Prayer for the conception of a healthy child is the strongest


A child is a gift from Above, a heavenly miracle given by the Lord God. With the appearance of the baby in the house, everything starts spinning at an incredible speed: breastfeeding, the first trip to kindergarten, school, etc. Therefore, every married couple dreams about kids. However, not everyone from the very first attempts succeeds in getting pregnant.

Strong prayer to get pregnant

Some are forced to undergo regular examinations, procedures and medication, but there is no point in doing so. For whatever reason, pregnancy is not available to all women, we will not speak. But we will help in this issue. Prayer for getting pregnant is one of the most effective options for stimulating pregnancy.

The problem of the inability to conceive a child

The problem of infertility existed several centuries ago. And, despite the fact that nowadays there are more and more childless families, they knew about infertility in ancient times. But if today you can cope with this problem with the help of medicine (IVF, stimulation, etc.), then you didn’t even think about such procedures. To get pregnant, some used the conspiracy, others - folk remedies, and still others - preferred to pray to the Saints, asking them for God's blessing for the speedy conception of a baby. For many centuries now, prayer for getting pregnant has been popular with couples who want to become happy parents as soon as possible. She was pronounced by millions of women at completely different times, and to many she helped to achieve the desired goal.

There were prayer messages about the birth of a healthy baby. Their help was resorted to by those parents who were able to get pregnant. But about everything in order.

Prayer will help a woman to become pregnant in the near future, if you follow the rules of conducting acts of this kind, which we will talk about now.

Pray correctly

Praying mentally or in a whisper - everyone decides for himself. And if you come across reviews where people recommend saying the prayers out loud, then this is all fiction. A person can turn to the Almighty as he wants, albeit out loud, even mentally. If you choose the right words, then the Most High will hear you, even if you just mentally ask him for help. And yet, in order for prayer to help you quickly get pregnant, you must adhere to the following tips:

  1. Before asking God for help, both prospective parents should confess in the temple and take communion. With a purified soul, your prayers will be heard much faster.
  2. Speaking a prayer to get pregnant, and it’s absolutely unimportant whether it’s Muslim (Islam) or Orthodox, should turn to the Lord not only in one’s own name, but also on behalf of the man from whom you want to get pregnant. It is good if your spouse himself wishes to pray with you.
  3. When addressing the Saints with prayer requests for speeding up the process of conceiving a fetus, you need to know as much information about them as possible so that you don’t want to become pregnant by the face of that Saint whom people pray for repentance or repose of the departed soul. Therefore, it is very important to know who to pray to get pregnant.
  4. Sincere intentions will help to become happy parents faster. If you want to become parents, dryly reading a set of phrases, then, unfortunately, you will not achieve the desired goal. Only sincere faith and the power of the Lord will help you find the happiness you are asking for.
  5. It is necessary to read a prayer consciously. Only sincere believers receive what is asked of the Almighty. And that you are going to turn to God for help, it is better not to tell anyone. Just believe what you ask from the Most High. Your faith will be enough for the Lord to hear your prayers. And from evil tongues and thoughts will only get worse.
  6. Do not resort to all the Saints with pleas in a negative mood. Thus, a prayer should be read only when a person can fully open up before the Almighty, having got rid of angry thoughts, offenses, anger and hatred.
  7. Ask the Saints to grant you good health, endurance and patience, through which you will be able to survive all difficulties.
  8. First of all, you need to resort to consulting qualified doctors who know which drugs are prescribed for infertility, and can also indicate the causes of this kind of problem.

Prayer of the Blessed Virgin Mary

This prayer must be pronounced in front of the icon of the Most Holy Theotokos. You can go to the temple, and you can turn to the Holy at home, if you have an icon of the Virgin Mary in your house.

Prayer is:

“Oh, the Great Martyr, the Most Holy Mother of Our Father the Most High, our protector. I give my prayer unto Thy face, and I bow down with faith. Our Most Humbling, look into my eyes, who have sinned more than once, I will fall to Your face. I want to ask, let my unforgettable prayer be heard by you. I pray, they trust in Thy Son, that my dear child lit up with the grace that has darkened the face of God and let him help me to clear my mind of dark thoughts, that my yearned heart will heal and heal the deepest wounds on it. Let him bring my thoughts in order, direct me to all sorts of good things and strengthen my darling with healthy thoughts, may I be forgiven for all the evil committed. I ask you, O Glorious Mother of God, deliver me from torture and beg Thy Son, if not deprive me of the Kingdom of Heaven, let He come down to me. As a mother, I trust in you, Healer. Do not deny my request, help me find the miracle of Heaven, give me a welcome child. Oh, our Holy Great Martyr, You complained to everyone to approach You with a purified and sincere faith. Do not let me drown in the deepest routine of my heavy sins. I complain to You and sincerely believe in my salvation and hope for Your protection, O Glorious Mother of God. I thank and glorify our Lord, that He sent unlimited conjugal happiness to me. I pray to You, Virgin Most Holy, only with your prayers the Almighty will send a miracle from Heaven to me and to my husband, please wait so long, may God give my womb the fruit. May he grow stronger in me as a womb of the Lord and in His Glory. Change our little shower for our happiness to your parents. Amen".

Prayer appeal of a childless couple to the Lord

Strong prayer to help speed up the process of pregnancy. When you believe in the Power of the Lord, the prayer will be heard, and you can become pregnant as a child.

