Choosing the first pot for a child


Newly-made moms and dads always have some questions to which they alone cannot find the answer. So, with the appearance of a new tenant in the family, a lot of problems arise: what to feed the baby, how to bathe, where the baby should sleep and many others. One of the important stages in the life of the child and his mother is learning. First, the baby learns to roll over on his stomach, then raises and holds the head. Next, the crumb begins to sit and crawl. It is then that most parents have a question: how to accustom walking to the pot of your baby? This is what will be discussed further. You find out how the boys are trained to the pot and whether there are any particularities in this procedure. Also worth telling about how to choose the most convenient device for the baby.

What are the pots for children?

Before you begin the training process, you should purchase a personal tool to cope with the needs of the baby. Of course, every family has a toilet. However, not all children agree to use a standard toilet. Many kids have a fear of falling into a big hole. Also, the inconvenience lies in the fact that during his stay on the adult toilet, the crumb does not feel support under his feet. Currently, manufacturers of children's products offer to purchase special linings. Such devices are placed on the rim of the toilet bowl and securely fasten on it. However, many children begin to use such devices only after they learn to go to the pot.

Modern firms produce a wide variety of devices. Pots for children can be ordinary or with additional accessories. Surely you will not find on sale metal tools with a handle, which were very popular in Soviet times. The current pots are made mostly of plastic. In this case, the device has a rather bright color. This is done to attract special attention to the baby.

The opening of the pot can be oval or round. Pot pots for boys suggest the presence of a special front side. It is made so that the liquid from the tank is not sprayed in different directions.

The most popular recently acquired a potty chair for children. However, remember that such a device has additional legs. That is why it needs to be bought for older children. All pots have a certain height. Be sure to focus on this when choosing a product.

Usually parents choose nursery pots for boys with their babies. Perhaps your son already has any color preferences. Offer him several options, let him independently evaluate all the models he likes. Remember that at first the crumb will perceive the device as another toy. Before the boys are taught to the pot, kids get acquainted with their new friend. The child should carefully study the accessory.

How are boys taught to pot?

By and large, training of representatives of the stronger sex is no different from girls. However, many experts argue that the latter quickly master this skill. It is necessary to teach a boy to go to the pot in several stages. In this case, you can never show aggression and increased perseverance. Remember that the moment will come when the child himself wants to use the pot, and this fact will not depend on your desire. So how are boys taught to pot? We will get acquainted with the main points and methods.

Suitable age

In order for the baby to start doing his business with pleasure in the right place, it is worth waiting for a certain age level. Many mommies say that their child is asking to go to the toilet from the very birth. However, this is nothing more than self-hypnosis. Such parents are just used to offering the kid to defecate every 15-20 minutes. That is why the child responds properly to the next “letter”. However, this does not at all indicate that even in a year the crumb will flawlessly and without failures ask for a pot.

Experts say that up to three years you can not worry. If the child soaked pants, there is nothing to worry about. The parts of the brain that are responsible for urination are not sufficiently developed. However, statistics show that at about two years most of the kids are already using the pot during the daytime.

Many mothers ask pediatricians about how to quickly teach a child to the pot. The rush in this case is explained by the fact that grandmothers and grandfathers inquired in surprise: “How can he not go to the pot yet ?!”. That is why parents, under the pressure of the older generation, are trying to inculcate this skill to a child as soon as possible. Indeed, a few decades ago, children were taught to go to the pot almost from three months. However, this need was due to the lack of diapers, washing machines and diapers. Now everything has changed a lot. Therefore, you should not run ahead of the engine and plant a five-month-old baby on the pot.

Which pots should not be purchased?

At the present time, you can find devices in stores that have additional distracting elements: music buttons, a drawing tablet, and so on. There are also pots that make some melody after the baby goes to the toilet. All this is definitely fun and interesting. However, it is better to buy such pots for older children, who already know quite well why they need such an accessory in the first place.

Otherwise, the crumb will sit on the device only for the game and will not understand that there also need to defecate.

Where to begin?

So, we teach the pot without tears. After you have purchased the device, you need to wash it. Make it better with ordinary baby soap. After this, introduce the baby to his new friend. Tell us about what this device is for. Surely the child will not understand you the first time.

Between buying a pot and the first attempt to go to it in the toilet should take at least one week. Ideally, the accessory is purchased in advance - for several months. Let the device is daily in sight crumbs. Think of a pot for a specific place where it will stand.

