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Overview of children's pots and seats: choose the first toilet


Each mommy seeks to surround the baby with safety and comfort. But not always the most expensive and prestigious element will be suitable for your baby. How to choose a pot for a child ? I will try to understand in detail the whole modern range. [Irp]

Weaning babies from diapers, many moms do not know the difference of one object from another. I often noticed that in the popular parent forums the same question always arises: “What should I take?”. Once I myself was in such a situation, so I will tell you about all the pitfalls.

Ordinary round pot, which is known from Soviet times. There are no gadgets and technical frills. The standard element meets all the requirements of the baby, but "advanced" moms rarely pay attention to him.

Classic baby pot

It differs in color, material and the presence, absence of a cover. It is easy to wash, it is relatively stable, although additional features would be acceptable. On such a subject babies go to the toilet in the kindergarten, so pediatricians are advised to have a similar product at home.

Rather comfortable design: a seat with a hole, under which the pot is located. The device is popular because it is easy to teach the baby to the toilet. The kid is sitting during classes, and the container is pulled out from under him without any problems.


A funny thing that a child really likes. It attracts the attention of the baby, helps to learn to use faster. But pediatricians are not advised to constantly use this new product. The fact is that the child sits on the pot longer, which has a negative effect on health.

Pot toy for kids

Often mothers aggravate the situation by giving a book or toy during the natural procedure. It should be remembered that the process of defecation should not turn into fun, otherwise it will be difficult to force to do this without entertainment. Particularly acute problem occurs in the garden, when the child refuses to sit on a classic pot.


After the cub has done his work, you will immediately hear a beep. I noticed that the model is a hybrid between a chair and a toy. Outwardly, it resembles a miniature toilet bowl, and when filled, a cheerful melody is heard. This feature is useful to parents and very fond of crumbs.

Baby Pot

However, the child quickly gets used to the musical accompaniment, so he may begin to refuse to go to other pots. Among my friends there were cases when their child was described in a supermarket with a familiar sound. Melody becomes a signal for action, which causes a lot of trouble.

Baby seat

The pad on the toilet allows you to seat the baby on the usual plumbing. It is worth remembering that some manufacturers tie their products to a certain type of adult toilets. Most often, a similar design is used for grown-up children, however, with the help of a special support-step for legs, you can also sit down a tiny one.


Externally, it resembles a pot-chair, and in disassembled it consists of two parts - the seat and the step. It is a universal subject that “matures” with a child. The cosmic value of the goods makes it inaccessible to most of the population, although its optimality and durability will help save money.

Pot for a girl or boy: constructive moments

For girls will be relevant pot of any shape. Each of the presented models is perfect for the young ladies. On the classic version, the baby will sit quietly, keeping her legs together.

Pot for boy

With a choice of toilet for a boy is better not to hurry. I advise you to pay attention to the specimens of the anatomical structure, with a small protrusion. The son will have to spread the legs, which will direct the penis down and ensure that urine enters the container.

For stability, I recommend giving preference to a pot with a footboard. Thanks to a special form, the object is held, and the contents are not sprayed. Handles and grooves on the surface provide ease of cleaning. Covers all closed from prying eyes.

How to choose a pot for a child: materials

Enameled pots are still relevant, although I prefer modern plastic. Despite its simplicity and versatility, metal models are much heavier and more practical than plastic. Additionally, they quickly cool, which is negative for the health of the crumbs.

Antiseptic powders are often added to modern materials. This pot does not require careful hygienic processing, which eliminates the contact of the child's body with household chemicals. However, this fact does not relieve parents from diligent washing and removal of dirt from the surface.

Recently, I noticed that mommies on the forums are discussing new European material “Finproject”. All models have antibacterial properties that help in caring for them. Additionally, the subject takes the temperature of the body, which makes it pleasant for the ass.

What you should pay attention to

When buying the first pot, give preference to convenience and practicality, rather than external indicators. Sitting on it, the child will feel confident and calm. The surface of the "toilet bowl" should not stick to the skin, complicate getting up. In order for the child to want to use the model as intended, you need to carefully examine all the faces. Any discomfort will scare the little man.

