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Cradle for the newborns: the pros and cons, types, nuances of choice, making their own hands


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Even before the baby is born, the parents face the extremely serious question of choosing a cot. Modern industry offers such a wide choice of various types, types and sizes of similar products, that it is no wonder for an unprepared person to get confused. The standard size of the crib can range from very tiny, like puppet cradles and rocking chairs, to full-fledged newfangled transformers, where the child will be comfortable, both immediately after birth and in adolescence. It is very important to clarify all these issues in advance, so that after returning from the maternity hospital, the crumb immediately felt comfortable and cozy, and the parents did not have to look for a place under the bulky bed in a tiny Khrushchev house.

Ideal cot: size and standard

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Starting to understand what size of crib should be chosen in one way or another, it does not hurt to get acquainted with general information, because you have to take into account many factors. Baby should be as comfortable as possible, and parents, ease of care, plays a huge role to ensure a high quality of life. Moreover, furniture manufacturers, when developing children's models, pay attention not only to questions of demand, but also take into account the anatomy of a baby. Even the smallest cradles provide maximum comfort for the crumbs, however, only in the very first months of life.

Understanding the standard size of the crib for newborns, it would not hurt to take into account age criteria. If you decide that the baby can sleep for several months in a stroller and only then “move in” to its own sleeping place, then it is better to take a bigger bed. If you need a universal “bed”, then it will be optimal to choose an innovative transformer from 0 to 12 years.

Even choosing a large bed does not need to worry that the child will be uncomfortable in it, empty and lonely. Today, there is a huge variety of additional accessories on the market, such as liners and soft “nests”, which are inserted into a large bed, where you can very comfortably arrange a tiny little one.

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It is worth remembering that in the first months of life the baby will spend most of his time in a dream, which ensures his proper development and rapid growth. Therefore, it is desirable that he initially had his own sleeping place, and parents cannot teach the child to sleep in bed, because then there may be problems with “relocation”, about which there is a detailed article on our website.

In bed, baby and the truth will spend almost all the time, because there you can not only sleep, but also explore the world around, play with hanging modules and rattles, listen to mom's songs. Even if your grandmother strongly recommends saving money and not buying a special bed until the child grows up, due to the fact that her children slept in a large wicker basket, chest of drawers or a hammock-hung sheet, you should not listen to this.

After all, the twenty-first century is behind the windows and it is worthwhile to provide your own offspring with everything you need, which is not so difficult. Previously, you should study the ratio of standard sizes of beds and mattresses in them, as well as bed linen, as shown in the table above. So it will be much easier to figure out and finally make the right choice.

Size of cots for newborns: cradles, added models

Usually, the smallest models of cribs are chosen by those parents whose size of living space leaves much to be desired. For example, in one-room apartment, where two adults live, it is hardly worth buying a bulky transforming bed, especially at first. But you should not be upset, because there are several quite affordable and compact options.

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  • The smallest are the cradles and cradles, the size of which is 80 by 43 (86 by 47) centimeters, according to the standard. Under such a bed, it is easy to find space even in the smallest apartment. In the cradle, the baby will be comfortable and cozy, but in 5-6 months he will definitely grow out of it.
  • The second option is an attached model. At the same time, the size of the crib for babies according to the standard is 90 to 50 centimeters. These beds are constructions covered with railings on only three sides. It is important to choose the height of the bed to match the height of the parent bed, or to prefer a model with an adjustable height of the bottom.

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The main problem of such tiny models is extreme instability, which can be critical when the child starts to roll over and pull up on the handles. Before buying, be sure to check this factor to avoid possible injury.

Cot for newborn: standard sizes

The most popular choice of most parents today is a plain rectangular wooden bed with a drop or removable front rail. However, between domestic and European standards there is a slight difference, it makes sense to get acquainted with both options for bed sizes for newborns.

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Domestic standards:

  • 120x60 centimeters.
  • 140x70 centimeters.

Foreign standards:

  • 125x68 centimeters.
  • 170x60 centimeters.