First attempts

When the baby is already quite well acquainted with the new accessory, you can make the first attempt to sit on it. First do it in clothes. Let the crumb sit on the device, like on a stool. If you have a children's potty stool, you can simply cover it with the enclosed lid, and it will take the form of a chair.

Seat the boy on the accessory and show your delight. The child must understand that it is very good and fun.

Show by example

So, you have firmly decided: we teach the pot without tears. To do this, you have to be patient. The boys in the first years of their lives go to the toilet while sitting. Only closer to three years old can a baby learn to do it “in a small way” standing like an adult.

That is why a mother can show her child by example how to do it. Feel free to sit on the pot and pretend you want to go to the toilet. Surely the child will take the initiative and interest.

Praise, do not scold

If the kid first did everything right, you must certainly praise him. Let the baby know, for what it is encouraged. Do this with every successful outcome.

Do not scold the boy for what happened accident. Otherwise, the child may simply pinch and refuse to go to the toilet. If the baby did not work out and he made a puddle, then say that the pot is very upset and the mother is also distressed. Show the child to clean up after themselves. Give your son a cloth and ask him to wipe the puddle. Of course, this manipulation will not work very well for him. So be prepared to come to the rescue.

Buy beautiful underwear

You already know what time to teach the baby to the pot. At about two years old, the child may already show his own taste. Some things he likes more, while others less. Offer your son to choose his panties together. Most often, children prefer products with painted cartoon characters. After such a purchase, you need to explain to the child that now he can’t wet his panties. Otherwise, the bear (Masha, smesharik, fixer, and so on) will be offended.

This combination of circumstances will be a stimulus for the baby. He will strive to keep his new acquisition clean. Do not forget to offer your son a pot more often.

Use the game

Invite your son to play a fun game with you. Roll up small balls of toilet paper and place them close to the pot. The goal of the game is this: you must throw the cooked products into the container with your child. In this case, you need to rejoice at each hit and praise the baby.

When all the paper balls are finished, offer the crumbs to get a jet on the targets. In this way, you can teach the boy to walk "in a small way" while standing.

Take a break

If the child is afraid of the pot, how to teach him? Everything is very simple. Take a short break in your attempts. Remove the device from the eyes of the child for about 2-4 weeks. During this time, the crumb will break the habit of your demands and forget about negative emotions. After a specified time, remove the pot and resume attempts. At the same time, remember about the past unsuccessful experience and do not repeat your mistakes.

Use special tools

Modern manufacturers of baby diapers offer parents to purchase special panties for potty training. Outwardly, they look like ordinary personal care products. However, after urination, the child begins to feel terrible discomfort. This is what drives young children. The kids tend to relieve their need for a pot, so as not to go with a wet booty.

Night urination

How to teach a boy to go to the pot at night? First you need to ensure that the baby is accustomed to a new friend in the daytime. Also, a dry night diaper is an indication that the crumb is ready. If you notice that the son does not urinate at night, take off his absorbent underpants and put on the usual ones. At the same time tell the child that now he is already big and must ask for a pot. Perhaps you will find several defeats. Do not give up and go on. In this case, never scold the child.


Now you know the basic ways of teaching the boy to the pot. Remember that a child is normal can pee in pants up to three years old by day and up to five at night. If you have already crossed this line, and the child still does not want to use the pot, visit a specialist (neurologist, nephrologist and pediatrician). You may need to undergo some treatment, and everything will work out.

Teach your child to the pot on time. Do not rush things, never scold or punish the boy for failures. Due to the fact that you will start your attempts early, the baby will not begin to use this device before. There must be time for everything. Patience you and good results in training kids!

Types of modern pots for kids

All these problems for inexperienced parents began since a range of children's pots appeared on sale. When only the Soviet metal rounds were on the shelves, it was not necessary to choose - and therefore, to suffer with the choice. Today, on the one hand, everything has become much easier: you can find a model for every taste, wallet, for any needs and desires. On the other - it is this choice that makes it difficult. The manufacturers offerings seem endless. This concerns the shapes, colors, sizes, complexity of structures, the availability of additional details and functions, the sex of children ... Moreover, the situation with boys is more complicated due to the obvious differences in the structure of the urinary organs.

Generally speaking, today you can find pots of the following types on sale.

