The benefits of chamomile for cystitis


Cystitis is an unpleasant disease that women suffer in most cases. And the most effective remedy is chamomile for cystitis. But you should know how to take the decoction properly, and what kind of feedback people leave.

This disease appears due to the ingress of bacteria into the bladder. This causes inflammation, which is accompanied by pain in the abdomen. Cystitis is considered a female disease, but there are cases when men are exposed to this disease.

Disease Causes

The most common causes of inflammation in the bladder are:

  1. The patient does not comply with the rules of hygiene of the genitals.
  2. Often changes sexual partners.
  3. Spends a lot of time in the cold.
  4. Various kinds of pathologies that are found in the genitals.
  5. Sick of chronic diseases that are accompanied by inflammation.
  6. Very often comes to strain the bladder and restrain urine.
  7. The diet is improperly planned, and harmful foods are used.
  8. There are frequent constipation.

Bacteria enter the woman's body through the urethra, in men, the disease occurs due to diseases of the genitourinary system.

Cystitis treatment

Before proceeding with the treatment, it is necessary to determine the cause of the disease and eliminate it. If therapy is started immediately after the onset of inflammation, the result will be more successful than when complications began. The treatment uses antibiotics, which should stop the growth of bacteria.

In addition, the patient must follow a special diet, in which all harmful products, including alcohol and tobacco products, are excluded from the diet. These products include:

  • products that contain a large amount of salt,
  • spicy foods
  • fried food, which also contains a lot of fat,
  • drinks that are fortified with gases
  • coffee.

At the same time, during the treatment of cystitis, it is necessary to consume as much liquid as possible, by means of which infectious bacteria are washed out. As an auxiliary method of treatment used traditional medicine.

Important to remember! Folk remedies are used only when an acute outbreak of infection is eliminated and the disease begins to subside. Since effective treatment is possible only in the case of the use of medicines.

The symptoms that resulted from the disease, namely pain and feelings of tightness in the lower abdomen, are treated with the use of antispasmodics and painkillers.

In no case can not self-medicate, because it is fraught with serious complications. As a result, there may be problems with the reproductive activity of the body, and this threatens with infertility.

All drugs used in treatment must be prescribed by a doctor. And many patients are interested, does chamomile help with cystitis? Is it possible to completely cure this disease? We will try to answer these questions in more detail.

Pharmacy Chamomile

Pharmacy chamomile is the most popular herb used from ancient times. It was used for female diseases, for skin care of children, since it does not cause allergic reactions, removes diaper rash in a child and copes with any irritations.

Chamomile extract is also added to many cosmetics. It perfectly nourishes the hair and makes them healthy and silky. Medicinal properties of chamomile include:

  1. Chamomile has a calming effect, helps from insomnia, relieves anxiety, normalizes sleep.
  2. Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, relieves pain.
  3. Used as an antispasmodic.
  4. Acts as an antiallergic drug. With any allergic manifestation on the skin, it reduces inflammation, soothes itching and eliminates peeling of the skin.
  5. It works very well as an antiviral agent. Strengthens human immunity.

Chamomile for cystitis is the most effective and simple means of traditional medicine. Since everyone knows about its healing properties, it is natural that it is a salvation for this disease in women. A decoction with chamomile for cystitis relieves inflammation, soothes and relieves pain effects. Accept it also for the purpose of disinfection.

Chamomile baths and douching eliminate bacteria that cause inflammation of the bladder, suppuration and irritation of the genital organs and the outer part of the urinary canal.

Chamomile helps with cystitis in women to remove inflammatory processes not only outside, but also inside the body. In the case when using a decoction as a drink, it acts as a diuretic as well as a choleretic agent, relieves pain and relaxes the muscles of the bladder.

How to use?

Chamomile is always used as a diuretic. For this reason, chamomile decoction is used as a cure for cystitis. Since women suffer in most cases with an acute form of cystitis, chamomile is prescribed by them on the same level as the other drugs.

