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Androgel - instructions for use, reviews, analogues



Androgel is an androgenic agent containing testosterone. In men, it stimulates the development of the genital organs, the prostate gland. It affects the development of secondary sexual characteristics in men, increases libido and potency, and through the central nervous system affects sexual behavior. Reduces fat deposition. Testosterone does not affect development testicles: suppresses secretion gonadotropins(LH and FSH) pituitary.

It has an anabolic effect: it increases muscle mass, retaining nitrogen, sulfur, sodium, phosphorus, K + and water in the body, which are necessary for protein synthesis.

The effects of testosterone appear after converting it to estradiolwhich subsequently binds to receptors of target organs (Leydig testicular cells, pituitary, brain, fatty tissue).


After applying the drug Androgel on the skin, 14% of the dose is absorbed, and testosterone enters the bloodstream within 24 hours.

The concentration of testosterone reaches a constant value after the second day of treatment. It is important that daily variations in concentration are the same as endogenous testosterone. With this route of administration, there are no peaks of testosterone in the blood that occur when injecting. Outdoor use drug is not accompanied by an increase steroidsat the liveras with oral therapy testosterone, which is higher than physiological norms.

After cessation of treatment, the level of testosterone begins to decline a day after the last dose and reaches its initial level after 3-4 days. Active Testosterone Metabolites (dihydrotestosteroneand estradiol) excreted in urine and feces.


  • hypersensitivity to testosterone,
  • prostate cancer,
  • malignant neoplasms,
  • other localization
  • pronounced heart failure,
  • hepaticand renal failure,
  • epilepsy,
  • arterial hypertension.

Experience with children is absent.

Side effects

  • irritation, erythema, acneat the place of use
  • dizziness, headache,
  • paresthesia, mood changes,
  • prostate enlargement and breast glands, mammalgia,
  • increase in blood pressure,
  • diarrhea,
  • alopecia.

Gynecomastiaoccurs in patients who have previously been treated for hypogonadism.

When prescribing high dosages: irritability, nervousness, prolonged or frequent erections, weight gain.

Instructions for use Androgel (method and dosage)

Outwardly, preferably in the morning at the same time. A dose of 5 g of gel is applied 1 time per day. The dose can be adjusted by the doctor, but there can not be more than 10 g. The dose is increased gradually (2.5 g per day).

Rules of use of the drug

Immediately after opening the bag, the gel is immediately applied, and all its contents are evenly distributed with a thin layer into the skin, without rubbing. Apply on clean and dry skin of shoulders or abdomen, let it dry for 3-5 minutes. Hands should be washed with soap and water.

It is not recommended to use the gel in the genital and breast glands, in view of the appearance of local irritation. Instructions for use Androgel contains a schematic depiction of places of application of the gel and body parts to which the gel can not be applied.

To adjust the dose of the hormone, its concentration in the blood is determined before the use of the drug daily for a week, starting from the 3rd day of treatment. If its content is increased, the dosage is reduced, and vice versa.


The drug enhances the effect of tablets. anticoagulantstherefore, it is necessary to control the prothrombin time (at the beginning of the treatment and at the end of the course).

Joint appointment with corticosteroidand adrenocorticotropic hormones increases the risk of edema in patients with heart and kidney disease.

Testosterone reduces thyroxin binding globulin, which leads to a decrease in the concentrations of thyroxin and to an increase in sensitivity to triiodothyronineand thyroxin.

special instructions

The drug is used for testosterone deficiency with clinical manifestations. The drug does not apply when male infertility. It must be borne in mind that physiological hormone levels decrease with age.

Before treatment, be examined to exclude canceror prostate adenomas, insofar as androgensaccelerate the progression of these diseases. It is necessary to conduct a regular examination of the prostate gland (PSA determination, digital examination) and the mammary glands.

In patients with severe cordialandrenal failure treatment may cause complications. Therefore, caution should be applied to patients with Ischemic heart disease, arterial hypertension.

When physiological hormone levels are reached during treatment, there is a chance of increasing sensitivity to insulin. Treatment is terminated when a pronounced local reaction occurs.

Security measures in the application of Androgel

To protect the sexual partner from the transmission of testosterone should cover the place of application of the gel with clothes, observe the interval between the use of the gel and sexual intercourse, or take a shower before sexual intimacy. Observe the interval of 6 hours between applying the gel and taking a shower.

The patient applying the gel, you need to wash your hands with soap, after it dries, close the place of application with clothing to prevent contact of other persons, especially children, with the drug.

If Androgel accidentally gets on the skin of another person, it is necessary to immediately wash this area of ​​the skin with soap and water. Pregnant women avoid contact with the skin. When using the drug there are no restrictions to driving.

Andriol, Andriol TK, Nebido, Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Enanthate, Nuvir, Testosterone Propionate. These analogues have one active ingredient.

Reviews Androgel

Patients with hypogonadismAndrogel has been successfully used for many years. Reviews of Androgel on the forums indicate that it is an effective drug. This has been proven by determining the level testosteronein the blood during treatment - he was within the physiological norm. After 3 days of treatment, the skin is saturated with gel and a constant release of testosterone occurs. According to those who applied the gel, the effect is “quick recovery of sexual attraction"And"recovery of erection and normal sex».

