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Hello. Second pregnancy, for a period of 11-12 weeks. On Monday I was on an ultrasound, the doctor was confused by the size of the bladder - 10x7 mm. All other indicators are normal, the size of the fruit corresponds to week 13.
She advised the consultation of genetics and control after a week. Having read on the Internet, I went today (two days later) to re-ultrasound to another doctor. Honestly, I went with the hope that everything went and the baby just didn’t pee. But on the screen again a dark spot, though in size a little less - 7.9 x 6.9 mm. The doctor also recommended to look at the dynamics in a week.
We collected the Uzista by videoconference and decided the following: control was done at 16 weeks and then made a decision. This can be either a sign of pathology or just a coincidence (full bladder).
I do not know what to think. (I reassure myself that in three days it has not increased, but decreased.
I decided to go on control in another week, a month in the dark, I can't take it.

Borisenko Julia Vladimirovna

Psychologist, ConsultantSpecialist. Specialist from the website

Yes, everything will be fine, just priyuerstvkhovalis. do not cheat

mdja, one frustration from these pregnancies, 26+ weeks in you stststsuuutt,)
ideally, of course, to bind the sensor and wait for a message or what is it all for a thing (worm, abscess, hematoma, something with a retention mechanism but not MP, etc.).
in the winter
small rarely ahead of the estimated period of ovulation.
Doppler usually looks - inflow / outflow.
opiates and similar substances can give a problem with discharge, as well as the banal urethritis of the fetus.

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Questions and Answers for: Bladder Size

Good day! Your advice is essential. Is it necessary to hem the kidney (the doctor said the indications are, in principle, but they decide the most) and most importantly, is it possible to plan the first pregnancy with such a diagnosis and research results?

The result of ultrasound: Signs of nephroptosis 2CT on the right. The right kidney is lowered to 7 cm, the mobility is increased, with even clear contours, the size of 108.0х39.0. Paranhema medium echogenicity, homogeneous echostructure, normal thickness - 14.5 mm. The ratio of parenchyma / CLP is 2.0: 1. CLS moderately dilated, increased echogenicity, homogeneous echo structure. The upper group of cups is expanded to 8.0 mm in diameter. In the middle group of cups, a hypoechoic formation with a weak acoustic shadow 4.8 mm in diameter is located. In the structure of CLS, hyperechoic inclusions are located up to 3.0 mm in diameter.
The left kidney is located typically, mobility is within the normal range, with even clear contours, 109.0 * 38.0. Paranhema medium echogenicity, homogeneous echostructure, normal thickness - 14.5 mm. The ratio of parenchyma / CLP is 2.0: 1. The CLS is not expanded, increased echogenicity, homogeneous echo structure, sometimes with a double circuit. In the structure of CLS, hyperechoic inclusions of up to 3.3 mm in diameter are located.
The area of ​​the adrenal glands is not changed, no additional formations have been identified.

Results in / in urography:
The shape, size of the kidneys saved. On the right, the upper group of cups is extended. The lower pole of the right kidney standing down to the L5 vertebra. On the left, the CLS is not dilated, the ureter is normal, the outflow is not disturbed. The bladder is the correct form.

The results of blood biochemistry in the normal range.
Urine culture is negative.
In general, urine samples are often elevated protein (0.1 g / l), ph urine is usually 5.5 or 6.0. Red blood cells are usually elevated from 10.4 to 304.50 cells / μl (at a rate of 0-31). Elevated usually after yoga.
There are pains in the lower back and in the sacrum on the right. Usually after a long walk. Since childhood, I often go to the toilet (more often the average people). The last half of the year I try to drink a lot - up to 2.5 liters per day. There is no edema. I drink courses kanefron.
Age 25, height 162, weight 47. There is no complete family ((