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Domestic cribs are usually adjustable bottom, as well as the height of the sides, which greatly facilitates the care of the baby and infant. Even the smallest models will provide maximum comfort for a child up to 3-5 years. However, when choosing a foreign size standard, there may be a problem with the selection of a mattress. But modern manufacturers often offer the manufacture of such components to order, for their own, absolutely any size.

Incredible Transforming Cot: Standard Sizes

If you change the beds after a few years, you simply do not have the opportunity in the conditions of the economic crisis, you should pick up something bigger, or transforming beds that suggest the lengthening of the bed when needed. Most often, these beds have a standard size of 170 by 60 centimeters in the unfolded state and 140 by 60 when folded.

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Removable modules of such a bed first serve as baby changing tables, and later can be detached and used separately as an independent piece of furniture where children's things or toys will be stored. At the bottom of the transformers can be arranged additional boxes for storing clothes, which further increases their attractiveness to consumers.

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Summing up

Thus, you are already more or less familiar with the basic standards for cots of various models, it remains only to make the final choice and provide your child with an excellent place to sleep or rest. What it will be, it's up to you to decide, maybe you will start from the cradle, and then acquire something else, or maybe immediately choose a large and multifunctional transformer.

Choosing the size of the crib, we should not forget about additional indicators, as this is extremely important. For example, the height of the handrail must be at least 60 centimeters, and the distance between the rods is not more than eight centimeters, otherwise the kid may be injured.

It is worth thinking about buying a crib in advance, even before the birth of the baby. A few days in the maternity ward will fly very quickly, and they will be busy with completely different troubles. Decide on the most suitable size, model and place the crib in the space provided for it. If you still believe in omens, then put there a baby doll or a funny hare, so that he would expect the appearance of a future little owner.

What is better - a bed or a cradle?

The cradle for newborns is intended, in most cases, only until six months of age. Next, the child will need to move to sleep in the crib.

Many parents argue about what is best. It should be noted that the cradles create more comfortable conditions for the child to sleep. As a rule, it is in them that children fall asleep faster and sleep well. But the problem lies in the further training of children in the crib, which sometimes becomes quite a challenge. Not every child responds normally to a change in place of sleep, refusing to fully sleep in it.

About how old the cradle is appropriate, many mothers are interested. As mentioned above, it is optimal to wean the baby from the cradle when he is six months old. This is an approximate term, which may vary depending on the speed of growth and development of the child.

Sometimes you have to shift children to a full bed before. Such a period is due to the fact that after six months the children become more active, they begin to crawl, try to get up, which can be dangerous if the crib is used.

Pros and cons of the cradle

The cradle for babies provides many advantages. But there are also drawbacks that are important to consider when selecting the first cot for a child. Convenience products in the first place is that the cradle less space for a newly born baby. It feels more secure than a large cot.

By itself, the cot-cradle takes up less space, it is mobile, it can be transported and transported, while not disturbing the child. It is equipped with wheels, which facilitates the movement of furniture, allows rocking children. Some model designs of such cradles provide for the possibility of rocking a child in different planes. Sometimes the product provides an automatic mode of motion sickness.

Modern children's cradle may include additional options, for example, the ability to install a mobile with toys, connect lighting.

The disadvantage of the product can be considered a limited operational period, which is associated with the dimensions of the cradle swing. This is due to the fact that after six months the child may simply not fit in the crib, but also the sides of the furniture are quite low, which creates a danger when the children start to sit down and crawl.

Kinds of cradles

The furniture industry provides many varieties of baby cradles. All of them provide for a certain functional, structural features. But at the same time, their lifespan is limited to the child’s six-month age. The product provides additional parameters that make the process of immersion in sleep as comfortable and fast as possible.

As a rule, the wicker cradle for newborns provides for a portable type. The product is inexpensive, practical, convenient and eco-friendly for the child. Usually, this type of basket is provided with handles so that children can be carried without difficulty and concern for them. A significant advantage is the fact that the woven crib perfectly retain heat.

Cradle from a rod - a product which can be bought and made independently. Such products simply build in the presence of materials. The simplest designs are made without the need for specialized skills in weaving from a rod.

