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Tribulus Terrestris - reviews, prices, where to buy, side effects


Tribulus Terrestris is a plant whose extract is used as a medicine and sports supplement. Bodybuilders use it as an anabolic, as it is believed that the drugs based on Tribulus Terrestris stimulate the formation of testosterone. Men use it to stimulate erection, improve the quality of sperm, and treat infertility.

For men

Tribulus Terrestris is intended more for men than for women. There was great interest in the plant after a statistically significant increase in blood testosterone levels was found in animal experiments after the use of the drug. Further studies were conducted on humans. The effects were not confirmed. Tribulus Terrestris does not increase testosterone, does not have anabolic properties, does not increase muscle mass and strength.

Perhaps with the help of Tribulus Terrestris men can get the following effects:

  • increased sexual desire
  • improving erection and increasing its duration,
  • increase fertility (fertility) by increasing the number and motility of sperm,
  • lowering blood cholesterol levels.

We recommend that men take Tribulus terrestris to improve erection and increase sexual desire, but we consider it inappropriate to use a herbal preparation for the treatment of infertility. In order to improve sperm quality, spermatogenesis stimulation programs should be applied, which are selected in clinics dealing with infertility problems. Stimulation is carried out by hormonal drugs, not herbs, otherwise with a high degree of probability you will waste time and money.

For women

Tribulus terrestris is supposed to increase the level of male sex hormones in the blood. In that case, why is it for women? After all, a plant, if it really possesses similar properties, will cause masculinization - a girl will grow a mustache, harden her voice, and her skin will be covered with acne due to hypertrophy of the sebaceous glands.

But manufacturers of drugs based on Tribulus terrestris seem to believe that this plant does not affect the blood testosterone. At least in the instructions for use of this says nothing. In addition, the drugs are recommended not only for men, but also for women. It is assumed that women can achieve the following goals through regular use of Tribulus Terrestris:

  • increase sexual desire
  • reduce the symptoms of menopause,
  • normalize emotional state
  • eliminate nervous irritability or apathy,
  • get rid of insomnia.

Perhaps women will indeed receive the above effects, but this cannot be said for sure, because they are not clinically confirmed.

How to use?

Tribestan is the most well-known drug containing Tribulus Terrestris. It is available in pharmacies. Using this tool as an example, we will explain how to take it. Given that the benefits for women are unlikely, and mostly men are interested in the drug, we provide instructions for the representatives of the stronger sex.

The manufacturer recommends taking Tribulus terrestris 1-2 tablets, 3 times a day, during the meal. This dose is indicated for:

  • improving erection
  • gain libido,
  • getting a tonic effect,
  • acceleration of rehabilitation after diseases and injuries,
  • fertility treatments,
  • improve performance during training.

Some athletes use Tribulus terrestris in the hope of increasing testosterone levels in the blood. There are other doses. They are not recommended by manufacturers of drugs based on this plant, but appear in the literature for athletes.

In bodybuilding dosages range from 750 to 1500 mg per day, in terms of furostanol saponins. They make up about 45% by weight of the extract. That is, following these recommendations, the dosage will be 6-12 tablets of Tribulus per day. But, given the high cost of the drug, as well as its unconfirmed efficacy in terms of anabolic action, it is recommended that only great optimists be used to increase muscle mass.

Side effects

The drug Tribestan, according to the instructions, no side effects characteristic of anabolic steroids. This is another argument in favor of the absence of Tribulus Terrestris's ability to increase testosterone levels in the blood.

The claimed side effects:

  • allergic reactions (as in any other drug),
  • nausea.

If nausea occurs, discontinue use of the drug for several days. Then the treatment can be resumed.

Where can one buy?

You can buy Tribulus Terrestris in the following locations:

  • in the pharmacy,
  • in sports nutrition stores,
  • in the Internet.

Tribestan. The only drug on the basis of Tribulus Terrestris, which is registered as a medical drug. It can be bought at the pharmacy. The price is about 2000 rubles for 60 tablets of 250 mg. They are enough for 20 days. Monthly course will cost 3000 rubles. This is one of the most expensive uses for Tribulsterrestris. Supplements are usually cheaper than this drug.

Tribulus NOW. Capsules of 500 or 1000 mg. Prices: 100 capsules of 0.5 g will cost the buyer 1200 rubles. 90 capsules of 1 g of extract of Tribulus Terrestris cost 1600 rubles. This supplement is intended more to achieve sports goals than medical ones. It is positioned as an alternative to anabolic steroids - a natural remedy for increasing testosterone levels and building muscle.

