Causes of irritation of the genital lips - how to quickly remove inflammation, burning and redness


A rather frequent problem of the intimate area in women is itching of the labia, both small and large. It becomes so unbearable that it significantly affects the quality of life. A woman cannot normally go about her business during the day and sleep at night. But this is not an isolated symptom. Most likely, they will also join such:

  • redness and swelling of the genitals,
  • the appearance of discharge with a specific, unpleasant smell,
  • cracks and minor abrasions arising due to mechanical effects on external genital organs (the woman simply cannot help itching “there”, because the sensations are, frankly, hellish),
  • due to damage there is pain and burning during urination,
  • pain of sexual contact.

In the normal state of the genitourinary sphere, in particular the external organs, there are no such sensations a priori. So what do these symptoms indicate? Why are labia lips scratched?

Causes of the phenomenon

Genital pruritus can tell about the many problems that exist in a woman’s body, including diseases of the sexual sphere. But the reasons for this manifestation are very diverse. First consider the subjective factors that are directly dependent on the person and can be eliminated even before the appearance of such a clinical picture, if you know about them.

  • First of all, treatment with some drugs is uncontrolled, independent, unjustified or inadequate. This group includes agents that affect the microflora of the whole organism (antibiotics, sulfonamides, and some others). Very often, women resort to their imaginary "help", based on previous experience of treatment, which was once prescribed by a doctor. But even with the same disease in different periods of a person's life can be treated by different means. This should be taken into account and contact a specialist in a mandatory manner.
  • Use of poor quality or unsuitable personal care products. This includes toilet paper, pads for both critical days and daily. If the use of pads during menstruation is not questioned, then the “daily” is a disaster for the female body, according to all gynecologists without exception. Especially if you change them less often than once every two hours. It creates a favorable in all respects environment for the development of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microflora. Also on these funds, especially with fragrances and impregnations, allergic reactions may occur.
  • Allergies to contraceptives, mostly condoms. They are covered with a special lubricant, which can cause both irritation and a more serious reaction of the body.
  • Close synthetic underwear creates a “greenhouse effect” and bacteria “stand applauding” to such a careful attitude towards them. As a result - an itch on the genital lips.
  • Frequent change of sexual partners leads to disruption of the vaginal microflora, which causes discomfort. You can also note rough sex, in which microtrauma of the mucous genital organs, both inside and outside.
  • Non-compliance or excessive hygiene of the genitals. Here the Polish proverb fully works: “Shaw zadto, it is not sober”. Both rare hygienic procedures, and too frequent, with the use of aggressive agents for intimate areas (drastically affecting the pH of the skin) lead to an imbalance of microflora.
  • Depilation zone deep bikini. It does not matter the method and place of the procedure. Individual features of the body, skin sensitivity, the presence of associated factors can cause itching, even if the manipulation was not the first time.

Now we will consider the objective factors (although if we look at them, they can be attributed to conditionally subjective, since their presence entirely depends on an adequate response to the early manifestation of the problem).

  • changes in hormonal status (puberty, pregnancy, menopause, some hormonal pathologies, hormonal contraceptive use for a long time),
  • a small amount of vaginal lubrication - may occur as a result of hormonal disruptions, as well as a physiological feature,
  • infectious diseases transmitted through sexual contact without barrier contraceptives, sexually transmitted diseases,
  • fungal and bacterial lesions of mucous genital organs,
  • metabolic disorders, weakening of immunity,
  • stressful situations that occur regularly or prolonged stay in a state of psychological overstrain, prolonged depression,
  • diseases of the pelvic organs, gastrointestinal tract (especially accompanied by dysbiosis),
  • blood diseases and oncology.

It also includes the effect of the thermal factor - overheating or overcooling of the body, which ultimately leads to disruption of the immune response.

Itching without discharge

Itching in the small and large labia without secretions may indicate a pathology such as vulvodynia. It is a non-communicable disease whose nature is allergy or neuropathy.

Symptoms of pathology are itching and pain in the intimate area, causing severe discomfort. There are sensations from nowhere, mainly in women of fertile age. The causes of pathology are different: childbirth, abortion, rough sex, genital trauma. Chances of this disease occurring amid stress or depression are high.

If an allergen acts as a provocateur of the disease, it is important to ascertain its nature and eliminate the presence in everyday life. Itching will be less and eventually disappear altogether.

But quite often women with such a pathology need the help of not only a gynecologist, but also a psychotherapist or a neurologist. Not only antihistamines, baths and local remedies for itching can be prescribed, but also antidepressants.

Itching with discharge

Against the background of changes in hormonal background, such unpleasant symptoms in the groin area, such as itching and vaginal discharge, can develop. Crotch itching, swelling, there are unpleasant-looking and odor of discharge. This phenomenon is observed in women during pregnancy, after giving birth in the period of breastfeeding, in adolescent girls at the stage of formation of the menstrual cycle and in women in menopause.

It is necessary to seek help even if the symptoms themselves have gradually begun to disappear. It is necessary to find out the cause of the phenomenon, prescribe adequate treatment so as not to cause complications. This is especially important while waiting for the baby, as the mother can infect her child if not in the womb, then at the time of birth.

Another serious pathology that can be indicated by symptoms such as itching and discharge is endometritis. In this state, the walls of the uterus grow on the background of the progression of the inflammatory process. Large labia swell, body temperature rises. The causes of this condition can be as banal inflammation, and the presence of tumors, including cancer.

Also note itching, burning, swelling and the presence of discharge in the development of a number of pathologies. Their timely treatment will get rid of a whole heap of problems. And for women of childbearing age - eliminate the risk of infertility.

Almost 80% of women at least once in their lives faced with a symptom when the labia are scratching, and so intense that it is impossible to sit quietly. In addition, white secretions join, resembling sour milk or cottage cheese. The smell is appropriate - sour, unpleasant, sometimes with onion "notes." This is candidiasis, and simply - thrush.

The causative agent of the disease is the representative of conditionally pathogenic flora of the fungus of the genus Candida. He lives in the body of almost every healthy woman, not causing her trouble, but for the time being. And this time comes along with a decrease in the level of lactobacilli, which “play the first violin in the orchestra” of the microflora of the genital organs, the vagina in particular.

The following signs of pathology are also present:

  • burning and soreness when urinating,
  • puffiness of small and large sexual lips,
  • redness of the entire crotch, accompanied by unpleasant sensations
  • the formation of plaque on the genitals, resembling sour milk.

To treat the disease preferably at the initial stage, then you can get rid of it in 3-5 days. And you don’t have to believe in supermodern and very effective advertisements that promise deliverance in almost one application. Perhaps some of this is true. But if the therapy is inadequate or incomplete, you can “jump up” before the disease becomes chronic.

For the most part, itching of the large labia is caused by a herpetic infection. Small ones are also involved in the process, but it is the big ones that take the main and first “blow”.

The disease, as a rule, is the result of hypothermia or overheating of the body, a complication of a cold or a viral disease. The following symptoms (incrementally):

  • redness of the vulva lips, itching, swelling,
  • transition of the same process to the small lips,
  • there is a burning sensation, tearing,
  • the final stage is a bubbly rash.

The most correct way out of this situation will be an immediate visit to the hospital to determine the cause and prescription of therapy.

Sexual and domestic infections

There are a number of diseases in which the itching of the intimate zone with secretions indicates infection either at home or during unprotected sex. The path of infection, of course, is important, but the clinical picture is unlikely to change, as the delivered discomfort.

  • Groin athlete's disease is not a venereal disease. You can become infected with it, using other personal hygiene products, visiting public saunas and baths, swimming pools, using non-sterile gynecological instruments.
  • Vaginal dysbacteriosis can occur for several reasons. Among the most common - the sexual way and the presence of the same process in the intestine. Reducing the level of lactobacilli makes it possible to develop Gardnerella vaginalis, which are present in small numbers in normal microflora.
  • Trichomoniasis is a purely sexual ailment. It is transmitted during sex with a sick partner and is manifested by soreness during urination, burning and itching of the labia minora, yellow discharge, foul-smelling.