You can try to make it yourself. See the master class below:

Special attention from parents enjoys hanging cradle. Such a product is attached to the ceiling, if this method of fastening is not possible, there are specialized supports that are installed on the floor, holding the cradle on the weight. The accessory looks unusually airy, stylish. He creates a fabulous atmosphere in the nursery. Products can be made of wood, weaving method, fabric.

Suspended cradle-cradle provides for the need for self-motion sickness of the child by pushing the structure. You can independently make a similar product, selecting the required dimensions and materials. It is important that the frame was as strong as possible. You also need to ensure that the fasteners were of the highest quality.


The most modern is the electronic cradle. This type of product provides for an automatic motion sickness system, sound melodies, as well as a reaction to a baby’s crying. The cradle can be controlled remotely. There are various design solutions. This type of cradle swing allows not only to ensure sleep, but also to occupy the child while awake.

Cradle 2 in 1

Functional cot cradle combines the advantages of several products for a full baby sleep. Mostly designs are made of wood. They have excellent quality and can last a little longer, as they provide for high walls. Usually beds are stationary, but due to their smaller size they can serve as a mobile portable product. Equipped with a standard pendulum rocking chair to lull a child.


The portable cradle-cocoon is used in most cases on the road. Products are made in the form of a soft cradle with a hood, contain handles. Most of these products are suitable for newborns.

As the child grows in such carriers, it becomes not too comfortable to sleep, as they hinder the movements of children. The portable cradle-cocoon is relevant if you are on the road. Often it is placed in an ordinary bed to ensure a safe and at the same time comfortable sleep for the child.

Baby carriage

Some parents are limited to the use of a stroller as a lulling cradle. Adapted design makes the child's sleep in such a product as comfortable as possible. Modern products provide the ability to hang a canopy, a module with toys. You can put a removable cradle in the crib to gradually teach the child to sleep in more overall conditions.


The popular type is today a children's rocking chair, which can be put in the car. It contains seat belts, has an orthopedic design and is securely mounted on the car seat. In this case, similar products can also be used in households. A solid base allows you to put the chair on a hard surface, reliably seating the child in it.

Specialized models are labeled from year to year. The second type provides for the possibility of use before the child reaches one and a half years.

Rocking cradle

Baby rocking bed involves various designs. It can be adjusted, contain electronics, which allows you to automatically lull the baby. Most of the product provides a gaming module. The main material is often a soft fabric with a lining. In the case of a floor cradle, including skids, it is important to have a lock that will hold the bed in a fixed position. Products with a pendulum must also contain a blocking mechanism to prevent the rocking of the child's cradle.

An orthopedic mattress in the cradle is a necessity. Usually it is provided by the cradle design.

Which is better to choose

The widest demand for use today cradle. It allows with the taste and style to organize the design of the nursery, provides the most natural lulling of the child. Structures can be hung from the ceiling, but also installed on specialized hardware that is installed anywhere in the room.

The wooden cradle is considered one of the most optimal because of environmental friendliness. Specialized processing allows to ensure the reliability and safety of the product for the child. No less popular are the cradle fabric. They also create a comfortable sleeping environment for the baby, and also make it possible to wash the cover simply.

Electronic models are also today one of the most sought-after beds for baby rocking. They make the process automatic, which frees up time for parents.

The added cradle is designed for the possibility of installing a baby cot by the mother’s bed. This option is optimal if you need to control the sleep of the child. The product can simply move up to the bed, and also be fastened by means of specialized fasteners to the support. Parents do not have to go to another room to feed the child.

Watch the video below, where parents share their feedback on cradles:

Baby cradle do it yourself

A do-it-yourself hand-made rocking chair for children is the best option if you have working skills and materials for designing furniture.

Initially, you must select the appropriate drawing, which will help prepare the plywood. You can go on the simplest principle, cutting the side elements together with the runners to lull the child, and then strengthen them. Также можно выполнить отдельную резку и сборку деталей.

On a note! Важна правильная постобработка изделия. Недопустимо наличие острых углов, элементов, где ребенок может застрять ручкой, ножкой.

