Which is better to take vitamins for pregnant women - rating, comparison, names


Properly chosen complex of vitamins for pregnant women - is the key to good health, full development of the baby and safe delivery. Unfortunately, the composition of food today leaves much to be desired. And even if the future mom is watching her diet, including fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy products and cereals in the menu, it’s still enough to get enough for two - and now there are two of you - the amount of necessary substances will be difficult. Without additional feeding with good vitamins for pregnant women is indispensable. But which is better to take, what do doctors recommend in the first trimester, and which vitamins to drink during pregnancy in late periods? The range of such additives in pharmacies is extensive, so you should understand their features and differences, study the rating and choose the best option.

Lack of vitamins, as well as their excess, leads to various complications with maternal health and developmental pathologies in the fetus. Therefore, it is important to know exactly when, to whom, and what vitamins to take - then the supplements will benefit both the future mom and the baby, and not harm.

Vitamins to be taken in the first trimester of pregnancy

Which vitamins for pregnant women to choose, directly depends on the gestational period. At different stages of carrying a child, the needs of the female body in certain substances are not the same. 1 trimester is extremely important, during this period the main organs of the baby are laid, the spine of the embryo and nerve cells are formed. In order for this process to go smoothly, gynecologists and obstetricians recommend starting to take multivitamins before conceiving a child - of course, if the pregnancy is planned. But immediately after conception, as soon as it was confirmed, it is not too late to start taking multivitamins for pregnant women.

  • They contain folic acid, it is vitamin B9, must be supplied in a volume of at least 0.4 mg per day. It is advisable to start taking it a few months before the alleged conception and continue to drink the entire 1 trimester. Folic acid prevents miscarriages in the first weeks and the remaining pregnancy, participates in the formation of the placenta, is responsible for transmitting the correct genetic information, prevents the development of iron deficiency anemia, stimulates intensive cell division and plays a leading role in the formation of the fetal neural tube. The dosage and duration of reception of B9 is determined by the doctor depending on the state of the pregnant woman and the fetus.
  • The presence of vitamin E, also known as tocopheron, is necessary for the successful creation of the placenta and the prevention of miscarriage in the first weeks after conception. It is also better to start taking it before fertilization, as it affects the production of sex hormones and contributes to the successful conception.
  • The presence of vitamin A. They drink it in the first and in the last trimester, in the second, these vitamins for pregnant women, in the absence of pathologies, are not needed extra. The maximum daily dose of this substance is 2500 IU. If the dosage is exceeded, the baby may develop heart defects in the womb. But vitamin A deficiency leads to problems with vision, bone skeleton, nervous system. Because you need to carefully monitor the use of this substance.
  • Some vitamin complexes are quite expensive.
  • With long-term use, individual items can be addictive.
  • Not all women believe that during pregnancy they generally need to take any supplements.
  • Not all complexes can take the whole pregnancy.

Even with a balanced and nutritious diet, a pregnant woman receives only half the daily dose of the necessary substances - but this amount is not fully absorbed. Therefore, in the first trimester of pregnancy, it is recommended to take such multivitamins for pregnant women.

Top 10: The best vitamins for pregnant and lactating

Pregnancy is a joy for a woman and a burden for her body. After all, now full nutrition is necessary not only for the expectant mother, but also for the little miracle growing inside her.

Even a balanced diet no longer meets the needs for nutrients. For example, women who are in an interesting position need one and a half times more calcium, folic acid and iron.

Lack of these elements can lead to abnormalities in the development of the fetus.

Today in pharmacies you can find numerous drugs designed to maintain the health of women for the important nine months. Make the right choice will help the top 10 best vitamins for pregnant and lactating in 2017-2018. The rankings took into account the feedback from the female audience and the opinion of gynecologists.

Vitamins for pregnant women: which is better, review of popular drugs

Perhaps our grandmothers during pregnancy had enough of even the simplest solutions, for example, there are more, more, or just what they want. But now food products are made quite differently than a hundred years ago. New production technologies and stricter shelf life requirements have increased the content of simple carbohydrates and reduced the content of everything else. In the sausage there is less meat and more cereals, and in mayonnaise - less yolk and more starch. The same thing happened with fruits, vegetables, and greens. Previously, they were ripped off ripe, and now - half green, so that they matured in a warehouse, in artificial conditions. This is done in order to have time to sell products before it starts to deteriorate. But what is beneficial to the manufacturer is unprofitable for us, since the immature fruits and vegetables contain only half of the prescribed rate of vitamins, minerals, microelements. We eat to live, so that the body can extract elements from the eaten foods, without which it can not occur those or other biochemical reactions. The total number of such elements reaches several hundred, but all of them are divided into main and minor. The main elements of the diet are: Among the minor, there are also three large classes:

The difference between the components of the first and second groups is the speed and strength with which we feel a lack of them in the diet, if we remove them from there. So, we need carbohydrates in large quantities and constantly. The reason is that they serve as a universal catalyst for all reactions taking place in the body, starting with cellular respiration and ending with electrical impulses in the cells of the cerebral cortex. But vitamins are needed by the body in much smaller amounts because they are involved only in certain reactions and are consumed more slowly . So we feel their shortage is not so acute, we can freely ignore its symptoms not only for months - for years.

