These 10 rules of flirting will drive any man crazy!


Every woman is unique. Some ladies have achieved unprecedented heights in business, others have made a scientific discovery, and still others look as if they were off the cover of a glossy magazine. But, unfortunately, many of these women are unhappy in love. Why it happens? Yes, because these women do not know how to flirt with a man.

Flirt is the first stage to start a relationship. This is the foundation of love. If a woman knows all the secrets of coquetry and knows how to flirt with a man by correspondence or in a normal conversation, then the success of the opposite sex is guaranteed.

The article will discuss the art of love relationships. You will learn how to learn to flirt and flirt with men.

Flirting concept

Courting, love game, coquetry - all these concepts characterize this word. Everything connected with attracting the attention of the opposite sex is called “flirting”.

When a woman begins to flirt with a man, she "floats" any tricks. If the woman started:

  • wink,
  • nice smile
  • lightly touch the male hand,
  • wind the hair on the finger
  • communicate coquettishly
  • change intonation
  • speak phrases that can be understood in two ways
  • play with objects: pen or fan,

then you can safely conclude - this woman is flirting.

The goal of such coquetry is different for all the fair sex - some women just want to sleep with a man, while other ladies dream of a serious relationship.

The result of flirting will directly depend on how frankly a woman flirts. If a lady bares the neckline and licks her lips with her tongue, then immediately it becomes clear - she needs sex. If a woman just plays lightly with her hair, then we can conclude that her intentions are much more serious than just making love.

Therefore, it is so important to know how to flirt with men. To learn this is quite simple.

Famous Coquette

Think of such a woman as Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt. She did not have an attractive appearance, but her legs always had the best men. History says that the stronger sex was ready for any exploits for the attention of this woman. Men say goodbye to life for the night of love with Cleopatra. So what is the secret of the Queen of Egypt? Her highlight was the indescribable charm, gentle and enchanting voice, clothing that emphasized all her virtues, and aromatic oils, which she used instead of perfume.

Here is another example - the famous actress Marilyn Monroe. She was the most attractive woman of her time, and she is still considered the standard of beauty. Marilyn Monroe perfectly mastered the art of flirting and could drive any man crazy. The strong floor dreamed of talking to her, because the style of communication of this woman just bewitched all men.

Many people think that flirting is not a science, but a natural gift from a woman. But things are a little different. You just need to know a few tricks of coquetry, and flirting will not seem to be such a complicated skill. Further in the article we will talk about how to learn to flirt with a man.

Simple flirting with a man

Flirting can be called a kind of game that has its own tricks and rules. If a woman knows the rules of this game, then her success is guaranteed - men will “stack in order” at her feet.

Here are some tips on how to learn how to flirt with a man:

  1. Smile. A friendly smile is green for a man. He realizes that you are pleased to communicate with him. A friendly smile says that a woman is positive, open and glad to a new acquaintance.
  2. A little "shoot" eyes. This is done very simply - look at the man for a few seconds, and then lower your eyes, showing that you are embarrassed. You should not look at a man for a long time and intently - he might think that something is wrong with him or with you.
  3. Use perfume. Pleasant and light aromas will attract the attention of men. You can use perfume with the addition of pheromones - it will only play into your favor.
  4. Enter his personal space. Approach the man at a distance of 50 centimeters so that he can feel the fragrance of your perfume, and you could accidentally touch his hand.
  5. Dress nicely. You can wear some interesting accessories or an attractive dress. How you should look depends on the taste of the man you want to please. Some men like deep cleavage, while others love it when a woman is dressed modestly and tastefully.
  6. Do not talk too much. Excessive conversations can "kill" all the romance. Speak softly and gently. No need to shout, just talk so that a man could hear you.
  7. Take advantageous poses. Stand or sit so that a man can appreciate the beauty of your figure. Do not slouch and do not sit "foot on foot".
  8. Play a little. Spin your hair, sigh or stretch like a kitty. You can go to extreme measures - drop any thing and sexually lean over her.
  9. Talk about his interests. Men love when a woman has something to talk about. Ask about his hobbies. If he is a fisherman, then ask about the biggest catch. Listen to the man carefully, ask questions and show interest.
  10. Speak ambiguously. For example, a man says that he does not sleep all night while fishing. You can answer that you also like to stay up all night, especially in nature.
  11. Admire the man. The strong floor loves praise. Be sure to appreciate his achievements and tell him that he is well done. Avoid flattery, speak the truth!

How to flirt with a man, an example

Imagine a situation: in the store there are unfamiliar boyfriend and girlfriend. A woman starts a conversation.

She: "I recommend you take this coffee better, it is much more fragrant. This is an excellent option for a real man."

Or this way of starting the conversation: "I was just waiting for you. I really need your help. Help me get some coffee in the top shelf, please."

Here is another example of how to flirt with a man. The situation is the first date.

