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Thistle herb: description, properties, benefits and harms, use, indications, contraindications, recipes


Many legends exist about grass. Catholics for the miraculous property called her "Gift of the Virgin Mary."

In Russia, the name "sharply motley" or "milk thistle" is found due to the color of the leaves.
Healers using herbs in the treatment, gave it a magical value.

Now for treatment use Thistle Oil, seed, root, sprouts, fruits, leaves and meal. Meal is a thistle flour. The powder is mined by squeezing seed oil.

The healing properties of milk thistle

Folk herbalist or traditional medicine is not important. Both doctors and herbalists recognize the healing properties of milk thistle:

  1. Silymarin in the composition strengthens the membrane of liver cells, has hepatoprotective properties (protects the liver from harmful substances).
  2. Removes kidney stones.
  3. Chromium, zinc and selenium reduce sugar and improve the hormones in diabetes.
  4. Protein is useful in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Increases fermentation.
  5. Antioxidants slow down the aging of the body.
  6. Rutin makes the veins elastic, useful in cardiovascular diseases.
  7. Removes intoxication. Helps with toxicosis.
  8. Normalizes the composition of proteins.
  9. Participates in the blood.
  10. The multifaceted composition reduces the activity of inflammatory processes.
  11. Restores the proper functioning of the endocrine system.
  12. Vitamin E is involved in the healing of wounds, burns and erosions.
  13. Selenium, Magnesium, Potassium - facilitate the syndromes of varicose veins and hemorrhoids.
  14. Promotes splicing of fractures and tissue repair.
  15. Restores the body after chemotherapy.

This is a small part of the healing effects. On the healing properties can talk for a long time. Cleansing the liver leads to positive side effects throughout the body. It can even prevent the development of oncology at the initial stage. Assign in the treatment of alcohol dependence. When recovering from chemical or radiation poisoning.

After Chernobyl, they wanted to introduce a meal even in kindergartens, but it was impossible to raise a lot of hype, and abandoned this idea.

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Indications for use

In combination with other drugs, the plant is prescribed for:

  • varicose veins,
  • phlebitis, thrombophlebitis or phlebothrombosis,
  • trophic ulcers,
  • erosion
  • hemorrhoids,
  • diabetes mellitus
  • urolithiasis and gallstone disease,
  • hepatitis, jaundice,
  • glomerulonephritis or pyelonephritis,
  • hydronephrosis or nephroptosis,
  • housing and communal services,
  • cardiovascular diseases,
  • autoimmune hyperthyroidism and other endocrine diseases,
  • recovery from injuries or surgeries
  • recovery after chemotherapy,
  • toxicosis in pregnant women,
  • treatment of parasites.

Application brings a complex effect.

Contraindications: what is harmful for women and men

Milk thistle dancer is not intricate in contraindications. Harm can inflict only in rare cases.

Do not recommend taking seed plants to people who have mental disorders and depression, with asthma or individual intolerance to the grass.

During pregnancy or lactation can be taken, but under the supervision of a physician.

Women and men who do not have such problems can safely begin treatment with such a plant.

The composition of the plant speaks for itself:

  • K (Potassium),
  • Fe (Iron),
  • Se (Selenium),
  • Cr (Chrome),
  • Zn (Zinc),
  • I (iodine),
  • Mg (Magnesium),
  • B (Bor),
  • Mn (Manganese),
  • Ca (Calcium)
  • Vitamins A, F, E, K and P,
  • Silymarin (Silymarin),
  • Micro and Macro elements.

With so many elements it is not surprising that in ancient times people admired its healing properties. And now many scientists are exploring the healing flower. Action and side effects on the body. Rumor has it that on the basis of the plant they want to release a remedy for cancer tumors. Everything is possible.

How are used milk thistle seeds

Thistle seeds are more often taken in the form of a hammer. Grind need a coffee grinder immediately before taking. That would not lose their properties. Take 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. This course of purification of the whole body is carried out for two months. Then you should make a month break.

Meal is also taken - powder from seeds, it is already without oil. It is recommended to add oil to the diet. For example, a salad:

Broccoli, celery, carrots rub on a grater. A tablespoon of meal and sunflower oil are added in half with milk thistle.

Make a decoction of the seeds. For this 50 gr. plants pour 0.6 l. boiling water is boiled over low heat until the volume of water decreases by 2 times. Carefully filter and take one spoon as often as possible 10-20 times a day. The course of treatment for about a month.

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Thistle oil

Oil is rich in vitamin E. May have wound-healing and anti-inflammatory abilities. Applied in cooking and cosmetology.

Women treat erosions and inflammations of the genital organs. Inject a little oil 1 cm deep with a syringe (without a needle). The procedure is carried out, lying on his back, raising the pelvis up. After it, be sure not to get up for a couple of hours. Do better at night. The course lasts 2 weeks.

Do massages and lotions for varicose veins, hemorrhoids. Smear cracks and wounds in diabetes.

In cosmetology use anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Make masks based on milk thistle oil. Even shampoos and soaps.

In cooking, make bread, fill salads. Thistle Butter Recipes:

  1. Universal salad dressing. Mix 5 tbsp. l oils from 1 tbsp. l lemon juice and mustard beans (French). Salt and pepper to taste.
  2. Cake dough. 250 g of sugar and flour, 125 g of water and oil, 4 eggs, for the packaging of vanilla sugar and baking powder, 1 tbsp. l Roma and 2 tbsp. l cocoa. Cook like a regular cupcake.
  3. Tomato Salad Tomatoes, feta, Bulgarian pepper and greens cut into cubes. Sauce - butter + lemon juice + French mustard + cream.