Pros and cons of additives

Our understanding of artificial mixtures containing everything that is not present in modern foods is usually limited to baby food and vitamin complexes. But, so to speak, apart from food, you can buy carbohydrates and proteins. Another thing is that they are needed only by professional athletes or vegetarians. And an ordinary person gets them in sufficient quantity with daily absorbed dishes. Complex vitamins exist to help us fill their deficit in food. And if they additionally contain trace elements with minerals, so much the better. But each medal has two sides.

  • Positive side. This aspect of their application is that the quantitative and qualitative content of each element is indicated on the packaging. For comparison, the true composition (not to mention the proportions) of the absorbed products is often unknown to us.
  • Negative side. The opinion is that vitamins produced by synthetic means are absorbed by the body worse than natural ones. It contradicts all the laws of chemistry known to mankind and the opinions of specialists. But even many manufacturers of supposedly natural products support it - of course, in order to increase their own sales. Hence its prevalence.

Thus, multivitamin complexes are not a medicine, but a means to avoid “getting acquainted” with some medicines or to postpone it for several years. But we can buy and virtually any vitamin or mineral separately, as part of a single product. It is most reasonable to resort to such a solution if there are a shortage of only a few of them in the body, and we know for sure that we get the rest in sufficient quantities. But such cases are rare. But during the period of pregnancy there can be no talk of single deficiencies.

  • Multivitamins. They differ from monovitaminic agents in that they contain several elements at once, and often also of different types.
  • Tablets in a standard coating of the glaze. They are considered the most difficult to master the form of the drug. They are undesirable for problems with digestion. But the slow absorption of substances from it can be an advantage in a number of metabolic diseases.
  • Soluble tablets or powder. They enter the blood the fastest, and cause a negative reaction from the stomach / intestines less often than others. Hence their high cost.
  • Gelatin capsules. They are a cross between soluble and insoluble tablets. But in terms of speed and ease of processing by the digestive system, they are closer to the former than to the latter.

Even in the preparation of several components of their set from different manufacturers may be very different, and the length of their list affects not only the price. On the one hand, each new item increases the load on the metabolic system. On the other hand, the compilers of such complexes take into account the natural metabolic pairs, adding to one drug substances that, individually, are either not absorbed at all, or are absorbed many times worse than together. Ordinary people usually do not know anything about such couples. And this means that it does not take this into account when purchasing a set of several separate funds. Therefore, it is undesirable not only to make up "fees" from monodrugs, but also to take several different complexes at the same time.

Vitamins for pregnant women: features and which are better

Already in the earliest terms, the expectant mother needs to double the intake of all the basic elements of the diet. And by the end of the 2nd trimester, the percentage of the required “increase” in the rate of their absorption may exceed the capacity of its digestive tract. Therefore, multivitamins for pregnant women are an important step on the way from conception to childbirth. Take vitamins during pregnancy should be immediately for three reasons.

  1. Because of the poor quality of the food. And even cooked with our own hands, since we cannot vouch for the composition and origin of the ingredients used. We do not understand how many vitamins are actually there.
  2. Due to the sharply increasing need. Already starting from the 1st trimester, the body's needs at once in all components of the diet, both major and minor, are increasing.
  3. Due to lack of awareness. In the area of ​​compatibility, daily rates, and even a complete list of minerals, trace elements and vitamins, required during pregnancy more than in other periods of life.

When choosing the best vitamins for pregnant women, it is important to understand that they should be equally good for both mother and her baby. Usually, the more complete their composition, the higher their value for such a delicate period, but not only. Some elements are used for the normal development of the fetus more actively than for the maintenance of the adult organism. From among them:

  • nicotine (vitamin pp),
  • vitamins of group B and D,
  • calcium,
  • cholesterol,
  • animal proteins (!) origin.

Already by the 3rd trimester, the body's need for these elements may exceed that of the body of his mother twice, or even threefold. For this reason, among all the diversity of vitamins for pregnant women, reviews are better for those of them, where the emphasis is on these elements - of course, with the exception of cholesterol, which the mother should take care of intake of animal products herself. As for the iodine often added to them, then he needs more mother than her baby. The growth of its (like any other) organism before and after birth stimulates two specific hormones produced by the thyroid gland - thyroxin and triiodothyronine. The only difference is that at the stage of intrauterine development, the mother’s thyroid gland produces them, and later - his own gland. Both hormones are produced exclusively from iodine, therefore one cannot do without it here. Plus, iodine in general is in stable deficiency of the inhabitants of the Earth living far from the sea coast, since there are not so many of its digestible forms in nature. Therefore, it is useful to take it not only during pregnancy, but also throughout life. Otherwise, its chronic deficiency may result in thyroiditis (chronic autoimmune thyroid inflammation).

5 Multi-Tabs Perinatal

Complex Perinatal from Multi-Tabs for pregnant and lactating mothers is one of the best. Judge for yourself: a balanced composition (11 vitamins and 9 minerals), the absence of gluten and preservatives, a single daily intake. The manufacturer claims that the vitamin and mineral complex supports lactation and improves the quality of breast milk. It also serves to prevent anemia, contributes to the harmonious growth and development of the fetus in the womb and the formation of musculoskeletal tissue.

In the reviews they write that the complex can easily pass for the equivalent of the more expensive “Elevit”. Among the disadvantages is the large size of the tablets, due to which it is inconvenient to drink them. It is worth noting that, unlike most others, we are not a dietary supplement, but a drug. After childbirth, it helps to put in order the skin, hair and nails, strengthen the immune system and compensate for the deficiency of vitamins and minerals.