Standing before the Icon of Jesus Christ, you need to read this prayer:

“I heed to thee, our Most High. We appeal to all the saints. Hear my prayers and my husband, your servants (your name and the name of your spouse), Lord, the Merciful and the Almighty. Yes, answer our prayers, send our help. We beg, come down to us, Almighty, do not disregard our prayer speeches, remember Your laws on the extension of the race and the growth of the human people and become our patron, help with Your help to keep the things that You have foretold. God, you created your powerful, powerful out of nothing, everything and laid a foundation for everything in the world without boundaries: created the human body in His likeness and the highest secretly rewarded the conjugal union with the church. Have mercy on our Lord, over us, marriage united by the married and trusting in Your help, may Thy Almighty mercy come to us, may we be ready for breeding and we can become pregnant as a girl or boy and see our children, up to the third and fourth generations, and to the deepest old age we will live and come to your kingdom. I ask you to hear me, oh, our Almighty Ruler, come to me and give my belly a child. We will not forget Your grace and will serve You submissively with our children. Amen".

After the prayer has been pronounced, it is advisable to regularly visit the churches and take communion. A prayer that helps conceive a child is read constantly until pregnancy occurs.

Prayer Matrona for early pregnancy

Many people who want to become happy parents in the near future, resort to the help of the Matrona of Moscow, turning to her with prayer appeals.

So, in order to get pregnant faster, a woman and a man need to go to the temple and apply to the Matrona of Moscow, standing in front of her face. Or if you have an icon of this Saint in your house, then you can pray at home. But before that, it is advisable to confess and take communion.

So, with a purified and communed soul, in order to quickly feel parental happiness, you need to read this prayer:

“I appeal to our Matronushka Blessed. You, the most Humble, always praying and listening to those who have renounced everything, heed the prayers and hear me, the grief in my soul concealing, bowing before You. Thy compassion towards me, a sinner and a naughty one, will not be taken away even now. I pray, help to heal the affliction of the family of our friendly and sincerely faithful, deliver us from torture and the unclean, help us to bring our Cross, given by the Lord God to us. Our most blessed, trust in the Most High, pray to have mercy on our sinful souls, may he forgive us for all the evil that we have done. Let him absolve our sins, anger, hatred, resentment, and unclean thoughts. Trust him to give us a girl or a boy who is healthy and kind. We believe and complain about your condescension and our Lord’s God to have a solid, properly looking to the future and exuding warm feelings to all our neighbors. I appeal to the Blessed Matron. Hear our prayers, do not deny us our request. Amen".

Matrona's prayer for the quick conception of a child

There is another prayer that helps to get pregnant as a child in the near future. You can pray Matrona in any Orthodox church, where the relics of this Holy or her face are present.

We appeal to the Matron with these words:

“Oh, Blessed Our Matronushka, standing in the heavens before the Lord’s throne, standing by the relics on the earth, resting on earth, and radiating all kinds of miracles from Above. Look with your indulgent gaze upon me more than once sinned, in sorrows, ailments, and various temptations of the Unclean. You will comfort my prayers, exhausted, help me to heal from the terrible disease, save me from my misfortune, which we eat from the inside. Let me feel, as a woman, the happiness of a mother who has a son or daughter. Pray for me before the Lord God, may I be forgiven by him for all the evil that I have done, for all the fall and iniquities, for I am guilty before Heaven and bow down before you, Blessed, I ask for the mercy of Heaven. Do not leave me alone with my problem. I hope and complain about the help of yours and our Most High, I pin my hope on the silushku Your heavenly. I appeal to the Matron Merciful. Amen".

Appeal to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in conceiving a child

People, in order to become happy parents, often turn to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help, in the hope of pardon and miraculous power. After all, getting pregnant as a child is nothing but a miracle given from Heaven by the Lord God himself.

To bring the moment of conception nearer, you need to come to the temple and pray to the Lord, asking him for a blessing. And only when you turn to God, you can stand in front of the icon of St. Nicholas and read the following prayer:

“Oh, Good Our Shepherd and God-Wise Teacher, Prelate of God Nicholas. Heed our prayers, hear us sinners, appealing to your face and asking for a miracle. We call for the help of You, Christ of the Minister, help us to become happy parents, give us a daughter or son as healthy and kind as You. Do not refuse to those who ask for your blessings. Let the mother feel the parental chores. Help to be healed of the most terrible sickness. To Saint Nicholas, the Divine, pray to the Lord for us. Amen".

Prayer Matrona to get pregnant girl

Many families, at the planning stage of the baby, want to become pregnant as a child of a certain sex. According to statistics, most of the representatives of the stronger sex want a baby girl. And if the spouse agrees with her beloved in this desire, then she wonders how to get pregnant with the help of a girl's prayer. From time immemorial, in order for the life of her sex to originate in the womb, it was necessary to pray to the Holy Matron.

So, before going to sleep, a woman should wear pinkish-red underwear, spread out a blanket in the same color and try not to get up until the first sun rays appear. In the morning, wash our face with pink soap and drink a pink liquid — fresh juice, a decoction of berries, etc. After, say this prayer:

“Matronushka the Great Martyr, Strong in Soul. I heed to your gaze. You, who help and protect all those in need, protect me, help me in solving a vital problem. I ask the Almighty through You, hug Him with pleas to Him for me and ask Him to have mercy on me and my sinful soul. I ask that I (my name) give birth to a new life, my daughter healthy and good-natured. You helped many to become happy parents of your daughter, so help me too, which I would not be. I am a sinner before You, but I complain at Your mercy, and of indulgence. Be a Miracle for us. Amen".