She: "You are so interesting. You are very versatile, probably, you are not bored and you are able to surprise every day."

Or: "I have long cherished one dream, but I will tell about it a little later. During the dessert or in its place."

Another example of how to flirt with a man: "I have a great idea, I want to embody it right away, as we get to know each other better."

How to flirt with a man on SMS or correspondence in social networks

Now couples mostly meet on the Internet. According to statistics, every third met at least once in the network. "Classmates", "Vkontakte", "Facebook", "Instagram" and dating sites - all of these resources involve communication and correspondence.

The task of a woman is to be able to interest a man only with the words she writes. And it is much more difficult than in person, when a man is at arm's length. In the correspondence it is impossible to wink, take a hand or smile sweetly. The only woman’s weapon in this situation is words.

Below we will talk about how to learn to flirt with men words.

Flirting on SMS with a strong sex is based on long pauses, well-constructed phrases, humor and attractive photos. If you have never flirted on SMS, then at first this science will seem difficult to you. In order not to alienate a man, you should heed the following advice on SMS-flirting:

  1. Be literate. Simple mistakes and distorted phrases will spoil the whole impression about you. For example, instead of "Thank you" do not write "ATP".
  2. Do not write long texts. State your thoughts clearly and briefly. Men get tired of reading long messages.
  3. Take a pause. Do not respond to SMS instantly - wait for the man to be a little worried. Leave the intrigue.
  4. Do not use emoticons in correspondence. Let your buddy search for hidden meaning in messages.
  5. Be positive. All phrases you write should be emotional and fun.
  6. Ask questions. This will help not only to get to know the interlocutor, but also show the man that you are interested in his person.
  7. Do not write a lot of compliments so that the man does not have the impression that you are already in love with him.
  8. Send decent photos.

Purpose of the correspondence

Before you start a correspondence, think about what goal you are pursuing.

  • If you want to give the impression of a woman, for which you need to "run", then do not say a man a lot of compliments. You need to build a conversation so that the man realized that he had a chance to talk with a unique and unusual woman. Such a lady men will definitely win.
  • If you want to play and joke, then you can throw frank flirty phrases that will wake up a storm of emotions in a man. Just be careful! A man may think that you are serious. In this case, there may be trouble.
  • If you are looking for a serious relationship, just be yourself. Men love sincere women.

Examples of flirting by correspondence

If you do not know how to start a correspondence, you can use one of the suggested phrases.

  • "I started watching the series. The main character is a handsome man. By the way, he looks like you very much."
  • "I bought an unusual thing. You'll love it!"
  • "I ate a piece of cake today. Can you tell me the best way to burn those calories?"
  • "Have you ever slept all night?"
  • "I am so tired that I do not have the strength to undress. I wish someone would do this for me."
  • "I can read minds - you want to meet me."

These phrases are better to rebuild under your character and style of communication.

Pluses SMS flirting

  1. You can say goodbye to seriousness. Forget about being a business woman. Be airy, light and flirty. In the correspondence you need to be a fun laughter.
  2. You can say any thing. Sometimes in correspondence it is much easier to express something than in person.
  3. Correspondence is not a date, it does not take much time.

1. Eye contact

Women's gaze is a weapon in front of which no man has yet stood. The first rule of establishing contact with an unfamiliar man, for example, in a bar or restaurant is eye contact. No wonder they say that the eyes - the window of the soul. A look can sometimes say much more than empty words.

Your look should be gentle and kind, no drilling eyes - it scares. It is enough to cast an interested look at the object of sighing, hold it for 2-3 seconds, and then with a smile look away, lowering the cilia slightly.

2. "Shooting eyes"

You can also do some shooting with your eyes. It may not work out right away, especially with shy persons, so it will take a bit of practice. Light the light of interest in the eyes so that they shine and shine, and then start to look at the interlocutor's face, shifting the accents from eyes to lips, then slightly down. The main rule - behave naturally, and then surely no one will resist your charms.

3. Innocent conversation

If you have already established eye contact, it is time to start a conversation. In no case do not load the interlocutor with your problems, do not arrange an interrogation about his personal life and especially do not talk about your unsuccessful relationships and the former. This will immediately scare the interlocutor, because the problems for men are complete and at work, and communication with you should give only positive emotions and continuous positive. Communicating with you, the young man should rest and relax.

4. Jokes and humor

The conversation should be neutral, non-binding. A lot of joke: what could be better than casual communication, flavored with humor and laughter. Also do not forget about the timbre and tempo of the voice. Speech should be slow and soft, and the voice timbre low and low. Forget about shrillness and blatancy: they certainly will not add sexuality to you, but will only scare away the gentleman.

6. Compliment

It is pleasant to hear praise and compliments, oddly enough, not only for us girls. Men also love compliments, and they should be done with the aim of giving the guy support and the belief that he will succeed. Your words must convey to the man that he is a "hero."