4 Doppergelts V.I.P.

The preparation of the German production Doppergelts V.I.P. created taking into account the requirements of the body of a nursing mother. During this period, it is important to obtain nutrients in the required proportions so that the baby develops correctly. The amount of vitamins consumed depends on the condition of the bones, skin and other important organs of the child. Some components of the complex directly affect the mood of the mother in the postpartum period. Thanks to convenient dosage, you need to take capsules only once a day. It consists of vitamins, useful acids (including folic), as well as trace elements (zinc, iron, iodine, etc.). Customer reviews about the drug positive.

  • German quality,
  • balanced composition
  • convenient to take
  • optimal cost
  • good feedback,
  • recommendations of specialists
  • high efficiency.

3 Complivit Mom

The most budgetary and at the same time quality product for nursing mothers is the Complivit Mama complex. Its action is based on the content of such beneficial substances for the female body as vitamin C, B6, B12, PP, copper, zinc, phosphorus, etc. The drug is highly effective, as shown by positive customer reviews. It supports the health of women during breastfeeding, providing her and the baby with essential nutrients. The most commonly available is 30 tablets, which are designed for a month. The complex has a convenient method of application: one capsule once a day. After several applications there is a decrease in fatigue, an increase in activity.

  • effective,
  • convenient dosage
  • best price,
  • positive customer reviews,
  • nutrients in the composition,
  • availability.

2 ALFAVIT Mom's Health

The vitamin-mineral complex "ALFAVIT" is designed specifically for use during breastfeeding. Its main advantage is the hypoallergenic composition. The manufacturer has tried to include only components harmless to babies that cannot cause a negative reaction. In total, the composition contains 13 vitamins, 11 minerals, as well as the substance taurine. During the use of the complex in the body of a nursing mother, the supply of necessary nutrients is replenished, the mood improves and fatigue decreases. "Mom's Health" is represented by 3 pills with different composition: "Iron", "Antioxidants", "Calcium-D3". Due to the differentiation of vitamins, the complex is better absorbed and has the best hypoallergenic properties.

  • excellent composition,
  • good feedback,
  • low price,
  • beneficial effects on the body of a nursing mother.

  • uncomfortable dosage (3 times a day).

Complexes for nursing mothers contain, as a rule, such vitamins as:

  • A - the normal state of the visual organs and the maintenance of immunity,
  • E - vascular health,
  • B1 - brain activity,
  • B6 - hormonal support, memory improvement,
  • PP - good mood, digestion,
  • D - strengthening bones, resistance to infections.

1 Minisun Multivitamin Mom

“Multivitamin Mama” from Minisan is the best multivitamin complex in Finland, which is currently successfully conquering the Russian market. The development of European scientists provides micronutrient support for women in the stages from conception and carrying a fetus until the end of breastfeeding. Согласно исследованиям, у принимающих данные поливитамины кормящих мам молока больше почти в 2 раза, чем у тех, чей рацион не дополнен витаминами и микронутриентами.

Препарат соответствует фармацевтическим нормам надлежащей производственной практики (GMP). Таблетки содержат ключевые для матери и малыша полезные элементы (витамины групп Д, Е, С, В, фолиевую кислоту, биотин, железо, магний, йод и др.). In the reviews, they focus on the shape and size of the tablets - small and flat, easy to drink, they have a neutral taste. Take during the day should be only 1 pc. In a word, excellent vitamins, great price!

5 Vitrum Prenatal Forte

Vitamins "Vitrum Prenatal Forte" are suitable for planning pregnancy, expecting a baby and nursing mothers. Based on the ratio of price and quality, this complex rightfully claims to be the best. It is intended to compensate for the deficiency of mineral substances and to treat hypovitaminosis, alleviate toxicosis, prevent the threat of interruption, and pathologies of the placenta. In the postpartum period, an enhanced composition of 13 vitamins and 10 minerals provides powerful support to the body of a nursing mother.

In the reviews, they write that after taking the vitamin and mineral complex, hair loss stopped, the condition of the skin and nails improved, and pain in the joints disappeared. The big plus is the multiplicity of reception - drink 1 tablet per day. Of the minuses, perhaps, except that the impressive size of the pill, however, the difficulties in swallowing virtually no mention, as well as the occurrence of side effects.

4 Femibion ​​NatalCare II

"Femibion ​​Natalka II (2)" - is a popular drug for pregnant women (from 13 weeks) and nursing mothers. Of particular benefit during breastfeeding are the constituent DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), vitamin E, folic acid and iodine. These components have a positive effect on visual acuity and immunity, help prevent fatigue and the development of anemia in the baby and mother.

A dietary supplement consisting of 30 capsules and 30 tablets implies the simultaneous intake of 1 pc. during meals or immediately upon completion. That is, during the day, preferably up to 12 hours of the day, you should take 1 pill and 1 capsule with a small amount of water. The reviews write about alleviating the general condition, good digestibility and attractive design. Additive - what you need to preserve the beauty and health of the mother and child.

3 Fairhaven Health Nursing Postnatal Breastfeeding Multivitamin

Prenatal Postnatal Complex Fairhaven Health Nursing Postnatal Breastfeeding Multivitamin is specially designed for breastfeeding, taking into account all the necessary elements. The main advantage of the preparation is the vegetable base in combination with the whole vitamin-mineral complex. The composition is enriched with iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, etc. Developed and recommended by the best specialists. Increases the vitality of the mother after birth, improves the condition of the baby due to the entry into his body of important trace elements. According to the instructions, it is necessary to take the drug 2 times in one capsule. One pack is enough for exactly one month. Has a lot of positive feedback. One of the most popular complexes with iherb.

