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Candidless Dana, straightforward and positive is usually in the spotlight. This is an exemplary wife and mother, caring and tender, honest and optimistic.

Girl Dana may seem at first rather modest. However, this does not prevent her from attracting a lot of attention. The multifaceted nature is explained by the ambiguous origin of this name.

The origin and history of the name

When choosing Dan for a girl, many parents wonder what such a name can mean, because there are many versions of its occurrence:

  • As a Slavic name, it translates "given, given" from the Latin language, which can be interpreted as "given by God." In this sense, it intersects with the name of Bogdan, although briefly its owner can also be called Dana.
  • The Bulgarian and Serbian version of the name Dan - Danitsa is a form of the Slavic word “dennitsa”, which translates as “morning star” and denotes the planet Venus. This name was popular in these countries in ancient times. Today, although it has lost its original meaning, it remains used among modern families.
  • Another variant of origin is “Danuta” or “Goddess of the Moon”. That is how the name was interpreted in ancient Belarus, the Czech Republic, and Poland. Perhaps the reason is the translation from Lithuanian "daughter of the sky."
  • The Hebrew version of the name Dan is an abbreviated form of "Daniel". Translates as the Jewish male name Daniel, “God is my judge.”
  • Another variant of the origin of the name Dana is the Old Quelta language: the Celts had a goddess of creation, who was also called. It was considered the foremother of the tribe of gods Dan. Today in Ireland, this name sounds like Dana.

It is obvious that literally in all languages ​​the word “Dana” has a divine origin or belonging to gods, be it the Goddess of love, the moon, or the progenitress of all gods in general.

“This, bestowed by heaven,” according to numerous translations of the name, is clearly a divine phenomenon, which is why the meaning of the name Dan female is reduced to a heavenly origin. This is the "morning star", and "the daughter of the sky", and the "goddess of the moon." Despite the existing opinion that Dan is a female variation on the subject of the name Daniel, Daniel, in fact it is the feminine sound that has a lot of translations from different languages. Accordingly, their value is also multifaceted and diverse.

For example, the Muslim meaning of the name Dana is different from the Slavic or Hebrew:

  • In Persian, the word translates as "ingenious, wise."
  • In Arabic, this sound is understood as a “big pearl”.
  • The Turkic language gives its translation version - “glory”.

But more often, the name Dan is perceived as a short form of such forms as Bogdan, Daniela, Danaya, Dayan, Daniil, Danuta. However, it all depends on how the parents write the girl in the birth certificate. Then it is possible to argue what character and what fate they will present to their baby with this name.

The value of the name Dan for the girl interests all parents who still doubt how to name the newborn daughter. It will seem to someone that Dana sounds too manly, rude and even belligerent, but someone still can hear delicate and beautiful notes in this form of the name.

Mostly honest and straightforward Dana is quite verbose. Many say that she speaks more than she actually does. But she is able to achieve considerable success. The owner of this name knows that her every achievement is the result of her own efforts. This is not luck and not luck. Dana herself is working on her successes.

She can search for herself all her life. Not receiving satisfaction, Dana closes in on herself, believing that she is confused and cannot find her place in life.

Throughout his life, Dana sees the limits of what is permitted and rarely crosses their borders. Nevertheless, it is capable of an immoral act that can justify the hopelessness of the situation.

Dana can be outwardly submissive, tolerant, but often this is only an illusion to achieve the goal. She will often lead others to get results than to do it herself. The owner of such an unusual name is well versed in psychology, she has a good intuition, and she enjoys it well.

Dana will be successful in such professions as an accountant, programmer, hairdresser, investigator, cook or music teacher.

In relationships with men, the owner of this name usually remains a goddess: she knows how to be submissive, mysterious, innocent and naive. Of course, she often plays her role, attracting the chosen one who is needed by her, but the men do not notice such fakeness, especially since Dana knows how to use her appearance.

She can choose a life partner for a long time, and quite often attempts at family life fail: her demands are quite high. If Dana finds her one and only, she will be happy, especially since she wants to become a mother quite early.

Housekeeping "goddess" is never afraid and copes with it perfectly. Dana loves her children. She welcomes guests and usually does it luxuriously.

Since childhood, Dana manifests herself brightly and unforgettably: she is growing a naughty girl, bringing a lot of concern to her parents. She quickly converges with the boys, doing without friendship with peers. However, she can quickly win new friends, but after a while, lose interest in them and switch to new acquaintances.

The owner of this name is distinguished by good athletic training, she is strong, not afraid of stress. At the same time she is confident in herself, sometimes harsh, sometimes even cruel.

