Top 10 practical gifts for February 23


Once a year, all women go crazy. The reason they have for this is the most pleasant - approaching February 23 - the Men's Day. All the weaker sex begins to frantically invent gifts for this holiday.

In order to make it easier for all ladies and girls, we have made Top 10 Gifts for February 23, given the opinion of the men surveyed.

Let's start, as usual, from the end.

10th place. Book

Still, for many, the book is the best gift. Which books are in the top, and which ones should be avoided?

  • Fantasy and fantasy. The classic things of Ray Bradbury or the Strugatsky brothers are still readable and loved by many. From the newcomer - "Game of Thrones" and "Wizard Rules".
  • Classic literature. Interest is the Russian and American classics. The demand for European classical literature is not so great. So go ahead for Dreiser, Faulkner and Dostoevsky!
  • Do not really like men and poems. But love detectives - from Gardner and Stout to Khmelevskaya and Dontsova.

9th place. Alcohol

This gift, as explained by the interviewed men, will always find use, it is excellent as an office and friendly present. therefore Give alcohol on February 23 boldly, but remember some of the features when presenting such a gift:

  • Men's drinks are traditionally considered strong: vodka, brandy, whiskey, rum. Get them as a gift. It is better to buy such drinks in specialized stores or departments of large supermarkets - there is a guarantee that the gift will indeed turn out to be real rum or brandy.
  • If you know for sure that your addressee prefers light wines or liqueurs, of course, give him your favorite drink. In the end, each rule has its exceptions!
  • It is considered bad form to give alcohol in a package, even paper or gift. Especially if alcohol is expensive. It must be issued accordingly. An unpacked bottle can only be given if the set is presented in a basket or box. For example, fruit and rum, or bitter chocolate and whiskey, caviar and vodka.

8th place. Adventure as a gift

Nowadays, certificates for adventures or impressions that are popular today, in principle, men are happy to receive as a gift. However, with some reservations.

  • It is better if such a gift provides a choice. That is, men do not always dream of flying a plane or riding a buggy. They may have their own ideas about adventure. Therefore, you need to leave them room for maneuver.
  • Men like it better when they go somewhere not alone. That is, a good gift will be a gift certificate for two or for the whole company, for example, for playing airsoft.

7th place. Wardrobe items and accessories

Yes, men like to receive such gifts. They do not hide it. But…

  • Socks and ties are not the best choice. Maybe someone likes it, but most are not happy with such a gift. The same applies to handkerchiefs. Even to silk and monogrammed.
  • Accessories are preferable from natural materials. That is, belts, purses and wallets must be leather. As bags, folders for papers and organizers.
  • Original sunglasses, bright cravats and high-quality automatic umbrellas are welcome. You can not black. Men allow brown, dark blue, and even dark red umbrellas.
  • Many men like the idea of ​​a warm sweater or sweater. Spring is still far away, and a good wool sweater never hurts. The same applies to scarves, and a set of hat + gloves.
  • By the way, men are happy to accept a new electric razor or a more advanced model of razor as a gift. And some even dream of a dangerous razor. They say that with her the quality of shaving is very special

6th place. Dinner for two

According to many dinner for two February 23 is also a good gift. It turns out that romance is not alien to men's hearts. What can be said about a romantic dinner?

  • For most, it is not so important where it will take place - in a restaurant or at home. So lovely ladies have a choice. Order a table in a trendy place or surprise your chosen one with culinary talents.
  • If, nevertheless, the idea of ​​a home dinner has prevailed, then let everything be solemn: a tablecloth, crystal, dishes, evening dress, makeup and hairstyle. Let the man feel that February 23 is a special day!

5th place. Gifts for adults

Men always remain men, so it’s not surprising that Adult toys hit the top 10 gifts. Such a gift is a delicate matter.

  • If you dared to such a surprise, but previously did not use anything like this, then for the first time prefer something completely innocent. For example, the game "Flirt" or erotic cubes. Fluffy handcuffs and playful underwear also fit. Bolder purchases leave the next time.
  • Do not get involved in erotic scents as a gift to the man. The fact is that men perceive smells differently than women. Therefore, scented candles, which should kindle unearthly passion, can provoke an attack of allergies. Another thing, if you have repeatedly used some sort of flavor.

4th place. Cosmetics and perfumes

Contrary to popular stereotype, men have nothing against such gifts. They just have to be of high quality. What can I choose in this category?