  • great reviews
  • high efficiency,
  • quick tangible result
  • optimal support of the body of a nursing woman,
  • a lot of nutrients.

2 Astrum-Mammy Complex

The following drug is aimed at filling the missing elements in the woman's body during breastfeeding. It improves well-being during this period, increases activity and contributes to the rapid recovery of strength after childbirth. The basis here is a special herbal formula that doubles the effect of the use of basic ingredients. The main advantage of Astrum-Mammy Complex is the highest quality, which directly affects the result. Nursing mothers taking the complex, from the first days notice an improvement in mood, which prevents the development of postpartum depression. The composition is enriched with unique beneficial elements (taurine, inositol, choline, etc.).

  • unique composition,
  • the best quality,
  • rare nutrients
  • high efficiency,
  • prevention of postpartum neurosis,
  • general body strengthening.

1 Elevit Feeding

The most popular multivitamin complex for nursing mothers is Elevit. BAA "Feeding", the name itself speaks for itself, is designed for women during breastfeeding. The peculiarity of these vitamins is included in the micronutrients that support the development of the brain and the visual apparatus of the child. The unique formula is represented by Omega-3 (DHA), vitamin A, iodine, lutein, and another 15 useful elements for the harmonious development of the baby and improving mother's well-being.

In the reviews, they vied with one another for praising the supplement: a rich composition, no unpleasant taste and odor, ease of ingestion, administration and dosage (1 capsule per day). Mommies share that these multivitamins are a real salvation from the impotence caused by night feedings. Those who began to drink them not immediately after the birth of the baby, having had time to plunge into the cycle of events, note that after turning to the complex they got rid of dizziness, they felt a surge of strength and energy.

What is the difference between vitamins for pregnant women

Before describing the individual drugs, it is necessary to understand how vitamins for pregnant women differ from ordinary vitamin complexes. The first difference is that the composition has been carefully developed by scientists, it has long been known how many and what nutrients the body of a pregnant woman and an unborn child may lack.

One of the most important trace elements is calcium, which maintains the normal state of the future mom's bones and is responsible for the formation of the baby’s skeleton, therefore the vitamins for pregnant women contain much more calcium, they also contain 2 times more folic acid and vitamin E. Other useful substances are added by manufacturers according to the research of scientists of each particular country.

It is no secret that certain foods dominate in the diet of people in different countries of the world, as a result of some nutrients there can be an excess, some deficiency. Therefore, Russian women should not immediately sweep aside preparations of domestic production, it is in them that the features of our food are better taken into account.

The best vitamins for pregnant women

Of course, in general, the composition of various vitamin-mineral complexes does not differ much, because the producers in such a responsible matter are not guided by their own preferences, but by the general needs of the mother and baby. The main difference of vitamins for pregnant women - this is the price and the presence or absence of controversial components.

Some manufacturers do not add calcium, some iodine, although doctors are more often inclined to believe that from the 13th week of pregnancy these substances are necessary for both mother and unborn child. But it is not necessary to compensate for the lack of iodine and calcium with chemical vitamins, it is enough to correct the nutrition a little - to introduce additional fish, sea kale, apples, cottage cheese and other products rich in these substances. True, scientists have recently argued that calcium is poorly absorbed from food and for pregnant women is best taken additionally, preferably in combination with vitamin D3.

Therefore, it is the future mother herself who decides to choose vitamins for pregnant women, together with the attending physician. Below is a list of the best vitamins for pregnant women, based on the recommendations of doctors and feedback from expectant mothers.

Elevit Pronatal

The most popular vitamins are for pregnant women, they are often prescribed by gynecologists and future mothers advise each other. Produced complex in France by Roche. The biggest plus of this drug is a good balance of micro and macro elements. Also part of Elevit Pronatal includes almost all the nutrients and vitamins necessary for pregnant women. There is not only iodine there, if the expectant mother needs it, you will have to take it separately or pick up another drug. Elevit can start taking when planning a pregnancy and finish taking it at the same time as you stop breastfeeding.

Reviews of mothers about the drug are mostly positive, Elevit prevents hair loss, brittle nails, increases stress resistance and makes the future mother more active, almost does not cause taxis.

The disadvantages of the drug are its high price, the course will cost 6-7 thousand rubles and large, rough tablets, which are quite difficult to swallow. Another part of the drug is magnesium, which relaxes the uterus, so its reception is not desirable for women with the threat of miscarriage. Sometimes Elevit causes a side effect - constipation, and the female body can also be allergic to any of the components of the drug. Dark color stools when taking these vitamins is the norm and eventually passes.

Vitrum Prenatal

The manufacturer of this complex is the American company Unifarm Inc. Vitamins are produced specifically for pregnant and lactating mothers. The content of iron and folic acid in Vitrum Prenatal increased. An increased dose of calcium in tandem with vitamin D3 contributes to the development of a strong skeleton in the baby and prevents the destruction of bones and teeth in a pregnant woman.

This drug also does not contain iodine, if iodine is still needed, then you can take Vitrum Prenatal Forte, in addition to iodine, it also includes vitamins of group B, betacorotene, magnesium, copper, chromium and selenium. Both those and other vitamins are allowed to take a long time. Therefore, Vitrum Prenatal and Vitrum Prenatal Forte can be taken throughout the entire period of childbearing and breastfeeding.