A decoction of chamomile for cystitis is drunk four times a day for one third of a glass. Need to drink before meals. In order to warm the bladder, it is necessary to use baths in which, in addition to chamomile broth, add essential oils. Take a similar bath should be no more than ten minutes. And after it you need to dress warmly and wrap your back with a warm scarf or scarf.

In addition, women use douching chamomile decoction. With the help of which the vaginal microflora is improved, and inflammation is removed. Syringe need only twice a week, and you should consider that it acts as a disinfectant. And in any case is not used as a drug from the inflammatory process.

Chamomile should be drunk even with chronic form of cystitis. Chamomile decoction is recommended to be used also for supercooling of the body, in this case, it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. But, nevertheless, it should be remembered that in case of complications and a severe form of the disease, chamomile does not help at all. With this option, the woman is prescribed a comprehensive treatment or is recommended to have surgery.

The proportions of cooking chamomile decoction

The broth is prepared in the following way: take a pharmacy chamomile, elderberry inflorescence, barberry and birch buds. These ingredients take in the ratio of 1: 2: 2: 2. At the same time for half a gram of dried collection you need to take one liter of boiling water. Then fully prepared decoction must be insisted for several hours, and then it must be drained through cheesecloth and drink up to five times a day.

The following recipe is not only used for cystitis, it also helps with thrush well. To do this, take chamomile - 30 grams, mint - 20 grams, and poplar buds - 20 grams. It should be remembered that the kidneys need to be collected before the movement of juice in the poplar begins.

Tablespoon of dry collection pour a glass of boiling water. This mixture is infused for four hours. Broth must be consumed within 24 hours.

In addition, chamomile can insist separately from other fees. To do this, it is poured boiling water and drink throughout the day.

In cystitis, it is used not only as a drink, but also for external use. In this case, the decoction acts as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent. In order to prepare a bath of chamomile decoction, you need to take no less than one hundred and fifty grams of dried chamomile flowers and pour five liters of boiling water. And while boiling the mixture for another ten minutes.

Then the broth is filtered and poured into the bath. But you should not forget that this bath should be taken no longer than ten minutes.

For douching women use chamomile decoction to get rid of bacteria. For this reason, cystitis is treated, not only taking it as a local antiseptic inside, but also externally. Due to this, both internal and external inflammatory processes are removed.

But no matter how effective the properties of chamomile, there are a number of contraindications for use by the patient. In no case can not use the decoction of chamomile, when a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer, with chronic gastritis and mental disorders. In addition, you can not use chamomile woman who carries the child. Especially in the first three months.

About how effective a decoction of pharmacy chamomile can be found by reading reviews from people.

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“Cystitis is a very unpleasant disease. She suffered for several years. That just did not do, but the disease has not passed. At first she didn’t go to the doctors, hoping that everything would pass by itself. But when I saw blood in my urine, I was frightened. I went to the doctor and I was prescribed a procedure with urinary washing. And prescribed to drink a decoction with chamomile and lingonberries. After a few days, the pain subsided and my condition began to improve ”- Larisa, 34 years old.

“Cystitis appeared in my New Year holidays. I barely waited for their graduation and went to the clinic. Urologist advised me to do the bath with chamomile decoction and drink tincture. The illness had literally gone in a few days. ”- Elena, 45 years old.

“I have pain in my lower abdomen. I was advised broth chamomile pharmacy. I doused several evenings and everything went away ”- Tamara, 20 years old.

Chamomile properties

The use of compositions based on chamomile inflorescences makes urination less painful.

In inflorescences there is 0.85–1% of essential oil, which contains a multitude of medicinal substances: bisabolol, chamazulene, cadinene, and others. One of the most important components of the plant is hamazulen. It is produced as a result of steaming plant materials.

Thanks to this substance, chamomile has an anti-inflammatory effect. This compound stimulates tissue repair. Quercimeriter and apigenin-7-glucoside have an analgesic effect.

