Whims of pregnant women who do not understand men


MUST READ MEN, and also add that this is all only for an ideal pregnancy, but if problems arise, then at least 20 more points will have to be added, and the birth process here is generally in a simplified form.
When a woman is expecting a child, she becomes terribly naughty. She starts to act like a child: whines and complains that her husband is inattentive. She has strange whims that for some reason need to be implemented very quickly. It becomes self-centered and constantly complains about all sorts of strange ailments. It is impossible to explain to her that her condition is natural, and that millions of women have given birth millions of times. To understand what is happening with his wife, there is only one way: to try to get used to her skin. Do the exercises suggested by us carefully, all the time that the spouse is expecting a child, and your beloved will no longer be a mystery to you. Good luck!

1) Every evening arrange yourself a poisoning - for example, drink vodka with beer on the eve without a snack.
2) The next morning, get up, drink a sleeping pill and go to work. If you feel very sick, stay home, but if you please, clean up and cook dinner.
3) Tie sandbags to your feet - one and a half kilograms.
4) Eat cottage cheese. If you do not want - a little bit.
5) Do not eat it, you can not. It is too. And this. Better - apple.
6) Throw a cigarette, you what?
7) Lie down and eat more yogurt.
Wipe down, once vomited. Do not call your wife - she is busy.
9) Go to the clinic and donate blood from a vein to AIDS and syphilis.
10) Thrice a month, go through the examination with the proctologist.
3-6 months

1) Tie the mattress to the front of the stomach with water.
2) If you dress - do not untie him, and pyalte shoes.
3) Sleep - also with a mattress. How how! On the side!
4) Do not forget to drink sleeping pills in the morning!
5) And before leaving for work - a liter of water.
6) At night, drink a liter of water and a diuretic.
7) Insert a fleece into the nose - so that the air passes, but there would be a slight shortness of breath. Wear fleece constantly.
Breathe heavily? Air more often - some helps.
9) Go to the clinic and donate blood from a vein. How on what? For aids and syphilis. No matter what you have already passed.
10) Thrice a month, go through the examination with the proctologist. Do not untie the mattress. : preg:
6-9 months

1) Every morning, sit on a swiveling chair and spin for 10 minutes. When the vestibular apparatus finally refuses to cooperate with you - get up and get ready for work. Oh, shakes you? Sorry, this will pass.
2) Inflate the mattress better.
3) Drink a diuretic, and at work drink a glass of water every hour.
4) Try not to leave the workplace too often. Be vigorous and efficient throughout the entire working day. If you do it too easily, increase your daily dose of sleeping pills.
5) Increase the weight of the sandbags that you tie to your feet: let them now be 2 kilos each.
6) In the evening, without untie the mattress, go to bed and be a terrific lover!
7) If it seems to you that another man appeared in his wife, be indulgent.
Give your wife more time and attention. Imagine - after all, it is also hard for her!
9) Go to the clinic and donate blood from a vein. How on what? Yes, all the same - for AIDS and syphilis.
10) Thrice a month, go through the examination with the proctologist. Of course, with a mattress, what kind of question?
The end

In childbirth will not play, it's still impossible. Just visit your proctologist for the 20th time and let him put an orange somewhere. Now breathe deeper. Did you manage to free yourself? Fine.
You can untie your mattress.

The most touching thing is that after reading the men ask the same question: “And what, is all this really so?”

Fads of pregnancy: changes in sensitivity, tastes and habits, selectivity in communication.

Even the most beautiful and sensitive husband, who loves his wife and rejoices infinitely about the upcoming birth of a child, cannot himself understand many things connected with the new state of a future mother.

The nature of the wife, her habits and preferences change, but the husband is not aware of these changes immediately. In my opinion, a competent strategy in such a situation is to help a man to realize and formulate the global changes that are happening to you.

And the words "my dear, good, guess yourself" is a bad slogan for pregnancy and the first months of a baby’s life.

Men can not think of many things, not because they do not want. And not specifically to spite you, but because they have much worse than women, intuition is developed. In addition, the average man's ability to penetrate the emotional states of another person, that is, the ability to empathy, is much less than that of the average woman. And yet - men simply physically lack the very places in the body that undergo such significant changes in pregnancy. You must admit that it is difficult to imagine what a uterus tone is, if you simply don’t have this organ.

And if you want your husband to partly understand what it is like for you, get ready to talk about your condition in detail and repeatedly.

Let us name only some moments that are beyond the reach of men’s understanding without words and try to give advice on how to inform a husband without offending or injuring him.

Sensitivity changes

  • Men absolutely do not understand that their wife’s sense of smell has changed. No one who was not pregnant, and the head does not come, how disgusting it can stink from the refrigerator. And how unbearably the smell of a new cream for shoes, or, God forbid, yesterday's socks.
  • A man can not even imagine what a man feels when he is almost all the time sick, as if he ate something stale with a strong rolling on the ship.
  • It is also difficult to imagine how strangely a person feels, who cannot now eat his favorite omelet or sandwich for breakfast - their taste has changed a lot. Favorite food has become nasty, and new preferences have not yet formed - and how to live. But many of us are accustomed to seize difficult moments in life.
  • The inability to enjoy the food of many pregnant women is associated with the reluctance to cook - because if everything is not tasty for you, you are unlikely to be able to cook a standing meal.
  • Many products smell unbearable for a pregnant woman at the time of cooking - that is, already roasted fish can, for example, be eaten with pleasure, but cutting, frying and sniffing the same fish is impossible at this time.
  • The habitual pile of unwashed dishes, as well as the smell of any product from the usual arsenal of household chemicals, can become unbearable.