By the way, color does not play an important role at all. Most often, they are selected according to the preferences of the mother or the sex of the baby. Although pediatricians are advised to use light colors: any spot is noticeable on them, which makes it possible to maintain cleanliness better.

The presence of the back - this is at the request of the parents. The supporting element does not have any particular effect on the baby’s posture, it all depends on your preferences. Delicate baby skin can injure the smallest crack, so I always carefully check the subject.

If you do not know yet aspick a pot baby I advise you not to search through the forums. Modern women are trying to look smarter and more experienced than they really are. The high cost of the item does not become an indicator of quality and reliability. Now you know how to choose a pot for a child.

M and F with plastic handle

- How to choose a pot for a child? Especially if he had never before encountered this subject.

- There are several points that are very important.

  • A pen. To conveniently rinse the pot.
  • Back. So that the child relied on it, did not fall apart, as in an easy chair, and could not assume the wrong position.
  • The size. The child should not fall inside.
  • Pot stability. This parameter depends on the size of the base.
  • Lightweight and comfortable material. So, plastic, unlike wooden products, is cheaper, easier, and there is no danger of planting a splinter.

A pot is a device that differs by gender. Girls fit round product, where you can sit down, legs together. And the boys need a protrusion in front, so as not to splash on the floor when urinating. The legs in this position are divorced, which allows you to direct the genitals down, and not pinch it between the thighs. Perhaps the first couple of times you will need to help the boy sit down in the pot. Further it will be easier.

It is useful to take Kinder with you to the store in order to “try on” several models. Under no circumstances should the booty fall or overhang on the sides of the pot. An overhead seat on the toilet does not need to buy before 4-5 years. It is necessary to wait for the moment when the child begins to reach with his feet to the floor, and not to chatter with them in the air. Otherwise, it will be difficult to empty the intestines: posture uncomfortable. However, if you choose a children's pot with a step, then this issue will be resolved.

- At what age is it better to start dating with a pot?

- It is advisable to do this at the age of 1.5 to 2 years. The baby is already physiologically and physically ready for this. To better get used to the pot, it is important to catch the moment when the child wants to go to the toilet and have time to plant it in the pot. But if you do not have time, in no case can not scream at the child. It is also important to praise the baby after each use of the pot, until the child gets used.

- Should the pot be convenient for the child to pour out, to wash it behind him?

- Yes, of course, should, but already for older age. To clean up after themselves, do not spill or spill anything. For this, the pot should be light and with a good comfortable handle.

- Are there any models that you absolutely would not recommend to buy?

- I myself personally oppose only music. First, after hearing him, the baby can get scared, and secondly, the baby can then not go to the toilet in it, but only play around with water.

Expert review of popular pots for children

What kind of pot to choose for a child - parents decide, based on the capabilities of the wallet (from 200 to 3000 rubles), the child’s personal preferences (likes a particular color or fairy tale character), his gender and age.

In a review of the portal - 11 popular seats, transformers, mini-toilets. They vary in price, manufacturers, functional features.

Happy Baby Pot

- Nice looking design. There are no extra details, even applications. Some pots from the bottom to the top are decorated with them, but I believe that you can do without them. Literally from the first squat, the child must understand that this subject is only for one case. Well, that is, for two. This is not a toy or an amusing interior detail.

Advantages: perfectly rinsed, smooth plastic, no chipping, in which dirt or deposits can accumulate. There are recesses on the sides: it is convenient to take a pot from the floor and do not spill the contents while you are pouring.

Disadvantages: not detected.

Pot Fisher-Price

- Children's design and friendly character will quickly attract the attention of the baby. A mother is convenient to remove the container and wash it. Made of plastic, which means that sitting down is not cold.

Advantages: the pot slides on the floor, but judging by the children, they just like it very much. They are driving from one room to another. The main thing - do not spill the contents on the road.

Disadvantages: it is relatively expensive, but the child’s laughter and good mood are ensured.

Baby Ok Pot

- The manufacturer positions this design as created specifically for boys, but it will also suit young ladies. The high back provides a correct posture when sitting from an anatomical point of view, and a high front ledge is provided for - protection against splashes.