The disadvantages Vitrum include the same high cost of vitamins and large pill size.

Vitamin and mineral complex for pregnant women Feimbion

Vitamins of the Austrian production, manufacturer Merck KGaA & Co. This manufacturer divided the vitamin complex depending on the duration of pregnancy.

Fembion I - appointed during pregnancy planning and early pregnancy

Fembion II - appointed from the 3rd month of pregnancy.

The drug is interesting because it has a different composition depending on what nutrients women need at different stages of pregnancy. The uniqueness of its composition lies in the fact that folic acid is added in its active form, metafolin, that it is best absorbed by the body. Folic acid during pregnancy plays a very important role, it is responsible for the correct formation of the immunity and the circulatory system of the unborn child also normalizes ovarian function in the mother.

Fembion does not contain vitamin A, which in large quantities is extremely dangerous for pregnant women, because it can lead to fetal malformations.

Fembion I is available in pills and Fembion II in pills and capsules, you need to take a capsule and pill daily with food.

Fembion is well tolerated by pregnant women, due to differences in composition, side effects are minimized. Yet, in some women, Femibion ​​can cause allergies, headaches, and asthenic syndrome.

This drug is also quite expensive, and the second-phase vitamins are 2 times more expensive.

Vitamins Alphabet for Pregnant Women

Vitamins Alphabet "Mother's Health", produced by a domestic pharmaceutical company. The complex is designed for pregnant and lactating women. The difference of these vitamins from the previous complexes is that for daily intake 3 tablets are needed, for convenience they differ in color - white, blue and pink. Like "splitting up" vitamins are made for their better absorption and improvement of tolerability, each tablet contains only compatible vitamins and trace elements. Also, if you are allergic to some vitamins, for example, E, this pill can be excluded from the daily intake.

Multi-colored tablets can be taken in any order, it is only desirable to take with meals.

The advantages of the drug include its good composition and low cost, the optimal combination of vitamins B12 and B6 minimizes the likelihood of allergies. Of the shortcomings, some future mothers have noted a not very convenient form of 3-fold intake, often women forget to accept them.

Complust Trimester

Inexpensive domestic complex of drugs is available separately for each trimester of pregnancy. Titles Trimester 1, Trimester 2, Trimester 3, speak for themselves. Vitamins of the first stage can be taken already during pregnancy planning. The tablets of each complex contain exactly the amount of vitamins and minerals that a woman needs at this stage of carrying a child. The complex Trimester 1 contains a lot of folic acid, necessary at the stage of the formation of the fetus, in the second and third trimesters there is no need, therefore the folic acid content in Trimester 2 and 3 is within the daily norm, but the content of other nutrients is higher. Due to the lack of iodine in the composition, these vitamins can be taken by pregnant women with an increased function of the thyroid gland.

This domestic manufacturer has another drug for pregnant mothers Complivit, there are no divisions for trimesters.

Vitamins for pregnant women Complivit have several important advantages - good quality at an affordable price, small size pills that do not cause difficulties in taking. Plus, the daily dose of vitamins is contained in just one pill, no need to take pills several times a day.

True reviews of future mothers about the drug are not unambiguous, some note an increase in toxicosis, digestive problems and allergies.

Vitamin Pregavit

The budget preparation of German production, contains the main vitamins of groups A, and B, C and D, plus calcium and iron. The order of admission depends on the duration of pregnancy. The number of pills is equal to the trimester of pregnancy, in the first - one, in the second - two, in the third - 3. The gynecologist can change the daily dose, depending on the nutritional balance of the expectant mother. Take vitamins with food, drinking plenty of water.

The undeniable benefits of prenavit Vitamins can be attributed to its balanced composition, low price, convenient administration in the form of capsules, the drug can be bought at almost any pharmacy. Vitamins have a positive effect on the skin, nails and hair.

Of the minuses most often mention the lack of iodine in the composition of Pregnavita and the presence of dyes in the shell, which occasionally can lead to allergies. The need to take strictly after a meal can also cause inconvenience.

Multi – Tubs for pregnant women

For the domestic market, Multi-Tabs is produced mainly in Russia using Danish technology. They are also good vitamins for pregnant women; the complex contains all the necessary substances, including iodine, selenium and calcium. Iodine stimulates the thyroid gland and regulates the hormones of the future mother. In the assortment of Multi-Tabs there is another drug for pregnant women - Multi-Tabs Perintal, saturated with Omega 3 acids, this drug is universal and will suit almost any expectant mother, but you still need to consult a doctor.

The advantages of the drug: low price, small daily dosage, to ensure the future mother's body with all the nutrients, just one tablet per day, taken with food.

The drawbacks of the drug are its side effects, which, however, do not often occur, rarely they manifest themselves in increased toxicosis or an allergic reaction, sometimes Multi-Tabs can cause exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Vitamins for pregnant Solgar

The complex is made in the USA, it has more than twenty useful elements, it is characterized by a high content of vitamins C and E. Solgar is also famous for its good antioxidant properties, removes slags and prevents the development of cataracts. Vitamins are made from natural ingredients and are contained in tablets in an easily digestible form. Because of the expensive components and the drug itself is not cheap.

Numerous reviews of women suggest that Solgar eliminates toxemia at the beginning of pregnancy, improves metabolism and increases appetite. In addition to the high cost, many women also negatively respond to the large amount of pills and the volume of their daily intake. In the first 3 months of pregnancy, it is necessary to take 2 tablets, at later periods - 4, many people forget and get confused.