The plant has an antibacterial property, so it can be used to kill staphylococci and certain types of streptococci. It has an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sedative effect.

Effectiveness of cystitis

The plant contains many beneficial substances that have a therapeutic effect.

  • Disinfection. Medicinal substances of chamomile destroy pathogens.
  • Anesthesia. The plant helps to eliminate bladder cramps and relieves pain when urinating.
  • Diuretic action.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect.

Broths for taking inside

From this plant you can make a decoction or tea.

For the manufacture of chamomile decoction for cystitis, take 1 tbsp. l raw materials and fill it with 1 tbsp. boiling water. Insist the composition of half an hour. After that, pass it through a sieve and take 5-8 times a day. This infusion will get rid of the pain better than some pharmaceutical preparations. Drink it should be when there are unpleasant symptoms.

For the manufacture of chamomile tea, take 2 tsp. flowers and brew them with boiling water. Insist 5 minutes. You can drink cooked tea all day. It will relieve pain, eliminate burning, will have a calming effect.

Sit Trays

Sit-baths are an excellent tool for quickly relieving pain in cystitis. To prepare such a bath, take 4 tbsp. l plant flowers and brew them 5-8 liters of boiling water. Cook on low heat for about 5 minutes. Allow the broth to cool and pass it through a sieve.

Pour some water into the bath. Enough water to cover the legs. Add broth to it. Sit in the bath for at least 15 minutes. Immediately after the procedure, you should go to bed and cover yourself with a blanket. If you experience unpleasant sensations enough to take a bath to improve the condition.

Steam baths

Pour into a small bowl of plastic strong infusion. Sit over a basin so that you do not reach the water. Cover with a blanket. Water with broth should be hot, but its temperature should not be above 100 degrees. Soar place of inflammation should be about 20 minutes.

Microclysters help eliminate pain. They are allowed to use and other medicinal plants. Take 1 tbsp. l chamomile and mix with the same amount of yarrow and 1 tsp. hop cones. Fill the composition with 1.5 liters of boiling water. Insist means half an hour. After that, pass it through the gauze. One serving of enema is 50 ml. Perform the procedure twice a day - in the morning and at night.


Chamomile for cystitis in women can be used to perform douching. Doing douching should be no more than a couple of times a week.

Decoction for the procedure is easy to prepare. Take 2 tbsp. l dried inflorescences of the plant, fill them with 1 liter of boiling water and cook on low heat for 5–10 minutes. As soon as the tool has cooled, you can begin the procedure.

Before the introduction of funds into the vagina should be relaxed. The solution must be injected without pressure. Perform the procedure carefully, the decoction should not be in the uterus.

Chamomile children

The use of chamomile for cystitis is also permitted for the treatment of children, provided there are no contraindications. You can do without restrictions bath with chamomile decoction. You can give children tincture and tea.

Tea for children is prepared as follows: 1 tbsp. l raw materials pour 1 cup boiling water. Brew such a composition should be within 30 minutes. Next, it is filtered and diluted with water in a 1: 1 ratio. If the product has been prepared correctly, it will have a pale yellow color. A child should drink such tea for 2–3 tsp. three times a day after meals.

There are other ways to treat cystitis:

Chamomile pregnant

Many women who are expecting a baby are afraid to be treated with medicines and prefer traditional therapies. Pregnant women are allowed bath of chamomile inflorescences. But taking medicinal drugs inside with caution. After all, these drinks can stimulate the production of estrogen. And this is dangerous for the fetus.

Do not start self-medication without consulting a specialist.

Contraindications for use of chamomile

Any course of herbal medicine should not begin without the knowledge of the doctor. After all, there are contraindications that do not allow the use of chamomile for the treatment of cystitis. Allergy to this plant is rarely observed, but if it is used in combination with other herbs, then the body can react to any component of the product.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers should use the plant with caution. It is not recommended to use it when:

  • gastritis with high acidity,
  • chronic diarrhea,
  • irritable bowel syndrome,
  • painful and heavy menstruation.