It makes no sense to praise his new shirt or fashionable hairstyle, it works only with us women. Men also love compliments about their character: good taste, quite brave, has a sharp mind, a great sense of humor.

7. Body language

The next component of flirting, of course, non-verbal. 70% of flirting success is your body. Signals that we send, consciously or unknowingly, may attract the interlocutor, but they may also repel. Never sit in a "closed" pose. In psychology, this includes arms crossed on the chest or locked in a lock, stiffened and tight shoulders. It will be difficult to make contact with you, and even if a girl who is trying to flirt is squeezed, she looks at least strange.

The palms should be open, the body should be turned towards the person of interest, and the head should be slightly tilted to the side. By the way, a slight tilt of the head makes it clear to the interlocutor that you listen to him carefully.

9. The fine lines of sexuality

To flirt was successful, watch your appearance. Of course, you should look seductive, but do not overdo it with an overly short skirt or too deep cleavage. Better place your bet on elegantly laid hair, neat manicure and figure-emphasizing dress.

As for the well-known tricks, when a girl twists a strand of hair on a finger, licks her lips or goes through a chain around her neck, they are quite likely to be, but they should look like a light plume of expensive perfume, and not like the stifling smell of cheap cologne.

Correct flirt

1. Send him thought-provoking messages.

A carefully thought-out text message can be a more powerful weapon than a photograph of erotic content or a mischievous voice message.

In the messages, try to be interesting, but not vulgar. You should not be too direct and open so that he does not think badly of you and began to want everything at once.

All you have to do is leave a message open, a bit unfinished. Let the man himself think out and fantasize.

For example, the message read: "I think about you ..." or "I want you to be here right now." Fit well with the method of correct flirting.

This kind of message, on the one hand, tease and beckon, on the other hand, make a man think out what you had in mind.

But remember: do not be too intrusive. Excessive activity and obsession can frighten a man.

In addition, be careful with the content of messages. Too provocative and bold texts and phrases, of course, may make you a femme fatale, but they clearly will not benefit your reputation.

Courage is good, but be relaxed in moderation. Leave some mystery and mystery for the man so that he wants to solve it gradually.

2. Wear the right clothes.

Yes, clothing greatly influences whether you like a man or not.

Many women, in pursuit of the attention of the opposite sex, bare their feet, or wear an alluring and overly frank neckline. Of course, all these tricks attract male attention. Everyone knows that a man loves eyes.

However, too provocative clothing can play a disservice to you. As a rule, men perceive overly sexual attire of a woman as a signal for a short-term game.

If you are seriously interested in someone, give the opportunity to see your inner beauty. Wear something that truly reflects your true nature.

It does not matter that it will be a stylish T-shirt with sneakers or a beautiful flying dress; the main thing is that the outfit reflects you as an individual, emphasizes character and interests.

Think carefully about your appearance, going on a date with the object of your sympathy.

As a separate subparagraph, we can single out one more advice to flirting young ladies: Wear red!

Psychologists say red color acts on a man in a hypnotizing way. The woman in red is a magnet for a man.

Many believe that a woman who has put on a scarlet dress is trying to attract the attention of the stronger sex. And we must agree that there is some truth in this statement.

However, accuracy and dosage are important here. The excess of red in your clothes may not attract, but on the contrary, push away the object of your sympathy.

Dilute your look with red detail. Let it be red nails or shoes - edakoe red spot on the background of other shades.

If you still decide on a red dress, carefully pick up shoes, a handbag and jewelry. After all, the red color itself is quite independent and bright.

How to flirt eyes

4. Establish eye contact.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. They can catch and fall in love with a man to insanity.

If you want your man to lose his head from you, just look into his eyes for a second longer than necessary, then look away.

Again, the look must be alluring and playing. Играйте глазами правильно, чтобы мужчине хотелось ответить на ваш призыв.

Если вы флиртуете глазами правильно и умело, от него потребуются усилия, чтобы отвести от вас взгляд. It will be difficult for him to do this, but the game, based on the right eye contact, will be even more exciting.

At the first stage of acquaintance, it will be useful to "shoot" your eyes towards the object of your sympathy.

Then you can modestly look down to completely confuse the man. Believe me, this game and flirting will not be left without his attention.

Playfully slam your eyelashes. Long eyelashes and their skillful use is what has always conquered men. And here it is also important that women's eyelashes look well-groomed and beautiful.

Another trick related to eye contact that really touches men is the surprised lifting of an eyebrow.

Remember the heroine of Vivien Leigh, the famous Scarlett, who raised her eyebrows in surprise and with this simple gesture drove many men crazy.

5. Bite your lower lip.

Imagine a woman biting her lower lip easily. Sexy, right?

Why such behavior in the eyes of a man looks sexy and inviting is unknown. But the fact remains: a woman biting her lip attracts men. They are seduced by this thoughtless mechanical gesture.