Dosing for liver treatment: reviews

Silymarin occupies a significant position in the composition of milk thistle.

Silymarin as the main active ingredient is indispensable for the liver.

The biologically active substance is in the composition of many drugs for liver diseases. Carsil, Silibor, Darcyl, Silymarin of the same name.

Just take the seeds and oil for cleaning the liver. To do this, half an hour before a meal, eat a spoonful of powder from them, washed down with warm water. The juice from the seeds is used as a choleretic.

The liver is the most important filter in our body. Many cultures consider the liver more important than the heart. Without her well-established work, the whole body will fall apart.

Patient reviews are positive. Having corrected a liver, they also comprehensively treat many other problems with health. They clean the blood, remove toxins from the body, shed those extra pounds and years. Many people talk about hepatitis, which after 2 courses per year does not appear anymore.

Women notice that their complexion has improved. The skin has rejuvenated. These are all signs of a healthy liver.

What is the use of varicose veins?

Milk thistle is an indication for varicose veins. The problem of varicose veins occurs when the walls of the veins lose their elasticity. The chemical composition has the properties:

  • returns the elasticity of the walls of the veins,
  • cleans the blood
  • rejuvenates the body
  • fills with necessary substances.

In case of varicose diseases it is recommended to use meal before each meal. You can add honey to the meal. Just do a massage with oil and cloves in the ratio of 1: 1.

Be sure to do this exercise, give up bad habits and eat right.

From stomach problems, disorders and diarrhea, milk thistle roots are often used. Take about 10 g. Of the roots is poured with a glass of warm water. Insist on a water bath for half an hour. Take 3 times a day for 20 minutes before meals.

Recipes for weight loss - how to take

  • cleanse the body of toxins and harmful toxins,
  • normalize hormones,
  • help recycle and prevents fat deposition,
  • increase the secretion of glands
  • improve gastrointestinal function
  • establish water and salt metabolism.

Because of this, take the grass for weight loss. If there are no contraindications.

The main difference from other means - does not cause dehydration.

A known method of reception - meal 1 tsp. 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals or an hour after. There are a few more options:

  1. The oil is taken at mealtime with a teaspoon three times a day.
  2. Thistle Extract capsules take 1 capsule per day.
  3. Make an infusion. For this 2 tbsp. l Powder seed poured over half a liter of boiling water, placed in a thermos overnight. Take half a glass 4 times a day.
  4. Tincture made, recipe: 50 gr. 0.5 vodka. Leave in a dark place for half a month. Take before meals 3 times a day, 20 drops.
  5. Broth cooked from 2 tbsp. l powder 0.5 liters of water. While the decoction will be 0.25 liters. Take 1 tbsp. l at one o'clock.
  6. Phyto tea is sold in a pharmacy in the form of bags. They are drunk 3 times a day an hour after meals.

The plant itself can not cope with pounds, it acts in conjunction with proper nutrition and sports. After the course of treatment, you will lose a couple of kilos and in a week will get them back. Do not be surprised, you still need to make some effort. Cleaning the body - the first step to success.

Well run and charge every morning. Avoid harmful products. Twice a year take a course with milk thistle. The result will not keep you waiting.

Milk thistle plant - tablets, in capsules

You can prepare and make the money yourself. Choose a place away from the exhausts of cars and factories. No time for this - go to the pharmacy.

Pharmacists add a plant to medicines and dietary supplements:

  • hepabene,
  • Kars,
  • Darcy,
  • Silimar,
  • milk thistle extract
  • legalon
  • biokor,
  • Evalar
  • the secrets of the century
  • oil in capsules.

Tablets have a dosage of 500 mg. An adult is prescribed 2 sutra tablets and at bedtime. Capsules - 300 mg. Assign 5 pcs. 2 times a day. The course of treatment lasts a month. Repeats 2 - 3 times a year.

There are cases when it is contraindicated to take the oil in its pure form, or simply for convenience take Thistle oil in capsules. It can be freely purchased at the pharmacy. Oil capsules drink during meals 4 capsules 3 times a day. The course of treatment is two months.

Price at the pharmacy where to buy

Depending on the means that contains such a plant and the amount of active ingredient - the price is significantly different.

  1. In capsules, 300 mg, 100 pcs. - 50 - 60 rubles.
  2. Meal 100 grams about 100 rubles.
  3. Thistle oil: 100 ml - 60 rub., 250 ml - 200 rub.
  4. In tablets: 50 pcs. - 90 rubles, 60 pcs. 120 rub.
  5. Extract dosage of 0.25 g costs about 120 rubles. for 20 pieces.
  6. Kars (90 mg), 30 pieces - 370 rubles.
  7. Silymar (100 mg), 30 pieces - 130 rubles.
  8. Legalon (140 mg), 60 pieces - 570 rubles.

The search for these funds does not cause trouble. You can buy in pharmacies in Moscow, St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg), and in other cities of Russia. Also in online stores you can call and order home delivery.

Description is in each package. Oil can not harm. Sold in eco shops and souvenir shops. Can be found in supermarkets, the department with essential oils.

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What does it look like?

In height, this one- or biennial plant reaches 60–150 cm (with proper cultivation, the height of milk thistle can exceed two meters).

An erect branched stem of a plant is clothed in dark green or light green leaves, dotted with silver pearl spots. In addition, the thistle leaves have long yellow spines around the edges.

The inflorescences of the plant are collected in lilac baskets, the diameter of which is 5–6 cm. The thistle fruit is a seed of gray, light brown or black color. The leaves that surround the basket are also equipped with a sharp thorn. Each seed has a tuft of hairs that are two to three times the length of the seed itself. The seeds are odorless, but they have a bitter taste.

