L-carnitine liquid: rules of administration, dosage, rating of manufacturers


Synthesized by the body "vitamin Bt" (left carnitine) is used as an additive to accelerate the metabolism of athletes. Its popularity is also high among those who want to get rid of the kilograms “accumulated by overwork”. How to take L-carnitine for weight loss? With an anabolic effect, stimulating the release of energy due to the breakdown of fat, this drug is ideal for girls seeking to lose weight, combining diet and exercise.

How to use L-carnitine

More than 100 years ago, Russian scientists discovered a substance in the muscle tissue of all mammals, now called L-carnitine, which can be synthesized by the body on its own. It is responsible for transporting fats, protein to the mitochondria of the cell, helping to generate energy, promoting oxidation and the breakdown of organic acids. The greatest number is contained in organs requiring high energy “security”:

  • muscles,
  • kidneys,
  • the liver
  • cardiac myocardium
  • brain and spinal cord.

Average daily need of an adult for left carnitine 200-500 mg. With increased physical exertion, severe mental work, recovery processes after serious injuries or surgery, the organs require 5–20 times more substances. Effective production of "natural energy" depends on the availability of a sufficient amount of vitamins of group B, C, amino acids, iron and other trace elements. Lack of individual components leads to insufficient synthesis of L-carnitine.

Nutritionists note that with a protein diet, an active lifestyle with constant physical exertion, the results of losing weight become noticeable after 7-10 days, and the “reserves” of vigor and energy will exceed your expectations. How to take L-carnitine for weight loss? The drug belongs to dietary supplements and has the versatility of use:

  1. Age groups: from birth to old age.
  2. Specific purpose:
    • prolonged physical, emotional, psychological stress,
    • depletion of the body, anorexia,
    • lagging weight gain in children
    • increased physical stress on the body (sports training, competition),
    • ideal for weight loss.


L-carnitine quickly breaks down fats and carbohydrates, provides weight loss, improves immunity, has a minimum list of contraindications, side effects. How to drink levocarnitine to ensure sustained loss of pounds? According to the instructions, take the drug for weight loss should be 2 times a day for a month. In some cases (with obesity 2, 3 degrees, problems with weight, caused by an imbalance of hormones), the daily dose is increased to three times, and the duration of the course is extended to 60-80 days.

When to take L-carnitine for weight loss? Nutritionists recommend maintaining a constant level throughout the day, drinking the drug before breakfast and dinner. If you have trouble sleeping due to late use, take the supplement before dinner, after consulting with your doctor. The maximum concentration of a substance is reached 3 hours after ingestion, and the duration of intestinal absorption is 9 hours.

Before training

L-carnitine for athletes and people involved in enhanced physical training and fitness for weight loss:

  • has an anabolic effect
  • increases endurance,
  • "Dries" the muscles, forming a beautiful body muscles.

Considering the period of reaching the maximum concentration of the active substance, it is optimal to take L-carnitine before training for a couple of hours before the start of training. Strength training, professional sports require an increase in dosage to 500-1500 mg / day. Remember that an independent increase in the "portion" in order to quickly get rid of fat or gain muscle mass threatens intoxication and other side effects. The decision on how to take elkarnitin and in what dose should be coordinated with the nutritionist and the therapist.

How to drink L-carnitine for weight loss

L-carnitine is produced by domestic and foreign companies in several forms and forms:

  1. A solution of 20% for oral administration (syrup),
  2. Injection solution (ampoules),
  3. Tablets and capsules.

In liquid form, L-carnitine is produced in the form of a syrup intended for oral use. To consolidate the effect of weight loss, its long-term retention, the drug should be taken from 30 to 60 days with courses at intervals of one month. L-carnitine regimen:

  1. For weight loss. Half an hour before the main meal, dilute 2 teaspoons (5 mg) with water or juice (100 ml) and drink. Daily dosage is 15 mg.
  2. When training, liquid L-carnitine is recommended to take one time an hour before exercise. In this case, the dose is 15 mg / 1 dose.