  • The usual form (usually round, sometimes oval). Usually they have a downwardly extending base or skirt-footboard - for greater stability. You can choose a model like this for a girl - it is comfortable to sit on such a pot by sliding the legs.
  • Anatomical. Designed primarily for boys: they are elongated in an oval, have in front of a special ledge, forcing the child, sitting down, pushing the legs. At the same time, the boy's sexual organ is not pressed, but is conveniently located in the reservoir. Behind this model pot has a back - so that the kid does not accidentally sit on it backwards. For the convenience of getting up, such models are also often equipped with steps. Stepping on them, the child presses the pot, which prevents it from overturning. But at first parents will have to plant a baby until it adapts - the shape of such pots is not very convenient. By the way, for girls, this model is also quite suitable.
  • In the form of a highchair. Outwardly, they really look like a small chair, often with armrests. Only instead of a seat they have a built-in place for a removable tank. Sitting on such a “throne” is quite comfortable for kids. The boy version should also have an oval shape and a front overhang.
  • In the form of toys (cars, animals, etc.). Such pots look quite attractive for a child: they can have bright eyes, ears, headlights, a steering wheel or other colored or luminous parts ... All this can entice a baby so much that he will simply forget why, in fact, they put him in a pot.
  • Musical. From the same "enticing" series. At the moment when the baby begins the desired process, a cheerful melody is activated. The conditioned reflex to write or kakat just for such a melody can develop quite easily.

Think three times before buying such a “musical treasure”. It costs a lot of money. But imagine what would happen if the toddler accidentally hears such a melody somewhere on the street, in a shop, hospital.

In addition to the main there are other types of children's pots.

  • Road (are folding or inflatable) - designed for travel. Folding compact folded, and in the unfolded is used in conjunction with a disposable package (which is then thrown away along with the contents). The inflatable will be suitable for older children - very small ones can not wait until the adults cheat on the mobile latrine.
  • Pots or appliances for older children (accustoming to an adult toilet).

The latter, in turn, can also be divided into groups.

  • Transformer. Outwardly, such a “unit” is also a pot. Only the lid is a soft child toilet seat. This design allows the use of the pot, while the child is very small. And when he grows up, with the help of a seat cover it will be easier to accustom him to an adult toilet.
  • Baby seat for toilet. It can be mounted on top of a normal adult seat, and under it. Here you can either choose the option that is suitable for any type of plumbing, or pick it up for a specific toilet.
  • Prefix to the toilet in the form of a seat. Such a device is like a ladder with handrails, on which the child can climb onto the toilet by pushing the console to it.

Before you go on a trip with a road pot, try it at home, and more than once, so that the little one gets used to it, get used to it. Otherwise, on the way, he may flatly refuse to cope with his needs.

What should be the "children's toilet"?

When choosing a pot, it is important to be guided, first of all, by whether the child is comfortable on it, whether he likes this particular color or pattern. Therefore, it is optimal to take it with you to such “shopping” and choose together.

Picking up an option that will suit both the baby and parents, you should pay attention to important nuances before you buy.

  • The pot is preferably plastic. Such a model will be easy, moreover, plastic is never very cold and quickly takes the temperature of a child’s body.
  • Plastic must be non-toxic.
  • Not the last factor - the convenience of the baby. The pot should be suitable for him in height, so that the feet touch the floor, to be stable, so that the crumb will not accidentally knock it over.
  • Convenient when the model is equipped with a removable, rather than a hinged lid.
  • The correct pot will not crush the baby, crashing into the ass. The model for the boy must be necessarily elongated shape.
  • The surface of the pot should be smooth and even, without any agnails and sharp corners, in order not to accidentally injure the delicate skin and not carry the infection.
  • Proper pot should be hygienic. In this regard, the preferred options with white tanks - it is better to see any dirt.
  • The handle on the pot will contribute to the convenience of the mother: such a pot is easy to empty.
  • Models of complex shape should be quickly and simply understood, they should not be hard-to-reach places for washing - after all, they are real breeding grounds for bacteria.
  • Models with removable tanks should not have large gaps or cracks in which you can stick and pinch your finger.
  • It is better not to choose options that contain many distracting details.

Подводные камни яркости и красоты

Многие педиатры сходятся во мнении, что всевозможные отвлекающие конструкции и приспособления горшку совершенно не нужны. Ведь они обманывают ребенка своими «спецэффектами». As a result, the baby happily hurries to the pot, but not at all for what adults expect from him, but just to play and have fun. With this approach, the identification of the pot precisely as a “latrine” does not occur. The karapuz does not connect a bright construction directly with physiological processes. What then is the sense to teach him to the pot? Any kid has enough toys today. And after such a pot, it will be very difficult to transplant it into a regular one, “not fancy”, because the child will start to miss - he is not used to it.

When teaching a child to do their homework on a pot, one should not lure him, but explain that it is important to do this in such a way that the purpose of this hygiene item is to collect feces and urine.