When to collect milk thistle?

The thistle seed is harvested from August to October (the seeds of the plant ripen unevenly), namely during the period when the “parachutes” with seeds begin to fly and the baskets turn yellow. The main signal of seed ripening is the formation of a white cannon in the baskets themselves. Seed baskets are cut with a pruner.

The roots of the plant are dug out in the fall (after the seeds ripen) and washed under running water, preparing for drying. At the same time, thistle leaves are harvested.

Thistle drying

Cut baskets are stacked in a thin layer on a sieve, under which paper or fabric is pre-stretched. It is important that the room in which the baskets will dry be aired, but strong drafts should be avoided (otherwise, the “parachutes” with the seeds will fly away).

After drying with scissors, it is necessary to cut the spikes from the baskets, then break them and shake out the seeds. To dry the seeds are laid out in a thin layer on paper. In addition, you can collect the thistle baskets in a bag and thrash it well with a stick. Store seeds in a well-ventilated area in fabric bags.

Roots, like leaves, are crushed and dried either indoors or in a drying cabinet, the temperature in which should be about 40-50 degrees. The roots and leaves of milk thistle are stored in closed glass containers.

The shelf life of seeds - three years, roots and leaves - a year.

The composition of milk thistle

As mentioned above, the composition of milk Thistle includes a huge amount of biologically active substances. We describe the effect on the body of the main ones.

This substance, rarely found in nature, protects and heals the membrane, which is a membrane of the cells of our body.

Silymarin action:

  • strengthening of cell membranes
  • promoting the formation of new cells
  • stimulating protein synthesis
  • increased bile production
  • neutralization of the action of toxic substances.

Thus, silymarin is an excellent preventive and therapeutic agent that helps prevent or cure liver diseases, as well as gall bladder.

Fixed oils

  • promote the regeneration of tissues, as well as body cells,
  • removal of inflammation
  • normalization of metabolic processes,
  • promoting wound healing,
  • protection from the adverse effects of carcinogenic substances.

Essential oil
The action of the essential oil:
  • normalizes the functioning of the central nervous system,
  • several times increases the secretion of glands,
  • regulates (namely strengthens) GI motility.

  • disinfect wounds
  • neutralize pathogens and bacteria,
  • increase the body's defenses.

  • eliminate inflammation,
  • accelerate wound healing
  • contribute to the removal of sputum.

  • remove toxins, thereby preventing the development of cancer,
  • reduce the concentration of cholesterol, which prevents the formation of sclerotic plaques,
  • normalize hormonal balance
  • accelerate metabolic processes
  • improve oxygen metabolism
  • regulate the nervous system.

  • strengthen the capillaries,
  • neutralize free radicals,
  • normalize blood pressure
  • regulate the functioning of the central nervous system,
  • stimulate the work of the adrenal cortex
  • relieve inflammation
  • normalize heart rhythm.

Milk thistle and vitamin E

Vitamin E is considered to be the main antioxidant among all vitamins. It is vitamin E that is actively involved in the process of neutralizing free radicals that violate many enzymatic reactions.

Vitamin E is indicated for men and women with dysfunction of the sex glands, because it normalizes the functioning of the reproductive system as a whole.


  • capillary strengthening,
  • prevention of blood clots,
  • reduction of menopause,
  • accelerating wound healing
  • regulation of RNA biosynthesis, as well as proteins.

Milk thistle and selenium

Selenium is an indispensable trace element for the body, with pronounced protective properties. It is important for the full functioning of the cardiovascular system, strengthening the immune system, as well as the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Selenium action:

  • increased perception of light by the retina,
  • prevention of liver disease,
  • neutralization (or paralysis) of aflatoxins, which protects cells from the negative carcinogenic effects of these poisons,
  • elimination of hot flashes during menopause, as well as maintaining the safety of sperm, since selenium is associated with sex hormones,
  • normalization of the thyroid gland,
  • excretion of radionuclides, as well as mercury from the body,
  • providing a direct toxic effect on tumor cells,
  • accelerating wound healing.

It is impossible not to say about the close relationship of selenium with vitamin E. The fact that these elements interact exclusively together, and if necessary, additional intake of one of them should additionally introduce proportional use of the other. But vitamin E deficiency may limit the use of selenium by the body.

Small amounts of selenium have anti-dystrophic and anti-allergic effects by suppressing histamine.

The unique composition of the plant

Silymarin, chlorophyll, carotenoids, tocopherol, polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals are present in the thistle herb. Each of the substances that make up the plant has useful properties:

  • Silymarin has a beneficial effect on liver cells - strengthening and protecting, participating in their recovery. The substance stimulates the production and excretion of bile, helps in the elimination of inflammatory processes, detoxification of harmful substances and poisons,
  • Chlorophyll is involved in the rejuvenation of the body at the cellular level, has wound-healing, anti-inflammatory properties, participates in the restoration of reproductive function,
  • Carotenoids help regenerate liver cells, have a positive effect on the functioning of the heart muscle, the visual organs. Reduce allergic reactions, contribute to the accumulation of oxygen,
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids accelerate metabolic processes, relieve the body of harmful cholesterol, prevent the appearance of plaques on the walls of blood vessels, blood clots. Provide normal hormonal balance, help eliminate toxins, strengthen the body's defenses,
  • Tocopherol (vitamin E) is the strongest antioxidant involved in protecting the body against cancer lesions, tumor tumors, viral and infectious attacks. Helps stabilize reproductive functions
  • Retinol (vitamin A) is another strong antioxidant that inhibits natural aging, has a detoxifying effect, strengthens the immune system, prevents cancer,
  • "Sunny" vitamin D, which is involved in the formation, development, nutrition and restoration of bone tissue, helping to absorb calcium. Contributes to the stabilization of the heart, blood vessels, thyroid gland. Normalizes the state of the nervous system,

Thistle properties

The plant has the following medicinal properties:

  • Hepatoprotective, choleretic,
  • Wound healing and burns,
  • Pain reliever
  • Immunomodulatory,
  • Anti-inflammatory,
  • Anti-sclerotic,
  • Antiallergenic,
  • Bactericidal.