Chamomile is one of the best natural remedies used in the treatment of cystitis. It has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and analgesic effects. Chamomile baths can be made both for adults and children. But taking decoction inside is not for everyone. It is prohibited for pregnant women. Do not self-medicate. Reception of any herbal preparation should be coordinated with the doctor.

“Daisy-chamomile” - healing power

Chamomile is called universal grass. In the form of infusions and decoctions, it helps out with many illnesses and the range of its action expands significantly if it is in the composition of herbal preparations.

Cystitis is a serious disease of the genitourinary system, and more specifically, the inflammation of the bladder. This disease is more common in women, because they have a wider and shorter urethra than men.

With the disease, there is an unpleasant burning sensation and pain when urinating, frequent urging to the toilet. Urine may have a strong odor, be turbid or with blood.

How does chamomile for cystitis? It affects the disease in several directions at once:

Reduces the processes of inflammation, and has both external and internal action. Its disinfecting properties help with infectious cystitis. In this case, chamomile decoction is used externally.

Antiviral action helps fight pathogens.

In acute cystitis relieves pain: warm chamomile baths will help.

Reduces spasms and relaxes smooth muscles. Chamomile tea relieves spasms.

Has choleretic properties, removes bile from the body.

Important: Assistance is provided only by camomile, and not by other members of this genus. And the composition of the herbal fees include only this type.

Chamomile is usually used in complex therapy, in parallel using both drug treatment and other traditional methods.

Recipes for internal use

The sequence of cooking decoctions is as follows:

Option 1.

  • 2st.l. dry chamomile flowers pour 1⁄2 l. boiling water
  • Heated in a water bath,
  • Boil on low heat for 10 min.,
  • Give brew.

The resulting broth is taken throughout the day, 1⁄2 glasses at equal intervals of time.

Option 2.

  • In equal proportions, take a chamomile pharmacy, cranberry leaf, calendula, yarrow and St. John's wort
  • Mix and fill 4st.l. liter of boiling water,
  • Bring to a boil, but do not boil,
  • Give the broth to stand for 30 minutes.

We drink one glass 4 times a day before meals. Отвар перестают употреблять, когда прекращаются симптомы заболевания. Этот отвар относят к одному из самых действенных средств.

For the preparation of infusion using the collection of herbs:

  • We take peppermint, chamomile, valerian root (1: 3: 1),
  • Herbs are mixed,
  • 1st.l. the resulting mixture we steam in a thermos,
  • Give brew for 3 hours.

Accepted in 2 receptions: half of the infusion for 20 minutes before breakfast, the second half - for 30 minutes before dinner. Reception duration - 3-5 weeks. This collection helps relieve cramps.

Important: Chamomile pharmacy add to the collections of herbs with antispasmodic or anti-inflammatory action: hunter, lime blossom, oregano, calendula, mint, bearberry, yarrow and others.

Recipes for external use

Chamomile for cystitis is also used externally. These are sessile and steam baths, microclysters and douching.

For a sit-down bath do infusion: 5st.l. chamomile brew in 3l. boiling water and insist 15min. Warm water is poured into the bath by adding the infusion. Near put hot water, which is added as needed.

You can take this bath up to 20 minutes. every day until the symptoms of the disease have passed. Even in the absence of signs of cystitis, you can take a bath for several days to consolidate the effect of treatment.

Attention! You can not take these baths with kidney disease and during menstruation.

When a steam bath for women need to find a narrow and high capacity, which is comfortable to sit. Prepare the same infusion as for a sit-down bath, pour it into a container and top up with boiling water.

It is necessary to sit on top, without touching the surface of the water and take cover with a blanket. Removal of inflammatory processes comes at the expense of steam. The duration of the procedure is 20 minutes, the duration is 1 week.

When used in the treatment of microclysters apply herbal. Mix dry chamomile, hop cones, yarrow and sage (2: 2: 1: 1). Infusion is prepared at the rate of 1st.l. mix on a glass of boiled water.

