Applying eyeliner or eyeliner with a thick line (especially on the lower eyelid) may make your eyes bigger, but it’s not a fact that this will make them look attractive. Especially you should not use such cosmetics for eyes of black color that will make you older than your age.

Choose pencils of gray or brown and draw lines only on the outer corners of the eyes. Such a small emphasis will highlight the eyes and visually make them bigger.

Makeup Error: Thick Line

Ink application

Modern mascara is designed to make your eyelashes longer, thick and shiny. For make-up of older women, you should avoid applying mascara on the lower lashes. In addition to the fact that even the most expensive and high-quality mascara can be imprinted on the skin or smeared, you will look much older than your age.

By the way, it is preferable to choose a brown shade of this decorative cosmetics, rather than black, which will also be very old.

Blush: selection and application

Prefer dim, neutral shades of blush. Do not thickly apply this makeup on the cheek apples, so as not to look out of breath and flushed. Lightly emphasize this part of the face with rouge, sweeping them away with a large brush through the highest point of the cheekbones.

Error: blush half cheeks

Eyebrow line

Nothing deprives the attractiveness of the image of a woman as too thin or overgrown thick eyebrows. For all the recommendations of the correct makeup for both the elderly and young women, the eyebrows should have a natural arched shape. For naturally thin eyebrows, choose a pencil whose shade is closest to their natural color and use it carefully only in those places where there is a very rare hair covering.

Makeup Error: Painted Eyebrows

Attractive lips

With age, sad as it is, lips lose their elasticity. But you can give your lips an attractive bulk. Before you apply lipstick, use a pencil, putting it on vertical stripes and outlining the contour of the lips.

In the makeup of an elderly lady should not be lipstick and lip pencils very bright and too dark shades. Optimal choice of cosmetics will be 1-2 tones darker than your natural color.

Error: lipstick too bright

The tool number 1 in the make-up for a woman 50 years old: drops from the redness of the eyes and eyelids

Surprised? But this is logical! Red tears, burst blood vessels, yellowish white eyes - all this inevitably worsens with age. That is why the must-have product in a cosmetic bag, preceding the make-up for a 50-year-old woman, is drops from redness. What kind of drops to use, it is better to check with an ophthalmologist. Of course, they should not be abused. But if you want to look perfect or make a festive makeup for a 50-year-old woman, you won't get anywhere without them.

Red eye drops are the most important means in makeup for 50 years for women (photo)

Remedy # 2: foundation and / or powder

Remember, there is no one universal, “magic” foundation that would be perfect makeup for women over 50 years old. Unfortunately, skin problems can worsen with age: dry becomes drier, oily becomes fatter, pores open, etc. Therefore, personally select your ideal tonal tool, but it is important that it is light in its texture.

Give preference to light tonal textures, such as the BB-cream SUPER AQUA-SERUM from Guerlain (left). Apply the cream can be a flat brush (right) or slightly moistened fingers.

Day make-up of women 50 years should be as natural as possible, and therefore give preference to BB cream. For oily skin (if the complexion is more uniform) can be limited only to powder. How to apply makeup? For powder, take a double-bulk volume brush, for cream - a wide, but flat. The foundation can be applied with slightly wet fingers - it will lay down even thinner.

For oily skin, it is better to use powder (in the photo on the left - shades of compact baked PUPA Luminys Baked Face Powder), and apply it with a double-nap brush (in the photo on the right)

The tool number 3: how to apply makeup? No Defect: Concealer and Concealer

Yes, today everyone uses these miracle means - from small to large, that is, from adolescence to mature - from 50 and older. But this is really a miracle, without which at this age can not do. Learn how to apply makeup, in particular, concealer or corrector, you can in the photo below.

Make-up for women 50 years old step-by-step photo: impose concealer correctly (right). In the photo on the left: Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Concealer concealers in beige and pinkish shades will hide the greenery and blue veins under the eyes well.