Prayer appeal to Alexander Svirsky to conceive a boy

And in order for a woman to give birth to a boy or become pregnant with twins, you should turn to the prayer request from Alexander Svirsky.

A prayer that helps conceive a son is as follows:

“Oh, Alexander, who helps all those who suffer, is an assistant to the guardian angels of heaven, God-bearing, obedient servant of Our Lady. We, like others who live with Your mercy, with faith and sincere feelings for You, are asking for help. Visit about our souls to the Lord Almighty, ask him for mercy and condescension towards us. May He grant us, the servants of God, of a child so desired, a new life of Your sex. Ask from Your side, Alexander, peace for our family union and consent. Amen".

When you read this prayer, think about your desires and how much you want to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy boy in God's Light.

How to read a prayer for the conception of a healthy child

  1. The first thing that needs to be done for a man and a woman is to accept God's will, to believe in it with all your heart, to repent of all sins, both big and small.
  2. The second thing on the way to conceiving a baby is to trust the Higher Power. Here it is important to accept God, let Him into your soul, live with the thought that somewhere in Heaven there is a Mind capable of protecting everyone in the world.
  3. And the third is to have patience. In no case can not despair, even if after reading the prayer, nothing happened. It is necessary to ask several times, the Lord will hear it.

You can pray not only in a sacred place, but also at home. The main thing is to repeat the words: "Thy will be done." Each sacred text is read slowly, without haste. Pass all the words through you, do not think about the bad, imagine how much you want someone's little feet to stamp on your apartment. Who can pray for the conception of a child?

  1. Matrona of Moscow.
  2. Mother of God.
  3. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

Prayer to the matron of the conception of a child

It is believed that Matushka Matrona is the patroness of suffering girls. Someone helps the Holy marry as soon as possible, others - to conceive a child. During the life of the Matron was a responsive old man, always helping people. Now she is among the Saints and is ready to do everything so that the Lord will hear all the prayers and requests of people through her. The most important thing is to sincerely repent of all committed sins. It will be good if the couple can go to the relics of the Matrona and pray there.

“Oh, blessed Matrona, accustomed to accept and listen to the suffering and needy all her life, hear and accept me, the unworthy, praying to You. May it not fail even now thy mercy to me, unworthy and sinful. I pray you heal the sickness of God’s slave (name) and God's servant (name of spouse), deliver us from the torment and temptations of the devil, help us bring the Cross to life. Beseech the Lord Most High to have mercy on us, to forgive all sins, anger, hatred, resentment and dirty thoughts, beg Him to give us a new life, a healthy and kind girl. We hope and hope in You and our God to have a strong and unfeigned love for all our neighbors. Amen"

Prayer to the Virgin of the Conception of a Child

The Most Holy Theotokos will also help if you ask her to conceive a baby. The Virgin Mary is the patroness of all pregnant women and pregnant women. It is to her that young girls pray who are in position and are waiting for the birth of a child. This prayer helped so many to become pregnant and easily bear the fruit, giving birth without torment.

“Oh, the Most Holy Virgin, Mother of the Lord of the Most High, quick-hearted intercessor of all, who have come to you with faith! Prizri from the height of His heavenly greatness upon me is indecent, adhering to Your icon! Услыши скоро смиренную молитву мене грешной и принеси ю к Сыну Своему, умоли Его, да озарит мрачную душу мою светом Божественный благодати Своея и очистит ум мой от помыслов суетных, да успокоит страждущее мое сердце и исцелит раные его, да вразумит мя на добрая дела и укрепит работати Ему со страхом, да простит вся соделанная мною злая, да избавит вечныя муки и не лишит Небеснаго Своего Царствия.Oh, the Blessed Virgin! Thou art blessedly declare Your name in the form of Your Georgian, commanding everyone to come to You with faith, do not despise the fear of sorrow and do not let me perish in the abyss of my sins. On thee Boz, all my hope and hope of salvation, and I entrust to Your cover and intercession for yourself forever. I praise and thank the Lord for sending me the happiness of the marital status. I pray to you, the Mother of the Lord and God and my Savior, and send me and your spouse to my mother-in-law child with Your Mother prayers. May he give me the fruit of my womb. May he be settled by His will, for His glory. Change my soul's sorrow to the joy of conception in my womb. May I praise and thank you the Mother of my Lord all the days of my life. Amen"

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Prayer for the conception of a child to Nicholas the Wonderworker

Saint Nicholas the Benefactor is the patron of all mothers and their children. No wonder many people turn to Him to conceive a baby and easily go out all 9 months. Since childhood, children are taught to the icon of Nicholas, they say that this is a kind grandfather who brings presents. For adults, Nikolai the Benefactor also brings a gift - the conception of a child.

“Oh, all-holy Nicholas, it is most pleasing to the Lord, our warm intercessor, and everywhere in the sorrowful speedy helper! Help me, sinner and sad, in this present life, beseech the Lord God for the forgiveness of all my sins, which have sinned from my youth, in all my life, deed, word, thought, and all my feelings, and cursed, plead with the Lord God, all creatures of Dodetel, save me from the hardships of the air and eternal torment: let me always glorify the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and your gracious repose, now and ever, and forever. Amen."