Lonopan for pregnant women

Another noteworthy vitamins for pregnant women produced in Russia, Lonopan contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals that are better absorbed due to the separate intake. The pack contains blisters with pills of green and white color, green pills with iron and iodine, whites contain calcium. The following regimen is prescribed more often - 2 green tablets in the morning and 4 white in the evening. The attending physician can change the dosage individually based on the needs of the body of each woman.

Future mothers celebrate the pleasant taste of tablets, which is achieved by adding fructose and natural flavors to the preparation. Even women who are physically unable to swallow pills can take these vitamins, you can chew pills and not drink them all.

Упаковка у витаминов не совсем обычная – картонная коробка в которой находятся 2 пакета с зип застежкой, драже продаются не по количеству, а по весу, поэтому сколько понадобится таблеток на курс приходится вычислять опытным путем, часто остаются лишние пилюли в одном из пакетов, это не очень экономно, тем более, что препарат достаточно дорог.

Комплекс для беременных Прегнакеа

Завершает рейтинг витаминов для беременных витаминный комплекс, разработанный в Великобритании, он будет полезен не только беременным, но и кормящим мамам. Its composition is not very diverse - only 11 vitamins and 5 minerals, but these substances are enough to meet the needs of women in different periods of pregnancy and lactation. Manufacturers have not added calcium to the drug, which interferes with the absorption of iron, therefore, on prescription, it is necessary to take calcium supplements separately, at different times of the day. Pregnaca improves immunity, stimulates the proper functioning of internal organs. The gynecologist must determine the dosage of taking Pregnakake, otherwise incorrect reception may lead to hypervitaminosis and worsening of the future mother's well-being, it is also dangerous for the fetus.

These vitamins for pregnant women are much more expensive than domestic ones, and given the need for additional purchase of drugs with calcium, some women find it inappropriate. Others report nausea and allergies after taking Pregnaca.

Is it always necessary to take vitamins for pregnant women?

Not always. The female body during pregnancy primarily provides all the necessary substances of the child. Therefore, if a mother loses some substance with nutrition, it will have less effect on the child than on the mother’s body, which will experience an acute shortage of these elements, which will inevitably lead to negative consequences for her health. But the probability of pathology in a child due to lack of vitamins is quite small, healthy children are born even in times of hunger. But the mother, whose body gave everything to the child, can often get sick, it will be very difficult to age and recover strength. To prevent this from happening, it is better to take vitamins for pregnant women while carrying a child, it is not necessary to buy expensive imported ones, this article contains a number of cheap but worthy drugs.

Based on this information, you can consult a doctor and decide which vitamins for pregnant women to buy. Perhaps you will choose for yourself something better or more suitable, for example, our rating does not include Israeli vitamins, which have good quality and also like the future mom very much.

Features of vitamins for pregnant women

Multivitamins, which are used during pregnancy, differ from the usual complexes, so it is important to drink only special drugs designed for a specific period of life. When the question arises, which vitamins for pregnant women are the best, reviews of girlfriends are not the decisive criterion. It must be remembered: what came up to one person will not necessarily help another. Only a doctor, observing the patient both during pregnancy and before it can most accurately prescribe drugs that are suitable for her. For this purpose, special tests can be assigned, because an excess of elements in the body is no better than their lack.

A woman's need for vitamins is constantly growing as the baby grows. Thus, the feature of vitamin complexes for pregnant women is a greater content of vital elements, compared with conventional drugs, providing the ability to saturate the needs of the body. That is why, deciding which vitamins for pregnant women are the best, it is necessary to take into account the developmental period of the baby. As a rule, the reception of the complex is appointed after the 12th week of pregnancy, in the absence of other indications.

What should contain vitamins for pregnant women?

In addition to vitamin complexes, there are separate drugs designed to fill the deficit in the body of certain elements. For example, folic acid, which is prescribed before pregnancy, during the planning period, and “Iodomarin”, which saturates the body with iodine. In addition to these two elements, calcium should be present in vitamins for pregnant women, which affects the proper formation of the baby’s skeleton.

Thus, these three elements must be present in multivitamins. In addition, it should be noted that in the complexes, the iodine content, as a rule, does not exceed 150 μg. Therefore, it is necessary to replenish it in the body by applying an additional iodine-containing drug or by adding seaweed, fish and any seafood to your diet.

Planning a pregnancy: choose the vitamins correctly

The stage when the decision on conception has matured is crucial to ensure the most comfortable conditions for carrying and giving birth to a healthy baby. It depends on how correct this period was, how the pregnancy itself will flow.

Planning a pregnancy means for both partners the need to undergo a full examination for the presence of chronic diseases and infections, and for a woman also taking certain vitamins. The drug that needs to be taken immediately, after a conscious decision about future motherhood, is folic acid (vitamin B9). His reception is considered the best prevention of defects in the formation of the nervous system of the future baby. If the pregnancy occurred unexpectedly, the drug should be used immediately after confirmation of pregnancy. The fact that you can drink it before the visit to the doctor is an important criterion by which it is included in the list of “the best vitamins for pregnant women”. The reviews about him are only positive from both the medical workers and the expectant mothers who took it.

Another important element at this stage is vitamin E, which improves the reproductive functions of the body and provides optimal conditions for the development of the baby. In addition, it is a good prevention of pathologies such as miscarriage and missed abortion.