Сделать кресло-качалку своими руками не так сложно с учетом правильной подготовки материалов. If you can not cut the items smoothly in the absence of the necessary equipment, contact the specialized stores where you can order a cut with the purchase of sheets.

Homemade wooden cradle for newborns can be made in a variety of structural solutions. It can be a hanging product or a cradle with a skid for rocking. It is important that the bed was as safe as possible.

Floor designs with runners should contain a rolling lock. After assembly, the material must be carefully sanded and coated with a specialized varnish. Used water-based varnish, acrylic solution. Fabric products must be durable, strong.

Cradle cradle with their own hands can be made of fabric. In this case, it is necessary to prepare a framework, which most often consists of wood or metal. The material for the creation of the cover is selected taking into account the good density, breathability. For insulating the product, you can use holofiber or synthetic winterizer.

The curtain of the cradle is an important element that protects the child from insects, creates a diffused lighting. In choosing a fabric for a canopy, it is better to rely on light types that are well breathable, but at the same time provide for a dense arrangement of threads. Tulle, veil, organza, tulle and chiffon are considered the most suitable textiles.

The use of cotton fabrics is also possible: chintz, cambric. For the cold season, a canopy of cotton calico, flax jacquard is relevant. The use of a fuzzy, electricity-accumulating material is not recommended.

The cradle-macrame is the most distinctive and stylish, as it allows you to implement various design projects. These types of cradles are often suspended. They are perfectly breathable, provide reliability, look weightless and light.

For weaving it is better to use a cord with a diameter of at least 6 mm. As a basis, you can use ready-made metal ovals or use a metal-plastic tube connected by means of a fitting.

The decor and design of the cradle

Usually, the wooden cradle is simply covered with water-based hypoallergenic paint or acrylic varnish. But if you wish, you can implement more interesting projects. For example, you can make a woven case that will create an airy and magical effect.

Actively used today for the decoration of wooden decoupage. If desired, you can decorate the cradle with acrylic paints.

Linen for the cradle should be made of natural breathable material. The mattress is chosen not too soft, preferably orthopedic type for newborns.

If the temperature in the house is below +16 degrees, it is recommended to cover the child with a thin blanket or several sheets made of natural fabric. The blanket should be light, warm, breathable so that the child does not sweat. For children are more suitable fleece and flannelette blankets.

Pillows until the age of two is not recommended. Among the most popular and safe materials for the production of children's bed linen can be noted cotton, bamboo.

Photo Gallery

In our photo gallery you can see the various modern models of the performance of cribs and cradles. Someone will like the optimal and comfortable chaise longue-rocking, others will prefer more classic products.

When selecting a design, it is necessary to pay attention to the build quality, the absence of sharp and removable elements that can harm the child.

Adapt the cradle purchase not only for your own preferences, but also for the convenience of children. Very beautiful, but not too comfortable, the cradling cradle is unlikely to be the best furniture item for sleeping a newborn.

High-quality children's bed rocking chair will ensure the baby a great rest and good mood. We offer to see several designs of cradles that can inspire you to buy or manufacture furniture products.

As a generalization, it can be noted that modern stores offer many different cots for children of different ages. In addition, the Internet allows you to choose a drawing and independently make an excellent cradle for the child. You need only imagination, responsible attitude to the preparation of materials and assembly of the product. If desired, you can create a practical and functional cradle of the most simple materials at hand - fabric, cord, plywood, and other things.

Crib beds

There are two types of cots, which go under this name:

  • Cradle cradle. This model has runners, thanks to which it can sway from side to side.
  • Suspended model. With the help of special devices suspended from the ceiling or wall. It hangs in the air and sways from jolts. Despite the different device, their basic functions and missions are as similar as possible.

Criterias of choice

In the modern market of children's furniture, there is a lot of cots of this type, getting lost in them is easier than ever. How not to make a mistake when buying, how to choose a cradle for a newborn, so that it lasts as long as possible, is easy to use and comfortable in all respects?