TestoJack 200. A complex supplement in which Tribulus Terrestris is not the only ingredient. Ssotav also includes Peruvian maca, ginseng and several other plant extracts. The price is 2400 rubles for 60 capsules. The dose of Tribulus terrestris is 250 mg. According to the instructions, dietary supplements increases the level of testosterone, libido, improves sexual activity. The increase in muscle mass in the instructions is not mentioned.

A source: Erekto.Ru

What it is?

This is a natural substance derived from Tribulus Terrestris. It has a large number of biologically active substances, which, importantly, can significantly differ depending on the conditions in which the grass grows, climate, humidity, season, soil and other features. The highest concentration of alkaloids is found in the leaves, as well as fruits.

The basis of the composition of Tribulus and preparations based on it is steroid saponins. And primarily protodioscin, which significantly improves the permeability of cell membranes, thereby improving immunity, stabilizing cholesterol levels in the blood, improving erectile function in men.

In this case, the substance itself very quickly leaves the body when urinating. The main effect of Tribulus is the active production of the male hormone testosterone, which significantly increases the power indices, increases libido, and stimulates andogenic receptors in the brain.

Also composed of:

Beneficial features

Tribulus Terrestris: a flower from which the extract of tribulus is extracted.

Extract and preparations based on it are shown first of all to sportsmen. Thanks to him, muscle strength increases significantly. Therefore, today tribulus is actively used by leading athletes, athletes and bodybuilders around the world. He also has a strong diuretic effect, contributing to the removal of water from the body for 3 days, which is important when the "drying".

Contrary to popular belief, Tribulus is used not only by men, but also by women. Most active in the age of 30 years, as it significantly normalizes the pituitary gland, helps to produce in the right amount of luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormone.

Indications for taking Tribulus

Are common:

  • Kidney and kidney disease,
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system.

For men:

  • Impotence or decreased libido
  • Infertility,
  • The need to increase muscle mass and strength,

For women:

  • Infertility and frigidity,
  • Premenopausal syndrome
  • Climacteric syndrome.

Mainly, the efficiency of Tribulus is due precisely to the increased activity of testosterone production in the body. The effect of taking drugs on the basis of Tribulus is very similar to the effects of light anabolic steroids.

The substance itself is not prohibited to use as an ingredient for sports supplements, it is not included in the list of doping agents, which means it can be taken without any problems by athletes of all levels.

Instructions for use

Today, almost all manufacturers of sports nutrition produce Tribulus capsules. The difference is usually in the dosage of the substance, as well as the number of other additives. For example, amino acids and vitamins.

The average dose per day is from 0.5 to 1.5 grams, and it should be broken into 2-3 doses with meals. That is, if an athlete chooses a substance with a content of 500 milligrams, then you need to take two or three capsules during the day:

  • 1 at breakfast
  • 1 immediately before training,
  • 1 before bed.

It is recommended to take Tribulus no more than 4-6 weeks. Next you need to take a break on average for 2 weeks.

For men and women, the dosage differs according to weight:

  • People weighing less than 80 kg (mostly women) are advised to take two capsules a day before meals,
  • People weighing more than 80 kg - three capsules.

Note: It is recommended to start the reception for both men and women with one capsule per day. If no side effects and individual intolerance are found, the dosage can be increased.

Side effects and contraindications

It is not recommended to take Tribulus and preparations based on it to pregnant and lactating girls, to persons who have not yet reached the age of 18, or to persons who have an individual intolerance.

It is recommended to start taking the drug after consulting a doctor or trainer to determine the desired dosage and schedule of admission in a particular case.

An important question that worries those who wish to use Tribulus in their sports practice is what side effects will there be and will there be a “rollback” after stopping the reception. Of course, all 100% of the mass that will be achieved while taking the drug is physically impossible to save. Still, we are talking about artificial stimulation of hormone production.

So, when it stops, even if smoothly, the body, in any case, needs time to tune in to its own rhythm. But It is worth noting that the losses in the mass are for the most part very small. And if you compare them with steroids, the weight loss after stopping use will be many times more.

Side effects:

  1. Disruption of the digestive system. However, this is often caused not by the drug itself, but by its incorrect use. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully study the instructions for use and follow the recommendations.
  2. Increased irritability and aggressiveness.
  3. Decrease in testosterone production by the body itself,
  4. Blood pressure fluctuations.