What treats milk thistle, its positive effect on the body

What does the plant help? One of the most important properties of milk thistle is its beneficial effects on the liver:

  • The plant protects, strengthens and repairs the cells of the body,
  • Useful properties for the liver are to normalize the detoxifying, metabolic, digestive functions of the body. As a result, the liver actively self-cleans, promotes the processing and elimination of toxins and harmful substances from the body. Comprehensibility and splitting of useful elements improves, exchange processes are stabilized. For more information about the benefits of plants for the body, you can from the article "Milk Thistle for the treatment of the liver
  • The use of dietary supplements with milk thistle activates the participation of the liver in the production and regulation of hormone levels in the body. This prevents the development of hormone-dependent tumors,
  • Protects against structural and functional damage to the body during alcoholic, chemical poisoning,
  • Prevents the risk of fatty organ development,
  • Helps in the treatment and prevents hepatitis,
  • Choleretic action.

Milk thistle has a beneficial effect on the condition and function of the gallbladder. The plant is effectively used as an additional treatment for stone formation, sand, inflammatory processes in the body.

Milk thistle is of great importance for the cardiovascular system, since the plant extract or oil helps to fight atherosclerosis. From the first days of taking the supplement helps to get rid of cholesterol (harmful), to prevent the formation of plaques on the vascular walls, the development of thrombosis.

The influence of the plant on the activation of oxygen metabolism in the heart, the normalization of its work, an obstacle to the development of inflammatory processes, allows you to use milk thistle as a prophylactic against strokes and heart attacks.

The plant is successfully used to relieve symptoms of diabetes:

  • It contributes to the normalization of the hormonal level and stabilization of the central nervous system,
  • Regulates glucose level
  • Prevents the development of pathological complications: obesity, diabetic foot.

The plant supplement helps to normalize the digestive function of the body, gently acting on the stomach and intestines, promoting the absorption of substances and the removal of processed products.

The beneficial effect on the state and functioning of the nervous system, allows you to normalize the psycho-emotional background, save a person from chronic stress, severe nervous breakdowns and depressive states.

Acceptance of dietary supplements containing milk thistle will allow you to rejuvenate the body, improve the condition of the skin, nails and hair. The skin becomes elastic, clean, without rashes, excessive dryness or fat. The regenerative functions of the skin are enhanced, the tone increases, the number of wrinkles decreases.

The use of plant extract accelerates hair growth, prevents delamination of the ends, allows you to completely get rid of dandruff.

Important! Taking milk supplements with milk thistle will help you or your loved ones quickly get rid of tobacco or alcohol addiction. The plant extract will eliminate the effects of bad habits, significantly reduce the desire to return to addiction again.


It is not recommended to take a dietary supplement with a plant for children under 12 years old, because the drug has a pronounced effect. Substances that are part of the plant can harm a child's body, too actively acting on it.

Children under 12 years old, pregnant and lactating mothers should take the drug only with the permission of a doctor, under the supervision of a specialist.

Prohibited from taking supplements in the presence of acute inflammatory processes of the digestive tract. The use of the drug is possible during the rehabilitation period.

Use of plant extract is contraindicated in case of individual intolerance of the components of the preparation.

In the presence of severe pathologies of the endocrine system, disorders of the vestibular system, gynecological diseases (fibroids, endometriosis, carcinoma of the uterus, breast), you can take a supplement with milk thistle only on the recommendation of a doctor.

Side effects

A negative reaction of the body can be expressed in case of individual intolerance to the components of the drug, violations of the regimen (exceeding the recommended dosage).

Side effects are manifested in the form of digestive disorders (diarrhea, bloating, nausea), skin rashes.

If one of these symptoms occurs, the supplement should be stopped.

Milk thistle: instructions for use

For medical applications, thistle plant materials are used in various forms of production:

  • Capsules and tablets containing extract of fruits, seeds of plants,
  • The oil obtained by the extraction of seeds,
  • Processed whole thistle seeds,
  • Aqueous and alcoholic extracts.

The basis of therapeutic raw materials - mature fruits of the plant.

The indications for taking milk thistle supplements are the treatment and prevention of diseases:

  • Pathological lesions of the liver: cirrhosis, hepatitis of various nature,
  • Biliary excretion disorders. The use of the plant stimulates the enhanced separation of bile, normalizes its excretion,
  • Stone formation,
  • Obesity,
  • Alcoholism,
  • Metabolic disorders,
  • Diabetes mellitus (regardless of type),
  • Severe disruption of the pancreas,
  • Pathology of the spleen,
  • Diseases and disorders of the reproductive system. The plant is effectively used to normalize hormonal levels, as a result of which the reproductive function is restored,
  • Hemorrhoids,
  • Allergic reactions. Acceptance of milk thistle supplements allows you to restore the liver, thereby normalizing its effect on the appearance of allergens. This reduces the negative reaction, relieves symptoms of allergies,
  • Skin lesions. The treatment of the thistle liver helps to normalize its detoxifying function. As a result, skin diseases (dermatitis, psoriasis), which are a consequence of the destructive effect of toxins, the organ’s inability to cope with poisons, are successfully cured
  • Severe nervous breakdowns, depressions, chronic stresses that negatively affect the work of the liver, the state of the immune system,
  • Nervous system disorders. The content of vitamins D and B-groups in thistle has a beneficial effect on the activity of the central nervous system, the stabilization of its functioning, the normalization of metabolic processes in nerve cells,
  • Reduced sexual desire. Regular supplement with milk thistle restores libido, enhances sexual activity,
  • Violations of the gastrointestinal tract.