Thus, it is these two trace elements that are most needed during this period.

First trimester: what vitamins are needed?

As in the planning period, after the onset of pregnancy, in the first trimester, the need for vitamins begins to slowly increase. However, many doctors agree that the best vitamins for pregnant women in the early stages are proper, balanced nutrition and positive emotions. As a rule, gynecologists prescribe multivitamins after 12 weeks, when the future resources of the expectant mother do not fully cope with the growing needs of the body. At this stage, it is believed that the use of folic acid, as well as vitamins A, E, C and iodine. This choice is explained as follows:

  • folic acid serves as a prevention of disorders of the nervous system of the unborn child and severe malformations,
  • Vitamin A helps to properly form the nervous system, the visual apparatus and the skeleton,
  • vitamin E is the prevention of miscarriages, and also helps the correct formation of the placenta,
  • vitamin C enhances immunity, thereby increasing the body's resistance to various viruses and infections, which prevents premature termination of pregnancy,
  • Iodine is extremely important in the process of proper formation of the nervous system and thyroid gland.

This combination suggests a group called "the best vitamins for pregnant women in the 1st trimester."

Second trimester: the right choice of vitamins

After the 12th week begins the rapid development of the future baby and the formation of its vital organs. In order to provide it with the necessary resources, it is necessary to begin taking vitamin complexes.

The best vitamins for pregnant women in this period are those that are sufficiently contained:

Iron is needed to reduce the risk of anemia during pregnancy. Hemoglobin, which consists of it, carries oxygen throughout the body and delivers the baby. In addition, it is iron that is actively involved in the process of protein synthesis, through which muscles are formed. Among other things, the lack of iron can lead to an increase in the tone of the uterus.

Iodine is prescribed already in early pregnancy, however, the need for it increases significantly in the second trimester. It is important in the formation of the skeleton of the unborn child, as well as the development of his mental abilities. Lack of iodine significantly disrupts the metabolism of the expectant mother, causing general weakness and overweight.

Calcium is actively involved in the formation of the skeleton, endocrine system and kidney of the baby, so its correct use is extremely important in the second trimester. It is noteworthy that this trace element is poorly extracted from food, so it is desirable to use it in finished form.

It is this combination of microelements in the 2nd trimester that answers the question: “Which vitamins for pregnant women are the best?”. Reviews of doctors and expectant mothers confirm this information.

Third trimester: vitamins

The last three months of pregnancy are the most difficult. The future baby is already quite strong, tremors and movements are becoming more palpable, the belly increases, which leads to some physical discomfort. In the last months of pregnancy, it is difficult to choose a comfortable sleeping position, and housework becomes quite burdensome. At the same time, the baby continues to actively develop, he still needs resources to form. The main trace elements that are needed at this stage of pregnancy are:

Vitamin C improves the functioning of the future mom's immune system, which is especially important in the 3rd trimester. Any disease at this stage can lead to sad results. That is why it is extremely important to have a good immunity, especially if the last months of pregnancy occurred during a flu epidemic.

Vitamin D is the prevention of rickets in the unborn baby and helps to form the skeleton in the late stages of pregnancy. This vitamin can be obtained from the sun, so if the 3rd trimester fell on the summer months, you need to spend more time in the sun, while not forgetting about skin protection.

Magnesium is a preventive component of preterm labor, which is especially important at this stage of pregnancy.

The high content of these microelements in the preparation in the 3rd trimester is the best vitamins for pregnant women. Reviews of medical professionals at the same time clarify that taking vitamins at this time is not a mandatory measure. It depends on the state of the future mother and the results of the analyzes.

The most good vitamins for pregnant women list

Today, there are many vitamin complexes designed to replenish the body of the expectant mother with essential trace elements. Given the large selection of drugs, it is difficult to determine which vitamins for pregnant women are the best.

However, now there are complexes that are most widely used in practice. They are considered optimal multivitamins, providing the expectant mother's body with all the necessary trace elements in sufficient quantities.

Also good vitamins for pregnant women are:

  • "Alphabet for Pregnant Women",
  • "Vitrum Prenatal", "Vitrum Prenatal Forte",
  • "Materna",
  • "Pregnake",
  • "Elevit Prenatal",
  • "Fembion".

According to experts, these drugs are the most suitable vitamins during pregnancy in the absence of contraindications. Despite the fact that they contain all the necessary trace elements, their number is different for each drug. That is why only a doctor can prescribe the most suitable complex of vitamins for a particular woman. An independent choice in this case is not advisable.

The method of application of vitamin complexes for pregnant women

The best vitamins for pregnant women, the name of which was mentioned above, should be taken once a day, in the morning after breakfast. If there is no other testimony of the doctor, the drugs should be taken in accordance with the instructions. Usually one course is a month, after which it is necessary to take tests and determine whether to take the drug further. As a rule, if the expectant mother lives in a favorable climatic region, the need for taking vitamin complexes is not constant. You should not abuse them, even if it is the best vitamins for pregnant women.

Opinion of doctors

As a rule, at any given stage of pregnancy, any gynecologist prescribe vitamins to the expectant mother. However, all experts agree that the most correct way is to obtain the necessary trace elements naturally, through food and sunlight. It must be remembered that even the best vitamins for pregnant women are a medicine, and there is no reason to take medicines without urgent need. In addition, the intake of trace elements should be preceded by a thorough examination of the body with blood donation. This is necessary in order to prevent hypervitaminosis, which is possible if the balance of drug intake is not followed. Every future mother should be aware of the degree of her responsibility for the correct reception of the complexes, which in any case affects the health of the baby.