Infusion is prepared within an hour, then filtered. Used in the form of heat. The procedure is preferably carried out 2 times a day, using a small syringe.

Attention! Microclysters help if the nature of the disease is known. For example, when cystitis is the result of prostatitis, hemorrhoids, inflammatory processes in the vagina or colon.

For douching use the same broth (in the form of heat), as well as for microclysters. Douching is used no more than 2 times a week, so as not to affect the vaginal microflora. In addition to treatment, it is used for prophylaxis and hygienic purposes.

After completing these procedures, it is important to dress warmly. Do not allow hypothermia, moving into a cool room. Feet should be kept warm, so it is immediately advisable to wear wool socks. If this is not done, the disease may be exacerbated or complicated.

Treatment of cystitis in women with chamomile has a number of contraindications:

  • Diseases of the digestive tract,
  • Addiction to diarrhea or intestinal disorders,
  • Low acidity of gastric juice,
  • Diseases of gastritis.

Since there are few contraindications, the “chamomile doctor” will help with cystitis even if it has turned into a chronic form. But do not forget about the sense of proportion and use the recommendations of the doctor. When the disease is difficult, drug treatment is necessary.

Will chamomile help with cystitis?

Chamomile is an indispensable plant in the fight against inflammation of the bladder and there are a number of good reasons for this:

  • disinfectant properties - active control of pathogens,
  • anti-inflammatory effect - removal of the inflammatory reaction from the mucous membrane of the bladder and preventing the further spread of the pathological process,
  • antiseptic properties, due to which symptoms of cystitis are quickly stopped,
  • choleretic and diuretic effect,
  • antispasmodic properties - removal of spasm from the smooth muscles of the bladder, as a result, urination becomes less painful.

Chamomile is used for acute infectious processes, as well as for preventive purposes.

In addition, pharmacy chamomile has a sedative effect. It calms, relieves from anxiety, and also normalizes sleep. In addition to the above, the plant has antiviral, antiallergic, immunomodulatory and tonic effect.

Chamomile recipes - infusions and decoctions

Flower for the treatment of inflammation of the bladder can be used in different ways. A simple way is to apply the decoction inside, which has a diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect. Reception of broth in a few days removes unpleasant signs of the disease. Good effect give microclysters, baths, as well as douching.

Chamomile goes well with such medicinal plants:

For half a liter of boiling water, take two tablespoons of dried flowers. Then there are two options: either let the agent brew for forty minutes, or boil for ten minutes in a water bath. The tool is drunk during the day completely half a glass.

For the preparation of antispasmodic collection you will need the following components:

  • valerian root,
  • pharmacy chamomile,
  • pepper daisy

Mix the resulting mixture and take a tablespoon. Place the tool in a thermos and leave for three hours. The tincture should be drunk in two steps: half an hour before breakfast and thirty minutes after dinner. The course of treatment is one month.

In order to prepare a decoction, take the following ingredients:

  • chamomile,
  • calendula,
  • cowberry leaves,
  • St. John's wort
  • yarrow

Four tablespoons of dry raw materials, pour a liter of boiling water. Put in a water bath for a few minutes, then leave to insist for another half an hour. Take the remedy four times a day, 250 ml before meals.

To combat the inflammatory process is recommended to drink chamomile tea. Chamomile flowers are poured boiling water and insist for one to two minutes. Drink tea all day. The tool relieves pain and spasm, and also has a sedative and relaxing effect. Tea can be used in the treatment of young children.

Chamomile trays warm, soothe and eliminate pain. They can be done even for the purpose of prophylaxis after a walk in the cold season of the year or after hypothermia. Consider two options for cystitis baths:

  • sedentary For three liters of boiling water is five tablespoons of chamomile flowers. The remedy should be infused for twenty minutes. Then a warm bath is collected and tincture is poured into it. These baths can be taken daily for fifteen minutes before the disappearance of the clinical symptoms and a few more days after. Do not forget to wear warm socks after taking a bath and dress well,
  • steam. For the preparation of the bath will need a bucket or basin. Preparing the infusion according to the above method, then add it to the hot water. Then you should sit on the bucket, without touching the water, and wrap yourself in a blanket. The procedure lasts ten to fifteen minutes. The course of treatment is five to ten days.

