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Diet for obesity 2nd degree


Hello everyone, my dear friends! I'm with you again. According to the latest comments and questions, I see you are interested in obesity. Therefore, today we are discussing obesity 2 degrees.

We will answer the following questions:

  • What does obesity second degree mean?
  • How to calculate obesity 2 degrees in women?
  • How to lose weight?
  • How to deal with obesity?
  • What should be the diet?
  • What should be physical activity?
  • Is it possible to carry out herbal medicine?

There are a lot of questions, therefore, let's sort everything in order.

What does obesity 2 degrees mean

After the primary stage of obesity, if certain measures have not been taken, grade 2 obesity occurs. With this degree, body fat in the body makes up more than 30–50% of the total weight of muscle tissue.

Nutritional obesity

In this disease, shortness of breath increases during physical exertion and during prolonged walking. A massive fatty fold resembling an apron is formed on the abdomen. This is a disease of housewives and people leading a sedentary lifestyle.

The risk of developing cardiovascular diseases increases. Subject to this degree of obesity are more often people whose age has passed for 50 years. Young people, with the exception of pathologies, do not suffer from alimentary obesity.

Exogenous constitutional obesity

This type of obesity differs from others in that it depends entirely on your diet. If you are inclined to be overweight and consume a lot of fat and sweets, the doctor will make you such a diagnosis.

When calculating body mass index, a score of 30-32 indicates that you have obesity of the second stage. This type of obesity can be successfully treated.

Visceral obesity

This type is dangerous in that the deposition of fat occurs on the internal organs. Fat is deposited on the heart, liver and around other organs, provokes the development of diabetes.

The easiest way to determine if you have visceral obesity is by measuring your waist circumference.

In women, the waist circumference should be no higher than 80 cm, in men - 95. If your circumference is 88 cm, and your husband, for example, 102 cm, you are at risk and you need to take urgent measures!

Symptoms of second degree obesity

And if you have not determined your body mass index. How can you understand that this is second-degree obesity? It's simple.

An increase in fat deposits in the waist area, increased shortness of breath during normal movement, the heart beats more often, excessive sweating - all these are alarming "bells" that you should pay attention to.

But let's not despair, my good. This can and must be fought!

How to get rid of obesity

I would like to start this section with a question from my reader Larisa:

Therefore, I will immediately give you a recommendation - as soon as you find yourself having signs of this disease, be sure to visit an endocrinologist, after your appointments, go through a course of treatment and drastically change your previous lifestyle.

Unfortunately, most women seek help already at 3 stages of obesity, when the disease is neglected and more difficult to treat. Watch your weight!

Diet with 2 degrees of obesity

If you decide to fight obesity, pay attention to the most important thing - nutrition. Diet should choose low-calorie. Fats can be eliminated or minimized.

The main ration for obesity of the second degree should be vegetable salads and savory fruits, which are preferably consumed raw or baked.

Do not forget about fasting days: cheese, apples or vegetables. A sample menu for the day should look something like this:

  • for the first breakfast, I recommend eating a salad with cabbage, drinking a cup of tea with milk without sugar,
  • for a second breakfast, eat an apple,
  • lunch will consist of a cup of compote and half a serving of vegetable soup,
  • for dinner, make a casserole of carrots and as a dessert we eat 100 grams of low-fat cottage cheese.

For more detailed advice, consult a nutritionist.

Exercise for obesity

Also, you should understand that without a good physical activity, your diet will not be 100% effective. You can do physical exercise yourself or consult a doctor for recommendations.

A doctor may prescribe physical therapy exercises - physical therapy, taking into account the peculiarities of your age and general health. Second-degree obesity exercise therapy includes walking, cycling, swimming. Morning must begin with gymnastics.

If possible, sign up for classes in the gym. Do not be shy about your weight. In order to create sports complexes for you to visit them!

Herbal medicine for obesity

In folk medicine there are many herbs that successfully help in the fight against obesity. Modern doctors-nutritionists also recommend the use of herbal medicine for obesity.

There are herbs that reduce appetite, such as Dagil medicinal, Althea root, flax seeds. In the stomach, these herbs swell and create a saturation effect.

Diuretic herbs, expel excess fluid from the body. These herbs include horsetail and parsley root, lingonberry leaf and knotweed.

Almost always in the complex of herbs for weight loss include charges that enhance the basic metabolism in the body.

Do not forget that self-medication is dangerous! Be sure to consult with a homeopath.