In pills

How to drink L-carnitine tablets to replenish the energy balance, speed up the body's metabolic functions during weight loss? The maximum dosage should not exceed 500 mg per day. Distributed daily rate for 2 or 3 doses. Take the pills must be whole, squeezed water. Long use - more than half a year - is fraught with side effects:

  • increased blood pressure
  • diarrhea,
  • nausea.

In capsules

Take L-carnitine in capsule form should, without violating the integrity of the gelatinous coating, in a daily dosage:

  1. With moderate physical exertion, diet food for weight loss: 250-500 mg, dividing the "portion" into 2 or 3 doses before meals in 30 minutes.
  2. In professional sports, bodybuilding, enhanced strength exercises: 1000-1500 mg, before the start of physical training a single dose is washed down with a glass of water.

Video: L-carnitine for weight loss

Studies of medical scientists, sports doctors have shown an amazing property of L-carnitine for weight loss. It helps to quickly burn fat, without causing loss of muscle tone, body health, activity. Vitamin Bt "cleanses" the body of fatty acids, turning the latter into pure energy. Slim, toned body, melting pounds, no pain after exercise due to the neutralization of lactic acid - an incomplete list of positive properties. How to take L-carnitine for effective weight loss, you will learn by watching the video below.

Marina, 29 years old: She began taking L-carnitine more than six months ago. During the first weeks with three fitness classes, swimming pool and protein nutrition, the results of weight loss were 8 kg! At the same time I had enough strength and energy for everything. For three months it took more than 20 kg, the result remains stable.

Angela, 34 years old: I have obesity of 2 degrees. To bring health back to normal, the nutritionist recommended fitness, cycling (loved by the whole family), a diet with a predominance of protein foods, taking vitamins and L-carnitine for weight loss. I was surprised that the restriction of the diet, time trouble did not affect the general condition of the body. Thank you L-carnitine for the lost 18 kg and energy reserves!

Elsa, 22 years old: Read about the "amazing" properties of L-carnitine. I wanted to throw off the extra 5 kg for the holiday, but there was no time for classes in the gym. I decided to take the drug and limit the calorie intake. As a result - minus 2 kg for a whole month! He does not give anything, this elkarnitin. I would not recommend it to girlfriends.

What is L-carnitine for?

Carnitine is widely known to the target audience: those who want to lose weight and professional athletes. This supplement related to sports nutrition is a natural metabolite. It is contained in many products, therefore it is well perceived by the body and has practically no contraindications. However, some people recorded this supplement as useless, when after a couple of weeks they did not notice any tangible results at the gym or at the weigh-in. So do we need L-carnitine, and how to take it right?

  • Carnitine is actively used for weight loss, because it helps speed up metabolism and fat oxidation.
  • Lowers bad cholesterol.
  • Improves the cardiovascular system.
  • Reduces fatigue, helps to restore the body after exercise.
  • Stimulates the brain and nervous system.
  • Increases physical endurance.

Individual intolerance and some chronic diseases are the main contraindications to taking L-carnitine. That's right, if you consult with your doctor - he will help you choose the form and dosage according to your needs.

Liquid carnitine and its benefits

The following types of carnitine are distinguished:

Carnitine drinking solution is considered the most effective. It is quickly absorbed by the body, convenient to use (you can take a bottle with you for training or a walk). Concentrated syrup should be diluted with water, as required by the instructions for use. There is an important nuance: liquid carnitine may contain sweeteners, flavors and other additives, pay attention to the composition.

In second place is l-carnitine in ampoules. Many people immediately have an association that these are injections. In fact, the injection is not necessary, it is a drinking form. The solution is packaged in ampoules (most often in 25 ml) and has a different dosage.

Third place - L-carnitine capsules and tablets. Simple and convenient form. How to take L-carnitine capsules? According to the instructions, 2-3 times a day after meals or half an hour before workouts. Dosage is selected individually.

In the last place is the powder form: it is less convenient, because the dose each time you need to measure and dilute with water. However, you can drink this carnitine at home, and take a pill form for training.