Apply it under the eyes with a triangle, it should be done in the same way as applying a foundation for makeup - with a flat brush, sometimes it can be moistened with water beforehand. For reddening, a greenish shade corrector is ideal (ideal for women who have rosacea or spider veins), for “green” and blue veins under the eyes — on the contrary, pinkish or creamy-beige.

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Bobby Brown's makeup lesson step by step

Hillary Clinton style

How to dress September 1st

The tool number 4 in the day's make-up of women 50 years: blush

What shades to choose? Only not with a reddish undertone! If you are white-skinned, take a matte delicate pink color, if the “warm” color type is peach. If you want to hide the redness, beige blush will do.

How to apply makeup (photo on the right) to a middle-aged woman: apply blush with a brush. Prefer matte light tones (in the photo on the left - blush with a brush Clinique Blushing Blush Powder Blush)

How to apply makeup on your face when it comes to rouge? Only on the cheekbones. If you prefer cream blush, apply them with your fingers. Do you feel cheekbone bone under the skin? Then you hit the target exactly. For dry substances, take a round soft brush.

Tool No. 5: eye shadow or eyebrow pencil

Any make-up for a 50-year-old woman step by step, both day and evening, involves drawing eyebrows. Some prefer a special mascara, but it is better to use shadows and a pencil - they will make your eyebrows more voluminous and at the same time will not be unnatural. Try not to pull out eyebrows in a thread and in any case do not let them down with one pencil line. The more natural the shape, the better. The larger the eyebrow, the younger you will look. But do not even run it and leave it “overgrown”, otherwise you will look untidy.

For eyebrows in make-up after 50 years, it is better to use shadows or a pencil - they will make the eyebrow line bigger and more natural. In the photo on the left - CLARINS Kit Sourcils eyebrow care kit

Tool No. 6: Cosmetics for the face after 50 years - matte eye shadow

We went to the eyes, and they, as we know, are the window of the soul. Eye drops will help to whiten the mucous membrane, but the eyelids above and below need to be corrected with shadows. And now we will learn how to apply makeup. Eyes after 40 years of age are characterized by dry eyelids and an abundance of fine “reticular” wrinkles. Hide them will help matte shadows.

For eye makeup, choose matte natural shades. Lancome Ombre Hypnose Mono Shadows with Matte Effect on the left.

For daytime makeup, choose natural tones that are perfect for your skin tone. Choosing shadows, be sure to try them on the skin - if there is no “dirty”, gray tint, it means that this color suits you. Try not to save on shadows: they should lie uniformly, in a thin layer, and at the same time align the color of the eyelids, not crumble and not roll down during the day.

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Tool number 7: eyeliner

Make-up, clothing of women of 50 years should be (well, very desirable) warm calm tones. The same applies to eyeliner, which we sum up the growth line of eyelashes. Black when not too neat application will look sloppy. Gray - "dirty", but brown, chocolate, dark beige - just right!

In make-up for women after 50 years, it is better to give preference not to gray and black, but to brown and chocolate shades of eyeliners. In the photo on the left - a pencil with a brush for feathering at the back end of Yves Saint Laurent

For daytime makeup, you can bring only the upper eyelid, and for evening it is worth paying attention to the bottom. But do not bring the pencil line to the inner corner of the eye, it is better to start it from the middle and lead to the temple.

The tool number 8: how to apply makeup after 40 years - mascara

It so happens that in women of mature age the eyelashes are barely noticeable - they are short, rare and almost colorless. Because it seems that they are not. And if so, the next tool in our cosmetics among all cosmetics for the face after 50 years will be just mascara.

Emphasize eyelashes in age make-up helps mascara. The photo on the left shows the Clinique High Impact extension mascara with a silicone brush.

The brighter the eyes and skin, the less contrast should be mascara - choose not black, but graphite color, and brown will look especially soft and tender. For those who love makeup brighter, you can try the color mascara, and believe me, it will not look wild. If in doubt, try plum, burgundy, navy blue or dark green shades.