Obesity drugs 2 degrees

Drug treatment of obesity is applied only when all previous methods of dealing with obesity have been unsuccessful.

Most drugs for obesity have many side effects and contraindications. Before use, be sure to consult a doctor.

We will not analyze this method of treating obesity in detail here, since any drug treatment should be strictly under the supervision of the attending physician!

Documentary: “We will know the world. Obesity"


I hope I answered all your questions regarding second degree obesity. We calculated body mass index and made conclusions. And if at least one point made you think, then it's time to plan a visit to a nutritionist and start the fight against excess weight.

Be healthy and beautiful! See you on the pages of my blog!

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When you need to think about diet

Both adults and children are susceptible to obesity. The development of this disease is usually preceded by various kinds of problems.

The causes of obesity are:

  • genetics,
  • sedentary lifestyle,
  • hormonal disorders,
  • chronic diseases
  • mental disorders,
  • improper nutrition, etc.

Having similar problems, even if there is no obesity at the moment, may lead to the formation of excess weight, which can later turn into obesity. In this case, it is recommended to observe the proper diet.

The problem of obesity in medicine has a special place. Treatment is often complicated by the fact that a person with overweight has a number of other diseases (cardiovascular, endocrine, diabetes, etc.). Patients are often prescribed medication, surgery, physical exertion. But the main treatment is diet therapy. It is impossible to prescribe a therapeutic diet for oneself. This can lead to unpleasant consequences if a person has other diseases on the background of obesity (for example, in patients with grade 2 hypertension). Only an experienced doctor or nutritionist will be able to properly formulate a diet so as not to harm the patient.

Principles of healthy nutrition for obesity

Adhering to the rules of nutrition for obesity 2nd degree, you need to know the basic rules that are the same for all people with overweight.

  • Shorten the intervals between meals, but the portions should be small. Thus it is possible to avoid feelings of hunger during the day, which prevents overeating.
  • Avoid fasting. Fasting is dangerous because a person may have breakdowns that lead to overeating and rapid weight gain.
  • It is necessary to match the energy consumption with the calorie content of food. Rule 1 for obesity - fewer calories.
  • Food must contain vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  • Products with fast carbohydrates are allowed to eat only in the morning.
  • In the morning, eat more nutritious food, and leave light foods for the second half.

Diet number 8 for obesity

Especially for people with obesity was developed therapeutic diet number 8.

  • weight loss,
  • normalization of water-salt balance
  • adjustment of lipid metabolism.

Follow the diet number 8, preferably under the supervision of a physician

What are the principles of clinical nutrition in diet number 8:

  • limiting or completely eliminating the use of salt and spices that cause appetite,
  • it is allowed to salt the finished dish directly on my plate,
  • increase protein intake to 100 g per day,
  • reduce the amount of fat to 80 grams per day, of which 40 g are vegetable fats,
  • the amount of carbohydrates reduced to 200 g per day,
  • the number of calories per day should not exceed 1900 kcal,
  • increase food intake with fiber,
  • eat only boiled, stewed and baked dishes,
  • banned fried foods, as well as chopped or pureed,
  • fractional meals (up to 6 times a day),
  • sugar is excluded (sugar substitutes are allowed).

With particularly severe stages of obesity, which are treated in the hospital, the daily caloric content can be reduced from 800 to 1200 kcal

The table of permitted and prohibited foods in the diet number 8:

Calculating ailment

There are several stages of this disease. To identify and systematize them, there is a special table provided by WHO, from which the extent of the disease can be identified. However, for this it is necessary to calculate the body weight index. How to do it? This value is calculated using simple arithmetic: the body mass in kilograms must be divided by a number equal to the human height in a square (the height is recorded in meters).

How do these calculations look in practice? For example, if your height is one meter seventy centimeters, and weight is seventy kilograms, then your body mass index is calculated as follows: 70: 2.89 = 24.22. This indicator is considered normal. So you are not obese.


Below is a table that helps determine the degree of obesity. So, the second degree of obesity. This is how many pounds?

According to the coefficients given in the table, this disease is characterized by an indicator of BMI from thirty-five units to forty. Suppose the patient is one meter seventy centimeters tall. It turns out that in the second stage of obesity, its weight will vary from one hundred two to one hundred and fifteen kilograms.

Varieties of ailment

There are several types of second-degree obesity. First of all, it is alimentary obesity, characterized by a huge fat fold in the abdomen, as well as shortness of breath with minimal exertion. This type of disease affects people aged fifty years and above, leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Exogenous constitutional obesity is diagnosed in those who have a lot of sweet and fatty. It is easier to cure, since it is not associated with hormonal and other disorders in the body.