There are reviews of men suffering from hypogonadism with pronounced androgen deficiency and erectile dysfunction. They were prescribed a gel from 3 months. up to 5 months At the end of treatment, there was a marked positive change in erectile function.

Everyone notes the convenience and painlessness of the application, the absence of skin reactions, even with daily use for 6 months.

Many patients who have previously applied injectable testosterone, note the inconvenience - injections should be performed in medical institutions every 2-3 weeks. Immediately after the injection for 3 days, the supraphysiological level of the hormone is determined, and then it decreases evenly over 2 weeks and the injection must be repeated again. Such hormone fluctuations affect the mood and well-being of patients. Some have noted that they have developed gynecomastiathat is associated with recurring high levels of testosterone, which is much higher than physiological.

Negative reviews are due to the fact that men do not understand that the drug does not cure. erectile dysfunctionand is a means replacement therapy. The level of testosterone will be maintained, and accordingly the effect will be, as long as the patient uses the drug.

Since Testosterone stimulates protein synthesis, muscle growth and development processes, all forms of the drug are used by fitness and bodybuilders. Discussions on the topic of using Androgel for gaining muscle mass are often found on forums. It turns out that it is used by 15 out of 20 people involved in the gym. According to the urologists andrologists, the use of the drug in any form of release for this purpose is unacceptable. There are only medical indications for admission. androgen.

Andriol TK, Nebido in the form of injection solutions is used in women with hyperestrogenism, uterine myome, endometriosis, climax, breast cancer, osteoporosis. The question arises whether it is possible to use Androgel when androgen deficiency at of women. Since at present this form of release is not widely used, and there are only a few messages about the possibility of using the gel in women, the responses of women are not found. In all reference manuals there are no indications for the use of this form of release in women.

Features of the Androgel

Androgel is a transdermal drug, it enters the human body through the skin. As part of the drug - an analogue of testosterone. This is a hormone responsible for the production of sperm, the appearance of sexual desire. In addition, with the help of testosterone, you can:

  • Stabilize protein metabolism.
  • Improve the distribution of adipose tissue.
  • Strengthen the muscles.
  • To improve the excretion through the kidneys and liver of toxins, excess phosphates and potassium.

Testosterone helps to restore male power, eliminate erectile dysfunction. Due to transdermal administration, a gradual increase in the level of the hormone in the blood is achieved. Of the total amount of gel applied to the area of ​​the skin, no more than 14% enter the systemic circulation.

With the use of Androgel, a man can track the increase in testosterone on the second day of therapy. Unlike injections, which provoke peak manifestations of an increase in androgens, the gel acts more gently, but, nevertheless, is just as effective. Positive aspects of transdermal application:

  • No negative effects on the liver.
  • The ability to avoid overdose.
  • The intake of testosterone in the blood during the day in the minimum equal amounts.

With prolonged therapy, the man recovers testosterone levels. It helps to completely normalize sex life. Thanks to Androgel for a man:

  • Recovers sexual desire.
  • Erectile dysfunction is eliminated.
  • Sperm is produced in a normal amount.
  • The ejaculate contains the right amount of viable active sperm.
  • The time of intercourse is extended.
  • Orgasmic sensations become brighter.

It takes about 3-4 days to testosterone, introduced into the body with a gel, left the blood in full. Removal of the drug occurs naturally, through the gastrointestinal tract with feces and kidneys in the urine.

For quick and reliable improvement of potency, our readers advise spray "M16". This is a natural remedy that comprehensively affects the causes of erectile dysfunction. The structure of "M16 includes only natural ingredients with maximum efficiency. Due to its composition, the drug is absolutely safe, has no contraindications and side effects.

When is the drug prescribed to men?

Endogenous testosterone deficiency is an indication for starting treatment with Androgel. Androgen deficiency in men is manifested clinically:

  • Secondary sexual signs are underdeveloped or disappear.
  • The body structure changes, the breast grows.
  • Female obesity is developing.
  • Carbohydrate metabolism is impaired.
  • Bone skeleton density decreases.
  • Emotional background changes, whining, depressiveness appears.

Significantly reduced sexual strength. An erection becomes lethargic, it is increasingly difficult to achieve. Gradually, sexual desire disappears, sexual stamina worsens, and the ability to work decreases.

Since the clinical symptoms are not enough to assign testosterone, the andrologist necessarily recommends a man to undergo a blood test for hormones. The positive effect of Androgel therapy is monitored with regular tests. Blood must be donated in the same laboratory in order to avoid manifestation of variability on reagents.

If it is determined that erectile dysfunction did not cause a drop in testosterone, Androgel cannot be used by a man. In this case, other drugs are selected to restore potency.

Male power to return, if diluted 7 grams of normal.