What is the peculiarity of age makeup?

Undoubtedly, it is impossible to look 20 years at 50, but it is in your power to achieve a youthful and attractive appearance. Cosmetology does not stand still, and therefore with proper and systematic care, you can delay the appearance of wrinkles for quite a decent time. An additional bonus will be a healthy complexion and the absence of age spots.

However, there is one problem, which can only be temporarily removed and due to drastic measures, such as plastic. This problem - the loss of elasticity of the skin of the face with age. Hanging eyelids, lowered corners of the mouth, nasolabial folds - all these are unpleasant consequences of this problem. And it is precisely at this moment that age makeup comes on the scene, which is able to hide these flaws.

The main principles of applying cosmetics

Below we suggest that you familiarize yourself with all the nuances of age make-up after 40 and 50 years, which you can use even at home.

The most important principle of this makeup is moderation. Failure to comply with this rule will nullify all of the following, so always monitor its implementation. For example, by choosing the wrong shade of shadows for you, or by overdoing them with the application, you will add an extra ten years to your appearance.

It is also worth more critical to the quality of the purchased cosmetics. The opinion that the contents of luxury brand jars is no different from the mass market is fundamentally wrong. Cheap shadows will never fall on the eyelid in a dense and even layer, plus they all love to crumble, creating multicolored bruises under their eyes. От тонального крема, купленного в ближайшем магазине бытовой химии, также не стоит ожидать идеального выравнивания цвета лица и естественного образа. Скорее всего вы получите лишь эффект маски.

Если среди декоративной косметики масс-маркета и может затесаться «хорошист», то уходовая косметика не терпит компромиссов. Want to see the effect? Forget about saving! After all, only expensive and high-quality components, connected in a unique formula, can work wonders.

Please note that all colors used in make-up should be warm shades, as with age a face can take on a more grayish color, and warm tones will help to hide it.

Next, we turn to a detailed description of each stage of applying makeup after 50.

The skin at this age is prone to dryness, so before applying a tinting agent it is necessary to prepare the skin by moisturizing it. It can be like a regular day cream that will “be friends” with further layers of cosmetics, or a special professional makeup base that not only takes care of the skin of the face, but also hides some drawbacks from prying eyes.

Tonal basis

Choose a tone as close as possible to the color of your skin. In no case do not stop your choice on too dark or light shades, they only emphasize all the flaws.

Apply the foundation should be a thin layer using a special brush or sponge that will cope with the task as evenly as possible.

In addition, purchase special tools for the correction of facial contours - concealers, correctors. Proper use of them will help to hide the shortcomings and focus on your strengths. For example, the use of green pigment will mask the capillary reticulum. Try to avoid dark lines, such correction is available only to young girls.

Do not underestimate the value of eyebrows. Their appearance can change the impression of your image at the root. Unfortunately, this detail is a real disaster, on the street there are too often women after 50, who rush into 2 extremes. The first category of ladies does not pay attention to the eyebrows at all, but at the same time it dyes hair in rich colors, which is why the face is completely lost on their background. And the second category, which very finely plucks the eyebrows and paints them with a bright pencil, which also spoils the appearance and is very old.

Therefore, dear ladies, never repeat such mistakes. Eyebrows should match the hair color or be just a tone lighter in the case of brunettes. Moreover, it is recommended to adhere to the natural form, giving it a neater appearance with the help of a slight correction.

When choosing shadows, it is worth forgetting about so beloved nacre and shimmer. It should use only matte shades. Choose light and muted tones, in any case do not apply bright and dark shadows. Have you ever seen a woman in her 50s who would look bright blue eyelids organically? We doubt. Remember the main rule - moderation. It will not allow you to choose what will only age you.

Ascending lines should prevail in the make-up of the eyes, they will visually make the look more open and fresh.