Again, most side effects are caused solely by improper dosage. Therefore, you should not take the drug until you know exactly what the daily rate is right for you. The rest of the drug does not bear absolutely no harm to the body.

I began to take tribulus when I was preparing for the half marathon. I noticed the difference from training in the gym and was pleased with everything, but I was afraid of an overabundance of testosterone. I'm already too aggressive, you never know.


I ordered capsules for my husband, so to speak, to improve the tactical and technical characteristics. Earlier Tribestan slipped him, he was more expensive, but there was no effect. With Now Foods, he became more energetic, more involved in sports.


Removes pre-climax symptoms, sweat, violation of the cycle. Useful natural remedy.


Which tribulus is worth buying?

Many stores sell extract along with amino acids and sports nutrition. In general, you can choose a suitable product for the price and expect a similar effect from it, since its base does not differ in cheap and premium variations. Tribulus capsules differ in additional components, as well as brand reputation.

Since this additive has a direct effect on the hormones produced by the body, we recommend not to save and order a dietary supplement from a reputable manufacturer whose products undergo strict quality control. So we consider American food producer Now Foods, known worldwide. Products of this brand have hundreds of thousands of positive reviews, including tribulus extract.

The price of Now Foods capsules is more than affordable due to the elimination of an extra chain of middlemen. Now Foods Tribulus can be purchased directly from the manufacturer through the brand's online store, which has been delivering goods to more than 100 countries around the world for almost 20 years.

An alternative could be a solution from Optimum Nutrition. This brand is more popular in Russia, but at Aycherb their products are significantly inferior in demand, so there are not so many reviews about product quality.

The principle of operation of the food additive

Tribulus Terrestris, just like DHEA or androstenedione, is a drug that significantly increases the level of testosterone production in the human body. However, tools such as DHEA or androstenedione only prepare biological materials for direct testosterone production in the body, and Tribulus Terrestris increases the amount of luteinizing hormones that testosterone is produced in the body. This fact is confirmed by many studies and experiments that have shown that this plant significantly improves the production of testosterone in the body.

Research and Experiments

In the West, recently conducted experiments on pigs, animals that are completely devoid of libido. For several days, along with the main food, the pigs also consumed this plant. After that, the sexual activity of male individuals has increased dramatically!

Once, in the USA and Canada, a study was conducted on the effect of the Tribulus Terrestris plant on the production of luteinizing hormones in the male body. The experiment was conducted among healthy men who daily took 750 mg of the drug based on this plant. The results of this study showed that the level of luteinizing hormones in the body of the subjects rose, in general, by 75%, and the level of free testosterone rose by 40%. As you can see, the results of this experience speak for themselves!

In these countries, not so long ago, a series of studies were conducted among men suffering from impotence. For reference, male impotence is caused by low testosterone levels. Accordingly, the male body, with a low level of testosterone, is practically unable to produce male seminal fluid, that is, sperm. The test men, as well as in the previous experience, for a certain period of time, took a daily preparation containing the plant Tribulus Terrestris. The dosage was 750 mg per day, that is, the dosage is standard. As a result, the vast majority of subjects in the body significantly increased the level of production of luteinizing hormones and testosterone.

Muscle growth under the influence of dietary supplements

It should be remembered that not all men increase the level of production of luteinizing hormones and, accordingly, testosterone can be associated with a noticeable increase in muscle mass or an improvement in performance at any sporting event.
It should also be noted that many studies on the effect of the Tribulus plant on the body were conducted among men with insufficient testosterone production or other abnormalities. And only a few of these experiments were conducted among healthy men, with the normal production of luteinizing hormones and testosterone.

However, many young bodybuilders have taken various kinds of steroids over a long period of time. As a result, they got a pumped-up, beautiful body, but instead, they have completely stopped producing luteinizing hormones and testosterone in their bodies. For this reason, these men are simply forced to take special medicines that ensure the production of these important hormones.

Some vendors of plants based on the Tribulus Terrestris plant claim that this drug helps to cure many diseases, stimulates the development of muscle mass, maintains male strength, etc. etc. There is of course some truth in these statements. However, you need to keep in mind that using only Tribulus Terrestris will not give any result if the goal is muscle development. If you want to pump up your body, then in combination with preparations containing the Tribulus Terrestris plant, you should also use such food additives as DHEA, androstenedione, etc.