If you get the necessary trace elements in a natural way, then the risk of hypervitaminosis is completely absent. That is why the best vitamins for pregnant women, in the opinion of doctors, are proper, balanced nutrition, walking and absorbing positive emotions. In addition, health professionals warn that excessive use of vitamins during pregnancy and lactation can lead to allergic reactions in the baby in the future.

The best vitamins for pregnant women, reviews

Despite the skepticism of the doctors, it is difficult to find a woman who, while pregnant, would not take vitamins. This is due to the fact that not all future mothers can properly and balancedly eat for various reasons. This may be a lack of funds, lack of time for full and frequent cooking, hard work and other factors. In such a situation, the intake of vitamins solves the problem of saturation of the body, and hence the future baby, with microelements necessary for him. That is why in recent years, taking vitamins during pregnancy has gained such popularity. If you want to select the best vitamins for pregnant women, reviews of women taking them may be helpful. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of multivitamins in the list of the best.

  1. Alphabet for Pregnant Women. The advantage of this drug is to take into account the interaction of all the microelements contained in it. Vitamins are available in tablets of three different colors, so you can refuse a certain, in the case of an allergic reaction. In addition, it is in this complex contains the largest amount of iodine, so there is no need for additional intake. The disadvantage of this drug is a low content of folic acid, so up to 12 weeks of supplemental intake of this vitamin is necessary.
  2. Vitrum Prenatal. The main advantage of this drug, thanks to which it is very popular among gynecologists, is its high iron content. It is enough for the prevention of anemia at all stages of pregnancy, and for its treatment at the initial stage. In addition, there is plenty of folic acid. The minus of the drug in the absence of iodine, however, this disadvantage is compensated in the complex “Vitrum Prenatal Forte”
  3. "Materna". Judging by the composition, there is a sufficient amount of iodine and folic acid. However, reviews indicate that this drug has a significant drawback - a high content of vitamin A and B vitamins, which is often the cause of many allergic reactions.
  4. "Pregnavit". Reviews of this vitamin complex are mostly positive, it contains all the necessary vitamins during pregnancy. However, there is also no iodine, which requires an additional intake of iodine-containing drugs.
  5. Elevit Prenatal. This drug receives a lot of positive feedback. The advantage noted by both doctors and future mothers is high magnesium content, which is the best prevention of abortion. In addition, it significantly improves blood circulation, and this is quite important during pregnancy.
  6. "Fembion". Perhaps this is the only vitamin complex today that contains all the necessary elements in the right amount during pregnancy, including iodine and folic acid, which is a reason for positive feedback about it. This drug is available in two versions: "Fembion-1", suitable for the first trimester of pregnancy and "Fembion-2" - after 12 weeks. The main advantage of the drug, which is noted by pregnant women, is that it combines all the necessary vitamins. Accordingly, there is no need to take additional drugs, and this is very convenient. His only drawback, which is noted, is quite a high price.

Thus, judging by the reviews, the best complex of vitamins for pregnant women is Feimbion. This is the only drug that combines all the necessary trace elements during pregnancy. Therefore, do not need to take additional pills in combination with it.

Nevertheless, we should not forget that any vitamin complex, regardless of its quality, has its own contraindications. Именно поэтому выбирать самые хорошие витамины для беременных и способ применения должен только врач, наблюдающий женщину в течение всей беременности.

Рейтинг самых популярных витаминов

  • Элевит Пронаталь
    • Pros: suitable for the first trimester, does not cause allergies and nausea, often prescribed for threatened abortion, one of the most modern vitamin complexes for pregnant women,
    • Cons: quite expensive, does not contain iodine in its composition, a large pill size,
    • Cost: a package of “Elevit Pronatal” in 30 capsules will cost you around 500-600 rubles, and for a package of 100 capsules get ready to pay 1300-1500 rubles.
  • Alphabet "Mom's Health"
    • Pros: inexpensive, microelements are grouped according to mutual compatibility, tablets are small and easy to swallow,
    • Cons: these vitamins must be taken by fractional administration 3 times a day, so there is a risk to forget to take one of the servings,
    • Cost: One pack of “Alphabet Mother's Health” contains 60 tablets and costs on average from 300 to 400 rubles.
  • “Vitrum Prenatal Forte”
    • Pros: except for vitamins contains minerals - iodine, including
    • Cons: due to the high iron content the dosage should be carefully controlled,
    • Cost: a package of Vitrum Prenatal in 30 tablets will cost 350-450 rubles, a package of 100 tablets can be purchased from 850 to 1100 rubles.
  • “Sana-Sol for pregnant and lactating women”
    • Pros: contains all the necessary micronutrients, which are grouped according to mutual compatibility,
    • Cons: due to the fact that these vitamins need to be taken by fractional administration 2 times a day, there is a risk to forget to take one of the portions,
    • The cost of packing “Sana-Sol for pregnant women” in 60 tablets is about 500-600 rubles.
  • “Compliant Mom”
    • Pros: low cost, contains microelements,
    • Cons: possible side effects, a large number of negative reviews,
    • Cost: one pack of “Complivit Mama” will cost only 100-200 rubles.

We hope that after reading the article, you will be able to answer the question which vitamins are better and choose the ideal vitamin complex for yourself.