The same functions are possessed by the arrows, the tip of which is directed, and the highlighter applied under the brow line and on the inner corner of the eye.

First of all, be sure to use a lip liner to adjust the shape of the lips and make it more clear.

When choosing colors, the same rule applies here as with shadows - refrain from excessively bright and dark lipsticks. They will create the impression of excessive rigor. The ideal solution will be nude shades such as beige, pink, peach. It is also worth refraining from sparkles, you should not expect charm from them.

How to care for mature skin

The skin of any type, no matter how carefully you care for it, with age gives in to certain changes. The appearance of fine and not very wrinkles, increased dryness of the skin, pigmentation, a decrease in its density - all this is the result of a reduced level of production of fibrillar proteins such as elastin and collagen.

In order for a woman's face to look fresh, at any age, and especially at the age of more than 50 years, you need to remember that skin care should be done more carefully than before.

Now you need to be more careful about the choice of age cosmetics, buy only high-quality products from manufacturers that you can trust.

It is necessary to be more attentive to the choice of age cosmetics, to buy only high-quality products from manufacturers that you can trust.

Starting to care for mature skin should be with proper cleansing. To do this, choose a mild cleansing cream or milk for the age category "50+".

Do not forget about moisture. It is necessary that the dressing table has both a moisturizing day cream and a soft night cream. In addition, you need to moisturize the skin and the inside. To do this, drink plenty of fluids: 35 ml per 1 kg of weight.

Also, due to age-related changes, the skin of a woman after 50 years of age needs additional nourishment. Nutrient emulsions, gels, serums and masks that also promote skin regeneration do an excellent job with this.

In addition to all of the above, the skin of the face also needs hanging protection from stress, antioxidants and UV radiation, so you need to choose cosmetics, taking into account these factors.

Also, due to age-related changes, the skin of a woman after 50 years of age needs additional nourishment. Nutrient emulsions do an excellent job with this.

There is another way that can help you look a lot younger than you really are for a long time.

To face as long as possible remained smooth, smooth and wrinkle-free, you need to engage in massage, doing this procedure yourself, or contacting experts.

Proper makeup application for women over the age of 50 step by step

Video tutorials that are available in our article will help to understand all the intricacies of applying makeup for the age category 50+. Any make-up should be harmonious and appropriate, especially when it comes to women of the older age category. For such women, it is worthwhile to select more natural tones that can visually disguise the age manifestations in the form of dark circles, pigmentation, and wrinkles.

Any make-up should be harmonious and appropriate, especially when it comes to the older age category.

But if you need a different color scheme, you can familiarize yourself with how to do makeup for dark eyes and dark hair, simply by clicking on the link.

If a woman takes care of her skin properly, then she will not have difficulty creating her image with the help of visage.

• It is worth starting with applying a moisturizer. This should be done with very gentle soft movements in the direction of the massage lines.

• When the cream is absorbed, you need to apply a makeup base for 50 years for the same massage lines. Step-by-step video will help figure out exactly how to do it.

After the applied remedy is completely absorbed, you can begin to correct the face with tonal means.

• After the applied remedy is completely absorbed, you can begin to correct the face with tonal means. Do not forget about the ears, neck and décolleté. At a noble age, they also need an obligatory cosmetic correction. The tonal resources should ideally coincide with the skin tone, in order not to allocate even more wrinkles.

• Using the corrector, you need to brighten the middle of the forehead, the area under the eyes, the tip of the nose and nose, and the chin. And with the help of powder you need to darken the skin on the neck, cheekbones and along the line of growth of the cilia. Such manipulations will help achieve a lifting effect.

• The base is applied to the eyelids under the shadows, or creamy skin-colored shadows. When applying makeup to the eyes, it is worth remembering that for women 50 years and older it is worth painting only the moving part of the eyelid with dark shadows. Step-by-step video instruction of this process is available in our lesson.