An extremely rare causative agent of an itch in the groin is the pubic lice and the itch mite. Lice are transmitted through sexual contact, scabies - by household. Treatment in both cases is non-durable and consists in applying local remedies.

Prevention is key

A number of measures can be taken so that labia lips do not itch in principle, or this phenomenon becomes rare and quickly avoidable. There are five rules of behavior that will help avoid uncomfortable symptoms, and, consequently, the root causes of their occurrence.

  • Personal hygiene. Use only individual products (soap, neutral pH gels, other special detergents), towels, and napkins. Rinse preferably twice a day, with decoctions of medicinal herbal antiseptics or a weak solution of potassium permanganate.
  • If such a nuisance has happened, during therapy, to abandon the use of cosmetics for intimate hygiene. And if vaginal dryness is caused by physiological reasons, use the drugs prescribed by the gynecologist.
  • Diet, especially during pregnancy. Intestinal dysbiosis tends to "play out" against the background of the consumption of spicy, spicy, fried and too salty foods. It is necessary to reduce their consumption, at least during the period of childbearing.
  • Do not use regularly panty liners. They contribute to the development of bacterial microflora, which provokes itching and discharge.
  • Regular preventive counseling gynecologist - twice a year. This will help to identify diseases of the reproductive system that may be latent and not disturb for the time being.

Wearing tight synthetic underwear, tight fitting trousers, hypothermia or overheating of the body are the causes of various diseases of the intimate sphere.

Itching in the intimate area is a cause for concern in any case. The only thing that will help in case of such a problem is a qualified doctor.

What is irritation

The appearance of red spots on the skin indicates the presence of inflammation in the body. The female half of the population is much more likely to suffer from irritation in the intimate area, because their skin is more sensitive and easily exposed to the outside. The slightest environmental change can cause negative effects on the skin, so many people have to deal with this ailment every day. Irritation on the genital lips is a very delicate problem that can arise not only because of a violation of hygienic norms, but also because of the development of pathological processes.

Causes of irritation

Eliminate the complication is possible only after the survey, which will indicate the main causes of this reaction. They are divided into two types - internal and external. The first group includes diseases of the organs caused by an unhealthy diet or a severe psychological state. As you know, factors such as stress or strong emotional stress can provoke the development of various skin ailments, for example, irritation of the labia. As for external stimuli, these include:

  • care products
  • climate,
  • decorative cosmetics,
  • weather.

Inflammation of the labia

It is known that inflammatory processes affecting the external genital organs always cause severe discomfort to their owner. Irritation of the labia in the medical community is called vulvitis and covers a wide audience of patients of the most diverse age categories. To cope with this disease can only the attending physician, who by the nature of the infection will identify the cause of the disease. It is not necessary to postpone the visit to the gynecologist, because irritation in the genital area tends to multiply. Common symptoms of vulvitis in women:

  • pain when urinating,
  • heavy discharge from the vagina,
  • severe itching
  • burning,
  • edema,
  • unpleasant smell
  • temperature rise,
  • feeling of general malaise.

The microflora of the female genital organs can become vulnerable to harmful microorganisms with the development of any internal diseases. Pathological processes negatively affect women's health, so a symptom such as a burning sensation in the vaginal area indicates a serious complication. A variety of ailments can provoke the appearance of irritation on the genitals, for example, thrush, diabetes mellitus or dysbacteriosis.

Inflammation originates in the Bartholin glands, after blockage of which the irritation gradually spreads around the perimeter of the mucous membrane. Vulvitis may result from sexually transmitted diseases or other sexually transmitted infections. The intensity of the manifestations varies depending on the nature of the irritation on the genitals; in severe cases, the patient has very strong discomfort of external manifestations.

Any irregularities in the body can lead to the appearance of cracks in the labia minora. They occur due to pathological changes of the mucous membrane, in which it loses its integrity. Inflammation on the genital lip may be accompanied by such unpleasant manifestations as hyperemia, itching or irritation. The disease occurs as a result of the immune system's response to the action of stimuli, be it a fungus, an infection or a virus.

In the early stages, irritation in the genital area is easily treatable, it is only necessary to eliminate the original cause of the disease. These include wearing tight linen made of synthetic materials, mechanical damage during depilation or unsuitable for the type of skin pads. However, if time does not undergo a course of therapy, there is a risk of homing in this zone.

Severe itching

External lesions of the genital organs may indicate serious health problems, where severe itching in the intimate area acts as a warning signal. If the labia are inflamed or plaques appear on them, then it is not recommended to try to self-treat such pathology. Vaginal itching sometimes causes severe discomfort, which is repeated every few hours. In these conditions, there may also be intense discharge and redness of the skin in a certain period of the monthly cycle.

Itching in patients is caused by two main reasons - inflammatory and non-inflammatory. With active sex life, some women eventually develop vaginitis or herpes, both illnesses develop through the fault of pathogenic bacteria in the body. Если у больного отсутствуют признаки воспалительного процесса, то повлиять на возникновение раздражения могли гормональные или аллергические факторы, например, такие современные методы контрацепции, как смазка или презервативы.

Покраснение и зуд

Физиологические особенности женских половых органов делают их уязвимыми для различного рода инфекций, переносимых мужчинами. Infection can occur at any time, the consequences of which will have to be fought for a long time: an unpleasant smell from the perineum, swelling of the labia, labial swelling, painful sensations in the lower abdomen, and so on.

These symptoms are the result of mechanical damage to the genital organs, inappropriate undergarments, or vaginal douching. If itching or redness occurs, you should immediately go to see a doctor. Examination in the gynecologist's office is able to give a comprehensive answer about the origin of irritation on the skin, and the specialist should prescribe the appropriate method of therapy.

Rash in the intimate area of ​​women

In most cases, irritation or rash in the intimate area occurs due to the presence of pathogenic microorganisms in the body, which provoke the formation of defects on the skin. They can be of various shapes and sizes, there are several types of rashes, which are a violation of the integrity of the epithelial cover. Pimples and blisters tend to form on the outside of the skin, although they can sometimes appear in deeper layers.

Some formations are considered an ordinary physiological defect that do not pose a threat to human health. These include male papules and micropapillomatosis on the female genital organs, arising from disturbances in hormonal processes in the body. These defects can be removed by laser surgery or other skin correction methods.

How to treat irritation in the intimate area

Skin problems, especially in the genital lips, require a special approach. Not always advertised and expensive drugs are able to help cope with such a delicate situation, and many people are just shy to consult a doctor. If the irritation is episodic and suddenly took you by surprise, first look at personal hygiene items.

It is possible that the cause of irritation in the genital area is a newly acquired razor or shower gel. To cope with the problem will help decoctions based on healing herbs or essential oils. In case of emergency, you can use soda, having prepared baths or compresses with it. The solution should be saturated, the procedure is recommended not more than half an hour.

Cream for the intimate area of ​​irritation

The modern market of cosmetic products provides a wide selection of a variety of creams for irritation. Here you can find special products for depilation or light moisturizing emulsions for sensitive skin. To remove redness, dexpanthenol based creams are used, which help to enhance the regeneration of the skin. These tools help to effectively cope with irritation, relieve itching and burning.

Observance of precautionary measures during application of cream guarantees safety for health of the patient. It is best to test the product on the wrist, in the absence of any side effects, you can begin the procedure. Apply the composition to the affected skin area, giving it time to fully absorb. Do not use other drugs in parallel, as there is a risk of therapeutic interaction.

From irritation in the intimate area, experts often prescribe hormonal ointment. The result of their use is noticeable immediately after the first procedure, however, it is important to strictly follow the norms prescribed by the gynecologist during treatment. It is not recommended to make compresses using these tools very often - there is a possibility of an allergic reaction.

Zinc is considered the most effective anti-irritant ointment. It is able to quickly eliminate signs of irritation, not only in the genital area, but also in any other part of the skin. Ointment with propolis and glycerin, made according to well-known popular recipe, has similar properties. It is best stored in the refrigerator throughout the entire period of treatment.