Admission Rules

How to take a milk thistle supplement in pill or capsule form?

The drug is used 1 tablet or capsule 1-3 times a day, it is possible to take 2-3 pieces. once (the number of appointments is determined by the doctor). Tablets and capsules do not need to chew, they should be consumed after a meal. A single dose washed down with a small amount of water.

How to drink plant extract in liquid form? Aqueous and alcoholic solutions are taken in 15-30 drops, diluted in a small amount of water. The supplement in liquid form is used daily 1-3 times after meals.

Powder (meal) is taken on 1 teaspoon before eating. Brewed as tea (1-2 teaspoons to 1 cup of boiling water).

In order to achieve more pronounced results when taking funds with milk thistle, you should follow certain rules of nutrition. Meals should be lean, steamed or boiled (vegetables, porridge, fish), which will relieve the liver.

Please note that during pregnancy unauthorized use of the drug is prohibited. Milk thistle contains substances, the active action of which can harm the expectant mother and baby, provoke a miscarriage. The exception is the use of funds on the recommendation of a doctor.

The preparation should be stored in a dry and cool place, without access for children.

Buy the best remedy with milk thistle: review reviews

What supplement is better to buy if you decide to improve your health? It is easy to get lost in a huge range of products containing milk thistle. To choose the best tool that will provide the maximum effect from the reception, you need to contact a proven online store. One of the largest sites is iHerb, where only natural products with milk thistle are sold, the price of which is the most democratic.

To facilitate the selection of goods, you are presented with a detailed review of reviews of real buyers and the best products, according to consumers.

Review Analysis

A large number of positive feedback concerns the action on the liver. A significant part of customers began to take a supplement with milk thistle on the advice of a doctor. Many clients who had serious problems with the liver (severe dysfunction, hepatitis, jaundice, inflammatory processes), improved the condition and function of the organ (as confirmed by analysis). Buyers noted that, in addition to milk thistle supplements, other drugs were not taken (

A number of clients appreciated the action of the supplement, noting that pain in the liver and the sensation of bloated organ stopped. Among the buyers there are professional athletes who felt pain in the body before taking the drug.

A significant part of the buyers was able to improve their health in biliary dyskinesia.

Some consumers use a single medication with milk thistle to prevent poisoning, before consuming alcoholic beverages. Clients noted the absence of negative consequences of overeating and abuse of alcohol-containing beverages.

Many women suffering from alcohol addiction husbands, noted a positive effect after taking the drug. In men, the condition of the liver has improved, regular binges stopped.

The women were satisfied with the positive changes in appearance that occurred after taking the agent with milk thistle. In women, the condition of the skin has improved, which has become more elastic, fresh, cleansed and tightened ( Hair became thicker, brittleness and delamination of tips disappeared.

Some customers have noted a decrease in weight indicators. The drug normalized digestion, promoted soft natural elimination of toxins, toxins, excess fluid. As a result, swelling and extra pounds disappeared. At the same time, women did not limit themselves in nutrition.

Negative reviews include feedback that people did not notice changes in the quality of life.

Most popular products, according to buyers

To make it easier for you to choose a product with milk thistle, the most popular products of the line are presented for you:

  1. Solgar, Milk Thistle, 250 vegetable-based capsules. In this preparation, the content of silymarin reaches 80%. The tool allows you to stabilize the liver, restore its tissue structure. The active ingredient is boosted from milk thistle seed,
  2. Nature's Answer, Milk Thistle, Alcohol-Free, 2000 mg, 2 fl oz (60 ml). The drug does not contain alcohol, the active substance is the plant seed extract. Means possesses the best digestibility, thanks to a liquid form. Due to what the desired effect is achieved faster than when using the capsule or tablet form,
  3. Natrol, Milk Thistle, 525 mg, 60 capsules. Reducing, antioxidant, immunomodulating, detox properties of natural silymarin are enhanced and supplemented with a number of valuable plants: dandelion, burdock, black radish, parsley, ginger.

If you want to clean the liver, help the body recover, get rid of the pain - take drugs with milk thistle. A bonus for your health will be a strong immunity, excellent condition of all body systems, a slim figure and beautiful skin.

Milk thistle - choleretic agent

It is the liver that is responsible for the production of bile, which causes the breakdown of fats.

Thus, when the body is unable to detoxify, it adversely affects its functioning:

  • feeling worse in general
  • "falls" mood
  • sleep is disturbed,
  • headaches appear
  • skin loses its healthy appearance
  • there is a tendency to catarrhal diseases
  • blood circulation is disturbed.

It is milk thistle that most effectively fights these disorders, ensuring the elimination of bile.

Milk thistle and cholesterol

Excess cholesterol, deposited on the walls of blood vessels, creates atherosclerotic plaques, as a result of which the lumen of vessels narrows and blood flow is hampered. And this, in turn, can limit the access of oxygen to the brain and heart, leading to the development of various cardiovascular diseases, including heart attack and stroke.