Wonderful examples of those who prayed

Prayer before conceiving a child works, it is proven. There are many examples of how girls became pregnant, even when doctors said that children would not be all their life. Is this not a miracle? Is it not God's will?

  1. One couple had no children, and all attempts to conceive a baby were unsuccessful. Doctors said that you can not even try, because the woman had ovarian dysfunction. This is scary for any girl, because in this state the uterus rejects the fetus even in the early stages. So the couple lived further until a miracle happened that no one could explain. The woman became pregnant, the fetus entrenched very low to the exit. Fortunately, there was no limit to the family, after all, this could not be, and the doctors shrugged - they had no words. With the help of God's will, praying every day and attending services, the couple were able to conceive a beautiful child who now runs, jumps and makes his parents happy.
  2. This story happens to every sixth girl. The entire female sex knows what an ectopic pregnancy is - the anchoring of the fetus in the tube outside the uterus. The worst thing is that here all the symptoms of normal pregnancy, in the early stages it is impossible to determine the specific location of the fetus. But as soon as the tube ruptures due to the growth of the future baby, severe bleeding begins, after which the woman either dies or can never become pregnant again. Today, this problem is quite common. And if you hear that the girl gave birth, even after an ectopic pregnancy, then this is a real miracle, or rather, the will of the Lord. People pray to the Saints, asking them for the most valuable thing in the world — children.

If you really want to conceive a child, but it does not work, be sure to contact God, to any Holy Patron. Children are happiness, this is the life for which you want to go forward.

Why God does not give children: the opinion of the church

How is conceiving a child, scientists have explained a long time ago. Doctors have learned how to diagnose pathological processes in the female and male body, have found several ways to treat each problem. However, it still remains unclear why conception is not taking place in an absolutely healthy married couple. It is not clear why some women manage to become pregnant after the first course of treatment, while others unsuccessfully “try” one technique after another. Doctors working in the field of reproductive health agree on one thing: conception is a sacrament that no physician can guarantee.

The Orthodox Church treats the absence of pregnancy as a punishment for sins committed by family members. In order for the sacrament to happen and the long-awaited event to occur, spouses must repent and ask for intercession from God and his saints. Regular prayers for repentance and help will surely be heard. So say the ministers of the church. Confirmation of their words are the numerous evidences of the “miraculous” conception, when a long-awaited pregnancy occurred after long years of infertility precisely with the help of regular prayers.

Despite the fact that doctors are not so categorically claim the benefits of prayer, but they do not reject it. This is due to research conducted in America. Scientists have recorded positive changes in the body of a person praying. During prayer, his blood pressure stabilized, cholesterol readings decreased, calm and tranquility appeared. In addition, doctors emphasize the power of self-hypnosis, which can work wonders.

Who is this holy

Saint Matrona is a name that almost everyone knows in the post-Soviet space. This amazing woman went through a difficult life, full of hardship, pain and illness.

The real name of the saint is Matrona Dmitrievna Nikonov. She was born in 1881 in a small village in the province of Tula. The elderly parents did not plan the birth of the fourth child: they were overcome by a strong need. So that no “extra mouth” appeared in the family, it was decided to give the newborn to the orphanage. However, on the eve of birth, the expectant mother had a dream. A big bird with eyes closed on a human face was insistently circling over a woman. Mother, considering the dream of a prophetic, decided to leave the baby in the family.

The born girl was blind: she had no eyeballs. Her divine destiny was understood at the time of baptism. Indeed, during the ceremony, a fragrant pillar rose above the font where the baby was baptized. From the age of 7, the girl had a gift for providence and healing. They came to Matronushka for help from distant villages, brought the weak, who could not walk on their own.

It was enough for Holy Matrona to honor the prayers of a sick person so that he would feel better. Throughout her life, she taught people to pray, not to lose faith in God, who will surely hear desperate and lost souls. She assured that the appeal to the Almighty will help to cope with any problem. The main thing is to have a strong faith.

People ask the great intercessor for help in resolving many of their troubles. However, the prayers for conception to the Saint Matron are pronounced most often. According to women, they have a special power.

Do prayers help to conceive a child

The great saint had no children. She, not knowing the joy of motherhood, knew well how important it is for a woman to continue her race, giving birth to a baby. Therefore, she was so eager to help the childless couples who turned to her for help. Moreover, the saint promised help after her death.

Matron helps to get pregnant to anyone who sincerely believes in her help and intercession. Nobody can explain how this happens. However, the numerous testimonials of women who were helped by Matron indicate that the power of prayer to this holy one is limitless. A proper appeal to the holy blessed Matrona of Moscow, sincere faith in her help and intercession works wonders. You can pray to her at home, in the temple or at her grave. The main thing is to do it with sincere faith.

Texts of prayers to the Matron.

How to pray about conceiving a child

They turn to the saint to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy child. You can ask for help in the temple, at the house in front of the icon, on the grave located at the Danilovsky cemetery, or in the Pokrovsky monastery, where the relics of the saint are kept.

If you do not have the opportunity to go to Moscow to touch the relics of Matronushka or go to her grave, do not despair. You can read the Matron prayer about conceiving a child everywhere! She always hears the sincere requests addressed to her.

