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Sew a dress without a pattern


Greetings to you, dear needlewomen. Dress - the most comfortable clothing in the summer season. Summer sarafan - comfortable, light and beautiful. It can be put on the beach, go for a walk in the afternoon or in the evening city, to a shop or cafe. In the shops today you can find a lot of ready-made sarafanik for every taste and color as it is prepared. But if you want an exclusive or just to save, then try to sew a sundress with your own hands. We have already talked about how to tie it, and today we will talk about sewing. So, especially for you - patterns of summer sundresses of the most beautiful and fashionable styles.

We sew a long dress for summer

A long sundress is an excellent choice for every woman of any age. Flowing fabric, dazzling with a variety of patterns or color motifs - decorate this bright time of year. Is it possible to sew a dress by yourself, choosing the material you like, emphasizing individuality? Of course yes! This can be done by any beginning seamstress, even if sewing a new hobby for you.

Choosing a multi-colored fabric, you need to take care of the simplicity of the pattern. Otherwise, the dress can turn into a tasteless wardrobe attribute. The fabric can be with a border or with a coupon, located at the bottom of the product.

We will sew well, very simple sundress. And while beautiful!

Proceed to the pattern sundress

  1. We measure the length of the product from the armpit to the floor, the width of the product is selected based on the width of the skirt.
  2. The skirt should be quite wide, allowing you to walk freely, without hindrance.
  3. The material folded in half, laid out on a flat surface. The cut edges of the material are placed on the left - this is the future back of the product, the border is located at the bottom.
  4. And the upper part is to be cut as follows. We measure three centimeters from the upper edge and mark. Now, using chalk or a piece of soap, draw a line from our mark parallel to the top.
  5. Having passed one third of the way, we gradually connect this line with the top. The connecting line should be drawn smoothly and symmetrically.
  6. Cut off the resulting sector. Thus, we have carved out a model of a summer sundress.
  7. Similarly, we cut out the lining, impose on the fabric and make the back seam.

  • We proceed to the lining of the lower edges, for this, the lining can be swept over the overlock, and the bottom of the sarafan should be treated with Moscow stitching.
  • The top of the product is bent in the direction of the wrong side, we make two parallel seams, starting at a distance of 1 centimeter.
  • We put on the gum in the resulting space, and the top is beautifully framed with ruffle.
  • Now try on the model, mark the line beginning of a fitted gum.
  • From this place we sew six parallel seams with a width equal to the width of the prepared elastic - we insert it. Moreover, the gum can be threaded through one seam.
  • It remains to make the straps. We cut the strip for them, the width and length of which should be twice the expected.
  • We sew long rectangles and turn out.
  • Now, in the middle along the straps we make two seams for the elastic, we insert it.
  • The resulting straps are connected with the main product.

Dress ready! Here is a variant of the same sarafan, only a short length.

A few more patterns of sundresses, which you can take as a basis, for sewing your summer sarafan.

Long models in the floor or midi:

I hope these patterns will help you sew a trendy, airy sarafan for a hot summer. Until new meetings, dear fashionistas and needlewomen.

Sew a sundress on an elastic band without a pattern

This model is based on a rectangle. As a rule, the width of the rectangle is = the width of the fabric, and this is usually 140-150 cm.

The height of the rectangle of the fabric depends on the desired length of the sundress. Measure the length of the armpits on the figure.

The next stage is measuring the area on the width of the fabric above, which we will sew with an elastic band. Usually, an elastic band stitches either the area of ​​the bodice only, or the top of the sundress to the waist.

For this process we will use a rubber band, and here we have two options:

  • sew a zig-zag gum thread, simply putting it on the seamy side of the fabric (in the process, be sure to stretch the gum thread so that the assembly is created)
  • or insert a thread in the bobbin gum, then the process will be even more pleasant and automatic

Now you need to determine the horizontal assembly for a thread with an elastic band will fill the entire part of the sundress to the waist (then we sew this piece of fabric to the waist with an elastic band, the distance between the horizontal lines = 1 cm approximately):

If the gum thread does not completely fill the upper part of the sundress (as in the photo below), then we sew four on top of the stitch (for fit density, since one stitch will not give it), and stitch the four with a rubber band on the waist:

We will have a rectangle assembled with gum. We sew both sides of it - it will be either a side seam, or a back middle seam of a back.