When examining and studying models, pay attention to the following points:

  1. The bottom and sides are better to choose in the form of gratings - with their help the bed will be ventilated.
  2. The width between the rods should be about 8 cm. In more frequent, the newborn can get stuck, and between rare ones it can fall out of the cradle.
  3. No sharp corners and protrusions.
  4. No latches and clips.
  5. If it is a cradle-cradle, it will be a good idea to have a lock of the runners to give it a stable position for necessity.

If you purchase a suspended model, you should inspect in advance the place of its attachment to the ceiling. How reliable is this mechanism? Will it support the weight of the crib and the child growing by leaps and bounds? Do not miss these important details, because they concern his safety.

If you still doubt whether you need a cradle for a newborn, just appreciate all its advantages that are difficult to overestimate.


In the 80s Of the 20th century, the SB RAMS conducted an interesting experiment. One group of babies slept in hanging models, the other in normal ones. According to the results of the study, it turned out that the former had slept better, developed well, cried less, began to shout and perform purposeful actions with pens earlier.

So make your own conclusions, which is better: a cradle or a bed for a newborn. And an impressive list of advantages of the first will help you make the right decision:

  • use in the production of such beds hypoallergenic breathable materials - for example, willow vines (most often),
  • no effort is needed to move the bassinet to any convenient place,
  • small size, compactness,
  • the limited space inside the cradle creates for the newborn a sense of security: he feels just as comfortable as in my mother's tummy, respectively, this helps him to quickly adapt to the environment,
  • it's easy to do it yourself: there are a lot of diagrams and drawings on the Internet,
  • usually complete with cradles go a variety of additional accessories, made in the same color with the bed: very elegant, almost royal canopy, mattress, mosquito net, fun toys, bed linen,
  • One of the most important advantages is the presence of a motion sickness system, which allows you to quickly put a newborn to sleep, and not to keep it for a long time,
  • In some models, modern manufacturers even embed calming music, which is automatically included in the mode of motion sickness.

It is difficult to argue with how useful the cradle is for newborns in the first months of their lives. It would seem that there can be no other alternative. However, not all families acquire them. Unfortunately, the few drawbacks that these models have are able to interrupt the whole squall of positive moments.


Even the best cradles for newborns have cons. They are few, but they determine the refusal of many parents to acquire this model:

  • high price,
  • limited service life: if the cradle can still serve the baby up to 5-6 months, then the suspended cradle will be small to him much earlier - by 4-5 months.

If you are not afraid of these factors and you definitely decided to purchase one of these models, a small rating of cradles for newborns will help you with this. Having studied these TOPs, you will orient in prices (see their variation) and countries-producers.

Cradle rating

  1. Eurolampart Angels. Italy. $ 4,700.
  2. PICCI. Italy. $ 1,400.
  3. Italbaby love. Italy. $ 830
  4. Micuna Fresh Mini. Spain. $ 325.
  5. Geuther Germany. $ 300
  6. BeeAngel. China. $ 200.
  7. Sofyushka. Mozhga Red Star. $ 145.
  8. Jetem Sweet Dream mobile. China. $ 137.
  9. Simplicity. USA. $ 130

Rating of suspended cradles

  1. Leander. Denmark. $ 417.
  2. Premium Marshmallow. Russia. $ 197
  3. Military. Russia. $ 156.
  4. Checkers. Russia. $ 142.
  5. Vanilla. Russia. $ 135.
  6. Patterns. Russia. $ 135.
  7. Spring. Russia. $ 135.
  8. Eco style. Russia. $ 135.
  9. Seals. Russia. $ 126.
  10. Vesta. Russia. $ 110

As can be seen from the ratings, the hanging cradle for newborns is made mainly in Russia, since this is the age-old Russian model of the crib, which goes back centuries.

The cradles are also presented in a wide range, although among them the leading leader stands out - Spain. If financial opportunities are not limited, you can purchase this work of art with a truly royal canopy. Although at a reasonable price, there are also quite decent options.

But, speaking of the cradles, we mean not only the crib, but also the stroller.

Etymology. The word “cradle” has pre-Slavic roots. It is formed from "lyulyukat", which means "to lull."