If you really want to get in touch with a special place where the remains of the saint are located, you can send a letter there. Put your story on paper, tell us about your grief. Often pilgrims and people associated with church affairs go to Moscow. They will convey your message, leaving him at the tomb of Matrona. It is also advised to send with the letter fresh flowers that the saint very much loved in life.

In the temple, the Matron of Moscow prayer for the conception of a healthy child must be accompanied by the following actions:

  • Put 3 candles in front of the icon of the saint,
  • Order a service.

Remember that prayer must come from the depths of the soul, recalling a conversation with a living person. Prayer is not a conspiracy or a magical ritual. This is a sincere conversation with God and his saints. Start a conversation with a request to forgive transgressions. Only after that you can make a request. Ask for help in changing your lifestyle, in teaching humility and faith.

Before going to the temple is recommended to withstand a seven-day fast. However, if the state of health does not allow, it can be reduced to 3 days.

Situations in life are different. Sometimes the couple does not have the opportunity to go to the temple. In this case, the Matrona prayer for pregnancy can be read at home. Light a lamp and tell about your grief in front of the icon of the blessed.

Do not worry if you do not know the words of the prayer or have forgotten them. The matron sees the heart. For her, it is not the words that are important, but the feelings of the person praying when he says these words.

For example, a short prayer to the Matrona of Moscow.

Matrona of Moscow Conception Prayer

God gives people the difficulty to experience the power of their spirit, "turn" on the right path. A prayer for the pregnancy of the Matrona of Moscow will be more effective if the married couple gradually changes their way of life, making it god-pleasing.

When asking for gifts of children, seek intercession in the spiritual life. A prayer about conceiving a child will not bring the desired result, if you, after reading it in a hurry, continue your previous life. Attend the temple regularly, take part in the sacrament, clearing your soul from years of accumulated debris. Improve your spiritual life, sincerely wanting to change.

Matron helps not only in the onset of conception. After all, carrying a child may also be at risk. There is a special prayer for the preservation of pregnancy. Believe in the power of the divine word and follow all the instructions of the attending physician. And then nothing will prevent your baby from being born healthy and strong at a proper time.

The obstetrician-gynecologist Anna Sozinova comments:

I am convinced that you need to start with the examination and treatment. But I believe in the power of self-suggestion. Meditation, auto-training, prayer and other similar methods affect brain activity and, indirectly, hormonal background. And conception occurs only with the balance of hormones.

Matrona the Holy become mother helps

The desire of every woman to realize herself as a mother, therefore, they ask for the prayers of the Lord God, their Angels, various Saints, and the blessed Moscow Matron: pious, all-forgiving.

And you should turn to it, both before natural planning, and before eco conception. She will send her blessing, protection. Strengthen faith, mobilize all internal forces, reserves of the body for the safe implementation the mysteries of conception baby He will beg, plead with our Lord with his goodness to change anger to mercy, because only by God's blessing are children given into the family.

It is possible to pray and ask for help in any language that you understand, the Holy One will hear, will not disregard, and in Russian we recommend the following options for reading:

“Matrona of Moscow, Holy and pious, hear me, a servant of God, asking for a sweet one. Forgive me sins and transgressions, life failures forgive, defeat. Insults to enemies caused unintentionally, look at me sternly and sublimely. I beg you, help me conceive a baby, it's easy to accept all the works by birth. All my life I will pray to you for the Lord, to praise you and live in faith. Amen"

All experience, just to become a mom

Although it is generally accepted that the church does not respect intervention in the process of childbirth is not a natural way, however, there are reviews about reading the appeal to the Matron before the process preparation for eco and the successful completion of this process: the birth of a healthy boy and girl.

There is no clear justification and communication of a successful process and prayer addressed to the Matron. However, many couples claim that there is no coincidence, which means that the Moscow Matrona has blessed the opportunity to become a mother with the help of the latest medical technologies.

“Matushka Matrona of Moscow, look at me a sinner, having a single desire. Forgive me my sins, not reproaching my Face from the face of my repentant, bestow blessing on me on eco-generation. Bless the people who work with me, those who seize my seed, my nascent fruit. Let their hand do not tremble, and let my body cope, my son or daughter will remain in it. Let it be so. I thank you for a united protector and I hope ”

Do not forget that the most sincere prayer of repentance comes from the depths of the soul, it is conscious and honest. Pray Holy also about the safe easy resolution of pregnancy.

Ask in your own words, contact Matrona, she will hear, protect, help. Know that the prayer to the matron of Moscow about the conception of a child has helped more than one couple to gain full-fledged happiness to become parents. Ask, and you will be according to your faith.

Matrona of Moscow prayer for pregnancy and conception

It is natural for any believing family to seek God's help in all important and significant matters. What to say about conception, pregnancy and childbirth!

Every day, many couples pray to the Lord for the gift of children. For more help, we have special heavenly intercessors — the saints, to whom we can resort in a variety of life circumstances.

One of the most revered saints among our population can surely be called the blessed Matrona of Moscow.

Renowned in the face of saints not so long ago, in 1998, she long before this event acquired the glory of a great helper and comforter for everyone who resorts to it. She gives special patronage to those who ask her to grant children.

So what is special about the prayer of the Matron of Moscow about the conception of a healthy child and how to read it?