If the makeup of the eyelids assumes the presence of arrows, then they should thicken towards the edge of the eye and be guided.

• The lash line can be drawn on about a third of the eye with the darkest color available in the palette of shadows.

• If the makeup of the eyelids assumes the presence of arrows, they should thicken towards the edge of the eye and be guided.

• The most suitable color mascara for age makeup is either dark gray or brown. Draw the eyelashes in a single layer. You can apply makeup only on the top row of eyelashes.

• Makeup artists advise not to make older women too thick a line of eyelashes. You should also carefully consider the selection of their color: it is better that it is not darker than two shades from the hair color. Apply a tone with small pencil strokes. After that, it is shaded on the brow with a special brush with stiff bristles.

To make your face look fresher and younger you should not forget about blush. They should be applied to the upper part of the cheek, the so-called "apples".

• To make your face look fresher and younger you should not forget about blush. They should be applied to the upper part of the cheek, the so-called "apples".

• The final point in applying make-up is the design of the lips. They need to carefully circle the contour pencil and slightly shade the skin of their lips. Top layer - lipstick suitable shade.

• The final focus may be a small amount of mineral powder.

Our tips will help create an image of a beautiful, healthy and young in the soul and body of a beauty.

You can achieve this effect if you use our step-by-step description of applying makeup for women of 50 years and video instructions.

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How to prepare aged skin?

Initially important is the preparation of the skin for makeup.

It needs to be cleaned, wiped with a tonic, and then apply a moisturizing or tightening cream.

Usually, women over 50 skin becomes dry, so high-quality moisturizing is mandatory. On the eyes you need to apply the gel on the lips - balm. Let the means soak in, and after 10-15 minutes you can begin makeup.

If there are many wrinkles on the face, you can use a silicone primer, which will help fill in wrinkles and significantly facilitate all further actions. This tool helps to make the skin smooth.

For correction it is worth using liquid means of light texture. Try not to overdo it with the amount.

Concealer can be used to mask dark circles under the eyes or age spots.

Step-by-step instruction

How to make makeup, which is young, at home? The main task of the rejuvenating make-up is to lift the contours of the face, as with age they tend to go down. Pay attention to the eyebrows do not go down.

Do not impose blush on the lower part of the cheeks. It is also very important to visually lift the eyes. Remember the rule of parallel lines: eyebrows, blush, lips - all their lines should be parallel to each other. The main landmark is the eyebrow line.

After the skin is prepared and the tone is created, the sequence of applying makeup may be as follows:

  1. Blush is better to use fatty. They need to be applied in a small amount on the dimples of the cheeks. The line should be parallel to the eyebrow line.
  2. With powder, be careful. Apply it only on the T-zone, as with age the skin becomes dry.
  3. Strong emphasis on the eyebrows is not worth doing. If they are excessively rare, you can make them thicker using natural shades that are close to the maximum to the hair color. First, you can apply a pencil, then a shadow, and fix all the gel.
  4. Eye makeup needs special attention. The main problem of women in age is the lowered eyelids, which make the eyes visually smaller and give the face a sad expression. You need to visually enlarge them and raise the lines. Dark shades can only be applied to the hanging mobile eyelid. If you like arrows, remember that you should look at the tip. It is better to apply eyeliner not black, but brown or gray.

For light skin, dark shadows are not allowed. If you want to visually make the cilia thicker, first paint over the interracket space and then the eyelashes. Lower eyelashes are not worth much staining, as this can focus on bags under the eyes.

  • Lips with age also suffer. Their contour loses clarity, they become smaller, and small wrinkles appear around. To simulate the shape, you can first apply a lip stick, then draw the outline. Try to make the lines as soft as possible. To apply lipstick, use a brush. This will help to better apply it and fill in wrinkles.
  • To increase the volume, you can add a drop of gloss in the middle of the lips.