Preventive measures

To prevent the occurrence of redness or irritation, the use of pharmacy Aspirin in the intimate area is allowed. Several tablets are crushed to a powder and poured with warm boiled water. The resulting mixture is used before shaving as a peeling - it is well peeling dead cells and stimulates the regeneration process.

Once the procedure is completed, the skin should be wiped with hydrogen peroxide solution. The bikini area is a very sensitive area that needs not only regular peeling, but also moisturizing. For these purposes, it is recommended to use tonics based on medicinal plants or oil lotions. They prevent the appearance of irritation after shaving and make the skin soft.

Itching, swelling, burning, dryness, acne and cracks on the small and large lips of the genital: causes, treatment. How to treat itching and swelling of the labia during pregnancy, after sex?

Why itch, swell, dry labia. What diseases give such a symptom. How to get rid of itching.

Itching is a sensation that is very difficult to overcome. One can imagine how unpleasant it is for a woman who really wants to comb "there." Does she need to immediately go to the gynecologist? It is necessary to understand why such discomfort occurs, how to get rid of it.

What does itching and swelling of the genital lips?

Itching call irresistible desire to scratch the skin. It is, literally, born in the head. This is how the nervous system reacts in response to local irritation.

The itching and swelling of the labia of the woman’s lips is often a non-specific symptom of one of the many gynecological diseases. Also, the occurrence of discomfort can be attributed to non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene.

Itching and swelling of the labia can have an infectious or non-infectious nature.

The most common reasons why labia lips swell and itch are:

  1. Poor hygiene of the genitals, when a woman is rarely washed away.
  2. Synthetic underwear that does not "breathe" and creates a "greenhouse effect"
  3. Wearing hygienic tampons is longer than 3 hours, and pads for critical days are longer than 5 hours
  4. Frequent washing with soap
  5. Allergy to daily pads
  6. Allergy to intimate hygiene products
  7. Injuries during sex
  8. Overheat
  9. Hypothermia
  10. Stress
  11. Irritation after shaving or hair removal
  12. Pubic lice bites
  13. Vaginal dysbacteriosis
  14. Use of certain medications
  15. Noninfectious genital inflammation
  16. Infections of genital organs of an infectious nature (including venereal diseases)
  17. Exchange disorders due to diseases of the endocrine glands, pregnancy, menstruation, menopause
  18. Urinary System Diseases
  19. Blood diseases
  20. Oncological diseases

IMPORTANT: Itching of the labia, accompanied by swelling, is often observed in nervous, overly emotional women. There is a psychosomatics

Razor irritation is one of the reasons why labia itch.

If there is a single episode of itching of the labia, it may be caused by a squeezing underwear, an uncomfortable posture, etc. There is no sense to worry, everything will pass by itself. Do not let the problem take its course and consult a doctor should be mandatory, if it itches all the time, itching is accompanied by:

  • swelling and redness
  • swollen
  • secretions (with an unpleasant smell)
  • cracks and abrasions of the genital lips
  • painful urination
  • soreness during intercourse

IMPORTANT: Often the itching of the labia is so intense that a woman is not able to sleep at night and do her usual activities during the day.

Itching and swelling of the labia, without discharge, causes

An itchy dull pain in the region of the small and large labia, accompanied by swelling, but without discharge, may indicate vulvaria in a woman.

IMPORTANT: Vulvodynia is a pain syndrome that is not associated with infections. Most often it occurs due to allergies or neuropathy.

  1. Pathology is most commonly seen in women of child-bearing age.
  2. Pain and itching occur for no apparent reason and literally prevent a woman from living
  3. Genital discomfort affects a woman’s sexuality
  4. Vulvodynia - the cause of depression

Vulvodynia - the cause of itchy pain in the external genitalia of a woman.

The cause of itching in the region of the labia and the entire vulvar complex is an increase in the number of signals sent to the brain from local nerve endings. This is often associated with inflammation (neuritis) of the genital nerve. Pathology is triggered by:

  • childbirth
  • abortion
  • careless, too rough sexual intercourse
  • mechanical trauma

If, after a thorough gynecological examination, tests for genital infections, ultrasound and other examinations, the diagnosis of vulvodynia is confirmed, it is often necessary to undergo treatment not only with a female doctor, but also with a psychologist and / or neuropathologist.

  • diet (to reduce oxalate in the urine)
  • Kegel exercises (to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor and relieve spasm)
  • baths
  • antihistamines (if allergies occur)
  • anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs (Diclofenac, Naproxen)
  • antidepressants

IMPORTANT: Sometimes psychotherapy is indicated for a patient with vulvodynia.

Itchy labia and white discharge, causes

The cause of itching, pain, redness of the small and large labia, the external genitalia of a woman can become a fungus Candida. Simply put, thrush in women can manifest itself with such symptoms.

IMPORTANT: Up to 75% of women of child-bearing age once carried thrush.

Yeast live in the vagina in most women. If the immunity is strong, the vaginal flora is normal, they do not make themselves felt.

The thrush develops if:

  • immunity due to stress, acute or chronic illness, overwork, avitaminosis
  • the woman had a hormonal failure
  • woman takes contraceptives, antibiotics
  • woman's blood glucose is elevated
  • woman is eating improperly
  • hypothermia occurred

Candidiasis - the cause of itching of the genital lips and white discharge from the genital tract.

The doctor detects thrush during a routine examination and confirms the diagnosis with vaginal microflora analysis results. As a treatment, he will prescribe:

  • antifungals topically or orally
  • means for raising immunity
  • anti-inflammatory drugs
  • diet

IMPORTANT: There are many advertising funds from thrush, which promise recovery almost a day. They are freely available without a prescription and are indeed effective. But doctors warn that self-medication is fraught with chronic fungal infections with its relapses 2-4 times a year.

If a woman has thrush, her sexual partner should also be treated.

Itching and swelling of the labia during pregnancy, causes

At a time when a woman bears a child, her body becomes very vulnerable. Many diseases can “cling” to the future mother. Also, there are relapses of those that flowed from her earlier in a chronic form.

Pregnancy can be marred by unpleasant sensations in the region of the labia: itching and swelling. Causes of discomfort:

  1. Physiological changes in the body of a woman due to hormonal changes, growing uterus. Swelling and itching may occur due to circulatory disorders in the pelvic organs, nerve impairment, etc.
  2. Varicose veins. The formation of venous nodes provokes swelling and redness of the vulva, the desire to comb, painful sensations
  3. Inflammatory processes in the field of the external genital organs of a woman. This is Bartholinitis (inflammation of the Bartholin glands located near the entrance to the vagina and emit lubricant for moisturizing the mucous membrane), vulvitis (inflammation of the vulva), vulvovaginitis (inflammation of the vulva and vagina)
  4. Relapse thrush. A yeast infection that occurs in a chronic form often wakes up during pregnancy.
  5. Sexually transmitted infections

Itching of the labia during pregnancy requires an appeal to the doctor.

IMPORTANT: The health of the future mother is very fragile. Her illness can be transmitted to the child or harm it. Therefore, in the event of swelling and itching of the labia, the woman should consult a doctor who is leading the pregnancy.

What does severe itching of the labia after sex mean?

One of the reasons why a woman’s labia is itchy after sex is an allergy to condoms.

IMPORTANT: Condoms are made from latex, obtained from the hevea tree. Latex contains proteins that are allergenic. Not only latex can cause a reaction, but also various lubricants, flavors. other

Itching of the labia after sex can cause an allergy to condoms.

Allergies to condoms can manifest themselves in different ways, from itching and rash on the genitals to attacks of breathlessness.

If a woman noticed that after protected sex she has itchy vagina or labia, she needs to visit a gynecologist.

He will eliminate other possible causes of the problem, for example, infection, will give a referral to an allergist and to tests to identify an allergen.

Itching and pimples and cracks in the labia, causes

Despite the fact that there is running water in almost all homes, there are convenient daily pads and products for feminine hygiene, itching and cracks in the labia can appear due to such ridiculous reasons as:

  • pollution
  • urine irritation
  • penetration of feces to the vulva
  • sweating
  • wearing synthetic too tight underwear

As a rule, it is enough to eliminate these reasons in order to get rid of the problem.