Visceral obesity is a very dangerous type of excess weight, as it is caused by fat deposits on the internal organs (heart, kidney, liver). This pathology can trigger the development of diabetes and other serious chronic diseases.

Symptoms of the disease

Are there any other visible manifestations of the disease besides being overweight? Signs of obesity of the second degree are considered fat deposits in all parts of the body (especially the waist and hips), as well as rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath with minimal exertion, rapid pulse, and profuse sweating. As you can see, these manifestations are closely related to cardiovascular pathologies and adversely affect the entire body. They prevent a person from fruitfully and energetically working, leading an active life, and successfully coping with daily activities.

Moreover, such changes in the body adversely affect the mental and emotional well-being of a person. What are the objective causes of obesity second degree?

The culprits of the disease

The secondary factors causing obesity include:

  • Hormonal disruptions that have a negative impact on the processing of food by the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Endocrine diseases that contribute to metabolic disorders.
  • The defeat of the cerebral cortex caused by traumatic brain injury or various infections. As a result, there is an increased appetite that provokes overweight (obesity).
  • Stress and nervous strain, causing a feeling of constant hunger.
  • Failure to observe wakefulness (the duration of a night's sleep is more or less than the norm at eight to ten hours).
  • Hereditary disposition.

The reasons listed above have a huge impact on the occurrence of obesity in women and men. However, the main culprit of overweight is malnutrition, aggravated by a sedentary lifestyle.

Often, fat women, like men, deceive themselves, hiding behind a genetic predisposition, hormonal disruptions and other diseases. But most often the true root of obesity is non-compliance with the rules of healthy eating. Here are some of them:

  • abundant consumption of fat, fried, smoked, sweet and flour,
  • frequent snacks
  • use as a drink, soda and sugary drinks,
  • sedentary work.

Gender Differences

Is obesity diagnosed more often in the weaker half of humanity than in the strong? Why are fat women more common than fat men? Several factors can affect this:

  • pregnancy and childbirth,
  • hormonal disorders,
  • sticking stress
  • predisposition to fat deposits.

Most likely, you will agree that the above listed applies more to women than to men. Therefore, the representatives of the weaker sex is recommended to more closely monitor the excess weight. If it is not controlled, it can cause severe emotional and mental disorders, emotional trauma, provoke the occurrence of depression and various kinds of complexes, as well as cause infertility or miscarriages. And what about men?

Obesity and the army

Does the army take obesity? In short, yes. However, there are several nuances. For example, if a draftee is diagnosed with first or second degree of obesity, then he may be considered fit for combat service, either completely or with restrictions. If a third or fourth stage of obesity is found in a person in military duty, then he is assigned a temporary unsuitability with the provision of a delay of commission for six months. If after six months the situation has not changed (and so several times), then the recruit is assigned the category of absolute unsuitability to military service.

Treatment of ailment

What to do if you have obesity of the second degree. How to lose weight? If you want to do medical treatment of the disease, you should consult an endocrinologist, and not to prescribe yourself miraculous pills and pills. The doctor will prescribe drugs that improve metabolism and reduce appetite, as well as promoting the breakdown of fat. Moreover, you will definitely be recommended an individual diet and exercise regime with a detailed description of the exercises. But what if visiting a specialist is too much for you? Then you can follow the general rules and tips below. However, following these recommendations does not preclude consulting with a medical expert.

Diet food

To effectively lose weight, you should use a strict diet. For obesity, it is recommended to completely give up fat and sugar. You should eat only low-calorie foods, such as vegetables and unsweetened fruits. It is not recommended to abandon all fats and carbohydrates in one day, as this may adversely affect the body and mental well-being of the patient.

It’s best to start by cutting back on the usual rations. If earlier obese at lunch ate a liter of borscht, now he can reduce the volume of the first dish to seven hundred grams, or even half a liter. Chewing food should be leisurely and thoroughly. So saturation will come faster, and the digestive tract organs will not suffer. It is recommended to eat only when there is a strong feeling of hunger. It is also important to drink daily up to one and a half liters of purified water. And now let's discuss the approximate diet menu for obesity.


In the treatment of obesity 2 degrees, behavioral therapy plays an important role. The results of the patient will depend on how much the patient wants to lose weight and recover.