Matrona Moscow - ambulance maternity

In preparation for the most crucial period of their life - pregnancy - each woman carefully monitors her health, performs many appointments of doctors. Christian couples are distinguished by a strong belief that the Lord God sends children first, and only then play the role of the wishes of the spouses or the efforts of the medical profession.

Unfortunately, today an increasing number of couples cannot conceive a child, even with a great desire. But even from this sad situation, many people take spiritual advantage - they turn to God, begin to live in a Christian way and receive what they ask!

Prayer Matrona about pregnancy has helped many couples conceive, bear and give birth to such a long-awaited and beloved baby.

Mother Matrona hears everyone who comes to her with sincere faith and the desire to change in the soul. Even during her life, the blessed bequeathed that after her death they would come to her and talk as if she were alive — she would hear everyone and help everyone. Therefore, the number of pilgrims from all over Russia and neighboring countries who wish to worship the holy relics of Mother and receive Divine help from her is not drying up.

A pregnancy prayer for the preservation of the fetus also helped many mothers, who were on the verge of losing an unborn child.

Pregnancy does not always go smoothly, and if problems arise, turning to the blessed simply works wonders. There is a whole registry of facts that really help the saint to those people who came to her with their troubles and sorrows.

Many pilgrims who visited the blessed relics testify to the special feeling of lightness and warmth that they felt while praying at the relics. The sincere faith of a person together with the holy intercession of the blessed mother will never be left unanswered, and the Lord will surely give the requested if it is for the benefit of the person.

How to pray to the holy blessed Matrona of Moscow

Speaking about how to read the prayer for the birth of a healthy child Matron, it should be said that prayer in general.

First of all, this is an appeal to God, a conversation with Him. Therefore, it is completely wrong and blasphemous to perceive the text of the prayer as a kind of conspiracy, magic ritual or “magic”, after which everything will surely be fulfilled and adjusted.

In order for our appeal to God to be heard, we must begin with the work on our soul.

Невозможно считать себя православным христианином, но при этом посещать храм раз в год, не участвовать в Таинствах, не очищать свою душу от годами накопленного мусора. Если вся наша вера заключается лишь в том, чтобы наспех прочесть текст из молитвослова, поставить свечку «нужному» святому или святой, передать бумажку с именами для поминовения в храме – никакой пользы от этих действий мы не получим.

Духовная жизнь – это, прежде всего, борьба с самим собой. And to assist in this struggle, we have great helpers - our beloved saints.

When reading the Matrona of Moscow prayer for children, you can also ask her for spiritual gifts: patience, humility, and gentleness.

Very often, the impossibility of becoming pregnant with many couples lies in the spiritual plane - people are simply not ready to become parents due to the heavy burden of past sins.

But as soon as they begin to cleanse their soul, sincerely repent and seek God, as the pregnancy comes absolutely unexpectedly. This is evidenced by many couples who unsuccessfully tried to get pregnant on their own, until they turned for help to the most important Source of Life - to God.

Summing up, we can say that the Matrona of Moscow prayer for the birth of healthy children will be heard when the couple strives to build their lives by following these rules:

  • mandatory participation in church life, the adoption of the Sacraments,
  • legal (preferably crowned) marriage,
  • sincere desire to change yourself, to cleanse your soul,
  • strong faith that everything is sent to us by the Lord God for our own good,
  • humility and acceptance of the situation without grumbling.

If you decide to read a prayer to get pregnant, the Matrona of Moscow - remember the need to properly build up the spiritual life. You can talk in more detail with the priest, who will also give his blessing to the prayer for pregnancy and the birth of children.

Holy Blessed Matushka Matrona of Moscow, pray to God for us!

About the blessed Mother Matrono, the forthcoming soul in heaven before the Throne of God, rested with his body on the earth, and exuding miracles of different graces from this grace. Regard now with your gracious eye on us, sinners, in sorrow, sickness and sinful temptations, your dependent days, comfort us, desperate, heal the afflictions of our lyutya, God permissive of us through our sins, save us from many troubles and circumstances, pray for our Lord Jesus Christ forgive us all our sins, iniquities and fall, we are from our youth even to the present day and hour of sin, and with your prayers we receive grace and great mercy, we will glorify in the Trinity of One God, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and ever and ever. Amen.

Why can not conceive?

According to the Bible, it is believed that the birth of a child is a gift from the Lord presented above. Infertility may be a kind of punishment for your sins or your kind. It may also be the result of promiscuous sexual relationships, a lot of adultery, promiscuous life. In any case, this is some kind of sign, providence from above. It is necessary to show patience and humility in their prayers.

How to pray for the conception of a child?

There is no one scheme for all. First of all, it is necessary to accept the will of God, humble yourself and obey. This should not be a selfish petition, but an act of talent in return. You must fully trust in the Lord, believe in his power and grace. And have patience, do not despair.

It often happens that the infertile couple takes the child from the orphanage and after a short time a miracle happens, the woman becomes pregnant. No wonder the church says that the prayer for conceiving a child works wonders, though it is difficult to interpret exactly what it is.

Also, a married couple should confess their sins, repent and take communion. And then with a pure soul to start prayers. At the same time, it is necessary to adhere to the commandments of the Lord, to lead a righteous life, you can keep to posts.

It is necessary to pray not only in the temple, but also at home, especially before the act of conception, always saying the words "Thy will be done". After all, the birth of a child is nothing but the will of our Lord.

What are the prayers?