Milk thistle reduces cholesterol by removing it from the body. To do this, it is enough to take tincture from the seeds of this plant three times a day. For the preparation of 50 g of raw materials are placed in a dark container and poured 500 ml of vodka. Next, the tool is closed and infused for two weeks. Accepted tincture of 25 drops for half an hour before eating. The course of treatment is repeated twice a year, and in the intervals between courses, you can drink milk thistle tea.
More about cholesterol


It is used in chronic poisoning with alcohol, drugs, drugs, food, accompanied by intoxication. In addition, milk thistle is indicated for pregnant women with toxicosis and people living in ecologically unfavorable areas.

Few people know that milk thistle is a unique means of ensuring survival in case of poisoning with a pale toadstool.


In cosmetology, milk thistle is mainly used as one of the main ingredients of anti-aging, cleansing, wound healing and tonic creams, balms and ointments.

If we talk about the dangers of the plant, then with proper observance of the dosage and following the recommendations of the doctor, milk thistle preparations are absolutely harmless. Moreover, they are more effective and safer than drugs recognized by official medicine.

Thistle action

  • Improvement of motor and secretory functions of the digestive tract.
  • The increase in the protective properties of the body to the action of poisoning and infections.
  • The suppression of the production of histamines, causing headaches and allergic reactions.
  • Normalization of the liver.
  • Способствование метаболизму гормонов (особенно гормонов группы эстрогенов).
  • Улучшение процесса пищеварения путем увеличения выработки желчи.
  • Обеспечение полного переваривания жиров.
  • Excellent absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.
  • Strengthening the detoxification function of the liver.
  • Promoting the regeneration of liver tissue.
  • Normalizing cholesterol.
  • Improving the condition of the skin.
  • Promoting ulcer healing.
  • Contribute to the process of losing weight.

How to use?

Milk thistle is taken in the form of decoction, infusion, powder, tea, tincture, syrup, tablets. Milk thistle can also be included in other medicines.

Seeds are used in a ground form, in the amount of 20 g per day (the powder is taken half an hour before meals, washed down with water). The daily dose is evenly distributed throughout the day.

You can brew the daily rate of powder in the evening (the powder is poured into a thermos and poured boiling water). Drink this infusion the next day.

If milk thistle is part of the drugs, then you should follow the recommendations of the doctor or familiarize yourself with the annotation provided by the manufacturer of the medicine.

How to brew milk thistle?

To make milk thistle, 2 tbsp. crushed raw materials (these can be the roots of a plant or seeds) pour 500 ml of boiling water, after which the product is placed in a water bath for 20 minutes. Strained, pressed and brought to the initial volume with boiled water, the infusion is taken in half a glass three times a day.

Important! Thistle preparations are consumed half an hour before meals, or one hour after.

The course of treatment with milk thistle

The duration of treatment with milk thistle is from one to one and a half months (it all depends on the type of disease, its severity and the patient's state of health). If necessary, you can repeat the treatment.

For preventive purposes, it is recommended to take the preparations of milk thistle at least twice a year - in spring and autumn, when the body needs additional protection.

Ways of using milk thistle

This form of milk thistle preparations is indicated to restore liver function, remove bile, and eliminate pain in joint diseases.

2 tbsp. Thistle seed powder placed in a thermos and pour 500 ml of boiling water, then insist means 12 hours, strain, thoroughly squeeze and drink 130 ml four times a day.

Thistle tincture is commonly used in dermatology for treating skin diseases.

50 g of seeds pour half a liter of vodka, insist two weeks (always in a dark place), while periodically shaking. Strained tincture taken 20 drops three times a day.

It is indicated for all diseases of the liver, pancreas, kidneys. Also used in the treatment of cancer.

30 g of seeds are boiled in 500 ml of water over low heat until half the water boils away. A decoction of a tablespoon is taken every hour (for example, from nine in the morning to nine in the evening) for three weeks, after which a break for two weeks is made.

Thistle herbal tea in bags

The juice of this plant relieves joint pain, improves the digestive tract, normalizes metabolism, cleanses the skin, reduces inflammation.

Milk thistle is harvested when the plant throws out a flower arrow (that is, at the time of opening the first baskets). To prepare the juice, 5 largest leaves are removed from each plant, from which the juice is squeezed. Canned juice at the rate of 1 l per 50 ml of 70% alcohol. Stored means in the refrigerator. Taken on a tablespoon in the morning, on an empty stomach.

Milk thistle extract in capsules

The powder is indicated in the treatment of atherosclerosis, poisoning of various origins, psoriasis, and liver diseases.

The recommended dose is 1 tsp. milk thistle seed powder, no more than five times a day (powder is taken within a month). In advanced and severe cases, after a two-week break, the treatment should be repeated.

Milk thistle tablets

The oil, which is obtained from the seeds of milk thistle, has wound-healing, anti-burn and hepatoprotective properties. Therefore, it is not surprising that milk thistle oil is placed on a par with sea buckthorn. It is used in the treatment of diabetes, psoriasis, liver disease, eczema, and allergies.

For cooking oil 5 tsp. crushed seeds are poured 500 ml of olive oil, then the mixture is boiled in a water bath for about 15 minutes, infused for another half hour, filtered and taken in a teaspoon three times a day.

You can buy ready-made oil in a pharmacy, which is taken according to the instructions.

Contraindications and side effects

Despite the safety of milk thistle and the almost absence of contraindications for use, this plant (like any other medicinal herb) should be used carefully and under the supervision of doctors. The fact is that milk thistle contains large amounts of calcium and phosphorus, which can lead to certain problems in the body. So, with caution should be taken to receive milk thistle people with cardiovascular diseases, as calcium and phosphorus contained in the plant can provoke a violation of the functioning of the heart valve.