    Important editorial advice

    If you want to improve the condition of your skin, special attention should be paid to the creams that you use. A frightening figure - in 97% of creams of famous brands are substances that poison our body. The main components, due to which all the troubles on the labels are designated as methylparaben, propylparaben, ethylparaben, E214-E219. Parabens have a negative effect on the skin, and can also cause hormonal imbalances. But the worst thing is that this stuff gets into the liver, heart, lungs, accumulates in the organs and can cause cancer. We advise you to abandon the use of funds in which these substances are located. Recently, experts of our editorial staff analyzed natural creams, where the first place was taken by the funds from the company Mulsan Cosmetic, a leader in the production of completely natural cosmetics. All products are manufactured under strict quality control and certification systems. We recommend to visit the official online store If you doubt the naturalness of your cosmetics, check the expiration date, it should not exceed one year of storage.

    Features of the daily image

    Day makeup for a 50-year-old should be light and natural, but at the same time work on the visual rejuvenation of the skin and conceal imperfections. Focus on these tips:

    1. Shadows should use matte, calm and natural tones. Apply them to the entire mobile eyelid, on the fold and a small area above it you can apply a darker tone. If your skin is light, pinkish tones and ivory will do. For a darker fit light brown, beige, coffee.
    2. Treat the eyelash growth area with a soft gray or brown pencil.
    3. Line the growth of eyelashes underline white or beige.
    4. The inner edge of the eye should be slightly brightened, using light shadows or a soft pencil.
    5. Apply mascara only on the upper cilia.
    6. For the contour of the lips, you can use a wax-based pencil that will help prevent the spread of lipstick.
    7. For daytime make-up of lips suitable nude lipstick or not too flickering gloss calm tone.

    Evening Makeup Rules

    Evening makeup may be brighter, but not too challenging. For it, only high-quality cosmetics with a lifting effect intended for mature skin are recommended. Also pay attention to the following rules:

    1. If the eye makeup is not too bright, you can apply red lipstick. But it is important that she was as resistant as possible. You also need to draw a neat contour. Pre-under lipstick, it is desirable to apply the base.
    2. Evening makeup should be persistent. Blush should be selected on a cream basis. To give the face an attractive glow, use a tone with reflective particles.

    Apply the tone not only on the face, but also on the neck and open decollete.

  • The arrows can be used, but better not black. Try not to frame your eyes. The shades of the shadows may be darker than with daytime makeup, but in moderation. Suitable range of chocolate, gray, gold.
  • One of the main problems of women aged is the hanging eyelid. To make the eyes look more harmonious, highlight the crease of the eyelid with light brown or gray shadows, the shade of which is darker than the base.
  • Major mistakes

    One wrong move can instantly ruin your anti-aging makeup. To prevent this, try not to make the following mistakes:

    • Do not apply too much makeup. You do not have to create a new face. Your task is to carefully hide the flaws and emphasize the advantages,
    • Do not apply makeup to skin that is not moisturized. With age, it already becomes dry, and in this case, even the highest-quality cosmetics will not fall as it should,
    • Do not forget about the lips. Too plump do not make them. Also, do not use too dark tones - they make the lips smaller and give age.

    It is better that lipstick has a moisturizing effect,

  • women over 50 should not use too shiny, too bright or too dark shadows - even in the evening make-up it may look ridiculous,
  • with eyeliner need to be careful. It is not recommended to use black at all. The elasticity of the skin around the eyes leaves much to be desired, and the dark contour is sure to emphasize this.
  • What gives women over 50?

    Over 50 years of our life, of course, the skin has time to change very much. And if men can only resignedly accept the new features of their faces, then for women they have come up with a number of tricks that will help to “throw off” 10, or even all of 20 years.

    Among the main problems that women complain about after 50 years old are bags under the eyes, fine wrinkles around the eyes and lips, "floated" facial contour and dull skin color. Age can also produce nasolabial folds, the general condition of the skin of the face and neck and eyebrow fold.