Instructions for use

The dosage of L-carnitine must meet the needs of the body:

  • For athletes, the daily rate is 1.5-3 g of carnitine.
  • For weight loss - 1.2-1.5g.
  • In the complex treatment - up to 1.2 g.
  • For prophylaxis - 0.8-1g.

The maximum dosage is 3 grams, it is not recommended to drink more L-carnitine, the body simply cannot absorb it, and an overdose is fraught with an upset digestive and nervous system.

L-carnitine in ampoules and syrup should be drunk three times a day, following the manufacturer's recommendations. Pay attention to the composition: Sucralose and stevia are safe for the figure sweeteners, the solution should not contain sugar or fructose. No injections and injections of L-carnitine exist in nature.

Tablets and capsules should be taken correctly: with a small amount of water or juice, an hour before the workout. They are absorbed more slowly, but a small package can be taken with you everywhere.

The powder must be diluted with water. The resulting solution we drink an hour before a workout or before meals. Most often there is a measuring spoon or cap in the kit, so there will be no problems with the dosage.

For effective weight loss and improvement of the figure, carnitine should be taken in courses: 4-6 weeks of administration, then a break for a month. It is worth noting that carnitine is combined with most sports supplements, but if you are taking medications, you have been given injections (shots), it is better to consult a doctor.

It is undesirable to make injections that increase the temperature or take thermogenics with carnitine - they over-excite the nervous system and can cause insomnia, arrhythmias, and poor health. For the correct intake of the drug there is an instruction manual.

What is the substance of L-carnitine? Description

Before you take "L-Carnitine" for weight loss, you need to find out what this dietary supplement is and how it works. A substance called "L-carnitine" (or another common name - left carnitine) is nothing but vitamin B11 or BT. Under normal conditions, it is synthesized in the liver, but if at the same time a person adheres to a balanced diet rich in high-quality animal protein. The natural metabolic compound (levarnitin) is designed to naturally improve and accelerate lipid metabolism, maintain normal muscle function and tissue regeneration processes. A person's need for l-carnitine, which is contained in the drugs of the same name, is 250-500 mg per day, while the liver manages to synthesize only 10 percent of this amount.

It is no secret that significant physical exertion is required for weight loss, so the body needs additional L-carnitine. How to take slimming? Reviews of fitness trainers and nutritionists are advised in this case, to increase the intake of vitamin B11 to 1200-1500 mg per day. This number of "L-carnitine" is considered sufficient for girls weighing 50-60 kg, wishing to lose weight and engaged in aerobic sports. For strength training and ladies of more magnificent forms, an increase in the amount of consumed vitamin B11 to 2000-3000 mg per day will be required. It is irrational to increase the dose of levocarnitine dimensionlessly, since our body is able to process no more than 2000-3000 mg per day, and it removes excess vitamin naturally.

Mechanism of action

The essence of the functioning of L-carnitine is very simple: it delivers oxygen into the cells of our body, accelerates the transportation of fats (fatty acids) from the depot through the cell membranes to the mitochondria, where they break down, and then removes the products of thermolipolysis from the energy base of the cells, clearing them. As a result, in training it helps a person to convert fat cells into energy and increases the sweat. The main advantage of a vitamin-like substance is its anti-catabolic effect, which is manifested in its ability to inhibit the breakdown of proteins and carbohydrates, causing the body to "melt" fats for energy. But how to take "L-carnitine" for weight loss, if you ignore regular exercise? In the absence of physical exertion from cardio or manual labor, taking vitamin B11 does not help in reducing weight, since it stimulates the appetite, and the body simply utilizes its surplus. In high dosages, this substance is not toxic, in contrast to thermogenics, it does not adversely affect vessels. On days when there is no exercise, it is also helpful for people who are losing weight to use L-Carnitine.