Advantages: removable part for easier bathing. The pot is quite large: about 35 centimeters in the widest part.

Disadvantages: not seen.

Pot toy "Bytplast"

- Classic model. The plastic pot is therefore lightweight and comfortable. The child will be pleased to sit on it. In front of the pot there is a ledge specifically for boys.

Advantages: quite steady, will not crawl under the rider.

Disadvantages: it has the form of a toy, but it can distract the child from the general task of staying on the pot, and the pot will be perceived only as a means of entertainment.

Folding pot Roxy kids

- You can fix each leg, for this you need to slightly press it. The pot can be used as a nozzle for the toilet seat, if you do not wear a liner. With liner used as a full pot.

Advantages: lining on the legs with a rubberized surface and a plane that prevents sliding. Not perfectly round, but nevertheless quite comfortable.

Road Pot Potette Plus

- When assembled, its height is quite small, fit in her mother's bag. Very convenient for the train or passenger car. There is no back, but, in general, it is not required when it is completely “impatient”. Exchange packs are sold separately.

Advantages: the legs inside and below have a non-slip coating. Can be used for older children as a nozzle on the toilet. You can take with you to public places: cafes, airports, train.

Disadvantages: high cost, when compared with conventional models, requires the purchase of bags of a certain size.

Pot-toy "Alternative"

- Receives good reviews for its resilience. The child may bend forward, press his knees to the stomach, but at the same time he will not fall. It is important.

Advantages: removable cover. The pot is easy to get out of the chair, there is a handle for which you can pull it out. On the sides of the structure - notches for the legs.

Summer Infant Pot

- Cute model looks like a miniature toilet. The soft seat, removable container, can be easily disassembled and cleaned in parts. Built-in compartment for napkins, there is a holder for a roll of toilet paper. You can disassemble into parts so that the top turns into a pad on the toilet, and the bottom - in the stand.

Advantages: there is a sheet with stickers in the set, this is a nice bonus. They can be glued to the pot in the form of praise for doing the right thing. A very convenient and multifunctional pot that will help your child feel completely grown up.

Disadvantages: very high price.

Babies pot

- Comfortable seat, non-slip lid. Due to this, the child will quickly get used to the device, will feel more than comfortable on it.

Advantages: the pot can be used as a footrest or even as a toilet seat for an adult. And the steering wheel, located in front of the pot, allows you to feel like a real driver.

Disadvantages: no obvious detected.

Gona Toys Pot

- Children's urinal can be purchased for both home and kindergartens. With such a product, the boy will quickly feel like a man, because children always want to be adults. Suitable for children from 2 to 5 years.

Advantages: does not create problems with addiction. Attached to the wall on the suction cup, firmly held.

Disadvantages: not suitable to go "big".

Alternative to burdock: a pot on the road

- Eugene, how comfortable are the road, folding options?

- Road toilet bowls, unlike pots, are easily blown away and removed, take up less space. Also there are special packages for waste, which you can just throw away, if you can not wash the pot - very much helps in traveling long distances. Even if the family just goes to a country trip to the country, such a device is much more convenient than walking under a bush.

Also, Yevgeniya Panchenko believes that one pot may well be used by several children (if parents raise twins, after a little while) and be inherited. However, this is only possible subject to the rules of hygiene. It is enough to wash the plastic with soda or wipe it with a cloth moistened with plastic care products.

Types of pots

Depending on the shape, the presence or absence of various additional functions, pots are of different types.

  1. Classic pot. This is the most ordinary round pot, like those that were in Soviet times.
  2. Anatomical pot. Such a pot has the form of a saddle, a back in the back and a projection in the front. The child sits on a pot of this type with divorced legs.
  3. Pot with a "skirt." This front pot has a comfortable footrest. Convenience lies in the fact that sitting or getting up, the baby can not overturn the pot, because his legs stand on the "skirt" and fix the position of the pot.
  4. Pot-stool. This pot resembles a real highchair with legs and legs. However, instead of sitting in this chair, there is an intake that can be easily pulled out to empty the contents.
  5. The pot is a toy. A pot in the shape of an animal, typewriter or any other toy.
  6. Musical pot. Such a pot is equipped with special sensors that respond to the ingress of liquid: the kid pees - the melody turns on.
  7. Folding pot. This is a hiking option for travel and guests. The pot has a hard plastic seat and a soft folding insert, which is thrown away after filling.