In addition, constant long sitting on the pot does not have a favorable effect on the development of the inguinal muscles and thighs of the child.

In the process of teaching the child to the pot, an important role is given not only to the convenience and safety of the subject itself, but also to “explanatory work”. It is important to overcome the resistance of the crumbs, to make the trip to the toilet does not cause him stress and protest. Neither tweeters, flashers, or books, rattles will not help. This is the task of the parents. If the child is ready for a new stage in his life, then he will accept the pot himself painlessly.

Criteria for choosing a pot for a child

Characteristics of the pot, which you need to pay attention to when buying:

  • Material. The most familiar material is plastic. Earlier, in Soviet times, only enamel pots with a handle were on sale. It is unlikely that this option will appeal to the child - it is cold and uncomfortable. Moreover, it is easy to overturn. It is better to give preference to a quality plastic pot. How to determine the quality of the material? Check that there are no jagged jagged edges and a peculiar chemical smell. Indirectly, the quality of plastic can tell the price. High quality products can not be cheap. It is not necessary to acquire wooden pots - even with special impregnation, the tree is sufficiently susceptible to the multiplication of bacteria.
  • Age restrictions. The pot almost always indicates for which age or weight category it is intended. Do not choose too big a pot for the future, because the kid will have to spend a lot of time on it, he should be comfortable.
  • Form and convenience. Prefer those pots that have a back. The child will be able to lean back, lean on without risking falling. The base choose a wide and stable, so that the baby does not accidentally fall off with the pot. There are models with a special step, on which the pot cannot be overturned and the contents poured.
  • Appearance. It is better if the kid helps to determine the model. He will be nicer to sit on a beautiful pot, which depicts a favorite hero. Let him decide what color pot he likes.
Bright modern pot for a real princess

Differences pots for boys and girls

Many parents believe that there are no differences between pots for girls and boys, but this is not the case. When buying a pot, be sure to specify for which floor it is intended. In addition to color differences (girly pink shades, boyish blues and greens) there is an anatomical difference:

  • For a boy, choose a pot of a forward shaped shape. This configuration is needed so that the urine falls into the pot, and not poured. Be sure to need a separator for the legs. The stores have a model of urinals for boys, but they are not very popular in the countries of the former Soviet Union.
  • For a girl, a round pot without a separator is better suited. Sitting on it, the baby will be able to bring the legs together.

Types of children's pots and their distinctive features

You can start to teach the child to the pot from the moment he learned to sit. Normally, a child by 2 years old, by a nursery age, must completely abandon diapers and walk only on a potty. Gradually, without pressure, the baby should be given to understand what the pot is intended for. The main thing is the persistence of parents and a comfortable, attractive pot.

There are various forms and models of pots. What is the beginning, weaning from the diaper? Which form is more suitable for older children? Should I take a model with all sorts of entertainment elements? Let's try to figure it out. The photo below shows the most common models of pots.

Model in the form of a stool, perhaps the most comfortable for the child. It looks more like a chair with a pot instead of a seat. The container should fit snugly to the frame, there should be no gaps and sharp corners, which can be injured or pinch the skin. The chair itself is equipped with a back so that it is comfortable to sit on it.

It is difficult to turn over such a pot because it stands firmly on the floor. The part in which the baby walks is easy to get and wash. There are models with a cover and without it.

Toilet seat

The baby seat on the toilet is installed directly on the adult seat. Choosing it in the store, consider the size of your toilet. You can immediately buy a combined adult seat, which has a built-in folding pad for the baby.

It is advisable to purchase a pad on the toilet at the age of 4-5 when the child is old enough to go to the toilet on his own. If you want to teach your baby to the toilet earlier, get a special ladder on which he will climb. He will lean on her feet, sitting on the toilet. Going to the toilet, the child rises to the footboard and he will wash the handles in the sink.

The road model is very convenient to go to the toilet during a trip out of town or on a walk in the warm season. Folding pot can be easily decomposed and placed into it a sealed disposable liner that does not pass moisture. After use, the package must be closed and discarded.

Another "marching" version of the baby pot is a folding toilet seat. It is convenient to use them in a public toilet, for example, in a clinic or a cafe. It is securely fastened and takes up little space in the bag.

There are inflatable travel pots, they are compact and inexpensive. You can not put disposable bags in them - just wash under running water after use. The disadvantage of this model is its instability, so the parent is better to stay close and hold the baby.

HandyPotty Collapsible Travel Pot


Transforming pot is different in that it "grows" with your baby. When it is folded, it is an ordinary pot. If you expand it, the lower part turns into a step in order to climb on the toilet, and the upper part into a child seat.