This is a classic model of the stroller, designed for children from the moment of their birth to 6-7 months. It is a highly raised, insulated, spacious cradle on a cruciform chassis and four large inflatable wheels. A bed can be removable, have handles to carry the baby from the street into the house, which is very convenient.

It makes up about 50% of all wheelchairs on the market today, so a wide range of products can be difficult to buy.

What are the cradles for babies?

The cradle for the newborn is a kind of cradle, which is in limbo for being able to swing. Depending on the structure of the crib, there are several types of cradles:

  • classic cradle - made in the style of standard wicker furniture, can be made of wood or forged items. The berth is installed on two cross arcs, which allows, on the one hand, to firmly fix the cradle, on the other hand, it does not interfere with rocking,
  • swing cradles - presented in the form of a cradle mounted on two supports (as a street swing). Tip: this cradle is convenient to use in a small room, because due to the presence of wheels on the ends of the support, it can be quickly and effortlessly moved to the right place,
  • electronic cradle - can be performed in a variety of variations, a distinctive feature of such models is the presence of an electronic mechanism for motion sickness, response to crying, music and light illumination.

Depending on your preferences and wishes, you can choose the best option bed-cradle. Most modern models provide additional functions that can be added and periodically changed, for example, the color light can be replaced with a sound device, and the automatic motion sickness function can be turned into a circular rotation, etc.

How to choose a cradle for a newborn?

When choosing a cradle, you need to carefully consider and study the mechanism of construction, especially it is worth paying attention to such moments:

  • base fixing strength cradle - the safety of your baby depends on this indicator, because a solid frame provides reliable and safe motion sickness, while the slightest discrepancy of parts can cause the entire mechanism to break,
  • fastener material - the base of the cradle and its connection with the cradle must be fixed with metal fasteners, plastic and wooden connections do not guarantee reliable and durable work,
  • the size - since the cradle is designed for the smallest, such models have a standard size, however, choosing a product for your baby, it is better to take the widest crib, since narrow models do not leave room for turning,
  • availability of additional devices - Some models are equipped with additional functions, for example, they have a lower basket for diapers and other small things, they can include a changing table and a side that opens to the side. Tip: the presence of such additions affects the cost of the product, so buying such models without the need for these functions is not worth it,
  • cradle base material - It is best that the cradle is made from natural materials, such as wood. Separately, it is worth noting the preference of the absence of all kinds of varnishes and paints in the design of individual parts, only a non-toxic coating against pests and rodents is allowed,
  • bassinet material - the cradle should be made of natural environmentally friendly materials, since synthetic additives can cause allergic reactions, besides, most artificial materials lose their appearance with time, which cannot be said of natural fabrics,
  • no small removable parts - perhaps one of the most important indicators of bed safety, so this fact should not be overlooked.

Useful accessories for the newborn's cradle

Most often, the cradles are sold already fully stocked, i.e. in the complete set there is a mattress, a cape, functional additions, but it happens that only a bed without all kinds of accessories is offered. In this case, everything you need will have to be bought separately.

  • Mattress - the most important accessory of the cradle, the comfort of your baby's sleep depends on its quality. The best option is a hard mattress of coconut coir. The second point when choosing a mattress is its size. It is necessary to take measurements of the bed beforehand in order to choose a mattress of suitable dimensions. It should not differ from the size of the cradle more than 1 cm in length and width.
  • Linens can be any, as long as it is made of natural fabrics without the addition of synthetic components and is suitable in size.
  • Crib for cradle It is a fabric base attached to a specially installed upper arc. With the help of a cape, you can hide the baby from prying eyes or create a twilight for a child’s sleep during a bright sunny day.
  • Clamps for cradle support - allow you to record the maximum allowable level of swinging, which prevents the baby from falling out of bed when excessively active skating. Tip: it is better to choose blockers from metal or hard plastic, they are more durable.
  • Castors for support cradles make it easy to move the bed around the room. Such an accessory often breaks, so it is better to purchase a few extra wheels in advance so that you can immediately replace damaged items.