Irregular strip change causes itchy labia.

But sometimes things are worse. Perhaps, the inflammation of the genital lips began - vulvitis. When it is noted:

  • itching and swelling of the labia
  • drying and cracking of the mucous
  • rashes
  • appearance of whitish plaque
  • general malaise, nervousness, fever

Vulvitis may be:

  1. Primary - due to mechanical, chemical irritations, hypothermia, allergies, etc.
  2. Secondary - infectious, when pathogenic microorganisms get on the vulva from the vagina, cervix, uterus with vaginitis, colpitis, cervicitis, endometritis, etc.

To cure the inflammation of the labia, eliminate its cause and symptoms.

Dryness and itching of the labia, causes

Women complain of dryness of the mucous membrane of the external genital organs and vagina, itching, during pregnancy, after childbirth, during menopausal or menopausal periods, after menstruation, when hormonal changes take place.

If the glands of the genitals produce insufficient lubrication, the labia can dry and itch.

The lack of produced lubricant leads to drying out, tightening of the mucous membrane of the labia, unpleasant sensations and itching. Sometimes discomfort has to endure, using local moisturizers.

Sometimes hormone therapy is required. Accurately answer the question, what should be the treatment, can only a doctor.

VIDEO: On the dryness of the female genital organs

The woman is not in a position to find out the cause of the itching of the labia and to eliminate it with medication. After examination and analysis, this is done by the doctor on an individual basis.
With the help of folk remedies, you can try to reduce discomfort. Help:

  1. Douching with soda, iodine, herbs decoction
  2. Aloe Tampons
  3. Baths with chamomile, sea salt
  4. Air trays

Douching with soda, salt and iodine will help get rid of the itching of the labia.

RECIPE: Douching with soda, salt and iodine

  • 1 liter of water is dissolved in 1 teaspoon of soda and salt, 10 drops of iodine
  • with the help of syringe injected into the vagina solution, wipe them labia
  • repeat the procedure twice a day until the symptoms disappear

IMPORTANT: It is necessary to introduce into the diet as much as possible lactic acid products - yogurt, kefir, acidophilus.

Cream and ointment for itching of the genital lips. Is it possible to smear the labia with baby cream?

Ointment helps to reduce the feeling of itching in the region of the genital lips:

  • antihistamines (Beloderm)
  • corticosteroid (mesoderm)
  • analgesic (diclofenka)
  • with antibiotics (Akriderm)

Ointment for itching of the labia must be prescribed by a doctor.

IMPORTANT: You can smear the labia with baby cream to relieve mechanical irritation, for example, because of rubbing underwear or irritation with a razor.

Itching of the labia: what to do when the labia are swollen and itchy

articles: When the labia are swollen and itchy, it is better to appear to the gynecologist or dermatovenerol, but if for some reason the visit to the doctor is postponed, you can try to figure it out yourself, which caused itching.

There are a lot of reasons that cause discomfort in the intimate area, as a result of which the labia of the woman itches. Vulvitis may develop in women of any age, pediatricians experience vulvar inflammation in girls.

Unpleasant symptoms are pronounced and significantly worsen the quality of life. If not treated in time, the inflammation will spread further, and the suffering will intensify.

There is no specific ointment for itching of the labia, it is important to understand in detail what was the reason, and only then choose drugs: ointment, cream, gel, suppositories or tablets.

Symptoms and signs of vulvitis

Признаки воспалительного процесса с вовлечением малых и больших половых губ выглядят так: • гиперемия,
• отечность,
• дискомфорт после акта мочеиспускания,

• зуд клитора и в области вульвы.

При осмотре визуализируются увеличенные воспаленные сальные железы, иногда — шелушение. If the process is pronounced significantly, there may be complaints of fever, general weakness, and an increase in regional lymph nodes. In young girls, especially the first 3 years of life, vulvovaginitis may be associated with improper hygiene. Moms should properly flush the girls, always pushing the labia. It is better to use baby soap, as it is hypoallergenic. If washing is carried out only outside, there is a risk of synechia (adhesions). Inflammation of the labia of the girl also provoke helminthic invasion or scratching on the background of diathesis. There are acute and chronic vulvovaginitis, with an acute process, the symptoms are more pronounced.

What to do if labia lips swell and itch with vulvovaginitis:

• undergo a gynecological examination,
• to pass a biomaterial to exclude the venereal nature of the inflammation of the labia and the vestibule,
• microscopy of detachable candidiasis to exclude,
• study of blood glucose levels,
• helminth feces test.

Consultation with an infectious disease specialist and a dermatologist may be required. An infectious disease specialist will examine a woman for pubic lice, and a dermatologist will rule out or confirm the allergic genesis of inflammation and other skin diseases.

Vulvitis rarely occurs in isolation, most often pathogenic bacteria spread from the vagina. This is characteristic of secondary vulvitis. In addition, secondary inflammation of the vulva occurs against the background of diseases such as: • obesity,
• diabetes,
• hypovitaminosis,
• hypoestrogenism,

• chronic inflammatory diseases of the urogenital tract.

Primary inflammation of the vulva occurs for the following reasons:

• trauma to the labia during sex,
• use of aggressive hygiene products,
• bad hygienic habits: rare tampon changes, • preference for synthetic underwear.

How to treat vulvovaginitis

Treatment depends on the cause. If the inner labia and vagina are itchy, a warm bath with decoctions of anti-inflammatory herbs will help relieve the condition, of course, provided there is no allergy to these plants. Chamomile, calendula, sage, oak bark, yarrow have anti-inflammatory effect.

You can use a slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate, better known in everyday life under the name "potassium permanganate".

If labia lips scratch, vagina and there is a white discharge with a characteristic sourish smell, then this is most likely thrush. Reduce the itching of the bath with a solution of baking soda and the use of antifungal drugs for local and general treatment. For example, Pimafucin suppositories can be applied transvaginally, 1 candle at night, for a 10-day course, and 150 mg of Flucostat can be taken orally once.

What to do when inflammation of the labia in the background of injury

If one sexual lip is swollen and itches, it is most likely caused by skin trauma and the spread of infection. Especially often the condition develops after getting rid of the vegetation in the intimate zone.
In this case, you should not put alcohol compresses or make hot baths - this contributes to the further spread of the inflammatory process.

Irrigation with anti-inflammatory herbs at room temperature can be done.

Inside, with severe inflammation, take a broad-spectrum antibiotic, for example, Zi factor 500 mg on the first day, and then 250 mg each, a course of 5 days or Tsiprolet 500 mg 2 times a day for 5 days. Apply cream to the problem area. Baneocin, in a thin layer 2 times a day.

If the outcome is a furuncle, the treatment is prompt.

Allergic manifestations in the intimate area: contact vulvovaginitis

Hypersensitivity reactions can manifest themselves in the intimate area as follows: • debilitating itching and burning of the labia, including itching and redness of the labia minora,
• rash on the type of urticaria on the skin of the intimate area, in the inguinal folds,
• itchy clitoris,
• increased secretion,
• inflammation of the vestibule and the vagina itself. Such a reaction can be obtained with individual hypersensitivity to latex, fragrances, daily pads, gels for intimate hygiene, contraceptives for local use.

What to do if labia lips itch for allergies: what to treat

The treatment will be as follows: The elimination of contact with a possible irritant. Acceptance of antihistamine drugs, for example, Claritin, Klarotadin. Calcium gluconate 10 ml intravenously or intramuscularly 1 time per day for 10 days. Ointment Afloderm thin layer 2 times a day, 5 -7 days. Enterosorbents: Polysorb, Polyphepanum, Enterosgel. Baths with anti-inflammatory herbs. Diet with the exception of spicy, sweet, sour, salty, alcohol, etc. Similar measures are also used when insects bite the labia. It is important to remove allergic manifestations and pain. On closer inspection, you can see a spot on the labia from the bite. If the culprit of a delicate problem — a bee or a wasp — should be carefully removed. A bath with baking soda at room temperature will significantly reduce swelling and pain.

Apply to the bite site Fenistil - gel.