Such a pot model will serve its owner for a long time. Try to choose a pot of high-quality material, because pathogenic microorganisms are often infused in microcracks.


The pot is intended for managing natural needs, and this is its only function. That is why psychologists advise to abandon models with musical accompaniment, bright game elements, made in the form of animals or a car.

Of course, such a model is convenient for parents - the melody plays when the pot is filled, and the baby is interested. Only here to sit for a long time on the pot and play is bad for the health of the child. In the end, the baby sits on the pot is not at all to develop or listen to music.

Types of pots

Fantasy manufacturers of children's goods is limitless. To make sure of this, it is enough to go into the children's world and get acquainted with the presented assortment of various pots lined up in orderly rows. Here you will see bright and attractive pots:

  • musical,
  • classic,
  • folding,
  • transformers,
  • plastic and inflatable,
  • universal, male and female,
  • highchairs
  • in the form of animals,
  • with and without lid,
  • with the wheel,
  • with fasteners,
  • with a high back and a footrest resembling a throne,
  • with music panel.

Just breathtaking from what he saw! There is no wonder and confused, because all these accessories are so beautiful that it will be rather problematic to stop at one of them.

What are popular types of pots?

Many parents prefer not to turn the pot into an object for entertainment and buy one that they themselves used in their time - a simple, classical form. Remember the movie "Operation" Y "? Several scenes in this tape forever captured Soviet metal pots with a lid.

Like them, today accessories made of plastic are produced, which differ from their ancestors in their weight and property not to create unnecessary noise.

If you want to pick a boy more modern pot, so to speak, with a "twist", then you should pay attention to musical. Its form, as a rule, is oval or round, and when it hits the bottom of the liquid, a pleasant melody or a classical motif sounds, signaling mom that the work is done.

Children are often purchased high pots. They can be conveniently located, relying on the back. A sidushka in them assumes a round hole in which, in fact, a container is installed to collect the emptyings.

Pots with music panel, with a wheel and other "frills"As well as toy pots made in the form of a car on which you can sit astride, the boys really like it, although, quite often, they perceive them only as fun. The effectiveness of these items, unfortunately, has not been proven in practice by many parents. The kids now and then distracted, playing, while forgetting the main purpose of the event.

Pots with fixings (belts) are sometimes puzzling, however, and they have their own buyers. Relentless boys, perhaps they will come in handy, but still this “attachment” is more like violence than like teaching a child to organized coping.

Transformer - This is a pot that grows with a child. At the initial stages of its development, it is practically no different from the usual toilet accessory, but as soon as the baby is ready to move into the adult toilet, its upper part is separated and placed on top of the rim of the general toilet.

There are special pots for traveling, going to the clinic or for a walk. These include folding and inflatable modelsas well as special toilet seats.

Folding pots consist of:

  • plastic case
  • one-time package.

When the child is empty, the bag can be tied and discarded, and the pot folded and put back into the bag.

To use an inflatable pot, you just need to inflate it. It is easy to clean after use. Enough to have access to water or a few wet wipes.

Toilet seat is adjustable and standard size. The first can be used regardless of the design of an adult toilet, the second is only suitable for a particular model.

Pot for boys and for girls - what's the difference?

All of these types of pots are universal or adapted for use by girls or boys.

Pots for girls round and without ledges. You can sit on them with legs flattened. A pot for boys, in accordance with the physiological characteristics of the structure of their genital organs, is elongated, that is, suggesting a protrusion on the frontal part with a small tubercle, which, on the contrary, prevents the legs from collapsing and performs a barrier function, not allowing the baby to pinch the penis between the thighs and splash urine when urination.

Universal pots are characterized as follows:

  • They have round shape,
  • There is an implicit frontal overhang,
  • You can sit on them, both by folding and spreading the legs,

What to look for when buying

When purchasing a pot for a baby or a baby, you should decide on its configuration, color and degree of convenience. The latter will provide:

  • A handle for holding the accessory when carrying it out,
  • The back on which the crumb can rest,
  • A lid that allows you to cover up the "done"
  • Pot size, baby should not fall into it,
  • Base expansion to ensure accessory stability
  • Material that guarantees the ease and convenience of care for the pot,

Special attention should be paid to the last criterion. The most common and popular today are plastic products that:

  • Affordable,
  • Not cold, unlike metal,
  • Not heavy and not subject to the appearance of chipping and burrs, like wood.

