Anita: meaning of name, origin, character and fate


Personality. Emitting light.

Vibration. 100,000 oscillations / s.

Main features. Will - intuition - activity
- sexuality.

Totem plant. Blueberries

8. Totem animal. Lynx.

9. Sign.

10. Type. Just look in the eyes of a girl
with this name in order to understand what our great-mother Eve’s view was: in them
there is the passion of the first morning rays. Very cheeky - real tomboys, watch out for
sacrifice like their totem animal trot. Growing up, impress people with
by some secret knowledge reading the book of life.

11. Mind. Introverts, not influenced,
have an incredible memory.

12. Will. Strong. Anita wants
have everything. And immediately! Believes only in himself.

13. Excitability. Strong, which, fortunately, is balanced
titanic will.

14. The reaction rate. The type is hot and hot. These
women resist everyone, which often hinders them in life. They are vindictive
Proud, conflict and scandalous. Do not listen to other people's advice, how useful they would be
nor have been.

15. Activity. In school, they have a lot
problems, they argue with teachers and especially conflict with teachers. Anita's dream is to become an artist, artist, singer, sculptor.

16. Intuition. They are guided by clairvoyance. Anticipate
guess, envelop you with their charm. Men very quickly see this.

17. Intellect Too analytic. Their trot eyes
do not miss anything. Thanks to the good looks and charm can incline to their side
not only close ones.

18. Susceptibility. Very picky. Love
just what belongs to them. Anita is a queen in need of subjects.

19. Morality. Not too strict. They think
that they have the right to dispose of moral principles and change them in their own way.

20. Health. They have brittle bones and are very “impressionable”
stomach. We do not recommend to neglect the diet and late dinner. There may be accidents
related to motor transport. In childhood, you need to follow the eyes.

21. Sexuality. Sex for them is all or
nothing. All - when they love. Nothing - when not love.

22. Field of activity. Medicine, especially paramedicine.
Can become experienced engineers. They know how to tell and make them listen to themselves.

23. Sociability. Host guests who
they like, others put out the door. It would be great if they chose themselves
husband phlegmatic. By the way, they like to collect men indiscriminately.

24. Conclusion. Make some particular
conclusion is almost impossible. Anita constantly starts everything from scratch,
neither marriage nor maturity is an obstacle for them.

Nervous, irritable
and stubborn children prone to infectious diseases. At school teachers often
complain about her - Anita is obstinate, loves to insist on her, to cross on any
about, not recognizing the authorities.

General character
Anita is more masculine, although she inherits it from her mother. Externally, the girl looks like
on his father and attached to him more than his mother, treats him with great tenderness.

by nature, the leader demands that she be unconditionally obeyed in everything. If she
it fails - loses its temper. She is very independent and independent, in any
difficult life situations will be able to stand up for themselves. Not a timid one. Lot
engaged in sports, but notable success is not achieved. Some of them are gifted
great musical skills, they manage to succeed in this area. Get married
come out late. Husband choose calm, docile and thorough. Most
difficult and difficult character at "winter"

Choose their profession
an architect, musician, singer, painter, nurse, journalist, but often by elect
professions do not work.

Successfully must emerge
Anita’s life with Vladimir, Peter, Ivan, Grigory, Victor, Valery,
Alexander, Boris, Semyon, much less successfully - with Nikolai, Igor,
Vladlen, David, Oleg, Vyacheslav, Cyril, Nikita.

The origin and meaning of the name

To figure out that denotes name, should be familiar with all versions of its origin.

  1. The first version says that Anita is nothing but the Spanish form of the name Anna, which later became an independent name. Accordingly, Anita means the same as the original form, that is, “grace”, “grace”.
  2. According to the second version, Anita is of Spanish origin and means “graceful”.
  3. And the third version narrates that the name has ancient Germanic roots and means “dear”.

In the Orthodox calendar, Anita does not have a name day, and the girl’s baptism will be given a different name. In the Catholic calendar, the name of Anita falls on August 17th.

Talismans, numerology and the meaning of each letter

Each name has its own talismans and meaning in terms of numerology. Nita's talismans are:

  • plant - water lily,
  • tree - willow,
  • Totem animal - crab,
  • stone - white coral,
  • zodiac sign - cancer,
  • the planet is the moon
  • White colour,
  • the number is 2.

The number of the name 2, according to numerologists, are talented, purposeful people who can see the nature of people. People with a digit in name 2 always have a lot of friends, because they are characterized by understanding and kindness.

The letters in the name indicate the following:

  • A - hard work, initiative,
  • H - strong-willed character
  • And - romance, honesty, kindness,
  • T - creative nature, comprehensive development.

Character and fate

Strong will, an analytical mind, an intuition are the qualities of character that Anita possesses. The meaning of the name, character and fate are subordinate main feature this woman - to achieve their goals, no matter what. She does not tolerate criticism, does not listen to any advice, and is not amenable to influence.

Surrounding people often call her a complex person, noting her selfishness and some rudeness. She always puts her own interests above the interests of other people. Nita is not afraid to make scandals and is always ready to defend his point of view. However, her charm and ability to persuade incline people to her side.

Nita is able to be friends, but only those to whom the girl herself is filled with respect and sympathy can be friends. But do not forget that, being the undisputed leader by nature, Anitka strives to be the main one even in communication with friends.

Anita's childhood

If we consider what the name Anita means for a girl, then first of all it is worth mentioning Nita's wayward, hot-tempered character. It is not always easy for parents, especially mothers, to find a common language with her. Nita has a good memory and imaginative thinking, but she studies rather mediocre. All because of distraction and bad behavior.

However, the girl is distinguished by good physical condition and love for the sport. Therefore, parents are encouraged to give Nita to the sports section, where the girl will be able to achieve excellent results. In addition, when Anitka spends her energy on training, she will have less energy left on her pranks, which means she can “pull” her behavior a little at school.

In addition to sports sections, Nita will be interested in music lessons. It can be safely recorded for study at a music school, which she will be happy to attend. Having a wonderful ear and a character trait like zeal, Nita will achieve very good results in this area.

Career and work

To satisfy their ambitions and implement all the plans Annie can only by choosing a profession related to people. She can achieve the greatest success by becoming:

  • a doctor
  • a teacher
  • journalist
  • tour guide
  • an artist
  • an architect.

Love and marriage

Anita does not like loneliness, so there is always a man in her life. However, at different times it may be different men. By choice a husband she takes it very seriously, being a self-sufficient person, Nita is looking for a calm, agreeable spouse. He enters marriage at a rather mature age, having found in his husband a phlegmatic person who is able to remain calm in any situation. Good compatibility is waiting for her with:

By getting married, Anita becomes a faithful and devoted wife. With a patient and kind husband, she herself becomes kinder and more patient.

The name Anita hides from others the main secret. Familiar girls, accustomed to the complex nature of Nita, do not even realize how much she can change for the better when she meets true love and marries a positive man. In addition, the reason for this change may be the appearance of children in Nita.