It will be necessary only to process the lower cut of the sundress.

Tuck on the wrong side of 1 cm of fabric, stitch it with a straight stitch, or iron it, then bend another 1 cm and sew it on the front side of the fabric. This will result in double-cut processing.

What measures will we need?

  • sundress length (measured from the level of the base of the neck to the front)
  • half hip
  • the distance from the point of the base of the neck (where the neck and shoulder are connected - I write in simple language, in more detail here) and the midpoint of the armpit (raise the hand and measure to the point where the side seam will begin).

Cut two rectangles from a fabric of length = sundress length + 4 cm for allowances and width = half hip hips + increase in freedom (5-8 cm, for example).

We retreat from the upper horizontal on the sides of 10 cm, from this point to the side we postpone the distance we measured (from the neck to the armpit), cut off the resulting angle (as in the figure below to the left). We make a drawstring along the upper cut, bending the fabric to the wrong side.

So we process both rectangles.

Sew rectangles on the sides.

We make a long ribbon and drive it into the drawstring. We hem the bottom of the product.

Is it possible to sew a dress without a pattern?

Every woman can sew summer sundresses with her own hands. It is very important that in some cases, to create a beautiful and high-quality product does not even require the construction of a complex pattern. If you want to sew yourself a beautiful summer dress, which will cheer you up, then get down to business, as this will not take much time. To do this, you need to purchase the fabric you like, take the threads, needles and start creating the thing of your dreams.

What is needed in order to sew a simple sundress without a pattern?

In order to sew a chic sundress without a pattern, you need:

  1. Any T-shirt.
  2. Threads.
  3. Needle.
  4. Sewing machine (if desired, you can do without it).
  5. Flowing fabric.

Summer sundresses, created with their own hands, are very popular, as their tailoring does not take much time, and the result will amaze every woman.

How to sew a product without a pattern?

First you need to take any T-shirt and outline its outline. If you want the sundress to sit perfectly and accurately repeat the curves of your figure, you can first draw your so-called pattern on paper. Do not worry if you did not manage to achieve perfect symmetry of the left and right sides. Simply fold the fabric or paper in half and adjust the pattern.

After that, do not forget to add seam allowances: back off from your lines 1.5 cm and draw another auxiliary one. Cut to the second line.

What should you pay special attention to when sewing a summer sundress?

  • Women with large breasts should pay attention to the fact that the shelf (front half sundress) should be longer than the back. This is done to ensure that the sundress is not shorter than the front, because when you first try on, you will see that the thing looks like a jerk.
  • Do not forget to make seam allowances.

After that, you need to sweep the product on the allowances and try on a sundress. If necessary, make adjustments and sweep the thing again. After the sundress will sit on the figure, you need to sew the product on a sewing machine. If this is not possible, you can manually sew the product with a stitching line.

Treatment neckline and armhole

In order to process the neck and armholes, you can simply bend the edge and attach it to the product. If you want your sundress to look beautiful and neat, you can trim them with an oblique inlay or tuck. If you do not have experience in sewing, practice doing a facing on an unnecessary shred of fabric, or simply bend the edges of the armholes and neck. This method is suitable for novice seamstresses.

Summer dress with your hands without a pattern sewn! Even an experienced craftswoman can make it, because there will be no particular difficulties in the process.

Summer sundresses, created with their own hands, are very popular among needlewomen, as it is not only beautiful, but also exclusive. A woman who wears a thing sewn independently will always remain original and unique, because only she will have such a product. Each female representative who follows fashion and loves to dress beautifully can sew herself a simple summer dress.

How to sew a dress for the summer of the old men's shirt?

Many women are interested in how to sew a summer sundress with their own hands, but are afraid to get to work, because they have no experience. But do not worry. Because it is not as difficult to sew a thing as it may seem at first glance.

If you want to update your wardrobe, but are afraid to buy fabric, build a pattern and make things, you can give a second life to an old men's shirt.

In order to sew a summer dress with your own hands without a pattern, you first need to trim the collar and sleeves of an old men's shirt. After that, on the shreds of the unnecessary trimmed tissue, two lines 4.5 cm wide and long will be drawn, which will be equal to the distance from the armpit to the shoulder blades. These will be the straps of the future sundress.