But do it as if by accident, not on purpose.

Of course, this does not mean that you need to bite and pull the lips to the blood. Try to bite your lower lip as easily and eroticly as possible.

When a woman barely exposes her teeth, she in some strange way radiates an extremely attractive mixture of vulnerability and reverie.

Next time try this method of flirting and watch your boyfriend's reaction.

6. Wear red lipstick

If you want to charm a guy at the moment when he looks at you, another effective way is to wear red lipstick.

Not that other bright colors do not work, just red lipstick is always a win-win option.

Red is the color of passion, love and flirting.

Make sure that the color you choose is in harmony with the color of your skin.

Lips - this is the first thing that draws the attention of a man on a woman's face. He will not be able to look away from the rich lips. He wants to taste them.

And if with red things you need to be careful, then red lipstick is something that will never go out of fashion and will not look gone.

Want to wear something red, but do not know what exactly? Prefer scarlet lipstick.

Choose the right shade of red lipstick based on your color type and appearance, and seduce men with an irresistible and sincere smile.

7. Send him an interesting article or funny video that he has not yet seen.

Share with a man an interesting link to a video or article that you think is really worth his attention.

When sending something to a man, be sure that the context of this story is within his own interests, or it is something that is interesting to everyone.

Alternatively, send him several links matching his particular interests.

In this way, you can prove how thoughtful and attentive you are and that you have taken into account his hobbies and interests.

8. Eat beautiful

Most men pay attention to how a girl is, they find her manner of eating in a surprisingly seductive manner. The way she eats food is an art for some.

When girls eat a certain thing in a certain way, it can neither attract attention.

For example, some men (in fact, most of them) find it very exciting to watch when girls eat strawberries and even ... pasta!

Some people like to watch a girl eat ice cream.

The next time you go out with your boyfriend, do not forget about it and approach the process of eating a dish more creatively. Unnoticed, observe his reaction.

However, caution is also important. Do not play in mannerisms. Too much theatrical ingestion of food can make you ridiculous and ridiculous in the eyes of a man. Try to make it as natural and simple as possible.

Of course, this does not mean that you need to slurp and eat everything that is on the dinner table at the speed of light.

9. Do seductive stretching

Try to seductively stretch out. Feel like a cat that stretches in the sun. Extend your arms at the top, bend a little.

Do it neatly and beautifully.

Besides being beautiful and seductive, stretching is also good for your health. Beautiful curves in the process of drawing are a great way to attract the attention of the object of your sympathy.

If you carefully and correctly manipulate your body and attract the attention with a beautiful form of curves, and not with unsightly pretzel-like formations of the body, you will surely arouse the interest of the man.

Remember, in a stretch you should look like a kitty, not a sciatica sick old woman!

10. Flirt with someone else.

It is pleasant to each man when other representatives of the opposite sex pay attention to his woman.

Therefore, flirt with someone else, preferably with someone who will answer your flirt. Let the object of your sympathy see that you are interesting to many, that men are looking at you.

Of course, such attention from other men will add you points, provided that your potential man is not a mad jealous and incorrigible owner.

Therefore, if you are flirting with others, do it carefully and with your head so as not to make trouble for yourself.

In addition, do not forget about other types of weapons in the process of flirting.

-Smile and sincere laugh

Smile and answer humor and funny jokes with a sincere laugh.

-Be sure of yourself

A self-confident woman is the subject of admiration for the opposite sex. However, do not confuse confidence with overconfidence and overestimate yourself.

The first attracts men with a magnet, the second pushes them away.

Remember that there is a theory that we choose partners by smell. Do not forget: a well-groomed woman is not only an attractive appearance, but also the flavor that comes from her.

Choose a perfume that reflects your character. Do not pour on them, but only apply to the places where the pulsation is felt on the body.

-Try new hobbies

Let a man see that you are a passionate, passionate nature. A woman who is interested in everything new attracts like a magnet.

Play, try, win a man, while remaining a woman, not a hunter, who are so afraid of men!

How to properly flirt with a guy: touch

According to scientists, fleeting touches are the most effective technique of flirting. Surveys among bachelors in places of acquaintances showed that it is important not only to touch the person you like, but to touch correctly. Touching a face is considered intimate, and therefore they are not always welcome. Slamming shoulders and shaking hands are perceived by people as friendly gestures, which means there is little sense in flirting with them. If you want to be remembered by your “object” and please him, lightly touch his shoulder, forearm or waist.

Modern flirting techniques are more rectilinear and neutral at the same time, and all thanks to the Internet. Like and a compliment on a photo on social networks, a comment on the post on the wall, the status of an unfamiliar or unfamiliar person of the opposite sex is already a signal. A friend request, a follower status, sending funny pictures or interesting posts from groups is a more expressive signal. Registration in applications like Tinder is literally an announcement that someone is ready for acquaintances and meetings. Where to meet a man after 35.