Dietary Supplement

We advise you to take Tribulus Terrestris dietary supplements "periods", especially if you intend to use them in combination with other dietary supplements, such as DHEA, androstenedione, etc. What can this mean? This means that the dietary supplement must be taken for a specific time period, then for the same time period it should be abandoned, and so on according to the cycle.In this case, of course, you need to actively engage in the gym, otherwise you will not achieve the desired result. Many experts strongly recommend taking such drugs for no more than six weeks. Otherwise, there is a big risk of causing significant harm to your health!

The dosage of food supplements containing Tribulus should not exceed 1250 mg in a day.

The optimal dose for a normal man is about 750 mg in a day.

Side Effects of Tribulus

Talking about food supplements based on the plant Tribulus Terrestris, one cannot help but mention the side effects that naturally occur here.
One of the most important side effects from the use of this dietary supplement is an upset stomach. Unfortunately, a lot of young people involved in bodybuilding complain of stomach problems after consuming the drug on the basis of tribulus. Often, these problems are associated either with the disgusting quality of the nutritional supplement itself, or with improper dosage. Therefore, before using these or other dietary supplements should consult with your doctor.
And, of course, buy products made only by companies that have proven themselves from the best side. Talk to a trainer, friends who have already taken Tribulus Terrestris. Remember that health is paramount!


It is not recommended, the use of various kinds of drugs containing the plant Tribulus Terrestris, women or young children, as this plant stimulates the production of testosterone, that is, the male hormone. This is especially true for pregnant and lactating infants of women. Also, do not recommend to use Tribulus Terrestris for men suffering from prostatic hypertrophy.

Where to buy and prices

It is best to buy in online sports nutrition stores. The additive is quite popular, so you can choose among several manufacturers the desired number of capsules and dosage. Prices start at $ 10 per jar.

If you took this supplement, be sure to write your feedback.

What is Effex Tribulus

The drug is intended for use in such pathologies:

  • deterioration of erection
  • decreased libido
  • infertility caused by poor sperm quality, immunological reasons, or undergoing surgery to eliminate varicocele,
  • dyslipidemia.

It is completely safe, does not cause side effects, but has some contraindications:

  • age limit up to 18 years,
  • prostatic hyperplasia
  • intolerance to the components of the tool,
  • severe cardiovascular diseases,
  • kidney disease.

Benefits of Natural Tablets

Without a doubt, the main advantage of Effex Tribulus in comparison with other means for potency is their completely natural composition and the absence of serious adverse reactions. In addition, these tablets significantly bypass analogues in terms of their effectiveness and safety:

  • they can be bought without a doctor's prescription,
  • have an acceptable price
  • They have not only a stimulating effect, but also a therapeutic one - they provide a long-term restoration of sexual abilities.

What is included in the complex Effeks Tribulus for potency

The main active ingredient of the product is a natural substance. moorings creeping in the form of a dry extract. This plant has long been known for its beneficial effects on men's health. It was used by ancient healers of Pakistan, India, China, Sudan and many other countries of the world.

Modern medicine in the last 10 years has begun to pay more and more attention to the sailors. They were repeatedly investigated, scientifically confirmed the beneficial effect and are widely used in the composition of various drugs.

Doctors reviews about tablets

V.L. Krasilnikov, sexologist

To my patients suffering from impotence, I recommend not a short-term chemical-based pill, but the natural long-acting drug Effex Tribulus. After all, it restores male potency, makes it possible to eliminate infertility. And it is almost completely harmless.

Customer Reviews for Effex Tribulus for Male Strength

Problems in bed began recently, but how does it hit on male vanity! I found out about Effex Tribulus and started treatment. Now there is improvement in all parameters. I will continue taking pills.

Vyacheslav, 41 years old

I never thought that I would step so early in the lava of peace. But I did not accept it, I took a pill course, now again in the ranks of the young and active.

Svetlana, 38 years old

I bought this drug for my husband on the advice of a friend. He helped them a lot to improve their sex life. We, too, in this area now everything is fine, even much better than before.

For several years we tried to conceive a child, but it didn’t work. We passed the tests and found that I have inactive sperm. The doctor advised to take a means on the basis of the Yagorians creeping. After a few courses we did it all. Now we are waiting for replenishment in the family.

Information for review

"Tribulus" - a natural non-medicinal drug, in which the main role was given to the plant of the same name. Judging by the reviews, few people have heard of tribulus terrestris, although this plant also grows in Russia, where it is better known under other names: “prickly vine”, “creeping yoke”.

