Can I get pregnant a week before menstruation, is there a chance?


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Can I get pregnant a week before menstruation? In this issue we have to figure out further. It occurs in many modern women - both those who are planning to give birth to a baby, and those who do not want to get pregnant. What tips and advice will help to quickly become a mother? And what to do so that this does not happen? How does fertilization of an egg occur? The answers to all this and not only will be presented to our attention further. In reality, things are not as simple as they seem.

About menstruation and cycle

Can I get pregnant a week before menstruation? First of all, it is important to understand what period it is.

The thing is that every woman is faced with the so-called menstrual cycle. He is all different. This is the time that passes from one month to the other. The countdown starts from the first day of the arriving critical days.

From a biological point of view, the menstrual cycle is the period of the life of the egg in the body of a girl. In the first half, the growth and development of the female cell occurs, then it goes outside and moves to the uterus through the fallopian tubes. If fertilization has not taken place, new critical days come, and a new egg re-matures in the body.

Average cycle

Can I get pregnant a week after menstruation? And when is the best time to make love for conception?

In an average woman, the menstrual cycle can last up to 28 days. Sometimes - 30 days. This is quite normal.

Why know which cycle a girl has? The convenient time for conception depends on its duration. Accordingly, there is no single answer to the question being studied. It will always be individual, depending on the characteristics of the body of a woman.

On the life of sperm and egg

Can I get pregnant before the month for a week? It is worth paying attention to the fact that the male sex cells are quite tenacious. Their activity in a woman’s body can last up to 7 days, sometimes longer. The main thing is that the vagina was the appropriate environment.

If we talk about the egg, then its duration of activity is relatively short. On fertilization is given only 2 days. If, after exiting the follicle, the egg does not meet with the sperm, it will die within three days.

Short cycle

Can I get pregnant a week before menstruation? The thing is that with a short menstrual cycle such a probability exists. But why?

Ovulation occurs approximately in the middle of the menstrual cycle. This is the most favorable time for conception. And with too short periods from monthly to monthly, it comes pretty quickly.

Suppose that the girl's menstrual cycle is about 3 weeks. Then approximately 10 days after the start of menstruation may come a favorable moment. This is almost a week before the new critical days.

And if we take into account that spermatozoa can live in the vagina for up to 7 days, then even while making love immediately after the end of menstruation, fertilization can occur. Therefore it is worth being careful.

Normal cycle and child planning

2 weeks to menstruation? Can I get pregnant? As we have already found out, sometimes conception actually occurs a week before the critical days. But women with short menstrual cycles are not very common.

Consider the average cycle. He, as we said, is about 4 weeks. Ovulation occurs on the 14-15th day after the first menstrual bleeding.

From this it follows that 2 weeks before the critical days there really is a big chance of getting pregnant. And even for 10 days. Moreover, in this case the probability of a successful conception is maximum. It is at this time recommended to make love in order to soon become parents.

Long cycle

Long menstrual cycle is the period from menstruation to menstruation, if it is more than 30 days. More often the piece in 35 days meets. What date will be the most favorable, so you can hope for a successful conception?

Can I get pregnant a week before menstruation with a long cycle? With the help of simple mathematical operations, any person can count. With a menstrual cycle of 35 days, ovulation will "pop up" approximately on the 17-18th day. That is, 2 weeks before the critical days. Sometimes ovulation can occur on the 21st day.

Theoretically, getting pregnant in this case is also possible. Only the probability of fertilization of the egg is extremely small. This is due to the fact that the male sex cells that have fallen into the vagina of a woman simply will not survive until a new egg is released from the follicle. Up to this point will be about 3 weeks. So long sperm can not live under any circumstances.

Crashes and pregnancy

Modern life is a constant movement. Stress, joy, action, sedentary lifestyle, and even the usual hormonal failure - all this leaves an imprint on the girl's body.