Drug dosage

The initial dose is 25 mg. Gradually, the dosage of the drug is increased by the same 25 mg every three days, no more, after a blood test. By deciphering the tests, the doctor determines whether there is an increase in testosterone or its deficiency. With a significant jump in androgens, the dosage of the drug is gradually reduced, 25 mg every three days.

Attention! More than 100 mg of Androgel per day can not be applied!

Gel application

Before applying the gel, the patient needs to take a shower and wipe well. The skin should be clean, dry. They should not have abrasions, scratches, bruises, acne.

  1. Squeezing out the bag gel, you need to evenly distribute it on the forearms, stomach. No sensations appear at the same time, according to the patients' opinions, Androgel does not burn, does not heat. Maximum - may be chill due to moisturizing the skin.
  2. It takes 5 minutes to Androgel dry and partially absorbed. Only after this time a man can dress.
  3. In the end, you need to wash your hands with soap and water, getting rid of the remnants of the drug.

Only 6 hours after the gel is applied, the man is allowed to take a shower. If you rinse the remedy with water from the skin earlier, Androgel will not have time to suck in the blood in the right amount and the necessary therapeutic effect will not be achieved.

Precautionary measures

In no case do not apply the gel on the genitals and groin area! In the composition of the drug is alcohol. Getting on the mucous membrane, the gel severely burns, can cause redness of the skin, allergic rash, swelling.

It is necessary to minimize the contact of the skin of the man who caused the gel and other people, especially children. Therefore, it is advisable to wear a T-shirt so that the stomach and forearms are covered.

Planning an intimate contact? Carry it to the evening so that you can take a shower. If the gel still got on the skin of a woman, you need to wash the skin with running water and soap. Despite its minimal absorption, testosterone can harm a healthy woman, cause a rash, or increase body hair.

Especially dangerous androgenosoderzhaschim drug for pregnant women, they have it can provoke the threat of miscarriage, fetal deformity.

Can Androgel Women?

Although before the drug was recommended only to eliminate erectile dysfunction in men, recent studies have shown that Androgel can be used to treat women. Diseases for which testosterone therapy is indicated:

  • Anterior pituitary dysfunction.
  • Uterine fibroids.
  • Disruption of the ovaries.
  • Loss of adrenal glands.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Inflammation of the endometrium.
  • Menopausal period.

Prolonged use of Androgel is indicated for women who have changed sex and decided to become a man. Testosterone can be applied only after the patient has undergone surgery.

Description and composition of the drug

Androgel comes in the form of a viscous gel and is used only for outdoor use. The drug has the property of a symptomatic effect on the body, because it is released from the pharmacy Requires a doctor's prescription. This prescription is valid because if you take testosterone uncontrollably, it can lead to the development of hyperandrogenation. The disease is manifested by the active development of acne and an atypical increase in hair growth on the body in both men and women, if they use Androgel.

The active substance of "Androgel" are testosterone esters. Depending on the amount of active agent contained in the preparation, its dosage may be as follows:

  • 2.5 g of the drug in one dose, which contain 25 mg of testosterone,
  • 50 mg in one dose, which contain 50 mg of testosterone.

"Androgel" when applied has a slight odor of alcohol. Externally, the drug looks like a transparent viscous substance, which has a slightly golden hue. Most often the product is packaged in small bags with dosage from 2.5 to 5 g. But each dose is designed strictly for one use. The number of bags in a box is thirty pieces, which corresponds to monthly use. The box also includes detailed instructions on the use of the drug.

Pharmacology remedies

Hormones, which are part of "Androgel", including testosterone, have the following effect on the body:

  • preservation and development of secondary sexual characteristics in boys,
  • correct formation of internal and external genital organs,
  • regulate protein metabolism in the body,
  • uniform distribution of subcutaneous fat,
  • promote muscle development
  • regulate the secretion of gonadotropins.

If we speak in a more understandable language, then all these actions are anabolic. They are characterized by the synthesis of protein compounds in the body. In addition, anabolic steroids help retain substances in the body’s tissues that are necessary for building protein cells.These characteristics of “Androgel” help significantly increase muscle mass gain.

Testosterone is extremely important for the male body. "Androgel" contains in its composition a therapeutic dose of this hormone, which helps to eliminate the lack of testosterone in the body. But here it is important to remember that no more than 14% of the drug gets into the blood through the skin. Gradually during the day the drug enters the bloodstream. One day after the start of the use of the drug, an increase in the amount of the hormone in the blood is observed. And what is very important, the concentration of the hormone in the blood does not reach a high concentration during the day, which may adversely affect the health of the man.

No less important advantage of the drug is that it does not adversely affect the liver. If, however, to introduce hormones by injection or oral administration, the amount of testosterone in the body can greatly increase at different times of day. Full removal of metabolites can be achieved within four days after discontinuation of the drug "Androgel."

Main indications for use

The main indication for prescribing therapy with the help of "Androgel" is low blood testosterone levels. Signs of this disease may be underdevelopment or regression in the development of secondary genital organs.

No less serious sign of a low amount of testosterone in the body of a man is a change in the structure of the body of a man by the type of female. In addition, the patient may mood swings, excessive fat, imbalance of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, as well as frequent depression.