Substances contained in the extract of the plant, refer to the type of adaptogenov. They help to tone up the whole body, strengthen the immune system, increase physical stamina. In addition, in numerous reviews of "Tribulus" users note the impact of the active substances of the drug on the central nervous system. In addition, the plant extract is responsible for enhancing the synthesis of the main male hormone - testosterone. With sufficient production of sexual androgen, the representatives of the stronger sex do not have problems with metabolic processes, potency and libido.

To disclose all the information about this dietary supplement, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the active substance. Especially valuable here will be the opinion of doctors. Their reviews of the tribulus terrestris are unambiguous - the plant contains potent components, in particular, protodioscin. This substance, despite its natural origin, promotes enhanced muscle growth, accelerating natural processes.

Interesting facts about the plant

About the beneficial properties of tribulus known since the time of the ancient Greeks. The doctors of that time used his extract as a diuretic and invigorating, tonic. Tribulus was also used in attempts to cure infertile males. But in India, the plant attributed antibacterial properties. Partly both Greeks and Indians were right. In the composition of the yakortsa are present:

Nowadays, when the composition of the barbed vine was investigated in more detail, it turned out that this plant can act on the human body along with antioxidants. "Tribulus" with prolonged use normalizes metabolism, removes toxins and helps to delay the aging process.

Who has experienced the effect of tribulus terrestris?

By the way, the first who decided to use the plant hood to build muscle mass, were athletes from neighboring countries. Athletes showed the best results in numerous competitions, and at the same time they constantly held the lead for themselves.

Today, vine extract has found its application in medicine. It is present in the composition of some drugs, as evidenced by their instructions. According to reviews, "Tribulus" in the pharmacy can not be found. It is much easier to purchase it at a sports nutrition store or order online.

How does the drug work?

The manufacturer recommends the use of the tool exclusively to improve the production of male hormone. The effectiveness of dietary supplements for this purpose is confirmed by clinical trials of scientific researchers from Canada and the United States. The test results obtained from the test men showed a doubling of testosterone levels. Provided that the medication is taken regularly, the hormone synthesis process starts rather quickly, which subsequently affects the growth of muscles and increased sexual desire. Although the latter would be more appropriately considered a “side effect”. According to reviews of athletes, "Tribulus" had a positive impact on the quality of their sex life.

When the stimulating property of the drug was clinically proven, it began to be prescribed to patients experiencing problems with potency and sexual activity. Other men, according to reviews, "Tribulus" was prescribed to improve the quality of sperm in the diagnosis of "infertility". At first glance, the connection is quite obvious: the usefulness of seminal fluid and the viability of spermatozoids in particular depend on the balance of sex hormones.

Why criticize sports nutrition drugs?

There are also negative reviews about the "Tribulus". They are written, as a rule, by opponents of synthetic drugs, anabolic hormones, sports nutrition, etc. In their responses, they question the effectiveness of dietary supplements, questioning that the supplement can act only as an aphrodisiac, and therefore does not affect the androgen synthesis. This version found its refutation during various clinical trials. The principle of "Tribulus" is the removal of excess fluid from the body, resulting in a "drying" of the body and the acceleration of metabolic processes. By the way, another positive aspect of the use of this dietary supplement is the improvement of mood, prevention of stress, nervousness and psycho-emotional disorders.

Briefly about instructions for using "Tribulus"

In the reviews, athletes describe in detail the rules for taking the drug. In accordance with the instructions, "Tribulus" is a dietary supplement not for one-time use. It should be taken regularly for a month. After the course, you need to take a pause for a couple of weeks, then drink the remedy for another 30 days. As for the dosage, here you need to push off from the daily norm, which is 1250 mg of active ingredient. Thus, during the day you can drink no more than four tablets or sachets. On an empty stomach to take "Tribulus" is undesirable. Ideal to use a bioactive supplement after a meal.

How to drink capsules?

However, this is not all the recommendations about the use of the drug, which should be discussed. To calculate the optimal dose, it is advisable to consult a doctor or trainer. The reception scheme "Tribulus" largely depends on what purpose the man pursues. For athletes who want to build muscle, the most appropriate will be a threefold intake after breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is necessary to accept means step by step, since a smaller dose. The highest concentration of the active substance is contained in the preparation "Tribulus maximus". Testimonials from coaches and experienced instructors suggest that it is better to take it to those who already have certain achievements in weightlifting or bodybuilding.