Hormone adjustment during pregnancy

Changes in hormonal levels during childbirth can lead to the development of vulvovaginitis, while the labia are red and itchy.

If there are no worms, blood sugar is normal, there is no rash characteristic of an allergic reaction, a study has been conducted for sexually transmitted infections, and there is no need to worry.

It is necessary to carry out the toilet of the external genital organs 2 times a day, with baby soap or gel for newborns, to wear only cotton underwear, which should be changed regularly.

It is better to refuse daily linings, to wash the things separately and with use of hypoallergenic powder. Additionally, the gynecologist may prescribe vitamins and trays with decoction of herbs. Systemic antibiotic therapy in the first trimester, as a rule, is not carried out. Perhaps the use of creams with antibiotics for local treatment.

Hormonal adjustment during menopause

With age, the hormonal background of a woman undergoes significant changes. Female sex hormones are synthesized in smaller quantities, there comes a state of hypoestrogenism, which leads to a global restructuring of the whole organism.

Vaginal mucous membranes, small and large labia also undergo changes, the vessels become more fragile, and the production of secretions decreases. Enough sexual contact or any intimate medical manipulation to start the development of inflammation.

In addition, local immune protection suffers - it is easier for microbes and bacteria to settle in the intimate area. A woman during menopausal adjustment of the body, there are complaints that the labia red and itchy.

This is not a reason for frustration, on the pharmacological market there are enough effective means to cope with this condition.

What to do in case of itching of the genital lips of a woman during menopause and after its occurrence

The treatment regimen will depend on the age of the woman. In elderly patients, hormone replacement therapy is considered unreasonable. The gynecologist may recommend Levomekol ointment for inflammation and lubricate the vulva with baby cream or olive oil to moisturize and protect against microcracks. First of all, the patient should be thoroughly examined. Biochemical analysis will be required. The following parameters are examined: • sugar, • urea and creatinine, • liver function tests. Additionally, the gynecologist may prescribe a blood test for female sex hormones and detachable vaginal microscopy. From instrumental methods of examination perform an ultrasound of the female genital organs, mammography. This allows you to exclude tumor processes, inflammation, fibroids, etc. Such a complete examination is necessary if the doctor decides to carry out hormone replacement therapy with estrogen or progesterone. Women aged 45-55 years, if itching small and large labia and confirmed lack of estrogen, often prescribe the following drugs: • Ovestin (cream, gel and candles)
• Klimadinon (capsules),
• Klimafemin,
• Estriol (candles),
• Divigel (gel),
• Klimara (gel),
• Dermestril (cream). Sometimes it is enough to use moisturizing oils with soothing ingredients (Ginokomfort, Vagikal, Montavit). If there is a vulvovaginitis (there is inflammation in the vagina), appoint the following candles:

• Betadine
• Hexicon
• Iodoxide.

Discomfort in the intimate area, inflammation, swelling, discharge - a significant reason to consult a doctor. No need to take responsibility and self-diagnose.

Occasionally, venereal infections are hidden behind such symptoms, which with long-term existence will lead to infertility. There are a huge number of reasons for the changes that cause itching on the part of the female genital organs.

Timely diagnosis and treatment is the key to women's health and good mood.

Reactive arthritis (previously Reiter’s syndrome) is an autoimmune disease that develops in response to an infection. Inflammation and swelling of the joints, discomfort during urination, changes in vision

Detail Soft chancre

Chancroid - a sexually transmitted infection triggered by Ducrey's streptobacteria. This gram-negative optional anaerobic pathogen is destroyed by some disinfectants.

There are many myths and misconceptions about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). In some of them there is some truth, but some surprise with their ignorance. Below are

Cytomegalovirus infection

A person may not be aware of the presence in the body of the virus and not be aware of the fact of infection. Not always, infection with cytomegalovirus leads to fatal consequences. Meeting with

Clinics and doctors

  • Clinics of your city
  • Doctors of your city

Swelling of the labia

Swelling of the labia is considered to be a fairly common manifestation, despite the fact that women prefer not to seek help when such a symptom occurs. A wide range of etiological factors can be the cause of such a delicate problem, which is why they are usually divided into several large groups - physiological and pathological.

An additional symptom of edema may be itching and burning, pain and redness of the skin of this anatomical region, as well as copious vaginal discharge.

In some cases, a gynecological examination will be sufficient to establish the correct diagnosis, but sometimes a laboratory and instrumental examination may be required.

Treatment of this symptom in women is often based on the use of conservative methods.

Puffiness of the labia occurs on the background of the following pathological conditions:

  • vulvitis is a disease against the background of which the inflammatory process develops in the region of the external genital organs. These include large and small labia, clitoris and vagina, as well as the hymen,
  • Bartholinitis - a pathology characterized by inflammation of the glands, which are located on the threshold of the vagina,
  • vulvodynia - a pathology caused by a chronic course of candidiasis or indiscriminate intake of antibacterial agents,
  • vaginitis - indicates inflammation of the vagina,
  • carrying out surgical procedures, for example, after removal of the warts,
  • endocrine and cardiovascular disorders.

The defeat of the genital organs occurs due to exposure to the following pathological agents:

Also, swelling of the labia can cause allergic reactions.

It is worth noting that not all causes of swelling of the external genital organs in women are associated with ailments and disorders. Clinicians have compiled a category of predisposing factors that has nothing to do with this or that pathology. This group of sources consists of:

  • non-compliance with the rules of genital hygiene,
  • sexual contact, after which puffiness of the genital lips persists for several hours from the moment of peak arousal. But in some cases, swelling may occur up to twelve hours,
  • narrow and uncomfortable underwear,
  • the period of childbearing - after childbirth a similar sign is neutralized independently,
  • sexual self-satisfaction,
  • damage during delivery.

If the labia has become swollen during pregnancy, this may be due to the following factors:

  • constant intrauterine growth of the fetus,
  • impaired blood circulation and high blood pressure, which affects the previous reason
  • varicose veins of such anatomical zone.

Varicose genitals

It is necessary to take into account that a woman “in position” should not worry about the appearance of such a sign, because after the birth of the child, the external genital organs become in their original form.


Regardless of the cause of puffiness, such a symptom will not be the only clinical manifestation.

Additional symptoms may be:

  • itching and burning,
  • pain that occurs both at rest and during urination. Often there is an increase in pain during or after sex, as well as during long walking or sitting,
  • copious vaginal discharge, which may differ in its consistency, shade and smell,
  • the formation of ulcers and vesicles in which fluid accumulates - these are the main manifestations of herpes,
  • reddening of the skin of the region of the large or small labia,
  • general weakness and lethargy of the body,
  • temperature rise,
  • discomfort in the external genital area,
  • the formation of seals, palpable palpation.

If one or more of the above symptoms occur, women should not self-medicate, but should go to a gynecologist as soon as possible, especially if the labia is puffy during pregnancy.

Irritation of the labia minora

  • Bacterial vaginosis. A healthy community of bacteria in the vagina is the norm. But the predominance of one of their kind leads to infection. Other symptoms: redness and itching of the genital lips, burning and unpleasant smell.
  • Acute vaginitis. Inflammation of the vaginal mucosa caused by infection with pathogenic microorganisms. The first sign of this disease is abundant discharge, then reddening of the labia minora, itching, swelling joins.

It is important! If vaginitis is caused by syphilis or gonorrhea, and adequate treatment is not performed, infertility may be possible later.

  • Yeast infection (vaginal candidiasis) is familiar to every three out of four women. Irritation of the labia minora, itching and leucorrhea accompany excessive reproduction of yeast fungi in the vagina.
Photo 1: Antibiotics, a weakened immune system, and traumatic sexual contact become a frequent cause of a yeast infection. Source: flickr (LolaManzanita).

Irritation of the labia majora

  • Trouble is fraught with frequent depilation, an increase in the aging of the cream on the skin while removing unwanted hair with it. The location of the procedure is red, there is itching and burning.
  • Menopause. The decrease in estrogen production, the accompanying completion of a woman's reproductive age, leads to dryness and thinning of the skin. This causes itching and irritation of the small and large labia.
  • Infection with genital herpes or relapse of the disease also manifests as itching, blistering and crusts, and ends with desquamation.
  • One of the manifestations of diabetes in women is peeling and itching in the region of the labia majora.