During critical days and with inflammation of the kidneys, bathing is strictly prohibited.


Microclysters are prescribed if cystitis was caused by prostatitis, hemorrhoids, and inflammation of the vagina or colon. To prepare the enema, take these medicinal plants:

Hop cones and chamomile are taken in two parts, and yarrow and sage - in one. One tablespoon of the collection is poured with a glass of boiling water and allowed to infuse for one hour. The tool is filtered through a double layer of gauze.

Microclysters are made with a 50 ml syringe twice a day. The temperature of the drug should not exceed forty degrees.


Vaginal douching is carried out with the help of 100 and 200 ml syringes. For douching, decoctions and infusions based on chamomile, St. John's wort, calendula, and yarrow are used. The solution should be warm, but not hot.

Now let's talk about the technique of bladder douching. For the procedure will need the following:

  • sterile catheter,
  • Janet's syringe
  • Vaseline oil,
  • solution for aseptic washing: camomile infusion or furatsilina solution,
  • napkins,
  • wash

Consider the stages of douching:

  1. Washing away with aseptic solution.
  2. The catheter is inserted into the urethra, the tip is pre-lubricated with vaseline oil.
  3. A syringe with a healing solution is attached to the catheter and is gently inserted into the bladder.
  4. The syringe is disconnected. For complete emptying of the bladder, it is necessary to press on the suprapubic area.
  5. The procedure is repeated several times, after which the catheter is carefully removed and the urethra.

Bladder douching should not be done at home. The procedure without the necessary skills threatens the occurrence of traumatic complications.

Douching improves the vaginal microflora and reduces inflammation. The procedure is allowed no more than two times a week.

Washing away

Laundry is carried out twice a day. First you need to prepare the infusion. A tablespoon of dried flowers is poured with a glass of boiled water and then infused for twenty minutes. Then the infusion is filtered.

After washing, do not rinse with water. Just blot it with a towel. The only contraindication is hypersensitivity to chamomile.

Treatment of chamomile cystitis in pregnant women

Most drugs during pregnancy is prohibited. Herbal treatment is recommended for women. Chamomile in some cases is the only way that can be used to treat cystitis. Yet it is important to know how to properly apply the plant.

The plant is applied topically, in some cases, baths and douching may be prescribed. To use the pharmacy chamomile inside should be extremely careful. The flowers of the plant stimulate the production of estrogen, so the uncontrolled reception of decoctions can lead to premature termination of pregnancy. The daily dosage of chamomile tea is 500 ml. The treatment is carried out under the supervision of a physician.

Despite the lack of side effects and a wide range of therapeutic actions, the plant can not all. When diarrhea and gastritis with high acidity from taking medicinal decoction is better to refuse. Otherwise, allergic reactions may occur.

Beneficial features

Pharmacy chamomile is used in both traditional and alternative medicine due to its properties, namely:

  • takes an active part in eliminating the inflammatory process,
  • has antiseptic and soothing effects,
  • destroys pathogenic bacteria,
  • acts as a disinfectant for treating wounds,
  • relieves pain,
  • promotes the secretion of bile,
  • relieves spasms and relaxes
  • is hypoallergenic and is involved in the elimination of allergic manifestations.
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How to take chamomile for cystitis?

Representatives of alternative medicine recommend using chamomile flowers for the treatment of cystitis. They are made decoctions, infusions, carry out various external procedures, for example, baths, microclysters or douching. To achieve maximum benefit from chamomile inflorescences and speed up the healing process of cystitis, it is necessary to adhere to the therapeutic scheme and the correctness of the procedures.