How much to take for weight loss this dietary supplement can be in "lazy" days? You need to drink in the morning on an empty stomach 1500 mg of carnitine (in liquid or tablet form) and go for a walk, the duration of which should be at least 1-1.5 hours. It should be noted that the same period of time after physical exercise free fatty acids circulate in the bloodstream: if you want to have a bite at these moments, the food will help the body to return them to the fat depot.

L-carnitine properties

Of the useful functions of carnitine for the human body, experts note: assistance in accelerating the processing of existing fat reserves, preventing the deposition of new lipids from food, normalizing the level of "dense" cholesterol in the blood, enriching blood with oxygen and increasing efficiency, as well as reducing muscle recovery. The deficiency of left carnitine, which athletes most often suffer from, people who follow mono-diet, as well as vegetarians, is manifested by a decrease in the immune response, metabolic disturbances and fatigue, problems with the cardiovascular system. If, against the background of intense workouts or a tough diet, a person feels unwell or other symptoms of a lack of vitamin B11, then in this case it is advisable to obtain confirmation from the attending physician about the need for supplementation.

Indications and release form

"L-Carnitine", which is involved in the metabolic processes of the body, can be prescribed in complex therapy for patients suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, liver or pancreas, endocrine organs, as well as children or adults with reduced appetite, elderly people (for improve memory and concentration). It is also useful for healthy people with overweight for body shaping. For vegetarians, the drug is recommended to compensate for the lack of vitamin B11 due to the rejection of meat food, athletes - to maintain stamina and increase efficiency during exercise, as well as to accelerate the process of building muscle.

Often, fitness trainers advise using left carnitine to dry the body. For effective weight loss, it is used by people who control their weight. Depending on the form of release (in the form of tablets, capsules, powder or liquid (including syrup)), you can choose the way how to take "L-Carnitine" for weight loss. Levocarnitine dosage in tablets, capsules or liquids will be saved, but they must be consumed separately from food intake, otherwise it will worsen the process of absorption of a vitamin-like dietary supplement and significantly reduce its effects on the body.


Restorative vitamin B11 is quite safe. Однако женщинам при наступлении беременности прием левокарнитина следует отменить, так как употребление данной пищевой добавки для похудения в этот период является нежелательным. И только в особых случаях, в зависимости от индивидуальной клинической ситуации, его разрешают принимать дамам в «интересном положении» и кормящим мамочкам в комплексной терапии, но строго под наблюдением лечащего врача.In addition, doctors also recommend excluding carnitine from a weight correction program for people who have anxiety, insomnia, or individual intolerance to this dietary supplement.

How to make left carnitine work effectively? Reception secrets

The main difference between the various forms of release of this product is in their convenience. For example, tablets or capsules are easy to take at home or at work, and carnitine powder, concentrate, or syrup is convenient to dissolve for drinking during exercise. Levocarnitine is wonderfully combined with any vitamin preparations, thermogenics, BCAA, and also beverages (tea or coffee). However, it must be remembered that this vitamin-like substance significantly increases the psychomotor activity of a person, therefore, along with taking left-carnitine, it is not advisable to get too involved in caffeine-containing drinks, especially in the afternoon. How to take "L-carnitine" for weight loss? You can get advice about the dosage for people who are losing weight from a trainer or pick it up yourself. It is better for girls to start taking this dietary supplement with a small dose (1-1.5 g), gradually increasing it to 2 g. This will make it possible to identify the required amount of L-carnitine, which allows for a surge of energy and sweat in training. In men, this figure is higher: they should start with 2 g, bringing the amount of left-carnitine to 3 g.

The scheme gives a good drying effect when, 40 minutes before a workout, a girl drinks 1-1.5 (or 2) grams of “L-Carnitine” in tablets, and then dissolves the same amount of powder or syrup in a liquid, taking it in small sips during thirst time for cardio loads (on a treadmill, bicycle or orbitreke).