In this regard, persons suffering from this pathology, it is strongly recommended to reconsider and change lifestyles:

  • move more: actively cleaning the house, abandoning the elevator, walking,
  • breathe fresh air: walk, ventilate the room, go on nature,
  • use all the elements of complex treatment of obesity,
  • minimize stresses and experiences
  • find faultless motivation for losing weight,
  • отказаться от алкоголя и курения,
  • пройти курс лечения антидепрессантами, если причина кроется в нездоровом психическом состоянии,
  • make regular sports activities: sign up for the pool, go cycling, do morning exercises every day,
  • sleep at least 8 hours
  • Precisely comply with all doctor recommendations

Especially important is the motor activity, without which any, even the most effective diet, will not give good results.

In addition to the above, the treatment of obesity 2 degrees involves the appointment of drugs and surgery.

It can not be argued that taking pills in this situation is a panacea, which will allow you to lose 20 kg per month and turn the donut into a model. Even the doctors themselves doubt their effectiveness. And yet, without these drugs, the process of losing weight will be even more slow. 2 groups of drugs usually work well.

They directly affect the human brain - the saturation center in the hypothalamus. Dull hunger, reduce appetite, help to endure any restrictions in food. In the Russian Federation, sibutramine preparations are prohibited, prohibited in some countries: Reduxine, Lindax, Meridia, Goldline, Slimiya. May recommend tablets with amphepramone (Fepranon) or phenylpropanolamine (Dietrin).

  • Fat and carbohydrate blockers

They prevent intestinal absorption of fats and carbohydrates, which provoke weight gain. With obesity 2 degrees gives a decent result in combination with diet and sports. The most popular drugs with orlistat as the main active ingredient: Xenical, Orsoten, Listat. Dietary supplements, for example, Chitosan, are less effective.

In the most neglected cases, drug therapy is not limited, since surgical intervention will also be required. If other methods were unsuccessful, and obesity threatens with life-threatening complications, bariatrics is prescribed - gastric bypass surgery or bandaging. Liposuction gives only a temporary effect.

With the permission of the doctor, you can use folk remedies - diuretics and fat burning herbs. Competent reception of decoctions is not often, but still gives the effect.


Since visceral fat puts pressure on many internal organs, their work is slowed down or disturbed.

If untreated and physicians control, obesity type 2 can lead to the following health problems:

  • gastrointestinal tract diseases - pancreatitis with complications,
  • pathologies of the gallbladder (most often diagnosed in women),
  • hemorrhoids,
  • fatty hepatosis (with visceral type of disease),
  • hypertension: pressure above normal at 20-25 mm Hg. Art.,
  • type II diabetes (with abdominal disease),
  • heart ischemia, myocardial infarction,
  • varicose veins, blood clots in the vessels,
  • shortness of breath, pulmonary hypoventilation syndrome, apnea,
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system: gout, osteoarthritis, scoliosis, flat feet,
  • problems in sexuality and the reproductive sphere - impotence and sterility.

Such a diagnosis is dangerous even during pregnancy - the risk of complications in the early stages, anemia and respiratory diseases - in the late ones increases by almost 80%.

Obesity grade 2 is not a death sentence and is not nearly as dangerous as the last stage of the pathology. And at the same time, it is much more serious than the initial stage of the disease. Therefore, it is important to notice the weight gain in time and start measures to slow down this process. The sooner treatment is started, the less chance there will be harm to your own health in the future.

The most basic causes of obesity

Maybe here you will find exactly your cause of overweight, and in the future you will find a way to cope with your illness.

1. A large amount of junk food. If you use the universe volume of harmful products and still use the harmful method of cooking (frying) - in this case, it is not surprising that your weight exceeds the norm.

2. Genetic predisposition. In this case, it does not mean that it is impossible to deceive nature. There is always a way out, the main thing is desire and hard work.

3. Stressful situation. Often, a person under the influence of stress begins to seize his problems, and therefore, extra pounds come unnoticed, but intensely. Unfortunately, this method of smoothing out their experiences is a direct road to obesity and health problems. Therefore, you should not jam your problems with junk food, as this does not save you from the problems, but on the contrary will add more of them.

4. Various ailments. The cause of obesity can be various ailments such as: various tumors, problems with the thyroid gland, etc. In this case, a thorough examination by a specialist is necessary to determine the exact diagnosis and prescription of treatment.

5. Sedentary lifestyle. Even the most slender person can turn into obese due to lack of exercise. Therefore, it is necessary to always be in motion, because sport is the path to longevity, health and beautiful appearance.