Her character depends on the season, when the girl was born:

  • Dana, born in the winter, is more resolute. She is stubborn and straightforward. At the same time quite amorous and often commits rash acts. Her emotionality sometimes leads to unpleasant consequences, but Dana never regrets anything.
  • The autumn owner of the name is more pragmatic: it does not threaten excessive emotionality. Such a Dana is able to become a leader and dislodge any of her boss.
  • Girls who celebrate their birthday in spring and summer are less self-confident, but also strive for noisy companies, love success and attention.

Dana can be restrained and emotional, sociable and modest, bold and indecisive. It combines rather contradictory qualities that manifest themselves in different situations.

Among the shortcomings that are usually distinguished by others are touchiness, criticism, an overly jealous attitude toward a loved one.

Named Dana celebrates April 8, although some sources claim that the owners of such a name do not have names.

Flower name

The flower of the name Dana is considered a violet - diverse, ambiguous, fabulous and attractive. Some people like it, some don't. At the same time find the same flowers is almost impossible. There are many variations of colors of such buds, which corresponds to the ambiguity of the character of the name Dan.

Name translation

In different languages, the name of Dana sounds the same, although its translation is various:

  • "Given" from Latin,
  • "Morning star" from Old Slavic,
  • "Daughter of heaven" from Lithuanian,
  • "Wise" in Persian,
  • "Big pearl" from Arabic,
  • “Glory” from Turkic.

Famous people with this name

Despite the fact that the name does not seem to be common, in fact, the list of famous women is quite large. And here is just a small part of it:

  • Dana International - a famous transsexual singer, winner of the Eurovision-1998.
  • Dana Borisova - TV presenter.
  • Dana Brozkova - world champion in orienteering.
  • Dana Bourke - singer.
  • Dana van Dreven - DJ DJ Lady Dana.
  • Dana Wells Delaney is an American actress.
  • Dana Zatopkova - athlete from the Czech Republic, which set a world record for throwing projectile in 1958.
  • Dana Ivey - actress from the United States.
  • Dana Houghton is an American performer who, at the age of 12, sold her album in 2 million copies.
  • Dana Rosemary Skellon - singer from Ireland, who won the Eurovision Song Contest-1970.

Obviously, Dana was born to be talented, active, successful. When giving a newborn with such a name, parents should understand that she has an eventful life ahead of them, and they will not have to wait for peace, just like her husband’s sincere and faithful spouse, friends who are sensitive enough and sometimes unsure of herself, loving and devoted to her mother Dana.

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The value of the name Dan for a girl

Little Dana is a very different girl who combines completely incompatible character traits. She is both obedient and stubborn child. Dana either agrees at once, or it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get the required information from her. It can also be noted that the girl is very kind and at the same time prone to impulsive behavior. She is very responsive, but regularly shows aggression towards other children. It should also highlight the leadership traits in the character of Dana. She often becomes the informal leader of a company, even if the company will be mostly boys.

Dana is studying well, but there are not enough stars from the sky. Dana is very responsible for learning and shows an enviable hard work. If Dana gets an excellent mark, then this is a earned mark. Surprisingly, Dana rarely finds a hobby for herself. She regularly begins to do something, but soon she quits what she has begun. If Dana does get involved in something serious, she will achieve substantial success in this.

Dana's health can be called strong, although in childhood she is often sick. Already an adult Dana should pay special attention to his posture. Owners of the name often have problems with the spine, and therefore it is worthwhile to start prevention in advance.

Characteristic name of Dan

Adult Dana is an energetic and self-confident woman. She knows how to achieve goals and lead people. Leadership is characteristic of Dana from childhood, and adult Dana is even more pronounced. At the same time, the inconsistency of her character is not going anywhere. She is very sensitive to any criticism. Emotionally reacts if the situation develops not according to her plan. Dana is an ocean of emotions, though mostly positive. She rather positively looks at the world, although sometimes she allows herself to feel sad.

Dana will certainly work in a responsible position. Responsibility - this is the side of her character, which will certainly be noticed and claimed. Dana is very conscientious about the performance of official duties. It is worth noting that Dana's motives in choosing a profession are quite diverse. For her, the material component of labor is important, but Dan wants to get pleasure from work. Usually she gets to find an occupation that will satisfy both of these desires.

Family relations for Dana is a project of her successful life. She will certainly take control of the family in her own hands and lead her to her idea of ​​the ideal. In this case, Dana is ready to work on the "perfect picture". Unfortunately Dana, her life partner does not always feel joy from this. She should think about whether there is love in her picture of an ideal family.

The history and origin of the name

The topic of the meaning and origin of the name Dana has not been touched by researchers for a long time, because it was found out a long time ago where it came from and where its source of education is located. And there is only one version - it says about belonging to the Slavic culture ...

It turns out that the source of this name form is precisely in the Slavic cult. Translated from its language, means "bestowed" or "given." It is believed that the original sources are such names for newborn girls as Doenitz and Danitsa. Meanwhile, in Belarus, it sounds different, and is found in the form of Danuta.