L-carnitine tablets or capsules

What are good pills or capsules, the main component of which is l-carnitine? How to take slimming capsules that have no taste or smell? For each manufacturer, the concentration of a vitamin-like substance and the number of tablets or capsules are different, but on average they amount to 1-1.5 g per serving. For oral administration, levocarnitine should not be chewed or crushed tablets, pour the powder from the capsules. They are swallowed whole with water, 40 minutes before a workout or an active walk. Take them courses, taking into account the advice of the coach and the opinion of the doctor. Long-term use of "L-carnitine" (more than 6 months) is undesirable.

Levocarnitine liquid and powdered

One of the most convenient forms of release of a vitamin-like additive - “L-Carnitine” - is considered a liquid (syrup, concentrate, ampoules). Unlike capsules and tablets, it starts much faster, since the beneficial substance from the liquid enters the blood much earlier. How to take "L-carnitine" for slimming liquid? You can drink it without diluting it with water or combining it with meals, and also make a solution for training to quench your thirst (at the rate of 1.5 g of left carnitine per 0.5-0.75 l of water). Liquid with left carnitine from the ampoule is drunk just before cardio loading, and after 5-10 minutes the concentration of the substance in the blood rises, the person feels a surge of strength, which makes the workout as effective as possible. L-Carnitine (powder) is also suitable for dissolving in water. How to take for weight loss this kind of sports nutrition? Although this form of left carnitine is absorbed more slowly than the liquid analog, but much faster than the tablet version. In addition, it is the powder that allows you to get the most accurate dosage of carnitine. You can take it as it is, with water, and prepare a useful cocktail from it to quench your thirst during a workout.

Various reviews and comments

Most of the opinions about the drug from athletes and people who are closely monitoring their weight are positive. At the same time, many of them note that in order to get rid of those extra pounds, one should not only use L-Carnitine. How to take slimming? Reviews advise this drug to be combined with physical exertion. A set of "dry mass" of muscles and the maximum burning of fat reserves through the use of "L-Carnitine" helps to change the structure of the body and make the figure more elegant. In addition, with the use of the drug on the background of the diet, many people feel better, their stamina increases during aerobic exercise (walking, jogging and others), as well as strength training. "L-Carnitine" helps to quickly restore muscle after anaerobic exercise and eliminate pain from the intense work of the muscles. Almost all users have noted the uselessness of the drug in a passive lifestyle, and even its harm, since it has a stimulating effect on appetite. Accelerating the processes of fat metabolism, left carnitine increases cravings for food, for which sometimes receives negative reviews. But in the presence of physical exertion, the food supplement is harmless, since it is spent on the restoration of muscle tissue.

The cost of the drug "L-carnitine." How to take slimming

The price of various analogues based on this vitamin-like substance and their composition differ significantly from each other depending on the manufacturer. The instructions for the drugs indicate a set of components, how to take them for weight loss, as well as other information about these sports nutrition products. In addition, the composition of the supplements themselves, including additional vitamins and minerals for better absorption of the main component, can be very different. But the so-called pure levocarnitine is also produced: “Carniton” - a solution of 20 ml and 1 g tablets (Russia), a domestic L-Carnitine solution (50 ml) in the middle price category (250-350 rubles), tablets (20 pcs.) "Carniton" worth about 300 rubles, ampoules (7 pcs.) - about 700-800 rubles, or 20 ampoules - from 2000 rubles and above. The company BIOTECH USA for tablets 500 mg (60 pieces or 30 servings) in terms of Russian currency determined the price at 885 rubles, and a package of 20 effervescent tablets - at 300 rubles. The American leader in the production of dietary supplements - the company Solgar - has introduced to the market a package of 30 tablets “L-Carnitine” worth about 2000 rubles. A bottle of liquid left carnitine from the same manufacturer (473 ml) will cost the buyer approximately 3,500 rubles.

What is L-carnitine?

Before you learn how to drink this drug correctly, you need to find out what it is, what properties and functions it has. It can be taken not only for weight loss, but also for weight gain. This is due to the fact that liquid L-carnitine helps to improve metabolism. Given the numerous reviews, you can find out that if thin people drink the supplement, then weight gain occurs, and full ones lose it.