Chamomile trays

One of the effective methods of combating inflammation in the bladder are water physiotherapy with chamomile decoction. It is necessary to take 4 large spoons of dried inflorescences and immerse them in a basin of boiling water. The resulting broth is poured into a bath and immersed in it so that the water completely covers the legs in a sitting position. It is necessary to do baths with cystitis daily in the course of treatment, spending 20 minutes in chamomile water. After them, immediately put on terry socks, avoid hypothermia, otherwise you can provoke serious complications. It is desirable that the bath in which the patient sits in is warm. To do this, it is preheated with hot water. It is recommended to continue the procedure for 3 days after the disappearance of signs of illness.

Treatment of cystitis with chamomile can be performed using steam baths, using chamomile decoction prepared according to the recipe above. It is important that the solution was a high temperature, but not boiling water. The patient must sit over the pan with the decoction and cover with a blanket. Steam bath duration is 25 minutes every day during the week.

Infusions from the disease

Chamomile is used against cystitis in the form of infusion. For its preparation is required to take 2 tbsp. l dry chamomile inflorescences and pour ½ l of boiled water over them. Leave the liquid to infuse for 45 minutes, then filter. Drink infusion of cystitis throughout the day and 0.5 cups. An effective folk remedy is the collection of 1 part chamomile, 1 part mint and 3 parts valerian root. The ingredients are mixed, take a large spoon and pour 1000 ml of boiling water. Leave the infusion in a thermos for 2-3 hours. Drink medicine for cystitis twice a day, 0.5 infusion before meals.

Chamomile inflorescence tea

In the fight against inflammation of the bladder, it is recommended to drink tea made from dried chamomile flowers, which should be poured with boiling water and left for 1-2 minutes. Ready to drink tea throughout the day. It will relieve muscle spasms, relieve pain, reduce inflammation and have a sedative and relaxing action. This tea can be used for the treatment of cystitis in young children.

Medicinal decoctions

To cope with the problems of the bladder, it is recommended to drink a decoction prepared from a large spoonful of dried chamomile flowers and the 1st mug of boiling water. Put the liquid in a water bath and after 10 minutes of boiling, filter and cool. Take the broth to four times a day. Chamomile is used for cystitis in various collections, the following recipe is most effective:

  1. In equal parts prepare lingonberry leaf, chamomile, yarrow, St. John's wort and calendula.
  2. Stir the ingredients and take 4 large spoons of the mixture.
  3. Pour the plants 1 liter of boiling water and put in a water bath.
  4. When the liquid has warmed up to 100 degrees Celsius, it is necessary to turn off the fire, and cover the tank with a lid for half an hour.
  5. Use the finished decoction in the 1st glass four times a day before the meal.
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Use in pregnant women

A safe plant - chamomile, is considered the most suitable for the treatment of cystitis in the period of carrying a child. Absolutely safe, you can take a flower, if you do from it sit-down heating in hot water and douching. With caution, they use decoctions and infusions, since chamomile is able to activate the production of the hormone estrogen, which is dangerous for the course of pregnancy. In such a crucial period for each woman, urinary inflammation therapy should be carried out exclusively under the supervision of a specialist.

When is chamomile bladder treatment prohibited?

No matter how useful the daisy is, but, unfortunately, not everyone is allowed to take it. It is not recommended to drink chamomile products for patients who have increased acidity or have problems with the chair. If these recommendations are not followed, a person may face a rash and other manifestations of allergy. With the abuse of this medicinal dried flower, weakness, neurasthenia and circling of the head can be observed.

Useful video

Informative video about the treatment of cystitis pharmaceutical chamomile:

Despite the mass of healing properties of pharmaceutical herbs, the treatment of cystitis with chamomile does not always give the expected result. Infusions and decoctions of medicinal plants should be used only in combination with medication, prescribed by a doctor. Otherwise, the disease may begin to progress and become chronic.