Has it been a week after your period? Can I get pregnant? Yes. It is worth remembering that the probability of conception is almost always. And this is due to the possible survivability of sperm and menstruation failures.

At this time, there is a shift of ovulation in one direction or another. As a rule, the girl does not feel such changes. It seems to her that everything is normal. Only critical days come unexpectedly quickly or their delay appears.

Often there is late ovulation. In this case, sexual intercourse after the alleged "Day X" is likely to lead to pregnancy.

Non-standard critical days

Can I get pregnant a week after menstruation? As we have already found out, yes, in most cases there is a huge probability of a successful conception. And how to be in non-standard situations?

For example, if a girl has recently given birth or is breastfeeding. Some believe that lactation can not become pregnant. But this is not entirely true statement. The thing is that because of the contractions of the uterus during breastfeeding, conception is slightly difficult. But it can still happen.

The main problem lies in the irregular critical days. Someone ovulation does not occur before the end of lactation, someone is faced with critical days within a few months after birth. And the duration of such cycles all the time jumps.

Accordingly, if a girl wonders if she can become pregnant in the first week after her period, provided that the menstrual cycle has not yet recovered, she will have to face a positive response.

Before critical days

From the foregoing it follows that each case is individual. But how best to clarify the situation?

Immediately before the "red days" conception is almost impossible. More precisely, if sexual intercourse took place 1-2 days before menstruation, provided the medium or long cycle, you can not worry about fertilization. It simply will not happen - the sperm will die before the finished egg comes out of the follicle.

With an average cycle of sexual intercourse, committed a week or more before the expected critical days, as a rule, it leads to pregnancy.

Does the girl have a too long menstrual cycle? Then the highest probability of conception falls on an act that was completed 11 days before the arrival of critical days and a little more.

It is not difficult to guess that hormonal failure leads either to an increase in the probability of a successful conception, or to a decrease in it. It all depends on when sexual intercourse took place and in what direction ovulation has shifted.

Doctors about conception

If the monthly after 2 weeks, is it possible to get pregnant? A gynecologist will give a positive answer to a similar question. Especially if a woman has no health problems.

To date, experts say that without protection fertilization can occur almost any day. Just in the middle of the mentioned period of time the probability of success is maximum.

That is why any couple who do not want to give birth in the near future, it is recommended to use a variety of contraceptives. For example, birth control pills and condoms. Contraceptives are selected on an individual basis and only after medical consultation.

Calendar protection

Individual women use the so-called calendar method of protection. They clearly know when they have ovulation. Accordingly, it is possible to calculate which days will be safe. And in these periods make love. Some claim that such protection really works and does not fail. The main thing in this situation for a woman is to know the features of her cycle as best you can.

Can I get pregnant before the month for a week? Yes. And, using the calendar method of protection, the girl will have to consider that this is not the most reliable way to prevent pregnancy. Quite often he fails. After all, ovulation may occur sooner or later. Doctors do not consider this approach protection.

How to get pregnant faster

Now a few words about how you can increase the likelihood of successful conception. There are many tips and advice about this.

Here are the best ones:

  • avoid stress
  • more rest and walk,
  • lead an active and athletic lifestyle,
  • to refuse from bad habits,
  • eat right,
  • with active planning to have sex every other day,
  • after intercourse for about 15-30 minutes, rest easy and not move,
  • choose poses in which the woman will not be in position from above.

It is also recommended to drink folic acid and special vitamins. There is nothing incomprehensible in this. And to track ovulation, you can purchase special tests or make an abdominal ultrasound.

How to protect

Can I get pregnant a week after menstruation? Full How to protect yourself?

We have already said that contraceptives are selected individually. Today, the most successful means of preventing pregnancy are:

  • condoms
  • creams, candles,
  • oral contraceptives,
  • uterine helix.

Nevertheless, even the listed options sometimes fail. That is what some girls say, pregnancy for which was a complete surprise. And this is quite normal. After all, the female body - a mystery.