The decor of the summer dress

In order to make the summer dress original and unique, you can sew a stripe of bright color under the breast. For this you need a piece of fabric, the length of which is equal to the girth under the breast. You can sew it right on the fabric of the future summer sundress.

After that, you must sew to the product straps that have been cut earlier.

To process the neckline and armholes, you can use an oblique beacon or just bend the edges and gently stitch them.

If the old men's shirt length is not suitable for a sundress - it does not matter. In this case, a piece of fabric can be sewn to the bottom of the product, the length of which will depend only on your preferences. A sundress will look very beautiful and original if this fabric is chosen to match the strip under the breast.

So, a summer dress with your own hands without a pattern can be easily and quickly made from an old men's shirt, which will turn into an original and beautiful thing. You do not need to build complex patterns and sew at a high level. Fantasy and the desire to be original and unique will help you sew a wonderful summer sundress. The pattern is done with your own hands so simply that absolutely every beginning needlewoman can cope with this work.

How to sew a summer dress with flounce?

In order to create a simple thing yourself, you do not need to spend a lot of time and effort. Summer sundresses with their own hands to sew much easier and cheaper. They can be made from any fabric they like strictly according to their shape and always remain attractive and unique. One of the most popular models is a dress with a shuttlecock on the shoulders. In order to sew it yourself, it will take only an hour of your time, fantasy and the desire to create.

First you need to take a piece of fabric 150 cm wide and fold it in half. Then take your favorite T-shirt, which fits perfectly, then circle the shoulders, the neck, and armholes. Next, flare the future dress down and add seam allowances.

In order to make an asymmetrical top, simply cut one shoulder. After this, it is necessary to sew the shoulder and side seams.

How to make a shuttlecock?

It is easy enough to sew a shuttlecock for a summer sundress on one shoulder. You just need to take a piece of fabric and cut out of it two strips, which will be equal to 25 cm in width and 2 m in length. After that, they need to sew together.

  • If you want a shuttlecock on a sundress to keep its shape and look elegant, treat one of its edges with an oblique inlay.

The other side of the frill must be swept away and assembled in a fabric so that it is equal to the length of the cut on a summer dress. The final step will be the combination of the product and the shuttlecock. Now your original and trendy summer dress ready.

Many women who love beautiful things are interested in how to sew a summer dress with their own hands. Patterns are not needed for this. If you want to create a beautiful and unique thing, do not be afraid to sew and try yourself in needlework. Summer dresses and sundresses, made by hand, look elegant and elegant, and to stitch such a product, you do not need to spend a lot of time building complex patterns.

Easy tailoring for the summer

Before you get down to business, you need to prepare the material, thread with needles. Let the photo sundress with your own hands from a fashion magazine be a source of inspiration for you. Create a complex pattern is not required.

For a chic sundress dreams are needed:

  • shirt,
  • needle,
  • thread,
  • fabric for summer things.

You can use a sewing machine, but without it you will not have to spend many hours for sewing.

We sew a summer dress without a pattern

Taking the shirt, circle its outline. When it is important that the thing is exactly in shape, make a pattern on a newspaper or a large sheet. If the left side looks asymmetrical with the right, it is easy to correct it by folding the resulting pattern in half.

Be sure to add the so-called seam allowances. To do this, backtrack from the lines drawn by 1.5 cm and draw an additional one. Cut a homemade pattern on the auxiliary line.

What nuances you need to know?

Ladies with large breasts need to make the front half of the product longer than the back.
Seal allowances are required.

Cutting the pattern of fabric, the product should be swept on allowances. Try on the thing in front of the mirror. Adjust if necessary and sweep again.

If this time the thing will sit well, then a summer sundress can be sewn with your own hands. Now the skill of a seamstress will come in handy, so as to sew a product along the sweeping seams.

What to do with the neck and openings?

This area can be easily processed. Attach a gently folded edge to the garment. To finish was elegant, use the oblique inlay. But training is needed here.

It turns out that to sew a sundress with their own hands if desired is easy. To make it even for those who have no experience at all.

Summer sundresses, sewn by home craftswomen, are popular. Exclusive things look beautiful and unusual.