"Androgel" for men is appointed only after a comprehensive examination of the patient. This is done in order to determine the absence of other illnesses in the patient, which can also lead to the symptoms listed above. And, most importantly, the drug is not prescribed to restore potency or treatment of infertility caused by other diseases that are not associated with low testosterone levels in the blood.

Quite often, “Androgel”, the release form of which most often has the appearance of a gel, is used by athletes in order to change the ratio of fat and muscle mass in favor of the latter. However, this use of the drug is not therapeutic and can be harmful to the health of the man. After all, such use of the gel is uncontrolled and can lead to such changes in the body that will be difficult to eliminate in the future.

Proper application of the tool

The therapeutic dose of the drug is determined individually after a full examination of the patient. But most often appointed application of 5 g per day10 g of Androgel is much less commonly used.

If in the process of using the product there is a need to increase or decrease the dosage of the drug, then this is done in steps and only after consulting a doctor: the dosage gradually decreases by 2.5 g per day.

According to the instructions, it is recommended to apply the gel at the same time of day, preferably in the morning, on dry and pre-cleansed skin. Apply the gel to the area of ​​shoulders, forearms and abdomen.

If there are injuries on the body, in the area of ​​application, then the preparation should not be spread on the damaged areas. Rub the tool is not necessary, it will be absorbed into the skin within three minutes after application. In no case should not be applied to the genital area.

Overdose and side effects

"Androgel", reviews of which say that it is well tolerated by the body, still has a number of contraindications. It is not advisable to use in the presence of a rash or other damage to the skin. You should also stop using the drug when it detects dryness, redness or rash in the form of acne on the body. A similar result may occur under the action of alcohol, which is part of the "Androgel."

During the reception of funds may occur and such side effects:

  • headache,
  • memory impairment
  • lowering blood lipids
  • pressure increase
  • weight gain
  • frequent and prolonged erections
  • diarrhea.

Overdose of the drug during the research is not revealed. This is due to the fact that only 14% of testosterone is absorbed from the gel, and therefore it is impossible to get an excessive dose. If any functions of the body are violated, then with the abolition of the drug, they are restored.

"Androgel" for women - is it dangerous?

Testosterone is a male hormone.which is responsible for the proper functioning of the body of men. If we recall the anatomy, then the fact of the presence of this hormone in the body of a woman no one will deny. But here it is present in a minimum amount. That is why women do not have the need to increase this hormone in the blood. It has been scientifically proven that if testosterone in a woman’s body exceeds acceptable levels, then irreversible changes can begin. It is especially important to monitor this process during pregnancy.

Before prescribing a woman “Androgel”, the price of which is quite low, the doctor must inform the patient about what contraindications are there and what the use of the drug threatens. Follow the recommendations of the doctor should be required.

To begin with, contact with the hands or skin of other people should be completely excluded. If there is such an action, then you need be sure to take a shower or at least cover those parts of the body on which the gel is applied.

If a woman has been in contact with a man on whose body was "Androgel", then she should take a shower as soon as possible and thoroughly wash the product off the skin. If after using the gel or contacting it for some time, acne begins or the growth of body hair grows, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Analogs Androgel

The price of the drug is quite high, and therefore many are looking for analogues to this drug. It is worth noting that such will be any means that contain a therapeutic dose of testosterone. These means are: "Androgel" tablets, "Testosterone propionate". They enter the blood, bypassing the liver, without destroying it thereby.

According to reviews of the drug, any form of release Androgel has It has excellent healing effects and copes with most of the symptoms of a lack of hormone in the body. Reviews of athletes indicate that the tool is not very high price, but it is quite effective in helping to build muscle. True, they use it only during training.

Men reviews about Androgel

To normalize testosterone constantly drank pills and suffered from severe headaches and nausea. Reducing the dosage did not help at all. When the doctor prescribed this remedy, I was bribed in the first place with a minimal amount of side effects and ease of use. Yes, and I was pleasantly pleased with the results - the potency was fully restored, I feel excellent.

For the correction of age-related changes it was necessary to take hormonal drugs. But they all caused headaches, discomfort, sexual desire completely disappeared. The doctor suggested replacing the pills with a gel. The effect of the drug felt in a week, and there are no side effects at all.

The doctor wrote "Androgel" after tests showed a low testosterone level in the body. There are no side effects. The results are encouraging. The wife is also pleased.

Side effects

Androgel gives the most unpleasant side effect to athletes: a positive reaction appears when analyzing doping. A patient undergoing treatment with this drug may experience the following side effects:

  • Baldness.
  • Abdominal distention, intestinal upset, loose stools.
  • Increased blood pressure.
  • Dizziness, violation of short-term memory.
  • Emotional breakdowns, neurasthenia.
  • Significant weight gain.
  • Priapism, proliferation of glandular tissue (prostate, mammary glands).

Also, side effects may occur on the skin. The appearance of acne, excessive dryness, cracking of the epidermis lead to the fact that the patient has to find a new place to apply the drug, reduce the dosage of the medication, or refuse treatment with Androgel at all.

