Interpretation of what the male name Remy means


This is one of the so-called new, Soviet names, formed from the initial letters of words: revolution, electrification, mechanization. It sounds like a foreign one, and in its time they were often called boys (girls - Rem).

Neither the parents nor the teachers have any problems with this boy: he does very well at school, he has an excellent memory and a good syllable - his writings are read as exemplary by teachers, special delight is due to Rem’s diligence among teachers.

The boy is cunning, able to adapt and hide his true attitude towards a man, no matter how annoyed he is.

He strives for leadership, tries to be sure to stand out for something, not to be like everyone else, and he succeeds in this. Calculation and dedication - two basic qualities of Rem, which he will save and adults. Once he chooses a goal in life, he goes to it steadily.

People with such a name are fluent in the word, they are able to speak eloquently (no wonder there are a lot of humanities among them: philologists, lawyers), having received the desired profession, they devote their lives to it.

"Winter" - poorly promoted, as they do not get along with the authorities. But they are big optimists, always full of ideas, very creative in carrying them out.

"Autumn" - forward-thinking politicians, think through their actions a few moves ahead. Unfortunately, this does not apply to family life, because their first marriage is unsuccessful. They are very gentle and devoted sons. They are fond of poetry and are themselves not without their poetic gift.

“Summer” is extremely emotional and impressionable, they are easily touched by some pitiful story. Being ashamed of their excessive sensitivity, they cannot do anything with it and, comforting the offended, are able to cry with them.

Rem can be recognized in any society - by its always serious look and some kind of detachment. He himself admits that he almost never really experienced feelings of freedom and looseness. In a family circle where there is no distracting, lively society and the restraining influence of the authorities, and where, he believes, there is no need to adapt to anyone, he can unleash his irritability.

The meaning and origin of the name: The abbreviated form of the Roman name Remigius, "Rower". In Soviet Russia, it became widespread after the October Revolution, when it was interpreted as an abbreviation of the phrase "Revolution of the World"

Energetics of the name and character: Whatever sense, calling their child Rem, or put parents in this name, it is not difficult to notice that in its energy there is a rather strange and rare instability for monosyllabic names. It seems that something is missing in the name, all the time I want to add something to it. In addition, in its sound, it is able to endow its carrier with considerable excitability.

However, the latter does not mean at all that Rem can be easily deranged. Rather, on the contrary, the uncertainty inherent in the name will deprive Rem of the ability to actively stand for himself, and excitability will be reflected in the heightened impressionability. Rem really can be very sensitive to external influences, he will be very proud and touchy, however, most likely, devoid of internal confidence, he would prefer to adapt to the circumstances, rather than trying to change them in their favor. From the outside, this can be perceived as a penchant for cunning.

On the other hand, Rem’s somewhat painful vanity can make him look for an opportunity to assert himself, he often makes incredible efforts, trying to stand out among others and attain public recognition. In general, ambition is one of the main engines of Rem, and, it should be noted, he has all the chances to succeed in life. Diligence, diplomacy, ability to manage his emotions and adapt to different situations can provide him a good career, including in leadership positions.

The situation is worse with his personal life, where his public mask becomes unnecessary and his sensitivity and excitability, turning into irritability, may come to the fore. And he himself will hardly feel like a happy person, for this he lacks some confidence in himself, independence from public opinion and ever-changing circumstances, as well as elementary sincerity in communication.

Communication secrets: Communicating with Rem is usually not that difficult, it is much more difficult to understand exactly what he thinks about you and how he treats you. It is unlikely that he will enter into open confrontation with you, nevertheless beware of affecting his vanity - the memory of Rem’s resentment may be too long!

Name trace in history:

This name is associated with a beautiful French legend telling about the times of the early middle ages, when battles with evil spirits were for some quite ordinary. According to this legend, at the turn of the 5th-6th centuries, the city of Reims, the site of the coronation of French monarchs, was in danger of perishing from a fire, and in a fright, people asked the help of the pious archbishop of St. Remy (Remigius), who was considered an unsurpassed master in the fight against the unclean. An experienced warrior immediately recognized the devil's tricks, shouting to the fire: “I recognize you, Satan!”, After which, taking his rod, he went on fire.