Milk thistle is contraindicated in the following cases:
1. Individual intolerance (extremely rare).
2. Mental illnesses, including depressive states and epilepsy.
3. Dyspnea (can provoke asthma attacks).

Pregnant and lactating women before taking milk thistle must necessarily consult with a doctor who will determine the appropriateness of the use of the drug.

In general, milk thistle goes well with other drugs.

Side effects
Side effects due to the use of milk thistle are extremely rarely caused by mild pain in the liver, and diarrhea. If such manifestations last longer than two days, you must stop taking the plant.

Milk thistle and alcohol

Once in the body, preparations of milk thistle neutralize the effect of alcohol, remove toxins and slags, thereby eliminating the following signs of a hangover:

  • headache,
  • nausea,
  • weakness,
  • vomiting.

1 tbsp. Milk thistle seeds are poured with 250 ml of boiling water, infused for 10 minutes and drunk at a time. After 15 minutes, intoxication will significantly weaken, and the signs of a hangover will "go away".

Milk thistle is actively used in the treatment of alcohol dependence, since it has a beneficial effect on the liver, which is primarily due to the antioxidant effect of the plant. It was proved that taking thistles (namely silymarin) for six months at a daily dosage of 420 mg led to biochemical changes in the body, indicating an increase in the antioxidant potential of not only cells, but also serum. At the same time, the concentration of substances that showed the properties of oxidizing agents decreased.

Milk thistle is an inexpensive, safe and effective method of reducing the progression of a disease such as cirrhosis of the liver (this disease is the true companion of alcoholism).

Broth from arthritis and sciatica

A tablespoon of milk thistle roots is poured with 250 ml of hot water (it is advisable to use enameled ware). Next, the tool is placed on a slow fire and boiled in a closed container for another 20 minutes. The broth taken from the heat is filtered through a triple layer of gauze, then it is diluted with boiling water to 250 ml. A decoction is taken three times a day in a tablespoon.

The same recipe in the form of rinses will help to cope with a toothache, while ingesting it will heal urine retention and cramps.

Powder with poisoning

Powder seeds can be consumed 5 times a day, one tablespoon to relieve symptoms of poisoning (the decoction should be taken at regular intervals). The course of treatment lasts until the complete elimination of symptoms of poisoning.

In addition, milk thistle powder is shown during radiotherapy or chemotherapy with one dessert spoon four times a day (as in the previous case, milk thistle is taken at regular time intervals). Powder is taken for 20-25 days.

Useful properties of the plant

Milk thistle is a plant belonging to the Aster family. It happens one-year and two-year. Stem naked and branched in places. The flowers are pink. The bed is fleshy and completely covered with soft hairs. Flowering occurs in August. The fruit is a seed with a tuft.

There are two types of milk thistle, but only one spotted variety will be involved in medicine. That it contains a large amount of nutrients. There are flavonoids and flavolignans in it, including silidianin, silibinin, silikristin. The composition contains alkaloids, fatty oil, up to 25%, saponins, vitamins, micro-and macronutrients. The plant is rich in resin, proteins, histamine and tyramine.

Milk thistle is valued for:

  • improves the condition of the digestive tract,
  • increases appetite
  • promotes weight gain
  • beneficial effect on the liver,
  • lowers cholesterol and normalizes blood sugar levels
  • controls the synthesis of sex hormones
  • increases hemoglobin content
  • treats oral diseases,
  • positive effect on the urogenital system.

Milk thistle is good for the whole body, but it must be taken wisely. Indeed, if used improperly, adverse reactions are possible.

The influence of milk thistle

The liver is one of the important components of our body. She suffers most from malnutrition, medication and adverse environmental effects. Prolonged negative effects on the liver lead to various diseases. The heaviest of which are hepatitis and cirrhosis.

Doctors often prescribe milk thistle to restore liver cells. Herbal remedy is used both in natural form and in the form of meal, capsules, oil and tablets. Milk thistle in the tablets facilitates the treatment process and eliminates the daily brewing of herbs, taking into account the dosage.

  • helps the liver membranes recover, heal and strengthen,
  • stimulates its cleansing function
  • positive effect on blood circulation in small vessels
  • positive effect on the gallbladder,
  • normalizes protein metabolism and bile flow,
  • binds together and removes toxic compounds from the body,
  • prevents liver dystrophy,
  • has antioxidant properties.

Milk thistle is a hepatoprotector of plant origin. It can be used both in the treatment of the liver, and for the prevention of diseases of this organ.

When should you not take pills?

Milk thistle in the tablets has only positive reviews. But despite this, the drug may harm. Especially if you do not follow the treatment regimen and do not take into account contraindications.

Do not take a herbal preparation, if there is an allergy to the ingredients that make up the tablets. It is necessary to refuse grass treatment during pregnancy and while breastfeeding a baby. Thistle should not be used for children under 12 years old, as well as for pancreatitis, cholecystitis and liver failure. It is forbidden to use herbal remedies for epilepsy and asthma.

Usually, thistle tablets are well tolerated and only in rare cases cause side effects. Among the negative reactions noted:

All negative phenomena are temporary and disappear after drug withdrawal.

Milk thistle in the tablets: instructions

Reviews of people taking the drug for the treatment of the liver, note that the pills improve her condition and do not cause side effects. The medicine must be taken for a long time. The course is 30 days or more, depending on the doctor's prescription. After a break, therapy can be resumed.

Thistle pills for liver drink 1-2 pieces up to three times a day. In cases of severe liver damage, the dose is increased to 3-4 tablets at a time. In order to prevent prescribe 2-3 tablets per day.