Photos of pots:

Almost all modern pots are made of plastic, but if you wish, you can also find an enamel pot. Some pots have a lid.

Pots for boys and girls

The physiological characteristics of boys and girls impose some requirements on the shape of the pot, although they are not at all stringent.

  • It is believed that a round pot is better suited for girls, since one can sit on it with legs flattened.
  • A pot for a boy should ideally have a ledge in front. The kid sits on such a pot as in a saddle, and the protrusion protects the surrounding space from splashes.

Choosing the pot correctly

The variety of pots in the store shelves confuses all parents. Tips and tricks for choosing this important accessory will help you to understand which models deserve attention and which ones are good only in the shop window.

  1. Choosing a pot, you need to keep in mind its main purpose and not be distracted by additional functions. So, experts call a musical pot or a pot in the form of a toy rather harmful. Music, luminous elements, faces force the child to associate the pot with a toy and "lead away" from understanding what this object is for. In addition, playing on the pot makes the baby sit there longer than necessary, and this is dangerous and not useful for the muscles of the perineum.
  2. Наличие крышки, конечно, плюс, но оценить вы его сможете только в том случае, если будете не сразу опустошать и мыть горшок. Если таких планов нет – на наличие или отсутствие крышки можно закрыть глаза.
  3. Отверстие горшка должно быть достаточно широким, чтобы бортики не впивались в ножки и попку.
  4. It is very important that the pot is stable. In this sense, models with footsteps are good, or, alternatively, with rubber prophylaxis against sliding.
  5. Plastic pots are definitely more practical and more convenient than enameled. Plastic can also be disinfected, while the pot itself is much easier. Enameled pots are not to your liking because of cold sitting; there is no such problem with a plastic pot.
  6. The plastic itself, from which the pot is made, must be of high quality, hard and smooth. Burrs or cracks are unacceptable, such a pot is already unsafe for the baby.
  7. It is good if the pot has a comfortable handle. Almost all the kids love to pour the contents of the pot into the toilet, so the handle should be convenient mainly for the child, so that he does not overturn the pot on himself in an attempt to raise it.
  8. If the pot consists of several parts or has a complex shape, pay attention to the fact that it is easily disassembled, and all its parts are available for washing. Otherwise, the inaccessible areas will become a breeding ground for microbes.

An alternative to the pot is a baby soft toilet seat. It happens that the baby persistently ignores the pot, and begins to walk on the toilet without problems. In this case, parents should take care to search for a parrot, so that the baby can sit on the toilet itself.

Sometimes parents, in order to quickly accustom the child to the pot, strive to put pots in each room. In fact, problems with schooling are not related to the availability of the pot; rather, it is a question of urination and defecation control skills. Pots in each room on the contrary mislead the child. It would be better if the pot will be in the nursery or in the toilet. The kid should understand that for "these affairs" if one specially allotted place.

We have already written an article about how to start teaching a child to go to the pot - read.

Even if you follow all the voiced recommendations, you choose a pot for a particular child, which means that his opinion also means something. It is better to take the baby with you and invite him to sit on different models of pots. In the course of such testing, you will immediately see all the disadvantages and merits and be able to make the right choice in accordance with your own needs and desires of the crumbs.

Here is useful information on special panties for potty training.

P.S. Choose a pot without leaving home, read reviews and order in any children's online store - heading kids online stores

Video on the topic of selection of pots

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Pot shape

There are many models of children's pots, but pediatricians are advised to choose simple products without unnecessary decorative details that can distract the baby. Convenient pots with wide sides and a small back allow the child to concentrate properly.

Determining which pot is best for the child, you must consider the floor. For girls round models are recommended, on which they can put the legs together. For boys It is advised to choose products with a small protrusion that provide dilution of the legs and the correct body position on the pot.