Is female flirting different from male?

Correctly flirting with a girl - is it the same as with a man? Scientists answer: both yes and no. The methods are about the same, but the reaction of the opposite sex makes adjustments. So, if a woman touches a man, then he perceives it as a flirt. If a man touches a woman, then the reaction will be unpredictable. For many representatives of the fair sex, touch is too much, especially at the very beginning of their acquaintance. What remains to the strong sex, except fervent looks? The researchers found the answer - a demonstration of dominance. It turns out that in order to appear attractive to a man, it is enough for a woman to be attractive. In order to appear attractive to a woman, a man has to dominate space and surroundings. Subconsciously, he takes up more space than necessary (puts his hand on a free space nearby), speaks louder than necessary, behaves “in his own way” with men (puts his hands on his shoulders, pushes playfully), surrounds himself with pretty women. If a man near you behaves and throws expressively long looks at you, he will go hunting, and you are the prey. It's time to flirt, smile and flirt!

Do not ignore the context.

The more informal the environment, the better we recognize flirting. If you want to be noticed in a cafe or bar, just smile or ask a neutral question. If you want to attract attention in a shopping center or on the street, you will have to overcome modesty and try harder - for example, to give a compliment or ask for help.

Show interest in conversation

Should a woman be a mystery? Let it be better in a man. Studies have shown that the more a woman is interested in conversation, the more a man is interested in a woman. This does not mean that it is worth talking incessantly, but only means that the man diligently supports the conversation, and the woman appreciates his attempts and rewards efforts.

Be a little bit more straightforward.

The researchers analyzed the most popular phrases to start dating, and then interviewed representatives of both sexes about their reaction to "classic" phrases. It turns out that there are 3 types of “starter” tricks: direct (“I’m a little embarrassed, but I like you very much”), harmless (“Did you like the movie?”) And cool and playful (“Do you not treat raisins? no? Then maybe we will get acquainted? ”). Do you think everyone likes a sense of humor? It turns out not - both men and women dislike joking tricks. The rest of the opinions differ: it is more comfortable for women to meet, if a man addresses them with a harmless phrase, and men like directness in women, at least in sympathy towards them. Remember also about an interesting communication phenomenon discovered by psychologists and called “subjective signal amplification”: it seems to us that our flirting is obvious. In fact, we exaggerate our own signals and efforts, and the addressee may not even notice them. So the flirting rule is: talk a little more straightforwardly when talking to a guy.

Be yourself

You can climb out of the skin, trying to please everyone at once, but your attempts will be much more effective, flirting is more successful, and acquaintance is more promising if you try to be yourself and just wait for the person who likes who he is. It will be easier and much more pleasant to hook this person. By the way, the scientists suggested 3 questions, the answers to which instantly show, “is your” person in front of you: “Do you like horror films?”, “Have you ever traveled around a foreign country alone?” “That would be great to drop everything and move to live on a yacht, what do you think? ”. If your answers coincide with the answers of the "object", you are probably made for each other.

Do not interfere with your body speak for you

The body language of the flirting person is very expressive and easily “read” by the object of interest on a subconscious level. If you want to please, relax: your body will turn at the right angle, take “open” poses, the pupils will expand, and the facial muscles will form into a half-smile - in general, they will do 80% of the “work” for you.

And what rules of flirting seem effective to you personally?

1. Play as children

The best thing about the game level of interaction was written by psychologist Eric Berne in the book People Who Play Games, Games People Play. Play on his theory can and should be from the position of the child. It is the Child, not the Adult or Parent. Through the game, the child learns the world, trains to interact, explores the boundaries and measures of what is permitted. Also, the game satisfies the basic needs - research, study, interest, contact.

2. Define sensual hunger

At the heart of the desire to like, to attract attention and flirt lies sensory (sensual hunger). Each of us needs a certain amount of attention, views, “strokes”. And an important criterion for the use of flirting is the level of this hunger and the personal appetite of each. Feeling the need for "stroking", tenderness, caress a person becomes more social and sexual, which gives a further impetus to the realization of "basic instinct." Therefore, sensual hunger helps to play and flirt more confidently and variably.

3. Learn the features and rules of the game

Like any game interaction, flirting assumes that players know the terrain map and rules. Each specific situation has its own context, but the unwritten rules are simple: knowing the final goal, pleasure, excitement, caution, choosing the right partner for flirting and ensuring your own safety, in case something goes wrong.

4. Use subtle energies

According to metaphysics, the world works on the principle of resonance. The emotional and energetic state you are in is of great importance for the beginning of flirting, both in principle and for the beginning of everything in our life. Play better with positive vibrations and good mood. By the principle of a boomerang that you send to the world, then it returns to you.