  • Brand perfume. Well, if you know what kind of man like. If not, do not make a choice, relying on your taste. It is better to present a certificate for the purchase of a men's perfume shop.
  • Handmade cosmetics. A set of balsam and aftershave cream, gel and shampoo with conditioner is a great choice. If this is high-quality cosmetics of the original work, and even with natural ingredients, then such a gift will be both pleasant and useful.
  • Strongly not welcome deodorants. The strong floor is ready to put up with the gel or shaving foam, presented as a gift, but not with deodorant. Consider this, dear ladies.

3rd place. Car accessories

As they say, comments are superfluous. Only one question - how to choose this most desired accessory? According to the answers of the interviewed men, we have compiled the following list:

  • Seat covers with special pillows for the head.
  • The towing cable, dynamo-lamp and warning triangle are a real set of “Rescuer”.
  • Compact set of automotive tools in the case.
  • Car coffee mug.
  • Car speakers.
  • Breathalyzer.
  • Car tuning certificate.

2nd place. Gadget or IT - accessory

Modern technologies dictate their conditions. AND most men would be glad to receive as a gift for February 23 an accessory for a computer, tablet or smartphone. Well, or these devices themselves.

  • Information keepers are popular as a gift: flash cards and external drives.
  • Good headphones for phones instead of the usual plugs will please many owners of mobile phones.
  • Not only owners of Apple products dream of a new paid application as a gift, but also owners of other models of smartphones or tablets.
  • Covers for tablets and smartphones, no-books and laptop-books are also popular with men as a gift, as are cooling coasters that make work and rest even more comfortable.

1 place. Gift of interest

The leader among gifts, undoubted champion is a gift associated with the interests and hobbies of men:

  • Fans of a sports lifestyle will be most pleased with equipment or its elements: a helmet for a cyclist, protection for a roller and a uniform for a football player. Athletes-siloviki call a good gift a set of sports nutrition or a certificate to buy at such a store. Sports equipment: horizontal bars, dumbbells and even bicycles - a welcome gift for many men on February 23. But choose such a gift, only being sure that your man will be glad to him! Otherwise, your attention may be regarded as a hint of his poor athletic shape and excess weight.
  • Hunters, fishermen and tourists will be delighted with a good hunting knife, a new tent, a gun case and other items that will be useful in their travels.
  • Photographers will gratefully accept a case for equipment, a set of spare batteries, an extended memory card, and tripods of various sizes.
  • IT specialists will be delighted with the sdd-disk, external large-capacity disk, wi-fi router or annual Internet payment.

So choose, invent, fantasize and take into account the opinions of men, of course! From such a variety of options that are included in our TOP 10, you will surely choose what will be the best gift for February 23.

Stand for a laptop

The phrase “You are sitting at a computer all day!” Sounds less and less like a reproach - in the company of gadgets almost every person spends an enormous amount of time. Someone works, someone plays games, and someone rests and watches TV shows. If your man is just one of those who do not part with a laptop, he will definitely be delighted with the convenient multi-functional stand. It can be cooling, with a soft bottom or a built-in mouse pad and mobile phone stand.


A great gift for those who like to read, who have to do it for work or school and those who spend much time in queues. For a brother or a guy, you can take an advanced e-book with the ability to watch photos, videos and go online via wi-fi. It is better for an older man, and even more so for an older man, to present a simple model with a good screen, backlight, and a function for increasing the font.

Annual stock of socks

Finding a pair of socks in the morning is a real problem! Then come across extremely different, then worn or even holey. To solve this problem for at least the next 365 days, you can use the annual set of socks. In a special case, a few dozen absolutely identical socks are waiting for a man, and their color and number of pairs can be chosen independently.

Wire Organizer

Looking for a cheap but useful gift? Present a man an organizer for cables and wires, which will help contain all the necessary and unnecessary at the moment cords in order. Most often such organizers are of the following types: a rubber clip for several cables, a plastic or wooden block with dividers, a small magnetic design.

Board with containers

The idea that men do not know how to cook and do not even want to approach the kitchen is a real myth. No wonder they say that men make the best chefs! To please the culinary fan, you can use a special cutting board with containers. The thing is very convenient: in the sliding compartments under the board, you can both lay out the sliced ​​products, and throw off the waste, which on the surface only interfere. Another advantage of such containers is that when you put them in a frying pan, in a saucepan, or a bowl, not a single piece will fall on the floor.

Portable speaker

Who does not like good music? And good music, sounding from a quality speaker, is doubly beautiful. That is why the wireless portable speaker will not leave indifferent any music lover. For an amateur in the shower, you can choose a waterproof Bluetooth model, and even a professional musician will appreciate the famous Marshall column.