It is interesting! Peeling, accompanying irritation, subject only the skin of the labia majora. And the structure of the epithelium of the labia minora is such that when inflamed, it does not form scales.

What to do when irritation of the genital lips

Treatment of irritation of the labia depends on the identified cause of the ailment.

Itching and irritation associated with menopause, eliminate the use of a cream with estrogen tablets.

Recommendations for the prevention and treatment of vaginal itching:

  • avoid toilet paper and perfume pads, intimate hygiene gels,
  • for intimate hygiene, use clean water and regular, odorless toilet soap,
  • to wear underwear without synthetic
  • avoid douching
  • for vaginal dryness, use a vaginal moisturizer.

Important! From sexual contacts to improve the condition is recommended to refuse. They will not bring joy because of pain and a possible deterioration.

Homeopathic treatment of genital lip irritation

Homeopathy is able to cope with many diseases of the skin and mucous membranes. Homeopathic remedies harmonize the body and relieve it from the disease.

  1. Stress or fright often cause unpleasant symptoms in the genital area - shock reduces local skin immunity. In such cases, the drug is perfect. Ignacia Amara(Ignatia amara).
  2. If irritation and itching are recommended: Lycopodium(Lycopodium clavatum), Hydrocotyl asiatic (Hydrocotyle asiatica).
  3. If acute vaginitis is accompanied by severe itching, it is recommended Caladium (Caladium seguinum).
  4. When the vaginal discharge literally corrodes the mucous will help Креозот(Kreosotum fagus).
  5. Гамма Дермосульфур (Gamma Dermosulfur) улучшает состояние слизистых, действует успокаивающе при зуде.
  6. A drug Гамма Геоламио (Gamma Geolamio) (consisting of - Kreosotum, Alumina, Caladium seguinum, Sulfur, Tuja occidentalis, Kali bichromicum, Sepia, Causticum, Hydrastis, Mezereum, Viola tricolor, Croton tiglium, Ferrum metallicum, Cinnabaris) is recommended for vulvovaginitis.
  7. Itching and peeling are recommended to be treated with the drug. Borax(Borax) brown, Sodium tetraborate.
  8. Genital Infections Treats Copaiva.
  9. Yeast fungi that cause itching and irritation suppress Mercurius solubilis(Mercurius solubilis), Natrium Muriatikum (Natrium muriaticum).
  10. If dryness and itching of the mucous membranes are observed during menopause, prescribe Sepia(Sepia)which has a beneficial effect on the female genital sphere.

Causes of external genital itching

The main sources of such an unpleasant symptom are the following:

  • problems with personal hygiene, which include rare washing, daily use of soap bases for washing, wearing sanitary pads outside of menstruation, as well as frequent wearing of underwear from non-natural fabrics,
  • rare change of tampons or sanitary pads during monthly menstruation, as well as the use of these personal care products with a large number of flavors,
  • the use of medications for treating the genital organs and entering the vagina in the treatment of infectious diseases, itching, as a rule, in this case occurs due to side effects or incorrectly prescribed dose,
  • the development of thrush, which is manifested in stress, malnutrition, colds and hormonal failure,
  • the presence of infections and fungal diseases, overheating and hypothermia, these processes are especially dangerous when wearing synthetic underwear,
  • diseases of the kidneys, blood, liver and bladder, in this case, a quick diagnosis is made immediately if the doctor does not have sufficient qualifications,
  • cancer of the external and internal reproductive system of a woman,
  • vaginal dysbiosis, which is triggered by pathogenic growth of pathogenic bacteria,
  • unstable psycho-emotional state, including stress and depression,
  • during pregnancy and menopause, in addition, the problem can be triggered by a hormonal failure due to poor endocrine system performance.

Attention!Regardless of the cause of the itch, a woman is obliged to rinse her genitals every day before going to bed to eliminate all the pathogenic bacteria. It is recommended to use soap bases for this procedure only once a week in order not to overdry the mucous membrane.


The drug belongs to the class of antibiotics and is prescribed in situations where the problem is caused by bacteria, inflammation and the presence of E. coli in the smear. With a mild and severe course of the disease, the patient is recommended to take two capsules of 250 mg three times a day at regular intervals after meals. If inflammation and itching are severe, characterized by ulcers and extensive damage, the patient may be given 3 g of Amoxicillin divided into three doses. Prebiotics are also recommended for maintaining the intestines. The duration of therapy may range from five to ten days, taking into account the severity of the disease.


Popular antifungal agent that is prescribed most often in the diagnosis of thrush. When choosing Fluconazole, the treatment lasts literally one day. After eating a woman should take one capsule of the drug, which is equal to 150 mg of the active substance. In case of severe candidiasis, the gynecologist may recommend that a woman take another capsule after 1-2 days of the week, which will fix the result. It is recommended that a woman’s sexual partner should undergo the same course of therapy, in order to avoid a relapse.

Vaginal tablets that need to be put before bedtime. In this case, it is necessary to pre-wash the external genitals and hands. Terzhinan has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect and is able to quickly relieve itching and irritation. Experts recommend before using the medication to immerse for 20 seconds in warm water, and then immediately place the pill inside the vagina. The recommended course of therapy is ten days, if the patient's condition is complicated, the duration of treatment can be doubled. When using Terzhinan it is necessary to completely eliminate sex before the end of the course of therapy.

Most affordable vaginal suppositories that can suppress itching and relieve irritation in several uses. They are mainly used in diseases caused by fungi. The patient is recommended to put one candle twice a day. After the introduction, it is necessary to lie down for 20 minutes, as the suppositories quickly conceal and can leave the vagina. Recommended to be treated with Nystatin for two weeks. When using suppositories be sure to abandon sex.

Women are usually advised to use only vaginal suppositories, but in the presence of strong vaginitis and dysbiosis, tablets are additionally prescribed. Vaginal suppositories are used before going to bed one by one after careful toilet of the external genital organs. In total, usually three to six suppositories are prescribed. Tablets are taken one four times a day for two to three weeks. The partner is recommended to use Pimafucin cream for prophylactic treatment, which is applied once a day after washing for three to six days.


It is used in the form of ointment, which is able to quickly reduce the discomfort at the first use. Additionally, the tool has a powerful healing effect. Apply the ointment once or twice a day for indications for three to ten days. The duration of treatment depends on the patient's condition. Pimafukort ointment can also be used by the partner for three days.

Attention!Hormonal disorders are treated under the general supervision of a gynecologist and an endocrinologist. Drugs and their doses can be selected only after a large number of tests, smears and check the state of the ovaries and thyroid gland.

Soda wash

To prepare the solution, you must take 500 ml of warm boiled water and dilute it with two teaspoons of regular table soda. It is necessary to wash with such water 4-6 times a day. It is first necessary to rinse the external organs with plain water to eliminate the main deposits. The duration of the treatment with soda can last until the complete elimination of all symptoms, ideal for combined treatment. It is strictly forbidden to douche the solution inside the vagina, as this can cause discomfort and burning, up to the strong dryness of the internal mucosa.

Chamomile drug

To prepare the solution, boil a liter of water and add two tablespoons of the vegetable mixture to it. The preparation is drawn under a tight lid or towel for five hours. After that, the entire daisy must be removed with the help of any matter. At one time it is necessary to use a liter of chamomile solution. Total recommended to do three procedures per day. If you have prepared more solution, it is stored for 24 hours in the refrigerator, preheated slightly before use. The duration of the course - until the complete disappearance of symptoms.

Calendula trays

It is necessary to do them in a clean basin, it is recommended to scald it with pre-boiled water. After that, you need to make a medicinal infusion. Boil five liters of water and add three tablespoons of ground calendula to it. Allow the liquid to infuse for five hours, then remove the entire vegetable mixture. Heat the resulting liquid to a temperature of +37 degrees and pour it into a basin. Sit in the bath for 15 minutes, then gently wipe the body with a soft towel. It is advisable to do such procedures before going to bed for 7-10 days.