Little nuances of a big deal

Now that we have understood the varieties of pots, the rules and characteristics of their choice, we can proceed to the consideration of the particular cases of using one or another model of this item.

Let's start with the musical pots. Not surprisingly, but a fact - with them the tots quickly comprehend the science of toilet work. True, there is a small caveat - the melody, which reports on the effectiveness of the approach, produces something like an unconditioned reflex in the crumbs.

Having heard familiar notes, he can involuntarily register. This happens because the brain connects music with the need to empty it.

Pots, high chairs, despite its apparent convenience, sometimes deliver serious discomfort to the child. Usually, the problem lies in the presence of a gap between the seat base and the pot itself. He can pinch delicate skin in moments of active fidgeting, or the lad decides to stick a finger in him, etc.

Conclusion: When buying similar models of children's pots for children, check the reliability of their mounting and the commensurability of the slot with the container inserted into it.

Pots, which need to sit on horseback, cause inconvenience in terms of the need to remove from the baby pants / tights. If you can sit on a standard pot, lowered the clothes, then to sit on the game models, you have to strip the child naked, at least from the bottom.

When to teach a child to the pot?

Now you know everything about the children's pots, so take the crumbs and go to the store together. Observations show that the pots, which the kids choose for themselves, they like much more than the ones offered by their relatives. Consequently, to go to them in large and small things becomes much more interesting.

When to start?

In today's world, there is a rapid acceleration of the development of children, to which many parents are happy to play along. Some begin to put the kids on the pot before the year with the logic that the sooner you start, the sooner the habit will form and the apartment will become clean. Experts in this situation usually just shake their heads.

Let's just say, experimenting is not forbidden at any age - there will definitely be no harm from this. Moreover, it is possible that the child, sitting in a convenient pot, will do his own business at the same time, but you should not see his own wish in this. By the year, most children, if they don’t walk confidently, are already prepared to experiment with walks with all their might, but they still cannot control their needs, so at the initial stage they will have to get used to the puddles, because even diapers rarely provide one hundred percent effect.

The average age when the child begins not only to meet needs as they arise, but to endure to a certain point, experts believe one and half year. In some, this period comes even a little earlier, the parents of others will have to be patient. In any case, the pot can be bought in advance, but you should not be angry at the girl, if at an earlier stage she does not want to demonstrate the expected result.


Before deciding on a particular model, it is worth getting closer to the existing range. Today, there are quite a few varieties of such children's affiliation, and each of them may have its own advantages.

  • Classic pots are usually round, they are distinguished by minimalism in the number of parts and shape. Most often, girls, at least as a first copy, are advised to buy just such a product.

  • Anatomical The pots are equipped with a back at the back and a protrusion at the front; they monitor not only the ease of handling needs, but also the correct posture in the process. They often have a protrusion in the front, thanks to which the children sit on it with their legs apart - this moment often scares the parents of girls, but is rated as plus the boys' parents.

  • Models with a "skirt" suggest the presence around the pot flat footboard, on which the baby gets up instead of the floor. Such a wide base design does not allow the child to overturn the product, which will once again contribute to the order in the apartment.

  • Highchair so called not for nothing - it really is very similar to the usual piece of children's furniture with legs and back, that's just in the seat it has a hole, under which is a removable intake. Thus, the girl will learn to sit on the pot and on the chair.

  • The pot can also perform clean entertainment function - if it is made in the form of an animal or a car (however, this is closer for boys). Главное, при использовании такой модели – вовремя объяснить ребёнку, что горшком является только его личный вариант изделия.

  • Музыкальные модели демонстрируют возможности использования современных технологий, в качестве механизма приучивания используя схемы, аналогичные тем, что актуальны в процессе дрессировки животных. For the correct action, the child needs praise, but with such know-how a person does not have to be present nearby - the pot itself turns on pleasant music for the child when he correctly understands his purpose.

Of course, such a product is much more expensive, and often also criticized by experts - they say, not all children then want to abandon such an accessory in favor of an ordinary toilet that does not want to give solemnity to everyday needs.

  • All the above models are a purely homely solution, however. in recent decades, with the increase in the number of private cars, the diversity has increased greatly hiking pots. The principles of this design can be completely different, but it almost always differs either by improved tightness, or significantly reduced dimensions and light weight.

  • In the category of pots it is often written and special children's lining on the toiletwhich allow the child with its small dimensions to use a wide adult cover. However, such a model is definitely not suitable as the first pot, and, in general, such a solution is not so often in demand.