    Makeup Rules for Women 50+

    Features faced by women over 50, it is better to take into account when choosing not only makeup techniques, but also the beauty tools themselves.

    • So, for example, it is better to give preference to tonal means of warm shades - the skin will look fresh and rested.
    • And for eye make-up matte eye shadows are better suited, as means with a shimmer can even more emphasize “crow's feet”.
    • A little shine can be added to the inner corners of the eyes and under the eyebrows.
    • In the age of makeup is very important to the preparation of the skin before applying decorative cosmetics. First of all, pay attention to the care: cleanse the skin with a cotton pad with a refreshing tonic, then apply day cream, serum or oil, as well as eye cream to the whole face. Moisten lips with balsam, hygienic lipstick or oil (you can read about other rules of age makeup here).

    The right makeup for women over 50 years old: step by step instructions

    Makeup with an emphasis on lips

    If you still think that bright lipstick at the age of 50+ is a movestone, then we hasten to reassure you of this. Beautiful crimson, coral or classic red - perfect at any age. But before applying the pigment, use a lip liner that will prevent lipstick from flowing. Lipsticks choose with a matte or glossy texture. But it is better to refuse nacre and cold shades - they will emphasize age folds on lips.

    Strobing - definitely your option! With age, the cheekbones become more expressive - make it your advantage. Use the highlighter to highlight the cheekbones, nose and chin. With such a light correction, facial features will become more expressive.

    The expressive look always decorates the woman. Use black or cool brown pencil for arrows. But do not forget to put a base under the shadows - it will level the surface of the century, the shadows will not roll during the day and age changes will not be emphasized. And if you can’t draw straight arrows, carefully study this video tutorial.

    Day makeup

    The main secret of a successful lifting makeup for mature women is a cream blush. Choose white-pink or peach - they will give the face a fresh look. Blush should be applied to the cheekbones and well shaded towards the temples - so you visually tighten the shape of the face.

    Another important rule: be sure to use a smoothing primer. It will fill fine wrinkles. Due to this tonal tool will not be forgotten in the folds.

    But the use of powder is better to refuse. She will emphasize wrinkles. The skin of women after 50 years is often not prone to fat, and makeup on her keeps well. If desired, use a spray-fixer for makeup or matting wipes, if you are afraid that the face will glitter in the photo.

    evening make-up

    If you want to focus on the eyes at home, do not forget about the concealer. Choose a shade to tone lighter than your skin. It can also be added to the corners of the lips and on the back of the nose. But do not forget to shade carefully. If the parts of the face illuminated in this way seem too contrasting to you, add a little tonal means to them.

    To mask the settled face contour, make a slight correction: apply the light corrector on the nose bridge, nasolabial folds, inner and outer corner of the eye. And dark - on the overhanging part of the century. Choose products from a warm color scheme so that your face does not look dull.

    You can safely use the bright shades of lipstick: scarlet, coral, crimson. But dark and cold (for example, purple or burgundy) can add age.

    Correction face for women 50 years: 3 simple tips

    These three tricks will help you visually make a person younger, tighten the contour and mask wrinkles.

    • Do not use the highlighter on the cheekbones, if there are wrinkles - shiny particles will make them more visible. Instead, you can use a shining primer under the makeup. Apply it on the cheekbone area. After applying the tone, it will not sparkle, but at the same time the cheekbones will be delicately highlighted.

    • Prefer to cream formulas of products, rather than dry. This formula is better distributed over the skin, provides a rejuvenating effect, does not emphasize the texture and age-related changes.

    • With the help of make-up eyebrows make wider and thicker. This will visually make the look more youthful. Highlight the bone under the eyebrow using matte eye shadows lighter than skin color. And do not forget about well-pigmented mascara! So the look will become more open.

    And to make it easier for you to remember all the rules of anti-aging makeup, watch our video tutorial.

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