5. Pump the lower chakra

It is best to flirt with women who are doing well with sexuality, and this is an indicator of the development of the lower Svadhisthana chakra (sexual, sexual chakra). She is responsible for sexual energy and attractiveness, magnetism, energy level, sociability, positivism, as well as sex and money. Due to the energy of this chakra, a person is looking for pleasure, and is showing sexual and sensual activity.

6. Study body markers.

Here, the important and basic thing to start with is your body language and partner. Well and in detail about this is written in the body language of the Australian writer Allan Pisa. In addition to exploring how the system works for a partner, ask someone to work as a mirror for you. This is a storehouse of information about what arsenal to attract you use, how rich and diverse it is, bright and expressive. And even better if you are filmed on camera at the moment when you flirt. Thus, you will have the opportunity to assess your strengths and weaknesses and adjust the technique of flirting.

7. Practice speaking silently.

A delightful technique that develops "bodily" speech. It doesn’t matter who you train on - on a girlfriend, friend or in a company, it’s important to be silent, and with the help of facial expressions, gestures and expressions of the eyes, convey a specific message to the other. This could be a message of interest, an attempt to support, say without words “I love you” or, on the contrary, a way to define your borders and territory. The main thing in this technique is to hone your skill of speaking with your body, while maintaining complete voice silence.

8. Set fire, retreat

At the man who has got on your hook, the hunting instinct joins and you need to play a position of "victim" in time. Feeling that your spell has worked, step back two steps and let it take over the initiative. As in the dance, two steps to meet, and then follow him and his rhythm. If you miss the moment, your partner will feel like a mouse in a mousetrap and may run away, being frightened by the pressure or simply losing interest.

9. Choose territory

An important condition for successful flirting is the territory on which you play. It should provide freedom of maneuver, but at the same time ensure your safety in case something goes wrong. It is better not to flirt in the male territory when your freedom and ability to leave is limited by his will and desire.

10. Adjust the distance.

Probably each of you remembers the children's game cold and hot. It will be about this, only in a relationship. The remarkable philosopher F. Nietzsche wrote that dependence on risk persists with a man for life. What is not a tool for making sharpness and intrigue in your game. The technique of approaching and moving away is quite a thin thing, but if you master it, then the man will keep you interested for a long time and flirt will acquire new tones. People who have harmoniously developed the theme of personal boundaries are well adjusting their distance.

11. Consider polygamy

It will be about the innate desire of a man to have many women and his interest in diversity and new sensations. How does this relate to flirting? Directly, as only with a constantly changing, multifaceted woman, a man feels alive and intrigued. To do this, you need to recognize yourself, discover something new, go deep into your research, and then generously share with a man. Winning competition is possible only through work on yourself and constant changes.

12. Combine mind and body

The Greeks wrote about important combinations of forms of love that come to certain results.

Eros is a soul plus a body. Unburdened by reason, pleasant, sincere physical contact.

Строге – разум плюс душа. Не очень яркая, но надёжная и серьёзная, душевная дружба.

Людус – разум плюс тело. Приятное интеллектуальное развлечение равных партнёров, где нет душевных страданий и обязательств, это любовь-игра, где легко и весело. Это и есть флирт.

Flirting, like any art, you need to learn, so that it was in moderation and you could get exactly what you want - an exciting acquaintance, attention, relationships, interest, or still easy and non-binding sex. We wish you to succeed in this matter and open new faces and opportunities in yourself and men.

Refresh the spouse's feelings

Many people think that flirting with their own husband, living in a marriage for a long time is not at all necessary. Life, boredom and gray days come to relationships, leaving your experienced emotions far behind with your husband.

Women are haunted by the insidious question: “Is it right for me to push a loved one to such an adventure?” But the wisdom of the weaker sex is precisely to quietly create coziness in the house, maintain the warmth of relationships and not allow fading away feelings.

How to flirt with your husband to return the passion and romance?

  • Visit the places where you walked with your husband before you started dating. Remember how he cared for you and thanks to what he liked you.
  • Praise your beloved one more often, say that you love him, gently touch him, be gentle, take care of him and spend more time together with your man.
  • Do not forget that you can flirt with your husband with a romantic dinner by candlelight or while taking a joint bath. For this, it is not necessary to look for a "suitable" place.

  • Get erotic lingerie, indulge yourself with beautiful clothes, do not be afraid to walk in her in front of her husband just like that, for no particular reason.
  • Fill your family life with a positive mood, find out what your man doesn't like about your behavior. So you can avoid petty quarrels, not trying to spoil the nerves of each other and the time that is best spent on romance.

New object of liking

Softness, femininity, a certain naivety - these are the qualities that make the hunter’s male instinct wake up and unconsciously begin to protect you from all misfortunes in the world.

For any acquaintance, the main thing is to remain oneself, not to exaggerate one’s strength, courage, independence and, conversely, not to seem windy and frivolous.