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Release form and composition

Androgel is produced in the form of a colorless transparent gel in single-use bags of 25 and 50 mg (in a carton pack of 10 or 30 bags of the drug).

The active ingredient is the hormone testosterone, which is responsible for the development of external and internal genital organs and secondary sexual characteristics in men. 1 g of the product contains 10 mg of testosterone.

Excipients: isopropyl myristate, sodium hydroxide, ethanol 96%, purified water, carbomer.


The degree of absorption of testosterone when applied topically is in the range of 9-14% of the applied dose.

After absorption through the skin, the substance enters the systemic circulation and is in relatively constant concentrations for 24 hours. Serum testosterone concentration increases from the first hour after the application of Androgel and reaches a constant value from the second day of therapy. Daily fluctuations in testosterone concentrations show the same amplitude as changes in endogenous testosterone levels observed in circadian rhythms.

When applied externally, supraphysiological peaks of testosterone concentration in the blood, which occur during the injection method of administration, are absent. Unlike oral administration of androgens, external therapy does not lead to an increase in the level of steroids in the liver above physiological norms. The use of 5 g of Androgel causes an average increase in plasma testosterone concentration in the blood by about 2.5 ng / ml (8.7 nmol / l).

The main active metabolites of testosterone are estradiol and dihydrotestosterone.

After the end of therapy, testosterone levels begin to decrease approximately 24 hours after the last application. Concentration returns to baseline approximately 72–96 hours after the last dose.

Excretion is carried out mainly in the form of conjugated testosterone metabolites with feces and urine.

Instructions for use Androgel: method and dosage

Therapeutic daily dosage of gel Androgel - 5 g, or 50 mg in terms of testosterone.

Gel is applied 1 time per day, preferably at the same time.

During therapy, depending on laboratory parameters, the dosage of Androgel is increased, the correction is carried out gradually, 2.5 g of gel per day. Change the dosing regimen on the third day of therapy after determining the morning testosterone index. The maximum allowable dose - 10 g.

Gel Androgel is applied on dry and clean, without damage, the skin of the abdomen, forearm, shoulders. It is impossible to apply the drug to the genital area, since due to the alcohol contained in the preparation, irritation may occur. The contents of the package are applied to the skin immediately after opening and spread in a thin layer. Rub the tool into the skin is not necessary, it should be applied for 5 minutes before putting on the gel to have time to dry.

After treating the skin with a preparation, it is necessary to wash your hands and take precautions: be sure to wear clothing to cover the treated areas and prevent possible contact with strangers, especially children. It is recommended to take a shower and wash off the drug before intercourse.

Androgel - properties of the drug

Gel Androgel has a transparent color and is available in packs of 25 mg and 50 mg. The package contains 2.5 g of 25 mg of the hormone. Additional components of the gel are isopropyl myristate, carbopol, sodium hydroxide, ethanol, purified water.

Unlike oral androgen drugs, external use of Androgel does not cause an increase in steroid levels in the liver. The use of 5 g of the drug causes an increase in the hormone in the blood, on average, by 2.5 ng / ml (8.7 nmol / l).

The tool is produced in the form of a gel and is intended for external application. The drug does not adversely affect the liver and does not accumulate in the body various harmful substances. After applying the gel penetrates deeply through the skin layers into the bloodstream and increases the level of testosterone in the body.

The manufacturer of the drug is the company Solvay Pharmaceuticals. Apply the drug gel can only be after the appointment of a doctor. Basically, it is prescribed to eliminate the testosterone deficiency. With a lack of this hormone, such diseases as a decrease in sexual function, asthenic syndrome, changes in muscles, a decrease in erection develop.

After applying to the skin about 15% of the drug dose absorbed into the blood. The time of penetration of the hormone into the bloodstream is about 6 hours. During the day, the hormone entering the bloodstream is evenly consumed by the body. Slow penetration of the active substance from the skin into the skin is the most physiological.

This is the main advantage of the drug compared with other medicines containing testosterone. With a slow penetration of the hormone, there is no peak concentration of androgen, which is observed with other methods of administration. The drug allows you to increase the level of testosterone without the use of injections.

The use of other methods of introducing the hormone into the body can be accompanied by changes in emotional mood, increased sexual desire and other side effects. Androgel is the best way to normalize the hormone in the blood.

The maximum concentration of testosterone is observed after 3-4 days with constant use of funds. Serum hormone levels begin to increase already from the first hour after application of the gel and reach a normal level on the second day of treatment. Daily fluctuations of testosterone are similar to changes in the content of endogenous testosterone. By applying the gel externally, the rapid distribution of the hormone in the blood, which occurs after injections, can be avoided.

After cessation of treatment, the testosterone concentration begins to decrease approximately 24 hours after the last dose. Concentration returns to baseline approximately 72–96 h after the last dose. If testosterone enters the body continuously, the degree of hormone is maintained for 24 hours.

The drug should be applied 1 time per day, preferably in the morning. After the cessation of use, the therapeutic effect lasts for 2–3 days until the metabolites of testosterone dihydrotestosterone and estradiol are completely eliminated from the body.