Synthesis of left carnitine, or vitamin B11 occurs in the liver, provided that a balanced diet is observed, where there is a lot of animal protein. This is a special natural metabolic compound that improves and accelerates lipid metabolism. Allows you to normalize tissue regeneration, the activity of the muscular system. The daily human need for L-carnitine is about 250-500 mg. As for production by the liver, the total amount is 10%, and this is extremely small. Lack of substance contributes to a set of fat, and energy is taken from the muscles. Knowing how to take L-carnitine correctly, you can achieve a good result in weight adjustment.

How does he work?

  • increase performance, endurance ,
  • get rid of fat mass ,
  • increase the amount of energy during training ,
  • achieve noticeable results in muscle formation , this is possible due to the reduction of excess body fat,
  • normalize cholesterol ,
  • prevents the accumulation of fat from food .

Food supplement is obligatory for vegetarian. Levocarnitine is found in meat, but they do not recognize it. The vitamin begins to be fully produced after fifteen years of age. That is why in the diet of children should prevail meat, dairy products.

When to take

L-carnitine is indicated for the treatment of anorexia therapy. The drug increases appetite. Takes an active part in metabolism. It is prescribed to persons who suffer from pathologies of the cardiovascular system, pancreas, liver, and endocrine system. Doctors recommend taking the drug to older people to improve memory and its concentration. The drug perfectly helps adults, adolescents, if they have a reduced appetite.

It is useful to drink for people with excess weight, to correct the figure (subject to diet and sports). It shows the use of vegetarians to compensate for the lack of this vitamin, as well as athletes - to support the effectiveness of training, endurance, accelerate muscle building.

How to take L-carnitine to lose weight? Given the feedback from fitness trainers, nutritionists, it is recommended to increase the daily intake of vitamin B11 to 1500 mg. Dosage is enough for girls seeking to lose those extra pounds, whose weight is 50-60 kg. For this you need to do anaerobic exercise. For young ladies with more significant volumes and men involved in strength training, the dosage is increased to 2500-3000 mg per day. Increasing the dose of supplements is still irrational - the human body can not process more than 3000 mg in 24 hours. Excess drug is excreted naturally through the intestines.

It is recommended to divide the daily dosage into several doses - for example, take half before training, divide the rest by 2-3 times and drink half an hour before meals. Do not use carnitine after 16.00. This can cause insomnia.

Buy liquid carnitine can be in any volume. A liter of the substance costs from 2 thousand rubles.

The main contraindications to the use of the drug

Vitamin B11, which has a tonic effect, is considered quite safe for the human body. However, with the onset of pregnancy, women stop taking L-carnitine, it is not desirable in this period. However, there are special cases and clinical indications when the liquid supplement is used by pregnant and lactating women.

Doctors are strongly advised to refuse the drug if insomnia, excessive excitability, and also intolerance to the supplement.

Which release form works best?

The most convenient and practical recognized liquid: ampoules, concentrate, syrup. Compared with pills, capsules, the effect is much better and faster, because the liquid enters the blood faster.

Liquid L-carnitine is consumed without diluting with water. Excellent help solutions for quenching thirst during workouts. The proportion - 0.75 liters of water and 1.5 grams of the substance. Liquid from the ampoule must be drunk before cardiovascular exercise. Ten minutes after ingestion, the concentration of vitamin B11 in the blood increases markedly, there is a surge of strength and energy, so the training becomes more intense and productive.

Powder L-carnitine can be dissolved in water. Despite the fact that this form is absorbed more slowly than a liquid, it is better than tablet. Powdered form helps to obtain the most accurate dosage.

The main difference of all forms of left carnitine in ease of use. As for capsules, tablets, they are easy to use both at work and at home. Syrup, powder can be prepared directly in training. The drug goes well with BCAAs, thermogenics, vitamins, coffee, tea. Do not forget that vitamins have a positive effect on the human psyche. But you can not abuse the intake of beverages containing caffeine, especially after twelve o'clock in the afternoon. This has a negative effect on pressure.