The exact scheme of use of the drug prescribes a doctor.

Special instructions for treatment

Judging by the reviews, milk thistle in tablets quickly and effectively cures diseases of internal organs. Instructions for use warns that the pills are not able to replace a diet, which is indicated for liver disease.

Vegetable pills should be used with caution if there are diseases caused by hormonal disorders in the body. These illnesses include:

  • myoma of the uterus,
  • carcinoma of the female genital organs, mammary glands and prostate,
  • endometriosis.

In this case, silymarin acts on the activity of estrogen. If a person has an abnormality in the work of the gastrointestinal system, milk thistle can increase the appetite and provoke weight gain. Therefore, herbal remedies should not be used for weight loss. It also normalizes metabolic processes in the body of a sick person.

Overview of Thistle Pills

Milk thistle in the tablets (reviews indicate that in case of liver diseases, the herbal remedy should be taken for a long period) is sold in each pharmacy. Drugs with its content set. The most popular are:

"Carsil" and "Carsil Forte". These preparations are created from the seeds of milk thistle, have a number of positive properties:

  • normal state of cell membranes,
  • stimulate the synthesis of protein compounds
  • normalize lipid metabolism
  • protect against adverse effects
  • have antioxidant properties
  • reduce bilirubin,
  • restore the cells.

"Legalon". The product is made from milk thistle concentrate:

  • stimulates tissue regeneration,
  • removes toxins
  • prevents further destruction of liver cells,
  • activates RNA polymerase and protein synthesis,
  • prevents absorption of toxic substances.

Tablets have a different concentration of the active substance.

"Silegon". The active ingredient is silibinin. The drug is made from the fruits of milk thistle. It is used for liver intoxication, cirrhosis and hepatitis, which are at different stages of development. It is indicated for hyperlipoproteinemia.

Silibinin. Made from thistle fruit. Used in various diseases of the liver and biliary tract. Rarely causes side effects and has virtually no contraindications.

"Silimar". The drug is made in Russia. Made from dry milk thistle extract. Used in toxic liver damage, various forms of hepatitis and cirrhosis. Can be used for the prevention of toxemia.

"Silymarin Hexal". Made from milk thistle extract. Used for liver diseases in complex therapy. Clears toxins. It is used in violation of fat metabolism.

Milk thistle in tablets: reviews of doctors

Usually, doctors do not trust traditional medicine, so they rarely prescribe herbal treatments. Despite this, the trust of doctors earned drugs such as "Kars", "Silimar", "Legalon." They are often prescribed by doctors to their patients to restore the liver, after suffering hepatitis and cirrhosis. It is recommended to take these pills after the course of antibiotics, when the liver starts to ache.

To avoid side effects, these drugs should not be abused. You need to drink pills in a strictly defined dosage prescribed by a doctor. In the advanced stage of development of the disease, milk thistle is used in combination with serious drugs. Otherwise, the disease may progress, which significantly complicates further treatment.

Milk thistle with hepatitis: what do patients say?

Reviews of milk thistle tablets in hepatitis are different. The largest number of patients claims that this drug is useless for such a serious disease as hepatitis. They advise him to drink in combination with other medications and to maintain the liver.

In some cases, it gives amazing results milk thistle tablets in hepatitis C. Some testimonials confirm that this herb works wonders. These thistle people began to drink from hopelessness, as the doctors threw up their hands and refused to help them, arguing that the disease was too neglected. Patients in despair drank milk thistle for a long time, occasionally taking breaks. In some patients, after this, the liver recovered as much as possible, which was confirmed by test results. The grass saved lives for these people, protected the liver from further destruction and helped it to recover, cleaned it well.

But there are few such people, and doctors often state that it is useless to drink milk thistle for hepatitis. It is advised not to self-medicate and use more serious drugs to treat this disease. Although, according to them, milk thistle does not bear much harm.

Positive feedback

It is used to treat many thistle ailments for the liver in pills. Reviews of patients noted that the sensation of heaviness in the right side is removed. Gently and gently, it affects the liver, cleans it gradually. Some argue that after taking a pill they have improved their complexion, hair growth has increased, pigmentation has disappeared.

Many were helped by milk thistle to recover from alcohol poisoning, antibiotic treatment, and after overeating. Also improved the health of patients with cirrhosis and cholecystitis.

There are those who drink milk thistle pills twice a year for prevention. They no longer have a heaviness in their right side, the bitterness in the mouth has disappeared. Also improved biochemical analysis of blood. These individuals have ceased to go on a rigid diet and eat whatever they want. Иммунитет у них повысился настолько, что они перестали болеть простудными заболеваниями.

Отрицательное мнение

Milk thistle in the pill has negative reviews. Such patients indicate that the herbal remedy causes diarrhea and bloating. It does not help with neglected liver diseases.

Due to the laxative effect of the drug, the removal of bile from the body is accelerated. Useful and nutrients do not have time to digest, which causes loss of vitality and energy.

Therefore, in order for the medicine to fully affect the body, it should be used only after consulting a doctor.

Reviews of "Karsil"

Thistle tablets for liver "Kars" are the most popular among analogues. This is due not only to their affordable price, but also efficiency. The drug is taken not less than a month, only then the result is felt.

Tablets help with a high rate of bilirubin and ALA. Use medicine to prevent liver disease after overeating and to prevent hangover syndrome. Often prescribed "Kars" after suffering jaundice, to restore the liver. It is prescribed for chronic cholecystitis, where the fifth table diet is added to the treatment.

The drug has proven itself in a very positive way, but in some cases caused side effects in the form of diarrhea and bitterness in the mouth.