The drug belongs to the androgenic means. It should not be used in treatment without a prescription. Endogenous androgens, which are produced by the testes, are responsible for the development of all sexual organs and the preservation of sexual desire. The hormone has a general effect on protein synthesis, on the development of the skeleton, muscles, and distribution of fiber. Testosterone lowers the secretion of gonadotropins.

The effect of testosterone on the organs is manifested after the conversion of the hormone into estradiol, then it binds to the estrogen receptors in the cells of the body.

Before treatment, the patient must undergo an appropriate examination, which will identify the causes of a decrease in the hormone in the body. The dosage of the drug depends on the testosterone levels in the blood. Usually the doctor prescribes 5 g of the drug per day. During therapy, the dose can be adjusted, but as much as possible the gel can be consumed no more than 10 grams per day.

The tool can be assigned to both men and women. Doctors often recommend taking it during menopause.

The main purpose of the drug - replacement therapy in case of insufficient production of the hormone testosterone. But drug gel is also indicated in the treatment of other diseases.

Androgel for men is appointed in such cases:

  1. androgen deficiency,
  2. impaired testicular function,
  3. impotence,
  4. underdevelopment of the genitals,
  5. oligospermia,
  6. cryptorchidism
  7. hypopituitrism,
  8. lowering erections
  9. delayed puberty,
  10. violation of spermatogenesis in infertility,
  11. menopausal syndrome.

Androgel for women is used in such situations:

  • myoma of the uterus,
  • premenstrual syndrome,
  • hyperestrogenism,
  • menopause,
  • endometriosis,
  • mammary cancer.

Reviews on the gel Androgel indicate that the tool is well tolerated by the human body. Many men who used the tool say the rapid elimination of erectile dysfunction and the restoration of potency. The drug does not cause adverse events.

Instructions for use Androgel

The gel should be applied to dry, clean skin of the shoulders, forearms and / or abdomen. The skin should not have scratches, microranka and other damage. You can not apply the tool on the genitals, because the high content of ethyl alcohol in the gel can cause irritation of the genitals.

After opening the package, it is important to immediately apply the right dose to the skin and distribute the product over the skin in a thin layer. You can not rub the tool into the epidermis. Then the gel is allowed to dry completely. After you need to wash your hands with soap.

Analogs and price

Similar drugs include:

  • Andriol
  • Testosterone Propionate,
  • Testostron Kaprinat,
  • Nebido
  • Testosterone Enanthate

When choosing an analogue is required to consult with your doctor. Некоторые средства могут не подойти. Лечащий врач может назначить замену Андрогелю только исходя их особенностей заболевания и организма пациента.

The price of Androgel, on average, is 2540 - 2610 rubles. The cost of the drug in different pharmacies can vary in a diverse range and depends on the individual supplies and margins.

Androgel in the pharmacy can be found without difficulty. The drug is available without a prescription.

  1. Andriol - 400-500 rubles,
  2. Nebido - 4790 rubles,
  3. Testosterone propionate - the price is 387 rubles,
  4. Testosterone caprate - 580 rubles,
  5. Testosterone enanthate - the price is 1150 rubles.

The drug Androgel is the best way to eliminate the delay of puberty, to cure infertility and to establish spermatogenesis. It is necessary to apply means after consultation with the doctor.

When various side effects appear, the therapy is stopped until the undesirable symptoms disappear and are resumed with a reduced dosage of the drug. Androgel is prescribed by doctors only with a lack of the hormone testosterone in the body, which is characterized by the absence of secondary sexual characteristics and changes in the structure of the body. The physician must exclude possible other causes of the symptoms described.

Before prescribing, the patient should exclude the possibility of prostate cancer and be examined. In the course of therapy, the state of the mammary glands and male genital organs is constantly monitored. For patients who take androgens for a long time, the concentration of the hormone in the blood and hemoglobin, hematocrit, and liver function tests are checked.

For a quick effect in improving potency, we recommend using another drug. Read reviews on the use of spray M-16.

Application Reviews

Review №1

Enough effective drug to increase testosterone. It perfectly protects the natural hormone in the body during various disorders. I was prescribed a drug in the treatment of infertility. Androgel was appointed at a medical center, to whose doctors I trust completely. The course lasted 1 month. During this time, improved performance of the hormone in the blood. I regularly go through hormone tests. While he is normal.

Vasily, 46 years old - Moscow

Review number 2

Our son has a sexual developmental pathology. Doctors prescribed the drug Androgel to eliminate it. The gel causes increased tissue growth and forms the correct sexual development. The child tolerates the treatment. The gel is quickly absorbed and does not cause adverse reactions.

Valentin, 36 years old - SPb

I was prescribed treatment with Androgel with a lack of this male hormone. A good tool that regulates testosterone levels. Quickly absorbed. After application, there is a slight dryness of the skin due to the alcohol contained in the product. Now I stopped treatment with Androgel. I know that this drug is medicinal and cannot be used in sports for building muscles. This can significantly undermine health. Also, you cannot self-medicate - jokes with hormones are bad. I used a small amount of gel to apply, so I didn’t have any treatment problems. I didn’t gain extra weight, and no hair on my face grew.