The difference between dietary supplements and other products from the field of sports nutrition is the need to take, even on days of lack of training. In addition, there are also some variations. In the morning and evening, the drug is drunk as usual, regardless of the load, after eating. The daily dose should be drunk one hour before classes (if they are scheduled) or after meals (if no load is provided for that day).

Main indications

Judging by the reviews of doctors, "Tribulus" is prescribed not only to men. This effective natural product has indications for use by both sexes. So, doctors prescribe it in cases of:

  • erectile dysfunction in men
  • reducing sexual attraction to the opposite sex,
  • impotence (non-anatomical),
  • infertility (usually assigned to both partners),
  • urinary tract infections,
  • menopause.

Benefits for women

On the effectiveness of "Tribulus" for women discussions have not stopped for many years. First and foremost, the fair sex is advised to drink this remedy for violations of the reproductive system, most often in the absence of pathological signs of infertility. Women need to drink the drug according to a special scheme: during the first 12 days of the menstrual cycle.

Many gynecologists are inclined to believe that this tool is simply necessary for women who have stepped over the 35-year-old frontier. The active substance in the composition of dietary supplements helps to stabilize the level of hormones, to establish their production and to normalize the number of female genital androgens. In addition, in the reviews of “Tribulus”, some ladies share their assumptions that thanks to taking this dietary supplement, they managed to delay the onset of menopause for several years, and with the advent of menopause, it was easy to transfer physiological changes. At the same time it is undesirable for women to apply the tool without consulting with a specialist. In rare cases, protodioscin contained in the extract of the tribulus terrestris can cause irregular menstruation.

Bodybuilding is a popular sports destination not only among men. Anabolic abusers are also recommended to take dietary supplements. In reviews of "Tribulus 1500", experts point to the ability of the product to eliminate adverse body reactions after prolonged use of steroids.

In what cases can not be used?

By the way, this bioactive additive, like any pharmaceutical product, has contraindications. As already mentioned, before using the drug, it is advisable to consult with a doctor or instructor, correcting sports nutrition. Contraindications include:

  • childhood,
  • period of pregnancy and lactation,
  • pathology of the cardiovascular system
  • kidney and heart failure
  • hypertension,
  • prostatic hypertrophy.

Popular and cheap analogues

The preparation "Tribulus" has analogues. But despite the fact that they contain the same active ingredient, not all of them are shown for use as a product of sports nutrition. For example:

  • Tribestan. Available in the form of tablets, which are prescribed for the treatment of sexual dysfunctions.
  • "Verona". Another drug that is sold in a pharmacy for the treatment of impotence.

"Tribulus" is more popular in comparison with analogues. The demand for dietary supplements due to the rapid effect and safety for the body. With proper use of the tool will help get the desired sports figure and improve the functioning of internal organs.

Drug "Tribulus": reviews, price

The instructions for use indicate that of the adverse reactions that may occur while taking the drug, most often in patients occur:

  • dyspeptic disorders (nausea, diarrhea, constipation),
  • activation of the sebaceous glands and increased production of sebum,
  • small rash, acne,
  • sudden drops in blood pressure
  • allergy.

In most cases, troubles are threatened by those who do not adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer during the application of the tool. Side effects appear in those users who have purchased poor-quality "Tribulus". The reason for the discrepancy of the goods specified in the instructions specifications can be:

  • falsified production,
  • plant growth - the main component of dietary supplements - in an environmentally unfriendly region,
  • synthetic fertilizer treatment.

Some athletes who got hooked on scammers and bought a fake, in their reviews write that Tribulus did not produce any effect during the month of use. Other feedback from users indicates that a poor-quality drug didn’t bring them anything other than poisoning - they had dizziness, general weakness and malaise, nausea, and vomiting on the very first day after drinking the capsule. It turned out that here the crucial point is the place of purchase of funds and its price.

The cost of the original "Tribulus" ranges from 2000-2500 rubles. "Tribulus Maximus" is a bit more expensive, but usually its price does not exceed 3000 rubles. Unfortunately, in an attempt to save money, many refuse to buy goods in specialized sports nutrition stores, pharmacies, and purchase food supplements from their hands at a lower price or in little-known online stores with a dubious reputation. According to reviews, "discounts" from fraudsters reached 50-60%. Therefore, before buying a drug, you should read the reviews of other buyers about the selected seller.