Apple vinegar

As in the last recipe, you must pre-scald the basin with boiling water. After that, prepare five liters of boiled water, cooled to +37 degrees. Pouring water into the basin, it also adds 200 ml of good apple cider vinegar and thoroughly stir the liquid. It is necessary to carry out the procedure within five minutes, after which the genitals are rubbed with a soft towel, but it is better to use disposable paper. The duration of therapy is not more than five days. Especially well such procedures help with menopause and hormonal failure, which is not caused by pregnancy.

Fresh basil

It is necessary to take 20 g of a plant and place it in 500 ml of cold water. Boil the mixture on low heat for 20 minutes, after which the solution is divided into 10 doses of 50 ml. They are drunk for three days, one serving before the main meal. On the last day of therapy, you must drink the fourth dose before going to bed. If after this the symptoms of the disease have not passed, you can repeat another course of treatment without a pause.

Attention!Apply the described means, regardless of age and condition of the patient. The exception is made only by those women and girls who differ in individual intolerance of components of house means.

Cost of drugs against itching

Attention!In a particular region, the cost of these drugs may vary from 5 to 20% up or down. It all depends on the country of manufacture and the number of doses in the package.

Prevention of genital itching in women

To protect herself from the appearance of itching of the external genital organs, a woman should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • wear only cotton underwear and change it daily,
  • daily wash with clean water at room temperature
  • refuse daily pads,
  • three times a year to take smears on the flora at the gynecologist,
  • eat right, trying to eliminate from the diet sweet and spicy,
  • in the presence of menstruation, it is imperative to abandon sexual relations, because the mucous at this time is too susceptible to damage,
  • once a year to take a smear for infectious and fungal diseases,
  • have sex with only one partner, if there are several, use condoms.

Attention!Ideally, women are recommended to treat external genital organs after each use of the toilet.

If within three to seven days there is no noticeable improvement in health, itching continues to bother and even worsen, you should again seek help from a gynecologist. It will be necessary to conduct a more detailed study, in addition to standard smears. Sometimes in severe cases, inpatient treatment is required, which may include droppers and injections.

Hello! This question worries: in October last year, small rashes with purulent contents began to appear on the chin. At first, these symptoms were attributed to hormonal imbalance and low immunity at that time (there was an unsuccessful pregnancy that stopped in April, although sex hormones were normal after it was examined), but over time the situation worsened. Acne began to appear around the nose, above the upper lip and nasolabial folds. Some were just white dotted, not even inflamed around, passed by themselves for 3 without a trace, large in size were inflamed and looked like ordinary acne. I will clarify that other areas (cheeks, nose, forehead) were clean, without pimples. Oily skin, combined in winter. Rash never really suffered, not counting 1-2 workers before menstruation.
I turned to a dermatologist, passed the analysis on Demodex-not detected and seeding from the pustules - found St. epidermidis 10v4 cfu / ml. Sensitive to: azithromycin, erythromycin, kanamycin, cefalexin, gatifloxacin, cefixime. Resistant: chloramphenicol, ceftazidime, norfloxacin, rifampicin.
Appointed: gel isotrexin locally for the night, talker on the basis of sulfur, alcohol (I can not fully decipher the recipe) to rub into problem areas in front of the gel, washing without water, wiping Physiogel means for cleansing the skin. After a month and a half, acne gradually disappeared, but individual inflammations continued appear. Also, the area itself treated the chloro-phillipt with alcohol. The skin in the affected area became very dry and irritated, but the doctor did not make adjustments to the treatment over time.
Then I turned to another specialist. She passed again Demodex - not detected. Urine analysis - no comment, all is well. General analysis and blood biochemistry - too many indicators, I will not go into details, but the indicators are all normal. The doctor drew attention only that the marker responsible for the pancreas is on the upper limit of normal. I have never had problems with this zone, there is no pain. The chair is regular. Were assigned to: Diet - eliminate sweet, sour, salty, spicy. Atolsil 1pak 2p per day. Tsetrilev 1t 1p per day. Calcium gluconate 1t 3p per day. Eliminal gel 1pak 3p per day. Locally: m. Syntomycin 1p per day (at bedtime) and Atopra cream in the morning. All therapy 10 days. After 10 days, redness and irritation of the skin disappeared, it became lighter, the tone leveled, isolated white heads appeared rarely. Completely acne and subcutaneous acne stopped appearing, although there were one or two of them. Further prescribed: diet. White coal 1t 2p per day5 days. On 6d 1t 1p per day. Suprastin 1t 2p per day. Galstena 10 cap 3p per day. Elimin gel 2 packs 2 p per day. Atopra cream in the morning. Also all 10 days. As a result, a small rash began to appear on the face in the area of ​​the chin and the wings of the nose, which is especially felt when washing with fingertips and is almost not noticeable to others. It was prescribed: diet. Fenkarol 25mg 1t 1r per day, elimin gel 1 pack 1 pr per day 5 days. Calcium gluconate 1t 3p per day, 10cap tsp 3p per day. Locally: in the morning of Atopra, at night Balsam Stopdemodeks.Vse on 10dn. Within two to three days of treatment, this small rash covered with white heads, small ones that slightly rise above the skin surface (pain, no itching) and at the moment on the chin such eruptions of the order of 15 pieces, near the nose to 10. Some pass, others appear. I stopped using stopdemodex, because in the first days of its use, the eruptions became much larger and they became slightly inflamed. Now I use on them for 3 days with synthomycin ointment for the night, it relieves inflammation, new ones almost never appear. Old start to pass. I understand that an antibiotic can not be used for a long time.
What can you advise? Tell me, can this be a manifestation of epidermal staphylococcus? There are no symptoms of demodex (itching, subcutaneous red acne, etc.) except for these small acne now. Could this be it or has an infection. Do I need more research?


How to treat cracks in the labia, many patients are interested. With complaints about the appearance of microcracks in the labia, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist. First of all, the doctor will begin to check the patient for infections. To do this, take a smear on the flora. Further, in the absence of infection, a general analysis of blood, urine and blood and urine for sugar is taken.

Hepatitis is also a disease in which cracks can appear on the mucous membrane of the labia. Such patients are necessarily checked for the presence of HIV infection.

How to treat cracks on the genital lips? The main goal of treatment is the prompt healing of cracks formed on the mucous membrane, so their presence on the labia of the lips causes suffering. Especially when the appearance of microcracks on the mucous membrane is accompanied by severe itching.

If cracking is caused by an infection, the woman is prescribed antiseptic suppositories and vaginal tablets. To combat thrush use nystatin and other drugs that have a similar effect. At the same time using drugs that restore the microflora of the genital organs. Additionally, vitamin complexes are prescribed, which necessarily include vitamin E.

From the funds offered by traditional medicine, it is especially necessary to note the tincture of calendula. It is used for lotions. Infusion is prepared from one tablespoon of vegetable raw materials and 70 milliliters of boiling water. Grass poured over with boiling water is left to rise on a small fire. In the tank should remain exactly half of the original volume. Then, the resulting broth is filtered and used for treatment. This tool stimulates the healing of cracks.

A decoction consisting of yarrow and dandelion has good healing properties. But in this case, the decoction is recommended to be taken twice a day thirty minutes before meals. To prepare the broth, a teaspoon of yarrow and a teaspoon of dandelion roots are taken. All this is poured boiling water and insists. Of the drugs widely used solution of chlorhexidine. To treat the labia, two percent solution is used.

The use of herbs for treatment can cause allergic reactions, so you need to start treatment with caution.

In the presence of a negative reaction to infusions, their use will have to be abandoned. Treatment should begin as early as possible, before the moment the edges of the cracks begin to thicken. In case of hormonal imbalance, the use of hormonal drugs is recommended.

Dry skin on the genital lips is usually recommended to lubricate cream Bepanten. В первую очередь врачи предлагают использовать для лечения Бепантен. Этот препарат стимулирует процесс регенерации тканей.The main active ingredient Dexpanthenol, once in the cell, quickly into pantothenic acid, which is actively involved in wound healing.