Description of the drug, composition

The drug is available in the form of a viscous gel and is intended for outdoor use. Despite this, he has the property of systemic effects on the body, so the release of "Androgel" from pharmacies is carried out exclusively on the prescription of the attending physician. This is due to the fact that the uncontrolled use of testosterone can cause hyperandrogenization, which can manifest itself in the form of acne and atypical in intensity and localization of body hair growth in both men and women.

The active ingredient of the drug is testosterone, and more precisely, its esters. Depending on the volume of one packet of gel, the amount of active ingredient in the preparation may be as follows:

  • one dose containing 2.5 g of the drug contains 25 mg of testosterone,
  • one dose containing 50 mg of the drug contains 50 mg of the active substance.

Auxiliary substances that are part of the preparation "Androgel" 1% are purified water, sodium hydroxide, isopropyl myristate, Carbopol and ethanol. Thanks to this composition, the gel is quickly absorbed and does not leave greasy marks on clothes.

The drug "Androgel" has a weak characteristic odor of alcohol. The medicine looks like a clear, viscous, colorless or pearlescent substance. The gel is packed in small sachets of 2.5 or 5 g, the amount of the drug is calculated for one use. Bags, in turn, are placed in a carton (30 pieces in each) along with instructions for use of the drug.

Pharmacological properties of the drug

Androgenic hormones, including testosterone, which is part of Androgel, as well as its metabolite, dihydrotestosterone, affect the following processes in a man's body:

  • development and preservation of secondary sexual characteristics,
  • development of external and internal genital organs,
  • regulation of protein metabolism in the body,
  • uniform distribution of subcutaneous fat,
  • muscle development
  • regulation of pituitary secretion of gonadotropins,
  • regulation of excretion with urine of various compounds.

More simply, all these processes can be described as an anabolic effect on the body. It consists of stimulating the formation of protein in the body, as well as a delay in the tissues and organs of substances necessary for the construction of protein cells: sulfur, phosphorus and potassium. Thanks to this, a significant increase in lean body mass is achieved. In addition, the use of "Androgel" helps to fix calcium in the bones.

As can be seen from the above list, testosterone is very important for the male body. Androgel contains a therapeutic dose of this hormone and is intended primarily to eliminate its deficiency in the body. It should be noted that no more than 14% of the applied dose is absorbed through the skin. Within 24 hours, the active substance enters the systemic circulation. Starting from the second day from the beginning of hormone therapy with the use of the drug "Androgel", the photo of which you can see further, there is a steady change in the composition of the blood in a positive direction. The concentration of testosterone is not subjected to unnatural fluctuations during the day, which in itself can cause a deterioration in the patient's condition.

Another advantage that the drug "Androgel" has is the absence of changes in the liver, which, when injected or orally administered hormones, can be expressed in peak values ​​of testosterone in the organ tissue at different times of the day. Complete removal of testosterone metabolites from the body occurs within 3-4 days after discontinuation of the drug "Androgel."

Indications for use of the drug "Androgel"

The indications for the use of the Androgel drug as the main therapeutic agent are a decrease in the level of testosterone in the body of a man. Signs of such hormonal deficiency can be underdevelopment or regression of secondary sexual characteristics and impaired certain sexual functions. In addition, testosterone deficiency can be expressed in a change in the structure of the body by the type of female, the presence of overweight, imbalance of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, as well as frequent mood swings, depressions and the like.

The preparation "Androgel" instructions for use recommends prescribing patients only after a thorough examination of them for the absence of other diseases that led to the above changes. It is worth noting that this drug can not be prescribed for the treatment of infertility and impotence, which is provoked by causes not related to the level of testosterone.

Often, the drug "Androgel" (analogs and other dosage forms) are used by athletes who are trying to regulate the ratio of fat and muscle tissue in favor of the latter. However, this phenomenon cannot be called therapeutic use. In addition, self-prescription of drugs of this kind can cause irreversible changes in patients, which later will be difficult to eliminate. Therefore, in most countries, the only way to get the original drug "Androgel" is the prescription of the attending physician. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that a person will not show a number of adverse reactions from many organs and systems.

How and where to apply "Androgel"

Individual therapeutic dose of the drug "Androgel" is determined by the attending physician according to the results of the examination of the patient. The most frequently recommended application is 5 g of gel per day, the maximum dose usually does not exceed 10 g of the drug per day. If a patient develops symptoms during the treatment process, indicating the need to reduce or increase the initially set dosage, the adjustment should be carried out in steps: increasing or decreasing the amount of gel by 2.5 g per day.

The preparation "Androgel" instructions for use recommends applying at the same time (preferably in the morning) on ​​pre-cleansed and dry skin. It is preferable to smear the gel on the forearm, shoulders and abdomen. The presence in the field of application of drugs of various kinds of injuries (scratches, scuffs, diaper rash, etc.) is unacceptable. Rubbing the drug is not necessary, simply distribute it evenly over the surface of the body and allow to dry for at least 3 minutes. Do not apply the drug on the genitals and genital area.