Another, but unofficial opinion - allegedly belongs to the Irish and it appeared to them before everyone else, but it is not confirmed by official sources, and therefore is not taken into account in the process of such interpretation. But it is precisely known that it promises a character called many interesting and important characteristics.

Astrological Symbols

  • Stone-talisman - Agat.
  • The patron planet is Jupiter and the Moon.
  • Patronizing element - Air.
  • Animal symbol carrier of the name Dana - Cancer.
  • Plant symbol - Rose.
  • The best zodiac is Sagittarius.
  • Happy day - Thursday.
  • The perfect season is Autumn.

The nature and fate of Dana

It is worth noting the positive traits of Dana's character:

The girl very quickly makes important decisions and can in a matter of minutes to resolve those issues that others thought were not solvable. Dana is very curious, but she immediately begins to use all her knowledge in everyday life.

The negative traits of the girl’s character include:

Dana is so principled that it can uphold its rightness even at the cost of a relationship or friendship. She works tirelessly, so she faces a nervous breakdown or nervous exhaustion. The name Dana corresponds to four in numerology. It characterizes a person inclined to scientific activity and technical innovations.

She is always surrounded by friends and admirers. Her dedication inspires many. But Dana does not consider herself to be unique. She just can not otherwise. In childhood, she is very mobile, she constantly plays with her peers, comes up with new things for them and herself.

It is difficult for parents to cope with its changeable character. Dana always seeks to know everything first, so she also misses the first and frustrations. She often suffers from childhood, and is therefore very irritable and restless.

She very quickly expands her social circle and just as quickly breaks up with people from this circle. She has a subtle and always relevant sense of humor. But not everyone wants to understand her jokes. Some consider it a superficial special that just fills its price. Dana does not pay attention to this attitude, because she always has her personal opinion.

Dana is very hardworking. She takes on any job. She is also diligent in her studies, although she does not have enormous innate abilities. She is more trying to comprehend the truth, find out the truth, draw the right conclusions, rather than prove that she is intelligent.

She is difficult at school with peers at work with colleagues. Dana always sees several possible scenarios, she always tries to be at her best. Dana really lacks the support and care of loved ones. She spends a lot of time helping people around her.

Due to the fighting nature, Dana quickly loses touch with her mother, who believes that a woman should be affectionate, should be the keeper of the hearth, and not conquer the world. But Dana does her best to prove to her mother that she is a worthy daughter. At the same time, it can flare up, afford too much.

Hot temper is the main enemy of Dana. She suffers in many situations precisely because of hot temper. If Dana chooses a creative profession for herself - she will achieve incredible success.

Dana is successful in business, but spends money with lightning speed. Therefore, it is difficult to say that it will quickly scoop up considerable capital. Dana tries to realize herself more in her career than in interpersonal relationships. She often screams at her subordinates, maybe overly rude. It is difficult to work with her and this is one of the reasons why Dana is better to acquire a personal business.

With age, Dana understands that the risk is not always justified and is already trying to rely not to be nervous about work. Dane is hard to please, so she has only devotees and proven friends for years whom she saves.

Love dana

The nature and fate of Dana determine her success in men. She is ready to change for the sake of relationships, in many respects yield to a partner. But at the same time, too demanding. Dana can make a relationship with a man and then demand impossible, impossible tasks from him. She is not enough all the time.

Since Dana is successful, she selects a mediocre man as well. She does not like to associate fate with older men. She is impressed by men younger than those who listen to her advice and fulfill her wishes. But Dana is not grateful, she does not know how to appreciate someone else’s love and attention, so very quickly a bright union turns into an intolerable routine.

Dana loves children, but she has no plans to stay at home and care for them for a long time. She has a huge number of plans for self-realization, she does not consider it necessary to devote her life to her children and her husband. Despite the complex nature, Dana is very understanding and affectionate. She is generous. There is a lot of love and light in her heart. Dana is simply more successful with many of her peers and therefore is not always understood by them. Dana herself does not consider it necessary to change something in herself.

Compatibility of the name Dana, manifestation in love

But you will not “fight” with those who are trying to create such an imbalance. “A thin world” for you is always “better than a good quarrel,” which means that the enemy should be turned into a friend, showing tact and diplomacy.

And there is nothing surprising in the fact that you have many friends, and practically no enemies. You are always able not only to find a compromise solution, but also to “wake up the best feelings” in a person who has a negative attitude towards you.

However, simply knowing how to act in a given situation is not a choice. Opinion must be supported by action.And here your indecision often brings you. This is not timidity and no fear of consequences. Just fluctuations in the process of finding the best option. Life experience will help get rid of them.