6. Lack of favorite things. Very often, people gain extra weight because of the lack of a hobby or the necessary daily chores, in other words, from laziness. In order to prevent this, constantly look for the right things for yourself or do what you love, such as drawing, dancing or creating your own jewelry. Favorite thing - the path to self-satisfaction and happiness!

How to lose weight with obesity 1 degree

Obesity grade 1 is considered when the weight exceeds the norm by 20-29%. Symptoms of the initial degree of obesity are: shortness of breath that occurs during the ascent of the stairs, walking, etc., various emotional disorders (depression, depressed state, the appearance of complexes, etc.).
In the first place, with obesity 1 degree, such organs as the thyroid and pancreas, adrenal glands, spine, joints and other important organs are affected.
If you do not take measures in time, then you can forever say goodbye to your health, as there are big risks to receive as a “gift” such diseases as diabetes mellitus, hyperinsoulemia, hypofunctionality and other illnesses.
In this case, getting rid of extra pounds is much easier than people suffering from obesity 2 and 3 degrees. But the principle of losing weight is unchanged, that is, it is necessary to eliminate all harmful products and to go in for sports intensively. But first, it is necessary to consult with your doctor in order to avoid various problems.

The most effective methods for obesity 1 degree

• Special diet, compiled under the individual characteristics of the organism. In such a food system should not be present such products as: ice cream, honey, confectionery, sugar-containing beverages, salt, alcohol, pasta, potatoes, bread, high-calorie fruits and berries. Essential foods that should be in the diet - whole grain cereals, vegetables, legumes, sour fruits and berries, dietary bread, and be sure to drink plenty of pure mineral water (up to 2 liters per day).

• Daily exercise. It will be a big plus if the training plan is drawn up by a professional (trainer),

• Specially developed method with obesity 1 degree - Charcot's douche,

• Classes in the pool (aqua aerobics),

• Additional procedures (massage with the use of cosmetics that promote fat loss, etc.).

How to lose weight with obesity 2 degrees

When the weight exceeds the norm by 39-49% - this is obesity 2 degrees.
Obesity Grade 2 is a great threat to health, so in this case, you need a certain scheme, which should include such elements as: consultation with your doctor, a nutritionist, the appointment of a specific diet and the formation of the desired workout.
Overweight in obesity grade 2 affects the cardiovascular system, liver, thyroid and pancreas, and often people with this degree of obesity stop breathing during sleep, which is a threat to life.
In addition to these ailments, women with 2 degrees of obesity are at risk of not taking out the child, therefore, in order to avoid the inevitable, it is necessary to take measures to restore the body and appearance.

What should be done with obesity 2 degrees

Complete a full examination,

• Diet, compiled by a specialist. Completely exclude all salted, smoked, alcohol, sweet, flour. Reduce the portion (up to 250 grams), and food intake should be at least 5 times a day, but in small quantities.

• Increased physical activity (under the supervision of an instructor)

• Reception of necessary vitamins. Remember that whatever your weight, everything is fixable! You just need to make every effort and the result is not far off!

How to lose weight with obesity 3 degrees

In this case, body weight exceeds the norm by 59-99%, which is a big threat to health. Grade 3 obesity is almost the limit. But do not despair, because in any situation there is a way out.
Doctors warn that people with obesity of this degree may not live to 50 years. This applies to both women and men.
The statistics in such cases is very sad, so you need to start treatment as soon as possible.
Of course, it is very difficult to get rid of extra kilos quickly, but this does not mean that it is impossible, so even with grade 3 obesity there is a great chance to return to normal body weight.

What should be done with obesity grade 3

There is a quick option for the loss of excess weight - gastric bypass, but each operation is a risk, so do not resort to this method of losing weight, but first you need to collect the will in a fist and start to play sports and eat right.

Whatever the degree of obesity, the principle is unchanged, that is: examination by the attending physician, the appointment of a diet and intense physical exertion.

Remember that you were once in normal weight, so you have a chance to return to it. For this, many do not need, just eliminate all harmful products, reduce the number of servings and exercise.

Know that obesity is the direct path to inevitability. Obesity is a prison that will not let you go just so that to get out of there, willpower and a great desire are necessary.

Why do you need this fat, from which you suffer so much? Is food, is this the only way to get rid of problems, or is it the only meaning of life? Think about your health and appearance, because life is one and you can live it in pleasure and happiness, and not with tons of fat and lots of harmful food.

Do not be hostage to your weight, live on all the coil, love and enjoy life!