Summing up the above, you need to focus on the fact that L-carnitine is safe, harmless. This is the best way to normalize metabolism, so you can drink it not only for weight loss, but also for weight gain. The secret of the effectiveness of the drug lies in its use with rigorous and regular training, balanced nutrition. Before use, it is advisable to consult with a specialist.

Description of the substance

L-carnitine (left carnitine) is an amino acid that is present in the human body and accelerates naturally and improves metabolism.

She takes an active part in the processes of energy production from fats. With its deficiency, the body loses the ability to process lipids, which leads to obesity, heart problems.

L-carnitine increases stamina and reduces body fatigue. It also accelerates the recovery of muscle tissue after heavy physical exertion, helps protect fibers from damage during training.

The intake of a substance in the form of a dietary supplement is recommended when practicing any kind of sports, but especially it is worth paying attention to those involved in bodybuilding, fitness and aerobics.

Two main uses are common:

  1. As a fat burner for those who seek to lose those extra pounds (but only in combination with physical exertion).
  2. To increase the strength of immunity and brain activity.

History of the discovery of matter

Russian biochemist Gulevich VS together with Krimberg R.P. first received this amino acid from muscle tissue and mistakenly attributed it to the group of vitamins B. However, then it became clear that the body is able to independently produce this substance in the kidneys and liver.

In the process of further studies of carnitine, it began to be attributed to the substances necessary for the work of enzymes (coenzymes). This opinion is still held by scientists.

Use for weight loss

The use of L-carnitine for weight loss is advisable only in the case of a combination of taking the drug and constant physical exertion (aerobics, brisk walking, running, dancing, training on cardiovascular machines). Otherwise, the effect will be the opposite: you will provoke a strong and useless increase in appetite. The duration of the training should be set to at least 25-30 minutes to activate the process of natural lipid burning. Taking this sports supplement will help the body switch to the extraction of energy from the fat reserves.

You can introduce some restrictions on the consumption of carbohydrates, for example, to reduce their total amount in food by 10%. Due to this, you will be able to spend them in training faster, and therefore the mechanism of energy production from lipids will start soon.

For athletes

As mentioned above, levocarnitine helps athletes protect their muscles from injuries that often occur during exercise. Also, the intake of substances increases the stamina of the body due to the energy released in the process of burning fat.

Want an effective aerobic method for burning fat? Learn - how to jump rope to lose weight.

Here is the working program for pumping up the wings.

Reception of dietary supplements with L-carnitine in sports nutrition is similar to their reception for weight loss, with the exception of dosages and frequency of administration, but more on that later.

Also among the “advantages” of a dietary supplement for those who enjoy sports are the following:

  • the substance allows you to save glycogen stores in the body,
  • reduces the feeling of hunger, which is particularly pronounced after physical exertion,
  • positive effect on the state of the heart muscle,
  • with regular use reduces injuries
  • stores stocks of BCAAs and other amino acids.

In this case, left carnitine is acceptable to take with other sports supplements. At the moment, scientists have not identified restrictions on the use with other fat burners, anabolic steroids and supplements.


The following types of sports supplements can be found on store shelves:

  1. Acetyl carnitine.
  2. L-carnitine fumarate.
  3. Levocarnitine tartrate.
  4. Propionyl carnitine.
  5. Pure carnitine.

The first type is recommended for active brain activity in order to improve thinking, because it easily penetrates the brain. The second species will greatly benefit the cardiovascular system.

The third type is easily dissolved in the body, breaking down into tartaric acid and a pure additive. Most often for weight loss use it. The propionic version of the additive is directed mainly to the improvement of the work of the vessels, it helps with cardiovascular diseases. In pure form, the additive is similar in action to left carnitine tartrate.

How to use?

When intensive loads of levarnitin obtained from food may not be enough for the body

First, let's figure out how much L-carnitine the body needs to take in principle. In the tissues of the striated muscles and the human liver, a total of about 25 g of this substance is contained. The daily need of the body is 0.2-0.5 g, with increased loads, the need increases to 1.5-2 g.