About changes in taste sensitivity and heightened perception of smells, the easiest way to tell is in the most general form, as if you are not talking about yourself, but simply telling you how the world works. "And you know, dear, that pregnant." And then a long list of what you are experiencing yourself and what you have heard from friends. Almost every man who is not suffering from personal immaturity and chronic fatigue is ready to accept the taste whims of a pregnant wife.

May change the list of products that you need to buy at the supermarket. You worked for a long time to teach your husband to find on the shelves the necessary products of the desired brand, and he finally remembered and mastered this list. And now you need to start all over again, but the man himself is difficult to guess about it.

The taste preferences of a pregnant woman differ in a certain inconstancy - you wanted, for example, avocado (just like in the O'Henry story about peaches), the husband took the time to get this avocado. But it turns out that you cannot see him, although only 2-3 hours have passed.

In this case, you have an iron argument - the child grows inside very quickly, the changes are just cosmic, so that the pregnant woman herself and her desires are in a space where time flows otherwise.

Feel free to say that you yourself are surprised, and especially the change of food desires. The argument here is used iron: the child is growing rapidly, and that he may need the next moment is completely unknown to anyone, and you are the first. In some oriental languages ​​there is a special verb denoting the fleeting whim of a pregnant woman.

Changing tastes and habits in pregnant

The next block of information that needs to be carefully conveyed to the husband is the information about changing your tastes in general.

For example, a pregnant woman may need to urgently change their wardrobe. And not at all because of the change in volumes - in the first months of pregnancy, the size of the clothes can hardly change. But your color preferences are likely to change to the point that you can, with your head up, change curtains or wallpaper.

So the intrauterine child declares itself. That he is also a person and has his own tastes. It is interesting that in different pregnancies the color and taste preferences of the same woman can vary greatly.

Men are generally much less focused on clothing and the subtleties of creating interiors, and therefore often do not understand the rush that occurs when a sharp change in the tastes of his wife.

It’s worth saying this: “You know, it seems our baby really likes the blue color. I personally don’t like it at all, but now I feel comfortable and calm only if there is something blue next to it”. And this is not a manipulation. After all, it really is not quite you - personally, your favorite color has always been, for example, brown. And now you just can not see it, and you can not wear a brown dress. The color scheme is directly related to the emotions. And the emotional state of the pregnant woman should be comfortable.

Difficult in this matter can only be the wives of minimalist husbands, who believe that it will do, and there is enough of everything in the house.

Selectivity in communication

You may receive unexpected craving for some people from your environment and an inexplicable disgust for others.

A pregnant woman sometimes wonders herself: how is that? From Aunt Masha, she always just turned up, nothing to talk to her about, and now she just draws a magnet to her. But, for example, N - such a wonderful, delicate and clever interlocutor was, and now it is impossible to sit next to him, I just want to get out of the room.

The fact is that pregnant women live mostly by intuition, and in the surrounding people they can “read the subtext” - that is, they perceive more non-verbal information. It can be especially difficult for a pregnant woman to endure drunken people - they smell disgustingly, and they can have a very different “subtext”.

It’s best for my husband to say: “You know, I’m somehow uncomfortable with this person. I treat him perfectly, but something interferes with our communication. But it’s considered that it is harmful for pregnant women to overpower themselves. , I have nothing against him, you communicate, and I just take a break. " The main thing is that your side does not sound harsh assessments and condemnation, especially if we are talking about a person who is significant to your husband.

Many of us, until it comes to pregnancy and childbirth, don’t pay special attention to life and household - there are so many interesting things around. A woman can easily hand out unnecessary things and give expensive gifts.

But here someone has settled in your stomach - and everything changes. This usually happens when toxicosis passes and a woman gets used to her condition. Suddenly, it may become extremely important for you to have items in the kitchen in a strictly defined way, clothes and shoes were bought 2 seasons ahead, and bed linen or household chemicals in general had a whole supply. Some non-pregnant pregnant women begin to collect baby clothes or books. This happened to pregnant women in times of relatively stable economic conditions.

Such changes in the character and new items of expenditure that have appeared may surprise the husband. "Why so much? And why so early?" - he may ask. And this woman begins to "nest", that is, to prepare for the fact that soon your family will increase.

Dislike for hard rock, action movies and football

In ancient China, there was a tradition to surround a pregnant woman with beautiful objects, sounds and smells. There were even special "perinatal clinics" in which these tasks were implemented with maximum efficiency.

A woman in pregnancy increases the sensitivity to the harmony of the environment.