The flames retreated in front of the brave archbishop, and he went all the way forward until he completely freed all buildings from the fire. After this, sv. Remy drove the flame into the stone dungeon, walled up the entrance and strictly forbade someday to open this door. And only many years after the fire, some curious person tried to open the reserved door - but from the dungeon such a torrent of fire poured into him that burnt the poor man to the ground. Then the fire went back under the ground, where the spell of St. Remy, according to legend, holds him to this day.

What is suitable in life for people by the name of the letter P - Remy

  1. If you only want to name the child born by this name, then it is better to do so, if he was born under the sign of the horoscope - Aries (21.03 - 20.04)
  2. The most successful would be if the guy named Remy was born according to the Chinese calendar a year - Monkeys - year 1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028, 2040
  3. Business is better to start in - Wednesday
  4. The most favorable days of the year are January 15, April 14, July 12 and November 19
  5. Favorable time of day for you - morning
  6. The dangerous age to be more careful - in childhood and adolescence - eight years, in his youth - twenty-six years, in and maturity - forty years, in old age - sixty-three years
  7. Name on the letter P - Remy leaves an imprint on the health of these people, especially dangerous diseases - dermatitis and gall bladder
  8. People called Remy best suited profession associated with - Power structures

Psychiatric characters called male name Remy

If you do not maintain his aura, next to you, you are simply screened out, you are not his person. Such an alignment of things is very convenient when applying for a workplace - it becomes immediately clear whether you will work together or have to refuse a professional. To lose such precious freedom is worse for him than death. The very first criterion of friendship is ethics, your moral principles must, at least in part, correspond to its principles. Such people are inborn careerists, they want to reach heights in everything. A man named Remy, extremely rarely marries hastily. They choose their wife carefully, not sparing the time, so they often get married late. If he is with you - he will be there always and in everything. As a father, he is perfect. In family life, friendship with his wife is of great importance to him, he wants her to give him the opportunity to lead a free life, he is unlikely to live the life of his beloved woman.
In the case of approaching the separation of a man named Remy, do not miss the opportunity with their logical arguments to convince the girl of the need to continue the relationship. Their life is very restless. The main characteristic is the diversity of interests. Often, at the same time he enters into relations with two girls at once, because of his indecisiveness and inner callousness, not knowing which one to leave, and which one to continue communication with. A man named Remy - very loyal to his soul mate. Often engaged in charity. They compose and tell fairy tales, participate in games and various exciting activities. Any problems capable of inflating to a giant scale.

Table of the main traits of a man named Remy

Calculation of character traits was carried out on the basis of the name and month of birth, for a more accurate calculation you need to know the full date of birth and name, patronymic and surname, if you need it, then visit this page.

Vertical column of the table (above), select your (or the person with the name of the letter P - Remy) month of birth, horizontal (side) row are aspects of character. Their intersection will show a ratio from 1 to 100, the larger the value, the better.

The value of the first and last letters in the name, the core letter of the name of the remi

First letter of the name indicates the first task that must be solved by its owner in life and is associated with a certain element. In contrast to the first letter, there is the last letter of the name. The last letter of the name shows our weakest point, reveals the place of our greatest vulnerability in life. This is our Achilles heel, which must be covered and protected.

Remy Core Letter

What is it? Some names have a pivotal letter. This is the basis on which the whole name rests - it is also the fulcrum and rigidity of the name. The core of the name shows the intimate meaning of a person’s life, why he lives, what cardinal issues he has to solve in order to gain stability and invulnerability. The core letter for women plays a leading role, since the key principle of a woman is balance. It is the core that appears in this role; it is the fulcrum on which the whole name rests. The core letter in men is the starting point, which realizes its stake in life - the first letter, so for men the first role is dominant.

A person who has a name with a rod letter is less exposed to external influences than a person who does not have a rod, but at the same time practically does not know how to adapt.
If the letter is a rod - vowelthen the person has self-sufficiency, actively and openly pursues his strategy in life.
If the letter-rod - consonantthen a person with such a name is more flexible, has more opportunities not to reveal his goal and his own value system, without putting his core under attack.

If the “b” (soft sign) appears as the pivot of the name, then these are people with a disguised, obscure pivot. No one around will understand what a person really wants to achieve, his values ​​and beliefs in life are unclear. Holders of such names are not taken for who they really are.