Plant benefits

Chamomile - annual grass that grows along the roads, in the fields, gardens, and in every garden. For the treatment of cystitis are used only flowers collected in the summer - they are used to prepare a decoction of chamomile.

The plant is rich in valuable essential oils, organic acids, flavonoids and glycosides. This compound has a strong disinfecting property, due to which chamomile is valued as a powerful natural disinfector.

The action of chamomile is multifaceted:

  • sedative - normalizes sleep,
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • pain reliever
  • antipruritic
  • disinfectant
  • urinary - improves the discharge of urine,
  • immunomodulatory.

Vegetable decoctions

In the treatment of inflammation of the urinary system, girls often use infusions of medicinal plants. Among them, the place of honor is chamomile decoction.

For its preparation will require:

  • 1 tbsp. l dry grass
  • 200 g of boiling water.

  1. The ingredients are mixed and left for an hour.
  2. Ready broth strain and take during the day in small sips.

Infusion has analgesic and diuretic properties.

Other ingredients can be added to these drinks, for example, St. John's wort and calendula - this will increase the anti-inflammatory effect of chamomile, lingonberry leaves, yarrow and mint will eliminate cramps and improve excretory functions, and calm and restore the body's strength.

Additional herbs are mixed in the same proportions as chamomile, and brewed with boiling water per 4 tablespoons of grass per 1 liter of water.

Chamomile baths

Chamomile bath is considered to be the most effective against cystitis in women and other inflammations of the urinary organs, as well as urethritis in men. She quickly relieves symptoms of disease. Therapeutic baths are divided into 2 types:

  1. Sedentary. For cooking, you need to brew an infusion of chamomile flowers, consisting of 4 tablespoons of dry grass and 2 liters of boiling water. This mixture is infused for 15-20 minutes, and then poured into a set bath with clean warm water (or a large basin). It is necessary to sit in such a bath for 10-15 minutes every day until complete recovery. After the procedure, which is best done before bedtime, you should go to bed, put on warm socks and wrap yourself in a blanket.
  2. Steam. Same as in the first recipe, the broth is poured into a large pot or basin filled with boiling water, and on which you can sit close without contact with hot water. Steam procedure is carried out for 15-20 minutes, the lower half of the body is covered with a thick warm towel. It is allowed to make such baths for no more than 1 week.

Treatment of cystitis

A disease called “cystitis” is not always just an adult. Unfortunately, kids are also susceptible to it, girls more often than boys.

The treatment of this disease in a child is not an easy task, as the symptoms do not come to light immediately. A young child of infancy during the period of therapy is in the hospital, and older children are at home.

At the same time there are certain rules for the treatment of children's cystitis at home:

  1. Compliance with bed rest.
  2. Following the principles of personal hygiene.
  3. Maintain proper nutrition.
  4. Drink enough fluids.

The following herbs are used to prepare healing infusions:

  • sage, calendula, celandine, oak bark (from them prepare therapeutic baths for children),
  • linden, lovage, celery (insist for oral ingestion when cutting and painful urination),
  • mint, melissa, valerian, motherwort (an infusion of these herbs helps to cope with frequent urges),
  • mint, St. John's wort, wild rosemary (help with urinary incontinence).

Brew herbs with boiling water, infuse, filter and apply in the morning and evening before meals.

The use of chamomile during pregnancy

The use of chamomile flowers for cystitis during pregnancy is considered the safest because of the natural properties of the plant. Dry grass is used for the preparation of baths and solutions for douching.

Chamomile washing is very useful, but it is not advisable to use the infusion inside, as herbal teas based on plants stimulate the production of the hormone estrogen, which is responsible for increasing the tone of the uterus. In addition, chamomile decoctions can cause allergic reactions in the mother.

Reviews of chamomile for cystitis

In the treatment of cystitis, there is no distinction between men and women when it comes to the use of drug therapy. The same applies to traditional medicine, which is considered chamomile. However, only an integrated approach to the treatment of an unpleasant disease can permanently relieve a patient of her symptoms and return to her usual life.