There are several common prayers for conceiving a child. The most famous are:

  • prayer to the Lord
  • St. Xenia of Petersburg
  • Holy Prophet Zechariah and Elizabeth
  • Mother Matrona
  • Holy Mother of God
  • Alexander Svirsky

Prayer to the Lord

Naturally, the Lord is able to perform miracles. We appeal to him on every occasion, asking for help, protection. The first one who will hear our petitions about the child, of course, will be the Lord. Therefore, the young spouses must appeal to him about the talent of the heir.

O Lord, remember me, unworthy of your servant, and deliver me from my barreness, to be matter to me. Give us a child that would be joy in life and support in our old age. God, I bow before Your Majesty, forgive me for all my sins and send me a healthy, full-fledged baby, and if You give it to me, then save and help me to convey it to the deadline, and I will always praise and praise You. Amen. Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, forgive me, sinful and bezradznovnuyu, spare my fierce weakness and contemplate my prayer! Receive this prayer of mine and fulfill the desire of my heart, grant me a young one for the good of you and help me carry the cross of motherhood into our salvation. Amen.

Prayer to Mother Matrona

Very often, young and unmarried virgins ask for the blessings of Matushka Matrona of Moscow. It is believed that she is the patroness of suffering girls. She helps young people to marry, and mature couples to conceive. Why is that? If one reads about the earthly life of Matron, one can understand that she always helped the suffering, is a strong intercessor before the Lord. But it is worthwhile to turn to her only sincerely repentant. And the biggest effect is the icon in the Moscow temple, where a part of her shirt is kept.

Oh, Blessed Mother of Matron, we resort to your intercession and we tearfully pray to you. For it is a possessing great boldness in the Lord, pour out a warm prayer for your servant, in the grief of those who are present, and those who ask for help from you. Truly the word of the LORD: ask and it is given to you and the packs: if you deliberate two of you, on the earth about every thing that you ask, there will be an image from My Father who is in Heaven. Our heartache and heartache to the throne Vladychnya, and you are waiting for you, as the prayer of the righteous can do much before God. May the Lord not forget us to the end, but from the height of heaven he will look upon the tribulation of his servants, and will give the fruit of the womb to the wholesome. Truly, Bogidet is a hostage, so did the Lord create Abraham and Sarah, Zechariah and Elizabeth, Joachim and Anna, pray with him. Tako may the Lord God create to us also by our mercy and ineffable humanity. Blessed be the name of the Lord, both from now and forever. Amen.

Holy Prophet Zechariah and Elizabeth

O holiness of the saint of God, prophesying Zechariah and the righteous Elizaveto! By the feat of good striving on the earth, they perceived the crown of truth in heaven, which the Lord prepared for all those who love Him. However, gazing at your holy image, rejoice in the glorious end of your residence and honor your holy memory. But you, coming to the throne of God, accept our prayers and bring to the All-Merciful God, for the same forgive us every sin and help us against the evil of the devil, having gotten free from sorrows, diseases, misfortunes and misfortunes and all evil, piously and righteously live in this We grant you our treachery, if you are unworthy of Eesma, see the good on the lands of the living, glorifying the Holy One of God, the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and forever. Amen.

Spouse's Prayer for the Talent of Children

Hear us, Merciful and Almighty God, may Thy grace be our prayer. Be merciful, O Lord, to our prayer, remember Thy Law about the multiplication of the human race and be a merciful Patron, and let Thy help be preserved by You. You have created everything out of nothing with your power, out of nothing, and laid the foundation of everything in the world, created man in His own image, and sanctified the union of matrimony and foretelling the mystery of Christ's unity with the high secret. Priest, Merciful, upon your servants (names), conjugal union united and imploring Your help, may Thy mercy be upon them, may they be fruitful and they will see the son of their sons even to the third and fourth kind and live to the desired old age and they will enter the kingdom of heaven through our Lord Jesus Christ, to whom all glory, honor, and worship befitting with the Holy Spirit forever.

Each prayer for the conception of a child will have power, if you sincerely believe in our Lord, and have pure thoughts and a soul!

This prayer can be read once in a lifetime, in a difficult situation. It is better to rewrite it on a piece of paper and read it loudly and clearly 3 times.

The Holy Spirit solving all problems, shedding light on all roads, so that I can come to my goal. You, giving me the gift of forgiveness and forgetting of all evil. Done against me, in all the storms of life abiding with me. In this brief prayer, I want to thank You for everything and once again prove that I will never part with You, despite the illusion of matter. I want to be with You in Your eternal glory. Thank you for all your blessings to me and my neighbors. I ask you this and that.

Prayer for the conception of a child Matrona of Moscow

Any woman wearing in the womb of a child wants to make it easy and safely to give birth. But giving life to a child is not all that a mother should do for her baby. It is very important to give him health. Not always the health of the future baby depends on the genetics of the mother and her lifestyle. Even healthy couples sometimes give birth to children with various problems associated with the course of pregnancy and labor, the literacy of the doctors who take the child and the first time of his life when caring for a newborn is especially important.

Planning a pregnancy

Orthodox women, planning pregnancy and the birth of a future baby, regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl, seek help from sources and icons that help conceive a long-awaited child. There is considerable evidence that the medical diagnosis was disappointing, however, turning to the holy fathers, women and many families (couples) found the same support, and received such necessary help from above. A real miracle happened: a prayer for conceiving a child helped, and a healthy child was born.