Remy's name does not have a core letter as such, but this does not mean at all that people with such a name do not have a rod. For the name of Remy, the core will be 2 letters - e (passion, vigor of self-expression, emotionality.) And m (care, shyness, hard work, pedantry.). People with this name rush from one extreme to another, from side to side, they are more dependent on external circumstances. They are dual and changeable. The owner of a name without a single core letter usually becomes what the circumstances require of him, therefore such a name gives a person the ability to maneuver, changeability and adaptability.

Planetary number and value of the name of the remi

All the names of the three require their owners to display activity, vigorous practical activity, they involve in the mystery of struggle, battle in life. Mars is the key planet of these names, so you should pay attention to the position of this planet in your horoscopes. If Mars is kind and strong, you naturally fit into the program of your name, you can build protection and become invulnerable in life.

Zodiacal and Sacral number of the name of the remy

The key sign of the name is Virgo. These names involve the mystery of selfless service and concern for others, creating a field of work, duty, and rationalism.

The sacred number for the name of remi - 2that corresponds to the zodiac sign - Taurus

Such names involve the person in solving material problems. At best, they create a field of harmony and order, and at worst, a field of accumulation, greed, inertia and laziness.

Compatibility name Remy, manifestation in love

Over time, this "shell" is becoming thicker, and the ability to "go outside" - all the more unreal. But even the strongest shell can one day not withstand external pressure, burst. And then, in spite of all your outstanding abilities, you will be defenseless, like a newly hatched chick.

Neither intelligence, nor theoretical knowledge, no matter how significant, can replace the ability to communicate with people, the skill of “interpenetration”, without which life is impossible.

Try to learn to consider your individual qualities not as a product that can be “sold”, but as a tool for working in a team. Self-respect is, of course, “worth it,” but the location of others is not a trifle.

Characteristic name Remy

You like beautiful things, outfits and stylish accessories. This also applies to the Male Troops - you are also not indifferent to the brightness, both in clothing and in life itself.

If you are offended, retire and abstract from what caused the suffering. After you taste loneliness, the pain of resentment will subside, and you will again be able to return to the “world of people” and continue your work.

You are very sensitive to what is being said to you and about you. Sometimes, critical remarks about you can drastically change your life. You may not respond to criticism, but remember the addressee forever and never forgive.

What does the name Rem

The name is Remus, an abbreviated form of the Roman name Remigius, “Rower”. In Soviet Russia, it became widespread after the October Revolution, when it was interpreted as an abbreviation of the phrase "World Revolution." Often, a boy with this name is very cunning and diligent. He always has a great time at school, has an excellent memory and writes wonderful compositions. Therefore, neither the parents nor the teachers have any problems with this boy. Adult Rem possesses such qualities of character as computation and aspiration.

He always goes to his chosen goal in life and often strives for leadership; he always tries to stand out for something, not to be like everyone else. It should be noted that he succeeds in this. He often does not feel a sense of freedom and looseness. And in a family circle where there is no distraction, a lively society and the restraining influence of the authorities and where, he believes, there is no need to adapt to anyone, he can give vent to his irritability. People with such a name are fluent in the word and always speak eloquently. Therefore, among them there are quite a few - humanities scholars, philologists and lawyers.

Rem is very tricky in childhood

Rem, who was born in the winter, is a big optimist who has a lot of ideas and ingenuity to put them into practice. Often, he is poorly promoted, as he does not know how to get along with his superiors. Rem, born in the fall, is often - loyal and devoted son. Often keen on poetry, and often himself is not devoid of poetic gift. Unfortunately, the first marriage of such a Rem is often unsuccessful. “Summer” Rem, is a very emotional and impressionable person who is easily touched by some pitiful story.

Named Remus

Remus celebrates birthdayJanuary 19, October 1, October 18.

  • Remus Name on the Zodiac: suits the virgins.
  • Mascot Remus: agate.
  • Patron Saint Patrons: St. Remy, Remigius Rouen, Remigius of Lyons.
  • Compatibility name Rem: favorable relations with the names: Anastasia, Anna, Bronislava, Barbara, Vera, Dora, Evdokia, Marianna, Maria, Mirra, Rosa, Stella, Faina, Frida, Emma.

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