Not knowing how to flirt properly, women often behave with a man unnaturally, constrained and can not appropriately show their indifference to him. And this is not surprising, because the same questions that prevent you from relaxing are swarming in your head:

  • Should I get to know him? How to come first?
  • What phrase to say? Or is it better to remain silent?
  • How will I look into his eyes?
  • What if he turns away from me and does not want to continue to communicate?
  • And if he does not like me?
  • How to act if I do not attract the attention of this man?

Such thoughts interfere with the focus on acquaintance and pleasant pastime. And for doubters and modest girls who can't flirt correctly, the following hints are described that they always act unconditionally!

Flirting rules:

  • Meet with enthusiasm, be confident, do not be afraid to take the initiative.
  • No need to discover America. Just say the usual “Hello!”, Ask a question on a neutral topic, or state your opinion on some minor details.
  • Show your humor, curiosity and knowledge in some area. Ease, carelessness and fun will allow the interlocutor to feel comfortable and enjoy the process of communication.
  • Use pre-set props. Any interesting thing will help you to flirt correctly - a magazine, a book, a bright decoration, a perfume, an unusual T-shirt with an interesting inscription, and even your pet with whom you went out for an evening walk.
  • Anywhere (be it a party or entertainment center) do not seem passive, become a participant in the event. You should not get into a corner and wait for the end of the holiday, it is more effective to be the mistress of the situation, not a guest.
  • Give your favorite a few complimentsjust do not confuse with flattery. Make eye contact, align your back and do not cross your arms - this repels.
  • Listen actively to your partner speak less, never interrupt.
  • Smile. The more often the better. A smile is very contagious, and it also contributes to openness, sincerity and a penchant for pleasant conversation.

Signs of flirting by a man

The opposite sex is able as well as us to attract attention and interest the person you like. If a man knows how to flirt properly, then he will surely be able to arouse your sympathy for him.

Therefore, finding out whether a friend flirts with you will never hurt, and you too can start a mutual game of coquetry with him.

  1. He shows a fair amount of attention, tries to take care, treats you with awe and jokes.
  2. He is completely open in communication, does not leave questions, does not try to change the subject.
  3. A man talks about his values ​​and what is dear to him in this life.
  4. The interlocutor is interested in your life, hobbies, family, childhood and opinion about his costume.
  5. He is always ready to come to the rescue and offer you possible support.
  6. A partner sometimes brags, tries to be the best for you, but does not lie and does not exaggerate his merits.
  7. The man is very attentive and remembers the little things that you mentioned.
  8. You are not indifferent to him if he not only speaks beautifully, but also acts.

Choose for yourself the main line of behavior that you follow when meeting, and you will not be afraid to take steps to meet.

Remember that the main key to the success of flirting is sincerity, not high heels and deep cleavage. Any mask you wear will sooner or later open, and the consequences will not be the most pleasant.

Men like interest in them - then they reciprocate, show tenderness and delicacy. Use a variety of weapons - hints, gestures, provocative phrases, sexy look.

Admire the partner and let him respond. Thanks to these simple ways, you will get not only pleasure when talking with a new acquaintance, but also, perhaps, you will find your partner in life in this person.

Author: Lesya Kulchitskaya

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Rules flirt literate

Remember that flirting is a game, so be prepared to lose. After all, even if properly flirting with a man, it may not bring the expected results. Nevertheless, few men remain completely indifferent to the woman who knows the art of flirting. Remember how the heroine of the film “Memoirs of a Geisha” stopped men with one look? Of course, we are not a geisha, and we are far from such a virtuoso art of flirting, but we need to start with this.

So look. It is he who is responsible for establishing contact. On how a woman looks at a man, depends on the future of their relationship (or lack thereof). The look should attract, no matter how it will be: languid, playful, dreamy or confident. To make your look eloquent, try to say to yourself what you would like to say out loud: "I like you", "I want you to come to me", "I dreamed about you all my life". Practice in front of the mirror and find your image in the art of visual promise.

Smile. This is the second thing that you should do right, and that you need to rehearse. Smiling woman always causes sympathy in men. A smile, like a look, should be attractive. Just do not need to smile in all thirty-two teeth. In the art of flirting, it is important to master not so much the ability to smile beautifully as the ability to smile to the place, that is, on time. A smile can be shy, playful, excusable, mocking ... But at the same time it should be sincere. Can you smile like that? If yes, then the success of your love game is almost guaranteed.

Movement. In psychology, there is the concept of body language. It is the subconscious movements that give out the true intentions and mood of the interlocutor. We perceive these signs on a subconscious level. Therefore, if you want a man to understand without words that he is not indifferent to you, then remember a few movements that, better than any words, will help him to understand everything correctly:

  • Demonstration of the wrists. You can adjust the watch, pull the bracelet, slightly pull the sleeve up. But all these movements must be made as if by the way.
  • Touching the hair. Well, there is no need to teach you what to do.
  • Preening. This again concerns, first of all, hairstyles. Usually women, wanting to please men, slightly tilt their heads back, shaking their hair. At the subconscious level, it looks quite natural, but how will you manage to do this consciously? Rehearse in front of the mirror.
  • The voice of the flesh. Yes, the woman also demonstrates her sexual interest subconsciously. She can lick her lips, play with a half-raised shoe, lightly shake her on the tip of her foot, stroke the glass. Take up and these signs.