This drug stimulates the regeneration of the mucous labia, normalizes metabolic processes in the cells. Use the cream for the treatment of mucous can be up to two times a day. Allergic reactions to this drug are very rare, so it can be freely used for the treatment of microcracks. The drug is approved for use in pregnancy and lactation. The cream is sold in pharmacies without providing a prescription.


Solcoseryl no less effective in the treatment of cracks in the labia. This drug is available as an ointment or gel. This drug accelerates tissue regeneration due to enhanced synthesis of intracellular ATP. Before applying the ointment or gel, it is necessary to wash out and only after that apply the drug to the mucous membrane of the labia.

The tool is allowed to use up to three times per day. The ointment is applied with a thin layer on the surface of the mucous membrane. The course of treatment lasts until complete healing of cracks. Among the side effects noted rare manifestations of dermatitis. In this case, treatment should be abandoned.

Itching of the external female genital organs: treatment - detailed treatment methods

Every woman has experienced itchy external genitals. In most cases, this symptom is caused by problems with personal hygiene or frequent use of sanitary pads. But sometimes a source of an unpleasant symptom can be a disease of the genital organs. To get rid of the itch, it is necessary to visit a gynecologist. He will be able to give the exact cause of the pathology and help to prescribe therapy. In addition to traditional treatment, it is also recommended to use traditional methods, if the patient is not allergic to the components of the funds.

Itching of the external female genital organs: treatment

Symptoms of the inflammatory process

This disease is characterized by:

  • specific edema
  • hyperemia of the genital organs,
  • pain whining or jerking sensation
  • itching or burning.

In advanced cases, the local temperature rises and, with complications, the overall body temperature. This condition of women requires treatment in a hospital.

The swelling may extend beyond the anatomical borders of the labia. Sometimes there may be ulcers, sores, erosion. On the linen appears watery discharge, with a complicated process of the blood. Regional lymph nodes are compacted and also in some cases are involved in the pathological process.

Discomfort, pain increases with physical exertion, sexual intercourse, urination. Inflammation and swelling can spread to the labia minora and labia, as well as the clitoris, cervical (urethra) canal. Continuing itching or burning in the perineum, redness of the skin.

Why there is swelling of the labia

Puffiness of intimate origin makes women contact a gynecologist. Competent inspection, additional diagnostic tests help to establish the cause, find out why there is swelling of the labia. Inflammations are infectious and non-infectious.

In the first place is a disease that causes swelling of the labia, as Bartholinitis. The disease begins with tissue hyperemia, swelling around the vaginal gates. This is due to the anatomical location of the Bartholin glands, into which the infection has penetrated.

These glands are designed to produce a special lubricant for the genitals. Disruption of work leads to dryness, which negatively affects the state of the tissues of the reproductive organs.

If you do not start treatment in time, the purulent process or a cyst in the inflamed gland becomes a frequent complication of Bartholinitis. With sexual intercourse, the infection penetrates deeper tissues, the healing process is delayed.

With early recognition of the disease (redness), the healing process is fairly quick and easy in medical procedures. There are no complications, and recovery is complete.

The second place is occupied by vulvovaginitis - the process of inflammation of the tissues of the small, large labia. Occurs in violation of personal hygiene or the presence of vaginal infections. Manifested by edema, inflammations that cause burning, itching, discomfort during urination.

Another common disease is candidiasis (thrush). Most women mistakenly let this disease take its course. Manifested by inflammation, swelling of the small, large labia. Itching, burning worry around the clock, aggravated by secretions of cheesy consistency. Pain sensations of the genital organs are enhanced by urination or sexual intercourse.

The disease is sexually transmitted, affects women and men, so it is necessary to treat both partners at once.

You can also get infected through someone else's underwear. Contribute to the development of the disease: reduced immunity, hormonal disorders, underwear of poor quality.

Vaginitis in women occurs for several reasons: a violation or lack of personal hygiene, frequent changes of sexual partners, sexually transmitted infections, injuries, abortions. Accompanied by urination pain. There is a strong unpleasant smell and discharge. Burning, itching genitals.

Insidious herpes disease manifests itself in the period of exacerbation. Easily transmitted by sexual intercourse. With constant changes of the sexual partner and reduced immunity, the chance to catch the infection increases. The main manifestation is the formation of bubbles with fluid and ulcers. Redness of the skin, burning, itching genitals. Women have pain when urinating. No symptoms appear during other periods of the disease.

Non-infectious edema

During pregnancy there may be swelling of the labia minora, which passes after childbirth. If you experience severe discomfort, you should consult a gynecologist.

After too active sexual intercourse, traumatic edema appears, passing on its own after a few hours. If redness and swelling do not pass a long time, you should visit a doctor.

Prevention and treatment

It is recommended to follow the rules of personal hygiene and regularly take a shower. In complicated conditions, hygiene procedures are carried out with every urination. If any obscure swelling and edema appear, you should visit a doctor. Treatment is always prescribed individually after diagnosis. After the course of treatment, it is imperative that a follow-up examination be conducted by a doctor.

Irritation of the genital lips - causes of inflammation, redness, rash and itching

The main reason for the appearance of inflammation or irritation on the labia is considered to be the development of diseases of the internal organs, which project their symptoms in the vaginal area. Such reactions very rarely act as an independent malady, because they are the result of other pathological changes in the body. Very rarely, reddening of the genital lips indicates neglect of the rules of personal hygiene, a complication often arises due to adverse environmental conditions.

The appearance of red spots on the skin indicates the presence of inflammation in the body. The female half of the population is much more likely to suffer from irritation in the intimate area, because their skin is more sensitive and easily exposed to the outside. The slightest environmental change can cause negative effects on the skin, so many people have to deal with this ailment every day. Irritation on the genital lips is a very delicate problem that can arise not only because of a violation of hygienic norms, but also because of the development of pathological processes.

Eliminate the complication is possible only after the survey, which will indicate the main causes of this reaction. They are divided into two types - internal and external. The first group includes diseases of the organs caused by an unhealthy diet or a severe psychological state. As you know, factors such as stress or strong emotional stress can provoke the development of various skin ailments, for example, irritation of the labia. As for external stimuli, these include:

  • care products
  • climate,
  • decorative cosmetics,
  • weather.

It is known that inflammatory processes affecting the external genital organs always cause severe discomfort to their owner. Irritation of the labia in the medical community is called vulvitis and covers a wide audience of patients of the most diverse age categories. To cope with this disease can only the attending physician, who by the nature of the infection will identify the cause of the disease. It is not necessary to postpone the visit to the gynecologist, because irritation in the genital area tends to multiply. Common symptoms of vulvitis in women:

  • pain when urinating,
  • heavy discharge from the vagina,
  • severe itching
  • burning,
  • edema,
  • unpleasant smell
  • temperature rise,
  • feeling of general malaise.

The microflora of the female genital organs can become vulnerable to harmful microorganisms with the development of any internal diseases. Pathological processes negatively affect women's health, so a symptom such as a burning sensation in the vaginal area indicates a serious complication. A variety of ailments can provoke the appearance of irritation on the genitals, for example, thrush, diabetes mellitus or dysbacteriosis.

Inflammation originates in the Bartholin glands, after blockage of which the irritation gradually spreads around the perimeter of the mucous membrane. Vulvitis may result from sexually transmitted diseases or other sexually transmitted infections. The intensity of the manifestations varies depending on the nature of the irritation on the genitals; in severe cases, the patient has very strong discomfort of external manifestations.

Any irregularities in the body can lead to the appearance of cracks in the labia minora. They occur due to pathological changes of the mucous membrane, in which it loses its integrity. Inflammation on the genital lip may be accompanied by such unpleasant manifestations as hyperemia, itching or irritation. The disease occurs as a result of the immune system's response to the action of stimuli, be it a fungus, an infection or a virus.

In the early stages, irritation in the genital area is easily treatable, it is only necessary to eliminate the original cause of the disease. These include wearing tight linen made of synthetic materials, mechanical damage during depilation or unsuitable for the type of skin pads. However, if time does not undergo a course of therapy, there is a risk of homing in this zone.