In addition, there are many original models of pots: in the form of a scooter, a car or a throne, flower pots, folding, inflatable, music and talking models. However, no matter how attracted their brightness and brilliance, parents should make a rational choice: the child on the pot should be, above all, comfortable. Depending on age, the following selection of models will be correct.

  1. Simple and high chair pots for children from 9 months.
  2. Inflatable and folding - from a year.
  3. Singing, musical and speaking - suitable pots for a child from one and a half years.

In some cases, the model will have to be changed: for example, if the child has been sitting on a pot-car since the year, then the same simple model will be the best pot for a 3-year-old child. At this age, the toilet skill in children is already formed, it is not necessary to draw their attention and force them to spend extra time on the pot.

It is very difficult to find enamel pots for children today: the proliferation of plastic products made it unnecessary to torture children with cold metal containers. However, when choosing a plastic pot has its own subtleties.

Before buying a model should be carefully examined: the plastic should be smooth and smooth on all sides. Cracks and burrs can injure delicate baby skin, and fashionable products made of rough anti-slip plastic can be unpleasant for a baby.

Additional functions

Another important aspect that determines how to choose a pot for a child can be design features that provide comfort to both parents and baby. These features include:

  • the presence of an extended base or "skirt", which protects the pot from overturning. With such models, the easiest way for a child to get up,
  • anatomical back, ensuring the correct fit and comfortable position of the child on the pot,
  • the presence of a lid that protects against unpleasant odors, although many mothers prefer to wash the pot immediately and do not consider it mandatory.

Regardless of which pot is chosen, it is desirable that it be stable, easy to carry and wash and, most importantly, as comfortable as possible for the baby. It is important that the model is ideal for the crumbs and does not distract him from the "process". Only in this case, toilet training will pass quickly, efficiently and without undue stress.

Types of children's pots

In the Soviet Union, except for an iron pot with a handle, there was nothing. Now the shelves of children's stores are full of "night vases" of different shapes, colors and sizes. It is not surprising that the parents' eyes run up from such an abundance of goods. But what is best for the baby? A pot for a child in the form of a typewriter is lovely, but will it be used as a crumb for its intended purpose? There are still musical models, but is it worth overpaying for this music? And is the hiking option really suitable for traveling?

Below are all the types available on the current market of children's pots.

This is a common plastic pot. Such models were released 10 and 20 years ago. The standard pot is practical and convenient. There are options with a divider for the legs, there are the usual round, on some models there is a small back. It is to such a pot that the baby should be taught if you are going to send it to kindergarten.

This is a kind of little throne for your baby. The model has legs and back, it is comfortable to sit on it, just stand up with it, it is comfortable and familiar to the baby. The only drawback is that for boys who are not used to writing while sitting, this device will not work.

“Night vases” in the form of machines, animals and fairy-tale heroes are very attractive and cause an overwhelming desire to opt for them. The kid, too, is likely to like this purchase, but he will use it as a toy. Also, such objects distract the attention of the child, because of what he sits longer and can not go to the toilet.

Pot of music

Another rather harmful thing for those parents who wish to teach the baby to the pot. Such a subject will entertain the kid, and, therefore, will not allow him to focus on the very important task for which he was put on the pot.

He "grows" with the baby. In assembled form, this is a full-fledged “night vase”, in the disassembled - child seat and delivery, helping the child to sit on the toilet on her own.

Pot with lid

Usually this is a standard model without unnecessary details, but equipped with a cover. It is laconic and simple, nothing in it distracts the child from doing things.

This item is great for both boys and girls.

Toilet seat

This is the next stage in teaching the child to independence. Usually, the seat is used for babies 4-5 years old, who no longer need diapers.

Camping models are of two types: inflatable and folding. They are very convenient in conditions that are far from comfort (in nature, in the country), since not all children agree to relieve themselves “under a bush”. The scheme of action of the inflatable version is clear from the title. He is inflated, the baby is pissing or popping, the pot is being washed and blown away. This is not always convenient, since for use it is necessary to have water - do not blow off the same dirty pot. Foldable model in this regard is much more practical. It is a plastic base that folds and unfolds. A disposable bag is attached to it, which must be discarded after use.