Touches It's about the touch of a woman to a man. Oh, how many such inadvertent touches can tell! As if you accidentally touched his hand, brushed an invisible speck of dust from his shoulder, straightened his tie, or fastened the collar button ... There is a contact! A man not only feels, but already understands your interest. Only all touches should be light, almost imperceptible - fleeting.

The words. Ladies, do not be silent, but do not stink without a word. The best words that will help you interest a man are compliments. Find an opportunity to tell him how courageous or strong he is, how clever and noble he is. Even if it is outright flattery, a man will lead her. Just do not confuse outright flattery with gross - do not praise those qualities in a man that he does not possess. And make compliments easy!

In general, lightness is the main condition of the game. Try to look natural: a wave of eyelashes, a half-smile, an alluring look, a casual touch, a compliment - and now it is almost at your feet! Yes, yes, this is the whole power of charm and the meaning of flirting. Just do everything right and do not make obvious and implicit mistakes, otherwise find yourself a loser.

Flirting errors

The first thing you need to remember - be careful, that is, follow the reaction of the man. You should not only control your own words and actions provided for by the game, but also observe how a man reacts to all this. You just have to cause only positive emotions and maintain his good mood. If a man is not inclined to a similar game, you will immediately understand. Well, that means today is not your day.

Do not replay. A woman who desperately wants to please sometimes looks vulgar or stupid. However, both will completely ruin the game and kill the charm of the moment of charm. So be more moderate in expressing your emotions, do not laugh at every occasion, do not hang on the object, do not grab his hands at every opportunity and do not praise him for no reason.

Be feminine. Do not try to become “your boyfriend” - a man (if he is of a normal orientation) is interested only in the opposite sex, and not an individual in unisex strength. Be able to emphasize your femininity with clothes, voice and movements. By the way, appearance, impeccable in terms of tidiness and grooming, is an indispensable condition for successful flirting with men.

Object of flirting

Girls! The object of your game can be absolutely any man. After all, the beauty of flirting is that it can be a prelude to a closer and more serious relationship, and it can still remain a pleasant game of “like - dislike”. You can start flirting with a completely unfamiliar man, with a work colleague, with a fellow student, with a neighbor, even with your own husband. Only with each of the objects need to flirt correctly.

If this is a completely unfamiliar or unfamiliar man, then your main weapon should be glance, smile, movement. At a later stage, we supplement our offensive with touches and compliments. Well, if this is your own husband, then you can flirt openly and, how to say it, purposefully. However, we want to warn you against mindlessly following dubious advice from glamorous magazines.

Flirt with my husband. What not to do?

According to the first piece of advice, you should leave your favorite notes with intriguing content for upcoming entertainment in a prominent place. Now imagine your husband in this situation. Perhaps you can intrigue him, of course, but in what sense of the word.

Imagine the following situation: your husband opens a driver's license, and inside there is a note with transparent hints, signed with your name. What might think, reading such a message, your husband? He would not even think that the author of this note is his own wife, he will get nervous, trying to remember who Tanya or Valya is, who threatens you and him with quiet family happiness. In the evening, when you meet your husband from work, you only pour oil on the fire with your mysterious look and hazy hints. A pretty adventure. Most likely, this evening you will not be up to flirting with your own husband.

Or here's another tip. Almost every man just loves when a woman appears in front of him in the form of a seductive nymph, dressed in sexy underwear or frankly short little dress. Of course, young and beautiful women are almost any outfits. As for women of average build, they are unlikely to risk appearing in such a dress. Unless, of course, it is not their task to make your lover laugh and to cheer him up after a hard day's work.

Next tip. Book a table for two in an expensive restaurant and arrange a romantic evening, and, of course, pay the bill yourself. First, in many families, money is common. And, secondly, there are not so many wealthy women among us who can afford to visit such expensive establishments. Even in the event that you have extra money, before you follow this advice, you will carefully think whether it can bring some special piquancy to your sexual relations.

And finally, another way of journal seduction. Suggest your husband to make love in some unconventional place for you, for example, in the hayloft, on the roof or in a rocking chair. Advice to get rid of stereotypes in behavior is more likely for those who have few difficulties in real life, or those who cannot imagine their lives without overcoming them.

But seriously speaking, in such a complicated and confusing business as love, there are no universal tips and cannot be. After all, no one knows your husband as you know him. And if you are going to flirt with your own husband, then it's up to you to decide how to do it.