Cocktail shaker is both a practical and original gift. If your friend or boyfriend is already able to mix cocktails, he will surely like the classic metal shaker, and the beginner can be handed a “smart” model that synchronizes with the smartphone and measures the proportions of ideal drinks with milligram accuracy.

Bag or backpack

A good bag is never superfluous. Your defender of the Fatherland regularly goes to the hall? Give him a quality sports bag. Working in an office or doing business? A business bag made of real leather will be most welcome. And any modern guy will be delighted with a beautiful and convenient backpack.


To fly a plane, ride a snowmobile, play tennis, jump with a parachute, drift ... You can make a list of things that every (or almost every) man wants to learn. Give him the opportunity to fulfill an old dream or simply to combine business with pleasure by handing in a certificate. And if you do not know what your man likes, you can give him a special certificate with a choice.

Organizer in the trunk

Finally, we present you a gift that will delight every car enthusiast. For a man, his car is a second home, which means there must always be order in it. The trunk also applies to this rule, although it is he who most often turns into a warehouse of unnecessary things and car accessories that are rarely used. To solve this problem is easy - with the help of the organizer for the trunk. This gift will definitely be used!

1. Virtual reality glasses

When you try virtual reality glasses for the first time, there are no limits to delight. At this moment, clearly aware that you are in the future. This is just a childhood dream, which in our time is easily realized.

There are glasses that can be used separately (without additional devices) and models for connecting to a phone or PC. They can watch a movie or play games with a feeling of complete immersion in the painted world.

Today, virtual reality glasses are no longer exclusive, so the price range is quite wide. A rare man will not get pleasure from such a gift: we all know that in every adult uncle there lives a little naughty boy.

When you try virtual reality glasses for the first time, there are no limits to delight

2. Quadcopter

The quadcopter, also known as the drone, is a flying photo and video camera. Kvadrakopter broadcasts high-quality image over Wi-Fi in real time. He is able to fly along the route built by the owner and stay at the right height.

Especially this gift will please fans to travel.

3. Subscription service food delivery for a month

Decided to choose a useful and pleasant gift that helps simplify life? Such a surprise can be a subscription to a service that picks up a menu and delivers a daily set of products to your home. Delivery companies attach simple instructions with recipes to the semi-finished products, so even the most inexperienced cook will be able to cook a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner.

A great option for the ever-busy guys and bachelors.

February 23 is a legitimate men's day off. And on the weekend you need to rest. Taking part in an interesting storyline quest is one of the ways to get new impressions and spend time with friends.

5. Bicycle computer

If the man to whom you pick up a gift, loves to ride a bike and watches his physical condition, he will certainly appreciate the bike computer - this is a device that measures speed, mileage, travel time, pulse, pressure, and even temperature.

Similar, but more versatile options for sports enthusiasts - heart rate monitor or fitness bracelet.

6. Shoe care kit

Shoes - almost a second person. When you first meet a person, shoes usually attract attention and can tell a lot. Therefore, decent people are watching the shoes, and a real man will appreciate the set to care for your favorite shoes.

Such a symbolic gift is suitable for a colleague or a classmate.

7. Mug Heated from Cigarette Lighter and USB

Any motorist will be happy to have a cup of hot tea or coffee literally at hand. Dreams are dreams, but nowadays such an opportunity already exists. This is a heated mug that works from both USB and the cigarette lighter in the car. It has a suitable shape for a car holder - wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, and also has a cover: everything is safe.

The auto-mug does not heat the drink, but helps keep it warm — like a thermos.

8. Edible bouquet

If the man to whom you are choosing a gift is a person with humor, we suggest looking at the bouquets. Of course, not floral. By February 23, many stores offer grocery bouquets and baskets - from sausage, fish, fruit, cheese or sweets.

Compositions of sweets, although called bouquets, often have not a “bouquet” form at all. On February 23, you can choose a set of sweets, made in the form of a car, plane, pool table or even a tank.

10. Smart watch

Smart watches help in work, school and even just communicate. This is in addition to the fact that such watches are a stylish accessory. Today in the market there are so many options for different companies and price categories. These hours count the number of steps, play music, broadcast messages from mail and social networks and wake up in the morning.

A smart watch is a truly universal gift that will be used daily.

We offered ten options from hundreds of possible. Think what exactly will suit your man. And remember: the main thing is attention.