Churchmen recommend not to give up hope in any way and believe with all my heart, sincerely and strongly in the power of prayers. A prayer for the conception of a child can be directed both to God and Jesus Christ himself, and to many saints who, during their lifetime, were renowned for helping the suffering, healing the ailing.

Help from the Virgin

Often women in prayers turn to the Mother of God, feeling in her the feminine principle and God's hypostasis, it is easier to turn to this image - after all, the Holy Mother of God knows exactly how great the measure of maternal happiness is and how great the pain is that it does not exist. Therefore, the prayer of the Virgin Mary about the conception of a child comes from women who want to become a mother, very often. If a woman has a diagnosis made by doctors that prevents her from getting pregnant, you do not need to leave treatment, but turning to God can help these procedures act more quickly, so you should continue to visit doctors, believe and pray. Spouses who believe in the help of saints pray with hope for help in conceiving to the icons of the Mother of God.

Icons of the Blessed Virgin Mary

  • Icon "Helper in childbirth" - helps future mothers to safely carry and give birth to a healthy child.
  • The icon of the Mother of God "Feodorovskaya" helps, even if the diagnosis of doctors about infertility is already hanging by sentence, this icon is special, very strong, even if the family was childless for a very long time, help from the icon is possible. If difficult childbirth awaits, both the mothers themselves and their relatives pray for this icon.
  • Icon "Healer" - helps to heal even from hopeless variants of infertility.
  • The icon "The Virgin of the Slybeard" - helps to conceive and give birth to a child as soon as possible.
  • The icon “Surety of the sinful” - the miraculous icon. If a woman has committed the sin of abortion earlier, this icon helps to redeem it and gives the mother to the child to the woman. She also heals little children.
  • Icon "Unexpected Joy" - helps to conceive faster safely.
  • Icon "Iverskaya" - helps in need, sorrows, illnesses to find hope and healing.
  • Icon "Annunciation" - helps to heal from ailments.

The husband and wife should also honor the days of the Saints, whom they pray during barrenness and beschadii:

  • July 25 (August 7) ​​is the day of the Assumption of the holy righteous Anna,
  • September 9 (22) is the memorial day for the saints of the righteous God-Father Joachim and Anna.

Who pray to conceive a child

Prayers for the conception and birth of a healthy child are made to the saints of God Joachim and Anna, the Most Holy Mother of God, the prophet Zechariah and the righteous Elizabeth, the holy mother Matrona of Moscow, St. Peter and Fevronia, St. Luke of Crimea and others.

A prayer about conceiving a healthy child can be read not only during pregnancy planning, but also when the child is already in the womb, in order to save him from the misfortunes and illnesses associated with the course of pregnancy.

The Prayer of the Holy Matron for the Conception of a Child

The very holy matushka Matrona of Moscow is very famous for its help in many matters. Her miraculous icons are brought to all places where pilgrims rush to the holy face, ask for healing and help, hope for fulfillment of desires: sick and childless, girls wishing to get married, people standing on the threshold of important changes some problems.

During the life of the Matron, she was blind, but after the gift of clairvoyance was revealed to her, she began to receive people and treat them. No one singled out and tried to help everyone. After she passed away in the world, the fame of her miracles spread even abroad. Pilgrims go to the icons and ask for help, leaving bouquets in which there are an odd number of flowers to St. Matrona. Matron's prayer for conceiving a child should sound after you repent and ask for blessings. It is not necessary to go to the temple, Matrona's mother will hear a prayer from anywhere, but many speak to her as if she is alive, turning to a friend and mentor for help. Your prayer to the Matron on the conception of a child can be passed on by other people who are going to her relics - the main thing is not just to write your request, but to pray and believe sincerely. Matrona has already helped many married couples.

Prayer in your own words

If you do not know the special prayers and happened to be at the miraculous icon of one of the saints, it is quite acceptable to address them in your own words. The main thing is that the prayer comes from the heart.

“Merciful Lord, hear my prayer and forgive me of all my sins. God bless our family to conceive, bear, safely give birth to smart, healthy children. God grant them good fortune. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, amen. "

The prayer to the saints about the conception of a child can also be spoken in your own words, but in all parishes there is often literature to help the prayers. You can also buy small icons in church shops with a prayer printed from the back. Such a prayer will always be with you, and at any convenient time you can contact the saint and ask him for help.

Who are the holy righteous men of God the God Joachim and Anna, Zechariah and Elizabeth

These saints are the parents of the Mother of God herself. They were barren throughout their entire life, and lived to a very old age with sadness, but were rewarded for their righteousness and humility by God, and by their faith and God's blessing, the Most Holy Theotokos, the Virgin Mary, was born.

Another example from the history of the Old Testament is the prophet Zechariah and the righteous Elizabeth. This couple was also pious and exemplary, until very old age the married couple had no children, but God rewarded them for their faith and patience, and gave them the joy of birth — this couple had John the Forerunner.

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

They say that there is such a means: a prayer for the conception of a healthy child to the Holy Spirit. You need to read the prayer below, three times, and then write it and multiply it for other sufferers:

“The Holy Spirit helps in solving all difficulties, unlocks all roads to help those who go to their goal. The Holy Spirit, who gives me forgiveness and forgetfulness of all transgressions. Thank you for everything, and I ask for your help. Give my family a chance to become parents of a healthy baby. ”