Selection logic

It is clear that among the two pots, even those selected from the same category, one is likely to be much more convenient than the second. Reviews of experts show that in some cases the reason for the delay in conscious urination is not age, but an unfortunate sanitary fixture, therefore parents must take a responsible approach to its choice. To do this, pay attention to the popular tips that help to quickly achieve the desired result.

  • Many parents, deceived by well-thought-out marketing, are willing to pay large sums in order to buy the best model for their child, which often includes a musical pot or toy pot. On the one hand, such a product will really attract the attention of the girl and make him study, on the other - in general, it’s not a fact that the baby will understand his purpose correctly. The abundance of available features makes the main one unobvious, and the child may never find the right association, and in the future, as has already been said, they will not appreciate the more “boring” type of plumbing.

In addition, the child is inclined to spend quite a lot of time on an interesting pot, but he shouldn’t sit for a long time - it is harmful for the muscles of the pelvis and perineum.

Types of children's pots

To attract the attention of children to a new piece of toilet, manufacturers are able to very skillfully use their imagination. This can be seen in almost any store with a large assortment of pots:

  • the most simple round or oval shape,
  • in the form of various animals or cars,
  • folding and transformers,
  • with back and without
  • with and without lid,
  • musical,
  • with additional game elements (music panel, steering wheel, etc.),
  • plastic and inflatable,
  • pots-chairs.

In fact, it is not even possible to count all the variety of offers. And the wider the choice, the harder it is to make it. To simplify this task can only be determined with the fundamental characteristics of the option you need.

General criteria for choosing a baby pot

Of course, parents will have to make a choice. Although it is possible to involve the child in the process, but only at the last stage, when it remains to decide between several options that correspond to the objective requirements of quality and comfort. Otherwise, the kid will certainly prefer the most noisy, bright and complex "unit". What do adults need to pay attention to?

Decide on personal pot requirements

For some parents, it is only important that this item of toilet perform its basic function and is intended to cope with natural needs - then the simplest potty will do. Someone wants to draw the child’s attention to this object in any way possible - then you can look at the pots of the original forms or with music. And someone may need a road toilet, which will fit folding and inflatable pots, transformer pots, high chairs and even chairs. Decide on the fact that the most important thing in a pot is necessary before going to the store.

Focus on the quality characteristics that provide comfort to the child:

  • material is non-toxic, lightweight and durable at the same time,
  • design - steady and comfortable for sitting (including long),
  • age appropriate - neither big nor small, so that the child does not experience any inconvenience and not tied to the pot for a long time, and promptly switched to the toilet.

In addition to these basic parameters, there is one more that needs to be considered - this is the sex of the child. After all, the anatomical features of boys and girls can also greatly affect the feeling of comfort and convenience of the pot.

The subtleties of choosing a pot for a boy

Some readers may wonder, why only the question of choosing a toilet item for a boy was given a separate consideration? The fact is that the anatomically determined peculiarities of the needing of the girls make it possible to purchase practically any pot for them. And this is not about color and design. It is quite another thing with pots for boys.

So, for the convenience and health of a little gentleman, his toilet should be:

  • oblong (oval) shape - this allows babies without discomfort to sit on the pot,
  • to have a special knob-separator for the legs - this is a kind of “mudguard” and a guarantee that the boy will not stretch his legs and hold his penis between his thighs,
  • have a back - it will allow the baby to sit comfortably on the pot.

All other characteristics are a matter of choosing a parent or a baby.

Suitable for boys variants of pots are also:

  • universal pots, which are distinguished by a rounded shape and a small frontal protrusion, which allows both to breed and to bring the legs together,
  • urinal pots that can be floor mounted or mounted on a wall (toilet). But it suits, naturally, only to write.

The choice of a pot (regardless of the sex of the child) is an event as important and responsible as the schooling for it. Sometimes even the choice of the wrong option can negate all efforts to put the child on the pot. Parents should remember two main things - the pot should not become another toy and should certainly be comfortable and safe for the baby, and everything else - unnecessary excesses.

Anatomical features

The pot or toilet seat should be appropriate for the anatomical features and body size of your child. The most important mistake Many young parents when choosing a pot, it is his purchase without taking into account the sex of the child. Very often for the boy they buy the same pot as for the girl. Meanwhile, the pot for a boy differs in shape from those designed for girls.

Therefore, take the baby with you to the store to “try on” the potty. A joint trip to the store will initially interest the baby with a purchase. And this is the first plus. It will be good if you give your child the opportunity to choose the model and color he likes most.

For girl A round pot is suitable, sitting on which the baby can bring the legs together.

In addition, it is easy and convenient to sit on such a pot.