Partially stocks of L-carnitine are replenished with a meal rich in proteins. This may be white chicken meat, fish, cottage cheese, wheat germ, etc. However, the amount of substance coming "outside" is often not enough (especially for athletes). Its disadvantage is exactly what makes it possible to fill in various dietary supplements.

Dosages are selected for each individual case, depending on the state of the body, the level of stress and the selected drug. Производители часто размещают указания по приему на упаковках с пищевой добавкой, ими не следует пренебрегать.

Общие рекомендации по использованию

Длительность приема жидкого L-карнитина может составлять 1-1,5 месяца с возможностью повторного прохождения курса через 2-3 недели. Длительность использования пищевой добавки в таблетках - 2-6 месяцев.

Допустимо повторение до 4-6 курсов в год. Более 6 месяцев использовать препарат не рекомендовано. Also, supplements with left carnitine are not recommended for use during breastfeeding and pregnancy due to insufficient data on the effect of the drug on an infant.

How to take the substance in liquid form?

L-carnitine is available in liquid (solutions, syrups, special drinks, ampoules) and solid (tablets, capsules) forms. The additive is presented both in the dietary supplements market and in the drug market (Elkar and others).

There is an excellent method of drying the body for girls.

Liquid levocarnitine (usually acetyl-levocarnitine) is recommended by doctors and nutritionists to take vitamin cocktails in between the “main” meals or 20 minutes before meals. You should not use it on a completely “empty” stomach in order to avoid negative consequences for the gastrointestinal microflora. The drug is recommended to be consumed in the 1st half of the day (ideally between breakfast and afternoon snack), because the production of large amounts of energy during reception can cause sleep problems.

It is especially convenient to take an additive in liquid form before training (convenience of dosage, pleasant taste, no need to look for something to drink the additive).

At other times, capsules or tablets are preferable. As a rule, manufacturers rarely produce pure elkarnitin in liquid form: sweeteners and flavorings are often present in such preparations. This form of release is more expensive than others.

How to take a supplement in pill or powder?

Rules for taking L-carnitine in pills or powder, in general, do not differ from the recommendations for taking the drug in liquid form. Unless it is worth paying attention to the content of the substance in one tablet or capsule. Nutritionists recommend drinking a substance with juice or non-carbonated mineral water.

In the form of tablets, the drug is absorbed by the body somewhat longer than with the liquid variant.

Tablets are more suitable for the reception in order to normalize the activity of the heart. In the fight against "extra" kilograms and during sports training, it is recommended to use the additive in liquid form.

Remember that while taking levarnitin in any form of release should limit the use of products containing caffeine, so as not to overstrain the nervous system.

Major mistakes

Any dietary supplement requires careful attention to it in terms of proper use. The benefits of carnitine will be minimal if:

  1. Disrupt the optimal reception time. The peak of the drug action occurs 20-30 minutes after its use. The effect lasts up to 2 hours. Try to use a sports supplement at least 15-20 minutes before your workout.
  2. Too small dose. In this case, more is better than less. An overdose of the drug can cause diarrhea, but these are quite rare cases.
  3. Carnitine in itself does not help to lose weight or keep a fit figure. Therefore, do not forget about training, proper and balanced nutrition.

Reviews of athletes about taking supplements

Both on the net and in the nearest gym you can meet people who use left carnitine in their workouts. In most cases, they speak positively about this sports supplement, while noting that it will not act if you sit on the couch with folded arms.

In fact, there are many critics in the world who refer to questionable studies of the effect of “over” doses of a sports supplement on an athlete’s body. They believe that there is no point in taking carnitine from natural food, and all the arguments about its benefits are simply advertising order and marketing from manufacturers of sports nutrition.

To date, there is really no consensus on this. At the same time, there are many examples that show that since taking additional doses of the popular coenzyme in humans, the progress in training in terms of burning fat and increasing endurance has significantly improved. What is your experience with carnitine? Do you take the opinions of critics or manufacturers of sports nutrition?