What to look for when choosing a pot?

When choosing a pot for a child, even the smallest nuances matter.

It is best to choose models made from high-quality soft plastic. But it is not recommended to buy metal pots, as they are too heavy, cold and unlikely to be enjoyed by a child. You should not choose too cheap "night vases" - the quality of the material certainly leaves much to be desired.

The label must contain the age for which the specific item was produced. No need to buy a pot "for growth". This will only delay the addiction of the baby to the mini-toilet.

Pay attention to the shape of the pot for the child. It is better if he has a small back, which will help the baby to sit comfortably and properly, and also does not allow the curvature of the spine and other complications.

But the “night vase” with long legs is unlikely to suit a child. The probability is too great that he will turn it over and fall himself. Therefore, it is better to choose a model with a wide base, ideally it should be wider than the top.

Many parents believe that the pot - a thing universal, but it is not. It is very important to choose a model that is suitable for the baby precisely by gender. Color, shape, material - in essence, this is all secondary, but the anatomical features must correspond to the floor of the crumbs. This is worth paying attention to first. About features of the choice of a pot for the girl and the boy read below.

Which pot to choose for a boy?

With sonny harder and harder. The ideal pot for a boy is oval. Be sure to have a separator for the legs, which will serve as a mudguard. It is also necessary, the presence of the back - this will help the baby to take the correct position. But the oval model threatens with one inconvenience - it’s quite difficult to sit down with unaccustomed to it, so you have to help the kid for the first time.

There are also children's urinals for weaning boys from diapers. But they are only popular abroad.

Tips and tricks

  1. Avoid bright unusual models. Remember that the pot is not a toy. Therefore, it is better to leave unusual shapes, musical models and other modern inventions on the store shelf.
  2. Consider whether it will be convenient for you to take out the contents of the pot, whether the baby will turn it over.
  3. Ensure that all parts are smooth, without scratches and "burrs".
  4. The pot for the child should be steady, comfortable and convenient.
  5. It should be easy to clean and wash.
  6. Make sure that the hole is wide and does not pinch the buttocks and legs of the baby.
  7. It is desirable to have a pen, since the baby may want to pour the contents himself.
  8. Well, if the bottom will be rubberized parts that prevent slipping.
  9. There are special antimicrobial pots that kill up to 98% of the microbes that live on their surface. This is a good purchase. If you find such a model, it makes sense to buy it.
  10. A child should like his pot.

The most popular manufacturers of children's pots

With the modern variety of children's "night vases" in stores, the most popular are models from manufacturers:

Pots Fisher Price and Baby Ok are quite expensive (about 4,000 rubles and 2,000 rubles, respectively). They have an original design and a musical block, but, as mentioned above, these are unnecessary details.

It is better to prefer simple and cheap models, for example Chicco (650 rubles), OCT (450-600 rubles), “BytPlast” (200-250 rubles), Happy Baby (400 rubles).

A good choice would be an ergonomic pot from the company BEABA. It is very convenient and immediately forms the correct fit for the baby. The presence of a protrusion-mudguard makes this model ideal for a boy. But for a girl you can use it.

Also a great model is available from the German manufacturer Nuk. The collection has several colors and two names - Boy and Girl, so this product is suitable for children of both sexes. The pot is made of quality material, it is stable, does not slip, has a back and a convenient ledge.

If you are looking for a round "night vase" for a girl, then look at the models of Bebe-Jou. The manufacturer offers a wide selection of colors. Each model is decorated with a cute picture. The cost of goods Bebe-Jou is low - about 600 rubles. Also, this company has high-back models that mimic the usual toilet.

For a boy who cannot write while sitting, you can purchase the Penguin Urinal children's urinal. The model is made in the form of a penguin and will surely please the baby. The rug and steady support are included in the package.


The main rule about how to choose a pot, says: the simpler the better. Avoid fashionable "frills" - unusual shapes, music and lights. From childhood, teach your child to the fact that the pot is not a toy. It is intended for a specific purpose, and you do not need to play while sitting on it.