For boy suitable pot, slightly extended forward, in front of which there is a special ledge. But this protrusion is not designed to ensure that urine does not splash, as is commonly believed. And in order for the baby's legs to be divorced, and the penis was sent down (to the pot), and not clamped between the thighs.

It is harder to sit on such a pot than on a round pot, so the first time you will have to support the baby when landing.

Such pots, as a rule, have a back. But of course, not so that the child could fall apart on a pot, as in a chair. And in order to baby could not sit on the pot wrong.

Here the answer is unequivocal. It is better to purchase a plastic pot. It is easy to clean, light, not cold to the touch.

The color of the pot does not matter. What kid will like is good.

But keep in mind that white is clearly visible dirt, so it is easier to keep it clean.


Of course, the pot must be stable so that the child does not turn over with him if he starts to fidget. Resistance to the pot gives expanding to the bottom base.

Convenient pots with footrest. Stepping on it, the child gets up without the risk of knocking over the pot and pouring its contents.


The pot should always be kept clean. This is holy!

Therefore, check that the surface is smooth. So it is easier to wash.

If you get a pot with a lid, then do not forget to wash the lid with the pot.

An important condition when choosing a pot is that it has a comfortable handle, holding which one could take it out of the high chair and pour the contents. It is convenient to wash the pot with a handle and keep it clean constantly. And to wash the pot was easier, look at its inner surface. It should be smooth. Burrs and cracks that can injure the skin and are a haven for germs are unacceptable on the surface.

Some modern models of pots and toilet seats on the toilet contain a microban - an antibacterial additive that destroys up to 99.6% of bacteria on the surface of the product.

Well, that's probably the most important thing about the "properties" of the pot I said. I will also add that at the potting stage it is very convenient when there is a pot in each room. The kid will not have to run far to catch the pot before ...

We now turn to the most interesting.

Potty Chair

The stool-pot is a stool with a hole in the seat into which the pot is inserted. When choosing a potty high chair, carefully inspect it and check whether the pot is firmly fixed to the highchair, if there are gaps between it and the highchair, where the child can stick a finger or pinch the bottom. A good pot-chair should not have gaps, sharp corners, and should also be made of high-quality plastic. Do not buy wooden pots, chairs that advertise as environmentally friendly. They get dirty very quickly and absorb microbes, which are very difficult to completely remove from wooden surface cracks.

Interestingly, there are pots in the form of a real toilet bowl with a lid on sale! Why not come up with!

Road (folding) pot

A folding pot is convenient when traveling, visiting, in the clinic and on a walk, as not all children agree to go "under a bush."

The plastic case of the pot unfolds and a disposable package insert is fixed on it. It does not get wet and does not let in odors, and after use it is hermetically sealed and thrown away.

But I know that children often refuse to sit on an unfamiliar pot, so "practice" at home before taking it with you on the road.

Baby seat on the toilet

Some child seats are placed on the toilet and are pressed on top by an adult seat. Others are mounted directly on the adult seat. The first option is not very hygienic, but in the absence of the best and it will come down.

In any case, the child seat should fit in size and shape to your toilet model and adult seat on it.

There are models of child seats that have an adjustable fastening system, and they can be used with any size toilet.

Conveniently, if the adult toilet seat is already equipped with a child seat, which can be folded up. Such models are sold in regular plumbing stores.

The child seat should be easily and quickly installed so that even a child can cope with it, securely fasten, and prevent contact of the baby with the surface of the toilet!

Road (folding) seat on the toilet

A folding toilet seat is useful for a walk or a trip if you suddenly have to use a public toilet.

Such a seat when folded takes up very little space, is quickly unfolded and secured to the toilet using retainers.

Transforming pot

The transforming pot “matures” together with the baby, allowing you to go from the pot to the adult toilet.

In assembled form it is a potty stool for toddlers. The disassembled lower part of the pot is a support-step, and the upper part is a toilet seat.

Toilet Seat

The toilet seat is a baby toilet seat on a stable support, which completely eliminates the contact of the child with the toilet.

The crumb can easily move the seat-prefix to it and sit down, and after use it can be lowered and folded.

The design has comfortable handrails and a height-adjustable step, so the child can independently sit on the toilet and get off of it. In addition, the step serves as a footrest when the baby is sitting on the toilet.

Folded design will easily take place in the corner of the toilet room.

Wide non-slip feet give stability to the whole structure.

But this seat has a small drawback - too much fuss.

Now you know how to choose the right pot for your son and daughter. I wish you a quick potty training!