Inside her belly, global construction is underway - a new body of a future person is being built. And therefore, it is difficult for most pregnant women to listen to destructive music or simply oversaturated with heavy emotions music and to get pleasure from it. The main thing is to learn how to express your preferences without blaming your husband.

Dislike for the difficult

Even complex intellectual literature or classical music, which requires intense listening, can now dislike a woman. The same applies to the movie, which is "not for everyone", and "smart" books.

And if you have not finished school or are preparing an analysis of a project, this can be a source of negative emotions, even subdepression. Or the second option - you just drop something that is too difficult for you and get it out of your head.

A pregnant woman wants harmony, simplicity and positive in all areas of life. And this is just what men understand relatively easily. Nevertheless, I would recommend to articulate the main changes in your tastes. You can even in the form of a table of two columns "I love now - I do not like now." It is difficult for men to keep all the details in mind, therefore the written form of presentation in this case is just what is needed.


It becomes important for pregnant women that everything in the film or book ends well, no one dies at the end. Especially unbearable for pregnant trouble, in which children participate. Even in virtual reality, most pregnant women prefer a good ending. Expectant mothers may even ask not to include these "male fun" when they are nearby.

But some kind of touching or romantic scene can cause whole streams of tears in a pregnant woman. These changes can comprehend even strong women who are not prone to sentimentality.

It is important that this, such a clear, but unexpected for a husband, change in your tastes does not cause disagreements and increase the psychological distance between you. Your position should be like this: “I do not blame you, but I can’t just watch this film. Experts believe that this is harmful. After all, the child has information at the cellular level.” These true words, uttered without aggression and reproach, can help the husband to think about what you are responsible for not only your impressions, but also for what your child will have and what tastes you will impart to him.

From research it is known that the child in the last two months of pregnancy hears well and even learns the music that the mother regularly listened to before his birth.

Good fuses

Pregnant women are well intuitively feel beyond stimulation and can be reliably protected from it, if only they do not act contrary to their intuition.

In a neutral time, when nothing special happens in your life, tell your husband that excessive experiences can traumatize the psyche of the baby, and nature has taken care of this - if harm is possible for the development of the child, the mother simply turns off. Wife "in the tank" in many moments, even convenient. Such personal invulnerability helps to avoid many stressful situations.

Nature takes care of that the child is born with a safe psyche and you just can not turn off the fuse. Accept the fact that you are “in the tank”, in the “safe shell”, in the “shell”. What you almost can not influence those moments when the "sash closed." I would not recommend pregnant women to resist these natural psychological defenses.

Think of a conditional symbol for the situation “I am not here”, “I am in the house” and agree with my husband in advance on how you will let him know about it. In the desired situation, use a conventional sign (word or gesture) and use it when you turn it off.

Dive into yourself

The longer the period of pregnancy, the stronger the desire of the woman for at least some time during the day to just sit, looking at one point and listen to yourself, to those obscure sensations that come from the abdomen. At this time, the face of a pregnant woman can shine with a soft light, and can not express anything. But the main thing in these moments - do not distract, do not interrupt, do not tug.

Indeed, one of the most sacred activities is to listen to the mother in the quiet beat of a new life. All the most important dreams and hopes are connected with this life.

Husband should explain (again, at a neutral time when he and you are ready to talk) that the best thing is if he joins you, puts his hand on his stomach and tries to hear the baby too. Remember that nothing unites spouses as time spent in the thoughts and dreams of a child.

Changes in marital relations and the new "state of aggregation"

Predicting how your marital relationships will change during pregnancy is difficult. But they will not remain the same. According to statistics, only two out of ten women are attracted to her husband or remain the same. Большинство женщин переживает период временного спада желания.

Очень важно для сохранения добрых доверительных отношений не пересиливать себя. If the husband is unintelligible to the desires of a woman, a steady feeling of “you do not understand me” may arise, which often leads to cooling not only for this period, but also in the future.

But not to take into account the needs of the husband, too, can not, it can become the soil for marital separation. In this matter, everything is very individual. It all depends on the temperament, physical condition of the pregnant woman and the absence of a threat to the future baby, as well as on your "marriage contract", on what your married couple habits.

But you need to be mentally prepared for the changes and try to prepare your husband. One can only say that a joint pregnancy is a good means of preventing violations in the marital relationship.

This issue is practically not discussed in our culture at all. Therefore, if the conversation does not add up, try to find articles in magazines, the Internet or books. You can recommend the book Serzov "Pregnancy. Preparing for the birth of a child." She wrote two - a man and a woman, and therefore many things there are written specifically for future dads.

Now we are not two

So, the leitmotif of all changes occurring with a pregnant woman is the formation of such a wonderful natural phenomenon as the binary psyche of a pregnant woman.

Binary - having a dual nature. Through the habits, tastes, desires and character of a woman, a completely different tastes and inclinations clearly appear through.

Through changes in the character and personality of the pregnant mother, the child makes itself felt, preparing future parents for the fact that he is a person. The personality is unique, with its own characteristics. And the main strategy of a pregnant couple is to accept these changes and try to feel them as well as possible. To counteract these changes is meaningless, not to take into account - short-sighted.