After the patient has applied Androgel gel to the body, he should thoroughly wash his hands with warm water and soap. It is important to implement to prevent the contact of the drug on the body surface of people in contact with it.

Drug interaction

  • anticoagulants for oral administration: it is possible to increase their effect on the body, combined therapy should be carried out with caution, frequent monitoring of prothrombin time is recommended, especially at the beginning / end of the course of Androgel,
  • adrenocorticotropic hormone, corticosteroids: the likelihood of edema increases, combined therapy should be carried out with caution, especially against the background of heart, liver, or kidney diseases,
  • thyroxin-binding globulin: Androgel can reduce its level, which leads to a decrease in serum T4 concentrations and an increase in sensitivity to T3 and T4. At the same time, there is no change in the level of free thyroid hormones; clinical manifestations of hypothyroidism are not observed.

Analogues of Androgel are Andriol, Nebido, Testosterone, Testosterone Caprinat, Testosterone Isokapronat and Testosterone Propionate.

Does Androgel gel have analogues?

Analogues of the drug "Androgel" experts believe all medicines containing esters of natural testosterone. Unlike the dosage form referred to in the article, they must be taken orally or by injection. For example, the drug "Andriol" in the form of tablets containing a therapeutic dose of testosterone undecanoate. This compound has the property of dissolving in fats, in particular, in oleic acid, which is also included in the composition of each tablet. The main feature of this analogue of "Androgel" is the assimilation scheme: hormones enter the systemic circulation through the lymphatic system of the small intestine, bypassing the liver. Thus, there is a more complete absorption of the hormone and the rapid achievement of its normal concentrations in the blood.

Another analogue of the drug "Androgel" - "Testosterone propionate", which also contains the active esters of testosterone. This drug is injected into the patient's body intramuscularly by injection and, unlike other drugs, provides a normal level of testosterone in the blood within four weeks after a single injection. The only disadvantage of this dosage form is a high risk of an overdose of testosterone.

Reviews of the drug "Androgel" from doctors and patients

About the drug "Androgel" patients had a very mixed opinion. On the one hand, judging by laboratory tests, in men suffering from testosterone deficiency in the body, there is a normalization of its content in the blood. However, they are often worried about a variety of undesirable effects, ranging from a disorder of the chair and frequent mood changes and ending with baldness. About a quarter of patients note that the gel is irritating to the skin and causes acne on the back, chest and forearms. Negative reviews about the drug were also received from men who, with the help of Androgel, hoped to restore potency that was not caused by the lack of testosterone in the body.

Doctors, in turn, speak of a very high efficacy of the drug, which is combined with the safety of use (provided that the requirements set forth in the instructions are met). Most experts believe that side effects as well as complications after the use of the drug "Androgel" in men are caused by uncontrolled use of the drug, which consists in exceeding the dosage or even in the unauthorized use of the drug to eliminate problems such as impotence, impaired erectile function or insufficient development musculature In this case, a man may develop not only side effects, but also his own production of a hormone may be disturbed, which can lead to disastrous consequences.

Analogs of the drug

Since Androgel is a testosterone drug, analogs include drugs that have the same effect as gel.

  • Andriol (instruction). Available in capsules, oil solution for intramuscular administration.
  • Nebido. It is a solution for injection.
  • Andriol TK. Capsules that need to swallow without chewing.
  • Testosterone propionate. It is prescribed to men and women, administered intramuscularly.
  • Nuvir. It is recommended to receive in case of delayed sexual development.
  • Testosterone. The drug in capsules.

In the form of a gel, testosterone is administered only with the help of Androgel.

The combination of the drug with other drugs

When taking Androgel or its analogues, it should be taken into account that testosterone can provoke an enhancement or weakening of the effect of other medicines. Application of the gel causes:

  • Strengthening the action of anticoagulants.
  • Together with corticosteroids - the accumulation of excess fluid in the tissues, edema.
  • Increased insulin sensitivity.

To stabilize the condition, you should contact the andrologist and adjust the dose taking into account the remaining drugs.

Patient Reviews

Semyon, 57 years old:

“In the last six months, I began to feel not quite comfortable. Performance has deteriorated, then it became less like sex. I wrote it off for age, well, it's time to leave the sexual front. But on examination, the urologist drew attention to the fact that my hair in my groin spilled out. Said a bit early. Wrote out Androgel. I anointed the gel for 10 days and the hair began to grow and sex is interesting again. A good thing".

Inga, 23 years old:

“My husband is only 36 years old. We lived together for three years, and then he left me for another room to sleep. Said tired of sex and no longer wants. Hardly persuaded to go to a sexologist. The doctor recommended testing, it turned out that her husband had dropped testosterone levels. That mood has changed. Recommended to apply Androgel. Very comfortable, no side effects. And my husband is normal again. ”

The price of Androgel ranges from 2,400 rubles to 2,770 rubles and depends on the dosage of testosterone, as well as which company made the drug.

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